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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#753 9 months ago
Quoted from Pizza-Bob:

I’m in on an LE ! My first NIB game , is a fresh coat of wax a good ideal from day one ? Thanks

And importantly clean all the balls with a non oil base solvent like lacquer thinner to get rid of any greases or oils that are on them. Alcohol does not dissolve grease. Mineral spirits does but it leaves a residue of its own.

2 weeks later
#1258 9 months ago

Maybe Steve at Pinball Refinery will come out with a more reasonably priced kit for it.

1 month later
#2950 7 months ago
Quoted from jbug:

While waiting for my game to ship. I started looking at other games that have been recently released that might make me change my mind about MBR. I checked out a couple of videos of Stern's Munsters game and was impressed. I'd like to play one in person as soon as possible. Like MB, it seems to be a fun game to play. MBR and Munsters are both Universal properties and have the same monsters (more or less). What do you gents think of the reveal of the new Stern game? The guys at SDTM give it a thumbs up overview. I'm going back and forth weighing the 2 games.

It depends on how long you want to wait for finished code.

#2951 7 months ago

OMG, all these complaints about putting their money out and not receiving the instant gratification of a game on their driveway are hilarious. You are all apparently newbies to the hobby and unaware of the recent history of pinball.

When Wayno announced he was going to produce a remake of MM we waited over two years with him sitting on our money and he never produced the game. He finally sold out to PP and they produced it after almost another two years. Some people never demanded a return of their money and got the game from PP for the original price of $5500 or something in that range after nearly 4 years of waiting.

And then many of us gave Jersey Jack $6500 in advance to get our original WOZLE games. I think there were some steps of getting to the full amount, but regardless we had a bunch of cash out there for 2 1/2 years. We basically fronted him the money to start his company and he promised those of us who were so loyal that we would get discounts on future games. Well, the discounts never happened.

So quit whining that a legitimate and established company is a month behind in getting your game to you so that they can take care of quality control issues. Be glad you are not getting a game with no code, cabinets that are actually falling apart and chunks of clearcoat the size of a quarter peeling off your playfield. If you can't handle this you should really get out of the hobby or just keep buying nice used games to freshen up your collection. You would lose less money doing that anyway.

1 week later
#3263 7 months ago

I will also be adding a bracket to the inside of the cabinet of my LE before it even goes on legs. Maybe it will help, maybe not. But common sense tells me that if its done properly it will make a difference. I will go to the extreme and put on a bracket or brackets all along the seam as space allows.

#3385 7 months ago

I am glad to be in the later runs whenever CT gets their non matching games in. But in the interests of safety I will still add brackets. Its obvious that for some reason a random number of these games have poorly connected joints. Better to be safe than sorry.

It is good to hear that CG is aware of the problem and searching for any potential sources of it.

#3416 7 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Where do you get that there are poorly connected joints? That’s a stretch and a half...

Its very simple. If that corner joint were a rock solid like concrete the decals would not be cracking because there would be zero movement of the cabinet. It would not matter if the decals were wrapped around the corner or not because they still would not crack. If the corner joint moves at all something has to give.

1 week later
#3716 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

They will never sell the topper individually....if u wanted to sell it for some reason u could probably get a pretty penny for it

Thats not a bad idea since I have no ceiling room for the topper anyway. It would depend on what they end up going for.

#3723 7 months ago

Selling the topper for $1000 would be like getting the LE for the price of the SE. Not a bad deal. It would still sell for more than an SE further down the road.

1 week later
#3972 6 months ago

There’s a whole thread about this, but the scoop is wildly inconsistent on my MBR which gets lots of plays on location. Here’s what I’ve tried:
Adjusting the power
Repositioning the assembly (there’s really only millimeters of wiggle room) by loosening screws and re tightening.
Polishing the scoop to reduce spin
Raising the plunger up 1/8 inch (and tried 1/4 inch) to have the ball rest on it
None of this has worked. The ball can hit anywhere from the slingshot to SDTM.
I think the plunger has uneven wear already (!) and is the main culprit.
I’m going to open a ticket.

I wonder if some creative pinball game owner with the right tools at his shop could make an angled shim of some sort to put on the side of the scoop to deflect the ball at a slightly different angle? It would not take much, and it would be easy to stick it on. Its a good chance for someone to make a couple of bucks towards his pinball habit too!

#3991 6 months ago

Well...I have been waiting for my LE game patiently and was in no hurry. But I just found out they had one at Marvin's to play so I went directly there and spend more than a few dollars playing it, and an occasional JJP POTC. Maybe I had too high of expectations for MB, but regardless my ego was crushed by the SDTM shots one after another. Sure I started throwing the lower playfield around a little bit to avoid some of the drains, but it took the fun away of playing the game.
And I pick my games with the intention of providing entertainment for my grandsons too. But there is no way they could enjoy this game with the drain situation. To my surprise I did enjoy the JJP POTZ even though it was a standard. The LE even has more on it. So I will be cancelling my spot at Cointaker and a LE spot will be open for someone else after tomorrow.
I did not want to burst everyone's bubble. It was lots of fun to play until the scoop exits ruined my fun consistently. Maybe its just that people should be aware of this issue before they bring home their holy grail and find out it is not as much fun as expected.

#4018 6 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Just adjust the scoop or maybe even put a piece of foam inside the scoop like this to make it shoot out more to the right or left. [quoted image]

Thank you very much. I thought maybe I could come up some type of modification to affect the kick out and you have confirmed it. Its nice to know that will not be a problem now and I will stay with the order.

#4036 6 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Wonder if this could be resolved by a redesign of the scoop. Maybe some downward turned edges to give the ball a much more precise exit from the hole.

You could experiment with the drop dead foam anyplace in that scoop to change the deflection of the ball. I am confident that enough of us will try different things and come up with a common solution. It sure is easier than making aluminum shims or spacers that I was thinking about.

#4196 6 months ago

I just realized our LE games do not include invisiglass. Bummer. I would rather have that than a shaker.

#4209 6 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Let me tell you invisiglass is sick on this game. Only way to fly IMHO. I wasn't a big believer in it until I finally saw it and makes a big difference.

Good to hear. I have it on all my other games and its amazing what it does for the colors. Taking pictures of the playfield with the glass on is no problem at all. Fortunately I have one extra sheet I keep around. I put it on my new games, and when I sell a game the buyer gets the original glass with the sticker on it. I am really anxious now to get my game and see it with the invisiglass on it.

#4217 6 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

seems to me you stiffed my on the invisiglass for the HUO Spiderman I bought from you!

You got brand new, unused glass with the sticker on it. Heck...that sticker alone probably cost me $30 from Stern when they put it on!!! And you have the nerve to complain

3 weeks later
#4794 5 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

These are all very true statements, Ryan has been very passionate and they are sticking to this mantra of quality, but I have only so many days left on this planet, and I would like the chance to flip my MBrLE for as many of them as I have left. It is one thing to wait on quality, it is another to wait on a company that talked up a great game at Chicago Expo, yet were mostly absent from their booth at TPF, and had machines set up so poorly, I was wondering, was it intentional or not?
When mentioning I had not received my MBrLE at TPF, the question asked by everyone behind a counter was who was my distributor, how far down his list I was, and them shaking their head and saying “you should have seen your machine by now”
So, I am not very sympathetic right now to anyone who tells me to keep waiting on quality, that is just a crappy way of getting collectors to sit on their thumbs and wait. 157 days on order for something they said would be no later than 3 months to deliver is now past that estimate by over two months. Either ship me a pinball machine for my $8300 or do something for me, the later of which isn’t happening any time soon, the former of which hasn’t happened yet.
What I am starting to feel like is just a spoke in a great big wheel, like a tiny blade of grass in a great big field. Yes I feel like a number, I’m just a number like 1251 of 1250 (apologies to BSATSBB).
Let me give everyone a little piece of advice... don’t go to a pinball show where you see everyone having fun flipping on copies of a machine you have PURCHASED already 6 months ago unless you want to end up getting even MORE DEPRESSED and PISSED OFF while waiting for delivery.
I am not seeing any puffy silver linings on these dark storm clouds anytime soon.
Ok, Aleaxa, rant mode off.

Ahh....you must learn patience in pinball grasshopper....

#4795 5 months ago
Quoted from zpinman370:

I hear what you guys are saying and will limit the amount I play it for the next month as hard as that is because it is a fantastic game. What really concerns me is how my balls got so damaged in such short amount of plays? (no pun intended before you all go there lol) The dimples are one thing but having scored up balls especially when they are not just the run of the mill but the good chrome balls is concerning.

Wow...that seems strange. And even more that nobody else on this forum has commented on it yet. Scored up balls will damage your playfield surface severely. Can anyone else chime in on this? Its just another reason that I wait here patiently for my game so that every potential issue can be ironed out.

#4853 5 months ago

Wow....that playfield looks pretty bad for 12 games played. Thanks for the information and pics. I will spend some time looking for issues like that before playing it when mine arrives and getting a good couple layers of the old time wax on it. I always clean new balls with laquer thinner before I play them. There is quite a bit of oil on the balls when they are new.

1 week later
#5084 5 months ago

Has anyone receive their non special numbered LE yet from Cointaker?

1 month later
#5659 3 months ago

Wow....looks like a lot of shipping has been going on. Hopefully my LE will be in soon also.

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