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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#188 1 year ago

in for an LE- $10,500.00 for us in the great white north -ugh

#190 1 year ago
Quoted from avspin:

I assume Canadian dollars which works out to 8000 US.

yea and after tax dollars and we pay a lot of tax lol -andthen add 13% sales tax - good grief Charlie Brown!!

2 weeks later
#354 1 year ago
Quoted from mjannusch:

Towards the bottom of the distributor list are some that have multiple locations, and I didn't know whether each location gets a full allocation or not, so I figured it was safer to assume they were combined.
Seems like those who decided to wait might have challenges finding a new LE.

You need to keep in mind that there will be some that back out so all may not be lost. I remember seeing a comment that the AFMr took a long time to actually sell out. Not sure how true that is. There definitely appears to be a big demand for the MB's going by all the posts. Bottom line no matter which one you get if you miss out on an LE bet it the CE or SE you can't go wrong with the pricing compared to what others out there are offering. You are getting a classic game with new technology for a little more than buying a used one.

#379 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Generally I agree as I could care less.....my only reason is that I get the game early (at least in theory)....

I agree getting the game early is great as this one is so highly anticipated. I am ok with getting a later run just in case there are any bugs in it. At least that way you first guys will have them worked out for us -

2 weeks later
#613 12 months ago
Quoted from JeffF:

I'm picking ours up early next week. If there aren't any pictures posted by then I'll be sure to post a bunch.

Yes where are all the pics from you lucky guys that got one already?? Maybe even a game play vid as well. Want to see under the playfield too if someone posts more.

3 weeks later
#1274 11 months ago
Quoted from mjpinballs:

Mine also ships out today LE 25

Can you guys that get the early LE's post some pics and feedback?? It looks like mine is going to be next year...... Gives me some time to splain to the GF why I had to spend $12,000.00 (that's our cost here in the great white north) on another toy lol

#1276 11 months ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

So gotta ask... How do you lift the playfield with these on? Do you have to take these off? Will they reattach properly? What if you've got pinblades installed? Won't they ruin them if you have to take them off?
Ok.. Now back to Monster Bash remake

They are on magnets and you do have to remove them if you lift the playfield. I have a set on my Metallica and they do work good BUT as someone else stated a bit overpriced for what they are. I can't see the need on the MB with the upgraded lighting but to each their own.Enough of the free advertising for them - post some pics of the game or at least keep it ON TOPIC!!

1 month later
#2831 9 months ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Seriously.. just stop.. you’ll get your game.

Such first world problems!!! whining about the fact you cant get your $8000 toy fast enough- it will come and we will all be happy we have one. Give CGC a break and let them produce a top notch product. I am ok waiting for my LE as I figure being a non-matching, any flaws/bugs will be well solved by the time I get one.

#2834 9 months ago

not jumping down any ones throat - just putting it in perspective- it's a friggin toy- albeit an expensive one and yes it sucks to put the money out but OBVIOUSLY we have the extra cash to put out for a game and in most cases just adding to what is probably tens of thousands worth of other games- like I said earlier - first world problems-

#2838 9 months ago

Hmmm so this didn't happen with the AFMr's either? We all jump for the new shinny thing like a bunch of lemmings and do it over and over again- most of us never learn lol- yes the business model sucks but if your distro is any good at all they should release you and sell to the next in line if you can't wait. I do feel for the guys that have paid in full and still waiting but for the rest of us we need to just be patient and wait our turn. You know the old saying "good things come to those that wait"

#2847 9 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

I am still waiting on my game, and I only have my $1000 deposit in. I feel terrible for people that are paid in full and still waiting. In a perfect world, maybe whomever takes the money (distros or CGC) could at least give a refund of potential accrued interest the money would have made sitting in a bank account - I mean, I hope the monies were not pulled from mutual funds that would garner a higher return!
Either way, I am in for a non-matching LE (I don’t care if all my little plaques match), but if CGC is reading this thread:
I volunteer to be the last LE produced if it helps others rest easy and get their games quicker.

I am with you and only have my $1000.00 and a distributor that is not asking me for more until I pick up the game. No problem to be the in last batch as well. Like I said earlier, hopefully all bugs/issues resolved on the later runs. Just be happy that you don't have to pay what those of us outside the US&A have to

#2867 9 months ago
Quoted from ctviss:

Saying that just because CGC is late on delivery (they have been having problems, which they communicated here), you would just go with a different game if you could is just so off. It screams to me that you're not satisfied with your decision to buy MBr based on the game itself.
Next time, let this be a lesson to everyone. No manufacturing house is perfect. There are always problems and delays. There are always part shortages and design problems that need to be hammered out. No one, and nothing, is perfect.
You will get your game. CGC isn't some company on Kickstarter that stole your money and closed up shop.

As previously said CGC has been relatively quick to communicate with all us Pinsiders (don't see that much or at all from Stern and a wee bit from the others) So cut them a bit of slack and be patient. This is my first NIB from CGC and I can't wait to see what the difference is from a Stern game - I love Stern games as well but, I see from the pics and everyones comments on here that MBr is just a notch above in the quality department. So many games so little resources lol

1 month later
#4271 8 months ago
Quoted from ctviss:

I'd gladly volunteer to wait until the end if it meant getting 1251/1250. That would probably add ~$10k of value in most Pinsiders' minds.

I will be picking mine up next week #983 - looks like they are getting into the higher #'s if they are going sequential now that the matching ones are complete

1 week later
#4505 8 months ago

Hey Guys - LE # 983 is up and playing in the Great White North - What a fantastic machine. Plays perfect out of the box. No SDTM 's or decal issues at all. The sound is fantastic compared to my other Sterns. Thx CGC nice work!!

20190318_200416 (resized).jpg
#4512 8 months ago
Quoted from RavenFan1:

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one waiting for their LE. I ordered in December looking for January delivery. My rep explained that the cold winter really affected their ability to finish the playing fields. He's telling me it should be within the next month...First time I ordered a new machine. Not happy with the process...I was also told those with matching serial numbers were first. Hopefully they're done with those soon.

Mine was a non-matching so hopefully you will get yours soon. I did put my deposit down day 1 so not sure if that made a difference

#4615 7 months ago

Dimpling? I know this is typical on every pin but has anyone else noticed that their playfield is dimpling fast? I did have some air balls at first and have since set my flipper strength at -2. I know some have said you need to let your machine cure for a period of time - does that actually hold true? I was under the impression the CGC playfields where a step above, but from my recent play looks to be on par with Stern. I have an original AC/DC that shows less than the 100 plays I have on my MBLE. I love the game and it is a ton of fun so will continue to play and hope they even out I guess.

#4617 7 months ago
Quoted from canea:

Mine seemed to dimple up awful fast too, flippers at -4. I think it's just going to be the nature of the beast with the poppy flippers and airballs off the scoop, frank, and phantom targets. The solution is... to play more.

I am planning on more play no doubt - just moved my flipper strength to -4. I can't really tell the difference but I guess the less the better for air balls

#4619 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Imo, the dimpling will be less noticeable but still will be there on a MBr playfield. But why it is less noticeable is due (supposedly) to CGC using a more flexible CC, this allows the CC molecular crosslinked bonds to "bend" at the dimple edge and not just shear, which causes a smaller bend radius and increases reflective image defects that the eye will pick up. This makes the edge look sharper and thus the dimple looks deeper than it is. Radius (or diameter) of the dimple is a better measure of depth. Which will most likely be the same due to wood compression being equal. That is my take on it,

this sounds like a plausible explanation. I do know from all the discussions on Pinside that it has a lot to do with the current state of the plywood supply. I will post some pics of my AC/DC vs my new, week old MBLE to show the difference. I also have seen a ton of newer Sterns that look like a minefield with dimples. Just making some casual observations is all and wondering how others have found them.

All in all the MBLE is a beautiful pin and a ton of fun and really its the FUN factor that counts.

#4693 7 months ago

I know dimples are part of pinball however after only 45 games I am already seeing a noticeable area around Frank. I dialed down my flipper strength from default to -4 to try and stop the air balls. I have to say the clear coat is not as good as I expected from CGC being this is an LE and they were supposed by a bit above par. I put brand new silver jets in the machine from new and I did notice that the balls have nicks and scratches in them already so not sure where that is coming from at this low a number of plays. Have swapped them out and installed another new set. I did notice the scoop has a couple of rivets in there so is it possible they are damaging the balls upon entry and exit? This is a problem that if the chrome balls are being damaged could chew up the playfield in short order. Is anyone else having the same issue as that is actually more concerning than the dimples for me? I love the game but am almost afraid to play it in fear of really messing up the playfield. Recommendations appreciated.

20190326_193512 (resized).jpg
#4705 7 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I can’t speak about what CGC does for their process, but this is a very very good idea. Clear takes a long time to fully cure, even when it feels hard on the surface, that’s just the very top layer of molecules - the underlying layers are still not hardened. This applies to every coat they lay down. If you play on it too early, those dimples will be pushed into the clear layer forever, vs if you wait, you see far less.

I hear what you guys are saying and will limit the amount I play it for the next month as hard as that is because it is a fantastic game. What really concerns me is how my balls got so damaged in such short amount of plays? (no pun intended before you all go there lol) The dimples are one thing but having scored up balls especially when they are not just the run of the mill but the good chrome balls is concerning.

#4707 7 months ago
Quoted from Moeman65:

Picked up #619 MB r LE Monday. Everything went perfectly fine. Set it up that afternoon and finished the programming yesterday. Played and functions perfectly. Definitely a beautiful machine and a keeper!


#4709 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Updating software is what I assume.

does the game not come with the latest software or am I missing something here?

#4714 7 months ago
Quoted from Only_Pinball:

Man. I hope you get your game soon Bublehead! I know how much you are looking forward to it. I feel your pain.

Ah ok cool - yes I did that too. I have to say I find the game challenging and a lot of fun so far. I can't see this getting old fast like some have said. For me it was one that I had played a few times out in the wild but the machines were always beat up so to have a new game is something really great.

Now what about my balls issue lol - bueller, bueller, anyone -

#4749 7 months ago

Hey Guys - Just to be aware I may have found my ball issues and wanted to share so others can check as soon as you take the game out of the box. There are a couple burr's at the end of the shooter ramp. As others have said and now that I checked myself you can feel it with your finger when you rub along some of the metal edging on the ramps. I am also going to run a piece of Mylar on the front face of the scoop as it has some serious rough spots. Also see post # 4719 by fanumiski as his pics are better than what I have here and show similar issues.

20190328_062100 (resized).jpg
#4800 7 months ago
Quoted from playernumber4:

Wow...that seems strange. And even more that nobody else on this forum has commented on it yet. Scored up balls will damage your playfield surface severely. Can anyone else chime in on this? Its just another reason that I wait here patiently for my game so that every potential issue can be ironed out.

I had a PM from one other fellow and also some feedback on the burrs that are on some of the steel trim on the ramps, scoop etc. What I did do, is file and sand down the burrs that I could see and feel after running my fingers around all the metal surfaces. Beyond that I did find that if you stick your finger in the front of the scoop there are 2 screws that actually protrude into the scoop maybe an 1/8" or so. Not sure if the ball is hitting these on the way in or out but I did put a small piece of duct tape over them to cushion the ball a bit. Other solution is to pull the screws and get shorter ones but with all the things people were saying about the SDTM's coming from the scoop didn't want to mess with it. Mine shoots great to the left flipper as it is now. My playfield is still dimpling like crazy (IMO) so will see how that evens out over time. Still, all in all, a great game, but these issues do take away from it a bit being the LE was supposed to be the cream of the crop. This was a game I looked forward to for a long time and will just play the heck out of it anyway. I am already thinking to order a replacement playfield to swap out in a few years as I don't see this one lasting with the wear it has after only 50 games.

#4845 7 months ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

This all day. Dimpling is a necessary evil of steel on wood. But it will and does even out and become much less noticeable with time and plays. But a scratched and rough ball is just round sandpaper on that PF.

Dimples ok but the sandpaper effect was what worried me the most. As I posted previously and now backed up by another who has the same ball issues as I was having. I did file and sand all the burrs I could identify by running my fingers over all the metal surfaces(touch is the best way) and I did put some duct tape in the scoop just need to put some sort of protective edging on the upright portion of the scoop where the ball hits and hopefully issue solved. I do have to say my balls have less nicks now than I had the first 50 games. I hate to rag on CGC's QC but this is something that should have been addressed at manufacture as you can see its from the forming of the parts as either stamped or possibly laser cut. I kind of wish now I would have waited just a bit longer for my LE.

#4887 7 months ago
Quoted from bigdog50:

Thank God! Now STFU
Hope you enjoy it. It is an awesome machine as all have discovered. Those with dimples and balls with nicks should put the machine back in the box and put it on your shelf with the Star Wars toys you wouldn't play with as a kid because Luke's arm got loose.
ALL - Play your machine. Enjoy it. It will have some parts wear out and balls will need changing and switches may not work perfectly over time and it will get dimples and OMG sometimes people leave fingerprints on the glass and by the flipper buttons and I once had a bulb burn out. Approaching 40 years of pinball ownership including many NIB and many warm turds that I restored and I am amazed by the amount of whining by this community

I do not believe its whining its just a casual concern and discussion about how to keep your balls in decent shape and not tear up a brand new playfield. As most have said dimples are inevitable, but burrs and other sharp edges are more of a QC issue that should have been addressed at manufacture. Like I tell my apprentice machinists "the job isn't done until it's deburred" I had the same issue as some of the other posts here and it was a quick fix with a small file and some emery to smooth things out. I guess the point is when you pay 8K for an LE most people expect a certain level of finish, nothing more nothing less. I think that CGC may just be like all the other manufacturers in that with the push to get product out some things slip past that should have been caught.

1 week later
#5057 7 months ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

I did not get any plastic or keychain with my LE. Anyone else have issue?

You are supposed to get one??? News to me as I sure did not.

#5086 7 months ago

Hey Guys,
Can we get this post back on track ABOUT THE ACTUAL GAME and not lamenting about when we are going to get it delivered as this whole forum has come down to lately. I know it sucks that there is a wait for a lot of people but just be happy we are in a place that we can afford to spend 8K on the latest toy.

1 week later
#5245 7 months ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

CONGRATS! Let her go. It's all for the best, really. Trust us.
:edit: IF this is for real, I apologize. But at the same time, if she'd really LEAVE over pinball machines, maybe you SHOULD let her go instead of the pins. Pinball never hurt nobody!
Just something to think about.

Indeed - If more women would embrace our passion and indulge us big boys with our toys I am sure they would also get their own rewards. Mine says "ok you want a new pin I need a new piece of bling" so the 8K pin sometimes costs way more than that. Remember the old saying - happy wife - happy life or in some cases - happy life - no wife -

2 weeks later
#5396 6 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Thread seems to be slowing down a bunch.. how do owners feel a couple months in now?

Love the game - lots of fun. Only complaint was some of the finishes on the cut steel edges that had burrs and the wear it created on the balls. Also as stated before, the playfield IMO seems to be softer than what i would have expected resulting in lots of dimples( i know they are part of pinball but kind of expected better more dense wood from CGC) On a positive note the sound, larger colour display and light show are fantastic!!!

1 week later
#5508 6 months ago

Monster Bash Key Chain?? does anyone know where to get one? Some said they got one with pin in the goody bag- no such luck here so now looking

2 weeks later
#5633 5 months ago
Quoted from Edster:

Ok, so I have an AFMrLE. I really like it. I need to dial it in but so far, it's a great game.
I am on the fence for MB. Opinions out there, should I get one? It's not cheap but it looks so freaking sweet. I just haven't been able to pull the trigger.
Opinions from owners would be appreciated.

I have an LE and it is really a fun machine.- great toys/shots and the sound is fantastic. Mine has played perfect right out of the box. The only complaint is how fast this sucker has dimpled in only a couple hundred plays but that seems to be the norm with playfields these days and the crappy wood they are using.

#5637 5 months ago
Quoted from Edster:

My Iron Maiden has tons of dimples. It looks like bad complexion. My older W/B games have next to none.

yes eh - i have an original run AC/DC and hardly any dimples at all. My Met Pro has more but the MBr is the worst of the bunch with the least plays - crazy as i did expect more from CGC based on their supposed playfield expertise.

2 months later
#6016 83 days ago

Maybe a silly question but is the new code worth the time to upgrade?

#6022 83 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Yes. Better audio, more shaker motor options. ( I like "Shaky" ) and a few other things.
LTG : )

OK cool- more shake would be great and the audio is pretty good now so better is a bonus

#6029 82 days ago

hey all - does anyone know an easy way or have good instructions how to download the update and install etc - this is way different than doing a Stern.

#6033 82 days ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

I could not get the MS instructions to work for me. Luckily, I also own a MAC and those instructions worked exactly as depicted.
Like was said by LTG, the instructions are on there site:
The software link is at the bottom of the page.
Good luck!

Thx Guys- I got it downloaded, unzipped and written to a micro SD card - at the end windows is asking to format the card- is that necessary and if so what format?

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