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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#118 1 year ago

Wouldn't those designs have been the rights of Williams anyways, not sure how Stern could have any involvement there

#139 1 year ago

I was told $8300 shipped

#143 1 year ago

I bet they'll crank them out fast! They've had months to get assemblies prep'd and ready to go. Probably 100 classics and then LE's. I bet we see LE's by December

2 weeks later
#338 11 months ago

Number matched LE here, hopeful for before Christmas! dare I say maybe sooner?

#349 11 months ago

I think their allocation is just a 1 time thing. I bet all 1250 are sold out! The “runs” were just how those 1000(AFM) were built and shipped.

1 week later
#440 11 months ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

I’m so on the fence with this game. I have space for 3 pins and a arcade game. I’ve not owned MB in the past, but played the VIrtual Pinball version on a cab I owned quite a bit, so I get that it’s not very deep. Getting MBr nib would be a wonderful experience, with hours of fun and awe - I’m just concerned the hype will fade quickly and my wife will be pissed if I want to sell it after a few months at a 500-1k loss. I had MMr for 2 years - loved it but it too got old and got rotated out. I think the wife would enjoy MBr because it’s shiny and pretty and she’s pretty bad at pinball, and my daughter would beat it in no time..... I’m getting something - this or pirates..... convince me either way!

I think you and your family should decide, not a bunch of pinsiders

#453 11 months ago
Quoted from ChiroCop:

I believe CGC used Stern's Spike system on Medieval Madness remake. They still use that system, or did they implement their own?

They didn't use spike, all 3 games are their own proprietary platform.

#553 11 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Throw a shooter lane protector in there and the games bullet proof. That's what I love about these CGC games, I really don't have to add much of anything to get it exactly how I want it. Typically with Sterns, I have to dump another $400 to get it there.

Plus they are code complete out of the box! No waiting years for it to be playable

1 week later
#723 10 months ago

God that is gorgeous

#830 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Supposedly more will come available 3-4 months from now as well - assuming the first batch sells out.

There aren’t “batches”, there are 1250 total and almost are sold out. Great to see the demand for this awesome title. Perhaps their best seller?

#922 10 months ago

I was told they are on SE's this week still and will START building LE's next week. We might see a few trickle out next week if all goes well

1 week later
#1227 10 months ago

Why do you guys play in a completely dark room? Turn on the lights

1 week later
#1557 10 months ago
Quoted from tomtest:

After less than 100 games on my SE the Mosh Pit protector has many dents, I have a ticket at CG but no solution yet so I ordered a hyperthin Cliffy(he has the real wide cliffy and the hyperthin), I went to install it and low and behold the CG protector is spot welded to the Mantis type protector inside the hole, it's all one piece, so to install the Cliffy you would have to buy a Mantis also. You can see from the pictures that even thou the CG protector was beat to hell, the playfield underneath is not damaged so it's doing it's job but all the dents look like hell
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Almost looks like it still has that protective film on it? Maybe they forgot to remove it..........

#1560 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

So is the problem the part? Too thick? Too Thin? Weak metal? Is this an issue with normal cliffies too?

Really looks like the protective film is still applied.....peel it off

#1690 9 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I just see where someone was saying that the remakes have a pause or a delay in the flipper response, what is that all about? I have played 2 MMR and 1 MBR and all 3 games felt just fine to me??

It’s just the anti-remake crowd popping up again trying to drive up the prices of their originals........again. The remakes play just like the originals plus you get all new parts and awesome upgrades, nothing to see here.....move on.

#1695 9 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Just don't get this at all.
They do play different.
Who cares on prices up or down though!

They don’t play different

#1807 9 months ago

Got word my number matched machine ships today

1 week later
#1966 9 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

And I am having an Eloi for dinner too... I hope she has drunk a nice red wine... I hate when they’ve been drinking white, the paring is so gauche.


#2000 9 months ago

I think my game is here in Denver somewhere! Waiting to hear back from Game Exchange to see if they have it and when they can deliver it.

#2038 9 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

With the black and white Munsters being such a polarizing topic, would any Monster Bash owners or potential owners want an option to buy a Black and White version? Personally I like the full color and updated dots and lighting.
-Obviously pic is not real, just a hypothetical idea of a b&w playfield
[quoted image]

B&W works for Munsters because of the era of TV show and the fact it was B&W. Monster Bash should not be B&W

#2043 9 months ago

#2059 9 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

So if theres no visual damage to the box (or boxes if u include the topper) do you open the box and inspect before accepting?

I ALWAYS open and inspect before I sign. I had a Dialed-In that looked ok from the outside, but was smashed inside from a drop. NEVER sign before you open and inspect. If the driver is in a hurry then tell him you are either taking the time to let me open this or you can just take it back. Because once you sign you have little recourse because they would just say you dropped it trying to set it up or something. ALWAYS open and inspect.

#2064 9 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I'm sure this is exactly the safest route. So when you inspect do you cut the box all up? Typically I open the top, and then cut the box on two sides and then install the front legs. I'm wondering how far u take it?

I open it all the way. open the top, cut open all 4 sides and inspect.

#2069 9 months ago
Quoted from mrfp:

When mine was delivered, box looked fine. I told delivery guy my distributor said to not accept until I opened it and inspected it, but the delivery guy said no dice. He said if the box looks fine (which it did) he would not wait around for me to open it. If I didn't want to sign, he had no problem leaving with it in his truck. Everything was fine. It was my first NIB delivery, so I didn't know who to listen to, but delivery guy won that battle.

Another option in that case is tell the driver you will note on the bill of lading that he refused to let you open and inspect the contents for damage. Then sign it. Might have some recourse then if there is hidden damage.

Freight companies are notorious for not giving a shit about how they treat your multi-thousand dollar item.

#2102 9 months ago
Quoted from Nytewatch33:

I agree I wouldn't turn on a cold game. But for the other steps - let's say you break down the boxes and find an issue. What then? How does the delivery guy take back the unit without a box? Just loads up the game as is and throws the box parts in the back of the truck?

I helped the guy tape up the box so he could take back the Dialed In they dropped. Bottom line is you cannot judge a book by its cover. The box was fine, the game was not. Once you unbox a fucked up game who gives a shit about the box? Going to need a new cabinet anyways.

#2127 9 months ago

I’d never pay for “white glove”. All you get is a couple dudes who have never unboxed and setup a pinball machine and don’t really give a shit. You can imagine how that turns out.

#2140 9 months ago

ya'll are crazy, like children before Christmas.
Jeeze, just wait. it will come

#2143 9 months ago
Quoted from Nytewatch33:

Gotta call you out on this one. I said I wasn't about to pay $1k extra to get it sooner...so not sure how that's being impatient and childish? With that said, you stated recently that yours is in Denver so it's a lot easier to say that when you have notice that yours is almost there. Third - I believe you have a number of pretty awesome machines so you can play pinball. I have zero machines as I sold the one I bought from you . (which was a great machine by the way). Not trying to start a big thing here, but I thought your comment was a little harsh. I think people are showing a lot of patience particularly as some of us paid up front (not the best idea admitedly) and were told mid December and it's looking more and more like late February.

oh ha ha! Sorry my comment wasn't targeted at you. I wouldn't pay $1000 over market price either! I was commenting, in general, on the people asking for deposits back because it's taking longer than expected.......

#2148 9 months ago

sorry ya'll. I take it back

#2150 9 months ago
Quoted from Nytewatch33:

Ahh gotcha. No worries. I don't blame these distributors either, and I'm not asking for my payment back yet. I realize they are doing their best and it's just a bummer it's taking so long. But on the flip side, the quality overall sounds great and quality is worth waiting for. If this were a life saving medical device, that's one thing (my line of work). But pinball - I can wait a bit. Just wish I didn't have to wait because I want to play!

Ya I wanna play too! I think game Exchange has mine now, just waiting for them to deliver it. Fingers crossed for Monday!

#2235 9 months ago

#669 is in da house!

381C0AFC-58FD-4125-86E5-5A5D315166EE (resized).jpeg
#2237 9 months ago

I agree with the other folks who say to dial down the flippers by -4, plays much better and more like the original.

#2240 9 months ago
Quoted from LP30:

MBrLE heading back to Chicago. Refused delivery. Fork lift to the cabinet. So close, then ripped away.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Ugh! That sucks. Sorry man

#2276 9 months ago

I'm having trouble with the mummy coffin, it pops open but closes back up right away. Any thoughts?

#2293 9 months ago

The game is great! Light show amazing. Big display and color dots, mind blown.

I did run into a few minor issues that needed to be tweaked, which is not at all uncommon with a new machine.
1) the side rails have 2 screws each, one about 1/3 the way up and the second 2/3 the way up. When I went to install my PDI it was way too snug, worried I’d break the glass and if I did get it in it would never come out. That’s when I discovered the screws. Loosened each one a quarter turn and my PDI fit just fine.

2) The brides head would pop-up and not back down. It was binding. I loosened the assembly under the Playfield and wiggled it around till things were smooth and tightened it back up. Easy fix and works perfect now.

3) the mummy coffin was fine yesterday then today I noticed it would pop open and immediately close. I turned the game off and looked it over but it’s a easy assembly, not much that can go wrong. When I turned it back on it was fine. I think it needed the reboot? Was weird.

All in all, minor easy issues. Game is beautiful and fun! Installed blue titans except the pop bumper area where I did orange.

4FBD9F74-40F9-4BC8-9E4D-9621A70D37D0 (resized).jpeg55CDE09C-F355-4C7F-9A58-87E83B0412FD (resized).jpeg8A876707-4AD5-41E9-8AA6-0C4AE45C0EE0 (resized).jpegB34DC089-8C59-4A22-8C20-EB6445CD1F49 (resized).jpeg
#2301 9 months ago

PDI makes a huge difference. I have it in all my games

#2346 9 months ago
Quoted from pintechev:

What T molding?

Ya exactly! MMr, AFMr and MBr are all the same. Finished wood, no t molding.

#2354 9 months ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

My MMr and MBr are not the same...not even close.
Take a closer look.


#2436 9 months ago

They are building and shipping. Takes a long time to make 1250 machines. Be patient. You’ll be pleased with what you get

#2439 9 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

maybe so, but they have also mislead several customers requesting final payments stating their game was shipping the following week.....its pretty poor business.

Not sure how much of that is CGC vs Distributors but regardless you need to pay for it and you’ll get it. It’s a sweet game and worth that wait.

#2458 9 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

As someone that has worked in manufacturing for 15 years. I try to explain these setbacks and delays from all companies.
.......SHIT HAPPENS.....
Do you people really think these companies just decide to hold games for weeks at a time just to piss customers off??? Because that’s what a lot of you sound like.
The smaller the production line is the harder it’s hit by anything that can cause a delay. I’m waiting on an LE. If it’s delayed by a month or three to get it right then so be it. I’d rather wait for a correct finished product then something rushed just to please a few whinny customers.

Well said sir, well said.

#2500 9 months ago

I find that monster Bash is kind of easy to get to, which is nice. Fun to have a mini wizard mode within reach on a semi regular basis. Monsters of rock, much harder to reach. I think it’s a nice balance

#2546 9 months ago


B8841C5A-F924-408A-B11A-57CDD835CAC1 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#2848 8 months ago

The cabinets are not splitting, it’s a tear because of the wrap around the corner and if they pull too tight when they apply. I agree they should just stop wrapping the corners.

#2944 8 months ago

I love this game! I’m an average player and can get to monster bash mini wizard maybe 1 out of 30 or so games? Which is great! Fun to see some deeper content on a more regular basis. Vs say TSPP where I might see alien invasion 1 out of 100+

#2978 8 months ago

I played my LE like 50 times today and it totally kicked my ass

#3044 8 months ago

The originals were silk screens, not decals. Right?

#3047 8 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

No. Maker was on strike. It and CC were decals.
LTG : )

Huh, I had no idea. Learned something new today! Thx LTG!

#3349 8 months ago

They should go back to silk screen. More true to the original and unlike anything you can get today!

#3429 8 months ago

Yep I noticed that too, kinda sucks. Was the original a virtual knocker too?

#3462 8 months ago
Quoted from ctozzi:

Ya nothing. Does nothing.

Mine was bound up. Loosen the fixture on the bottom of the Playfield and wiggle around till you find the sweet spot.

#3523 8 months ago

I wonder if the LE topper would work on anything but an LE? I'm guessing not........Reason I say that is when my machine boots I notice is says "LE" somewhere in the boot sequence.

#3537 8 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

The small board from AFMrLE is now located inside one of the “amps” boxes on top of the MB topper. This reduced the amount of wires to a single 3 prong/wire connector between topper and head.

It’s also just a light show, nothing moving. So it’s simpler

#3599 8 months ago
Quoted from Dexter:

I was measuring at the glass - so yeah - I'm at 7 degrees at the playfield level. Sounds like that's a good pitch. Thanks!

5 years, 8 machines. Was measuring on glass?

#3608 8 months ago
Quoted from sgorsuch:

The SE arrived safe and sound through UPS freight. Plays fast and smooth right out of the box. No issues with Drac's feet or Bride's head. I made no adjustments at all yet, but may dial back the power on the flippers, as I have seen most recommend it. The non-matching LEs are probably right around the corner, but I had sold of a couple games to make this purchase, so I was anxious to get this game. No "regerts" about asking Melissa to make the switch to the SE. A very happy customer here.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

If it were me I would take those “protectors” off ASAP. CGC already installed metal standoffs to keep the legs from damaging the decals. Those red “protectors” might wreck your decals. Not sure why people keep using those on modern games.......enjoy your game! It’s a blast

#3619 8 months ago
Quoted from sgorsuch:

Thanks- i just took a look into the coffin and sure enough the switch on Drac is in plain sight. Easy adjustment, thanks.

Hey, thanks for this tip also.
Very happy with the game, and my wife and I have really enjoyed the Phantom Flip. It has become a quest to see how many shots it will nail. I had 2 ramp shots in a row with it.

Agree the phantom flip is fun. My game has learned well and makes about 80% of its shots now. So fun to be hands off and see what it does.

#3623 8 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Stupid question Wacky....
How does the game learn? What is it supposed to do and how do you know if it is engaged?

It knows what shot it was going for and knows if it was missed. There are opto’s in the inlanes it uses to know timing of the ball to the flippers. Over time it adjusts its timing for the shots and becomes more accurate. Same as the thing flip in TAF.

#3722 8 months ago
Quoted from bigdog50:

Oh yes - it needs it! All this talk about knockers but if you want to blow your socks off get a subwoofer hooked up. I put one in, shared between AFMr and MBr and its unbelievable. More so the AFMr but both sound phenomenal with that extra bass and rich sound. It sits under / between the two games. Best $90 "mod" you can buy amazon.com link »

How do you hook it up?

#3815 8 months ago

I love the sanded edges of PDI

#3877 8 months ago

Y’all are driving yourselves bat shit crazy by trying to spot every minor flaw. It’s a fucking pinball machine, set it up and play it.

The legs are blue powder coat, same as the rest of the trim. They are not chrome, that metal looking thing in that pic is the spacer that keeps the leg away from the decal. Now shut the fuck up and go play pinball.

1 month later
#4953 6 months ago

Fuck freight companies. They don’t give a shit. I hope they pay out the ass.

#5016 6 months ago

CGC is shipping to their distribution network in a logical order. They have no idea about the actual customers and what order they bought in. Where you are at in line with your distributor has no impact on how CGC is shipping. Now, on the other hand, if the person who bought in Feb is with your SAME distributor and is getting their LE before you, then you have every right to be frustrated with your distributor. Again, CGC isn’t shipping based on the order which customers bought games.

#5030 6 months ago

#5095 6 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Scheduled for next Wednesday, white glove. Not sure they will know how to install topper.. that I may do myself.. can't be that hard?

Good luck. It’ll be 2 guys who have never setup a pinball machine, who don’t know or care what it’s worth and don’t give a shit. White glove is a joke.

Edit: if it’s being delivered by your distributors employees then you might be fine.

#5123 6 months ago

Bublehead, it’s been 5 hours! Where are you? Do you have it? Is it gorgeous?

#5138 6 months ago

Glad it’s home safe and sound bublehead.

#5180 6 months ago
Quoted from c508:

What happened to that Star Wars... title seems too new for that much wear on the cabinet...

Uhhhh, it’s wrapped in plastic to protect it

#5298 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Left bride ramp rejects are driving me nuts. Making it nearly impossible to get her mode going. I’ve tried adjusting the wireform. Gonna try last ditch effort of bending the outside metal “wall” towards the wireform.

It’s a tight shot, just need to hit it just right........

3 weeks later
#5462 5 months ago

What is going on here?!?!?! Is there a seal in your pinball machine poking his head out???

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