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Mongrels of Pinball Filfth - RZSSI Club (w/ build #'s)

By ATLpb

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

Never too soon to start a club! For those of us that are all in- Let's transition out of the ~3k post announcement thread and into a (pre) owner's thread?

Can't wait to find out my build number for what looks to be a phenomenal unique alternative to every other pin out there!


for fun- publicly announced build #'s in this thread:
0 Robert Cummings (assumed)
1 "pingod's buddy"
2 Jetzxi
4 robertmee
8 billyboy
10 Charliew65
11 Pin_-_k
20 bemmett
24 Betelgeuse
29 RustyLizard
42 dgarrett
43 WaddleJrJr
44 Playerone

57 KingPinGames
58 KingPinGames
59 MikeHogue
63 maddog14
67 Drew13
80 dendoc
90 hooch333
92 C2CPinball
101 "Ed"
102 "Paul"
110 2Kaulitz
113 mitch1985
115 pingod
116 Xerico
120 saveleaningtower
123 labnip
129 lllvjr
133 Kramer
134 TrevixClemson
135 lllvjr
141 bridgeman
149 Medisinyl
150 volkdrive
152 jk2171
153 PinJump
154 hAbO
155 sensfreak
156 tvbenk
159 Pickle
164 extraballingtmc
169 zeddex
171 RandomKG
172 nephasth
173 blimpey
176 monte
178 Damonator
179 emkay
183 SilverballNut
185 Jabbles180
187 mozach
205 yfz450
209 zombywoof
212 parabol420
213 MikeS
217 jimbeam42
221 jlm33
222 Dracula40
230 schwts
233 PinBackpacker
234 timtim
236 ultimategameroom
242 Pinball_Freak
243 Doot77
244 princea56001
245 outcida
248 "Rusty"
250 Hougie
282 jasonvhsp
294 Buzz
300 charity auction!

#2 8 years ago

KT said I was in the 160's this week. She told me "Numbers are not set in stone yet. I am still working on them & confirming sales. Permanent number to follow soon."

Proud to be in the club!

#3 8 years ago

WTF? How is this the only "zombie" game in the database?


#4 8 years ago

I'm in. Can't wait to visit the new shop and pick up my game

#6 8 years ago

Bring on my filth!

#7 8 years ago

In as well. Looking forward to driving up and picking up my game; preferably in the Summer when it's nice out.

#8 8 years ago

I'm in as well. My first Spooky game. Excited to own this one.

#9 8 years ago

I'm told we'll be in the 190's. First NIB.

#10 8 years ago

I can't wait to get mine and it be my 1st NIB

#11 8 years ago

I'm in too very excited.
Can we just use RZ as the short form instead of RZSSI. RZ is easier and works just as well.

#12 8 years ago

I got on the list June 17th. I don't have an estimate as to my order number yet. For those that do, when did you get on the list?

#13 8 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

KT said I was in the 160's this week. She told me "Numbers are not set in stone yet. I am still working on them & confirming sales. Permanent number to follow soon."

Quoted from emkay:

I'm told we'll be in the 190's. First NIB.

What date did you guys get put on the "interested list"?

#14 8 years ago

I asked to go on the list on june 13th at 6pm at which time i was told it was only open to amh buyers. then heard back on the 15th saying i was on the list.

#15 8 years ago

I'm in for an LE.

#16 8 years ago
Quoted from roc-noc:

I'm in for an LE.

Lucky guy. I'm in on a regular! No idea about specifics. All I know is check is in the mail to Joe at pinballstar.

#17 8 years ago

Last I asked KT had no clue about numbers yet. So I decided to just step back as to not bother them. Hopefully we get our numbers soon.

#18 8 years ago
Quoted from Jabbles180:

So I decided to just step back as to not bother them. Hopefully we get our numbers soon.

I figure that will come in time. Let them deal with solidifying the group and then move forward.

#19 8 years ago

They're probably super backed up....sent deposit on receiving my email, they've got that so I'm covered. Once all 300 are spoken for we should see our numbers is think.

#20 8 years ago

I am in from Canada eh. Pretty excited for this game. Best description I've heard is a modern take on a system 11. I thinking it should play decent and the playfield art has really grown on me.

I asked kt my number and she hopes to get them finalized this weekend and that there are 31 people she is waiting on. Maybe we can assume then that 269 of 300 bought in?

#21 8 years ago

I put a feature request in to have this pin added to Pinside so we can tag it and add to our collection etc..

I mailed out check on Thursday so maybe next week i find out my #.

#22 8 years ago

#23 8 years ago
Quoted from nephasth:

What date did you guys get put on the "interested list"?

Requested on the afternoon of 15 June, received reply confirming two hours later.

Edit: Go Cheyenne btw! Have family in Torrington, am from Scottsbluff.

#24 8 years ago

I missed the boat

#25 8 years ago

Just checking into the party. I should be in the 250s.

#26 8 years ago

Joining the club. Got Number 133 this morning. With Rob Zombies new album being announced yesterday for release on January 11 th as The Electric Warlock Acid Witch( not sure if that was a song or the actual album title) this has been a great Rob Zombie weekend right before Christmas :-)Dave

#28 8 years ago

FILTH # 176!


#29 8 years ago

172 here. Was confirmed on the list June 15th 3:28PM mountain time.

And by my calculations, mine should be done right about this exact time next year...

#30 8 years ago

June 17th confirmation.

Hoping for an Xmas present to myself next year and will gladly settle for Valentine's day 2017 or even St Patty's 2017

#31 8 years ago

I am #244. I plan on picking it up myself from Spooky sometime Summer 2017, which is fine by me.

#32 8 years ago

#185 here

#33 8 years ago

#221. Spring 2017 suits me fine!

#34 8 years ago


#35 8 years ago

# 1 2 3

#36 8 years ago


#42 8 years ago

Being a club thread, I thought I should post this here also:

It was about my 7th grade year in school. I was listening to a ton of Metallica, Guns and Roses, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Alice in Chains, etc.. One of my other black T-Shirt wearing, long haired buddies said "Hey, you need to check this out" and handed me a cassette tape LA Sexorcisto. It came at just the right time. This was one of few albums that I sat down and listened to straight through and played it again.

I was pissed off at everything, awkward, into metal and horror, interested in girls, video games, pretty much anything your parents don't want you looking at, thinking about, or listening to.

I love Rob's stuff Hellbilly and earlier. The music, theme, and gameplay look to be a freaking blast. RZSI looks like a teenage boy's dream pin. What's more Pinball than that?

\m/ -Hougie

#43 8 years ago

#2 LE

#44 8 years ago

Wonder if Rob is #1 or is he outside the count of 300? What about employees like Charlie, Ben, etc? I guess what I'm wondering is there really only 300 or are there a few more that will make it onto production for special cases.

#45 8 years ago

155 for me. Could a list be created with owner and number at the top of this topic?

#47 8 years ago

#80 over here - 3 that I know of heading to Aus

#48 8 years ago



#49 8 years ago
Quoted from sensfreak:

155 for me. Could a list be created with owner and number at the top of this topic?

Sure- I guess that could be kind of fun since pinball is such a microscopic community relative to planet. I'll take a stab later. But only from this thread. Too hard hunting thru the original announcement thread...

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