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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#582 10 months ago
Quoted from gripwhip:

Can someone please explain this matching number desire? I get limited edition (1 of XXX) built, but why do people care that the numbers match? The machines are not really related to each other. I get it more with match board sets on WMS/Bally machines. Is it just a why not if offered kind of thing? No judging, just trying to understand it. Maybe a collector could explain.

There isn't anything to explain. It isn't rational. It's like trying to get a toddler to apply reason. There are people that buy NIB games and store them. Other's that set them up but won't play a game for fear of damage. People are strange man. Everone's got their thing. Doesn't have to be a reason to it. Do what you do and enjoy it.

#600 10 months ago

Anyone get a CE yet? I'd like to see some pics.

#617 10 months ago

I can't wait to see the pics!

#619 10 months ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

Sara told me that I am first on the list on shipping of the non-matching games and should get it by Dec 15th at the very latest but probably earlier. She told me that number matches are scheduled to start shipping out on November 26th this is with the part delays that we know of already. If I get it before someone else does I'll post a tone of my LE pics and any tech pics you folks need.

I appreciate that. I'm just chomping at the bit as this is a route game and the busiest time of year. It'd be nice to have it out earning it's keep.

1 week later
#796 9 months ago

I paid in full for my CE three weeks ago with an email from Pinball Star saying shipping soon. Still no word.

#953 9 months ago
Quoted from fanuminski:

still waiting for word on my SE. I'm getting a bit impatient on the delay.
paid in full almost a month ago... wonder how many others are still waiting for
their CE or SE

I purchased thru PinballStar. Had an email that requested payment in full saying it would be shipped within the next 2 weeks. This was a month ago. I keep getting email saying soon when I ask. I wouldn't have paid in full if I wasn't told the game was being shipped.

#993 9 months ago
Quoted from vwallat99:

I don't know why MB gets all this hate on it for being an easy game. I love AFM and its one of my favorites but goodness I think that game is much easier for me at least then MB. It's very rinse and repeat compared to MB. Like it is this is all personal preferences and personal skills but just think the negatives for Monster Bash need to stop. There is a reason why the game exploded with sales. We all frickin' love this game!

It's a phenomenal game. There's a reason a nice copy was demanding 10k before the remakes were announced. I think it's funny people are talking about beating it everytime. Open your damn outlanes and jack up the legs then. Anyone can beat a game in easy mode with closed outlanes.

#1052 9 months ago

Still can't wait to get my game.

#1216 9 months ago

It blows my mind you guys will pay 200 bucks for 2 $5.00 LED strips instead of making your own. One born every minute.

#1218 9 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

no you're exactly right - 2 $5 led strips is exactly what they are. Wifi application and all. Thank you for clarifying.

Oh Pardon me.. I didn't realize there was an app that changed the colors. Never mind. What a value.

#1222 9 months ago
Quoted from corvair61:

fattdirk saw mine last night and hated everything about it. Lol

The lighting was way too dim. Playfield dimpled too much. Cliffy too bent up. Price too damn high!! If he would've thrown some pinstaidums, a PF protector and a mantis on it. It might be acceptable.

#1430 9 months ago
Quoted from mjpinballs:

Number 25 Le arrived yesterday put it out on location for awhile at Stonehenge in Akron oh.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

You take those pictures with a potato?

#1451 9 months ago

Just dropped her off at Madcap Brew Co.

IMG_20181220_170311 (resized).jpg
#1457 9 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

My 24 hr review of MBRLE. The game shoots smooth and is fun(most important), and of course is probably one of the best looking pins I've ever seen. The light show is a huge improvement over the original, in fact I couldn't imaging having an original after owning this game. The color changing GI just sets the perfect tone for each monster when their modes start. I'm putting to rest any thoughts (for now) that its going to be too easy. I put at least 20+ games on it and never even got monster bash going, let alone monsters of rock. The creature shot is the major hurdle for me as missed shots are often times punished with center drains. I have the game setup to 7.2 pitch and the outlanes at factory, which is in the center. No ball saves or extra balls above factory settings. I could chalk this up to fatigue as I'm playing after two long long work days, but as of right now, my ball times have been short and I'm feeling very compelled to hit start again.
Now for the bad. The audio blows. I like to have my games turned up and at full power 31, its just sounds like I have cotton stuffed in my ears. Such a huge difference from AFMLE. This really seems like something CGC can address with a software update. The audio feels held back. Its not like the speakers are crackling or the AMP is overwhelmed. Its like the audio output has been limited somehow. I'm curious on what others think regarding this?

The audio is really lacking on my CE also. I had it turned up to 24 and the sound was drowned out by MMR and an original AFM next to it. I'm going to stop in and see if I can tweak the settings a bit. I didn't spend much time with it so maybe it was just sounded worse because it was so loud in the gameroom.

#1474 9 months ago

Anyone having issues with the balls getting stuck on the drain hole protector? I've got the game set at 6 1/2 degrees and it's happening Non-Stop. I stuck a piece of mylar on the lip to smooth it which did it help.

#1498 9 months ago

Here's what keeps happening to mine. Do you guys have it set to higher than 6.5 degrees?

output_05 (resized).jpg
#1519 9 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

YES!!!! I’ve adjusted the eject power to min... it doesn’t appear to help all that much.
I’ve taken care to level it properly. It’s setup perfectly ... and it happens all the time ... it’s a mode killer!
I’m thinking the angle of the scoop isn’t right ... but it’s not adjustable

Mine's doing the same thing. I turned the power to max so it shoots the left flipper. Set up perfectly level at 6.5 degrees. I'm hoping once it breaks in a bit it helps.

Quoted from sirlonzelot:

Remove it, I think it make no sense there.

I'm going to remove that stupid drain cliffy tomorrow. There was a line of people to play the game and I think you need to remove the apron to pull it off. It's so pointless. I don't care if the clear chips in the outhole. It's absurd.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Mine’s an original, but it is the only game I’ve set up at over 7 degrees. It’s way more fun when shooting really fast, and the shots (creature especially) are much harder. Games are super short and fun and you’d never have that issue with the trough

This is a route game. I'm not going to make it super hard. I want people to have a decent play. If it were in my gameroom I'd definitely do this though.

#1596 9 months ago

What's with you guy's obsession over scoop protectors? Do you really think you will play the game enough in a home environment to get any noticeable damage on the scoop? It reminds me of my grandmother covering her new couch with plastic. Just bareback that shit and play it as god intended. Throw a cliffy to cover up the damage later if it happens. What's the point of having a perfect scoop covered up?

#1601 9 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

On Monster Bash. Yes. That hole starts getting chewed up instantly in home or on location.
LTG : )

What makes it different?

#1616 8 months ago

Anyone know when the color chip is being released?

3 weeks later
#2540 8 months ago

I heard there was a delay in producing the engraved number plates. Line should be moving again soon.

#2614 8 months ago

I'm really enjoying this thread. The way grown men can get so worked up over a toy is beyond me. Thanks for the laughs.

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