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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#1729 9 months ago
Quoted from valgalder:

Yeah, from my experience, all the MMr i've come across play pretty horribly also. I'm sure there are ones out there that are dialed in correctly to match the original, but unfortunately not the ones around here (especially Logans, ooof!) The AFMr are definitely hit or miss, but I think it's more of a setup thing. MBr that i tried at Expro played really nice (besides the one with the flippers set completely incorrectly). I don't know why so many of these Chicago Gaming pins have the flippers positioned completely wrong out of the box. I didn't think that should be something that would have to be adjusted so drastically.

All machines have variability. The MMs remaining out in the field around here are terrible. I've owned a few MMs, and my MMR is even better than a high end restoration I bought nearly 15 years ago. MBR is gonna be amazing.

#1840 9 months ago

Got to play MBRLE tonight and wow, it is fantastic! Best remake of all!

#1907 9 months ago

Help me out...I'm on the list for MBRLE but have come across a STLE with a few hundred plays. Which will hold the most interest over time? I know, we are all different, but I'm curious what you guys think if you have a lot of experience on both.

#1911 9 months ago
Quoted from pintechev:

I own both. Completely different games. ST is a great Steve Ritchie flow game. MB is a pinnacle of pinball title. They compliment each other.

That's helpful, thanks! Maybe I'll get both.

#1955 9 months ago

Would love some more reviews, and observations on MBR!

#1958 9 months ago
Quoted from HEAD_boss_HOG:

i just ordered the classic, and received in december. this game is better than the original. incredibly flowy game with super classic callouts. the shots are difficult enough to keep a decent to high end player occupied, but the modes are easy enough to reach after practicing to keep it satisfying. with the frankenstein mode stack ability, this game is like climbing a pyramid. the better you get at it there is another challenge ahead.
the pf and backbox and decals are bright and beautiful. the normal sized (green) dmd is just fine for me. i could do without the special and limited adders on this game; it stands on its own merits. the flippers feel just like a williams, very easy to press and snappy. this game is solidly constructed and CGC customer service really adds value to an already superior product. the stock sound system is very clean and i have no complaints about the game overall.
if you prefer fun and funny games, this one's for you. as a johnny mnemonic owner, i appreciate Gomez games, so this one's a KEEPER.

That's awesome! Thanks for the feedback! Would love to hear from others too.

#1967 9 months ago

So...more impressions? Those were great. Keep them coming!

#2034 9 months ago

Good thing you checked! Same thing happened with an MMR I received. Minor little dent turned out to be a forklift injury to the back box.

1 week later
#2450 8 months ago

I’ve played a MBRLE locally and it is exceptional, definitely worth the wait. It is my favorite of all the remakes and of extremely high quality. In fact, I even like it better than any original that I’ve had the chance to play. The lightshow and other improvements are great!

#2490 8 months ago

I've been tracking the Munsters thread and while it looks fun, reviews are saying that it is too easy. Not sure I understand why more new buyers aren't going over to MBr instead... I've played the LE quite a bit now, and it is just great!

#2530 8 months ago

These are worth waiting for, I'm staying in line.

#2568 8 months ago

Even the original Williams/Bally playfields had variability between games. This is the nature of a hand made, custom work of pinball art. I’d still rather have a remake playfield made with the original ten step silkscreen process by hand, in the same factory as the originals, than the fancy printer version from Germany, as nice as those are. I’ve owned the other remakes and am familiar with this, and originals as well. The LE I’ve played locally is simply exceptional. If the standard for playfield production is at the same level on average, I’m guessing the differences are pretty minor and a win-win for everyone.

#2571 8 months ago

Unless there is a serious problem with the clear, mismatches, raised inserts, crazing, etc, I don’t think this is going to add up to anything. It is unfortunate that it sounds like there is some cherry picking, as they should all be held to the same standards. I’m just saying that all playfields become used with dimples that turn into orange peel finish that become smooth again with time, from thousands of plays. Even the playfield protectors do not keep things perfect, or high end restorations, or anything really. Your new machine will become used as soon as you open it. If concerned, go for the LE, but I’d be willing to bet this will end up normal variation, even on LEs.

#2573 8 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

There are some confirmed screen printing defects and the like on the SEs and CE models. Buyer tolerances and extremes of the defects will vary by user. But the LEs screen results will be perfect every time. Or consistently closer to perfect. 10 or 10,000 plays in, the screened art consistency doesn't change on a well maintained game. The fact that the SE and CE buyer draws in the lottery but LE buyer doesnt- that's the bigger problem.

Ok, well I respect your points. I get what you are saying and if there are printing defects, I agree they need to be addressed for every model.

#2581 8 months ago
Quoted from Doug_Duba:

If I built a time machine and brought brand new Williams machines from 1998 to the present, they wouldn’t meet the expectations of some collectors.
We have three original Monster Bash playfields in house and there are significant variances between the three. We would have rejected one playfield and the other two would not meet our standards for an LE.

Doug is a good guy and this really captures the commitment CGC has to creating a great product. Thanks for posting here!

#2716 8 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I can do some video. If you hook it to the frakenstein flashers its soo cool with the fade and what not. Blades are easy, take out the small screws and the pivot hinges. Then get a small screw driver and pry it has some double sided tape

Do you mind taking video of how it looks with the Frankenstein flashers?

#2841 8 months ago

I'm curious why people don't buy from dealers with a refundable deposit. I've got $1000 in with PPS that I can get back at any time, and will only pay in full when it is ready. I have also done this with other dealers. So why not call the dealers that have your money, and get back $7k now until the game is ready to ship?

3 weeks later
#3860 7 months ago

Not sure how much to worry about this. Will these extend down the rest of the decal? My understanding is that decal replacements can be challenging to do. If it remains just in the corner, maybe some touchup paint is good enough? Wrapping the corner actually looks good, except for this issue coming up.

#3868 7 months ago

Looks like a reflection to me. I've decided this is not a big deal to me and am getting one. Seriously, I've enjoyed playing a MBrLE locally more than any Monster Bash that I've played 17 years into this hobby.

#3930 7 months ago

Just traded for a MBRLE, and it is one of the most beautiful pins I’ve seen! Plays great. Small crack on the decal is barely noticeable unless you are hunting for it. This didn’t keep me from getting the machine, it is trivial. Frankly, the wrapped decal looks better. So I’ll have a coveted early MBR with wrapped decals and small signature crack! In my opinion, this is the best remake, and I’ve owned all three.

#3947 7 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

I don't know why you guys wanna replace the logo with Williams. I get that they are the originator of the machine, but without CGC we wouldn't have this beautifully updated classic with all the extras, like a large hi-def DMD, LED lighting that flows with the game, the speakers that make it sound amazing.
Thank you Williams for creating this game, but I'm keeping the CGC logo up there as a tribute to the remake. Williams already has ownership over the original anyway.

I like them both but am keeping CGC, as they made the original playfields and cabinets, and continue to do so. They deserve more than a little recognition.

1 week later
#4218 7 months ago

I picked up a couple of sheets of HD Glass from Stern, $256 shipped, from the Stern website under accessories. Looks amazing. PDI is great but more $ and in my home environment this looks fantastic, not much difference. I see no issue keeping antiglare glass when selling a machine unless that was part of the original deal. My IMDNLE came with it, so it also left with it, same with DILE.

1 week later
#4343 7 months ago

I've got one if you are interested in owning one sooner.

#4370 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

...Day 145... I simply laid down on the cracked and dried up ground, took one last long look at this Earth, and died...

Oh no, Bublehead is dead! How did he write this? I guess his MBr goes to the next in line.

#4374 7 months ago

Not only is Bublehead back from the dead, he has been reincarnated as our worst nightmare English teacher! Just played some MBrLE. One of the most beautiful pins I’ve owned, and it shoots incredibly well. Love it!

#4389 7 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

1) Ask Joey what his best deal is on 1 sheet or more.
2) Email Joey at Pinball Decals Joey@pinballdecals.com.
3) Buy sparkle glass cleaner and lint free microfiber towels. Spray the sparkle to the towel not to the glass. Wipe/clean towel, dry towel. Or just buy Joey's PDI cleaning kit. Stay away from standard Windex like the plague...
The quality spectrum having owned all 3 types:
1) PDI- 10/10 the best, special process made/cured.
2) Invisiglass- 7/10 very good but its coating can be prone to wear, green tint.
3) Stern- 5/10 lukewarm improvements over a regular sheet, purple tint.

Great feedback, although I disagree on the Stern product, it’s great as well. If you have a bright room, or lots of ambient light, PDI may be the way to go. The upgrade over regular glass is significant on the Stern product, and much cheaper. I’ve owned a machine with PDI and it’s great. No purple tint on my 2 sheets of Stern glass.

#4428 7 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

How dare you question my eyeballs!!
Totally agree. But even if (especially if!) our eyes aren’t good enough to discern the difference, the savings is worth it

I can't bring myself to spend $375 (shipped) from PDI. The invisiglass looks great too, as far as I remember from my DILE. Does anyone know how often JJP offers the buy 2 get 1 free deal?

#4460 7 months ago

It’s ok, Bublehead. This is coming...eventually.

4584AF74-8885-497A-9D1A-5A495A7AB00F (resized).jpeg
#4461 7 months ago
Quoted from ChiroCop:

I see I'm not the only one with lockdown bar issues. I have the same problem. Takes me about 10 minutes to get it halfway secured. I've taken it on/off about a dozen times since I got it. All the wear/tear would lead you to believe it's off a MB Original.

You can adjust the bracket on the cabinet to make it work better.

#4537 6 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I had the same experience in my setting....my point is I don't think PDI is worth the extra $ One can't go wrong with either product....that being said maybe we don't have sophisticated eye balls

Quoted from dts:

I can't bring myself to spend $375 (shipped) from PDI. The invisiglass looks great too, as far as I remember from my DILE. Does anyone know how often JJP offers the buy 2 get 1 free deal?

Just a followup on anti-glare glass. JJP will honor buy one sheet get one half price for subsequent sheets, plus shipping. So that is $221/sheet for 2 sheets or $197/sheet for 3 etc, not counting shipping. Guess I'll be trying out Invisiglass!

#4662 6 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

zablon, I didn’t go there on purpose because of all the differences between the two scenarios, but most distributorship models have clauses in them to prevent these situations, or they limit cross selling by establishing strict sales regional borders and enforce them. The free for all in Pinball distributorships we have right now is laughable when based on other dealer/distributor networks. What incentive do distributors have if they just continue to swap customers back and forth, pinballing us from one distributor to another as we the customers get rewarded or shafted with each sale. What I want to hear from my next distributor, if they want my loyalty, is give me a delivery gaurantee with rewards or discounts based on meeting my expectations. If I could find an old school distributor who would give me a flipper rebuild kit and a box of lamps when ever things like this happen, I would be more forgiving and likely to buy my next machine from them.

Definitely cancel and get one from Sara at PPS. You might get the one I ordered, since I traded my IMDN for MBr instead. The only downside, Bublehead, is that you won't be able to complain anymore!

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