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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

10 months ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#341 7 months ago

How many LE versions do the distributors get? Is it variable based on how many they sold of MMr or AFMr, or does each get a fixed number to sell? Is the "sold out" for the entire run of LEs, or are there different batches that are going to get made so they become available again as a new batch starts production?

I've already got my order in and downpayment made on an LE, but just curious. Last time around I got an AFMr SE and got one of the first batch made, but this time going with the LE I have a feeling I'm going to get very anxious about arrival dates once we start seeing the SEs get into people's hands!

#348 7 months ago

Judging by the number of unique distributors on the Chicago Gaming website for Monster Bash Remake (43), I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t going to be another batch and that “sold out” means “sold out”. If distributors got between 30-50 allocated to them, there are more than enough distributors to fill the entire 1250 total production.

Wow. Glad I got my order in right away, just in case!

#353 7 months ago

Towards the bottom of the distributor list are some that have multiple locations, and I didn't know whether each location gets a full allocation or not, so I figured it was safer to assume they were combined.

Seems like those who decided to wait might have challenges finding a new LE.

3 weeks later
#709 7 months ago

Oh yeah! So excited to get mine...

#857 6 months ago
Quoted from fanuminski:

** also - if it comes on a skid/pallet - what is the narrowest dimension of the skid?
I'd like to keep it on the skid while two wheeling through my patio door if I can.

My AFMr SE came on a pallet that's 31" x 35".

#954 6 months ago
Quoted from fanuminski:

Cue - not Queue
1. a thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance.
synonyms: signal, sign, indication, prompt, reminder; More
give a cue to or for.
"curious pinsiders are cued by the arrival of grammar police"

Errrr.... andrewket had it right.

1 week later
#1319 6 months ago

Not sure why you'd want to wash out all the sweet colored light effects by flooding the whole playfield in bright white light. Easier to just turn on a bunch of room lights if that's really what you want. Personally, I want to see all the playfield lighting in its full glory.

Haven't heard a peep on my LE order yet, but I'm not in the matching program since my AFMr is only an SE. Figuring end of January at the earliest anyways...

#1321 6 months ago

If you bought AFMr LE (or MMr LE and AFMr LE, or MMr LE and nobody registered the AFMr LE with the same number), you can match the limited edition number between your machines and get bumped up in the build queue to get yours a little earlier than the other LE purchasers. You would've had to register to do that back in early November, however.

3 weeks later
#2162 5 months ago
Quoted from Nytewatch33:

Yes it's correct. I don't know if they have non number matched people waiting in line, but I would guess they do. And yes, they appear to be holding it and charging $1k premium. I actually hadn't thought about it at the time. That's kind of bullshit. I would definitely be pissed if I was a non number matched customer waiting patiently at game exchange.

Oh, they for sure have at least one non number matched person with a down payment.

I'm not "pissed", but that does seem to not be in good faith. I mean, if they bump someone up in line then they are still going to get all their machines that they ordered so they'll have an extra one regardless that they can charge whatever they want for it. Probably best if I try to not think about this.

2 weeks later
#2759 5 months ago

I thought it looked great on location at Lloyd's place. Are the places you are playing at dark like a cave or something? Some ambient light behind the player works wonders.

I can't imagine washing out that sweet color light show with a bunch of white LEDs shining right on the playfield. Seems like a waste.

4 weeks later
#3887 4 months ago
Quoted from Jodester:

Anybody from Game Exchange with a non-matching LE get one yet? Asking for a friend.

Nope, not a peep yet. I pre-ordered about as quick as possible.

#3963 4 months ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

Don't want to ruffle any feathers, but I think I'm going to ask for my deposit back soon. Non-matching LE on order since before Thanksgiving and nothing.

I paid my deposit for a non-matching LE like 5 minutes after ordering opened on 10/19/18, and haven't heard a single word about it since then. So yeah, that's a little frustrating but I'm holding out that it'll get here soon now that non-matching ones are getting in people's hands.

3 weeks later
#4502 3 months ago

Still trying to be patient, waiting to hear that my LE will be coming soon. Paid my deposit almost immediately after it was possible to do so, and my distro hasn't said a peep since then. If he hadn't been great on getting me my previous two games, I'd be worried.

1 week later
#4665 3 months ago
Quoted from Plunger069:

Call Game Exchange of Colorado, talk to JJ. Always delivered as promised.

If that works to get an MBr LE before me, I'll be pissed. I'm #8 in line there as of today, according to JJ.

SE - sure, those seem to be around and available to some extent.

2 weeks later
#5157 75 days ago

Crickets here, too. >sigh<

#5268 70 days ago
Quoted from tdunbar:

Ordered MBRLE October 23rd from Game Exchange Colorado just 5 days after when the process opened up, still waiting, maybe I will get #1200. I waited 18 months for MMRLE so that is 2 years just waiting for CGC NIB pins so I'm tired of waiting and no more NIB I'll just buy HUO from now on.

I ordered from them fairly quickly after the announcement that ordering was up (maybe an hour after?), and a couple weeks ago I was still #8 in the queue. Hoping to see my game in the next month. Either GEX sold a ton of machines and had pre-orders queued up before the announcement was made, or perhaps CGC is hosing them on the shipping schedule.

Trying to be patient still, but damn...

#5294 69 days ago
Quoted from Mogg:

I ordered Oct 20th from same place. Wtf. No updates? A LE on the floor for sale in December for 1k more. “No refunds on the deposit absolutely no exceptions”.
I’m offended. I’d like to know how I should have ordered a game though.

Yeah, they've been eerily quiet with this one. I had emailed a question back in December, which they didn't respond to at all. A second query a couple of weeks ago at least got a terse response with my spot in the queue. I bought two other NIB games from them, which went without a hitch - but this time around it seems like they are really passive in this whole process. Even just once a month a message that says we're still waiting, but you'll get your machine would've been nice.

Not sure where I'll go for my next machines, but I don't think my selection of distributor will be automatic when the time comes.

3 weeks later
#5452 47 days ago

Same here, still waiting impatiently. If I get another CGC game, it probably won't be a LE.

1 month later
#5675 16 days ago

SE has the more detailed characters and RGB GI, same as the LE. If you can live without the topper and the lockdown bar plaque, the SE is not a bad choice at all and you could mod it to be essentially the same if desired.

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