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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#638 10 months ago
Quoted from PinScott:

CGC has done a great job with adding playfield protectors. However, it is not clear what protectors come installed in the shooter lane area. For example, does MBR come equipped with a shooter lane ball eject protector?
I'm trying to determine if I need to place an order with Cliffy prior to delivery of my LE.

LOL. You better put your order in now. Cliff is 3+ months on backorder. I ordered my cliffys for JM in July, and I received them first week of October.

Nothing wrong on Cliff's part. He is just beyond busy. Imagine every single game coming out now - everyone to include some of the manufacturers want cliffys installed - and then think about every single game that currently has cliffys designed for it, people want those too. He is one guy versus nearly an industry.

So, yeah, don't think about when - just do it now. You'll prolly have your LE before you have your cliffys. Again, not a knock at Cliff - just the way things are right now.

1 month later
#2020 9 months ago
Quoted from flipnout1:

The reason people aren’t getting there games is simple. CGC hasn’t made them yet. They are being very careful to bring you a quality product so production is way behind schedule. I had asked a few of my customers to pay in full expecting to ship the game in the next two weeks. I still don’t have those games to ship. I don’t ask for full payment until I think the game will be ready using info I’ve been given. I’m sure other dealers do the same.

I am happily waiting until Spring 2020 to buy my game for this very reason. I want the "hype train" to be parked and there to be excess inventory so all I have to do is pick up the phone, call my distributor, tell them what I want, and my game is here within a week's time.

This whole "ordering in November, expecting it in 2 weeks and now waiting until February" would drive me nuts.

#2247 9 months ago
Quoted from LP30:

Not sure yet. Will have to wait for everyone to be in the office. It's the second NIBLE for me to receive such a custom shipping mod.

Highly respect your patience for a situation like that. Man, I'd be fuming (privately inside, never helps to get angry in front of someone that didn't do the damage).

2 weeks later
#2918 8 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I really don't understand the comments about code, deep games, etc....some of the games are so ridiculous with code that their really not that fun to play....what makes MM, MB, AFM, Met so great (and highly rated) is that the games are very challenging, yet the code is easy to explain and understand for kids, adults, experts, and novice players.....

What, you don't like having a book this fucking big next to your game so you can read a novel in between balls?istockphoto-172858783-612x612 (resized).jpg

I like reading 4-5 words on the DMD that tells me what to do and just enjoying a simple yet fun game. I don't need a book as thick as War and Peace to have fun on a pinball machine. In fact, looking at the top 3 of Pinside's subjective Top 100...........

Summarized in 5 words: Simple and fun to play.

#3012 8 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I think a certain non stop marketing has convinced many people that their games are too dark.
Pinballs were never meant to be super bright, as ambience is one of the things that draws people to pinball machines.

What? You don't want to see your game from space? Make it to where someone looks out from their window seat they know you're playing pinball?

HpERa (resized).jpg

I played one of these at TPF 2018. I inadvertently walked into "the tented area" where these games were on display - had no idea what was about to happen. Next thing I know, I'm waking up from epileptic seizures just for hitting the start button on an AFM.

2 weeks later
#3753 8 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

So when are you thinking #4?
I can only speculate what it is


1 month later
#4727 6 months ago

I'm tempted to pick up my phone, order an LE on the spot, watch it arrive, take photos, and post them here with the game fully setup ---- to help some of you realize that you need to stop waiting on your distributor that isn't making shit happen for you and order from someone who will take care of you.

Some Stockholm Syndrome shit happening here. Maybe I missed something and am speaking out of ignorance, but if I'm not - damn - move on and get your game!

#4733 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Are you serious? The distributor is expected to get you the game. They are not getting you the game period.
I used to feel bad for you but now I'm not so sure. The distributor I go to for the past 4 years is money. No worries about where my game is, never ask for full payment until my game is there. My suggestion is to, wake up, drop the distributor and move on. Otherwise please....these updates about where is my game.... It's like you're in your own dream world - they're available! Go get one!
Stop droning on and making us have to hear about it too

If we agreed anymore, we'd be the same person. Well said. Would upvote 1000 times if I could.

Buble, drop whoever this distributor is, go get a game waiting with your name on it, and move on from all of this!

1 week later
#4999 6 months ago
Quoted from Thegeekyhusband:

Hey folks! Looking to join the club (just listed my Deadpool to help fund a MBr). My question is: how is the Classic edition? I am hearing a few people got it for a little less + color upgrade and that sounds like it fits my budget and would be fun, bust i just wanted to know if there was any significant concerns over the quality. I've played the LE so I have seen what i won't have, and I spent quite a bit of time on an original, so i know what that felt like.
Just checking in with the community on thoughts. I have the budget for a $10K collection, and i have 6K available for a game, so before i dive in, I thought to ask.

Before TPF and having not seen the RGB "mood changing" LEDs in person: CE all the way

After TPF and having seen the RGB LEDs: Fuck the CE - I'm SO going SE. Hot damn!!

1 week later
#5155 6 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I am keeping my fingers crossed for all other owners still waiting because the wait WAS worth it, this thing is phukin gorgeous. And I have only molested her- wait, no, I meant “admired” her while still in her nightgown- wait, I meant to say while I was reaching into her box- no, wait, now that sounds even worse... um, I was a little star struck, being in the presense of my pinball crush of the last 20 some odd years, I guess you could say I was a little stiff, no wait, I was a little engorged... no, wait, um I was a little swelled with... uh, no even worse... um, I was pumped up... uh, no, sounds too pervy, wait, uh jacked off, no, not off, uh um... jacked up, yeah, yeah jacked up from all the excitement that when I came next- well not came, but when I got next to her, and I felt something stir in my pants- wait, um that should be felt something stir in my pants pocket, which when I reached in my pocket and cupped my balls- uh, my pinballs that is, I felt the sticky goo of the creamy Twinkie I had left in there with them and figured it was time to give the Twinkie and balls a good washing and put them in her trough. Wow, I am spent... I mean I have spent a lot getting her home today. Anyone got a cigarette?

You need a Scared Stiff.

Quoted from Bublehead:

And you all thought this would end when I got my machine?... oh yee silly fools... your misery of my company has only just begun...
[quoted image]

That's what you think...

TWYT (resized).png

#5253 6 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Well delivery guys were nice and stuff but man they don’t know anythjng about delivering a pinball machine. Kept rubbing the back end on the cement ground . Each time they rubbed it I got so scared . Tilted it on the cement with no protection I told them enough. ‘Some mild scratch the back side but otherwise fine .. phew . If I didn’t tell them to stop it would have been a disaster
[quoted image]

That's "white glove" service ????

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