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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

1 year ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#270 11 months ago

Just went in for an LE... Really not that much more than a Special and I would have bought a shaker anyway... So when you take that into account the LE is not that much more.
I think the whole pricing point the Monster Bash is very reasonable. I really hope this is where pin prices remain.
Expensive yes... But, when you think of all the work and design going into it, its not that much really.
And as I said before. I went to the expo, and this was the game that enjoyed the most from it. But, I am a weirdo when it comes to pinball.
I found the hobbit fun, but have no desires to own it. Really enjoyed JJ Pirates. But, come one... There is just too much crap that will break in that machine. I will never, ever own one, I think it would fall through my 100 year old floors as it has to be like 500 pounds, and lastly the theme is just meh for me. But, still a great game. I feel the same way about dialed in. Great game, meh theme. No desire to own one.
I will say however, I was shocked about Monster Bash. Its just a great pin. Great to look at, the topper is amazing(and I hate toppers) the giant display and new animations are incredible, and the game shoots great.
I only put up a few decent scores of like 30 and 40 million... But, I had a blast playing it even when I sucked.
I do think I figured out the strategy at the end though. Rip the spinner. Stack Frankenstein multiball. And also never shoot Frank from the right flipper. Shoot him from the left. Less chance to drain down the middle with a left flip... Less chance... But, still possible.
Really just kudos to CGC for such a great game. And friendly staff at the expo.
Otherwise I never would have bought this wonderful game.

1 month later
#661 10 months ago

Bit of a bummer that it sounds like I won't be getting my MBr LE until early in the new year... Bit of a bummer... But, still fine...

#797 10 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

I paid in full for my CE three weeks ago with an email from Pinball Star saying shipping soon. Still no word.

Yeah, I'm a little worried about my LE purchase. I contacted one of the vendors here on pinside.
I bought through paypal. And I did a paypal credit so its paid in full in regards to the vendor... Just hope I get my machine... Which I think I will.
But, my main concern is being in the loop about delivery. And I also told the vendor that it better be shipped directly to me, and not to him and then to me.
I'm only 45 minutes away from the factory.
And he's like 4-5 states away. So it makes no sense. Still getting charged way too much for shipping.
And I really do need more than a few days warning on when its being shipped and when it will arrive. I work, and so I need to schedule such matters with my boss. Who is flexible, but I still need to plan ahead.

Also... I really hope Chicago Gaming increases their vendors. I reached out to a local vendor, left a message. They never got back to me.
I don't care if you don't have any more LE's for sale.
Return my call. Because, I might buy something else from you in the future. But, if this is how you run things. Then no.

Still, this is going to be an awesome game. Can't wait to get mine.

#800 10 months ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

I don’t understand that mind set, if you have a history of buying games you should be treated like a valued customer and get a return call at the very least.. What drives me crazy the most is when inquing about these games being made to feel like their doing you favor or something buying their $8000 “limited” product! Turns me off completely and out of spite I go elsewhere.

First, I made multiple calls. On multiple days. Left one message and waited to be called back. I never got the call.
I'm not going to wait and sit for a phone call.
And I'm sorry. I run my own business, worked for my Father's law firm.
If you can't return a phone call or an inquiry you don't DESERVE Business.

I didn't want to lose out on the LE, so I had to buy from the ones I saw. I don't have many connections in the pinball world yet.
But, I will tell you this. I think I'm going to keep my vendors who sold me my Iron Maiden, even if they are a bit further away than I 'd like.
They're good honest people. Just wish they also sold for Chicago Gaming is all.

But, the whole concept that its okay for a business not to return calls is a joke.
And you're a bit silly that a person couldn't have taken 20-30 seconds returned my call and told me unfortunate he didn't have any more and sold out of his allotment. That's part of the responsibility of being a vendor.

If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be in any kind of business...
That is not asking too much. That is bare minimum.

#802 10 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I think I know who that "local dealer" is. Have had same experience. I have moved on since.

Don't know if they're the same ones we're talking about.
But, I will tell you I will avoid them in the future and go for someone else. Just a shame as they are so close to my house and I really thought that could be a boon.
Just cemented to me that I'll try to always buy from Hemispheres Amusements first. They treated me right and gave me a little bit of a discount as well. So when I pay off my MBr I'll buy my Ghostbusters from them hopefully.

#810 10 months ago
Quoted from c508:

That was my first (of three) games from Hemispheres... but in early 2019 we’re coming up on 3 years since it entered production, so they probably won’t be making them a whole lot longer.
Lots of used ones to choose from though!

You're right... I prefer new games to old... But, if I have to get a used one I might aim for an LE as that Backglass is slightly better than the Prem and Pro.
But, if all goes right I should be able to get a ghostbusters in May. And if all goes really well an Elvira 3 a few months after its released...
I'm waiting a few months after because I think Stern makes their games better. I know Iron Maiden they are making it different and better than how mine was made in regards to the Mummy ball lock and a few other items.
But, if I have to get a used one... I'll get a heavily modded one too and that'll save me some time. Maybe one with the color dmd.

#825 10 months ago
Quoted from shokel328:

Has anyone had the chance to try out the shaker motor on the LE? Perhaps at one of the shows? I'm wondering how it has been implemented into the game and and/or code. Everybody's psyched about the topper but no one has mentioned the shaker. Does it have a setting in the menu where you could maybe control the intensity? Just a thought

Very good question. I too hope it lets you control the intensity.
I have 100 year old floors and I generally have to turn my shakers down a bit. Iron Maiden it was amazing how much it shook, but I felt like my floors were going to cave in. So I love shakers, just gotta keep them to a minimum.

#843 10 months ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Just buy from Melissa at Cointaker... I actually live one town over from you. I have bought several games from them/her and I have received nothing but STELLAR customer service.

Already purchased... But it does appear Hemispheres guys are now vendors for CGC... So that means in the future I can buy the other remakes that I want through them.
Just sucks. Cos when I was looking to buy... They weren't listed as vendors. Now I checked and they are...

Which just brings me to the whole stupid market for pinball right now. The whole fake scarcity. I felt rushed. Turns out I didn't need to be that way... But, Iron Maiden LE's got gobbled up fast... I didn't have the money for one... But, I was afraid of missing out on the Monster Bash r LE... And when I saw them being gobbled up in a just a weekend. I acted fast to get one.

Turns out that was stupid of me... But, how am I supposed to know when a game will sell out quickly. And when there will be enough supply.
If they didn't put such scarcity bsl, then I could easily take the time, find the right vendor who is close by. Who will setup my game for me. With a reasonable white glove charge. And who will help support me going forward in the future.

But, no... I bought from an out of state vendor. Who would charge me an additional 300 dollars to just put the box where I want in my house. No removal of trash. no setup. That seems steep for white glove service and I don't consider that white glove.
Plus I had to pay both 300 dollars shipping and a 200 dollar paypal fee.
Okay... I'll pay the paypal fee.. Not a big deal. But, 300 dollars for shipping when he can get it shipped directly to me. Instead of to him and then to me.
That sounds extreme. I'm 45 minutes from the factory.

So... In a nutshell. I'm very excited for this game... Not very pleased with how I am acquiring it... Most of that is on me...
But, if I didn't feel rushed... Again that is how I felt... I would have been able to buy other vendors... And I would be happier...
But, the egg is a bit on my face... But, this to me is the downside of the whole LE BS... One model should would be great.

#845 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

For $300 I will come to your house and setup your game with any color gloves you like. As for shipping, call Any trucking company and its about the same no matter how close you are to the factory. CGC doesn't have delivery trucks. I will bet your machine is coming straight from the factory same as every machine I ordered from a distributor from Stern or JJP. Only ships from the distributors if the have overage inventory. You made a decision to buy a great game, no sense feeling down about what/who you purchased it from at this point.

I agree... But, I've had 2 games shipped from multiple states away for 300 and 400 dollars... So that seems a bit extreme to me. Not a dealbreaker.
And I just moved like a treadmill that was super awkward and super heavy with my brother... And I really don't mind paying 150-200 extra to have it moved into my house... But, 300... That's a bridge too far...
And so now I'm kind of freaking out about who I can get to help me move my game into my house... I've moved 3 of my 4 into my house before... Always a bit of a pain... And so I kind of like paying for the home setup when I can get it.

And you are right. This game is going to be amazing.
I never had any plans to buy this game. But, I went to the Wheeling Expo. And this game blow my mind.
It was the most fun I had playing a pinball machine the entire weekend. And I played around 24 hours of pinball. And I think I played 50 games of MBr that weekend. It just wow-ed me in so many ways... This was a game I was thinking I'd buy eventually and the special edition of not... Not the LE.
But, once I saw it and played it... I knew I had to go LE.

#848 10 months ago

Oh, and Yelobird... I might take you up on your offer to come over to my house to help set up the game... So long as you can also help me setup my raven... That's been collecting dust... And I'm afraid I bit off more than I could chew with that purchase... But, that's another thread for another day... And maybe I might take you up on your offer to check out your collection one day too.

2 weeks later
#1329 10 months ago

So looks like the nonmatching LE's will be shipping out after the new year... A bit of a bummer... But, still cool.
As Tom Petty would say "And the wait is the hardest part!".

4 weeks later
#2306 9 months ago

Well... I'm getting a bit tired of waiting for my LE... I contacted my distributor, but he hasn't told me when I can expect mine yet. Thought for sure I would have gotten it by now. Don't mind waiting... I do wish there was a better way to get information. Paying a good bit of money for this, no reason why they couldn't create a tracking system where I log into a site and they tell me the status...
Still... All I can do is wait.

#2308 9 months ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Mmkay. Tired of waiting, but don't mind waiting...
Sounds like you're exhausted from the waiting,
Maybe its time to step down to an SE...

Thought about it... But, the LE is just too pretty to pass up. And I would add a shaker anyway.. .And then I'd mode a tesla coil in it... And I like the topper... So when you consider all those things... I think the LE is a fair price, and I don't mind so much the waiting... Just hate the not knowing.
I need to take the day off of work to wait for it to arrive, and then I need someone to help me bring it into my house. Not paying 300 dollars for them to take it up one flight of steps. 100... Okay... 150... maybe... But, no setup... No trash removal... Just bring it into my house for 300 dollars... Yeah... No thanks...
So I really do need to know ahead of time the day it will be delivered so I can make arrangements and get my time off from work approved.

#2355 9 months ago
Quoted from c508:

My distro says I will likely be getting my non-matching numbers LE (which I ordered on day one) in early March. The matching LE run is supposed to be complete by Feb 1. After that non-matching LEs.
We’ll see how long it takes, but he assured me there is no way I am getting it in the next 4-6 weeks.
I’m ok with that (or at least more ok than I would be with continual “any day now” assurances).

Well... This is my problem with all this waiting and no real information... I got a reply from my Distributor who said he was told they would send out an email this week regarding LEs...
Okay... Sure...
But, I was told to expect originally Mid December with the shipping... I figured okay... That would be pushed back as most get pushed back slightly. So I'm thinking around January... Doesn't seem to be the case now... Still hoping...
But, as I said before... I have to make sure I am available for the delivery and have the time off from work, and also another person to help me bring it in.
So I need to know the window. As this does cut down on me possibly traveling. The Arnold Classic is in March...
I know... at the end of the day its not a big problem... And most people would be happy if this was their biggest problem they were to be facing...
I just don't see how hard it is to tell people when to expect something that they're paying for.
At this rate I might have my next pinball machine before I get my MBr LE... Still a pretty game and I really can't wait to play it.

#2357 9 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

At this stage I'm not sure CGC even knows....they are great at telling people what they want, but horrible at meeting schedule. If u don't have a matching LE you'll probably get the game in March/April....its beyond irritating when distributors request final payment when the game is supposed ship the next week, and its not even close to shipping.....

Well... Mine hasn't requested one... As I paid it off in full already... I paid it through paypal credit and I got a deal with no interest if paid off in full in 6 months.
Truthfully I didn't want to pay it all off at once. As I only needed the deposit. But, I didn't want to make it complicated and risk not getting the no interest deal.
I have the money to pay it off in full right now. But, again don't see the need. What will be funny though is my machine will be paid off if I get it in March.
But, as far as my distributor is concerned. He's paid off in full.
That is another reason why I'm a little antsy about this whole thing. I just want to make sure I get what I paid for. I have protections through paypal. So I'm not horribly concerned. Just a bit cheesed at the wait. Not the end of the world.
It'll give me time to possibly fix my floor issue in the room. Just might be funny that I might actually wind up getting two NIB's about 1-2 months apart then. As I think I might be able to get a NIB of either Ghostbusters or The Munsters for my birthday in June. But, I might hold off on that purchase to make sure I can get an Elvira 3.

#2433 8 months ago
Quoted from c508:

As a happy NIB Ghostbusters (Premium/LE) owner, I say go used with GB...
Why pay retail? Lots of nice Premiums for sale out there (and you can probably negotiate down to $6500 - $6200).

Yeah... and maybe one with some cool mods on it... I really want the side by side wiggling staypuft....

1 month later
#3837 7 months ago

Alright, looks like my LE is set to be delivered this Saturday 9-3 window... Wish the window wasn't so blooming huge. As I got a friend. Who agreed to come over, but lives an hour away. And he needs to leave at around 1ish... Still excited for Monster Bash. As it'll be probably just one of 2 pins I buy this year... I was hoping for more... But, sadly stupid life gets in the way. Oh well... I can focus on restoring and repairing my others now.

#3888 7 months ago
Quoted from JFink8222:

I ordered from Hemispheres Amusements. Kurt & Mark were wonderful to work with. Non-matching LE being delivered Monday. I’m across the country in AZ

They're a bit further than I would like from where I live. But, I think going forward they will be my main distributors. They have fair prices and are easy to contact and work with.

And I just got my LE today. Good news it stopped raining when it was dropped off. Bad news... By the time my friend got to my house it was pouring down rain harder than it was all morning. I had some blankets over it to protect it from the drizzle. By the time we got it loaded on to the dolly and in the house we were all soaked. But, just a little moisture in the machine which I wiped it down.

Moisture no rain got in. So that was good and lucky.
Just need to level the machine and I'm all good to go. Taking a break as I am super tired and exhausted from all the cleaning I did in the morning.

#3890 7 months ago

Oh... One thing I did notice... I didn't get any spare plastics. I've only ever bought one other NIB before and that was my Iron Maiden Prem. That came with spare plastics.
Didn't get any spare plastics here. And for the amount I paid, I really think it would be nice to get a spare set.
Seems a bit cheap, not getting them.

Besides that. No issues so far on my machine.

#3903 7 months ago

Well, I got rotten luck...
Seems a new record for broken machine for me though...
So no sooner than set up, one of the mechs breaks on me.
Frankenstien's Monster table does not go up or down. Its stuck in place. Yes, the game prepares for that eventuallity in the code, so I can still play the game, but the Frankie Monster's bash toy does come down, and lets be honest, its a cool bash toy.
I get there errors Switch 82 up/dn bank down.
Switch 81 bank up... And I think I might have an error on switch 83. Hard to tell. Don't like how the diagnostics is for this machine.
Also my lock down bar is very jittery. A pain in the butt to use. And I have them on my other machines... I really think stern discontinuing them is the right call.

Anyway. I am really cheesed off right now. Hope its a simple fix... I do have family coming over to play it tomorrow, and I'd like it to be working.

#3909 7 months ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

The lock down bar has screws on the underside of it that you can adjust to keep it from being jittery.

No, I mean it doesn't lock and unlock easily. I spend a lot of time fiddling with it to get it to close properly.
But, I really am more concerned about the frankie bash toy not working.

#3912 7 months ago
Quoted from v8torino:

Sorry to hear of your problems.....Stay calm...………………..what did you find when lifting the playfield and examining the mechanism/coil assembly under the playfield that actuates the Frankie bed "Toy" ??…….binding,mis-aligned mech.,loose screws and maybe it shifted under there,wires stuck in the assembly ???,there is some kind of hinge under there.....check it all out.
Yay pinball ownership and all the fixes/tweeks they need !! Hang tuff man !!

I coudln't find anything out of place... I'll look again tomorrow with a less tired and frustrated set of eyes. I've been known to miss very blatant and easily noticeable things.

I did smell something burning in my house for a few minutes. And I was walking around trying to spot the smell. And then I gave up. And started to play pinball again... And then I noticed that during Frankie MB, ramp wasn't working...

And there also was powder on the subwoofer in the cab... I'm a bit afraid that a coil burned out... Replacing the coil now that I know how to solder shouldn't be too hard(don't want to do it on a new machine though really silly and BS), and if that is the case... Gotta find out what caused it to burn out.

Not too keen on this all to be honest... As within 48 hours I had a major ramp issue with my Iron Maiden Prem... But, despite that issue and the crappy sarcophagus hit detection I haven't really had any major issues with that one...
So I do hope once I sort this, then I will have some smooth sailing.

#3926 7 months ago

Okay... It appears everything that requires a motor to work no longer are working.
As the frankenstien dual targets do not raise and lower anymore. Frankenies table doesn't raise and lower at all.
And now Dracula doesn't come out of his coffin.

I raised the playfield and I looked at everything... Everything looks fine.
I am beyond cheesed off right now. Game only played for about 1 hour before breaking on me.
So I will be calling CGC on Monday and seeing what they can tell me.

Was hoping there to be a simple fix, but I doubt it.
Something serious seems to be going on.

#4035 7 months ago

Okay, a brief update... Long story short CGC made good, and I have my monster bash and its working really nice. They went above and beyond, and were total pros and aces and great attitude. So while I was most likely a customer for life, it further cemented that for me.
Now, I just need to tweak and get all the nasty bugs out of my game... Which will be saved for a future post...
I do have a question. I lowered flipper strength by 1.
But, my machine is a 6.5 level... Thinking of raising it a bit.
I don't really get airballs now during normal gameplay...
But, during frank MB frank really sets them flying.
If I raise the pitch to a 7 or 7.5 will that be cut down?

#4056 7 months ago

Well... Just got Monsters of Rock... Settings are not really that nerfed. I do have ball save timer on. Only because I tend to get houseballed due to dracula's dang feet.
Going to see if I can adjust that better. I did adjust it a bit like CGC suggested... But, I think maybe if I increase the pitch on my machine it'll make the game faster and so less likely to hit his feet, so in a sense, more predictable...
I think I'll try to also lower flipper strength one or two more notches below.
Anyway, my current settings also are 60 million extra ball, and then another at 120 million and another at 180 and another at 240. I like these rewards as you still need to have a good game to reach the threshold... In fact I normally get Monster bash at around 45-50 million mark. So its not like an extra ball helps me get to the first wizard mode. And again it just for me keeps the games fun and attainable.

Lastly besides points what should I shoot for now. Lymans lament???

#4097 7 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Try to get all four balls gping on mosh pit and then keep hitting the frank ramp. One if my favorite parts of the game.

I do pretty good on Mosh Pit getting all 4 into play...

But, if you hit the frank ramp with all 4 into play, is that how you get the monsters to stage dive/crowd surf???
I saw just a bit of that animation one time, and I'm just curious how to get it, and if each monster has an diving animation.

#4174 7 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

anyone have a ball get stuck (or just not move and stay trapped) on the left ramp curve? happened a few times to me. Ball hits curve but sits there...

This happens to me quite a bit. Mostly when its rolling really slow.
It just gets stuck and I have to open the glass to get it unstuck.
I am raising hte pitch on my game, and I hope that resolves that issue.

1 week later
#4399 7 months ago

Okay... I got two questions.
I own an LE.
My first question is about the blasted Lockdown bar. I just have so much trouble putting it back on. And its still not in right. I've never been able to get it in there right. And it takes me minutes upon minutes upon minutes.
I have a breakshot, Hardbody and Raven. Those all have lockdown bars... Hardbodies is a bit different... Same with Raven... But, Breakshot's is very similar to Monster Bash's...
So I know how to use them... This blasted thing just won't lock in and close. So I have it half on half off and can barely shut the coin door. To top it off. Some of the foam has come off now due to all the mashing and handling. And I'm just handling it way to much and getting it dirty and filthy.
It's A POS! I HATE IT. And I need help to get it working right.

2nd question... Why no real knocker. I have a fake knocker... Did the original game not have a real knocker? Pretty sure it did.
And if it did... I thought these were supposed to be built from the real specs nothing left out.
So where the hell is my knocker????????

And then some good news... I still have to change the pitch. But, I did lower the flipper strength to -2. And now I am getting no more airballs. At -1 still too many. Sadly my machine has a bit of dimples on it... But, I rather play a game and have it get weathered then just look at it.

#4402 7 months ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

The original did not have a real knocker. There was some talk a few pages back about this. I believe a few peeps are talking about adding one.
Regarding the lock down bar. Most old machines are worn out or broken such that once you unlock it you can simply put it back on with out touching the handle and then you lock it back in place. On a new machine like your MB, when you go to place it back on, you must use the handle to re-open the mechanism and while holding it, place the bar back down. Keep pressing the bar down and then put the handle back in the lock position. You may be doing this already, but that's a thought. Another possibility would be to adjust the screws on the underside of the lock bar.
Good luck.

Well... I might add a real knocker if the code allows for it then...

About the lock down bar.
Yeah.. I try to hold it in place. And then swing the locking arm back... It won't go back. I try to raise and lower the stupid lockdown bar so the the teeth will find the sweet spot. It won't go into place.

Its a pain in the ass. And I can never truly lock it. I barely can close the coin door because the locking arm won't go back.
I tried the screws.. No idea how or which way to turn them. Can't tell what is the ideal size or whatever.
Its just a POS.

I think stern is right in replacing them. I HATE this bar. HATE IT!

#4405 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Once adjusted correctly, I think the lever action lockbar is faster and more convienient, and I have been using the same ones for years. The new design is cost reduction imo, and by that definition, of lesser quality and less ease of use. Ymmv.

Yeah... I don't know if I'll be able to get the blooming thing adjusted correctly... Just a real pain in the rear right now.
Hate it so much. I tried the screws as I said... Am I to just blindly twist and check, twist and check...
There is no way to tell which way to go, and when to stop. Just a garbage design I think.

#4416 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Yep, adjust, try it, adjust try it. A Big help is to look at similar unit in another machine, adjust them to similar place and then start the process to sort it out. With the brass screws turned IN a ways equally, iirc, that will loosen the lock? And then adjusting them, left a little, right a little to seat the lock bar evenly, left to right? That sounds either right or totally backwatds, i.e. it might be turn both the brass screws OUT equally a little to loosen the lock, then left, right, etc... but both together is tightness of lock, then separate adjutsments left and right to level the lockbar. One thing to check, if the glass is not sliding all the way up into the upper cabinet trim channel, or the trim channel is installed wrong on the cabinet, it can cause the problem you are experiencing, and it manifests itself in that the lockbar is difficult to get locked down correctly. Check the upper channel for full insertion of the glass, and that it was installed properly on the top cabinet edge.

Well, one problem that I do have. Is the glass starts to slide down immediately and I have to hold it up with one hand. Always pressing it up as it just keeps sliding down. Won't stay put. Pitch is only 6.5... I don't have that problem with any of my other machines. I generally have enough time to put the bar on before it starts to slide. Not with this one. It starts to slide right away.

#4448 7 months ago

OKay. Turns out I am still quite a newb... You all were right for pressing in the center for the lockdown bar. Opening and closing very easily now.

So moving on to my next problem. The right ramp. It rejects a lot of my shots. I hit a shot. And sometimes it'll bounce off the plastic and roll right down. And most of the time its a SDTM or really close to it.

What can be done to fix this issue. As a ramp shot made shouldn't be a risky shot. It should be safe. And I feel that plastic there is just too dangerous rejecting too many balls. Pitch increase to stop ball going all Evil Knevel?

#4449 7 months ago
Quoted from TheBigDog:

Not an AFM thread.... but
[quoted image]

Those are really cool ideas... I'm going to have to remember what you did and maybe do that to a few of the games I want to refurbish.

#4494 7 months ago
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Making good progress! Just finished the full size test
[quoted image]

Man. That is looking cool...

I never really liked toppers. Until I saw MBr LE topper. And then when I got it and running in my house. I totally have the topper fever. I think I will be creating a custom topper for all my pins. I did just buy one for my maiden... But, I might buy the Aces High one as well.
I thought they were unnecessary... And they are... But, they're cool and they can add a nice light show.

Can't wait to see your finished product. I hope you might consider putting up a tutorial. As I don't see a lot of those online. And I think it could be a fun source of modding. As I don't think I want to do full restorations or rethemes... But, making a topper might be more my speed.

#4622 6 months ago
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Dimpling? I know this is typical on every pin but has anyone else noticed that their playfield is dimpling fast? I did have some air balls at first and have since set my flipper strength at -2. I know some have said you need to let your machine cure for a period of time - does that actually hold true? I was under the impression the CGC playfields where a step above, but from my recent play looks to be on par with Stern. I have an original AC/DC that shows less than the 100 plays I have on my MBLE. I love the game and it is a ton of fun so will continue to play and hope they even out I guess.

I've got dimples on mine. And I started off with -1 flipper strength. But way too many airballs. So my strength is at -2 now and is much better. But, the damage is done to the playfield. It's already got the dimples on it... To saw I don't mind would be a lie... But, the machine is meant to be played... So... damage is done, just play and live and let live.

Side issue of weaker flippers. Means that it is really hard to do post transfers. They lack the strength and you gotta do a little dance with them before they go to the other flipper. Which is a bit of crap. As I don't have tap pass skills. And I rely on post transfers... Well... Gotta learn to play better I guess.

#4626 6 months ago
Quoted from vwallat99:

Dusted off MBr today as I cannot wait for my reno to be done and played a couple games. Anyone else having issues with the ball getting stuck in the right bride ramp? Seems like if I shoot with the right flipper to backhand it up there it will get stuck in wire ramp part.

Yes, I've had a ball get stuck 3 times in that ramp... Also having issues with rejections with that ramp as well. As I shoot a ball up the ramp it hits the plastic and then comes careening back down and most of the time for a sdtm drain.

#4660 6 months ago
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Stuck balls
Loving the game so far but I am having an issue with the balls getting stuck in the left ramp in front of the bride on slow ball hits. I have table set at 7.5. Should it be lowered to the standard 6.5 to fix this or should I make the playfield even higher? Anyone else have issues with the balls sometimes getting stuck in the between spot of the ramp. Always if a ball goes up that ramp too slow it is going to get stuck again. Seems to happen 1 out of 10 games.
Anyone help?

No... I have the same problem at 6.5 pitch... And I was told raising the pitch would solve that one.

#4813 6 months ago
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Found solution for stuck balls in front of the bride ramp. I read on an older Pinside post a solution that works. Loosen up all the screws (3) on the left wire ramp then slide it south about 3mm or so and re-tighten all the screws again (of course). This will pull the wire ramp away from the metal wall (U-turn around the bride) so the ball won't touch it. This is the reason for terrible failed shots to the left ramp and it keep the ball from getting hung up there. I also keep my playfield at 7.1 or so. Faster game that way. Try it! Now my ball sores through the left ramp with a lot more ease and less failed shots.

Any chance you could show a youtube video or pics of your fix... I'd feel better to attempt it, if I could see the steps... Might be simple, but I'm not handy with pinball, and I'd hate to damage my new toy.

Either way. Thanks!!!!

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#5576 4 months ago
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So I had a chance to scoop up an le out of the blue last week. This would be my wife's grail pin. And Wow what a machine. Chicago gaming did great job on building what was already a visual masterpiece. #1244 almost the end of the run.[quoted image]

I don't know if anyone commented. But, thats a really nice topper you made there for MMr. Nicely done.

3 months later
#6036 46 days ago

alright... So I know I should always play better... But, I am also getting tired of the right ramp rejecting me. It seems to go up sometimes and then it hits the top plastic and then it goes down the ramp and straight down the middle it goes.

If I loosen the plastics for the right ramp. Will that help my issue, or will that make it easier for the plastic to get damaged and broke?

Also, I am getting cheesed off at my ball being stuck in the left ramp as well.
Happened 3 times tonight.
My pitch is already like a 7 pitch. So curious about any fixes for that issue too.

Love this game, but would love to get these two issues sorted out, and I haven't come across any yet... Hoping someone figured something out.

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