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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

2 years ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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#211 1 year ago

We were contemplating a DP Pro when the wife saw the MBrLE at Expo, that sealed the deal. We both have dreamed of owning an original, but as someone who appreciates the update in technology, we jumped onboard and pulled the trigger. The improved graphics resolution and redraw/reanimation is pretty spot on. The new RGB GI lighting is beautiful, and the game played just like a MB, shot for shot. Don’t walk, run to your distributor and drop $8k.

#257 1 year ago

After talking with their rep at Expo, the plan is 150 SE first and they can produce them in two weeks, them matching number LE’s... then non matching LE’s then CE and more SE’s. I told him I locked in a non matching LE and he said I would probably see it by Christmas. That’s all I know right now. Same rep said they have been building modules for months, and they have been very busy building even more things we don’t know about. This may be hype, who knows. While eating dinner at the hotel restaurant, a discussion on the next remake broke out between the rep and an operator, who agreed with me when I said TAF would never be recreated. The CGC rep looked down at his plate and said, and I quote “That’s not what the going price says, it’s still commanding $10k for a mint machine.” So throw that on the proverbial speculation bonfire.

#265 1 year ago

mrsanramon , not sure how many would be in for an TAFr, but it sure felt like CGC thinks it is a viable product. I think their multi tiered offerings would work here. They are looking for me, specifically, as a customer. Home collector with a large disposable income stream. That puts me in for the MBrLE and probably a TAFrLE if they made one. Operators can get in on a classic if their clientele are looking for older popular titles and the not so well to do player can get a decent trim level machine without all the bling. I didn’t think a TAFr would ever be produced, due to the 20k machines out there either, and it was me who said so during the conversation. It was the CGC rep who thinks differently.

#295 1 year ago

Im #10 on the list at my distributor for non matching MBrLE... whoohoo! Maybe by xmas is not a dream after all?

#303 1 year ago

I think leg protectors may be solution looking for a problem. If you keep yer leg bolts tight, I dont see a need for them, but then I keep my leg bolts tight and dont take the legs on and off. If yer routing machines and the legs are going on and off all the time, get some felt cut to shape and poke a few holes in it... cheap as it gets and what I would use. But my home machines are player machines... the cabinets have war woulds and trench foot (rusted) levelers. No need to keep my cabinets “pristine”. The new MBrLE however, my first real NIB purchase, may get the full treatment as an investment protection measure... then again, it might come with them... right CGC? And cliffies, and... and... (Well I can dream can’t I?)

#307 1 year ago

kozmckpinball, awesome info, good to know! Do they come with a scoop protector or do I need to order a Cliffy?

#325 1 year ago

Ok, been playing a ton of MB on PA just to get my chops up... Wife says, “you will be bored silly” if I don’t stop before it gets here in December (fingers, toes, eyes, dresser, all crossed....) I say bring it on, because even though I have done everything but Lymans Lament and Sweet 6 on a real MB, nothing will be as sweet as having a REAL MB in my front room, one to play on for hours on end... till I get that stupid lament... and the sweet 6.

#331 1 year ago

To give the Toppers time to arrive is my guess... biggest lead time piece of the puzzle... and of course what pinzzz said...

#356 1 year ago

I think its up to the distributor if they give you your 1k back... But after seeing one in person, playing it, you will likely not pull out, and for the person who takes your spot if you do, they will be glad you did.
Side note to ops, a brand new AFMr on location is wonder to look at, the big display makes a huge difference. This MBr sitting right next to a AFMr and MMr is a hard lineup for a pinhead to pass up... just saying, and if you had a TZ, TOM, Totan, or TAF sitting next to those, with a couple of Stern hard rockers and a JJP Di or WOZ, a pinhead would never leave the bar.

#368 1 year ago

I was told matching number LE’s are the first batch of LE’s on the line and once ALL those orders are filled they start with the first unused number at the top of the serial number list and start shipping non- matching LE orders. My hope is before first of the year I see mine, but that just may be when I get the final bill and I actually won’t see it until later in January.

#380 1 year ago

I hope they have no bugs at all in the SE’s, so you SE owners get a great working pin. Then they can make all those matching S/N LE’s with no bugs, then us new to the party LE owner’s get a really, really mature bug free run... But then the ops get those bugfree CE’s to go on site, and I’m sure they love that.

#397 1 year ago

Standup targets at all the post positions near ramps to qualify for phantom flip. It chooses the “most needed” shot based on a hierarchy I have yet to decipher. If you are like me, you hesitate to use it except once in a while. It is very klugey because if you flip the flipper while it is trying for a shot, if you mistimed your flip and the shot misses, the machine adjust its timing to try and hit the shot the next time. This then makes the machine miss the next shot, which then usually drains straight back from a solid Frank shot, or rebounds wildly heading for left or right outlane. So most players choose to not use it except to hit the Frank shot to start multiball, or the scoop for extra ball, yet not too certain it thinks EB is your best “shot” when it takes it from the left flipper. Most times it tries for the Bride ramp.

#403 1 year ago

Maybe he meant MDF?

#413 1 year ago

I think CGC wants to make the best machines they can, well, because that is what sells. Right now they are standing on the shoulders of giants. They have a selection of proven titles that people want, and they continue to improve their machines and processes with each title they re-release. Including improving the cabinet insides with laminate.

But it is easy to sell crack to a crackhead...

CGC currently has a business model that seems to be working. Offer remakes in differing trim levels just like the other manufacturers offer new titles. I like them, I have my MBrLE on order and would have a TAFrLE on order if they made it.

When CGC takes the risk and does what the others do, i.e. develope NEW IP, they will find that new game development is a lot harder than building quality recreations. I hope they listen to that little voice that says “Why not update proven titles with more modern rules and toys?”

What would a Centaur III be like from CGC? Now there is some food for thought.

#430 1 year ago

Listen, when someone contacts me with the pay now email, they are getting paid. Period. I have not lived all this time and waited all these years to get a really gorgeous, amazing, New in the F’in Box Monster Bash that is way better (brand new) than a 20 year old original and cheaper than whats been circulating in the collectors market. 2 weeks?!? I’ve waited 20 years! Sheesh. They can have my money for two months as long as an MBr LE shows up on my doorstep.

#494 1 year ago

I was hoping to get my unmatched LE before xmas...

Now the Grinch seems to be up on the mountaintop with an evil grin on his face...

“Poo Poo to the Pinheads!” He was grinchly humming.
“They’re finding out now that no un-matched Bashes are coming!”
“They’re just waking up,”
“I know just what they’ll do,”
“Their mouths will hang open for a minute or two!”
“Then the Pinheads down on PinSide will all cry ‘boo-hoo’!”
“That’s a noise,” grinned the Grinch, “that I simply must hear,”
He paused, then the Grinch put a hand to his ear-

#496 1 year ago

Screw it... I don’t care if its not past Thanksgiving... Some “grinchly” mood music is in order... so Take it away Thurl Ravenscroft!

#509 1 year ago

Wrong thread

#589 1 year ago

I am playing MB on PA on my iPad in preparation for my new toy. Put up a 1.3 billion getting MB thrice, MOR twice, and MMP a couple times... I figure my timing will be so fucked, and it will make learning all the shots all over again more fun.

#605 1 year ago

Ok, it's Black Friday and so all the line workers at CGC who needed a little extra spending money for Xmas sent the family shopping today while they went to work and built some wonderful MBrLE pinball machines. This is the fantasy I am living today. And I want to thank all of the workers at CGC who signed up to work today for taking one for the team and are putting in a 10 hour day building pinball machines specifically for us. You have my eternal sincere gratitude.

#609 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzzz:

Something is a little extra off here...

What, you were expecting some kind of mushy, sentimental, feel good post about Thanksgiving? and everyone should be standing around patting each other on the backs and give thanks for everything we have while totally disregarding the fact that these workers, probably working from paycheck to paycheck, are most likely working today and are building my $8300 play toy, and they are just hoping the family can score a new Intant Pot cooker from Walmart today for $65. You mean that kind of extra off? Or is reality something you don't like dealing with when you spend $8k on a toy built by those way less fortunate than yourself? I was just being as sincere as possible in the circumstance, so again, thank you to all the hard working men and women working today. Whether you build wonderful pinball machines, or are just keeping food on the table, we thank you.

#673 1 year ago

Good things happen to those that wait... congrats SE owners... your wait is nearly over

Great things happen to those that wait longer... still waiting on my LE, and you CE owners, it is worth waiting for, all three editions are just as fun to play so hang in there... winter is coming... but so are our machines.

#687 1 year ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

Yes that is it. Zoom in and find out. For me it looks terrible. I hope that this not production, as my mmrle looks perfect and nothing like that

I will agree, that is not a very flattering pf photo... but the machines at Chicago Expo did not look like that, so my fingers are crossed as well, but I am not really too worried.

#695 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

100,000 plays will flatten it right out.

Lol... Funniest thing I’ve seen today...

#713 1 year ago

Me too, zablon, first “in the box” new. My FGy had only 250 plays on it, but it was not NIB. This thing looks so shiny... and new... and that first dimple is going to make me cry a single, sweet tear... of joy! It’s that first moon crater that’s going to make me openly weep, however.

plunger069, congrats... she is a beauty.

#724 1 year ago

Ok, no Elvira, no WW, but Elvis is still in the building...

#725 1 year ago

It is right now that a whole bunch of pinheads are wishing they could alter time, speed up the harvest, or teleport themselves to Maine NY... that or they are wishing they bought a CE to play until their LE arrives, and then sell the CE for $5800 cash and carry once the LE gets there in January... now why didn’t I think of that in October?!?

#748 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Upvote for buttcrack (that's a girl, right??)

I am afraid you have been man-bunned... it’s ok... happens to the best of us.

#750 1 year ago

I figure at least I am not trying to keep a 20 year old MB working for another 20 years...

#764 1 year ago
Quoted from mrfp:

Mine arrived today - it is set up and just warming up a bit before we turn it on.

The Devil is in the details... CE, SE, LE? Be specific man, lives are on the line!

#816 1 year ago

Still wish I would have bought 2, an SE to enjoy for xmas until my LE gets here in January, then sell it off. I guess I could find a distributor with an SE “in stock” and have it drop shipped for christmas.

Any SE owners in AZ tired of it yet?

#869 1 year ago

meurah, congrats, waiting on my LE... at least in here we can be CGC fanboys without much blowback...<looks over shoulder> I think... nah, some body will post some negative comment about me saying something positive about CGC and something negative about Stern... even if I dont say anything negative about Stern! Still waiting...

#878 1 year ago

yelobird, thanks for not blocking me... lol. I will post a thread... those who can stomach me might read it...

#884 1 year ago

Let me live my fantasy of waking up Christmas morning, racing downstairs to see a wonderful shiny new pinball machine wedged under the tree... the poor thing all covered in pine needles, pine tar dripping all over the powdercoat, heirloom brass ornaments scratching up the cabinet side art... a puddle of dog piss under one leg where Fido felt like releaving himself this morning and a suspicious looking dookie that smells like someone crapped all the cinnamon Santa cookies they predated last night too.

Thanks Santa, it was he most wonderful Christmas morning of my life.

#905 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

When does the disc trigger in the LE?

During Fankie multiball if I am remembering correctly...

Wait you are asking what flasher or lamp array triggers it, That I don’t know... looking at a video of MBrLE on youtube looks like it tiggers with the purple arc tower flashers, but not exclusively... not sure if they are sniffing the lamp and flasher matrix or if they are watching a memory location in code. I think you might need to trace this one out. Just noticed too that the color on the disk changes as well, so there is either an RGB GI lamp wired into the disk unit as well as a trigger to turn on the plasma fx... more than meets the eye when you watch this video...

#907 1 year ago

I would try and rename the existing logo file to logo.old and rename the new image to the old CGC logo file name and see what happens after a power cycle?

#996 1 year ago

I think the worse thing that happened to MB is they published it on the Pinball Arcade, people played it, beat the crap out of it, and have moved on because owning one was just fantasy, and the last one you saw actually in the wild was so dirty and beat to death, you wondered even if you could find one, it would never be like getting one NIB, and most likely would require HEP to come to the rescue.

Both AFM, and MM are very similar and feel like playing the same rulesets, and MB would be a perfect trifecta except there is a different flavor to it. Maybe a little less deep, but when you are trying to get the last instrument to get Monsters of Rock it is almost the same as trying to complete the last mode in AFM to get to rule the universe. The one thing I like about MB is that the final wizard mode does not require you to get out of your current mode, it will start with multiple balls on the table. There is nothing more frustrating than to leave a wizard mode qualified but uncollected

#1006 1 year ago

If the vacuformed white lamp carrier is misformed, it would cause this... I am expecting they had a rush on it since it is a machine specific part. If they don't heat the plastic high enough or if they delay the vacuum, the dimensions that could cause this would go oversize. This is a defect. I will put in a ticket if mine comes and does this. So anyone experiencing this should too, depending on the difficulty to get it in and out. Minor rubbing is acceptable, but a major blockage, not so much.

#1055 1 year ago

Well this is awesome news about backglass backbox fix... but let's all be vigilant and report all defects no matter how minor... the feedback helps everyone by making sure all customers are happy, the manufacturer is happy (because they can fix the issue on future machines), and we all get better machines in the end.

#1075 1 year ago

Folks, the combo hole protector is held in place by squeezing down on the "rubber wheels", so it is held in place by friction. This was to prevent having to screw into the wood and require removing other assemblies to replace it.. or something like that... I figure it is replaceable without too much teardown, so buy three and toss a few of them in the coin box. Problem solved.

#1085 1 year ago


Unless you want to really freak out. You will see things like ball trails on clear ramps, and bent posts or cracked plastics. Dimmples and the occasional crater. Worn out rubber and black dust all over everything. Cripes, you would think they were throwing around huge chunks of flying steel under that glass.

#1125 1 year ago

I think the first thing a new MBr owner should do is take the $6k to $8k they spent and mentally throw it in the dumpster. Ok, now forget you actually spent that money on a toy for the game room, and then, try and forget that when you play with your toy, it's going to get some wear and tear. Ok, are we good now? When you start looking for cracks in the veneer, you are going to drive yourself insane. Just suck up the dents and dings and dimples and mangled hole protectors, which are only there because bare chipped up wood has no place in a pinball machine.

#1175 1 year ago

All I know is I am 10th on Joe's list of unmatched LEs at PinballSTAR, haven't heard a peep yet.

#1185 1 year ago

Any LE owners want to measure their box and let me know the dimensions? I may need to haul mine from my friends house because we are having our LEs shipped together to save a little on shipping. But I only have a Chevy Equinox SUV to pick it up. Not sure NIB LE will fit in an Equinox, and I am guessing not

#1199 1 year ago

Well seeing the LE gets you two years of warranty, I'm hoping I won't need to fight for two years with their warranty validation system... who ever is in charge of warranties at CGC... hello? McFly? Think, McFly... you wouldn't want to have to deal with ME for the next 2 years would you? You're new here, so I'm going ro cut you a little slack. So why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?

#1205 1 year ago

AFMr's are too bright on their insert intesity... in a dimly lit barcade, I am blinded by how bright they are... and strobe multi ball is exactly as frustrating since with no lights, you barely see ball images let alone any trails to follow ball movement. So if I owned a AFMr, I would look into trying to balance it out a little.

#1280 1 year ago

My take on pinball protectors... Nice if you got them, great if installed day 1, and if they are getting beat up because you are playing your machine a lot... just wait till the honeymoon is over, replace the protectors and everything will be fine...

Unless this is your only machine, then you are pretty much screwed into keeping it pristine all the time, waxing it weekly, if it had tires, you would kick them and keep them inflated to exact company specs and change the oil every 3000 miles, rerubber it quarterly, replace the balls after every 200 games, have a custom dust cover made with matching title logos, check the playfield angle after every 10 plays, replace the leg levelers at the first signs of rust, keep the shades drawn, the lights dim, and avoid all direct light that might fade the artwork, powder coat all exposed metal in baby shit metalic flake transparent green, replace all GI lamps with color cycling LEDs, replace all tungsten lamps with LEDs, over pay for a custom, one of a kind Halloween decoration topper with glowing eyes and pay to replace your driver board after shorting it out while trying to install the topper without turning off the power, over pay for a stair crawling appliance dolly to climb the three steps up your front porch, buy every mod and semi-bling item you can find on Pinball Life, Marco Specialties, Planetary Pinball, Lermods, the Modfather, and every mod you can find from tom, dick, or harry and even including the spanish guy developing a hologram mod for a machine you don’t even own, have your livingroom repainted and redecorated to match the theme of your machine, plus buy every non-pinball machine related item that even remotely ties in to the theme of your machine, buy a mousepad and poster of the backglass, have the artwork tatooed onto the back of your freshly waxed backside, after paying the local landscaper $50 to weedwack your heavily overgrown manscaped behind, get the machine’s sales flyer matted and framed and hung up on the wall next to it, buy every machine specific part that may never actually fail and place them in storage for all eternity, but a second machine and keep in locked NIB in a windowless undisclosed location warehouse to be used to resurect the original machine if it happens to get a little leg curl on the cabinet decal which you found during your yearly cabinet decal leg curl discovery expedition. Yeah, pin ownership has it’s foibles...

#1284 1 year ago
Quoted from corvair61:

You must speak from experience. Lol

We are all young and dumb in the beginning...

#1288 1 year ago

As long as the hole protector doesnt damage the ball, I say let it dent away, but put a scratch on a ball within 20 plays, now we need to talk... scratched up balls and balls with a nick can do some nasty surface damage pretty quickly.

#1338 1 year ago
Quoted from tilted81:

They certainly aren’t any more dimple resistant

Ok, I do not want this thread derailed talking about muddah phutzin dipples or craters or any other “normal wear and tear” issues... I mean, sure the hole protectors are getting BTF, and yeah, you got a dimple or a crater... lets report the things we really see and agree are problems, not go off on any “but mine don’t — but mine does” thirty page rant off. As an owner awaiting his Christmas gift to himself, (albeit a little late, A-hem CGC) I don’t want to sit here and start worrying if my $8000 toy is broken before I even get it out of the fucking box.

Come on, I am begging you people, please...

#1341 1 year ago

plunger069, no we good, I am just chomping at the bit for my MBrLE... I saw the word dimple and went apeshit for a second...

#1343 1 year ago

shinyball, hey I am in an owners thread, and I do respect my other fellow owners... lol. The DP crater thread went on for days, and right now, my dimple nerves are wearing really thin...

#1354 1 year ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Anybody else’s playfield have blotches in it? Like, ink blotches

If it wasn’t for your dimple comment, I would swear you are trolling me now...

(But yes, a picture is worth a thousand...)

#1358 1 year ago

Well, Margaret, those be some interesting “blemishes” and I would expect the same comment from the manufacturer...

“Although we strive to provide you with a pristine new pinball machine, one must expect and accept some minor “blemishes” and manufacturing artifacts to occur from time to time during the manfacturing process. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will work with our suppliers to ensure these small, optically detracting but ultimately still playable defects are limited in future products. Your loyalty and commitment to our brand is respected and much appreciated. Please let us know how we can better serve you in the future, yours truly, The Management.”

#1359 1 year ago

Oh, I have a copyright on that blurb... but CGC can feel free to lift and use as much from it as they want to, I won’t mind...

#1366 1 year ago

tilted81, Hey, I am with you here on the issue, but I ultimately know where it will lead. As others have pointed out, when the defects are cabinet and playfield related, the customer support from ANY manufacturer will take the same stance, which sucks. My LE, when it gets here, may have the same problems. I don’t expect them to do anything about them if I complained, and would expect a response like I posted to come back at me if I did.

The biggest problem CGC has is these machines are heading for the home market and HUO customers want better quality. That your playfield even got used is questionable QC in my mind, and it only takes one poorly trained insert pounder or drill jig operator who is supposed to inspect the blank PF’s prior to them going down the line to end up with what you have.

So I am with you in disgust, and I support you in your concern, but I have seen these things happen all too often in pinball. And yes, I will not be able to unbox my new machine fast enough to look for the same flaws now that you have shown us the low bar they have set on playfield blemishes.

#1368 1 year ago

The distributor business model is also a way of insulating itself from these kinds of manufacturing defects when the ultimate use of the machine is and was historically to provide a means of making a living by providing POS (point of sale, not piece of shit) entertainment. You could run a 1” gash down the side of the cabinet and your customer is not going to look at it and say “Nah, I don’t think I want to play THIS machine, look at the cabinet art for petes sake...”

If this happened back in the day, like a cabinet got forked during shipment, The distributor would offer the operator a box of lamps and a handful of playfield rubber, and the operator would tip his hat and the machine would go on site...

#1376 1 year ago

ptownpin, I am ready to recieve said load of salt and have plenty of room to pack it if there are any issues with my machine’s pf or cabinet. I even paid $8000 + shipping for the opportunity!

#1455 1 year ago

Has anyone thought the build order might be in the order of verification of matching numbers? So those who where in first with their serial number info went straight to the build order list?

#1483 1 year ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

Anyone else having trouble with the scoop ejecting the ball straight down the middle? I checked to see if it was loose and it is not. Any ideas? It's annoying to have this happen about 10% of the time.

Can you change the scoop kicker strength in the CGC menus? I figure that is first thing I would try before physically manhandling the scoop.

#1507 1 year ago

Has anyone with an AFMrLE checked the audio hardware between the two machines? People keep claiming AFMrLE sound is way better than MBrSE or MBrLE and I would just expect MBrCE to have a reduced capability audio system, but has anyone actually compared the hardware between AFMr and MBr platforms? People keep saying a software update could address the sound quality issue, but I don’t think I can agree on that being a viable fix unless the hardware supporting both AFMr and MBr are the same, and that the OG source sound quality is clean enough that when amped to similar volume levels, it doesn’t sound like crap.

But the biggest question in my mind is, if they have people on the CGC team doing audio, you would think the same people responsible for AFMr’s “good” sound is responsible for MBr’s “bad” sound too, so why the big difference if they didn’t change the hardware from one title to the next?

Has anyone formally complained about the audio to CGC yet?

#1528 1 year ago

I downloaded and read the manual... seems the custom logo requires an SD memory card... but it doesn’t say if it needs to stay installed in the machine, but I am figuring that is true in order for it to load at startup.

#1532 1 year ago

Ok, thanks LTG

#1534 1 year ago

So does it reset after a power cycle or is it static?, someone was saying it wasn't?

#1569 1 year ago

My cliffy for my family guy TV scoop is beat to hell, but it is 10 years old... and has like a two part fit it in the hole installation. The playfield underneath is perfectly fine. On my MBrLE, someday, I might replace it, but for now meh? Let her dent away... as long as the playfield edge stays mostly unsplintered and unworn.

#1630 1 year ago

What is going on with this thread... refuses to open up additional pages...

#1655 1 year ago

I am sure the after market mod crowd will have better monster figures for all the characters before this is all over... I will leave the figures that come with mine be, for now, because there is some kind of steel skinned monsters getting loose on the playfield causing so much damage... more than likely going to take out Frankie or Drac soon. Hell, I been told they like hole protectors the best right now and have been eating them like popcorn. I think they call them “balls”?

#1661 1 year ago

I think the only difference between the figures is supposed to be the detailing, which just means they took 2 minutes to paint each figure with a 1” brush instead of just 30 seconds with a sharpie pen. The figures themselves are all from the same molds, because paying for multiple injection molds per monster is plain nuts, if they didn't just reuse the original molds if they still exist. I am not worried, if the monsters suck real bad, they will get remade by somebody.

#1666 1 year ago

If the monsters on my MBrLE (when it gets here) don’t look like the pictures we have been shown to differentiate between non-detailed and detailed figures, I will open a ticket with CGC... and I will say, you installed CE figures in my LE. I want 1 of 2 things, either a set of figures unpainted, or a set painted and detailed per the advertised “improved” ad speak. I agree with zablon , my decision to spend an extra $1000 or two should give me monster figures that look better than NOS originals which is what I would EXPECT on a CE, but not the SE and certainly not on an LE.

#1684 1 year ago

I will be happy with those... no issue at all.

#1696 1 year ago

They do play different, but only the GI light show and the new dot animations and topper integration. The rest of it shot and felt just like an original.

On AFMr’s that I have played, there is a slight, and I am talking ALMOST in-perceptual slight delay on the flippers, one that gets in the way of getting really good flow going on the ramps. This does not happen on MBrLE that I played at Expo, my left/right bride ramp game was on. I got to MOR one time out of probably 20 to 25 games I played, with untold bashes and moshes. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've added some special modifications myself. But we're a little rushed, so if you'll just get onboard, we'll get outta here...

Still waiting on my MBrLE unmatched... sigh... 10th on the unmatched LE list at PinballSTAR and still no love.

#1832 1 year ago

Either the wireform is mis-shaped, or the SS wall is malformed or else installed incorrectly. The wireform is hooked into the table sirface, so if the ends are positioned correctly, those three things could be the culprit. Things like these can be tricky to get flowing correctly, the skillshot on my Pinbot ramp has never been repeatable for similar issues. I left it alone because it has prevented the spiral ramp from getting the enevitable broken top corner. The first thing to try is loosening everything, moving the ball to that position and look to see if there is a pinch point. I have wrapped a few layers of duct tape around an old ball and put it in the pinch point and tightened down all the mounts, then removed the tape covered ball and try it again. That can clear up a clearance problem pretty quickly.

#1928 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I wish MB had a 2nd skill shot like MM where you could hold the flipper button shoot the ball around and make a shot.

When I play MB on PA on my iPad, I have a tendancy to hold the left flipper up when I launch the ball. I know it does nothing, but really wished the AFM rule could be in MB as well... I would shoot the f*cking bride shot every time. I know the criss cross bride dance is fun, but jeeesus...12 shots to get the microphone?!? How about just 6? I would MOR about 5 times at least on my first ball...

Ok, so maybe leave that rule out

#1952 1 year ago

Not sure people have really thought out the “connected to compete” angle of pinball. IOT connected machines makes sense only for software updates, common hi score leader boards, and reporting faults, earnings, and audits. People who think multi machine, national tornament competition via wifi or BT is going to happen soon must know something I don't. No one is going to compete in an on-site, national, regional or even a local tournament that has players playing on different machines off in the ether without some real specific monitoring and certification going on. How do I know there is a level playing field, and this is LITTERALLY an honest and relevant question. Are the machines set up the same?, same incline, outlanes, flipper strength, level left to right, nothing broken or compensated for, has the glass installed and no rigged switches to trip jackpots or scoring other than with the balls installed? If people can cheat, they will and you thought pinball machines were expensive now? Adding the hardware and software to monitor cheating is the last thing an operator wants to spend money on. They would rather see machines that last longer without having to fix or repair them as often than the minimal added market draw of online competition. That works for a video game where the playfield is virtual and the biggest exsposed game control is a trackball and button. Actually its kind of hard to make a video game play different from cabinet to cabinet. Try that with two NIB pins and see what happens?

#1954 1 year ago

And the matching numbers shipments to the Eloi continue to march on... while us lowlife unmatched Morlocks continue our torturous wait...

#1963 1 year ago

My true review will have to wait till I play a game on my factory built machine and not a show prototype, but I will say this. After having longed to own an original MB for 20 years, and hoping, as the years rolled on, that I would be able to find one in good working order and not have to restore it from a lost wood, played to death state of near death-

I would rather spend a couple of hours fixing a minor issue with a brand new machine than try and hunt down a phantom ground in the switch matrix of a 20 year old game. Ymmv.

So that is my best argument for buying CGC MBr, it does play like the original, and if you squint your eyes enough, you cant even tell MBrCE is a remake.

#1965 1 year ago

And I am having an Eloi for dinner too... I hope she has drunk a nice red wine... I hate when they’ve been drinking white, the paring is so gauche.

#1973 1 year ago

So February, you say? That estimate is way beyond the “possibly by the end of year” we heard when we ordered it in October. At this rate, if I get it by my birthday in March, I guess I should feel lucky? We are in for a rocky February if that is the case.

#1976 1 year ago

Now is the time when you start reevaluating your life choices and wondering wether you should have just got a Stern Pro and played it for a couple of months while you wait... one thing for certain, been less of a wait than the first 20 years waiting on the remake in the first place. Right now, with LE’s still to be had by a few distributors, one wonders if they could have done something with their $1000 unrefundable deposit beside let it make money for somebody else for the last 3 months. If the wait goes beyond January, that will affect my buying decisions going forward for certain. NIB is nice and all, but this may be the first and last preorder sale for me.

#2033 1 year ago

Ok, this pic makes me think that the waiting is not going to be the hardest part (sorry, Tom Petty, RIP)


#2040 1 year ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Because CFTBL, Dracula, the mummy, the wolf man, and Frankenstein were all in color?

No, because who ever heard of a rock concert without a huge color light show? But I get were you are coming from.

If I am paying $8K for something that has RGB LED lights all over it, do I really want the artwork in B&W? I am paying a premium for this thing, and “Avant Garde Artwork” is not one of the things on the LE feature matrix.

#2072 1 year ago

On recipt of my machine, I will follow the procedure that my distributor outlines for to me to follow. They have a lot of experience handling deliveries of machines, and I trust they will inform me of everything I should know when dealing with the delivery driver, the BOL, and any damamge claims and required documentation when damage is uncovered during the inspection process. I believe you have like a 15 to 30 minute inspection window once the shipment arrives to inspect.

#2098 1 year ago

So according to my friend in shipping, unless stated otherwise in the carrier contract, any shipper must allow an inspection upon delivery per the Carmack Amendment. This includes breaking down and inspecting for hidden damage. The inspection window is typically 15 to 30 minutes. All damage found must be noted on both copies of the BOL, and both signed by driver and recipient. This is federal law. But the carrier contract overrides any CA clauses which might apply, including limiting damages and the amount of time to claim them. READ your carrier contract carefully was his advice.

#2107 1 year ago

Well, my guy says tell the driver you will sign for the delivery, damage or not, but you will not sign until you have inspected for damage. Note all damage on both copies of BOL, have driver and myself sign both copies. Let driver go. But he said if distributor has a carrier contract for shipment, have them send you a copy and know what is covered and how to claim damages and how to document them per the contract. It may specifically relieve the carrier of liabilities and stipulate that signing for receipt of goods leaves you no recourse. Be informed, talk to your distributors is best advice.

#2142 1 year ago

If I had ALL $8K’s worth of skin in the game from day 1, getting my machine in March when I was told a wild tale of “by New Years, or sooner” would make me a little hot under the collar, but I only have $1000 in right now. As long as games continue to get delivered, I am not worried... too much.

#2182 1 year ago

If a non matched MBrLE has been seen in the wild, I would suspect it is a few backroom agreements and a few greased palms of distributors (alls fair in love and pinball? Right?) making things happen for their customers. You pay that extra $1000 and see how soon it shows up on your doorstep. Am I wrong?

#2251 1 year ago
Quoted from LP30:

custom shipping mod.

Ok. This. This is funny in the light of pure heartbreak. I want to up vote your post but for the humor in the face of misadventures, not just another “put a fork in Jeff Gordon” comment, and my appologees to any Jeff G fans.

#2386 1 year ago

Time to get my 2 minutes of hate in for the day...

So the last we heard, they are having “playfield issues” with the MBr production run, and that matching LE’s are being delayed possibly into February, and non matching LE’s will be rolling off the line in March (maybe) and that if you are a ways down the unmatched LE list, April and May may be your delivery month.

To quote good ole Charlie Brown... “AAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

I am a day 1, LE on order, $1000 nonrefundable deposit paid, waiting for his non-matched serial number machine, pinball playing fool who is not taking the wait very well. NOT when the rep said maybe by the end of December. Remember this was October when they say this... so you think... ok, they have one sitting right here... they say production is starting... they say a LOT of things and I feel all warm and fuzzy and I get a real big chubby thinking I might get to play it for Christmas... in 2019?!? WT holy F!

Ok, so back to reality... March... April?!? It is at this point you start wanting something for the wait... maybe say an extra 90 days of warranty, or throw in a few extra slingshot plastics, or an extra set of hole protectors since we know they get beat up. Maybe throw in a nice metalic blue powdercoated Pingulp, or really surprise me and throw in maybe a nice anti glare playfield glass...

It would just make the wait a little bit easier.

#2398 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

While I was (im)patiently waiting for my TNA, I picked up IMDN, DI, Bubble Hockey and a giant MAME.

That is not impatience, that is full blown distraction therapy...

#2452 1 year ago

Most ops where I played an original MB 20 years ago had the ball saver turned on because players were used to everything else new at the time having one. Dave and Busters in Cincinatti, Oh had it turned off initially, but the second time we went back it was on. They had 2 pins there for a while, the other was South Park. Anyone else remember playing MB at D&B’s 20 years ago?

#2468 1 year ago

I’m in the “it’s just better when we know these things” camp on communication and waiting. I have communicated with my distributor, but they are in the dark as much as we are right now. They have no idea why the delay or what the delay is, only that CGC is working on finishing up matching #’s in January, unmatched LE’s start in February and then who knows how they start delivering them to ditributors after that. From the basic academic deductions you can make from reports on here, distributor relations between CGC definitely determines who gets what first when.

Here is my take... the longer they let this go without any communication, the more the following scenario plays out:

WARNING! The following is NOT reality, it is just what can happen without any communication from CGC...Read at your own risk.

So someone posts on Pinside that they have discovered something at CGC on the line... it’s not a small issue. It is an obscured or hidden issue, and it may have been going on since they started. It’s not a serious issue as far as game play is concerned, but it could be considered a flaw that many owners would balk at if they know about it. Now everyone starts to speculate what could it be? Is it the quality of playfield plywood? Cabinets are starting to crack and get loose? The giant pcb is warping due to heat? They used the wrong X on the Y and now we get Z... Suddenly everyone wants to know what is wrong and does it affect their already delivered machines? People with deposits and who pif start to get nervous, people start talking about cancelling their orders and buy something else, a wave of cancellations cause money shortages at CGC and they miss a payment to a supplier. Supplier gets on Pinside and declares CGC is insolvent... all hell breaks loose on Pinside... people start dumping CGC remakes onto the secondary market, prices of CGC machines plummets as nobody wants to get stuck holding a can of worms... CGC files for bankruptcy...

And I still don’t get a fricken MBrLE

#2488 1 year ago

Whats funny is people are talking about Stern building MMr’s and how different the quality of the cabs and heads are to CGC’s MMr’s and AFMr’s but correct me if I am wrong, didn’t CGC make the cabinets and heads for both, didn’t they? I didnt think Stern made the cabinets and heads for the MMr first run?

#2503 1 year ago

I think with all hidden modes and wizard goals, on a consistent basis, this machine kicks my ass and keeps me on my toes WITHOUT a ball saver (Hello? Munsters calling...). My biggest pet peeve? You find Franks head, and have every instrument but the Microphone, you flip the last right ramp to start Ball and Chain. You then shoot the left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, right ramp, left ramp then last right ramp for the micrphone then you want The Phantom flip to finish Frank, star Frank multiball, and then finish ball and chain during Frank MB to get the MOR before bash 50M bonus when you get done with Frank BUT...
Lights blinking on during a Ball and Chain light show (like the phantom flip inserts) and you think it is active in the correct lane and you watch ball 3 drain down the flipper and out as you notice everything is lit...MOR, bash, extra ball, Frank MB is ready... I have done this more than once in some 20 years of play. But I always make Lyman take the last shot if I can... I like to see just what shot “he” thinks is best for me. But trusting Phantom flip to make your wizard shots meens you have to make your own shots count ALL the time. Live by the flipper, die by the (phantom) flipper.

#2528 1 year ago

Each day I come here for moral support and the hope of some scrap or fragment of a communication from CGC on when my MBrLE might become more than a figment of my imagination... and at what point do caged animals start attacking and eating each other? I think we are almost there...

#2545 1 year ago

If I want to listen to someone drone on about world problems I'll tune in NPR... I didn't invite anyone in here to listen to me bitch about CGC and their continuously slipping delivery schedule, it just happens to be the most discussed subject right now, and with seemingly good reason by a few of us. Ymmv, but then I am not trying to feed the world or sing kumbaya in the middle of the desert while burning a giant effigy of a pinhead either... so I guess, save the whales? What else should we be talking about in here?

#2548 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

[quoted image]

You are making me very jealous wacky... congrats.

Now as for my own delivery... I am not happy, Bob. NOT. HAPPY.

#2550 1 year ago
Quoted from corvair61:

no.. that would be Munsters code.

Yeah, that too

#2555 1 year ago

I want to thank @doug_duba and @cgc-ryan for reaching out personally and providing a very detailed public update. This helps us appreciate the personal attention CGC is showing us and that they are showing their dedication to the old school ways of recreating our machines, and living with the problems that go along with it.


#2559 1 year ago

Doug_duba said the secret of figuring when yours will ship is determined by what distributor you bought from and how big their allotment is and where you fall on that distributors list. For me that works out to third week in February by CGC's current estimate. I believe their production rate goal is still around 70 +/- 5 machines a week when there are no issues. Check with your distributor for more info on where you fall on their allotment list, because total allotment size is the kind of privy type of info the distributors may not want out in public.

#2619 1 year ago

Ok the following is way too long but I feel I was instrumental in being the squeeky wheel that brought this about and need to post this...

I feel sorry for CGC, they are getting it from both sides and I don’t think that we have been fair.

The “can of worms” that was opened up here was the mere mentioning of a difference between quality of the build of each trim level, with people seemingly now concerned their CE or SE or even a number matched LE may have a “sub par” playfield in it. Not that you would have been able to know, actually looking at your new machine when you got it, if it had any minor defects or not, since most have no clue what an “acceptable” defect looks like compared to a “LE rejectable” defect, how this determination is made, when it is made, and what becomes “usable” in which trim level of machines.

doug_duba, thanks for letting us know to what extent CGC is grading their playfields. Historically, Churchill Cabnets knows how to make and grade playfields and even other playfield reproduction manufacturers know there are “levels” of playfield quality, or why have the differing levels gold, silver and bronze? And yes, if people look close at the old B/W playfields used in real originals, they will find ALL KINDS of defects. B/W never graded their playfields based on any trim level, they just sent the good ones down the line first, leaving the worst to be used as scrap wood around the factory or some are stripped and rescreened, and the ones with minor defects left for the end of the run. This made machines rolling off the line first usually the best machines in the run, at least as far as the playfields were concerned. Ops didn’t and still don’t give a dead rats ass if there are “minor” flaws in the playfield screening. Does it play pinball? Does it make money?, then ship that puppy.

I feel the same way now as I did back then. Nothing has changed, nothing to see here, just standard old pinball. That they are making sure my LE has as nice a pf as possible is wonderful, but if the quality of CE and SE playfields are better than OG MB playfields, can any of the trim level buyers complain and say their “recreation” is “sub par”? Be it a CE, SE, or an LE.

“Collectors” and flippers are really ruining this hobby in my mind. I always thought it was cool to have a pin in my home to play. That it was a little hammered when I bought it just meant it had given a lot of people a lot of fun before I got it. Those who want to eat off the damn playfield after owning it for 10 years are idiots, and those buying one and trying to keep it pristine are just as foolish. I buy my pins to play, like ops buy them to make money. It’s an amusement device first and foremost. You want to collect something, try stamps or coins because keeping a collectors car without driving it, a collectors gun without shooting it, or a “collectors” pinball machine without playing it is the purest form of rich man snobbery that turns my stomach. I have the money for a NIB MBrLE, I put my money down, I am waiting now, patiently, for CGC to deliver a MB experience for me like no other I ever expected to have, owning my own Monster Bash.

#2633 1 year ago

Here’s the thing on these pics above, if my LE comes looking like that, push the credit button folks, because we are going to play us some f*cking Monster Bash!

#2693 1 year ago

On playfields and playfield issues... When I went to buy my first pinball machine, the idea to buy one NIB was a pipe dream based on economics alone. And not because I was not so well off at that point in my life, but more the idea of why I was buying one in the first place. I was looking to reduce my monthly pinball playing expenses, not invest in something for down the road. And then you ask how much pinball were you playing? And that answer was like about $100 a month... in 1991... easy. So for me, ownership was going to help reduce my playing expenses, and temporarily in my life, it did. Ok, fast forward 28 years and now I figure my dream is finally in my pipe, and when it gets here, no doubt in my mind, this MBrLE is going to be the Hope Diamond in our collection. As a matter of fact, I will look at my “players machines” playfields and their day one mylared haze and then I am going to look at the Monster Bash and the beautiful smooth, bright, and shiny pf, and I am going to get a little misty eyed, a little lump will stick in my throat, I will push the credit button and I will not look back. You can complain all you want about nit picky little shit, but play 28 years on hazy bubbled up mylar and then come talk to me about playfield defects. Unless this playfield looks like cottage cheese after 250 plays, I am not going to complain. Ghosting doesn't bother me either unless it preceeds wholesale peeling of the inserts. And why do people worry about wear in the shooter lane? Mylar under ramp drops and where trough kicker slams it out, but are people protecting the clear laquered natural wood?

#2788 1 year ago

Deep, to me, means the machine has code I rarely see. I have never owned a MB before and I have never gotten to LL without using a flipper code, so I have that challege before me. I don’t get to MOR all the time, but I bash and mosh pit, and Frank MB all day. As Dwight would say, all the wizard modes but MOR and LL are close to the start button, but LL is 44 scoop hits deep, and that takes a while.

MB is my goto machine to have a quick but totally satisfying game. 20 to 30 minutes and getting MOR, Bash, Moshpit and putting up 300m to 700m or doing a double MOR and pulling the Billion plus game is doable, but for me not that often. If I have unlimited play on a machine and it has a lot of code I never see, then maybe that is too deep. I have yet to get to Sperm Attack MB on my FGy, which is why it stays in the collection, because it will happen some day, and I have come frustratingly close (lit it, drained)

#2790 1 year ago

I have been contemplating buying a AFMrLE from PPS (supposedly they had at least one yesterday) and seeing if I could get my MBrLE moved up to a matching status, getting it matched to the AFMrLE which is sitting NIB at PPS. Now that is how bad I have been wanting my MBrLE.

#2842 1 year ago

People complaining about complaining is too meta for this thread... if I wanted a cosmic thesis on reality, a Monster Bash remake owners thread on Pinsisde is the last place I would come to listen to people whine about whining about life. You got $8k tied up in anything, “toy” or not, you don't usually just sit around on your thumbs and sing kumbaya when someone says one thing, then does another, I didn’t, and I got a number from them (CGC) that currently I have no choice but to live with, and so I sit now and wait. I have $1000 non refundable skin in the game and can feel for those with all $8300. But other than wait, what else can we do? I can explain the way they are alloted out as they are built... of 1250 LE’s to be produced, they are sent out to the distributors based on what slice of that 1250 machines they have purchased/allotted. To figure out estimated delivery date, you need to know where you are on your distibutors list, and the distributors allotment of the 1250 machines, and the fact CGC is trying to make 65 to 75 machines a week (70 machine average) with no production issues..

So lets say your distributor is allotted 60 out of 1250 machines, and you are 15th on his list of nonmatched LE’s.
Number of weeks to wait after Feb 1st should equal:

=(15*(1250/60)/70) which eguals 4.46+1 week for shipping... this means your machine should be delivered maybe second week in March? This was how CGC gave me a number. This is contingent on if they get all matched LE’s built by the end of January and have no other issues that hold up LE production.

My place in line puts me at third week in Feb, plus a week to ship... so March 1st is my actual birthday, and may be my machine’s delivery date. Damn, it’s like I am an expecting father awaiting the birth of his first child...

#2893 1 year ago

I think the side art split is due to the overlapped decals and I would expect it to have issues.

This looks like a market opportunity to me... who wants to license MB artwork from PPS and build replacement high end silk screened reproduction cabinets for CGC’s decal splitting reproduction cabinet? Has a potential 1250 member customer base to sell to... any takers?

#2898 1 year ago

Sorry @shinyball, that was a joke... overlapped decals gives a nice clean corner, and a lot of furniture manufactureres overlap vinyl woodgrained overlays, but they TRY not to overlap across a non stable joint. Unstable joints are any joint not bound in all three axis. So there has to be minimum swell, minimum tear, and minimum offset before putting a vinyl adheared wrap or decal over it. If the cabinet joint is not stable, most furniture makers would not be putting a decal over it. I am not going to be heartbroken if my cabinet art has split, just a little disappointed every time I see the split. NIB split? That one hurts the worse. What did they do about this in the past?

#2903 1 year ago

If this cabinet art/decal tear/cabinet joint issue continues when does a pinball maker start thinking that they could save a little money and hassle by hitting them with a couple of stencils and spray bombs? Might be a better, retro, artwork solution than cracking vinyl. Of course it is not being true to OG MB, but I like to think of the possibilities.

Except that I have seen how long it DOESN’T take to decal a new cabinet at Stern, which means the decal method is way faster than stencils and a spray can... labor is king.

#2913 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

It plays a hell of a lot better than the original. Thats right i said it!

And I will second it... the experience is way better on the remake. I can see anyone that paid the expense of a flawless original, or someone who paid the cost to restore a beat to death original back to collector quality, or those who have had a HUO machine from day one are the ones saying the original is the only way to have a “true” MB experience. I can see why they would say that. They are invested, in either money or time or both. But there is just a little too much “New” going on in MBrLE- A whole new machine (not 20 years old), the new redrawn animations, new RGB GI light show, bigger color display, the excellently sculpted and lit topper- PLUS all the original call outs, and all the original fun. I figure being 20 years younger means I will be looking for 20 year old parts and not 40 year old parts to fix it when it breaks down 20 years from now, but I also suspect I might be dead by then. Ymmv

#2922 1 year ago
Quoted from netman63129:

TSPP, which is still my first and favorite machine

Ive always thought TSPP would be a good compliment to sit next to my Family Guy, both have deep rules, and FGy can be made family friendly, but lets just say Ipecac Contest stacked on Crazy Chris stacked on Happy Hour stacked on Stewie Multiball... the machine is a walking trigger alert... “Somebody hold my ears...” and a lot of fun. Not such a Family Friendly machine for being named Family Guy, but it does have a “Family mode” adjustment that knocks back the black humor. MBr has the similar adjustment to dial back the innuendo as well. Every TSPP I know of is in the collection of a good player and most have a boat anchor chained to the coin door, meaning its not going anywhere soon, but it aint bolted to the floor either.

#2980 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I played my LE like 50 times today and it totally kicked my ass

I expect mine to do the same to me daily (when it gets here)

#2995 1 year ago
Quoted from ctozzi:

#795 finally showed up

If I didn’t say I was jealous, I would be a lying sack of flaming shit... sitting on your doorstep, hoping you will invite me in for a Pepsi and some cookies and a casual, cut throat game of Monster Bash... she looks like the Queen of the Prom. Very happy for you... but it’s the honeymoon dude, shouldn’t she be in the front room where you can have her all to yourself? It drives the other machines bat shit crazy...

#3007 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

a certain non stop marketing

Hey, in America, having a little “shameless self promotion” is just your dormant carny gene coming out of it’s sleep state.
I agree that not every machine needs secondary GI lighting, but I also think more power to them if they can keep separating people from their money for a product they “think” they need. Like Jobs said, find a need they don't know they have and fill it. Thats just the American way.

Sometimes I think people forget the connection between pinball and the carnivals and carnies setting up pins under tents and having the legs sink 2 inches into the mud, get a wicked lean and have every ball drain out the side outlane. Carnys are out to get your money, and so is everyone in the pinball business, that it’s an even trade of $$ for services I think is on the buyer.

#3014 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

dood- stop smoking that stuff. No good will come of it.

I picked a poor week to give up sniffing glue...

#3017 1 year ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

My phantom flip has been working suprisingly well. The other day I was battling Drak and needed just one more hit, the Phantom flip shot the ball into the scoup and I was like WTF? Then I realized it gave me garlic cloves and I pressed the lauch button and finished him off.

I would love to see the truth table to Phantom Flip... Just what are the determinants to which shot you “need” as opposed to which shot do you want it to shoot? There are times that you don’t want to shoot for Frank untill you have qualified another monster mode, yet it shoots for Frank Multiball every time. So it is not based on stacking, thats for sure.

#3020 1 year ago
Quoted from homegameroom:

You can also send the Phantom Flip to the other flipper and do whatever you want.

And I do! Thank god for that... if it had forced you to let it flip, then it better flip EXACTLY the shot I want, when I want it... lol

#3024 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Cold temps during shipping?


#3029 1 year ago

I am not sure how I feel about the cracking cabinet decals (I am still waiting on my LE), because I have two road weary pins that were routed for 4 to 5 years and the cabinet war wounds on them I have never repaired. I leave them as their battle scars and a sign of their former life and all the fun they gave to others before I let them retire, Pin*Bot and his Bride, married and together in by loft. If my newest Collection Queen shows up with a little blemish like a cracked cabinet decal, I am going to be disapointed, but I am not going to be ashamed either... chalk it up to “Hey, It’s only pinball”

#3108 1 year ago
Quoted from WhiskeyTango:

My LE will be for sale when it arrives.
I'm not taking it out of the box and leaving it strapped to the pallet.

Can I be the first to say Whiskey Tango Foxtrot whiskeytango? I mean really, WTF!?!

#3117 1 year ago

My sympathies. The vinyl cracks in the decal and that one corner... if these machines are getting lets just say “over handled” (either in manufacturing, or shipping), couldn’t CGC figure it out for the cost for a CE by pushing it off a fork lift or drop it on the loading dock in the crate and seeing what happens? That many flaws, one machine... signing the BOL would have took a leap of faith in CGC to make it all better, in my mind. The continued decal splits needs to be solved. Is this shipping damage? Is the decal getting embrittled by excessive heat during the wet application process, or possibly due to using a non-vinyl friendly cleaner to do the final cabinet wipe-down? The pictures of the CE (or was that an SE) corners look perfect, so whats the deal with LE’s?

I just had a thought... is the topper crate, which is shipped on top of the box, causing too much lateral forces during shipping? Could this be causing the cabinet to flex back and forth due to the added weight carried so high up on top of the box? Do the CE and SE have the same problem like LE’s or not? All this is going to take some time to figure out... hopefully before my LE ships. I will accept a few blemishes, a small scratch or nick, but the decal cracks and the corner of that cabinet are just not what I call LE quality.

#3122 1 year ago
Quoted from WhiskeyTango:

EM, a favorite System 11 and then something odd.

If I was doing that it would be a Gotlieb wedgehead (Subway or Crosstown), a Centar, and a Swords of Fury

#3143 1 year ago

Oh, wackybrakke, I still like ya... not sure why all the downvotes... do I know you? Owe you money? Hit your cat? Run over your Dog? Can I just apologize and we move on?

#3160 1 year ago
Quoted from Moeman65:

CGC announced they were hiring new help to produce these games

This made me pause for a second as well... Ok, I get increasing production to satisfy demand but at the sake of quality? And if it comes out of the box looking like it’s taken a stroll through the trenches already, like that last example, just what did I get for the 4 to 5 month wait other than to take a chance at split decal roulette? I hope I hit double 00 and get matching cracks on both left and right sides, or maybe I get real lucky and have decal cracks, chipped powder coat and a scabbed rear corner like our last lucky winner? You can give just so much slack on a rope before they get enough to tie a noose and hang you with it. Again, the lack of communication raises its ugly head. I shut up about the production delay when they told me the reason why was quality related issues, and parts delays. They communicated with me, I got an answer, I shut up. These issues go unaswered, and we are seeing TRENDS that are troubling, so once again I ask, doug_duba, what is CGC doing about this issue besides giving out replacement decals as a $250 “install it yourself” nightmare?

#3170 1 year ago

No, I have not cancelled or sent one back, I am just asking for some communication... what is missing on these complaints and issues is any response from CGC. But they may be waiting for a resolution before saying anything publicly, who knows?

#3188 1 year ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

why don't you just pick up the phone and call them!

And say what exactly, “hello, I heard you are making crappy MBrLE’s and I want you to stop?” Since my game has not been delivered yet, I have no issue yet to open a ticket or to make a claim like the ones posting on here who have. I can be concerned, like all the rest of my fellow non matched LE customers waiting for their machine, in the quality of those machines delivered to date. I am a paying customer with $1000 non refundable deposit sitting in my distributors account. I qualify as someone who can legally be concerned and bitch. Ymmv.

Wrapping requires one less trim operation per joint than trimming both decals at the corner. Wrapping is a cost savings measure, imo, and for $8 freaking thousand it should be better than what we are seeing. Enough said.

#3192 1 year ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Let’s give them a chance to fix and rectify any problems.

Waiting doesn't seem to work. What seems to work is to be vociferous and CGC starts reaching out to you personally, as they did when my expectation of delivery went from end of December to maybe end of January, then February, to maybe now into March. If delivery dates are sliding to address quality issues, then I guess I should expect some decent quality. These issues, not issolated to a single customer, but multiple customers, not issolated to a single title but multiple titles, this is the big red flag waving saying, OK, how long is the wait for a really “Limited Edition” quality Monster Bash remake really going to be? If it comes in February but has decal cracks, was the 4 month wait not long enough already? Maybe I should wait till April and not get cracked decals? According to some on here, if they are cracked, the fix is here’s a set of decals, have a nice day?!? All for $8300 delivered. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when they said quality issues and parts delays were causing slips in delivery. If this is the delivered quality for the additional wait, I can see why people are pulling out of LE purchases, especially if their distributor gives them a refund or credit towards another title.

#3214 1 year ago

I have seen a lot of brand new pins in my life, been around for many an unboxing. Never been around when one was unboxed looking as flawed as the MBr and AFMr decals that have been posted here. I have seen cabinet scratches that make you cringe, and they went right out on route but they didnt cost $8k and your casual bar patron is not giving two schnitzles about it either. They know a majority of these are for HUO and the standards the collectors put on every nick and scratch. NIB and it’s worth plummets as soon as it becomes NOOB, and heads even further south if the cabinet is not an A+.

Would any collector look at these cracks and give the cabinet an A+ rating? But it was NIB... how can in not be an A+?!?

This is why we are complaining about our $8k “toy” build quality.

#3219 1 year ago
Quoted from Only_Pinball:

This can't be good for sales.

Not sure it makes a big difference yet... the delayed production has not given that many people cold feet, imo, but enough people getting a less than an A+ cabinet MBrLE NIB at $8300 delivered might affect sales a bit. Maybe they can get a buyer to pay $5750 for a refurbished CE and swap off the LE head? No disrespect to CE buyers, but maybe they can give those willing to accept the cracked decals a discount for buying a refurbished product and toss in a set of replacement decals for your effort maybe too? Just a thought.

#3230 1 year ago

$250 to $300 from pps I belive is consumer cost.

#3253 1 year ago

I have been trying to decide just how I truly feel about the decal cracks, and the more I think about it, the more I don’t like it. Here is my rub... When I played the LE at Expo, when I looked at the bright and shiny new plaything, you know what? The damn cabinet looked perfect. Smooth as glass, not a wrinkle, crack, nick or scratch. That is what they were offering at $8300 delivered. Thats is what better be in the f-ing box when it arrives or it’s going right the f*ck back. How much simpler can it be to understand? “Oh your asking too much from a pinball manufacturer” to what? get what I paid $8300 for? Thats not too much to ask for in my book. Don’t try and defend pinball manufacturers for building a shoddy product. I might expect cracked decals on a bargain basement, bottom of the line product, but your flagship, top of the line model? Give me a break.

#3264 1 year ago

I think stabilizing the joint is a good idea. But the different lap joint they currently use puts that stupid seam in a very bad place. I get that over time, my cabinet may probably get a crack at this joint, and it is inevitable for a machine that is routed, but I would like to start out without one as a HUO customer. Is that asking too much from my pinball manufacturer?

#3270 1 year ago

Some of these pictures make me wonder, did the delivery services intentionally park these over the trailer axle when shipping them? Or is the final test at CGC to drop them from a foot and a half high off a fork lift as they load it in the truck? I once saw a Twilight Zone NIB dropped off a trailer. There were some broken things inside the cabinet but the cabinet was 100% intact. That thing was a tank. Edit: not a semi trailer, but a lowboy for your pickup truck trailer... A semi trailer drop would have been catastrophic.

#3274 1 year ago

Like the furniture delivery guys of late, which all carry brown and black sharpie markers... for wood nicks on furniture, they are required to sharpie them before they let the owner see it. That bare wood would have been sharpied black by me now if it was in my field of view. I thought it was a sprung cabinet due to shipping damage, but if it is fit and finish, hello black Sharpie...

#3284 1 year ago
Quoted from Mdanielb:

I JUST got an e-mail from CGC! In a nutshell: They are aware and working on it.

This is progress... at least.

#3286 1 year ago
Quoted from Mdanielb:

This is not my idea, btw ... I think Bublehead originally came up with this.

One thing the Navy taught me to do as nuclear ractor operator was think outside the box, or on top of it

But honestly, when looking to solve issues like this, you gather as much info as possible, brainstorm all potential possibilities and then construct and conduct investigations that eliminate each possibility. Do we see CE’s and SE’s with decal cracks, no?, so why LE’s? The topper shipping box et. al. and it's 40 pounds of dead weight is a HUGE floating mass at the HIGHEST distance from mother earth, which is like the absolute worst combination. This would be on my list of “possibilities” along with “heat embrittlement” if they use hair dryers in the decal applying process, or “chemical embrittlement” if they use solvents for ANY cleaning operation, vinyl does not like some solvents and can become brittle when exposed to them. These three are the biggest what if’s on the list to be explored- phisical cause, thermal cause, or chemical cause. It falls into one of those three more than likely, so now figure out how to eliminate each one. That can take time, which is something CGC is already having a problem with on LE deliveries.

#3298 1 year ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

This is what the rest of the world think when we hear "nuclear ractor operator"
[quoted image]

Yep... Homer is my hero... or at least the only other reactor operator you know by name (besides me )

#3315 1 year ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

What’s the reason for wrapping the decals around the corners when the originals were never done this way?

My theory is the elimination of a trim operation when applying the decals to save on labor cost. Not overlapping them means they have to trim both mating decals at the edge instead of just trimming the last one applied. Doubles the time cost per decal on the trim operation. And mind you, they will probably go back to overlapping when the weather gets better in Chicago, the cost savings is probably good enough to justify it if it is seasonally dependent. I know I would. Their assembly line instructions will add a line that says if production is between the months of x and y, corners are to be trimmed and not wrapped. That should reduce the problem below the 1% rate they are seeing. You know they are just trying to keep this managed to limit the negative press and minimize additional costs. A napkin calculation based on 1% reporting rate would make the cost of an ultimate solution for approximately 9 to 11 customers (if they have built anywhere near the 70 machines a week rate they were looking to achieve) would probably be a little less than one MBrLE shipped. Not sure how much time and at what rate the added trim op costs them per machine, but you can guarantee a bean counter somewhere in Chicago is calculating the difference.

#3322 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I will say this that the wrapped decal looks much cleaner, but its clearly not worth the risk

Looks cleaner and was cheaper than a double trim operation. No argument to WHY they tried wrapping the corner, but the results have had mixed reviews...

#3340 1 year ago
Quoted from Tradesman:

I guess I don't fully understand, but wouldn't the single layer decal still be covering the joint even if its not wrapped around the corner?

The wrapped corner anchors the decal at one end and stretches it. By ending at the corner, the only hinderence to that 1/4” strip of decal moving is just its adhesive, not being physically anchored by the other decal. This will let it “float” over that cabinet seam and possibly tear less. Or so the thinking goes.

#3343 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

can you comment on why you changed the cabinet joint style to this lap joint vs the flush joint that was used for decades? I get it when you were building other people's cabinets that might have a cost point to drive.. but this is your own stuff.

Going to go out on a limb here, but probably because the tooling to cut the one joint is more expensive than the tooling to cut the current lapped rabbet joint design. I belive you can cut the latest joint using a rabbet saw, where the locked mitered 45 joints require a shaped router bit and are routed. You can bet it is a cost savings decision.

#3350 1 year ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

come from Lenc-Smith

If this is the case, then my apologies to CGC.

#3367 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

What else does LE have over and above the SE?
Electric disc
Engraved front plaque
Mirror blades?
Shaker ?

2 year warranty

#3370 1 year ago

Well my wait is looking like some ways into March now for my non matched LE. Just got a message from Joe at PinballStar that matching LE’s have not all been built, they will probably finish up in one and a half weeks then they start on unmatched, delivering per their distributor allotments in ~3 machine batches at a time to them. And none of it is written in anything but clay at the moment, but was current by an update from Ryan Tuesday, according to Joe. So my 2018 Christmas gift to myself is not even going to be my birthday present to myself on March 1st... or ~5 months from date of order? Geeze Louis!

I keep telling myself, patience, my son, but boy howdy, did I picked a bad week to stop smoking crack...

#3376 1 year ago

I am paying $8300 delivered.

#3384 1 year ago

I’m was glad they were able to satisfy you ptownpin, nice to hear positive customer satisfaction reports. My distributor said I should not decline delivery for decal cracks, because unless the damage is transport related, which CGC belives it is not, then refusing it will get it sent back to them, but they will charge your distributor for the delivery anyways. Good to know. I am expecting the resolution for cracked decals to be a set of decals, and maybe extended warranty coverage and/or cash rebate (discount) for your troubles. A mix of these I think could please everyone but the really anal retentive types. Then again a Blue Sharpie is less than a buck.

#3488 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Nice. Thanks for the info.

If you like playing MB, and you have always wanted to own one with every bell and whistle, the LE at $8300 delivered is a bargain when you look at not just the feature matrix, but compare it to keeping an original running, or finding an original and restoring it or having it restored, both having costs of ownership that are +$$$. I am getting older, so I am getting a few irons out the fire by buying a MBrLE fully loaded and not having to hunt down, haggle, pay, ship, pickup, clean, shop, rerubber, wax, repair, replace, rebuild, re-decal, oh, wait... I forgot, that is half the fun... all depends on where and what you want to spend your time and money on... in this hobby they are not always the same.

#3524 1 year ago

And not violate the warranty? Nope, probably not.

#3528 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I wonder if the LE topper would work on anything but an LE? I'm guessing not........Reason I say that is when my machine boots I notice is says "LE" somewhere in the boot sequence.

Wouldn’t stop me from looking at the boards and wiring and scats however if I found an LE topper and I owned an SE or a CE, but the holes drilled in the top of the backbox might have to wait until the warranty ran out... I would start with the schematics and see if the driver is physically installed in my driver board. Adding a molex pin or three and drilling holes is pretty cheap.

#3536 1 year ago

The small board from AFMrLE is now located inside one of the “amps” boxes on top of the MB topper. This reduced the amount of wires to a single 3 prong/wire connector between topper and head.

#3571 1 year ago

Has anyone ever recieved two CGC pins shipped at the same time? The president of our local pin league and I are waiting on our LE’s and they are supposed to be shipping them together to save a little money. Was wondering how CGC ships two pins at once, either on a bigger pallet and bound together, or on individual pallets and just on the same truck? Either way, we have decided to pick them up at the local shipping company and not have them delivered to the door. One less chance for the shipper to replicate the mess like the above photos, but no guaranties. ouch.

#3610 1 year ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

I sent the AFM back.

I would have accepted both and kept the AFMrLE as BOGO freebie until someone complained and realized their mistake... Then tell them they can come pick it up, it will be at the curb, in a duct taped together box, tied to a broken pallet with bailing twine, with the goodie bag impaled to the side with a fireplace poker. Or they can let me keep it for $6999.95

#3617 1 year ago
Quoted from YZRider926:

I’m sure you’re joking, but pretty sure that is still considered theft.

The thing that amazes me most about Pinside is how literal people take everything someone says... and then it gets turned around and becomes comments like:

Quoted from Lamprey:

not a cool thing to do.

That leads to this generic comment:

Quoted from LTG:

Threads like these often let you know who is safe to deal with, and who might take advantage of a mistake when dealing.
LTG : )

When in fact it was SIMPLY A JOKE. Sorry LTG if you think I would actually consider doing this...
Unless I have actually screwed you or anyone else over in a deal, which I have not, this is still a character assasination by proxy. Just my two cents...

#3630 1 year ago

A little Helper script... just quote and edit...

Besides, the pool of available MBrLE’s is going to <fill in your expert prediction> so no need to lock one down at <fill in what you have paid for your LE> Of course with 1250 LE’s now in the mix, price is bound to go <fill in your expert prediction> so I may want to <fill in your expert recommendation> and <fill in alternative pinball entertainment choice> instead. Or I could tell everyone to <fill in a rude and obnoxious task> and <recommend an alternate occupation besides irritating you with stupid recommendations> and let me <fill in your ultimate decision> and not let the <fill in descriptive demeaning social epithet> like bublehead affect my choice.

#3632 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No way should anybody have tried to keep the game that was mistakenly delivered. "Unjust enrichment" for one thing. A simple mistake. A "gift", lol, no way.
The guy 100% did the right thing.

In the USA, there is this:


But the honest thing to do and the legal thing to do is not always the same thing. I would have called my distributor and I would have asked him what he wanted me to do. Somebody is out some $$$ sending it back, so why not try and get them to offer it to me at a discount? If I really wanted AFMrLE, which I do, they are going to have at least triple shipping costs getting it back and shipping it to the rightful owner. At this point, even doing the honest thing is costing them $$$ so why not let CGC and my distributor make the call? It was their mistake, I am going to inform them and do what they want, not just keep it. But you can not fault a person for asking for a discount, that is just unAmerican.

#3634 1 year ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I don’t ignore many people, but I think I know a good first candidate...

Oh, who? I need to ignore them too...

#3653 1 year ago
Quoted from wolftownjeff:

But it is kind of funny in a weird way.

We have a winner! wolftownjeff, Yes, funny, in a weird way, that is exactly my vibe... off the wall, stupid, crazy, weird, always aiming to be the guy who would shout “theater!” in a crowded fire house.

#3664 1 year ago

Has anyone toggled the knocker adjustment and tried the coil test in both configurations? Does it skip over pausing and firing the coil or does it pause and just not fire the coil? I know the WPC menu system has worked like this is the past for adjustments, one adjustment is not made available until another adjestment is set to enabled. Seems Lyman would be smart enough to skip the unused coil if the default knocker sound is enabled. Specifically just to keep the “clack” count rhythm... when a tech starts the coil test on free run, there is a cadence as each coil is fired that the tech listens to. If he DIDN’T skip pausing for the knocker coil during the coil test, techs would be confused. This is the kind of level of programming detail that lets me know just exactly why Lyman’s code is more robust. Even when taking money out of the BOM, I think leaving it in the code so ops can add the knocker in later is Lyman saying, “OK, but players are going to want a real knocker...”

#3669 1 year ago

Here is what COULD happen, if we ask nicely...

To @doug_duba and @cgc-ryan, how about offering a add on knocker kit? You already source the parts for AFM, and if a change is needed in the code, then maybe a software update to support? If you offer a screw it on, plug it in solution for $150 bucks, and not void my warranty, I am customer #1. Thank you for considering this customer request, the collective owners of MBr’s everywhere.

#3672 1 year ago
Quoted from bohunr:

Any Non Matching LE's shipped or received yet?

Only canceled matching orders already in the pipeline and numbered that were then shipped to fulfill awaiting non matched orders. So we have seen some unmatched deliveries, but no original non matched orders have been built yet that I know of. Matched were suposed to finish up this week (mid February) and non matched production should pick up now but we havent heard any updates to that.

#3674 1 year ago
Quoted from LoganJK:

I'm customer #2 but how about $100

Well, they need to know the market potential and just how much I would spend for a no-hassle, plug and chug knocker kit. You are willing to part ways with $100, and me, I am willing to part with $150 for an add on knocker that doesn’t void my 2 year LE warranty. That’s worth the extra $50 to $75 to me since this is the only electronic modification I would ever do besides a subwoofer, if it needs it.

#3676 1 year ago

It’s the “not void the warranty” part I am paying for, otherwise I would hook it up myself for under $40, but if a code change is needed, then we still need to ask CGC nicely for that. I am willing to pay extra for no hassels, especially when modifying a piece of entertainment equipment that cost me a large chunk of $$$. You certainly don’t add any value paying extra for a 2 year warranty that you void immediately by adding a $35 knocker.

#3683 1 year ago

I have too many pin playing friends that have gave me just too much crap about my unreal knocker in my FGy. If I can avoid any more of their crap by putting in a real knocker in my MB, what ever I spend to do it is worth every penny. Some of us old school pinheads play for knocks, not squelches or sound bytes.

#3685 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I don't get the attraction of having a knocker in a HUO environment....whats the point?

In a HUO environment, Real knockers should wake the real knockers. They should be loud enough to wake the wife. Or as mine likes to put it “Hey, I heard You just got lucky, you feeling good?, maybe you want to get lucky again?”

Quoted from TheLaw:

use mod monies to buy more machines...or a bigger house

The house is big enough, I just have to convince the wife that pinball machines accentuate and accessorize a room, not just clutter it up.

#3755 1 year ago

Eye-pop at Popeye...

They need a spit take emoji...

#3764 1 year ago

If my luck holds up, I will get an email soon that my LE will be ready to ship the week of TPF, right as I am getting on a plane to Texas. So only a solid 5 month wait for an LE that I ordered on the first day it was offered, and actually within the first 3 minutes of my distributor opening his sales window. And to think, if I had just waited, I might have found a used matched number LE on the secondary market for less than the $8300 + tax I am paying for my LE, and still got it quicker than my preorder that may not even arrive by TPF. At least I know what kind of game I am getting... Not sure I could take a 5 month plus wait on a machine I have never played like the chaps who went all in on a Munsters LE, because I don’t have any steel balls bigger than an inch and a sixteenth. This wait is killing me...

#3789 1 year ago