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By MrSanRamon

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#2387 8 months ago

Numbers do seem to be random to some degree. There has to be some other factors in play for numbers matching orders than just sequence. I am #900, paid in full when requested end of November. At that time, shipping was estimated at "next few weeks". I received an e-mail last week that the game would ship this week, but have heard nothing thus far. I am in no hurry and totally trust my distributor, but the start-stop nature of the communications and estimations is irritating. I'd rather have them under promise and be surprised, than to have expectations that never get met.

#2395 8 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Any idea what it costs to powdercoat side rails, LD bar and legs these days?

Pinball Refinery is $500ish for Ghostbusters purple armor, legs. That is with all new parts that they provide, so your game is not down while your parts are coated.

#2412 8 months ago
Quoted from c508:

Some one needs to do a mashup of the X-Files "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster and the Indiana Jones "government warehouse full of crates" to make a graphic with a huge row of MBr boxes on the CGC dock under a "NOW SHIPPING" sign!

"We have top men working on it right now."
"TOP ... MEN!"

#2460 8 months ago
Quoted from jbug:

That is really expensive. I've had the railings on my front porch powdered for $250. I say check out other companies that can do the job. I'm coffing up my down payment for LE and getting the Munsters Pro model instead.

I didn't think it was terrible ... there is $250 - $300 worth of armor included in that purchase (legs, lock-down bar, rails and hinges). So ... actual cost of the powdercoating is $200 ish?? And, in the case of GB, the purple color match and quality of work looks superb!

#2476 8 months ago

For whatever this info is worth to numbers matching folks who are stressed ... I just received a message stating that my #900 will ship on Monday (1/21). My deposit was in on day 3 or 4, and paid in full late November when I got the 2-week estimate. I will update as this unfolds.

#2544 7 months ago
Quoted from andrewket:

I’m sure I’ll get yelled at, but I’ll say it anyway...
Everyone take a breath. CGC will deliver. So they’re behind. I thought I’d have my machine the week between Christmas and New Years. I had family over and was looking forward to it. It didn’t happen. Not the end of the world. We’ve got 800k federal employees out of a job or working without a paycheck, children being separated from their parents by the US government, and people struggling to feed their families or obtain drinking water. Let’s try to keep some perspective.

UGH! CNN droning on in the background at the airport, the gym, dentist office waiting room ..... and now even on our MB Pinside Forum.

#2682 7 months ago

According to R&L Carriers, #900 lands here in central NY tomorrow afternoon. Got my magnifying glass ready to scrutinize that playfield! Just kidding ... as long as it's reasonably nice, like my AFMrLE, I'm happy. I would think that after this recently heightened focus on quality, the game should be superb.

#2786 7 months ago

MBrLE #900 landed late yesterday in a snowstorm. Kudos to the R&L driver that brought it! He was a trooper, and brought it right inside my garage even though he was only commissioned for a curb drop. It's inside my game room as of this morning, getting acclimated - low teens for highs here, and it was two days late in arriving, so may have spent a night or two in a cold trailer, and one in my 40 degree garage. I'm going to leave it be, right in the box for a good 24hrs. I fear that the entire game would be wet with condensation if I pulled it out now. The box and packaging are flawless, not a mark. I peeked inside and all looks well. GCG really does a great job with packaging. I unboxed a GB premium last week and although it did arrive safely, it was much more slap-dash in the box than MB is or AFM was. Stress level is diminishing. My wish for you all that are waiting is to get the same relief soon!

IMG_6767 (resized).JPG
#2852 7 months ago

Ugh! Add my #900 to the list!

IMG_6769 (resized).JPG
#2862 7 months ago

Are you guys with split side art just contacting your distributor, or opening a ticket with CGC. Any idea how they handle this issue?

#2871 7 months ago

I agree! I have installed pinball side art very successfully, but on classics where the decal is cut right at the seam exactly on the corner. This is a pic of a BSD that I re-decaled.
These new cabs have the cabinet seam about a 0.25" back from the front edge, and that is exactly where the split in the art is occurring. I wonder if one replaced ONLY the side art panel, if the split would come back. It appears that CGC is overlapping both the front cabinet decal, and the side decal right over the cabinet seam, so the split has to be going through both pieces of art. I would think that if art is being applied over a seam, that seam has to be made 100% stable before decal installation. If the seam moves at all, the art is going to tear. That's why all the old classics had the art right up to the corner, because that is where the cabinet seam was.

IMG_5301 (resized).JPG
#2888 7 months ago

I haven't heard of any cabinet splitting .... just the very top edge of the side artwork where it overlaps the cab seam.

#2890 7 months ago

I put a ticket in today. I'll let you all know if their solution remains the same.

#2962 7 months ago

Have any of you guys that have split decals submitted a ticket to CGC regarding that issue? I contacted my distributor, that is what he instructed me to do. I did so on Monday, but haven't heard anything back. Just curious if anyone else is in the same boat. I'm not sure what to expect from them response time-wise.

#2966 7 months ago

I would be content with new decals. I might not change them immediately, but cosmetic issues like this flaw on a brand new game is a distraction for me. The rest of the game is so stunningly spectacular, it's like that little crack in the art work is emitting flashing neon light. My eye is immediately drawn to it.

#2967 7 months ago

My AFMrLE has the exact same size, shape crack on the same side, in the same place. It's uncanny. The black on AFM would be so easy to match, just a thin line of black paint would completely hide the crack. You would never know it's there, as long as it doesn't get worse at all.

#3003 7 months ago
Quoted from Parzival:

MBr LE #659 has landed, and it is gorgeous! My decals don't look like they have been wrapped around the corner. CGC makes a hell of a game

Would you post a close-up pic of the front right corner of your cabinet? If CGC is doing something different (ie ... NOT wrapping the decals around the corner) to address the splitting decals, I'd love to see what it is!

#3022 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Ok, so let me show my SE with a November build date. It does NOT appear my right decal has been pulled over the corner. Nor the left decal over the other. Seems to end slightly before the edge on both sides. Zero apparent decal damage, beautiful install.
Btw- the other MBr examples with the slight decal damage that I've seen here on Pinside- they don't look like the decals final "resting spot" has been "extremely" pulled over the corners either- unlike that AfM on the previous page. Just slight overpulls to the upper corners where the side rails meet the decal.
Either way, its not as though the corners on any of the games I've seen- as such- should play much more of a part in pulling these decals apart further through natural wood shifting and the like.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yes, this is still the exact same way that they have been doing the decals. The front decal is wrapped around the corner onto the side, then the side decal overlaps that and ends right at the corner. The decals are cracking right in the middle of the overlap of the two decals, which happens to be right where the cabinet seam lies. Some of them seem to be cracking immediately, and some after the fact during use, and some never.

#3030 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

This observation doesn't seem to be entirely accurate.
Look at the AFMr example posted from the previous page. The decal process definitely appears very different, from back then.
Either that, or the front line "mistake" in decaling, shown here, was way worse.
Yes, the front decal is wrapped over the right corner on the underside of the right decal a bit, however- in the AFMr example,
The right decal is clearly wrapped an inch or two OVER the right corner as well, not just ending where the cabinet seam lies,
But pulling toward the front of the cabinet.
I would venture its this right decal OVERWRAP toward the front decal that's the offender for the decal tear,
With way too much decal thickness at the corner the result.
And appears to be slightly the case too at the top corners- slight corner overwrap- on the MBr examples with the tears at the top as well.
[quoted image]

Agreed! They were doing the AFM decals the opposite .... pulling the side decal around the corner onto the front, then placing the front decal over the top of that, and ending at the corner. So, the overlapped decals on AFM were on the front panel of the cabinet, rather than the side, as is MB. Here is a pic of my MB with the crack, and decaled the exact same way as the SE pictured. The fit and finish is beautiful! I don't know why this cracked like that.

IMG_6769 (resized).JPG
#3036 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Maybe- but look closely at the AFMr example pictured- BOTH front and right decals appear to be wrapped over the corner.
As for your MBR- I believe the decal must have been over-tugged by the installer near the rail during install.
And I strongly believe the harm would halt here.
I doubt wood "shifting" and the front decal wrapped over the corner caused this to a right decal that "meets" at the corner but doesn't wrap it.

Only the side decal wraps around the corner on my AFM, and the one pictured. The front decal ends right at the corner. I have an AFMrLE here, and it looks identical to the one pictured. There is a vertical cabinet seam on the side of these cabinets about 1/4" back from the front corner. I suspect that CGC, in realizing how badly some AFM had decals cracking above that seam (just one layer of vinyl decal over the seam), started applying decals the opposite - pulling the front decal around the corner, then lying the side decal over that, to ultimately end with the overlap (TWO layers of vinyl decal) falling right over that cabinet seam. That is just my speculation based on observations of both games. It could be for myriad other reasons as well.

#3038 7 months ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

ok, i hoped they have cut it Both sides, like the Original ones

The original MB cabinet seam was exactly at the corner. There was no overlapping of decals - the seam between the decals was at the corner, as was the seam in the wood. These new cabinets have the wood seam offset from the corner, about a quarter of an inch back, on the sides. Thus, the cracks in the decals forming exactly in that spot on some games, and the overlapping of decals, etc ...

#3041 7 months ago

OH YES! The originals were always damaged at the legs. That was mostly due to the legs being bolted right against the vinyl. Some games seemed to withstand that better than others, but MB was one of the worst! Thankfully, all manufacturers have stopped that practice. I do believe that the original cabinets were a better, more durable design though. And, as stated in this forum by a wood working expert earlier - if a wood seam cannot be 100% stabilized in all 3 planes of movement, then vinyl artwork has no business being placed over it.

#3060 7 months ago
Quoted from PinballCoug:

I believe this shows the seam you're talking about
[quoted image]

Yes! Thank you! I was obviously having a difficult time converting that picture into words. Vinyl decals over that seam pictured = bad idea. Given time, humidity and temp changes, nudging habits, movement of the game, etc ... I'll bet many games develop issues at that spot.
After all, CGC is not shipping games from the factory with that flaw. So, the very act of transporting them is causing just enough movement in the cabinet, specifically that seam to split the vinyl on a few games. It will be interesting to see what the future holds as these games get used.
I'm sure that CGC will do something to help me, and those that have this issue. Their service is renowned. If it's new decals - great! I've installed lots of cabinet art. If it irritates me enough or gets worse or I get caught up on projects, I'll change it. I feel bad for the guys who have this issue and are not able to fix it themselves, or it occurs post warranty.

#3063 7 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Since all the damage is always at the top of the seam, I was thinking it’s possibly due to the way they use pallet straps across the top of the game when shipping is causing excess movement on that top panel/seam.

The reason that it's beginning at the top - that seam is reinforced at the bottom of the cabinet by both the bottom (floor) cabinet panel, and by the heavy duty William's style leg bolt bracket attached to the inside of the corner. There is nothing reinforcing the top. The very top would be the first part of that wood joint that would experience movement, if it did occur.

#3066 7 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Funny thing is these cracks are appearing out of the box. I’m assuming they weren’t there before they were boxed. So it’s happening during shipment, or at least after being boxed.

Agreed! CGC wouldn't release a game with that flaw. I think your idea about the strapping causing stress during shipping is plausible. I just wish that they would have done the same as every other manufacturer, and not decal over a wood joint.

#3069 7 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I’ve really got no idea, just hypothesizing. To take it further, since that tension strap goes in the middle of the front of the cab, it could be bowing the top of the front panel which has the effect of pushing the edges up, this splitting the decal at that point. That top part of the front panel above the coin door is the narrowest point of the cabinet and probably most flexible. Who knows but might be worth looking into.

Yes. So, maybe two straps, placed at the edges rather than the center. Or, no decal over the seam (clubbing that deceased horse once more).

In the big scheme of things, it's really a very small gripe. MBr is a gorgeous game!

#3128 7 months ago
Quoted from AliciaC:

Really? I've tried to remain civil about this and give CGC a chance to somehow resolve, but c'mon man, I strongly disagree with your comment. This must be an extra special LE as it somehow can repair wood damage with magic ink while fully packed in it's original shipping container before it's opened by the original purchaser. The game clearly had issues when it was placed in the box for shipping. I didn't even include the photo of some funky rectangular blemish on the lockdown bar. I'm equally pissed about all of the issues, but the broken plastic piece is concerning as I'm not sure where it came from (or what may be impacted without it).
Anyone have thoughts on how to resolve the cracked decal issue? Replacement decals are not going to suffice as I'm not going to rip apart my new 8K toy that wasn't assembled properly.
At any rate, my original post was my experience and may have been a game that somehow made it through final quality control with some issues. I'll keep the thread updated on how CGC plans to resolve.

I feel for you! I haven't even removed my matching number MBrLE from it's box yet, as I await CGC's response to the now famous cracked decal at the right front corner. You are not alone! This outcry is fantastic, and exactly how change will be won. This is NOT a new issue - my AFMrLE has the same crack in the same spot.

#3133 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

That game was clearly dropped or otherwise mishandled in freight. Way beyond CGC's control. That's what shipping insurance and your disty is for.
As for the cracks, as before, this is a phenomena on some of the most recent MBR games. Not apparently on MBRs that delivered prior to this past week or so.
Something's probably changed recently and hopefully soon we'll hear it's been discovered and remedied.

Just curious ... what is your deal? You pounce on every person that posts with news of cracked decals on their machine, claiming this is an isolated incident, and just started happening in the last week or so. You challenged me after I posted pics of my cracked decals on my brand new game claiming that in 58 pages of forum, I was one of the only ones to experience this issue. Then you claimed you needed to disengage from this conversation. Now you're back. You already have your perfect game. What is your dog in this fight?

#3155 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

I never said that it should. I think you should be made whole for the decal tears- no questions asked.
As for the other damages- if this really happened at the factory, I think it should be remedied by the Company-
I cant believe such injury would be allowable and signed off by anyone let alone possibly multiple people.
Its just beyond my experience to see NIB items with quality control approvals on cabinet dings, broken bits and the like-
I'd just as likely believe the shipper injured/tampered with your package under such circumstances.
I hope- either way- you're made whole and in double time speed.

A shipper, attempting repairs on a game and then somehow repackaging without that being obvious would be extraordinary. These boxes are stapled shut - if the shipper removed all the staples and tried to re-staple in the exact same holes with the same type of staple, I suppose ... They would also have to re-strap both the game, and the packaging materials (head to bottom cabinet, box to pallet, topper to box and pallet) as it came from the factory to hide the evidence. As someone who has bought CGC games before, a shipper wouldn't get that past me. As someone who is involved in LTL shipping all day for my work - this is not something that I have ever seen a reputable carrier attempt. They will play the fool sometimes and try to pass off obvious shipping damage on the consignee, but more often, they just fess up and admit that something happened. They have insurance for these situations anyway. I am interested in plausible causation, and solutions too! This is not a plausible one. The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

I think CGC just fell down on this one. Maybe they are rushed because of customer expectations vs the admitted delays, and mistakes happen when one is rushed. The cracked decals ... this is so obvious, I'll sum up again - vinyl over wood joint = likelihood of eventual failure of vinyl. Maybe the REALLY careful decal installers at CGC can do such a careful job that this reality is delayed, or maybe even avoided ... and, the slap-dash installers, not so much. But, more likely, this VERY WEAK cosmetic link (vinyl over wood joint) manifests dependent upon temperature extremes during deliver, how carefully the game is handled during it's time on pallet, or ... just because weak links in anything have a tendency to fail.

#3185 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I received my MBLE last Friday with some cosmetic issues, and one technical issue with the topper. Before airing any dirty laundry I opened a ticket with CGC on Saturday to see how they want to handle it....my issue was not with a splitting decal it was a few other things that really don't have anything to do with game play, but are none the less issues. I haven't received any response from CGC as of this post.

I reached out to CGC approximately 10 days ago with a general contact request for a service question, and a detailed explanation that BOTH my brand new in box AFMrLE, and my numbers matching MBrLE have cracked decals just behind the right front corner of the cabinet - BOTH in exactly the same spot. By this past Friday, I had not been contacted ... so I contacted my distributor who advised me to open an official ticket, one ticket for each game. I am in the same boat as you ... says "being processed" under my account, but no news or attempt to contact me yet.

#3207 7 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Is that because newer cabinets are made differently? Weren't old style cabinets brought to an angle at the corner to the point? Whereas these newer cabinets all appear to be flat box corners.

Exactly correct .... original Bally/Williams cabinets had the wood joint, and the decal seam exactly at the point of the corner. These new cabinets have the wood joint about 1/4" back from the corner, on the side panel, and CGC is decaling right over this joint ... exactly where all of these decal cracks are occuring.

#3209 7 months ago
Quoted from aztarac:

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have an SE with a late December build date that was built in a warm factory, shipped in cold weather, picked up by a friend where it sat for a couple of weeks in his unheated garage, where I picked it up in sub freezing weather and transported in the open bed of a truck for 6 hours to my house, where it was taken out of the box and set up in a warm environment. No issues with the cabinet, electronics, decals, etc......

That doesn't feel any better at all .... my LE took 5 days to arrive, did arrive in a snowstorm, I did get it right into my semi-heated garage for an overnight, then immediately the next morning into my game room where it sat untouched for 48 hrs. to acclimate. I removed the topper, threw open the top box flaps only to discover ... cracked decal.

#3218 7 months ago
Quoted from aztarac:

Well crap.....sorry to hear that.

Thank you! I am glad that you got your SE in good condition!

#3243 7 months ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Hello does anyone know where I can find a Cliffy set for MBR I search but I couldn’t find..

Right from Cliff.

#3244 7 months ago
Quoted from hollywood:

From the man himself!

You beat me to it!

But be patient. Cliff is busy and in very high demand.

#3257 7 months ago

I am one of the guys awaiting a response from CGC on a cracked decal ticket. I'll bet they are formulating a response.

If it were just one or two people having this issue, then they could handle it on a case by case basis depending upon how concerned the customer was about the issue. For example:

Customer has only a little concern about his cracked decal = Say they are sorry, send him a Christmas card next year.
Medium concern = Send out a new set of decals.
Freaking IRATE customer that has bought multiple games from CGC = Ship the game back to be repaired, or send out a new bottom cabinet ala Ghostbusters.

The challenge for CGC now that this has become a well known and documented issue that we are all talking about, is that they will have to formulate a universal response. Whatever they do to solve the freaking irate customer's issue, all customers will demand. I have faith that they are aware of and working on this problem - my ticket status shows exactly that, and I'll bet that is exactly the pause in communication that we all are experiencing.

#3261 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

All I can say is I'm a little disappointed that CGC hasn't responded to my ticket about my problems with my topper, scratches on my mirror blades, cabinet issue, and the powder coating thats scratched on one of my legs....I guess my expectations were a little high since their support on my AFMRLE was great....hopefully they'll respond soon

Yeah ... those issues have to be frustrating. I feel for you. Especially given the very recent focus on playfield quality, and the admission that LE's were getting preferential treatment regarding quality of components.

You have me thinking ... when I noticed the split decal on my LE, I left it right in the box. My logic was, maybe they'll want to pick it back up, or maybe the fact that it's still brand new in the box lends leverage to the resolution of my issue?? Now I wonder if my game has other issues that I don't even know about yet? If I don't hear something soon, I'm going to pull it out at least to inspect the rest of the game.

#3266 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

since you already accepted delivery I don't see any downside to opening the game and inspecting.....

I'm gonna do just that.
It will be interesting to see ... now that I have a good idea what to scrutinize.

#3268 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Here's a pic of my cabinet issue.....obviously doesn't affect game play, but its friggin annoying to look at, and shouldn't have been delivered that way....[quoted image]

I'll photo mine when I unbox ... good and/or bad, and share with you all. Thank you for sharing that pic ... I'll scrutinize that spot.

#3269 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Here's a pic of my cabinet issue.....obviously doesn't affect game play, but its friggin annoying to look at, and shouldn't have been delivered that way....[quoted image]

That looks like a fit and finish issue. Is the right side rail positioned a little farther toward the front of the game than the side rail on the left, leaving that gap that you can see bare wood through?
The problem with that flaw - it's right in your field of vision. That would drive me nuts!

#3277 7 months ago

Hmmm ... another SE with perfect decals. I wonder if the topper being shipped on top of the box IS contributing somehow to this issue primarily on LE's?? I just took another look at my box - the weight of that topper and wood box would be distributed to the top of the box sides, because of those wood topper box brackets that go between topper box and cardboard box. The actual front of the machine is a couple of inches below the cardboard top box flaps, but that foam insulation in there is pretty firm - that could transfer shock from the weight of the topper box and packing, directly to the front corners of the cabinet - which is what they are designed to protect. Maybe Winter-time, trailer bouncing over bumpy roads, rough handling by fork lift drivers - all the shock of that topper weight would be transferred to the cardboard box (which is just going to flex), and the pinball machine itself .... and the game itself is the firmest weight bearing structure in that assembly.

#3279 7 months ago

This is not my idea, btw ... I think Bublehead originally came up with this. At the time, I dismissed because the topper sits on the cardboard box. But, now that I look closely at how these are packaged ... Every bit of that topper weight is ultimately being supported by some cardboard, and the game. I just weighed the topper in it's plywood box with the two wood side supports ... nearly 40lbs.

#3282 7 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I had a question about the splitting graphic for 5 days..no response at all, also.

I JUST got an e-mail from CGC! In a nutshell: They are aware and working on it.

#3283 7 months ago

Did you guys get the same thing?

#3287 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

One thing the Navy taught me to do as nuclear ractor operator was think outside the box, or on top of it
But honestly, when looking to solve issues like this, you gather as much info as possible, brainstorm all potential possibilities and then construct and conduct investigations that eliminate each possibility. Do we see CE’s and SE’s with decal cracks, no?, so why LE’s? The topper shipping box et. al. and it's 40 pounds of dead weight is a HUGE floating mass at the HIGHEST distance from mother earth, which is like the absolute worst combination. This would be on my list of “possibilities” along with “heat embrittlement” if they use hair dryers in the decal applying process, or “chemical embrittlement” if they use solvents for ANY cleaning operation, vinyl does not like some solvents and can become brittle when exposed to them. These three are the biggest what if’s on the list to be explored- phisical cause, thermal cause, or chemical cause. It falls into one of those three more than likely, so now figure out how to eliminate each one. That can take time, which is something CGC is already having a problem with on LE deliveries.

That is what also really got me thinking ... trying to understand why/how this phenom is mostly occurring with LE's.
We have already established that vinyl over a wood joint is a weak link. Add 40 lbs bouncing around with that weight distributed directly down through the cabinet right at the area of that joint - I think that you are right, and this is a plausible contributing cause. It would be so fascinating to see statistics if they immediately started shipping LE's with the topper sent separate, not on the box top.

#3290 7 months ago
Quoted from CGC-Ryan:

I want to address the reports of cracks in the decals on the upper front corners of the Monster Bash cabinet.
As of today, this issue has occurrenced in less than 1% of all MBr games shipped. We had seen a similar issue on AFM and changed the way we wrap the decals. It seemed the issue was resolved until we started shipping in colder weather.
We have been proudly building cabinets since 1977 for nearly every pinball manufacturer and take great pride in what we build. Every game goes through multiple levels of quality control to ensure that the game going into the box is of the highest standards. We understand what the pinball community demands from a NIB game.
I want to let everybody know that this is only a decal issue and not an issue with the cabinet construction. We have built hundreds of thousands of cabinets utilizing the same corner joints and have had remarkably few issues.
In an effort to stop all cracking on the decals, we will no longer wrap the decals around the corner. We feel that this should decrease the overall risk of potential decal splitting.

There is the solution, folks!

#3296 7 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I do not recall LEs being affected more or less than SE or CE. Did you collate the data from all the posts?
Edit: as I earlier suspected the vast majority of machines shipped did not have this issue. The number affected was being way overblown which is what happens as is the nature of forums. It’s great to see CGC is correcting it none the less.

All I really know for certain, is that I have a brand new in box AFMrLE #900 (still in it's box, purchased last year) and just received MBrLE matching #900, and both games have cracked decals. Given that 1% stat, I guess that I am just exceptionally unlucky.

#3301 7 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

My AFMr LE #860 has no cracked decals.
Anecdote is anecdote. :/ I am sure CGC will fix your issue though! It’s great they posted.

I am sure that they will - thank you!

#3305 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

[quoted image][quoted image]

Makes sense to me .... cold vinyl decals over wood joint do not flex, rather crack. Warm decals are more forgiving.

Probably multiple factors contributing, but those are two biggies.

#3306 7 months ago

Obviously, the decal over wood joint is a primary issue if CGC is eliminating that in an attempt to stop the problem.

#3313 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

They changed the cabinet wrap process since AFMR. So its actually off topic to the situation in tbis thread.
Ive been speaking narrowly this whole time to the conditions that impact MBR..
In any event, all water under the bridge now. The games impacted are being addressed, and moving forward there's no cabinet wrapping- in line with the current model at Stern and/or elsewhere.

The issue with decal cracking on AFMrLE is actually NOT off topic. All that changed from AFM to MB was a reversal of the way that the decals were overlapped. The cracks were still occurring in the exact same spot, and from the same combination of causes - primarily, the vinyl over wood joint cause.

#3317 7 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

They didn’t say it was only a weather issue. It was also in combination with the decal over the joint which they are no longer going to do as well.

Obviously, CGC thinks this is the ultimate solution, or they wouldn't propose.

#3318 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

It is. That mades all the difference, the tensions and the tolerances, and it being fine with every game including with pounding on location. Drop a week of -20 degrees and Chicago/elsewhere and, well, the rest is history and now, future history. No more wrapped cabinets..

You do realize that the reason why they are going to halt wrapping decals around the corner is because that wood joint is there ... right?

#3321 7 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

I wonder why they didn't stop this practice when AFM started tearing a year ago? I wonder why they kept wrapping decals around the corners with MB? They should've stopped with AFM.

I agree. They should have stopped. They probably had to reach some threshold where continuing with the status quo was more costly than changing process.

#3323 7 months ago

I just got one of the last Ghostbusters produced in December. Both the front decal, and the side decals are cut back a good quarter inch from the corner, and the corner is rounded off. I don't find this a terribly pleasing install, but I agree - better than busted up artwork!

IMG_6794 (resized).JPG
#3329 7 months ago
Quoted from drummermike:

My SE is now cracked. It was not cracked when I got it NIB.

I am so sorry to hear! Put in a ticket - get on our bandwagon!

#3359 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I got a message from CGC this morning....It only took them a few days to address my ticket....they were very cordial and understanding on the phone.

I'm curious to hear as well. I got a msg yesterday, but it was simply to "hang-tight ... we are working on your issue".

#3360 7 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

sending me a new leg (Scratched power coating), a new side mirror (mine had scratches), along with a new cable for my topper....not sure yet what their gonna do about the cabinet yet?

Ahhhh ... so, you are in the same boat as me on decals. I am super glad to hear that your other issues are handled!

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