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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

10 months ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#548 7 months ago

I've sent in full payment to PP for my non matching LE. Sara told me I may get in on the 1st shipment of non matching units maybe just before X-mas. Crossing fingers. My deal is I only have room for 1 pin in my house. I recently sold my WOZ (which was a blast), but when the pin I've always wanted was rumored to be in the works at CGC more than 2 years ago I've been following and hoping. And when it was made official, I made up my mind. My family basically likes to bash the ball around and they like a cool theme so I think this will be a great fit. Yeah, I know there aren't wizard modes and "deep" rules but for our purposes, this should be an absolute blast. And then when we are done, I will sell it and get another pin for the 1 spot I have.

In the meantime - I have an interesting situation. I have exactly 83" of clearance. If it turns out to be 84" I'm going to have to have a new custom set of legs made. As it is when I had the WOZ in that spot I had to use special custom short legs on the rear set as the alcove I have for pins has a 4" or so rise for where the back half of the pin goes. The font legs go on the regular floor. So we shall see how it goes!

In terms of the topper - I'm betting it's only a matter of time before someone mod's that batboy to move. That frank arm could move, and frank and drac could rotate slightly while bride bobs forward and backward. Just a thought.

1 week later
#859 6 months ago

I bought those target stickers too. Haven't arrived yet. I can wait - ugg.

#896 6 months ago

Evidently the main hold-up on the LE's was the engraved plaques. Glad that is sorted and are now getting built!

1 week later
#1157 6 months ago
Quoted from Soltic:

Doug is on it, right now we surmise I may be localised w the issue due to the lack of others responding noting similarities and that cgc has tested this well - protector may have shipped a little high and therefore being hit hard and deforming without support of pf directly underneath.
So check yours when you receive and adjust prior to play - expect cgc is filtering any reported issues into current qc on the line.
Will update as we proceed but I do believe Doug’s info that testing was completed properly. That and lack of response from other owners claiming same issue most likely makes this an irregularity.

I appreciate this. I've never bought a NIB game before, and it seems to me like Doug and CGC are really working hard to track and address issues. At first I was feeling a bit jealous that I couldn't get one of the 1st LE's off the line as I don't qualify for a number matched machine, but honestly I'm kind of liking my position in line right now as that may give CGC time to make adjustments. This isn't meant to make any number matchers feel bad (I still probably would opt to get my machine if I could right now..heh) but at least it's a possible consolation that a few kinks might get worked out. Let's face it - that's pretty typical for any product. Being an early adopter has it's price (but also its rewards of course!).

Regarding this particular issue - it does sound like it needs fixing as several other owners have chimed in on this. I read earlier in this thread that if you want to install a mantis you likely have to remove the main circuit board and pre-drill some pilot holes for the mantis. I wouldn't be that concerned about doing this myself, but it was also mentioned you might void the warranty doing this? In that case I obviously would never do this. Thoughts?

#1202 6 months ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Get that Stormtrooper helmet off that Star Trek! Really??!

Personally I like the irony .

#1240 6 months ago

I have some basic questions about Pinstadium. I'm a relative newb (only owned WOZ before). If I wanted to light up my playfield a bit with Pinstadium, but have the colors change to match drac, creature (red/green) - could I do that by adding to GI module to the basic set?

#1281 6 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

My take on pinball protectors... Nice if you got them, great if installed day 1, and if they are getting beat up because you are playing your machine a lot... just wait till the honeymoon is over, replace the protectors and everything will be fine...
Unless this is your only machine, then you are pretty much screwed into keeping it pristine all the time, waxing it weekly, if it had tires, you would kick them and keep them inflated to exact company specs and change the oil every 3000 miles, rerubber it quarterly, replace the balls after every 200 games, have a custom dust cover made with matching title logos, check the playfield angle after every 10 plays, replace the leg levelers at the first signs of rust, keep the shades drawn, the lights dim, and avoid all direct light that might fade the artwork, powder coat all exposed metal in baby shit metalic flake transparent green, replace all GI lamps with color cycling LEDs, replace all tungsten lamps with LEDs, over pay for a custom, one of a kind Halloween decoration topper with glowing eyes and pay to replace your driver board after shorting it out while trying to install the topper without turning off the power, over pay for a stair crawling appliance dolly to climb the three steps up your front porch, buy every mod and semi-bling item you can find on Pinball Life, Marco Specialties, Planetary Pinball, Lermods, the Modfather, and every mod you can find from tom, dick, or harry and even including the spanish guy developing a hologram mod for a machine you don’t even own, have your livingroom repainted and redecorated to match the theme of your machine, plus buy every non-pinball machine related item that even remotely ties in to the theme of your machine, buy a mousepad and poster of the backglass, have the artwork tatooed onto the back of your freshly waxed backside, after paying the local landscaper $50 to weedwack your heavily overgrown manscaped behind, get the machine’s sales flyer matted and framed and hung up on the wall next to it, buy every machine specific part that may never actually fail and place them in storage for all eternity, but a second machine and keep in locked NIB in a windowless undisclosed location warehouse to be used to resurect the original machine if it happens to get a little leg curl on the cabinet decal which you found during your yearly cabinet decal leg curl discovery expedition. Yeah, pin ownership has it’s foibles...

Look, that's all great advice if you plan to just trash your machine. But me, I'm planning to take good care of my pin. Sheesh - some guys just don't take care of their things.

#1290 6 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

My Special Edition arrived !!!

All I can say is WOW! This is a TON of fun!
It is FAST! Ball save of 3 seconds is a must for me!
Adjust the strength of the upkicker of the hole ... it flys out at blinding speed!
Yes the hole protector is already banged up after about 20 games... but not horribly.
It’s super colorful!!! The RGB effect is spectacular!!! It’s plenty bright for me... but I don’t play in a dark room. If it were in a dark room... when it cycles to blue or low light... for some...they may want a little bit more light in the lower playfield area... HOWEVER I only see this effect in attract mode... not during play.. there is just so much going on.
Not much to critique... I was one of those guys that thought he wanted a playfield protector... no friggin way... the amount of disassembly needed to install it ...in itself isn’t worth it! Just play the damned thing and enjoy!!!
[quoted image]

Congrats! Btw nice space invaders in the background. I remember playing a machine exactly like that at the movie theater in my town back in the day. Is that an origina/refurb or a remake? Anyway back to the topic at hand. I can't wait for my MBr!

#1388 6 months ago
Quoted from jbug:

I've had one previous Stern machine NIB. This is new to me that you may have to roll the dice regarding the condition of the cabinet and playfield on a new shiny machine. Well, at least he could let them know about the spots on the playfield. He could at least let them know how upset he is/was. Even if they tell him to "pound salt" at least he could ventilate. That playfield should not have been sent out. Someone should be looking them over better than they are. I've had manufacturers (TVs) try to tell me there is nothing they can do but I stood toe to toe and eventually got what I deserved by law. There are laws governing the purchase of new items?

Quoted from jbug:

I've had one previous Stern machine NIB. This is new to me that you may have to roll the dice regarding the condition of the cabinet and playfield on a new shiny machine. Well, at least he could let them know about the spots on the playfield. He could at least let them know how upset he is/was. Even if they tell him to "pound salt" at least he could ventilate. That playfield should not have been sent out. Someone should be looking them over better than they are. I've had manufacturers (TVs) try to tell me there is nothing they can do but I stood toe to toe and eventually got what I deserved by law. There are laws governing the purchase of new items?

While I understand your point, even in the TV industry they typically have a dead pixel policy. i.e. some people freak out if they have 1 dead pixel on a screen, and want to swap out the panel. Now if you are an industry professional doing 4k+ photoshop in Lightroom - I get it. But if you're watching sports from across the room on a $300 TV, not that big of a deal. Still, people's tolerance for this kind of thing varies widely. I do get it that this is a crazy expensive item and I get why people want it perfect. I also get that once you see a flaw, you can't unsee it. For example when I am doing a project around the house (like drywall for example) and I mess up a spot - I see that every single time I walk into the room, yet no one else ever sees it.

#1409 6 months ago

AFMLe and MBRLe really are the perfect pairing. Look awesome together. Something about the layouts that I like - upraised arms of the topper on the AFM and the upraised arms of Frank on the back glass. Just look like a matched pair.

#1445 6 months ago

I still am not 100% clear on how all the shipping/numbering order works. Everyone keeps asking "What number LE" when someone announces their LE is shipping. But I thought it was clarified they don't build and ship them in numerical order? Doesn't it work like this... a) distributor A, B and C get 30, 20, and 10 LE number match allotments. b) buyers go to distributor A, B, and C and place their orders and share their # of their AFMLe so the numbers match c) CGC sends a note to the distributors "collect payment. We are starting to build LE number matches. Send us your payments and numbers for your sold unit d) CGC stamps the numbers on the assembly line with the appropriate submitted number. On the same day they could stamp #5, #200, and #786 right in a row on the assembly line. D) they tell Distributor A that #200 is coming, and Distributor B that #5 is coming, and Distributor C that #786 is coming. E) distributors tell their customers F) customer with #200 posts first "Hey my unit is shipping! G) customer with #5 says "Weird - I'm #5 and I didn't get notice yet. Shouldn't I have been first?

That's a very long example, but I'm just trying to determine if I understand this correctly, or if I'm off base here.

#1485 6 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Is the remake as good as the original? Better?

Quoted from seenev:

People either love it or they hate it, or they think it's ok.

I have no idea where you are getting this from. I haven't heard one person say they think the original is better than the remake. And I have read a lot of comments. No one has even said it's ok. Everyone has said it is an improvement in every way to the original honestly. Sure some people have commented on the hole protector needing upgrading, some would like to see more lighting in the lower playfield, and a few have commented on balls coming off the ramps - but no one has said the original is better or even on par with the remake.

2 weeks later
#2017 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Quite surprised how many people would pay in full and still waiting on a game. Why in the world would they need your money in advance besides just looking to get more cash for themselves upfront.
I tell you my distributor hasn't asked and I respect that. I always go through them and always been satisfied. If a distributor asked for full like I'm seeing many have, that would be the last time I bought from them. Simple as that.

Well at the risk of looking a little stupid, I'll tell you my reason. This was my first ever NIB. Actually my second pin ever. I was concerned the demand would be very high and I would have to wait a long time for my unit as I obviously don't qualify for number match. So I voluntarily paid in full hoping to be closer to the front of the line. At the time, I knew the number matches would ship first - but I also had conversations with my distributor and they explained that if they had say 10 number matches, and only 9 of them paid in full when asked for payment (one dropped out) then I would be slotted in to their spot. At least that's how I understood it at the time - and I may have misunderstood regardless. I don't fault my distributor at all. They never asked for payment. And they have been amazingly responsive to my questions along the way. It's hard to wait, so I check in periodically. I am currently #7 at my distributor, who is one that has been mentioned many times above . I guess in the end I'd much rather have a very quality product than something rushed that needs to be fixed later. With that said, I did make a mistake paying in advance as there was no rush. At the time, my distributor was being told they would have more games sooner and they did their best to estimate.

#2100 5 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Id come equipped with a $20 in your back pocket to tip him for his patience in advance in case of any problems.
If he still insists I cant stay I'll just take it, just let him take it.
You might be delayed your game an extra a day or two, but I'm sure you can talk to his supervisor also if need be.
Ultimately, I wouldn't sign on the dotted line in this day and age till you've confirmed the game is OK-
That includes cabinet, playfield glass, side rails, and turning it on.

I agree I wouldn't turn on a cold game. But for the other steps - let's say you break down the boxes and find an issue. What then? How does the delivery guy take back the unit without a box? Just loads up the game as is and throws the box parts in the back of the truck?

#2137 5 months ago

I was ready to buy, but yeah he is charging $9100 minimum for it. No thanks. I respect that they are running a business, and have an item with high demand so I don't blame him for charging more. Supply/demand is king. But the deal wasn't for me. I'll wait.

#2141 5 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

ya'll are crazy, like children before Christmas.
Jeeze, just wait. it will come

Gotta call you out on this one. I said I wasn't about to pay $1k extra to get it sooner...so not sure how that's being impatient and childish? With that said, you stated recently that yours is in Denver so it's a lot easier to say that when you have notice that yours is almost there. Third - I believe you have a number of pretty awesome machines so you can play pinball. I have zero machines as I sold the one I bought from you . (which was a great machine by the way). Not trying to start a big thing here, but I thought your comment was a little harsh. I think people are showing a lot of patience particularly as some of us paid up front (not the best idea admitedly) and were told mid December and it's looking more and more like late February.

#2149 5 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

oh ha ha! Sorry my comment wasn't targeted at you. I wouldn't pay $1000 over market price either! I was commenting, in general, on the people asking for deposits back because it's taking longer than expected.......

Ahh gotcha. No worries. I don't blame these distributors either, and I'm not asking for my payment back yet. I realize they are doing their best and it's just a bummer it's taking so long. But on the flip side, the quality overall sounds great and quality is worth waiting for. If this were a life saving medical device, that's one thing (my line of work). But pinball - I can wait a bit. Just wish I didn't have to wait because I want to play!

#2155 5 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

So Games Exchange Colorado has a bunch of customers waiting for their LEs, but someone backed out and instead of giving it to the next person in line they try to sell it for $1000 more?

Yes it's correct. I don't know if they have non number matched people waiting in line, but I would guess they do. And yes, they appear to be holding it and charging $1k premium. I actually hadn't thought about it at the time. That's kind of bullshit. I would definitely be pissed if I was a non number matched customer waiting patiently at game exchange.

#2181 5 months ago
Quoted from AliciaC:

Got the email as well... Non-number matching LE shipping next week. Paid in full early December. A little nervous about the recent examples here citing freight damage. I've had a dozen or so NIB's delivered with zero issues, but isn't this why you pay with a CC? I always pay with my Amex just in case to ensure I'm covered if the game arrives in pieces or the box is filled with bricks, etc.

This is the first non number match LE that is shipping that I've heard of I think? Seems odd that non number matches would be shipping already with number matched people waiting. Especially since many non number matchers paid in full earlier than December. Maybe a distributor thing or someone dropped out?

#2359 5 months ago

It's especially hard to wait when you only have room for one pin in your house, and you don't have a pin currently in that space. I sold my WOZ in October in anticipation of bringing in the MBr, and at the time I was told December - possibly mid December. Paid in full, and now it could be March or later? I'm seriously thinking of backing down to the SE, installing some invisiglass and a shaker. Honestly is the topper worth an extra two months wait? One of the big things with the LE for me beyond the topper was the 2 year warranty. The responsible thing is just to wait it out...but I can now see this dragging on on into April or May... I'm losing faith and an SE would scratch my itch. Resale on the LE is probably better, but by the time I go to sell (if I ever sell) there are likely going to be other LE's available without this long wait. Decisions.....

#2388 5 months ago

I keep going back and forth on whether to step down to the SE. I was thinking this morning "ok, I'm doing this. The SE can always be modded to add the plasma disk and shaker. I can probably get some mirror blades too. I could be playing in a week!" Then I looked at the beautiful blue metallic powder coat and the topper again... If it weren't blue, I would have an easier decision. But I'm a sucker for blue. The topper is also awesome, but I could honestly probably live without it (btw no that does not mean if I get an LE I would be willing to part with the topper...).


#2504 5 months ago

I have found in my 20 years in sales, that the #1 thing that alienates your customer base and starts firestorms, warranted or not, is not communicating. I can think of dozens and dozens of times where I had to communicate bad news, but people were almost always more understanding in patient if I provided consistent, proactive communication. I have had to deliver news of multiple month delays on critical medical equipment, and still had the customers stick with me because I follow up and keep them in the loop good or bad. Silence is a killer. But with that said, this industry needs a tracking mechanism for builds. I can't say it's not hard to do this as I am not in the industry and I would assume if it were easy, CGC would be doing it. But man if they could figure out an automated system to track the build as it progresses and send out even some major milestones i.e "LE #632 completed today, LE #222, 848 and 168 will start next week Monday. LE #888 in stage 3 of final stages of assembly". Something like that - can you imagine how many hours would be saved in calls alone checking on status or expressing frustration?

#2644 5 months ago
Quoted from JFink8222:

wow! That post looked like it was written by an 8 yr old! How about go graduate high school first buddy! Lol. Anyways. I’m on the list for a non-matching LE since day one. Yes, the wait sucks. And yes, CGC could have been more up front about delays. HOWEVER, no matter what they said about the delay, someone with a CE/SE would have complained! If they would have said “oh, we found a small issue with a drop target”, then every CE/SE owner would have chimed in saying “I have a problem with that”. The fact that they owned the issue, addressed the issue & are fixing the issue is huge! Take a deep breath! We are all pretty lucky in my book for having the $8k of disposable income to buy a “toy”! Patiently waiting in AZ!!

Totally agree. I was one of the people saying I wished they would communicate more. And they did. They delivered, and pulled back the curtain a bit and I am very much appreciative. I was on the fence about continuing with my order, but based on the transparancy alone I have a lot of faith in this company to deliver a stellar product. Communication is King. Yes, I understand people's point of view about not being able to make an informed decision in advance about the playfields vs trim level, but based on the examples of less than perfect playbills I've seen posted (the little black dots) I think people are getting way worked up over nothing. Seriously are we going to start grading these pinball machines like comic books? "Selling a MBR LE - I had it sent in for CGC grading and it's a 9.5! $20k firm." Lol. I want my game to look nice and play perfectly. I don't want issues, delaminating, warping, or stuff breaking. I want it to play flawlessly and I do want the cliffy protectors to protect the playfield. Beyond that - I could care less about a few little black dots.

#2704 5 months ago
Quoted from vwallat99:

I haven't played a Monster Bash since I ordered mine. Digital or in person.. I haven't even watch a gameplay video or anything just in anticipation for my upcoming game.. I've had the stupid Monster Bash song stuck in my head for 3 months now and it's starting to bother me. Think I'm slowing losing my mind and I'm going to be going to a location that has one this week. I don't know if I should give in and play one or not even look at it. It may make me sick playing one.. Idk

I'm waiting too. I went to a location and played an SE. It was awesome, and I just wanted mine more.

#2770 4 months ago

So I'm having second thoughts again. First of all, I have an LE on order (non matched). I'm getting very tired of waiting as I have room for only 1 pin in my house and this delay has meant I have nothing for months. Prior to this I had a WOZ (which was definitely fun, but I was never all that crazy about the theme). I have always loved the call outs and campiness of MB, but the other day I went and played one on site, but at the same time I played a Hobbit and a Pirates of the Caribbean, and I have to say while the MBr is gorgeous in it's own way and if I had several pins I wouldn't have many doubts - I'm starting to wonder if it will get old quickly being my only pin.

If you were me (and particularly for those that own either The hobbit or Pirates) would you choose one of those pins instead as your only pin? There are so many modes on both that could keep me occupied for a long time. But I also know my wife loves to bash the ball around without really paying attention to the rules. Still, this is 90% for me, and she will only play occasionally. Thoughts?

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