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mnemonic hand picks up two balls every time

By BlackRabbit

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Hi. My hand goes to the matrix and grabs 2 balls (target ball and adjacent ball magnetically latches on). Anyone know how to fix this? I took the hand apart to confirm switch inside is ok...works perfect in test with ball inside. It worked fine for two years that we owned pin, the one day all of a sudden it does this now. I see plenty of threads about hand issues but not like mine where I pick up double balls.

Thanks in advance for assistance!

#4 6 years ago

My problem is my wife and I play at the same time. If I lock a couple balls in the matrix and then she locks a couple, the hand has no choice but to remove one since it runs out of balls. It keeps what was in the matrix in memory for multi time but it directs the hand to remove a ball when needed. Never had an issue for years until now. I tried new balls so thanks for idea flaps. Is it possible my pin somehow has increased voltage the the magnet thus creating higher magnet power and grabbing unintended balls? If it does I have no idea how to lower that voltage to the magnet...if it is even possible to do without adding components to do it?

#7 6 years ago

Ok. I will order new balls and x-y nut today. Thanks for the input. I'll update the thread after I install that stuff so if it works other readers can benefit down the road.

#12 6 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

This is not a common problem that all JM have. It indicates your hand is sagging. You'll need to do something to raise it up whether it's just the t-nut or not. Saying this is just how it is isn't right.

I ordered an x and a y nut today. Did I miss a, "T" nut or is that a typo?

#13 6 years ago
Quoted from nerbflong:

I had this issue on mine and noticed the whole hand assembly (back panel?!) was drooped forward from the weight of many years... so I bent it back away from the playfield(Carefully!) and now it rarely gets two balls when grabbing one from the matrix.

This is pretty interesting. I am going to look into this ( did not say I will try it but going to evaluate). I mean...let's say I replace the x and y (t nut too?) and same issue? I then would be pretty cornered to try a last resort option and maybe this is it. This picking up 2 balls issue really is ruining game play for my wife and I

#16 6 years ago

I tried new balls today and it did not solve my issue. Next comes the x-y nut when it arrives in the mail. Reading what radio said above....I might try that. I have a few dc to dc units around the garage. Nice thing is they are small and adjustable. I could place one inline and regulate the dc voltage down to just enough (hopefully) to pick up one and only one ball. This just might work. Again, I will try the y and x nut replacement first though. I will update this thread so we can all benefit if something can be ruled out or, luckily, if something actually resolves the issue at hand (Sorry, I just could not resist

#20 6 years ago
Quoted from Radiowing:

Yes, let us know how it goes, BlackRabbit. I took a look for sagging in my hand mechanism and could not find anything that I felt I could safely "bend" out. However, I did experiment with letting the matrix sag down by loosening it from the back board at bit. If it worked, my plan was to shim it and then re-tighten it. No dice, though. It still picked up two balls in multi-player mode. I like having 2 balls, but not Johhny's glove.

Radio. I just finished tinkering (without new parts). I hand placed two balls in the matrix at many different positions. With the game on and glass off as soon as I did this the hand march over to pick a ball. This was good since it saved me tons of time messing with the switch and test menus. Anyway, as soon as the hand reach the matrix I quickly reached in and used a finger to lift the hand. I have play at the x and y but I discovered. With this play removed or compensated for by my finger, the magnet only picked up one ball. It appears the distance between matrix and hand is very important and sensitive...on my pin anyway.

I am confident finally that I will resolve this. It all makes sense now. Played perfect for two years then started picking up two balls likely because hand sagged and is now close to matrix which allows the magnetic field to influence/grab near by balls. What caused the hand sag? I think folks here in this thread nailed it. X and y nut wear (friction between but and turn screw). Then the hand has shake or play and sits lower. In addition, like said here, gravity!!! The game, even when idle, has gravity pulling on that heavy hand mass 24 hours/day 7 days/week! Hand sags more. Too bad the engineers did not counter balance that mechanism load or even add an assist spring to help fight the gravitational pull downward.

Oh well. I feel pretty good that when my new y and x but goes in with also some gentle tugs upward to counter the sag, it will work properly again. I will update here either way though.

Thanks for all the great tips everyone!

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