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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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Post #4230 Potential fix for SDTM from scoop. Posted by Reznnate (9 months ago)

Post #5928 Frankenstein switch adjustment tips Posted by MGM2 (3 months ago)

Post #6026 Links to STDM Tweaks Posted by Oaken (3 months ago)

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#903 1 year ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

My distro PPS sent me an email yesterday, notifying me that the matching number LEs start shipping next week.

I am also in the St. Louis area. Who is your distributor? The one that I had been using is unresponsive.

#1016 1 year ago

My MBrLE is on order. I have an MMrLE but my distributor (Automated Services) dropped the ball so I had to change distributors (PPS). Now I have to wait along with the non-serial matched orders but at least I will get one, probably in February. It is hard to wait. I played an MBr at Silverball in Columbia, MO last weekend and it was great. Super fast, smooth and the shots felt really good. Outlanes were wide open and I thought it was tough but fun.

#1056 1 year ago
Quoted from jarch:

I have the same distributor - do you mind sharing what went wrong? Mike and company at Automated always seem to come through, so this seemed off to me.

I will PM you.

2 weeks later
#1669 11 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

I've an SE and I've just noticed that my monster figurines do not have "improved detail"... the mad scientist has no face detail and the bride has no color whatsoever. I will take a better pic later tonight and see if its consistent with what other people have... or don't[quoted image]

I agree, the figurines are pretty similar to the original MB IMO. I would have preferred something like this...
After all, they are in a Rock Band

pasted_image (resized).png

#1670 11 months ago

Here are the images from the CGC website...

pasted_image1 (resized).pngpasted_image2 (resized).pngpasted_image3 (resized).png
2 weeks later
#2215 11 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Side note, I just spoke to Chicago Gaming, and apparently after the first 80 or so games they modified the scoop protector to be thicker and also somewhat of a "mash-up" in design of Kerry's design and the Cliffy, with a welded-on interior liner going around the interior of the scoop hole.
A location game they witnessed had 13,000+ plays and no damage with this new protector in. Dimpling on the protector to be sure, but the wood was unharmed all the way around.
For my part, I'll probably thus put the mantis and the cliffy in my coinbox, good to have just in case, but by no means an essential install for a home-use only game, by their accounts (and they also confirmed installing the mantis/cliffy would not void the warranty, for those interested just in case).

This is why I am patient and do not mind waiting a few months for my LE. Hopefully, all issues will already be fixed

#2445 10 months ago
Quoted from Moeman65:

Does anyone know what the issue is with the playfield that I have seen posted and supposedly has slowed down production? Do they make their own or does another company produce them?

Someone had posted an image of small black spots, almost unnoticeable but maybe they are resolving any potential imperfections. I don't have a problem with this. I'd rather wait longer and receive higher quality. Learn the art of Delayed Gratification

FYI PPS told me when I ordered that if I paid in full, I would be moved ahead of those that only put $1000 down. I can see where some would pay in full given this information. They will still get their games before me but that's okay. I would rather have all (or most) of the issues resolved at the factory.

#2671 10 months ago
Quoted from Cyrus:

Apologies if this is mentioned/buried somewhere in the 100's of postings on this thread, (I did a search but did not find a reference) but I was really happy with the MB pin blades I got for my SE. They are made by a guy in England who on Pinside is known as SillyOldElf. Colors are well blended and his scenes correspond with the sections of the PF. We put these on last night and they are gorgeous. He ships from England so some extra time needed for it to arrive, but I think totally worth the wait. https://pinside.com/pinball/market/shops/1073-sillyoldelf-mods.

IMO, SillyOldElf makes the best pin blades in the business. I have them on my LOTR and my TSPP and I plan on putting them over the mirror blades on my MBR LE. They are that good

#2685 10 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Is that really possible? My wife loves the artwork sillyoldelf more than the mirror blades but wants the LE edition that we have on order for all the other things.
Can you really put his art over the mirror blades safely?

This will be my first attempt (when I receive my MBR) but I see no reason why it would not work. If anything, the mirror blades are a smoother surface than wood so they should adhere quite well. As with any pin blades, you just need to be extra careful when raising the playfield so as not to scratch them.

#2708 10 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

Received my (pinballpimp) Frank decal today ... I like the way this looks![quoted image]

Link please?

#2921 10 months ago
Quoted from Nytewatch33:

So I'm having second thoughts again....If you were me (and particularly for those that own either The hobbit or Pirates) would you choose one of those pins instead as your only pin? There are so many modes on both that could keep me occupied for a long time. But I also know my wife loves to bash the ball around without really paying attention to the rules. Still, this is 90% for me, and she will only play occasionally. Thoughts?

I have a Hobbit, MMRLE, LOTR, and TSPP, all family friendly pins and most seem to gravitate towards TH, which is visually and audibly stunning. The many multi-balls and 4 beasts popping up from the playfield also helps. I would probably recommend that one if I could only have one. If I was selfish, I would keep just my TSPP, which is still my first and favorite machine. Although, I have not yet received my MBRLE so I could change my mind

#2988 10 months ago
Quoted from LoganJK:

Here is a super short video of third place playing. https://vimeo.com/314522613

Looks great! Like you I like to play in the dark. The flipper area doesn't seem well lit. Any issues seeing the ball?

1 month later
#4509 8 months ago

Non-matching LE #1182 is scheduled for delivery tomorrow between 9am and noon

#4633 8 months ago

MBR LE #1182 (non-matching) finally delivered after being lost by trucking company. Some minor damage to carton but driver allowed me to inspect and no damage.

There was discussion many pages ago on whether it was possible to install SillyOldElf decals over mirror blades and I am happy to report that it was the easiest of all five machines that I have done. Simply remove the mirror-blades (three small screws/head bolt), attach the decals to the mirror-blades, and then reinstall, no wrinkles, perfect.

BTW - I am used to being able to lift the playfield directly up and out but MBR has a locking mechanism that prevents this. How do you disable this to lift out the playfield?

IMG_4009 (resized).JPGIMG_4010 (resized).JPGIMG_4013 (resized).JPGIMG_4014 (resized).JPGIMG_4020 (resized).JPG
1 week later
#4904 8 months ago
Quoted from PinballCoug:

Yep, tried that second after playing with coil strength first. There was very little play on mine and I couldn't notice any difference after the adjustment.

I opened a support ticket because shots into the scoop were draining 1/3 of the time making the game unplayable. They said to loosen the 4 scoop screws and turn counter-clockwise and set the power to Max. First, my scoop has zero play so that is not an option. Second, I did try the Max option and that does seem to help a little as the ball is definitely draining less, but it still happens. Still waiting on a better fix.

#4956 8 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

OMG Looks like it fell off the dock
post #3563 too .Same carrier

Wow, that sucks. Roadrunner lost mine on the day of delivery. Luckily it arrived two days later, still in one piece.

#5042 8 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

I'm guessing this should be obvious but to me it's not. Can you show a picture of where this goes, or describe it better? Do I pull out the metal arm and thread it through, so the washer ends up resting above the coil? My mechanic talents are limited and not at all intuitive. A picture is even better.

I can confirm that the washer helps the SDTM scoop issue. I had the same question about installation but I figured it out. You will notice that the coil mechanism has a lot of back and forth play within the bracket that holds it. This causes it to occasionally misfire. To fix this, lift up the playfield, there are 2 screws on the bottom side of the scoop mechanism. You need to remove these completely and the coil/piston will be free and removable. You can now place the washer, over the piston and between the coil and the metal bracket that holds it in place. Then reinstall and screws and tighten the bracket so that there is no more play. I hope this helps.

#5079 8 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

I just did it, but something tells me I need to put even a second in there. Performance is much improved, but coil doesn't seem locked down fully against the bracket and once in a blue moon still seems to go STDM or stray.

Yeah, I bought two washers just in case but installing one made mine pretty tight. It definitely helped the SDTM issue. My machine was unplayable with 1/3 shots from the scoop SDTM.

4 months later
#5965 3 months ago

I am getting the following error when trying to unzip the 1.03 update using WinRAR...

! C:\Users\Downloads\MonsterBash103Installer.7z: Unknown method in MonsterBash103Installer.img

I've tried downloading the file multiple times. Any ideas?

1 week later
#6025 3 months ago
Quoted from wolftownjeff:

After the latest update my game still shoots the ball sdtm from the scoop eject.
Game is a brick.
Very disappointing.

I was having the same issue and noticed that my coil mechanism was very loose so I installed a spring washer over the piston and now it works perfectly every time. There is a previous post describing exactly how to do this.

2 months later
#6425 18 days ago
Quoted from V8haha:

Anyone know is there a setting to add a ball save after the ball comes out of the scoop? I have mine on location and randomly it seems to shoot right down the middle.

Quoted from SkaterVet:

That would be a great code update!!! I hope CGC is listening.

ACNC does that and it is a great feature

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