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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

10 months ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#230 8 months ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Serious question, is there any reason to believe I can't get an LE say by Feb or March of next year? And if the LE's actually do sell out that fast, wouldn't there be plenty of SE versions at that time?

We need a sticky on these forums that reads, "LEs for MBrs will be around for some time - no reason to freak the F out".

250 MORE than AFM (which is the more popular game) and those JUST sold out. You're going to be fine.

#282 8 months ago

Well I'm officially in! MBr LE. Just couldn't say no.

Cointaker btw - super smooth as always. Highly recommended if you're looking for a NIB.

#286 8 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Super smooth my ass. My buddy called 3 times to put an order in for a MBRLE this week so far and not even a return phone call. And he is local.

really? sorry to hear - I know they were very busy earlier in the week due to expo.

1 week later
#359 7 months ago

whats the latest shipping estimate for LEs? late Dec?

#373 7 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I don't understand. Why would you want to pick the serial number or match it to something you have? I guess that's an LE thing that people covet?
I couldn't care less what number the game was, just that its fun to play.

Well what would prevent someone from just randomly picking a number and requesting the match to jump the line? I don't get that....

I've asked to match my AFMLE so that means I get it quicker? Sweet haha

#404 7 months ago

So anyone hearing any updated dates? I think SE date shopping now right?

#471 7 months ago
Quoted from branlon8:

There was some talk that the MBr would have as option an alternative ruleset or modified rules. Is there anything to this ? I have not seen anything lately. Sorry if it's been answered elsewhere.

rumor - confirmed FAKE.

#493 7 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Ditto. I bought mine as soon as the unveiling occurred at Expo. Even then it took 3 different distributors until I found one that had not already sold out his allocation. Some distributors had an 'early sign up' list. Explains why they were gone so fast.

I think people are misunderstanding. LEs have been all bought by distributors but that doesn't mean they sold all of them to customers. In fact they haven't obviously. You can still get one easily.

#516 7 months ago
Quoted from DG_Amuse:

Great looking and playing machine. Added some lighting and side blades. Thanks CGC! Can’t wait for the LE.
[quoted image]

that large display looks so good in this game. Seems less pixelated than AFM?

#567 7 months ago

not sure why people are paying in full for a game the manufacturer has confirmed is not even being produced yet? The distributor is just asking for their money earlier - CGC has already been paid for these games so they don't care. What am I missing here?

1 week later
#838 6 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Never buy a new machine with that concern. You'll most likely be disappointed. I expect to lose at a minimum $1k if I wanted to sell it in a year, but who knows. For this run of LE's it seems there is maybe a legit reason for demand compaired to others, but then again, until this game - I didn't even care about toppers.

The machine will hold its value.....eventually. If you end up selling it a year or 2, you will likely lose but after 4-5, I see this and AFMLE going up.

#899 6 months ago

Who/what distributor confirmed 12/13 ship date for Mb LE? Or is this just s rumor?

#917 6 months ago

First thing I do is change that to the bally logo like on my afm

#977 6 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

Is this a title I sell my AFMrLE to acquire?

Def not.

#1030 6 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Just got notice that my MBRLE ships out tomorrow. It's getting close!


#1061 6 months ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I am in on an MBRLE, macthed serial # to my AFMRLE #871. On Nov 29 my distributor asked for payment in full by this Friday Dec 14. Stating that “Your Monster Bash Limited Edition game is going to be ready soon - LE numbers matching games will be starting in the next few weeks and will be done in numerical order”

Did you have to send anything in to prove this and get a "matched" serial? I ask b/c my distro never asked me for any proof yet I'm hoping to get a matching serial.....

#1063 6 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Thats interesting...my number is in the 500's and I haven't been contacted yet (except to provide proof of purchase)....my bet is there is little chance I'll see this game before xmas? very surprised you've been asked for full payment already

# doesn't dictate when it was built....

#1065 6 months ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I was told I needed to ensure that CGC had my warranty registration for AFMRLE which I did. Sent to warranty@chicago-gaming.com and got a response from salesadmin@chicago-gaming.com

Awesome thanks. I'll send them a note to confirm.

#1071 6 months ago
Quoted from tomtest:

The coffin on my SE drags sometimes on the glass also, just gave it a nudge downward and hasn't done it since. I installed Invisiglass after comparing regular factory glass and the Invisiglass made a big difference in conjunction with lowering the backbox light intensity, very little glare now whereas it was obnoxious before.

I'm a big believer of the HD glass now - getting it for all of my pins. MBR LE will be no exception. Big diff.

#1093 6 months ago

Guys how is the lighting with the new GI enhancements? Is the pf still kind of dark like the older games? Trying to decide if pinstadium are necessary.....

#1102 6 months ago

Thanks guys .... And you own the SE not CE right?

#1106 6 months ago

well found out today I'm not in the matching program - I'm 2nd owner so I guess I don't qualify which is fine. Really helps that POTC is coming in this sunday.

See you guys in Jan although look forward to seeing pics of LEs that land this month!

#1151 6 months ago
Quoted from tomtest:

I have a couple hundred games on my SE and the protector is beat to hell.

damn that's disappointing to hear.

#1188 6 months ago
Quoted from pinmaniac:

I am loving this game. Plays smooth and looks great.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

First one? Not including "test' ones right?

#1196 6 months ago

As an owner of AFM LE, that game desperately needed pinstadium. I can see this being different due to additional GI. We'll see.

#1214 6 months ago

wow! Pinstadium here I come. Thanks for posting that. WAAAAAAAAAAY too dark.

#1217 6 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

It blows my mind you guys will pay 200 bucks for 2 $5.00 LED strips instead of making your own. One born every minute.

no you're exactly right - 2 $5 led strips is exactly what they are. Wifi application and all. Thank you for clarifying.

#1220 6 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Oh Pardon me.. I didn't realize there was an app that changed the colors. Never mind. What a value.

no I like just your $5 led strip comment. That alone was enough value for 1 night.

#1228 6 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Why do you guys play in a completely dark room? Turn on the lights

I like playing in the dark too especially at night. I don't like all the other light to be on.

#1237 6 months ago
Quoted from Captain-Flint:

This is what I did... I do own a set of Pinstadiums that are just sitting on my work bench right now. But I am afraid that the pinstadiums would washout that great light show on the SE. When everything is Green for Creature Feature or Red for Drac Attack. I just have a small overhead spotlight.

Yeah that's a good point. I'm going to prob wait for mine to arrive before buying. In certain games they Don't do well like alien. I took them off. So I'll wait and see

#1257 6 months ago
Quoted from bigdog50:

FFS - for all the folks complaining about lighting on a new game, that has LEDs, and don't want to turn on a light but will spend hundreds on added "custom mod" lighting --- buy this to light up where the ball is..........[quoted image]

I think people think pinstadium is sold to folks who have trouble seeing the ball. For me at least I can see the ball fine. I would like to make the lightning on the pf more balanced so no dark spots bc I like the way it looks. You could almost say I have trouble seeing the pf!

As for the Aussy mailing his product to the states, there was a guy here in pinside who does mods and actually offered the same pinstadium product but reaction of the cost. Apparently he was pressured into stop selling them for whatever reason. I thought that was dumb as good competition is better for the consumer.

#1332 6 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

The logo/image section of the display is able to be set by the user.
It has the CG co logo...
Anyone wanna make a nice Williams logo to fit that???? It would be neat!

the AFMr had bally on there. I wonder if we can at least lift that....wonder why they didn't do williams for this one.

#1515 6 months ago

For those with sound complaints are you using a sub too??

#1517 6 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

All stock on mine.

Ok I'm going to hook mine to sub. Will report back one I get it but I highly recommend connecting subs. They make a huge difference.

#1541 6 months ago

I actually thought the sound on AFMLE was too loud (volume 3 is almost too much) so I might dig the lower volume options!

#1573 6 months ago

So for a guy getting his in January what do you suggest to buy now for protection?

#1728 5 months ago
Quoted from valgalder:

Yeah, from my experience, all the MMr i've come across play pretty horribly also. I'm sure there are ones out there that are dialed in correctly to match the original, but unfortunately not the ones around here (especially Logans, ooof!) The AFMr are definitely hit or miss, but I think it's more of a setup thing. MBr that i tried at Expro played really nice (besides the one with the flippers set completely incorrectly). I don't know why so many of these Chicago Gaming pins have the flippers positioned completely wrong out of the box. I didn't think that should be something that would have to be adjusted so drastically.

What exactly is positioned correct for AFMr and mbr?

1 week later
#2016 5 months ago

Quite surprised how many people would pay in full and still waiting on a game. Why in the world would they need your money in advance besides just looking to get more cash for themselves upfront.

I tell you my distributor hasn't asked and I respect that. I always go through them and always been satisfied. If a distributor asked for full like I'm seeing many have, that would be the last time I bought from them. Simple as that.

#2066 5 months ago
Quoted from flipnout1:

No we are all good Robert, sorry if it came across that way. I just wanted to explain to folks that sometimes we have to go on what we are told. Things happen so sometimes it appears that we are collecting money way before we need it. I hate it when I tell someone they need to send me money asap and then they don't get a game. But think about this. If I don't get your money before I have the game it sits in the warehouse waiting. I try and ask for payment approximately two weeks before it ships. I know everyone is looking to get the new game as quickly as possible so I don't want to be the guy who is delaying shipment while I'm waiting on you to pay. Its a pain as a dealer to keep track of deposits and who has paid and who hasn't etc. Much simpler if you call me, order the game and I ship it that day. But that is the way it is and part of my job so we try and make it as painless as possible to all involved. Trust me, I wish I didn't have to answer the texts, phone calls and emails asking where is my game.

Return their money then if the game isn't truly ready no? Not sure why someone is still out of their full payment and waiting months later.

#2073 5 months ago
Quoted from flipnout1:

If someone wants their money back no problem, just ask. If the customer wants me to wait until I physically have the game no problem. I make no interest on money sitting in my account for a little longer. But realistically, depending on how someone paid, is it worth it? Did they do a wire transfer. Do they want to pay that fee again? Did they write a check? Now they have to wait for me to return their money via check and then send in another check shortly (we hope) after that. I've never had anyone ask for their money back that was waiting because of a factory delay of a few weeks or even a month or two. Cancellations sure because they didn't want to wait a year for the game we all thought was coming but ended up being way way longer than that.
So if someone out there has a better crystal ball let me know but no one can predict exactly what will happen.

I think you hit the nail on the head - if someone wants their money back, they can get it back no questions. That is the key part. It's good to hear that would happen by you if someone asked. That's all I would ask for if I was doing business with you.

#2151 5 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Ya I wanna play too! I think game Exchange has mine now, just waiting for them to deliver it. Fingers crossed for Monday!

The guy who's telling everyone to calm down and wait it out - well he's getting his Monday. Nice.

Our fingers will be crossed for you. Everyone else - shut it.

#2153 5 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

So Games Exchange Colorado has a bunch of customers waiting for their LEs, but someone backed out and instead of giving it to the next person in line they try to sell it for $1000 more?

Yeah is that really correct?

#2201 5 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Well I have had #456 for about 1 week now and so far it has been absolutely trouble free. My first impressions are:
1. It isn't boring nor simple and for a mediocre player like myself, it is't easy. I don't remember my first one from 1996 being this tough.
2. It is well built but I think my AFMR LE is better built and has nicer finishing. The topper while nice, does not compare to AFMR'S incredible one. But really, what could?
3. I think that as good as CGC games are, JJP machines remain the standard of excellence and even at a price tag of $1500 more for LE vs. LE, they are the better choice.
4. Having said all this, CGC's MBR LE is a machine worth having. Tons of fun, great play, and very much an eyeful. If you get one, you won't be sorry. It deserves to be in any collection of consequence.
Just my opinion.....
Forgot to add a couple of pics...[quoted image][quoted image]

Damn that's a nice looking machine

#2303 5 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Pdi or invisaglass is a must on all pins imo.... that and a powered subwoofer are must haves.

yes and yes. Although I have JJP, Stern and Magic glass (and have seen PDI) and to me they all look the same. I will prob use stern or whatever is the cheapest but it def helps.

#2305 5 months ago

love the pics - keep them coming.

#2349 5 months ago
Quoted from c508:

My distro says I will likely be getting my non-matching numbers LE (which I ordered on day one) in early March. The matching LE run is supposed to be complete by Feb 1. After that non-matching LEs.
We’ll see how long it takes, but he assured me there is no way I am getting it in the next 4-6 weeks.
I’m ok with that (or at least more ok than I would be with continual “any day now” assurances).

wow - March? I guess I'm in the same boat. That is CRAAAZY. I'm personally not waiting as much as others are but i can see people getting pretty pissed, especially those that already paid in full.

For me, that would be literally a 3 month delays compared to what I was originally told. Damn.

#2456 5 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

They are building and shipping. Takes a long time to make 1250 machines. Be patient. You’ll be pleased with what you get

Please do us a favor and play/enjoy your game but don't tell others to relax when you already have your LE - it's really ridiculous.

Bottom line this delivery of LEs is completely off course. People who have paid in full should reach out to their distributor IF they want their money back until it's ready. If the distributor says no, never buy from them again.

The game will be released, we'll all eventually be happy but this is a mess. Period.

#2466 5 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I agree with both of these posts. It is unfortunate that people paid and haven't received their games. If I were CGC, I would try to communicate with distributors to explain what the delay is so it can be relayed to customers. Doesn't have to be specific, just a general reason/update would suffice (parts supply issue, technical issue, etc.) A few weeks delay is one thing, but if it is going to extend beyond a month or so, something should be communicated given that expectations were that payment was due in full two weeks before shipping. Overall, i would not be too worried (which I realize is easier for me to say since i have a game), CGC will deliver a great game.
Demanding your funds back is not an approach I would personally take as it could lead to even more delays. CGC/Distro has to issue a check, takes 3-5 days to arrive, you deposit your check, takes a few days to clear, you mail a new check back when asked, takes another 3-5 days to arrive. You are potentially creating a 3 week delay for yourself.

Not sure i follow this - maybe I don't understand how the process work.....

The full payment from the customer that is being requested is going directly to the distributor. The distributor has already paid CGC to get their game allotment. These distros that are asking for full payment way in advance are just covering themselves. Is that not the way it works? Serious question not being sarcastic. All of the delays you speak of is between customer and distro to actually allow them to release the game to you and in reality it wouldn't take that long at all. Distro says I have your game, you say great - here is a wire (instant), check 3 days, credit card (instant) etc.

I would think this is true b/c not all distros are asking for full payments on the game yet. Mine hasn't recieved more than 1k yet they def have their allotment already from CGC. They don't "need" the remaining balance for CGC to then begin building my game - that is just ridiculous. I personally wouldn't support distros that do that - it's just not a pro consumer practice. That's why I always go to the same distro as I've bought many NIB and never paid in full in advance and guess what - my game was never delayed. Things worked out well each time.

I think communication is bad and yes we're going to get games so I'm not personally pulling my hair out. What's frustrating is distro's asking people like us to front them money for games that are perpetually delayed in addition to owners of LEs and even SEs saying hey guys - it's all good.....you'll be fine. Then they step away from the computer and play their new MBr haha.

I'm all for delays if it's QC issues - just communicate that to us. At least give some update as to what's going on. CGC usually does this in the thread so I anticipate they will here - I think that will help.

#2553 5 months ago
Quoted from CGC-Ryan:

I want to provide a quick update on Monster Bash production. First off, I apologize for the delays in LE production.
As many of you know, we manufacture all of our playfields in house. Each MB playfield is carefully hand silk screened with ten spot colors. This is how the original playfields were manufactured. The spot colors create a color spectrum far richer and wider than what can be produced using four-color process. Each playfield we produce is a unique handcrafted piece of art with its own unique characteristics.
I believe we are the only pinball machine manufacturer still utilizing spot colors on our playfields. Some have moved away from screen printing altogether and now digitally print their playfields in four-color process. Digitally printing is certainly more consistent and far less expensive but it comes with certain compromises.
We are trying to keep the bar as high as possible and not compromise quality. I believe with few exceptions the playfields we have shipped in every Monster Bash have been beautiful. We do hold even higher standards for playfields going into LEs. To date, our production has yielded less LE worthy playfields than we hoped. As a result, we have produced more SEs and CEs than originally scheduled (and less LEs).
We have made several changes in the screen printing process and we are finally seeing much improved results. These results are starting to allowing us to move more quickly through production of LEs.
The number of people participating in our serial number matching program far exceeded our expectations - there were 246 participants in total.
We are anticipating completing all domestic serial number matching program LEs by February 1, 2019. After that we will focus on the balance of domestic and international LEs.
I want to thank everyone for their support and allowing us to do work that we love.

I knew you guys would chime in eventually. Well done. Appreciate the update and your clear passion for making those LEs as nice as possible
Not sure I've heard of a manufacturer looking at the pf quality for LEs different than what's approved for non LEs and I really like that.

Thanks again

#2583 5 months ago

For the SE guys expressing frustration - I do understand your point You seem to be very particular though about the machine which leads me to something I don't understand. If you're that particular how in the world do you not get the LE version of this game? So much more value and you get the definitive version that it appears you're looking for.

#2724 5 months ago

Powered sub no question about it. It's really a why not. I haven't found a game that doesn't sound better.

Makes sense considering you're just enhancing the sound. I find the value add goes from nice to have to absolutely necessary. For my AFMLE it was a nice addition

1 week later
#2975 4 months ago

we need more videos of this game in action.....

#3021 4 months ago

Has anyone streamed this game yet? I know it's just monster bash but I'm all about seeing how nice it looks!

#3054 4 months ago
Quoted from Quadrat:

Got an e-mail today that my game will ship on Monday and I'll get tracking on Tuesday. So this weekend I need to start moving games/stuff around. Move table and bar stools out of game room. Move Big Buck World shooter into game room. Move WOZ to Big Buck World spot. Move neons & artwork as needed. And when MBRLE shows up I'll put it next to the other two remakes.

Number matching?

#3251 4 months ago

wow - just read all of these new messages.....thought non number matching LEs were being received but apparently it's cabinet drama.

For the record, I will be PISSED if my 8k+ "toy" has a crack down the side. For the people who are saying you can't expect it to be perfect.....are you out of your mind? Sorry if you're a push over but when I spend 8k+ I expect to have a cabinet that is not already damaged.

I have no idea how widespread this truly is but for the pinsiders who have experienced it - sorry! CGC is a standup company so I expect they will resolve this.

#3386 4 months ago
Quoted from sgorsuch:

I opted to cancel on my order for a MBrLE and get the SE.It shipped yesterday.The uncertainty of when the LE was going to be made and shipped was really the only factor for the switch. Melissa at Cointaker was very gracious, she though it should arrive in 2 days.

man that's pretty extreme. Def your choice and totally understand your frustration but you might be kicking yourself down the road. These things will get ironed out, we'll get our games and everyone will move on. Would hate to sacrifice enjoying that LE goodness though just b/c of what's been documented in here thus far. Remember - these threads always represent the worst of the worst and there's many folks with perfect copies.

I mentioned I would be pissed if mine had these issues already but i'm confident in CGC to address it timely and would def not result in me changing course b/c of it.

#3436 4 months ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

Non-matching MBLE #431 scheduled to be at my door on Tuesday the 12th.

great to hear!

btw - I played the LE for the first time yesterday. It is GORGEOUS!!! Some takeaways:

1) PF is stunning - toys, shine on the PF....total package. I would say the LE looks even better than my Pirates. No joke.
2) Sound on the game was great. The built in sub is def IMO better than my AFMLE.
3) Little splitting of the decal on the left side
4) Blue powder is darker than what I thought from videos
5) Topper is cool but AFM SMOKES it
6) Brighter than I thought but def dark down the middle to flippers
7) Big DMD color looks so good. It's even better than AFM

Overall really impressed with it. Prob the biggest thing is how loaded it felt and how gorgeous it looks considering I'm used to seeing MB kind of beat up. Excited to get it. Heard my non match will be avail later this month.

#3441 4 months ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

That’s great! Were you able to hit that Phantom flipper? How does that work, there are a tone of pages on this thread and can’t find the post anywhere.

I didn't actually see it work but I qualified it one game....

#3463 4 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Thanks good to know as this makes at least 2 non-matching LEs out in the wild in the last week.

I thought he said his WAS number matching no?

#3465 4 months ago

Wow almost duplicate posts by two different members both capitalizing the WAS for dramatic effect. Nice

#3471 4 months ago
Quoted from drummermike:

Yes. Display is awesome. You can also easily add shaker and plasma disc. The disc from Lermods is colored. I added both.

.....and it's available now to buy.

#3475 4 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Ce displays can also be upgraded to the better color graphics

Not the jumbo style HD graphics though. Stays the same classic size DMD just with color....

#3477 4 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

The hd graphics still look great on the normal size screen tho and a big improvement over stock and color dmd graphics.

It's like driving to the ballpark then watching the game in HD in your car - sitting in the parking lot.

If you're going to get a brand new monster bash and NOT get the HD jumbo screen, you're really missing out. Sure the other smaller one is fine but you're 4 figures in and you're not going to spend a little more? I actually bought a AFM classic b/c I wasn't sold on the simplicity of the game and then after realizing the game is awesome, I needed that jumbo. If you're into MB, get the jumbo.

#3485 4 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

I truly believe the SE is the way to go with MBR. It really gives you the best bag for the buck IMHO. If my wife wasn’t so dead set on the topper it’s the one I would have gotten as well and we would already have it. But happy wife well you know the rest

Absolutely not. LE is limited and although it seems like a lot this game will undoubtedly become collector's and hold it's value. Just look at AFM le vs SE - le still holding value and that will continue.

If you don't want the le I would still buy it and sell that topper. I can almost guarantee you that topper would sell 600+ if not 1k. Cash that in and you basically get everything else for free on top of the SE. No brainer

#3540 4 months ago

that guy left at least 300 on the table. I wouldn't be surprised if that sells for 1k+

#3543 4 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

for $1000 I will pull my topper off and put a red bow on the extremely overbuilt box it came in for the buyer.

I know it sounds crazy but put it up - it's def going to sell for 750 IMO.

#3660 4 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

And that is the kind of stuff that makes this hobby so worthwhile.
It was the same for me when I made our first MAME cab about 14 years ago he was 2 and fascinated with it. Then as he got older we would play things like Spiderman and X-Men and TMNT together all the time, it was great. Those are the times you never forget as a dad.

man I am living this right now and loving it. When my son was 2 he realized the MAME arcade and pinball were cool but didn't really know what to do with them. Now at age 4, he's into TMNT, SF, Metal Slug and he's taken a liking to pinball which at this point, makes these hobbies even more fun just watching them interact with these machines that we know every detail about. Good times. I'm excited for that to continue and watch them grow up with it.

#3718 4 months ago
Quoted from playernumber4:

Thats not a bad idea since I have no ceiling room for the topper anyway. It would depend on what they end up going for.

Start at 1k and take 800. Not kidding - I'm telling you it will sell for close that amount.

#3741 4 months ago

Pinstadiums no question make my AFM look much better. Already have a pair ready for my MBR which after finally playing it, def needs it imo.

Here's the way this plays out - to save the drama. There are two customers:

1) I love the subtle lighting of the old school games b/c it doesn't oversaturate it. I also like to keep my tv on movie setting with no dynamic contrast b/c it's the "truest" representation of the movie.

2) I love pop in my pinball games b/c these games are as much gameplay as art and actually being able to see all of the art in its super vibrant form, looks great. I also like to have my tv picture pop - dynamic contrast really makes the pic stand out.

#1 - don't buy PS.

#2 - buy PS.

#3776 4 months ago
Quoted from vwallat99:

Yeah they are pretty strong as long you don't bump into them the wrong way or really slam down on them they stay. It was the finishing touch this afternoon!

That thing looks like a ticking time bomb. I would have spilled it by now!! haha

#3794 4 months ago

I own three versions of hd glass

Magic glass

Stern and invisiglass are the best of the three and look the same to me. Therefore I would just but Stern glass. No experience with pdi.

#3822 4 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

LE #150 plays flawlessly!
[quoted image]

Amazing how an "old" game looks so gorgeous. Damn these classic games really stand up even by today's standards.

I mentioned earlier that I think the LE his prettier than my jjp Pirates and I'm not joking. This game in person really makes a statement. Even though it looks nice in forums these pictures don't do it justice

1 week later
#4039 3 months ago


It's heeeeeeere!

No cabinet issues and built like a tank. Great job cgc.
20190227_192139 (resized).jpg

#4045 3 months ago

Now that I own one, I changed the GI color from warm to bright white and the game to me pops even more. I'm also someone that loves a ton of light so might be too much for some. There is also a LED strip option in the background to make that brighter which of course I turned up too.

FYI - as I didn't even know about the LED strip option in the back.

#4048 3 months ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

Are you saying the game comes with an LED strip in the back that you can adjust from the setting menu?

Yes it's in the cgc setting menu.

#4062 3 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Somebody needs to rub on your panties a little bit and make you feel better.

nah - let's not call out a pinsider that isn't getting the quality we all deserve. Not feeling that.

#4081 3 months ago

anyone get the black and white williams userlogo to work from this link? My machine won't let me install - says it's -80 not 80.


Anyone have a black and white williams to share?


#4092 3 months ago

two questions:

1) when the ball returns from right orbit should hit go right back to right flipper or hit the right sling?

2) LED strip behind flippers - i added one since it's dark but the reflection on the big dmd is really bad. Anyway to cover it so it's not reflecting on the dmd?

#4115 3 months ago

3 questions:

Are you guys playing at 7 or 6.5? That would be three or two lines on bubble guide?

Is it common for rejects in left ramp? Ball stops mid way then returns back down?

Also that return from the right orbit.... Is it designed to return to flipper or bump against right sling?

#4118 3 months ago

Thanks guys I've been playing at 7 so far.

Right orbit though - if it goes from left orbit and loops around it def goes back to flipper. A shot that returns from pops though rarely does....

#4121 3 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I have mine at 7.2 and shots to the left ramp have to be clean or it goes about halfway and gets rejected. There's a low margin for error. The right ramp is way more forgiving, though weak shot to it can equal a SDTM.
bobblehead - I dont know why the biggest chearleaders for a game often times seem to be the ones who get screwed. Anyway, hang tough and you will be rewarded. The game is everything you hoped for. Just stay on CGC and make them get it perfect.

OK - my left and right ramp act exactly as you described. Thanks.

How about your returns from the right orbit? Are they dropping to your right flipper or hitting right sling?

#4129 3 months ago
Quoted from canea:

Returns from my right orbit only hit the right flipper about a third of the time - usually they hit the sling. Unsure if this is just leveling; I've tried my best on that. Pitch is 7.1-7.2. Not a really big deal, but would love to see the orbit hit the flipper 100%, especially for looping orbits.

OK mine is the same way then. thaks for confirming. I tried 6.5 but same thing and I like 7 better faster.

This game is not easy for me at all. I'm not very good but not terrible. I've heard many say super easy. Not for me - maybe b/c I'm 7.0 and outlanes open...

#4139 3 months ago

AFM beats mm imo. MB is a nice compliment to either but I would still give the nod to afm. In fact AFM might be my favorite game of all time.

#4151 3 months ago

anyone have a ball get stuck (or just not move and stay trapped) on the left ramp curve? happened a few times to me. Ball hits curve but sits there...

#4159 3 months ago

bigdaddy 7.2 seems to have fixed the left ramp. Thanks Haven't had a ball stick. I also adjusted the right out lane a little which is putting the ball on my right flipper more

#4167 3 months ago

dumb question but does Franks ramp get used for more than starting and restarting frank MB? I love that shot so hopefully yes?

#4170 3 months ago

really? What a great under utilized shot.....

#4172 3 months ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

It opens up during mosh put multiball

oh nice.....I'll take it

#4176 3 months ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

This happens to me quite a bit. Mostly when its rolling really slow.
It just gets stuck and I have to open the glass to get it unstuck.
I am raising hte pitch on my game, and I hope that resolves that issue.

Change pitch to 7.2. It works. Haven't had it since.

Credit - bigdaddy07

#4181 3 months ago

interested to hear if anyone has gotten that right orbit shot to return to right flipper more often....

#4204 3 months ago
Quoted from bigdog50:

Well then you missed alot -- your services are in high demand. In my case I opened a ticket at CGC and haven't heard back in 45 minutes on a serious issue with no key fob in my game. I also had to adjust the tilt mechanism as it was too sensitive. Not acceptable on a $8000 item. I will never buy a NIB game from CGC ever again. I also do not let my kids take their toys out of the boxes because the value drops when they are no longer NIB. To protect from dimples I always add a sheet of this to all my playfields before I play the first ball. I find the 1/2" works best
My playfield is so dark by the flippers I can't get to MoR mode. I also paid in full and then had to wait almost 3 weeks to get my game. I had my lawyer file a lawsuit against my Distributor, Chicago Gaming, and all users on Pinside who have pimped this game. I need my panties rubbed

In all seriousness - did the LE come with key fobs b/c not sure i saw mine??

#4275 3 months ago
Quoted from ChiroCop:

I've had my game for a week. You're right, that trough area is a bit dark. The proximity sensors for Phantom Flip take up space where a couple LEDs should be.

I put a LED strip (5 bucks) that is hooked up to a couple of alligators that I've attached to the coin door lights. Works perfect.

20190303_144739 (resized).jpg
#4278 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Yes, but a bit risky. Open coin door, clips could move. Better off either soldering them or connecting to the 6v header header. Typically clips are fine, but not in an area that sees a lot of movement. Blowing something on this game would be very costly.

Yeah I hear you but there is no movement as I only open the coin door when the game is off. Def recommend putting a strip on this game

#4288 3 months ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

Any fool proof solutions on the SDTM issue from the trough? Should I change eject power? If so to what? Only happens on mine probably 1 out of every 15-20 times but man it always seems to be when I am having a good game. Wish there was a balls save setting that could be applied here

I would also want to know. I have one about the same. I'm also trying to have that ball return to the right sling AFTER coming out of pops but I just don't think it's possible and intended that way? If the ball is coming from the top top and drops down the orbit, it does return to my right flipper no issue...

1 week later
#4437 3 months ago
Quoted from TheBigDog:

My LE coin door. Turned out pretty nice I think.
[quoted image]

That's sick

#4447 3 months ago
Quoted from TheBigDog:

Not an AFM thread.... but
[quoted image]

that's incredible. How much to do that?

#4520 3 months ago

Maybe LEs being delayed due to alien production?? Haha ; )

#4529 3 months ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

Finally made it to Monster Bash after a few weeks of ownership.
Here are my thoughts on the machine:
It’s goregous and the build quality is fantastic.
I have not had any problems yet with decals cracking. The topper and it’s light show, all the toys, the mirror blades, the powder coating and the huge screen and lit speakers make the choice for the LE the right choice for me. It is experiencing the same dimpling as my MMr and while even little details on machines often bother me, this does not. Steel balls at high speeds hitting wood...it is what it is. I get the occasional stdm drain like everyone has been describing...including the last ball of my high score game last night...ugh.
The only other game play issue that is actually more problematic than the rare sdtm is the left ramp must be hit perfectly. If not, the ball makes it 25-45% up the ramp and it rolls back down. The right ramp on the other hand can be competed with a week and lazy back hand shot. I’d love to hear anyone’s fix for the left ramp issue.
I love my MMr, but the MBr looks much more enticing to play. Friends all gravitate toward it over all my other pins. IMO, MBr and MMr are equally fun to play and for me, MBr is not an easy game.
I wish everyone much success in receiving their games soon, especially Bubblehead. I’m looking forward to his posts once the eagle lands.
[quoted image]

I had the same issue raise the height to 7.2 and it's played perfectly since.

#4530 3 months ago
Quoted from MERGatroid:

Hello everyone. Looking for some thoughts about weather to get a munsterspro or monster bash so. Seeing people selling Munster pro and le in 1 week. I have a aerosmith pro I love and looking to add to my collection. I love old horror movies. I was a little kid when munsters came out. So both are great themes to me.

I would get munsters.

This way we'll have another person selling it in a month or less!

Use Greg bone as a good example - bought munsters and already sold it for what? Mble.

#4544 3 months ago
Quoted from JHPSWE:

Still waiting for my LE
7.2? Can you explain more how to do it!
Does the game have a digital level?

Back legs up - I would use a phone app to determine if the 7.2 is achieved although there is a bubble reader on the right on mine I believe is a little over 3 lines

#4570 3 months ago
Quoted from BryanBPH:

Just curious if anyone knows the logic on why the drag mech under the playfield was mounted in such a way that it is visible on the playfield? I know it was that way on the original MB, and honestly I never really noticed it one way or the other until I started inspecting my playfield. At first I got excited thinking it was some cool feature that was part of the game, but then when I raised the playfield and looked under that's when I realized it was just the drac mech. Just seems like an odd design to have the mount visible on the playfield.
[quoted image]

Thanks for ruining it! Not sure i noticed that before. Now I can stop seeing it!

I'm joking - well kind of. It does stick out now more than before.

#4583 3 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I really like it, but I kind of wish it had the game name/logo on it.

That's the same way I feel as well. I really like the art though but would miss that logo too much. Def considering as a sep piece of art though

#4639 3 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

It will certainly change my pick for distributor on CGC games in the future. PPS will ship one to anyone willing to pay in full right now, today and Sarah will have it on a truck on its way to you by tomorrow. Imagine how that makes me feel right now? That I could just on a whim, call her number and get one in a week, right now, for the exact same price, or, continue to wait for my delivery through my original distributor and still be weeks out, who knows?
What would you do? I would like to see some of your responses on this, because I am having a hard time not reaching for the phone right now.

Why don't you get your money back from your distributor? I never understand why people pay in full (I didn't, never will and own an MBRLE right now) - but especially now, can't you get the cash back b/c it's been SO long? Sorry if I missed something in advance but I've seen you complain about this for some time now. I 100% understand your frustration and you should be but why continue wait when they're available now elsewhere?

#4642 3 months ago

Post 4637 says you can. I've heard earlier you could as well. I would def ask around if I was still waiting

#4728 3 months ago
Quoted from NPO:

I'm tempted to pick up my phone, order an LE on the spot, watch it arrive, take photos, and post them here with the game fully setup ---- to help some of you realize that you need to stop waiting on your distributor that isn't making shit happen for you and order from someone who will take care of you.
Some Stockholm Syndrome shit happening here. Maybe I missed something and am speaking out of ignorance, but if I'm not - damn - move on and get your game!

It's crazy right? It's like some people just want to punish themselves. What in the world are they thinking? Stop complaining, get your damn money back and get this game home ASAP!

Oh - and NEVER buy anything from these distributors that take and hold your money hostage if they deny you the cash back.

#4732 3 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Being a stand up guy means you honor your commitments. This is not the distributors falt, so why should he loose the sale?

Are you serious? The distributor is expected to get you the game. They are not getting you the game period.

I used to feel bad for you but now I'm not so sure. The distributor I go to for the past 4 years is money. No worries about where my game is, never ask for full payment until my game is there. My suggestion is to, wake up, drop the distributor and move on. Otherwise please....these updates about where is my game.... It's like you're in your own dream world - they're available! Go get one!

Stop droning on and making us have to hear about it too

#4738 3 months ago

Funny thing is I might sell my mbr le before bubble gets his!

So I enjoy it but right now it's definitely my flex game meaning if wonka hits and isn't priced ridiculously I'll put up my mbr.

For those wondering why - I do enjoy it, looks great and plays well. No complaints there. As an AFMLE owner it plays just a little too much like it and if I had to choose it's AFM. I know mm, mbr and AFM all have a similar layout but I thought mbr was the most different. I guess it it's but in a collection of 5 I'm looking for unique for each one. I own AFM, jjp POTC, getaway, alien and then mbr. Thinking I need a little more variety.

Who knows if it's not Wonka, what a lineup of games coming out! Jurassic world? Def if it's not the Stern rinse repeat and then you have jjp gnr which is a def. Even toy story could be a knockout.

Competition is deep

#4750 3 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Anyone want to recomend a good distributor who will take a credit card (via paypal or directly) and might have an LE in stock? I am going to get on the phone and get this over with tomorrow.

Smart man. Well done. Good luck

#4758 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I bought mine from cointaker, check with them

I cannot recommend Cointaker enough! I would upvote this 100 times. Bought many games from them. Best of the best.

#4805 88 days ago

So after being very vocal about why people are still waiting for their "pre order" of MBRLE while others are still waiting with no end in sight, I've received many PM's from pinsiders explaining their case. What's funny (or actually sad) is that they are all dealing with the same distributor....Joe @ pinballstar.

I've never dealt with Joe before but I'm sharing this in the thread to help others. If you have a game locked in with Joe, you're not alone. I have no idea what's the hold up on his end (he appears to be a big distributor around here) but again - you're not alone so don't think this is just one persons issue.

It really frustrates me to no end when Pinsiders give money (usually in full) to distributors and they end up still waiting regardless. I'm calling this out here so folks can learn from this experience and maybe think twice about pre orders but more importantly WHO we're buying from. In certain situations, I'm hearing 1k deposits are being held if someone were to move to another distributor. My opinion - that would be the last time I do business with Joe if he wouldn't refund my money. If you can't fulfill your responsibility, allow the consumer to buy elsewhere since they're available.

I have no idea about Joe's situation - I've only heard from others that time tables are close to 2 months with no other explanation. I believe Joe reads these boards (heard him on Kaneda) so maybe he can use it as an opp to inform all of his customers at once but ultimately, I respect transparency and informing other pinsiders to help as I would want the same if I were in your shoes! I hope you guys get yours soon.

#4824 87 days ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Yikes. CG has maybe 1000 games left to do - everybody is backlogged. And yes as maybe one of CG’s larger distributors sure I have a lot of people waiting simple math. Chicago Gaming will admit they are 2 months behind due to pf issues. The distrubutor doesn’t manufacture the games we are at the mercy of our companies as well unfortunately. Not sure how I’m the bad guy here. I usually collect money an estimated 30 days out from shipping. My last round of invoices had a due date of 3/15 hoping to get games around that time or soon after but in those invoices I also clearly stated I really had no idea when games would be done due to CG delays. But Delt31 wouldn’t know that as he’s not a customer, just a Pinside poster. I’m frankly not sure why I’m even here explaining anything here. CG is paid on full for everyone’s games who have paid, feel free to ask them same, nobody’s asked for a refund and if they did they would get it gladly. In fact I’ve actually offered refunds to a few this week who haven’t even asked knowing they are tired of waiting but of course not one accepted as they want the game. Nothing more I can do as a distributor. I take care of my customers. Delt31 isn’t a customer never has been but very interested in something he has zero interest in to create Pinside drama. I guess another distributor was selling games NIB which has created this uproar about the wait and yes, that’s not good, but has nothing to do with me or any of the other distributors. Trust me, CG isn’t happy about it either. I’ve delivered plenty of MBR LEs and they will continue to as they come out of CG. Thanks guys ! Enjoy your weekend play some pinball.

Appreciate the response - specifically that FULL refunds (including the 1k deposit) is being offered. I know that will put many at ease and is all you can do so glad to hear. Thanks

#4842 86 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Not all the orders are with Joe; this is how rumors get started

Nah not rumors just facts. Helping others....like how I PM'd you many times helping you find that Dr who.

Many PM's to me about this too. Let's just say many thanks given. It's been sorted out though. All money returned to buyer if they want to. All good.

#4852 86 days ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

TL;DR but check my math please.
Understandings have been sorted out, but the actual LE delay due to pf screening issues is far from sorted out. It’s April and the LE drought continues... and here is my rub, even if they get it ironed out, ~800 LE’s divided by 65 machines/week is still 3 months to finish all machines, it’s April, so late orders won’t be filled until June. This is assuming they can actually get to 65 machines a week average production. So if we do simple math they may have delivered 450 LE’s so far in 5 months, and that is about 23 machines a week. That puts 800/23 which is ~8.5 months. So if nothing happens, last orders will be delivered by Christmas 2019. Ryan has told me personally their fallout on LE playfields is 40%. So 23 LE’s a week is their production rate with access to 60% good playfields. This means at 100% acceptance rate of production LE pf’s, they can only produce ~40 machines a week? These are all numbers made available to me by CGC and I am only assuming they have delivered 450 machines out of 1250. If that number is lower, it’s even worse than I calculated. Any higher than 450 and I would have expected my machine delivered already because I was in the top 20% of my distributors allotment, and 450 out of 1250 is 38% delivery ratio, meaning my game should have been here.
What all this actually means is not only are they behind, but they are WAY behind, and according to my calculations, there is no way they are going to magically start shipping boat loads of them to “catch up”. If they double thier current delivery rate, they might get done by August.
I will gladly listen to anyone who can tell me anything different.

Sure - I was not talking about CGC figuring out their own issues. I think the delay is due to Alien right? Right? ; )

1 week later
#5174 73 days ago

If anyone is looking to join the club, mine is for sale. PM if interested.

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