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MMR remake and "collateral damage"

By houseofpin

7 years ago

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#51 7 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I want a MM but would rather have an original.
If PPS is using Mirco playfields, which I would assume they are, I really hope they get him to watch Chris Hutchin's Mirco MM rework.
These details, IMO, will really determine the future value of the original MM.
I do have a SC FT for an original MM if anyone is interested.

The playfields are being made by CCC using Mirco's artwork. The cabinets are also being made by CCC. Sure, they make cabinets for Stern but they also made the original MM cabinet.

Will it "feel" like a B/W title? God I hope so, that's what I'm paying for. Make sure that is there Roger! They are using B/W parts, so it should have the B/W feel.


#52 7 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I believe I read that CCC will make the pfs and cabinets and they also do Stern's? So I guess you could expect similar quality.
I followed your SC HEP playfield swap with interest. It is awesome. Someone will get a beauty!

That is good to know about the playfields but I would really love someone like Chris to be involved in the process of this remake. There is not a person that knows that game nut to bolt like Chris.

Thanks for the compliment on the SC, the game was a bitch.

#53 7 years ago
Quoted from houseofpin:

THANKS TO EVERYONE who has posted. Who knows who will be right but my MAJOR POINT was that I feel you will also see collateral damage to other titles just on the FEAR THEY WILL BE REPRODUCED !!!! I just don't see anyone stepping up to buy a HEP restored CC for over $15K if they feel there is a chance a new remade one might be $8K !!!! The days of a mint HUO MB going for over $12K are probably gone for now as well...

All caps aside, I think you are correct for the time being. What this remake has done is inject a great deal of uncertainty into the market. And the market will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future. Until the remake is released, very few will pay a high price for any of these possibly reproduced games. (I know I won't) Just my opinion.

#54 7 years ago

That is not a safe assumption. CCC is building to the customer specifications.

Quoted from Erik:

So I guess you could expect similar quality.

#55 7 years ago

What I find funny is I do believe we will all see "some panic selling" (in my opinion it is VERY SLOWLY starting). Some people are not going to want to risk being a "bag holder" and don't want to think "I should have sold" but truly the one thing I know about PINSIDERS is they are very smart. I doubt many of us who have waited will step up to the plate just because some of now willing to drop the price of a MM by a $1K or $2K or a CC by $2K or $3K we all know where they were selling only a few years ago.

I am looking at the couple of high priced items on this board and I am not even seeing offers....

I wonder if any of us would even buy the HEP restored CC for $13K right now.....my bet is probably not or pay $11K for a really nice MM....they would have fetched those prices prior to this without much trouble. Until people feel the RISK is properly adjusted nobody is "stepping up to the plate". Well, somebody might but I doubt many will.

#56 7 years ago
Quoted from TZBen:

How do we know that the remakes will be made well?

Because the same company that made the original playfields and cabinets is making it in the same factory.

Other than a few parts (castle bridge mech, castle bracket) everything has been available for years to keep the old MMs restored.

It's not like they are suddenly going to start making blue trolls or particle board playfields.

Planetary is in the biz of selling Williams parts and approving any reproduced parts.. If you have bought any repro parts for any of your Williams games, you already have used their stuff.

#57 7 years ago

Funny old world.

1000 MMLE's sell out at $8000. Not rare, only a reproduction, but fantastic if it is a game you love. A toy to enjoy for many years.

There are a ton of rare pinballs, especially EM's which will never be reproduced ( KoD was but not a patch on the original ) and yet you can buy some awesome Add A Ball's which are rare to start with, for a fraction of the MM repro price.

But, rarity only counts if there are enough other people seeking the rare item. And condition is always king

#58 7 years ago
Quoted from zod:

Make a new game, who wants a bad humour jokey pin from the 90's

Ummm...clearly over 1000 people lol

Quoted from zod:

when they could make The running man or Resident Evil or Blade Runner. I'd much rather play something I haven't played before. But hey that's me....

Ummm....so - people shouldn't want to play the most popular pin ever made but they should want a game based on an old Arnold movie, a shitty movie based on a shitty video game, or a boring sci-fi movie from the 80's? Glad you're not making pins, brotha!

(JK about Blade Runner...just had to keep my rant going).

#59 7 years ago

If the remakes are made WELL then to me that is going to really hurt the old games. So you can get a well made remake with a WARRANTY and no maintainance issues for many years for MUCH LESS (since some are arguing that the old MM's should stay in the $11K-$15K range) makes it a no brainer to buy a re-make for $8K. The old ones either come down or in my opinion at least for now NOBODY is going to "step up to the plate" and buy a MM for well over $10K. Also, this goes for some other high priced titles as truly "who wants to be a bag holder" and RISK buying a MM for $12K or more. Pinsiders by their nature are SMART PEOPLE and I don't see too many of them "sticking their neck out" right now....they will exercise PATIENCE and CAUTION and wait for the "dust to settle" before reaching for their wallets !!!!

My feeling IF THEY GET THERE and they aren't going to get there anytime soon but at $6K I am a buyer of a nice MM or CC !!!! People laugh but what were they selling at in 2009-2010 !!!! So who knows they may get there again and you know what "I PULL THE TRIGGER" and don't care if they go to $3K !!!! Some people my $6K might be there $10K so who knows when others "step up to the plate" but I am a buyer for sure at $6K and maybe even a little higher (as both CC and MM I would love to own but $10K is never going to happen for either title). I hope the re-makes push down the prices below the price of the re-makes is my hope which again is at least "possible" so it pays to wait.

#60 7 years ago

I agree 100%

#61 7 years ago

AFM at 7k? I'm IN!

#62 7 years ago

It is interesting watching these FS threads now.

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