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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

3 years ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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Post #4230 Potential fix for SDTM from scoop. Posted by Reznnate (2 years ago)

Post #5928 Frankenstein switch adjustment tips Posted by MGM2 (2 years ago)

Post #6026 Links to STDM Tweaks Posted by Oaken (2 years ago)

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#980 3 years ago

This is happening for me! My very first NIB pin... picking up an SE next Saturday! I'm so stoked!

#981 3 years ago

I basically sold off all my old star wars toys and made some fun money... I was thinking about buying a Stern Star Wars... but then after seeing game play and reading about it, I was turned off (plus I wasn't crazy about the artwork). It was between MB and AFM... MB it is. I think the quality on these remakes is really good.

#1123 3 years ago

I think that the SE is a great value...
going from a CE to an SE in an aftermarket situation would likely cost you more (and may not even be possible) than would just buying the SE. The jump from SE to LE is very reasonable. I’m happy with the SE choice... the game play experience is going to be so close to the LE... you get the lights, the sound and the display upgrades. I’m probably going to throw a shaker in at some point.

#1126 3 years ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I think the first thing a new MBr owner should do is take the $6k to $8k they spent and mentally throw it in the dumpster. Ok, now forget you actually spent that money on a toy for the game room, and then, try and forget that when you play with your toy, it's going to get some wear and tear. Ok, are we good now? When you start looking for cracks in the veneer, you are going to drive yourself insane. Just suck up the dents and dings and dimples and mangled hole protectors, which are only there because bare chipped up wood has no place in a pinball machine.

Right ...Metal against metal and metal against wood... shits gonna happen.

#1134 3 years ago

The most important part of the protection is the inner sleeve. I can see where a Mantis would be a better solution. When the ball ejects and hits the outer rim.. it hits it hard.

#1137 3 years ago

I wonder if the angle of the scoop is aggravating it... that protector clearly has reinforcement around the rim... it appears as if the ball is coming off the scoop beyond the edge and onto the flat trim piece. Even a Mantis protector may not work with this... especially if the ball is coming off the scoop further out than typical.

#1140 3 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

Are you guys going to have a Monster Bash bash when you get your games and have all your friends over, or are you friendless like me?

Just me and my friend who is helping me pick it up... maybe my wife and my daughter... no bash.

#1159 3 years ago

I’ve the Mantis and Cliffy on standby ....
However I’m not interested in voiding the warranty... and I’d prefer a fix from the factory anyway.

#1179 3 years ago

Road trip tomorrow to CoinTaker to pick up my SE!!! Very excited... my first NIB pin!

#1184 3 years ago

Just got a call from Melissa at CoinTaker... Chicago Gaming is late with deliveries.... I can't pick up my machine tomorrow. She is delivering it for me for free on Monday. Kind of a drag but the free delivery more than makes up for it. CoinTaker is awesome!

#1190 3 years ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Just Received my MB and I think they field tested it too much......Saw this at a Coney Island Restaurant and the lighting is awful compared to the LE above. Plus, that hole is the worst I think I've ever seen on a MB.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Hahahahha! Is that tape for the pop bumper cover???

#1192 3 years ago
Quoted from pinmaniac:

I am loving this game. Plays smooth and looks great.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Beautiful machine! Tangential topic... I'm diggin' that Stormtrooper helmet on top of that Star Trek!

#1194 3 years ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

yes that's tape. Some people have said that this game needs lights, aka pinstadium. I think that all versions are bright, especially the LE with the Mirror Blades. I've seen AFM games that were dark and not fun to play until I played AFMRLE at Marvelous Marvin's and could't believe how great the lighting is.
So I have no worries that the MBRLE won't be bright!

I just don't see how this machine wouldn't have enough illumination... with or without the mirror blades. It's certainly a matter of preference... some people like that super bright look... it's not my cup of tea. Either way... I think this is pretty damned bright!

#1246 3 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

It looks like your plasma disc is always on so receiving constant power. I struggled to get it interactive in the game as Cgc has disabled the feature in the CE. If you are running it off the GI, there’s a good chance it won’t last long as the disc is a 3v unit and the gi is 5/6v
Here’s mine in the SE, interactive. we put a nice cover over it too.

When will you have that available for sale? I would love to put that mod on my SE.

#1285 3 years ago

My Special Edition arrived !!!


All I can say is WOW! This is a TON of fun!

It is FAST! Ball save of 3 seconds is a must for me!

Adjust the strength of the upkicker of the hole ... it flys out at blinding speed!

Yes the hole protector is already banged up after about 20 games... but not horribly.

It’s super colorful!!! The RGB effect is spectacular!!! It’s plenty bright for me... but I don’t play in a dark room. If it were in a dark room... when it cycles to blue or low light... for some...they may want a little bit more light in the lower playfield area... HOWEVER I only see this effect in attract mode... not during play.. there is just so much going on.

Not much to critique... I was one of those guys that thought he wanted a playfield protector... no friggin way... the amount of disassembly needed to install it ...in itself isn’t worth it! Just play the damned thing and enjoy!!!

46E3C590-32AC-4F1C-873C-C76CBF6B8C4C (resized).jpeg
#1287 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Man I wonder what the story is with the protector? Do the CGC games come with real Cliffys, or are they a CGC special? The thin line protector seems like it’s actually a better protector than the original one

Man I don’t know ... the ball action is crazy in that area. There are a ton of different shots in a small area ... lots of mini air balls in the upper playfield. It’s really fast !

#1292 3 years ago
Quoted from Nytewatch33:

Congrats! Btw nice space invaders in the background. I remember playing a machine exactly like that at the movie theater in my town back in the day. Is that an origina/refurb or a remake? Anyway back to the topic at hand. I can't wait for my MBr!

Yeah I restored that Space Invaders. I still love it... its better than new.

#1293 3 years ago

I turned down the pops and the flippers to minimum strength. Gameplay seems chaotic at full strength. The center target almost always causes an air ball... its much better at min setting, the ball seems to be staying at a lower altitude now.

#1297 3 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

Did you just wax the playfield? Fresh wax can cause a speed up until it wears down.

No I didn't wax the playfield... I'm surprised other people who have these wouldn't consider this adjustment. I mean... it really throws the ball hard. I am using silverjet balls, not the factory balls that came with the machine.

#1313 3 years ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

I suppose there's that angle, other than the mantis drilled holes and as long as there isnt a playfield issue keep trucking. It's not like their playfields are like Stern's

I don't think anyone has removed the factory protector yet. I wonder if the playfield is cut exactly the same as OEM??

#1320 3 years ago
Quoted from mjannusch:

Not sure why you'd want to wash out all the sweet colored light effects by flooding the whole playfield in bright white light. Easier to just turn on a bunch of room lights if that's really what you want. Personally, I want to see all the playfield lighting in its full glory.
Haven't heard a peep on my LE order yet, but I'm not in the matching program since my AFMr is only an SE. Figuring end of January at the earliest anyways...

What is the "matching program" if you don't mind me asking?

#1322 3 years ago
Quoted from mjannusch:

If you bought AFMr LE (or MMr LE and AFMr LE, or MMr LE and nobody registered the AFMr LE with the same number), you can match the limited edition number between your machines and get bumped up in the build queue to get yours a little earlier than the other LE purchasers. You would've had to register to do that back in early November, however.

Oh that’s pretty cool!

#1331 3 years ago

The logo/image section of the display is able to be set by the user.

It has the CG co logo...

Anyone wanna make a nice Williams logo to fit that???? It would be neat!

#1335 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

the AFMr had bally on there. I wonder if we can at least lift that....wonder why they didn't do williams for this one.

Licensing ... Williams cannot be used it’s still owned by WMS gaming ... I think.

#1336 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

OK guys with the SE, how is the upgraded sound package, is it worth the hype?

I’ve got nothing to compare it to... it’s pretty darned good though. I’ve it set to 1/4 ish and it’s plenty loud and clear.

#1347 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

the sound on AFMLE is miles better than MMR LE.
Thats one of the reasons I want the screen upgrade is that it will also have better speakers (hoping at least).
With the CGC logo at the bottom you should be able to upload a Williams one in its place press down and hold select button behind the coin door to get to the CGC menu.

As far as amplitude goes the SE/LE can really crank out the decibels. I've played both AFMr and MBr and I feel like the equalization on my MBr is kind of mid to flat compared to AFMr. I don't favor mid-rangey audio which is what MB tends to in my opinion... I don't think this is a function of the audio amp ... I think its a function of the original soundtrack for MB. I would like to adjust the equalization of it... for my old ears. Low end is good and with a shaker it kind of fools you into thinking you've got rumble.

#1351 3 years ago

Yes, you can adjust the balance of subwoofer and speaker panel. It’s purely an amplitude setting, and not a filter.

#1424 3 years ago

Could someone be so kind as to take a few close ups of the area around the Mummy and the top of Franks ramp, specifically how it each ramp is mounted (washer, spacer, nut)... I replaced my rubbers last night and I need to double check something. Should'a took a pic ... I got pulled away and my brain is not as good a keeping things in.


#1426 3 years ago

Had an interesting stuck ball situation... I couldn't find the damned thing!

IMG_8466 (resized).jpg
#1518 3 years ago
Quoted from ThePinballCo-op:

Anyone else having trouble with the scoop ejecting the ball straight down the middle? I checked to see if it was loose and it is not. Any ideas? It's annoying to have this happen about 10% of the time.

YES!!!! I’ve adjusted the eject power to min... it doesn’t appear to help all that much.

I’ve taken care to level it properly. It’s setup perfectly ... and it happens all the time ... it’s a mode killer!

I’m thinking the angle of the scoop isn’t right ... but it’s not adjustable

#1525 3 years ago
Quoted from Doug_Duba:

We have confirmed customer comments that MBr is currently less loud than AFMr. Both games use identical hardware so the maximum volume levels should be comparable.
We reprocessed the audio files and now the maximum volume of MBr is very close to AFMr.
We will try to have a software update available by 12/31/2018.

Way cool!!! Thank you !!!

#1536 3 years ago

I am having a blast with my SE! I suck at it ... but it’s still fun! This is why I chose this pin... it’s fun no matter your skill!!!
20B02123-FBEC-4E41-8AD4-FA916F720AF1 (resized).jpeg

#1566 3 years ago

It’s entirely possible the factory protector just doesn’t fit tight. The key to the Cliffy protector has always been that it fit tight to the wood. Having a 2 piece solution allows the Cliffy to fit tight to the playfield and the Mantiss as a separate piece gives the ridge support needed. A single piece (even though it’s technically two pieces spot welded) doesn’t have the ability to fit perfectly tight.

Just a thought... however playfield protection is priority one... regardless of how banged up it gets.

#1572 3 years ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

I would have thought it was simply a bump in the files amplitude

I hope it’s also boost in the high end a bit...it just sounds flat to me ... but that’s just me. For me amplitude in general is fine.

#1609 3 years ago
Quoted from tomtest:

I just came up from playing a few games and I'll tell you what, that Mummy is one hell of a bass player.

The mummy rocks!! Best character in the game !!!

#1614 3 years ago

Setting R popper to max solved my SDTM drain issue when the ball is ejected from the hole. I was setting L popper before... which is not the correct setting !!!

#1641 3 years ago

I've an SE and I've just noticed that my monster figurines do not have "improved detail"... the mad scientist has no face detail and the bride has no color whatsoever. I will take a better pic later tonight and see if its consistent with what other people have... or don't

MB-Figurines (resized).jpg
#1643 3 years ago
Quoted from ThePinballCo-op:

I also have an SE and mine looks just like yours.

I submitted a ticket, the response was "they look fine to me". ... and they may be fine. They just don't look as "detailed" as they show on the CG website. I'm going to get a better pic for the help desk.

This may just be a difference in what the photos show as "enhanced" and what reality turned out to be.

#1646 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Are the pop bumpers not orange in the remakes?

They are clear. The LEDs are RGB on the SE/LE... I think this is why.

#1648 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Weird. I will have to check out a video. Seems like that would wreck the moon and mummy GI effects

I don't have enough experience with the original to compare / contrast this. This thing is wicked colorful and animated ... kind of crazy really.

#1653 3 years ago
Quoted from Captain-Flint:

Way more improved detail compared to the original! That is what they meant!

Sure... but they don't look like the promo pics. I'm just making sure.

#1656 3 years ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

Yes, those were proto designs.
Like a lot of Williams games, the proto games had features or items that were removed due to cost in the production games.
The detail in the figures is probably similar.

Yup ... cool with that... no biggie. I'm really not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. The game is awesome.

#1667 3 years ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

If the monsters on my MBrLE (when it gets here) don’t look like the pictures we have been shown to differentiate between non-detailed and detailed figures, I will open a ticket with CGC... and I will say, you installed CE figures in my LE. I want 1 of 2 things, either a set of figures unpainted, or a set painted and detailed per the advertised “improved” ad speak. I agree with zablon , my decision to spend an extra $1000 or two should give me monster figures that look better than NOS originals which is what I would EXPECT on a CE, but not the SE and certainly not on an LE.

Yes this is where my head is at... I don't particularly care how they decide to detail them... for the extra $$ and claim they are more detailed on the spec sheet... they should be. To me it is still unclear as to the difference between the CE and SE/LE monsters. All the pics I've seen so far... they all look the same.

#1681 3 years ago

I’m good... my figures are a lot more detailed than I gave them credit for.

Basically ... yeah nonissue.

38425A62-F245-4780-A243-34E6128AE874 (resized).jpegDAF8A110-D6B4-4EF7-93AE-FD3AF333B7D4 (resized).jpeg3891E4DF-F0C9-4360-81B4-382AE0DE59A8 (resized).jpegC0405243-8145-4E9E-80C4-DF0DD2A8C3D5 (resized).jpeg
#1683 3 years ago
Quoted from LoganJK:

I think those look great!

I’m embarrassed... I must have hallucinated or something!!!! Bonehead!!!!

attention-world-im-an-idiot--d9d8e (resized).png
#1693 3 years ago

Anyone have the ball not get recognized in the creature hole? This has happened to me several times now... I'm 99.99% sure its a physical tweak that needs to be done to the switch actuator or switch position.

#1739 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Maybe Lloyd could chime in on this but did CGC address the problems they were having with the brides head not functioning properly I know on my one friends game and another buddy had to take the bride completely apart because of the rod not being bent right her head would stop moving? Anybody else on here having the same issue?

Over 300 plays ... this has never been an issue. I’ve only two tweaks to make... one with the Creatch switch and max power on the hole eject.

Other than that 100% perfect !

#1740 3 years ago

I’ve installed these protectors...I’ve never owned a brand new machine before ... I feel like grubby oily hands are probably the most I need to care about...

7C2E44F2-4D69-4427-A4C2-F125F994E8E2 (resized).jpeg
#1743 3 years ago
Quoted from Mokthemagicman:

That looks like a clear vinyl plastic sticker that will damage the decal if removed. I would be worried about that. Nice protection tho. Anyone have info on this?

Not a sticker. They are lexan... the button holds them on.

#1747 3 years ago
Quoted from Only_Pinball:

Where did you get these?

Got these at littleshopofgames... not the cheapest ... but I liked the size of them.

#1767 3 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

The shaker is very underwhelming in the game. It’s barely active and not worth it for this game. I notice it on Frankenstein mb and the match sequence. Much better on AFMr and mmr.

I have to agree with you on this.

#1782 3 years ago
Quoted from GreenMarine:

Hey Fellas. Just got my SE. No extra plastics or key fob in the goodie bag. Is that the usual?

I didn’t get that stuff with my SE... just some extra flipper rubber, fuses and flipper guage.

#1791 3 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

So to those of you who have MBr now...would you take that game over a JJP POTC? Is it worth it?

Yup. I set out to buy JJP POTC. Then I played it. Now ... it’s a beautiful game ... seriously... it’s an amazingly beautiful product. It’s a very complex game ... and probably an awesome game for a really good pinball player. I’m not that good... admittedly. So I found JJP POTC difficult to enjoy. I was also not impressed by the soundtrack of POTC... it just wasn’t great to me.. I felt like it should have been more impactful for a Pirates themed pin. This could entirely be because I wasn’t able to progress very far in the game... but it wasn’t doing it for me. It’s also a very expensive machine. When the cost begins to exceed 8K... it starts to become a bit more of a difficult purchase.

Enter Monster Bash... a game that is just fun... no matter how good (or not) you are. So bang for the buck... the value is there for me. Pirates really frustrated me and I didn’t want to buy a new pin, spend all that cash and have it frustrate me right out of the box. So MB fit me better all around. Maybe one day when I get better ... I can appreciate POTC... but for now, MB is just perfect.

#1820 3 years ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Hello I'm new to pinball hobby just got my first new pinball machine a MBRse after set up and playing roughly 40 games the ball gets stuck on the ramp next to franks bride this happend about 5 times basically 1 time every 10 games I played (pitch is set up at 6 1/2 degree) Do I have to adjust something
[quoted image][quoted image]

I’m gonna ask a silly question...

Is your machine level left to right? You can get that “perfect pitch” bubble aligned properly and still be off left to right.

#1821 3 years ago

... yeah one more thing, on my machine ... the perfect pitch leveler... was installed backwards.

#1843 3 years ago
Quoted from fanuminski:

after playing for a few weeks, I've noticed a couple things that I think one should check and look at.
The metal edges of some ramps have not been de-burred as well as they could be.
There are definite areas of sharp points that will ding up your balls. I've already replaced all of mine
and used very fine sandpaper (1000-2500 grit) to run along the edges of these metal burrs.
the starting edge of the ramp in the shoot out lane, the trough edges of where the ball drains
and also inside the trough -where it captures your balls. The ramp under frank to the exit to the habitrail.
the ramp on the right to the right flipper return also. If you feel with your finger, you will see what I mean.
YMMV [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I think the edge of the scoop does the most damage to the ball. When the ball comes full speed off the flipper and hits the edge of that scoop it makes me cringe.

#1869 3 years ago
Quoted from hawknole:

Thanks for sharing, that logo is black and white. If you have a colorized one that would be sweet too.

Yeah bad description on my part. It’s a ‘256 bit color’ bitmap ... but it’s a black and white image

#1871 3 years ago
Quoted from Plunger069:

I downloaded the update, but am having trouble getting it installed. What is your micro SD card supposed to be formatted to? FAT, FAT32 etc

You need to use disk imager ... the format of the card is irrelevant... disk imager does a byte for byte copy.

#1880 3 years ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

Does anyone have the Monster Bash bmp? particularly the monsters?

Please check this link... I've made several different logos...

320x80 is pretty limiting in terms of what you can do

#1892 3 years ago
Quoted from WizWiggy:

Matching MBrLE and AFMrLE #240 are now together @ The Flipper Room. Only a short drive from @MrSanRamon too! So far, playing great and looking great.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Beautiful! I hope to get an AFMr one day... I went back and forth between it and MBr... but pulled the trigger on MBr instead.

#1929 3 years ago

With the new version V1.0.2, the sound is more than just amplified, it is definitely equalized/transformed. Audio is much clearer, I can hear the sub now and it has a much better high end!

Great fix!

I had it set to 9.... it is now set to 3, I could probably go as high as 5... anything above that would begin to drown out the mechanical noise of the game (which is fine but probably too high for my environment). The audio is really really strong, If I were in a game room with a bunch of pins, cranking it would make sense. I've got two machines and a pretty low-key environment... 3 is just fine.

#1931 3 years ago

I’m pretty happy with this custom logo...

076455CB-C4AB-4FB2-9E8C-EAA55EBAE986 (resized).jpeg13EEC330-FAEF-44A8-AB4E-81E6BBFD0703 (resized).jpeg
#1932 3 years ago

One more thing ... don’t skip or procrastinate the V1.0.2 upgrade for the sound fix!!! The machine really comes alive with the fix... I’m hearing all kinds of stuff that was not audible or clear before. Spend the 15-20 minutes to upgrade your machine!

#1986 3 years ago

I just love this game... still super happy with this first NIB for me! I've been playing about 10 games nearly every day for the past two weeks. There are ZERO issues that affect play! It's a keeper for sure.

#2011 3 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

I am getting a lot of SDTM drains from the scoop - have tried different kicker settings to no avail. Game is level - any ideas?

Make sure you are controlling “R” popper..
I assumed it was “L” eject ... because ... well it’s to the left of the auto plunger ejector (derrrrr)... forgot about the creature ejector. This was my issue (neglected to RTFM...which I rarely do)... thought I was changing the setting but was actually not. I had to set mine to max. After that ... no more SDTM issues.

#2037 3 years ago
Quoted from BrewskisBar:

No visible damage to the other side, I almost didn't even bother opening the box. Somehow the bottom of the head broke off, I didn't open the box any more, must have taken a big drop.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Oh man that is beyond shitty... so sorry. What a disappointment! My box had a small chunk taken out of the bottom corner... you could see the legs in their inner box. I almost didn't accept it. I was afraid that the legs were flopping around in the box, it was merely a flesh wound and nothing like this. The delivery company told me CoinTaker was having issues with one of their carriers (I think UPS freight) damaging so many pins they had to stop using them. They use a private mom-and-pop delivery service (who are pinball people) in my area when they can. Games are shipped from the vendor to CoinTaker where they are inspected first and then sent to the customer by the mom-and-pop outfit... its actually quite nice. They showed up in a Scion xB ... I was expecting FedEx freight ... and this little car showed up. The machine fits perfectly in it (fills it up completely). Anyway it was a nice way to receive it, handled with care.

So sorry ... that's tough to look at.

#2081 3 years ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Just placed my order for an SE! Expected to ship tomorrow. I was "heavy lean" to the CE until I saw the SE in person this afternoon. Just couldn't expect the CE to make me happy after that. My first NIB since my GB Premium nightmare (don't ask- not what you think).
Side orders placed from Kerry at Mantis for Mosh pit, target decals from pinball decals, and soon from Cliff for the proverbial cliffys (I understand the "CGCys" aren't so hot?). Any other key buys needed? Not as key, but hopefully will track down some mirror blades locally this weekend.

I got some cabinet protectors for around the flipper buttons. I also am interested in some mirrors ... I spoke with CoinTaker and they said they are getting some new ones cut for this game... apparently the stock ones are slightly off for the remake (not sure exactly what’s different)... so I’m waiting for them.

#2085 3 years ago
Quoted from TheBigDog:

I thought my frank was fixed, but it’s still happening about 1 in 5 games, he just stays up. I filed a ticket, the reply was to check for anything sticking (already did that), and add oil to the metal. I guess I’ll try that next.

Also might be worth lifting the playfield and checking all the wiring harnesses that connect the motor and limit switches to the PCB...
Just make sure they look well assembled are properly seated onto their PCB headers.

#2103 3 years ago
Quoted from Cyrus:

Williams Logo: Hey thanks Ricochet for making these BMP's. I had a hell of a time getting my MaC to format the SD to FAT 32. For some reason it kept defaulting to straight FAT without an option and it would not mount in the pin. My el-cheapo Windows note book simply kept creating new partitions. So, if anyone is having problems getting the FAT32 format with your MAC disk utility, I suggest using ApplePi-Baker. Once I formatted with that app (and renamed the bmp file) it loaded like a champ. You have to use applePI-baker to update the software on MB if you have a MAC anyway. Again, thanks Ricochet for the effort. It's a nice touch to have the Williams LOGO on the back box.
[quoted image]

Yup I had the same issue with my friggin Mac ... I dual boot for these very situations!

#2185 3 years ago

Mine is getting banged up a bit ... but I’m not going to change it out for a while.

0D373C26-F63E-4610-B159-984057040F9D (resized).jpeg
#2190 3 years ago
Quoted from tomtest:

I bought the mirror blades from Cointaker for Williams machines and installed in my SE, fit perfectly.

So weird... I spoke to Melissa at CoinTaker about this and she said they are getting some cut specifically for MBR... because there is a difference in a hole size.

#2203 3 years ago

Just joined the club. First Q: I made sure Phantom Flip was turned on in settings, tried a factory reset, but PF still scores 500K — it never lights the lanes. Anyone know what could be going on?
BTW I’ll be installing the new ultra thin play field protector and can report back on that.

I did the playfield protector... it needed a small trim around the outer loop ball gate mounting foot. It would bind there and buckle.

#2217 3 years ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Where the heck has it been long enough to have 13k plays on it? Even the 1-2 that were out there during the reveal would have had to been played constantly to get that many plays. That many plays sounds like it probably never hit that spot
In regards to playfield protectors? Those require you to tear down the game to be able to install? Are people really doing that right after they get the game?

It’s a bit more of a pain in the ass than changing the rubbers. I swapped out the factory rubbers for Titans and installed some plastic protectors. While I was at it I did the protector... I wasn’t going to initially... but I was more than 3/4 of the way there. For the protector ... you need to un-mount the ramps. So other than the ramps it’s as much work as a rubber replacement. Which is kind of a pain in the ass on this machine anyway.

#2296 3 years ago

I'm really contemplating some PDI glass for this machine... its so colorful and I've can lights in my ceiling. I think it would really drastically improve the visibility. The issue is not brightness... its just hyper reflective in my environment.

#2332 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I installed a sheet of invisiglass in my LE today...WOW, what a difference.

Yup ... definitely doing this ... I need a sheet for MB and I’m getting one for my IJ while I’m at it.

#2404 3 years ago

Being that CGC is not whole as a pinball manufacturer... this creates the condition for a mucked up manufacturing cycle.

Seems straightforward on paper to outsource the manufacturing ... In reality it’s a complicated relationship with competing schedules and priorities. Got to be a nightmare for CGC to plan effectively... pinball may be one big happy community but these guys are competitors.

#2408 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Ummmmmm................... They are.

That was a few years back with MMR ONLY and back then. CGC has made MMR's since those days.
CGC has their own line. Expanded and people added. All the AFMR's and MBR's are made at CGC, as well as future titles going forward.
LTG : )

I learned something today! Thanks for clarifying that!... and good to know.

#2430 3 years ago

I’m experimenting with some panduit grommet slotted edging ... just on the edge of the scoop that really chops the ball... I had it on both edges but on the outside edge it would just get knocked off.

In reality ...I think the ball will beat it to a pulp and I’ll end up with bits of it in the hole.

AADABD2E-EDB2-46F9-8741-C70FA8E81669 (resized).jpeg
#2459 3 years ago

Man... the Bride of Frankenstein is a bitch... gets all wound up about her potential suitor... then whacks him on the head with a cast-iron pan!

The Wolfman is kind of a pussy (before he transforms).

Drac has a great sense of humor

Creatch makes me want to buy a CFTBL pin.

Mummy is great comic relief.

Frankenstein is fun as hell to bash... I love that shot, very gratifying.

#2494 3 years ago
Quoted from dts:

I've been tracking the Munsters thread and while it looks fun, reviews are saying that it is too easy. Not sure I understand why more new buyers aren't going over to MBr instead... I've played the LE quite a bit now, and it is just great!

I’ve a buddy that played it at CES... he said he liked the Beatles more. Granted ... it’s a new release and who knows if the software is complete. He also said the lower playfield felt gimmicky. He felt overall it was a boring game and quit playing it before the game was over. That’s just one persons opinion.

It’s cleaely a competitor to MB. I’ve zero regrets with my MB SE purchase. There are so many options nowadays for pinball nuts... Think about where the state of pinball was just 10 years ago. It’s all good.

#2501 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

If true, it's interesting that George Gomez (who suggested an old school simpler WPC type ruleset for Munsters), who designed MB, is competing against himself for sales.

Isn’t The Munsters a Borg design???

#2518 2 years ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

I've only played MB 4 times in my life and I've played a lot of pinball machines.
I'm really looking forward to getting this game for my daughter.
On a side note I never like AFM, as the ones I always played were always dark, dirty and didn't play like a game should. Fast forward, Marvelous Marvin's Mechanical Museum....I played the remake there and it was bright, fast, and a blast too play...Hopefully will have one in my collection one day.

AFMr is so good! I almost got that one instead. I picked MB because of its broader appeal. AFMr is on the short list for sure !!

#2522 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Has anybody looked into whether or not this is fixable? The ball hits Drac's feet on mine too, after I restored it, but it did not do it before. I'm stumped on how to fix it though

I’ve never had this happen. Does this happen at any velocity... or is it when it’s kind of a weak roll out of the loop?

#2547 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

[quoted image]

Excellent!!! I’ve only been able to crack 145.

#2613 2 years ago

I’ll admit this whole thing irked me a bit when I read the first response. But then I backed off a bit and thought...

I really don’t care.

I love my machine. It’s brand friggin new and CGC makes an awesome product! I mean 5 or 10 years down the road... am I going to be haggling over how much it’s worth because it’s an SE and may not have the “best grade” playfied as an LE... no friggin way, thats absurd!

To me LE means better finishings...and if that means maybe the playfield is deemed “better” <- totally subjective.. then so be it. I think there are a lot more consumers in this space now ... and pinball collectors can be fanatical. I like nice things but I don't want to become to nuts about things otherwise I'm missing out on the fun of all of it.

In the mean time there are 4 steel balls that are going to beat the shit out of this game for as long as I own it.

#2681 2 years ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Just curious does anyone have an idea of how much the large main board under that PF is gonna cost if it needs replacing? I seriously doubt that thing can be repaired. That's about the only thing that makes me nervous at all.

The components on this board are very replaceable. None of them are super fine pitch. The one custom component is actually socketed. The size of it may be a bit scary but in fact there isn't much on there.

The architecture of these remakes is really a great blend of old and new.

#2684 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Driver board is in the backbox. Same one as in AFMR. And transistors are through hole construction so they can be replaced.
LTG : )

This is what I love about these remakes! Perfect update to the WPC architecture!

#2694 2 years ago

Received my (pinballpimp) Frank decal today ... I like the way this looks!

E84B39A8-C3EE-4FD1-8695-9ADB38184075 (resized).jpeg
#2712 2 years ago

You can find it here in the pinside marketplace.

It’s also on eBay

#2916 2 years ago

So I’ve had my machine for about a month now... I play the hell out of it.

I’ll admit, I like to play this game kind of reckless and fast. I’m not spending a ton of time with careful shot placement... only when I absolutely have to. I try to hit the shots quick. It keeps the game fast and a little outa control.

I kind of like this mode of play with this pin.

#2928 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

You make these? Cooool!!!!

Yup... I've got to tweak a couple... (I've got some with a rectangular frame and need to make them rounded so they will look nice in the bezel) and I've some ideas for a few more.

#3091 2 years ago

I love this game... I suck at it but I love it!!! This is my best score yet... The mosh pit and monsters of rock modes are a whole bunch of fun !!!

C29C7BD4-19F1-4F91-AD3C-9525022886A7 (resized).jpeg
#3096 2 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Where do you get the speaker panel Williams decal?

Not a decal, that is a custom logo that is uploaded into the machine. I've made a few of them:

#3231 2 years ago

No way would I want to re-decal or slap another set on top of it. Unfortunately the cracked decal is the symptom... not the problem.

If mine cracks... I’m just gonna let it be.

22787096-E6FA-4CDA-B10E-F8BB2D1B4295 (resized).jpegD9694171-AC47-4FBB-AA5F-200CFF9E0FDC (resized).jpeg
#3235 2 years ago
Quoted from Mark000:

It looks as though yours has started to crack on the left side.

Maybe... I don’t see it though.

#3240 2 years ago

I don’t think the crack is what people are seeing along the very edge ... it’s when it cracks about 1/8” in where the joint is on the cabinet.

Either way... I’m hitting it with a marker if it annoys me.

#3345 2 years ago

The wood is under tension by the decal. Eventually the decal gives. I don’t think this is because of some expansion or contraction... especially along that edge. My guess is that this isn’t going to happen suddenly months later... failure would likely be fairy quick. Mine has a slight split on the top left side ... I have no idea how long it’s been there. I’ve had the game for almost 2 months

0105DAFC-0108-47A5-90AC-F1478945DE7C (resized).jpeg
#3387 2 years ago

I love this game... but I might be selling my SE... I’ve something else I may want to put my fun money into. Dunno... still mulling...

4 weeks later
#4252 2 years ago

I'm out of the club... sold my SE today. It was fun while it lasted. For whatever reason... it lost its steam for me.

1 month later
#5170 2 years ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

Anyone else have in issue where one of the two pieces of the left ramp at its entry point at the top of the play field does not drop into the dug out, but rather runs on top of it? I’ve had an issue where you had to hit the left ramp just perfect or the ball would roll back down.
I finally took the glass off today and realized the ball is being slowed down because it is hitting one of the two ends of metal of the left ramp head on.
I’ve submitted a ticket to CGC, but any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.[quoted image]

Those are held in place by a kep nut beneath the playfield. I had the same issue and had to simply tighten down the nut... pulling the wire form down into position. You may be able to just push down on it from the top and it will pop into position then you will have to tighten the nut.

#5172 2 years ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

I’ve tried pushing down, but it wouldn’t budge. Is there a nut for each of the two pieces of the ramp that meet the play field?

Yes. It’s probably just stuck in the hole. Those holes are pretty small for the threaded posts. They don’t move easily as the threads bind to the wood. I think this is why this happens... the nut feels tight ... but the threads are keeping the post from going all the way in.

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