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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#147 12 months ago

I'm in for an LE with Joltin' Joe Newhart. The pix and price point persuaded me to dive in. Thanks to pinside for fueling the fire. Looking forward . . .

#213 11 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

Weird turn of events....... for me. Whilst talking to my wife, who isn't as big into pinball as I am, she found out about the remake and said "huh..... that's a price I would pay". 1 day later she said "yeah.... I'd like to own that someday". One day later she said "I bet we could buy that sooner than later"..... and move to today she said "Let's see if we can buy it now!"
Crazy turn of events. One thing leads to another, we made the purchase on a Monster Bash SE just now. Why SE? We care about just a few things with this new machine; color DMD, color changing LEDs, good-sounding speakers. The SE has all of that. While the LE is nice, it doesn't have all the other stuff we really care about, so the SE it is.
Part of the club!

Also blessed with a wife who supports my pinball habit. Congratulations, and enjoy!

1 week later
#301 11 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

So, what leg protectors (if any) are you planning to install on your new machine?

If it's like MMR was it had interior metal protectors, so I didn't feel the need.

1 month later
#1146 10 months ago
Quoted from brucipher:

Got confirmation from my distributor that I am in the number matching program to coordinate with my MMrLE (figured it was unlikely someone with AFMrLE had the same high number (985) AND asked to be matched, but you never know).
I was also just told shipping out this week or next week. Won't be long now!

Congrats from a fellow PA MBR owner-to-be anxiously awaiting. Enjoy!

2 weeks later
#1847 9 months ago
Quoted from tktlwyr:

I had been told that there was a fix for the flippers on AFMr but every time I play that game, the flippers feel like crap. Maybe the ones I have played didn’t have the fix, but I doubt it.

The flipper coil strength is adjustable on MMR, AFMR, and MBR. A really nice feature.

1 month later
#4029 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

They finally asked for final payment....

+ 1 here. Joe Newhart is my distributor and he e-mailed me today for final payment and to say my non-matching # LE is shipping soon. It could still be a few weeks but this is one of several confirmations on this thread that non-matching LEs are on the way.

#4034 7 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

May I ask when you placed your deposit as I ordered from Joe as well and if his LEs are starting to come out then that's a good sign for me

I placed my deposit with Joe within the first few minutes of receiving his e-mail as soon as MBR was available. But I'm not sure you can read too much into where you could be in the queue or whether I got earlier priority based on my deposit being in right away. But, indeed, it's a good sign for all of us that the non-matching LEs are being shipped.

1 month later
#4843 6 months ago

Has anyone else discovered the flipper-activated easter egg in the MBR code to reveal the new ruleset that goes way beyond the original? The bummer is that it only works on LEs, and it's only relevant one day a year. It was very clever of CGC to program in this "April Fool's Madness." To those lucky LE owners and easter egg adventurers, enjoy!

#4851 6 months ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Quoted from JOESCHALL:Has anyone else discovered the flipper-activated easter egg in the MBR code to reveal the new ruleset that goes way beyond the original? The bummer is that it only works on LEs, and it's only relevant one day a year. It was very clever of CGC to program in this "April Fool's Madness." To those lucky LE owners and easter egg adventurers, enjoy!
Any videos posted of it?

Forgive me goronic and indypinhead, but this post was my version of an April Fool's joke--perhaps too subtle. So I'll end it before it goes any further. Please chalk it up to my being poisoned by all the rumors on pinside about this machine and to my anxiousness to get my LE, which still has not arrived. Sorry!

#4864 6 months ago
Quoted from Monk:

Quoted from Moeman65:This is no joke we did it on my friends SE model and it does work. I haven't tried it yet on my LE model. It does work.

His original post is an Aprils fools joke, and better than I originally thought as people are taking it seriously. There is an Easter egg for Lyman's Lament, but I don't believe this is what JOESCHALL was referring too as it has been mentioned numerous times before.

Indeed, it was an April Fool's joke--apparently too subtle. I never even thought of Lyman's Lament, which was in the original.

#4980 6 months ago

I apologize for the fact that some of this has been covered before, but I'm struggling to find time to read through all the thread posts and I anticipate my MBR LE arriving soon and am placing an order for some pin parts anyway, so I'm looking for some certainty about what the LE includes and what it might need to be more bullet-proofed or blinged.

Is there a metal shooter lane metal kickout protector installed? If not, would the one that fits on Stern machines below the bubble serve that purpose?

Is there a Cliffy-style scoop protector installed?

Any thoughts on the lagoon overlay?

I am getting the 7-piece plastic protectors (which includes the sling protectors) from Marco already. Any other plastic protectors available and recommended?

Some have mentioned that lighting can be added to the trough area. Can you point me to that resource?

I'll also be getting the spring washer to add to the scoop coil as recommended earlier in this thread.

Any input welcome, and thanks!

#4986 6 months ago

Thanks to Lermods and GCS2000 with the trough lighting recommendations above.

#4992 6 months ago

Thanks for the above comments. Very helpful.

#4996 6 months ago
Quoted from bigdog50:

That is a sweet picture - cuz it brought back the memories and sensory delights of my delivery. Hard to believe it was 3 1/2 months ago -- I was lucky enough to receive a pre-Xmas delivery thanks to Sara at PPS (and being a 3-time matching # buyer). The smell of the fresh cut wood on the topper, and the contents when you open that wood crate. The visual beauty of a shiny new MB cab as you cut away the cardboard. The joy when you stick your head inside the cabinet and breathe in -- BETTER than new-car-smell!! The sounds, music, and call-outs! And the boner that comes with playing the first game of a BRAND NEW FRICKIN MACHINE!!
Yes - it is a sensory overload on all levels

Man, you make me feel young again.

#5002 6 months ago

Shoot--I wanted to be post #5,000! Just missed it.

#5011 6 months ago

My MBR LE delivery time must be getting close. I'm not kidding about this. Last night I had an elaborate dream that a cruddy 18-wheeler driven by a big burly guy was waiting in the front yard with my machine inside. It wasn't really my own front yard, of course, but someone else's yard several football fields long with heaps of trash and rubble dotting the grass, mud, and ruts throughout the yard. The terrain was so complicated I couldn't navigate my way to the truck, but suddenly the driver saw me and expertly backed his way through the maze of junk in the yard, stopped the truck abruptly, and dropped the game out from a water-damaged box by way of a U-haul style ramp with rollers--which the game slid down off of on its own, slurping itself right out of the box as he pulled the truck forward. I rushed over to take a look and through the plastic wrap the game looked intact but the topper was wrong--it was some sort of blow-up balloon version made up of several colorful but nondescript cartoon characters, and it was all deflated and not even blown up. I started asking about the wrinkled cartoon balloon topper but the driver made it clear that this was all I was getting and roared off in his 18-wheeler. As I forced myself awake, I realized that the driver was definitely the motorcycle rider (Leonard Smalls) from "Raising Arizona."

I think the dream was a combination of seeing that horrible Monster "Bashed" delivery photo from earlier in this thread yesterday and my wife asking me the other day who Toucan Sam was. Then I remembered and looked up the old Fruit Loops commercials (the ones that always made sure to include the disclaimer that cereal was "part of a nutritious breakfast"), with Toucan Sam sniffing out Fruit Loops through various adventure scenarios by way of his colorful beak.

I hope I get a delivery notice soon, for the sake of better sleep, or better dreams . . .

3 weeks later
#5360 5 months ago

My MBR LE (non-matching number) delivery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Joe Newhart is my distributor. Fingers crossed for a safe landing!

#5362 5 months ago

Thanks--it's going right into my home office.

#5364 5 months ago

That's the plan!

#5371 5 months ago

LE #997 is in the house--or, more properly, in the office. Excellent delivery experience and the game looked and played beautifully right out of the box. A few pix, the last of which is what happens when my wife starts dinner and I call her away from the stove to help me put on the legs. She felt just terrible, but I told her it was my fault, and urged her to hit me over the head with the pan once it cooled--Bride of Frank style.

MBR1 (resized).JPGMBR2 (resized).JPGMBR3 (resized).JPGMBR4 (resized).JPGMBR5 (resized).JPGMBR6 (resized).JPG
#5373 5 months ago

Thanks--only time to play it twice, but the weekend is coming . . .

#5380 5 months ago
Quoted from ercvacation:

Finally got my email to make rest of payment cause I'm next in line. All that was left was shipping. At least that is some progress I guess. Now it is just a waiting game. The end may be near!

Congrats. The game is a knockout.

#5416 5 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

Don't know if anyone has posted this.
A friend of mine sent me this photo this morning of Leonard Cohen playing an original MB.
Pretty cool, love his music.

Cool picture of a great game and an even greater, enduring singer. An artist born to wear a fedora. Thanks for posting.

#5417 5 months ago

Just reporting a positive experience with CGC tech support. After working normally for days, my LE large display went to an all washed-out green only with the other colors missing, so I put in a trouble ticket and heard back within hours. CGC suggested I reseat the HDMI connectors in the backbox, which did not work, as well as the connector going directly into the large display, which did work. The display is back to normal now. Even though this was a small and simple fix, it was nice to get a prompt, considerate, and helpful reply. Just thought I'd share it.

2 months later
#5793 84 days ago

I'm installing plastic protectors on my MBR, and I can't for the life of me figure out where two of them go. See the two circled in red below. Any help?

MBRPlastics (resized).jpg
#5795 84 days ago
Quoted from Digduglus:

Quoted from JOESCHALL:
I'm installing plastic protectors on my MBR, and I can't for the life of me figure out where two of them go. See the two circled in red below. Any help?[quoted image]

Where did you get those?



#5798 84 days ago
Quoted from TODD969:

The batwing looking one goes in the upper right track, should have pharaoh by pops, no idea on other

Thanks. That solves one mystery out of two.

#5844 80 days ago
Quoted from Coindork:

When I get back from CAX Monster Bash will be going in the main pin room in the house in-between Dr. Who and Creature where Judge Dredd is.
JD will going in the arcade/pin room and taking the spot where an arcade game now sits.
Need to still figure out which arcade game has been demoted to the garage.

Now that's an eclectic lineup!

#5852 78 days ago

Question on this PDI glass--can it be cleaned just with Windex? I ask because I'm considering some for my MBR. I'll be routing my machine (don't shoot me!) and they'll be cleaning the glass occasionally, so I just want to be sure it doesn't require the special cleaner sold by PDI.

#5855 78 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

I wouldn't. Windex has ammonia in it. There is a Windex without ammonia in it. Not sure if it is safe.
LTG : )

Thanks, Lloyd. You're the best. Just found Joey's contact information at PDI so I'm writing him to be sure.

#5858 78 days ago

Thanks to all for your replies. I heard back from Joey at PDI and he replied similarly. I'm going to speak to the pizza shop owner where MBR will be routed and see what they currently use (they have glass table tops as well), and if they will agree to an ammonia-free option then I'll get the PDI glass. Again, thanks!

#5881 76 days ago

Curious: Are there people who have ordered LEs that are still waiting for them?

2 weeks later
#5923 61 days ago
Quoted from gmagno:

Ball got stuck twice last night and when searching the Frank table went up and down both times. Please tell me more about the switch adjustment. It reads broken on testing but you are telling me its only an adjustment? Thanks in advance for the help.


As always, everything Lloyd said is correct, but understand that the message you get during testing that the switch is broken simply means that the switch is not being fully engaged. A simple adjustment to (i.e., bending of) the correct switch should likely solve the problem. In this case. there are two long metal switches underneath the mechanism under the playfield that Lloyd references (they are under a square plate, but still mostly visible), and each one is engaged one at a time as Frank goes up or down. Bending the correct switch just a bit so that it's fully engaged as the Frank table moves may be the answer.

I may be able to help you with a video, but first, please describe clearly exactly what's happening during game play. I read your posts above but I can't tell even from those exactly the problem you're having currently. When the two Frank targets are down and you shoot the ball up the Frank ramp, what happens? Does he come down to a vertical position? After you've drained down to one ball during multiball, what happens? Does he go back up to the horizontal position?

#5925 61 days ago

Thanks for the clear reply, gmagno. I believe I have the solution to your problem. See video below. As noted, turn the power off before bending the switch, and do so very carefully. If this doesn't work or you have further questions, just let me know.

#5927 61 days ago
Quoted from gmagno:

You are a good man joeschall. I watched the video and will follow your instructions.

Thanks. Hope it works. Let us know.

#5933 61 days ago
Quoted from MGM2:

I think i had the same issue with the up/down error. However, I couldn’t bend the switch itself. My issue was that the whole switch assembly was slightly loose. I had to tighten the whole switch assembly while pushing one side of the assembly up so that the switch will engage (look at the switch that is working correctly- it’s not exactly level with the metal edge, one side is higher than the other so that the switch “bends” enough to work). Whatever you do, don’t loosen it all the way like i did, otherwise the nut plate and spacer behind it will drop and it’ll be hell finding them and putting it back together.

Good point--indeed, tightening the switch assembly is another possibility if needed.

#5939 60 days ago

Dumb question, but I'm trying to add a custom logo and insert the microSD into the controller board. However, I can't find the location on the controller board where the microSD card goes. Any help?

#5963 57 days ago
Quoted from mcfly:

Did the update maybe add that lightning strike sound effect during Frank multi when you activate double or triple? Or did I just not notice it before. And to save another post, is it normal for the ball to fly a bit when you whack Frank during Multiball? I have it on a pretty big slope due to the slow speed of this machine. Mine is about 7.6

That lightning strike sound effect has always been there, and others have noted some air balls after hitting Frank as well. I only get the air balls occasionally.

#5964 57 days ago

I'm getting my MBR ready to route and have installed a bill acceptor (APEX series 7000), which has worked on several recent Stern games. I have put together the connectors properly and tried the LEFT and FOURTH options in the Dollar Bill Slot pricing adjustment, but I get no lights and no action from the acceptor. I see the manual recommends an MEI AE2654U5E acceptor, but I don't have one.

Any advice on whether I can get the APEX series 7000 acceptor to work in MBR, or does anyone see something that I'm missing?

#5985 54 days ago
Quoted from gmagno:

I opened her up and ran the test again. Same screen, switch broken, motor running. I said what the heck and grabbed/pushed on the part that spins, freed it from the up switch. It hit the down switch and stopped again, no movement. HMMM, I kept doing this 3 more times and it finally cycled up and down several times. Weirdest thing, couldn't see anything obvious that would keep it from turning. Closed her up and played fine last night. Thanks again for all the help and advice.

Glad to hear it was helpful to look at and test that area--even if the "fix" that happened remains a mystery, you're looking in the right place. Play on, and if it ain't broke again, don't fix it. Good luck, and thanks for reporting back.

1 week later
#6021 48 days ago
Quoted from mcfly:

Little help here, I have read all the tweaks and fixes etc but I am still adjusting the pitch nearly everyday trying to stop the balls coming down the right lane from hitting dracs feet. I have taken drac off and tried to move him to no avail, no amount of pitch adjustment seems to help and I didn't want to bend a side rail and possible damage my playfield, like I saw someone else on here do, or cut dracs feet. But if I had to do a fix....has the majority of people cut dracs feet or bent the side rail? Pitch adjustments don't fix it so I might have to do one of those because I am losing the majority of balls down the middle after it clips dracs feet. Oh and if I had to cut Dracs feet, how much should I cut off? is it a cut or file away scenario?

Don't shoot me, but in addition to the pitch, I adjusted the level so that the left is a little higher than the right. That way I found that a slow roll misses Drac's feet and goes to the right flipper, and a fast roll sometimes hits his feet and deflects the ball, slows it down, and delivers it to the left flipper. Yes, not having it level does sometimes result in balls not going perfectly straight if they're rolling slowly enough, but this solution worked for me.

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