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Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)

By MrSanRamon

3 years ago

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“Monster Bash Remake (MBr) Owners Club (with Poll & Pics)”

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Post #4230 Potential fix for SDTM from scoop. Posted by Reznnate (2 years ago)

Post #5928 Frankenstein switch adjustment tips Posted by MGM2 (2 years ago)

Post #6026 Links to STDM Tweaks Posted by Oaken (2 years ago)

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#6767 1 year ago

Got my SE a little over a week ago. A lot of fun, have about 250 games on it so far, we just can't stop playing it! Came with upgraded legs, I guess they packed the LE version in my box by mistake? Working with CGC to take
care a few issues with ramps but should be dialed in soon. Strange it says on the back made Sept 2018, but build date in the software says June 2019 , maybe in the back of the warehouse for awhile.
IMG_20200303_180039 (resized).jpgIMG_20200304_180930 (resized).jpgIMG_20200304_180936 (resized).jpgIMG_20200304_180417 (resized).jpg

#6777 1 year ago
Quoted from guss:

My wife playing.

looks like she is out scoring you

3 months later
#7015 1 year ago

Frankenstein Multiball hits not registering. I don't know about you guys but I have tried adjusting that Frankenstein switch so many times to be more sensitive with no luck. The switch actuator is always too far away from the metal back of Frankenstein. So I just added this 3/8-in thick gasket material that I had from Home Depot, self stick stuff for windows and screens, and now every hit registers so I no longer feel like I am getting robbed. Not sure if there was another way but it works

IMG_20200621_212234 (resized).jpgIMG_20200621_212316 (resized).jpgIMG_20200621_212350 (resized).jpgIMG_20200621_212301 (resized).jpg
#7019 1 year ago
Quoted from mbeardsley:

Wow, great fix idea. I had the same problem with the Frank switch. I ended up removing and completely re-bending the switch wire and it has been much better. Seems like your idea would have been much easier.
Does Frank still lie down correctly when he is not standing?

Yeah he still sits the same. This gasket I used just took care of the clearance issue but you could probably use foam, tape, anything that while he is upright that it is just touching the switch actuator. Any straight shots are now registering. Only problem now is my girlfriend has won the last few games, I can’t hit the dam thing now LOL

#7034 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

I kind of like that you need a solid strong hit down the middle to activate frank, having the switch register with any old hit would be lame. I always assumed it was intentionally not easy?

It doesn’t register with “any old hit”. It does have to be center shot and can’t be a weak flip or bounce off something else. On this site people addressed it with adjusting the switch actuator but I had no luck with that or my issue was just different. Although I had another issue come up, which was the right ramp entry switch error, I think it was SW 71. Anyway Found out to adjust that switch you have to loosen the mounting screws and you could slide it up and down, which was about 1/4” play. After doing that I might try loosing the Frank table switch and see if it has the same adjustment , if it does then I will just remove the gasket because that was about what I needed to make it even possible to activate the switch.

#7035 1 year ago
Quoted from Zeusflurry:

Ball getting stuck in wire ramp issue.
Anyone else have an issue of the ball getting stuck, sort of wedged, into the right 'Ball and Chain" wire ramp? [quoted image]
Happens frequent enough to be annoying and usually gets freed upon machine doing a ball search shaking/moving however does not free with tapping or shaking machine manually even to point of tilting.
Picture with circle is included to show ball stuck in area of concern.
Not sure how to fix this??
Thanks in advance for any tips or advice and if others having this issue.

I had the same issue. This is what Chicago gaming sent me:remove the two nuts, washers and plastic art from the right wireform. Gently lift up evenly on both ends of the wireform, to create space between to the wire frames. This you should fix the balls from getting stuck again (picture attached).

Seem to work for ball getting stuck but I am still waiting for them to send me the right ramp and wire form. One of my bolts securing the right ramp are broke, and my wire form seems to be clunky, clean shots going around the bend are binding the ball up. Of course COVID hit and I forgot all about it and just sent them a reminder email, which they did respond and are sending out later this week. Just what you want to do to a new machine, looks like I have to pull up half the right side components to get that ramp in.

5242B4DE-0D51-487E-A9CD-FC96D64B997F (resized).jpeg
#7040 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

Do you get ramp shots rejected by that turn on occasion?

Sometimes, but the metal ramp just before it hits the wire ramp in the V cut the ball gets stuck , but I think that is because that ramp is broken. I just hope they send both soon so I can get this thing right. I don't know if I will buy another NIB because this one has been adjustment after adjustment and annoying. Don't get me wrong love the game but I don't understand why for this kind of money they can't fully warranty and send a technician to fix it. The other pin I bought was about 4 yrs old and has worked flaulessly. Don't know if that is luck or just someone else going through all the headaches of setting up and adjusting properly

#7049 1 year ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

I have a MBR LE and have had none of these issues or any other problems described in the MBr Owners Club. I also didn't have any of these issues with my previous original mb's. That makes sense since the playfield top is basically the same between the two. Hope you get your issues resolved soon.

Once I get the ramp it will be all dialed in. I had almost everything. SDTM drains from scoop, power adjustment and I also think my level was just a bit off but that one solved, also had a weird one where the left ramp would launch the ball as it came around the Bride and either land right on top of the wire form, and sometimes roll off and get stuck behind the Creature sign but with that one I just had to tighten the two screws under the Playfield where the wire form attaches at the beginning of the ramp. It must have been sticking up just a bit cause the ball to get air time. Also had A problem with the ball getting stuck in the entry going into pop bumpers, far left lane the “D” in DIG actuator would not let ball roll down, there was a wire caught under there. Just a bunch of stupid stuff but it’s all good, I don’t mind tinkering and learning the inter works on my game.

#7063 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

Cool thanks I’ll check that out
One more minor issue in having...
On the left ramp, on some week shots my ball can get held up right after the turn... anyone experience this?

Yep same here. I had to press down “or bend down” slightly on the wire form right in front of the Bride to allow the weak shots to come back out the entry point. It use to get stuck there and rock back and forth like a pendulum and of course had to slide the glass down to get it out.

#7064 1 year ago
Quoted from Zeusflurry:

Just wanted to show my probably unnecessary, but desired modification to the 'Creature Feature." It would be great to figure out how to add some kind of mechanism that makes 'creature' shake a bit when mode or shots are activated.
I used decorative items from Petsmart meant for reptiles and bought the artificial leaves, moss. A little bit of electrical / duct tape engineering to affix to the black background attached behind 'Creature" and wallah. I could of probably drilled hole into plastic black background, but didn't want change to be permanent.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Stealing that one. That looks cool!

#7065 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Is the conclusion for the scoop shooting randomly and going STDM to put a piece of seal/foam in there then? Is that what works the best?

For me I was able to adjust in the menu the strength setting on the scoop, I know somewhere in here some one posted that suggestion, and I also think my app for leveling might have been a little off or I just didn’t do something right when leveling. But I moved my pin a little and it basically stopped with the SDTM shots. Keep in mind still on occasion it might happen, maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 but that’s pinball to me

4 months later
#7569 1 year ago
Quoted from CaptainRedEye:

Quick question (not looking to bitch, just curious).
Do the MBr playfields easily dimple? I bought a NIB MBrLE a few weeks ago and it has significantly more dimpling than my MMrRE. I only have about 200 plays on the MB and over 1,000 on the MM.

Yes. Personally from what I see and own almost every pin out there has dimples some more then others. Frank’s feet make the ball bounce up and Dracula also but not as much. There is a place around the corner from me that has 32 pins, range from old to new, and I have looked at all of them and see dimples but again just depends on what you have that will bounce around causing this. When you compare that to Medieval Madness which is mainly ramp shots and about the only bash toy is when the trolls pop up then you can see a big difference. Frank is always in the way causing mayhem , trolls only every once in awhile.

1 week later
#7594 1 year ago
Quoted from weaverj:

nobody wants to check that post for me? come on .

Here you go brother. Hopefully these will help tried to get the same angle as your pic.

PXL_20201202_005815260 (resized).jpgPXL_20201202_005829071 (resized).jpgPXL_20201202_005840446 (resized).jpgPXL_20201202_005855596 (resized).jpgPXL_20201202_005901706 (resized).jpg
#7606 12 months ago
Quoted from arcyallen:

Ok, I just read the 7604 posts here since getting my MBr CE last month. My knowledge is now limitless. But what can I add to the conversation?
I can add this: Did anyone else notice this funny entry in the warranty documentation from CGC?
"Mechanical and other components that fail due to defects in materials or workmanship EXCLUDING normal wear and tear, and component failures arising from original Williams' design"
aka, "We're not covering the mistakes those Williams bastards made! But in an effort of authenticity we -will- duplicate them. You're welcome."

Yeah all pinball machines suck for warranty in my opinion. You can buy almost anything else for thousands and get a solid warranty with in home support. Hell I can spend $300 on a dishwasher and have a service tech come out and repair it. But pinball totally different. If you are not handy you are screwed. I am handy and is why I put up with it but does suck across the board. And yes they just told you any quirks known on Williams will be there on their machine, we just copied it and sold it do not complain about it.

#7609 12 months ago
Quoted from arcyallen:

I understand the frustration but I accept the warranty situation for pinball. I just think it's humorous they exclude previous design defects. Understandable, and humorous.

Have to accept it because it is too much fun. But yes crazy they have to talk about previous flaws, what ever those may be.

#7626 12 months ago
Quoted from SitnBull:

Think this could be causing solenoids not to fire?
[quoted image]

That capacitor looks bad, leaking out the top

#7628 12 months ago
Quoted from SitnBull:

Agree 2manyhobbies, what should I do? Try and get in touch with Chicago gaming? Looks like a warranty issue to me. Only 10 games on this NIB MB LE.

For sure contact them, I would include a pic of that too. Weird to have a brand new cap look like that but they will probably send you the whole board They have good support, I had to deal with them a few times, you have to go to their website and open up a ticket, they will get back to you normally in a day or two.

4 weeks later
#7693 11 months ago

I have thought about this too, it’s a pretty cool game room item that you can mount on the wall or floor. About $120 on Amazon

1 week later
#7698 10 months ago
Quoted from Purdue:

Is CGC still making MBR or any of their remakes or were they all pre-sale? Can you still get one new?

There some NIB on this site. MBr specials are showing stock, two companies have them listed, I guess call them First to make sure but they say in stock

3 weeks later
#7807 9 months ago
Quoted from Goyomex:

Congrats on the find. I’ve been looking for a NIB MBr SE or LE for several weeks. Keep running across distributors showing pins available and when I call or email they say “just sold.” Accidentally emailed the same distributor a few weeks apart and got the same response “just sold”. New to the pin addiction but SMH on why these guys post inventory as available when they dont have it. Still actively looking - Would welcome a recommendation if anyone has one.

Market is crazy right now. There is one SE listed, maybe one of the ones that told you “just sold” but he is price Gouging at $8500 plus shipping (Pinball Pro). The SE normally sold for $7300 plus shipping ($300) Be patient, the dealers are bound to get some more in to sell, and with competition the price will be more reasonable.

#7821 9 months ago
Quoted from Flipper_Ripper:

So I ordered a Drac with cut feet and to my surprised it’s the exact same drac that’s in my CGC SE. I also checked CGCs website and they have a pic of drac and it looks like his feet are cut there too.
It’s all good as I will have to shave his feet just a tad bit more and hopefully this solves my SDTM issues. Glad to have an extra drac to do this on, but thought I would share that it seems like CGC ships their games with the modified drac already.

As LTG already said they are made the same. There is no difference outside CGC painting differently. I think some people here has cut or filed Darcs feet but personally see no need for this and is how the original game was. There are some cheap SDTM balls on this game, it is part of the game. I use to think I had the same problem between this and the scoop , but what ever app I first used to level the game must have been off by a hair, seemed when tried a different app, along with just using a small 6" level solved all my problems.

#7823 9 months ago
Quoted from Flipper_Ripper:

I understand what you’re saying. What I’m saying is my machine from factory came with filed feet. I thought it was odd when my cut feet version came in the mail today and it’s exactly like the drac on my machine. Then I checked CGCs website and the drac pictured on their site looks like his feet are filed as well.
Take a look and judge for yourself.
Also attached my original drac that came with the machine and the feet cut one that l received [quoted image]

Hmm. I am not sure I am seeing the difference. Here is some pics of mine, I think they look the same.

PXL_20210213_055304641 (resized).jpgPXL_20210213_055319084 (resized).jpg
#7825 9 months ago
Quoted from Flipper_Ripper:

Awesome thanks for posting that. I’m assuming yours is a CGC? See the toes are filed just like the pictures I posted. I believe in the original MB, they were rounded tip.
Like this
[quoted image]

Yes it is CGC. I definitely see the difference with that pick. Which version of Drac is supposed to be the best? And which machine do you have?

#7827 9 months ago
Quoted from Flipper_Ripper:

I have the CGC SE. so looks like CGC addresses the issue and shipped their games with the modified drac. We both have the feet filled one, which is suppose to help with SDTM issues. I have two dracs no, so I will modify one of them and shave just a tad bit more off, as it’s ever so slightly nicking the tip of his feet and sending it down SDTM. It’s frustrating for me because it’s two quick drains off the plunge a lot of times. I can have a monster first ball raking up tons of points and then my second ball is an instant two drains with ball save. Sucked enough and happened enough times for me to purchase a cut drac feet figure but then noticed it’s the same as the one CGC ships with their games.

Learn something every day. Hopefully you can get it dialed in. I have one small issue, I was going to open a ticket on and hopefully get an answer. My right ramp as the ball transitions from the ramp to the wire form sometimes sticks right in the V groove. I think it also slows the ball down making the Ball and Chain a tougher shot on the right verses the left. Not sure if this is the normal clunkyness to the game or there is a way to smooth out. I have tried loosening the wire form pushing it more into the ramp, and also tried backing off just can't seem to dial it in the way I would like it to work.

3 weeks later
#7889 9 months ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

It’s hard to imagine wood of such quality that a metal ball bouncing at high speed does not dimple it or worse. If pins from pre-2000 didn’t dimple, I can only assume that the wood was either cured for an extensively longer period of time or it was allowed to slow grow which made it stronger. You would think the coatings we have today would be superior to then. Either way, it is metal hitting wood at pace. I’m not a fan of dimpling, but prefer it to cracking. I’m also not a fan of playfield protectors. So, it’s not a museum piece, I choose to play it and enjoy it.

I agree with you. I have a place around the corner from me with 30 pins ranging from the 70’s to a lot of the recent titles, it’s Totally awesome place by the way. But I have looked at every single playfield and guess what every one of those pins has dimples. MBr is one of the worst, which this place has that game and the other two from CGC. Because you are constantly bashing Frank and Drac the ball goes all over. Now some of the other machines have hardly any but they are there but you see one thing common with those in that the shots don’t bounce all over the place, or the flippers are too weak to do so..The idea that plywood was harder back in the day I don’t buy. Not to mention some of the old machines were so dark you could not see the playfield. I played an original MB and that pin was so dark due to the old lights I thought it sucked then played a remake and I was hooked. Now my JP has hardly any dimples, but there is no bash toy sending the ball in crazy directions, and luckily I do not seem to own one that had the pooling issue, which was a “real problem” that I am assuming the clear was not mixed properly. Hardened metal ball verses wood, ball wins every time.

#7907 8 months ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

100% agreed, I have 100 plus dimples on this machine most prior to my purchase. I was super hesitant to buy a newer game because of the issues with clear I have read. Clear I can deal with, dimples are another thing entirely.
Again, I have played plenty of newer games, my friends have the MMr and AFMr's and they do not look like this. This is different.

I think some of this has to do with the colors used. MM is dark and a lot of paint and symbols on the PF and of course no Frank kicking the ball up in the air, ball tends to stay on the PF, AFM little brighter shows more but the ball does not kick up in the air as much but MB is the worst with the blue, and the bright lights. I doubt any pin manufacturers will ever use anything other than standard birch or pine as the older stuff that people are talking about probably not as plentiful and not coming from the “old growth trees”. But I love this hobby too much to let some dimples get in my way. Hell as I get older my eyes don’t even notice anymore.

#7908 8 months ago
Quoted from woody76:

I was about to say this exact thing but got tired of it all

This debate will never go away and people continue to either wine about it or defend it. Who knows maybe a machine I want with a lot of dimples will come up and sell for cheap LOL. I am sure they will say it’s normal when they go to sell it and charge top dollar, even though they were the ones who lost their battle with the manufacture and believe it was made poorly.

3 months later
#8108 4 months ago
Quoted from gjm7777:

Dimples are normal, here have a look at an original
Every single B/W game I've owned had dimples, they all show in the right light and circumstances.

Wow this guy has pretty high hopes to get 20k. Me I would take my remake for a little over 7k and buy one or two more pins. Freaking rediculous.

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