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MMR PPS and Overall Update - Official PPS (Oct 21, 2013)


6 years ago

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#240 6 years ago
Quoted from gprotein:

So. All signs and arrows are pointing at AFM as the next remake title.

Why? You can get a sweet AFM for 8k or less right now. I don't see them selling 1000 units of AFM. Besides, if you have MM, no need for the same game re-themed.

#646 6 years ago
Quoted from Cobra:

So the fact that you can now get a MM for under 10K now isn't enough. Cause really that's all I want. The fact that they are able to do this should make people happy. Incredible how ungrateful people are. People bitching about the boards, lights and finishes. At least they agreed to do the double clear on all of them to stop some of the complaining.

People are paying 8 large...people have a right to "bitch".

#648 6 years ago
Quoted from Cobra:

Bitch like, " I want gold ramps on the LE's so it sets them apart more from the standards"?
or " I don't want crappy gold powder coat"?
Don't buy one if you don't like how they come. Go buy a 15K restored one with original boards and bulbs that you can change.

We don't know how they come yet is part of the problem. We don't know exactly what we bought yet. By the way, all MM ramps were always gold...why would they be different?

1 month later
#1270 5 years ago
Quoted from jrivelli:

Isn't it upon williams approval which is roughly at the end of the year? Then it ships April ish

Nope. That is the deadline for bailing and getting your deposit back. It's due when time to ship.

#1275 5 years ago
Quoted from jrivelli:

So, you can get your deposit back anytime before williams approval? However, after that you can obviously still bail up until time of shipment, but just no deposit back?

I think so.

Quoted from DeathHimself:

I'm sure if you had to bail for good reasons any reputable distributor/dealer wouldn't give a major stink over returning the deposit, after all it's really not going to be too hard to sell it as there is a waiting list and they may even make a little more profit at that point.

What he said. ^

1 month later
#2161 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

I didn't think anything was tax free ... I doubt it especially in Europe ... maybe if you are a diplomat?

Oregon baby...sales tax free, but they get us other ways.

1 month later
#2743 5 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

Actually, my reason for paying more for an LE would be because I like the additional features that it has and/or I like the way it looks the best.
My preference would be for the manufacturer to make an unlimited amount of that model and sell them at a lower price!

LOL, well my preference is for them to give them away free to us in an unlimited amount.

#2791 5 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

What if the new MM cabinets could look like WOZLE cabinets with inked or screened artwork and cleared? They won't be, but what if they could?

It would lock me in for the long haul and get some more people in line!!

2 weeks later
#2943 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Have you tried the transparent rubbers? I think they have black-esque bounce but don't fray or leave any dirty debris! I'm not sure they'd look right on every game - but so far I put them on Avengers LE, STLE, and TRON LE and they look pretty awesome. I just picked up a POTC...gonna put them on that one too...I figure clear=water.

Let's see some pics...

#2955 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Looks sweet on Tron LE.

1 week later
#3070 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

$8k is over my threshold just on principle (but man, I keep creeping closer to it, I'm like a boiling frog) but just seeing those little sneak pics is enough to make me want one still. Obviously the hobby can't grow off just remakes, but for some of these old special ones? It's going to feel so great to unbox them. How the market responds, what else gets remade, there's a lot to still discover, but I'm firmly in the camp of "new MM is an awesome thing".

MM is the only re-made game I'd go 8k on (it's in my top 3)...unless CC gets remade with CCC code. I'd probably go for that too.

1 month later
#3395 5 years ago
Quoted from S37VEN:

Armpit? View from my second home balcony in Hilton Head, SC. No better beaches in the U.S. than in the Carolinas.

HH Balcony.jpg 23 KB

Uhh, I'd have to counter that statement with Hawaii's beaches.

#3462 5 years ago

I have to agree, the pitted black choice is puzzling...metallic gloss black is the winner. I'm going stainless if these are the final options.

#3509 5 years ago
Quoted from thunderking50:

Sorry guys i have no time and patience to read all this,i want to know if Black trim will be available in the choices ?
And when will those Beauty will start shipping ?

Yes, but final black isn't determined yet.

#3522 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

yeah, but as I look at that picture, it looks odd as the legs are a different color than the door and looks (when you are looking for it) doesn't look right. Also Chris even advised me NOT to go with that Black Nickel finish as it's really inconsistent (piece to piece), so that will not be the option. We'll look into it, and pick what we pick at this point and people can choose ... as well as they can choose to take silver and replate their own items. The side rails can be removed without pulling the side art off so hopefully some business goes to the pinball part re-platers ...

Rick, I'd bet 98% of the people buying wouldn't mind the "mismatched" coin door. Heck, look at stern and JJP. Black coin doors, colored trim. Looks fine. Metallic black please.

#3653 5 years ago
Quoted from Chippewa-Pin:

1. Chrome
2. Shiny Black
3. Stainless
4. Flat black
10. Mustard

1. Metallic Black (gold flake/sparkle?) or Stainless
2. Gloss Black
3. Cleared Brass
4. Flat Black
10. Mustard / Chrome

#3654 5 years ago

Double post

3 weeks later
#3933 5 years ago

So what about the unlimited standard editions? When do those get banged out?

1 week later
#3990 5 years ago
Quoted from peaceboy666:

shiny black for me,and invisiglass 2, and what good is a taco bell voucher to an aussie lol

Is invisiglass an option?

#4053 5 years ago
Quoted from SolarRide:

If this hasn't been posted already, I would recommend the following software updates for MMR:
1) Any progress made on Catapult, Damsel,Joust, and Peasant before Royal Madness started not wiped out after Royal Madness ends as it is in current software
2) Victory Lap killers: Castle mb, Barnyard mb, Multiball Madness will end a victory lap combo that is going when the multiball starts (a new combo will have to be started after the multiball ends if the current ball is still in progress)

1) No
2) Ok

#4055 5 years ago
Quoted from SolarRide:

So with regard to 1), I guess it's fine to penalize the player for getting Royal Madness.

I think it adds a nice strategy. Do you finish off a damsel save or peasant riot or go for Royal Madness right away?

#4074 5 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

Thank you for the clarification, Rick! Still waiting on that advice how to tell the wife ...

Here's my advice: grow a pair, man up, and tell your woman you're getting a MM...AND it's going in the dining room and there's not a damn thing she can do about it!

1 week later
#4131 5 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

The standard will never be more valuable than the LE. Rarity is not the sole decider of value. Otherwise Addams Familys would be $200 each and Popeye would be worth more than Medieval Madness.

...waiting for Rarehero's Carribean Cruise comment...

#4207 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

Here is an attempt to show the 3 trim options side by side, I think this will help with getting a perspective on the difference. I need to check the levelers on the black as in the picture they are zinc, so I think they will be black zinc to match ...

Also, at BAA HQ (San Jose) we have a leg each of the Black and Gold powdercoat, so if anyone in the area (as well as those coming in for CA Extreme) want to see, then you can stop by and we will have them there to check out the color and the finish.
thanks, rick@planetarypinball.com

MMRTrimX3.jpg 147 KB

That has to be a new gold as that looks pretty nice...tempted to move off my SS choice to gold.

#4223 5 years ago
Quoted from mrclean:

Still on the fence!

black.jpg 193 KB

black_2.jpg 222 KB

black_close_up.jpg 126 KB

gold_2.jpg 162 KB

gold_3.jpg 190 KB

gold_leg.jpg 133 KB

gold_trim.jpg 162 KB

I thought it wasn't textured black anymore...but smooth?

#4236 5 years ago
Quoted from ulmpharmd:

Guys I just realized I had this shot of the gold trim from the TPF in March....makes me kinda second guess my decision for gloss black...
hope this helps some..

IMG_4967[1].JPG 243 KB

Yep, stainless it is!

#4246 5 years ago
Quoted from herg:

If a second game is remade and there is still an option to select your own trim color, I will be shocked. The amount of drama this has caused is ridiculous. If I were Rick, you'd all be getting stainless, and you could deal with your own powdercoating.

True, but the drama would then be elsewhere. I'd rather have the drama on a frivolous item like trim if I were rick.

#4307 5 years ago
Quoted from Gangplank:

Only a month ago the gold wasn't popular at all....the winds of change move swiftly

Winds Of Change.jpg 27 KB

And it's the same gold. I think some gold choosers are going to be disappointed...

#4507 5 years ago
Quoted from gaspumprob:

I am going to get mine in black . I was leaning towards black but was afraid it would have a Data East/ Stern feel. So I showed my wife the picture of all three lined up and she right away chose the black. I asked her why and she said that the silver looked non LE , and the gold did not look as good to her when focusing on the front of the cabinet looking at the decals and legs. She thought the black looked richer and went well with the decals. The only thing we wished was a smother black finish. The finish in the closeup picture looks like a fairly rough one? Is it smooth?? Someone who has seen it in person please chine in and let me know how smooth the finish is compared to Stern's.
Just our opinion not saying the gold is not a good choice.
Black is our choice!

Smooth as a baby's ass! That "pitted" pic was a sample NOT chosen. Smooth shiny black is the final choice.

#4617 5 years ago
Quoted from hollywood:

I do agree. Maybe they are a secret LE perk?

Wasn't there going to be some extra LE perks?

#4857 5 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

I just paged back through the pages and found it pretty quick looking for PPS comments but yea, the Topic Search is pretty easy.
Just asking the same questions over and over is one of the reasons why this thread is 97 pages.

You can also JUST show the posts by Rick in this thread. Keeps all the BS hidden.

1 week later
#5040 5 years ago
Quoted from TVP:

If the machines will be inspected at Chicago coin after being built at stern, I don't understand why they cant include coin mech's even in the accessory box when they know where the machines are being shipped. This is not rocket science. We want our $20 worth of coin mechs in our $8,000.00 machines.

$15ish x 1000 = $15000ish pure profit. Nice chunk of change to pocket there.

#5067 5 years ago
Quoted from yotaxi125:

haven't checked in here in a while but personally i'd be pissed if there were no coin mech. i mean, sure, it's probably not necessary, but a pinball doesn't quite look like a pinball without one... whether you like it or not, it's part of the entire aethestic. plus, it's a REMAKE. it should resemble ALL substantial cosmetic aspects of the original machine...
i mean, in all honesty you don't even need to have a back box anymore since all you have is that small ass board in there, right....? may as well get rid of the back box too huh??
this would definitely change my perspective on future remakes... (if there are any)

Huh, you realize the coin mechs are only seen if you open the door? The coin insert/reject is still there. Looks identical from the outside.

#5299 5 years ago
Quoted from Pintucky:

I wonder how many people bought the MMR with little knowledge of it like I did.
1. I have never seen the pin in person.
2. Never played one, not even the Virtual Pin version.
3. I have watched one video of someone playing it on Youtube.
I wanted it because:
1. It has been #1 on Pinside for a long time, so it MUST be good!
2. I have heard SO many other people exclaim what a great pin it is.
3. It is supposed to be unique and addictive to play.
4. Pictures I have seen show it to be a beautiful pin.
5. The idea that it is brand new and not a used pin.
6. The idea it is a Limited Edition.
That's about it! This is like buying a car without ever seeing one or driving one, but only seeing pictures and hearing feedback from others.
Anyone else take such a leap? I figure most of you have had a lot of exposure to this pin, either own one, or have played it a lot. I am convinced I made the right decision.

IMO, you should have played it first...they are out there to play. I think a lot of people will be disappointed as it isn't that deep compared to most recent releases. It's deep enough for me and I love the game, but not everyone will feel that way. PS Just tell the wife already...why prolong it?

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