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MMR PPS and Overall Update - Official PPS (Oct 21, 2013)


6 years ago

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#4073 5 years ago

I'm looking for an LE spot... I'd also like a specific number if possible.

#4099 5 years ago

I wish the gold trim was a shinny chromed look like my Indiana Jones, and I think the regular finish will be stainless steel type look I wish it was silver chrome... So far the shinny black looks to be the best.

#4105 5 years ago

On the playfield are the wire formed ones going to be gold or chrome, personally if so id want my legs to match that or to be safe just go with shinny black. Platting can always be done after the fact. Stainless steel is safe shinny black will differentiate it from MMRLE to MMR... Am I Right only the MMRs will have stainless steel finish as an option?

These would be the color / trim choices I would want.
Shinny Black
Shinny Gold
Shinny Chrome

#4118 5 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

What are the odds standards don't happen? Apparently there are still a few LE's available, and my guess is there will be cancellations when it comes to put up or shut up time.
The standard run wasn't in the cards until the LE sold out, but with LE's available, is it possible we might see this cap at the 1,000 LE's and no more?

Mixed emotions on this but I think it would increase the value if only 1000 were made, but honestly doubt those will be the only ones. It's a balancing act with supply and demand. The more people that enjoy it the better. I'm just happy to be getting the game period.

#4158 5 years ago


I can't wait !!!!!

#4173 5 years ago

What will the serial plates / badges xxxx of 1000 look like, are they in silver, gold, or black ? In other words are they going to match the trim ?

I think the silver trim is the safest reminds me of the 97' Williams...
Black is the sleekest, and fits the theme & time frame the best.
Gold is now growing on me, and really does pop... It makes it look like an LE.

#4222 5 years ago

Still on the fence (About trim)! Seriously first world problem.


#4224 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I thought it wasn't textured black anymore...but smooth?

I don't know I'll let Rick chime in about the texture... As well as hopefully he can show some high resolution photos of the final trim options, the newest gold picture Rick posted comparing the silver, gold and black as seen here:


]looks far different from the Texas pinball show but he said nothings changed so that should be the gold. my question wasn't answered though...

"What will the serial plates / badges xxxx of 1000 look like, are they in silver, gold, or black ? In other words are they going to match the trim ?"

#4234 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

As we know 'color' is perception - based on light, reflected light, angle, contrast, etc.

sounds familiar I think I've seen that on the brain game show.

#4241 5 years ago

So the habitrails / wire forms are brass / gold platted, what's the serial badge looking like is it chrome / stainless or gold etc.. I know it sounds silly just curious? are the regular MMR's coming with silver / stainless steel only ? Does any one have more pics from TPF of MMRLE ?

#4259 5 years ago

is it going to come with green trolls or red trolls... Trolls BAD discussion GOOD.

#4281 5 years ago

what's the latest to actually choose the color if it's payed for in Full and ordered directly through pps ? I would imagine really soon, right ? I got a Sales Order .pdf but it doesn't state it's payed for in full... also it just says "-TRIM NOT SELECTED- GOLD OR SILVER".

#4288 5 years ago
Quoted from Viperbsd:

I went to BAA in Campbell today and saw the black and gold leg in person. Before my visit I was sure I wanted the black, but after seeing them in person I am going with the gold.
I think that they will both look better than the stainless, but the gold just "fits" the theme better in my opinion.

Honestly I think we are all driving ourselves crazy with these trim options... At the end of the day it's Medieval Madness.... silver, gold, black at the end of the day the game is going to kick ass ! Let's shift the focus on shipping dates or speculating what's the next PPS title.

#4291 5 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

I wonder what trim options will be available on the next PPS title

If PPS decides to do another remake...One trim option only would be my guess because Ricks not going to want to deal with this fiasco ever again.

#4318 5 years ago
Quoted from Bigboythursday:

Anyone contacted by PPS yet? About color or full payment?

I got a generic sales order receipt says trim not selected with two of the three colors. I payed for it in full already, yet I don't think anything denotes that it was fully payed for, unless I'm reading it wrong. I never made the initial 1000 deposit I was really late to the party so I flat out sent Rick payment in full and he said he was fine with that at the time. As far as I can tell its simply a way for me to reference my order. Not Sure if that's what your referring to.. If so than I've had that form / .pdf for several days directly from pps.

#4331 5 years ago

Everyone just stop your whining, just pick your trim option and pay in full. Within 4-6 weeks once games go into production you will get it. I'm guessing they can pump out 150-200 a week. I'm also going to guess by Monday July 21st at the latest is when they will start to be produced, that's a little over 2 weeks until production. The games will probably be shipped in "batches" depending on what retailer you obtained your preorder from, in addition to region. At the end of the day we will all receive our MMRLE's in a timely manor. Can I please get a photo factory shot of the MMRLE's being made on the Stern line... who can provide that in 2 weeks ?

#4354 5 years ago

Rick said "August" to "November" is when you will be receiving your game... *read number 5*

got an email directly from pps today about 3 hrs ago...

1) See below for latest update links (this thread etc... or ricks site) on status of the game - we are moving to production this month and the games will be released in 'batches' of games and slotted into the production line for the next several months.

2) Deposits - deposits become non-refundable on JULY 10, 2014

3) Trim color - we are offering the game in 3 different trim options - "Gold" (powdercoat), Semi-Gloss Black, and original Stainless/Zinc

4) Confirmation information - you will be receiving a message in the next few days asking to provide/confirm your trim choice as well as confirm shipping address, other shipping questions, etc. This will happen this week (before July 11)

5) Shipping Timeframe - games will start to build last week of July. They will be built in batches and will ship in batches this will occur until the LE's are all built and shipped. This is currently scheduled to happen over several months, with the exact schedule to be adjust based on the final prep activities happening now. SO, depending on a number of factors your game would be expecting to as soon as Aug and as late as Nov based on current info (which can move in/out based on reality of how the mfg goes). We will be going thru this in detail and will note any special situations (possible pickup in IL, international shipment to one of our resellers, etc). Again, we have time and will initiate these discussions with you.

6) Payment - for Planetary Pinball customers - we will notify you of the total due (with shipping and any tax) after we receive the update on #3, and then payment will be 'generally' due to us for retail customers a couple of weeks before shipment (meaning the game is scheduled to be mfg, being mfg, or has been mfg. Early payment is always an option and it will help insure that we do not have issues verifying your payment which could result in a delay or confusion. Please wait until we update your sales order, etc until doing this if you want to which would be in the next 1-2 weeks.

7) Communication - we have a pretty open communication channel and try to be as transparent as possible. We are also very very busy trying to get everything lined up with the game, etc. Jared on my team is working with me and will be updating Sales Orders and Invoices but please give a little time for any updates as there is alot of processing to do. Additionally we will use this mailing list for any additional updates based on questions, status updates, etc.

Again, there is time for all of this, so PLEASE do not worry if we do not get to you right away, we are actively working on many of the logistics of getting games out in an orderly way and certainly if a big concern let us know.

Thanks again for your business! Rick

#4356 5 years ago
Quoted from mamemaster:

:thinking:I know it's irrelevant but I wonder if these will ship in Stern branded boxes?....

I don't see why not neighbor. It would make sense, they will be built and packed at Stern, perhaps It might have a silk screened PPS logo on it. So long as it's protected in the same manor I don't have a problem.

#4410 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

People who purchased new MMR LE will get preferred treatment on game #2 ... I think I've said that before.

Most likely.....

Monster Bash
Cactus Canyon
Big Bang Bar
Attack from Mars
Twilight Zone

are the only ones I can see following MMRLE.

#4438 5 years ago

Basically Rick is now a pinball god and can create / recreate whatever pinball game he wants.

#4499 5 years ago

Will Rick be including this promo to LE users ?
mm promo.jpg

#4677 5 years ago

YESSSS!!! I found this in a box of other crap I usually never need... time to break off that plastic wrap (In the next few weeks / months for MMRLE)! To me my games not going on location, but something about dropping in a coin or having the ability to creates a certain type of euphoria before launching that first ball. All my vids and pins generally have the keys to open up the coin door, I don't know it's just something about that quarter dropping it into that slot. It's part of the experience.

#4719 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

It does come with everything coin related coin box, cover, etc - as I said the mechs were removed to make it more generic to ship around the world. The only thing to do is to pop in the mechs as needed (if needed).
Also, I will have some deeply discounted mechs available (the metal ones) in the next few days to cover this large inconvenience ...

Word up Rick, I'm still in !! That's a really solid thing to do. It just eliminated less confusion and problems for the end user Rick wasn't trying to cheap out. Other wise the rest of that stuff wouldn't of been included.

#4833 5 years ago
Quoted from molspin:

Anyone else order through PPS that's yet to receive their follow-up "confirmation information" email regarding color choice and final payment? I received the "update" email on July 4th, but I've yet to receive the follow-up which the email initially stated would be by July 11th.
I know the crew is busy, I just want to ensure I didn't miss the ever important email.
Thanks in advance.

I didn't receive that next email either, I already payed in FULL, I did email PPS and let them know which color I wanted but nothing to really show that my game was fully payed for nor the color choice I selected within that first email from PPS.

according to Rick...

3 weeks ago, he said June/July is when the game was going to go into production

currently we are past June with now "UL/CE testing" if not already should be finished shortly.

an updated time frame that Rick now claims is end of July... see number 5.

4) Confirmation information - you will be receiving a message in the next few days asking to provide/confirm your trim choice as well as confirm shipping address, other shipping questions, etc. This will happen this week (before July 11)

5) Shipping Time frame - games will start to build last week of July (Or when this thread reaches roughly 100 pages)

This is info about trim selection essentially Ricks letting us know we have nothing to worry about**Again, there is time for all of this, so PLEASE do not worry if we do not get to you right away, we are actively working on many of the logistics of getting games out in an orderly way and certainly if a big concern let us know.

Ultimately August - November is when Rick claimed everyone will have their game if payed for in FULL etc...

#4835 5 years ago
Quoted from S37VEN:

Any word on which trim option is being produced first?

I'm going to say which ever color has the most orders, likely my guess is it will be Gold first, Black second, Stainless last. I'm basing those on the thread where people voted on trim color.

Based on older MMRLE Trim threads:::


52x Black
33x Gold
21x Stainless

17x Gold
16x Black
3x Silver

14x Black
8x Gold
3x Stainless

87xBlack *Nickel
21x Gold
8x Stainless

I think this was the latest one after the final trim options where presented, Gold seemed to slightly edge and that's what I ultimately based it off of....as to what I believe which ones will be produced first.
103x Gold
75x Shiny Black

#4843 5 years ago

Does anyone have a video of the game being played that doesn't show weak flippers ? The videos of the game I've seen all the flippers seem sluggish.

#4877 5 years ago

The .pdf form looked like this:


#4899 5 years ago

Sifting through the bologna more importantly...

Can any one upload a video showing the game play of MMRLE without the flippers looking weak / sluggish ? The videos I've seen at TPF looked like the ball was having trouble making it up the playfield / ramps. I know Rick said this was RICKtified but I'd still like to see a fresh game play vid showing the strong flippers.

I'm guessing since Rick said end of July production will start that next Monday is when they will go on Sterns line? July 28th and so it begins.

Don't know where my other post disappeared to... Guess because you mentioned area51

Quoted from viper001:

since they added a "flipper strength/low line voltage" software adjustment this has become a non-issue for the pre-order crowd and everyone moved on. Hopefully folks will post videos when the games start shipping and showing up in homes...

I'm aware of the fact that was mentioned just would like to see it in action

#4912 5 years ago

PPSV as in please post some video. Can I see some more video, mainly for drooling purposes... Thanks Slick Rick !

Slick Rick

#4968 5 years ago

Yeah this thread has been rather quiet lately. Everyone is speculating that this is going to be produced starting today / throughout the week. Being initially Rick said June / July. Keep in mind Rick also did say that sometimes unforeseen things do and can happen to slow down production. Waiting for the official word directly from PPS. Excited to get my game just like everyone else, I don't mind waiting so long as it's done right. Pics of the games going down the assembly line / video at Stern would be sweet. Anyone on this forum have the ability to do the stern tour during MMRLE production ? Are you guys sure that all of the Iron Man VE's are done ?

On Sterns facebook the other day people were right during MMRLE production this gives them time to work on code... "Lots of chatter about the anticipated Star Trek code update. Steve Ritchie and team are working hard on the programming and testing. We will update you as we get closer."

#5024 5 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

I'm thinking it only makes sense to debut these at Expo considering that it was there they were announced one year earlier.

After the Tony Stark expo is over.

#5173 5 years ago

I don't know why people aren't talking more about the game going into production... Last I checked Rick said the end of July... todays July 31st.


#5250 5 years ago

Firstly Rick thanks for remaking the game !! Forgetting about all of this coin mech garbage talk... I'm focused on the bigger picture. What's the actual projected date as to when it's going on Sterns Line ?! You initially said June/July.. then end of July,... July is officially over. It's now August. I understand you said that some things can slow down production, how did the UL testing go ? If you can please give us all more info as to a more accurate projected date as to when this is going to happen ? I'm not in any rush but Ideally I'd like to have an idea as to when.

Side note Monster Bash, Attack From Mars, Cactus Canyon, Big Bang Bar, Theatre of Magic, King Pin .... What's the next REMAKE title from PPS ? You also said buyers of MMRLE would have some type of special once you make your next announcement any chance of shedding more light on that ? Do you plan on keeping the price point at 8k for the next game ?!

#5287 5 years ago

uhhh when's this going on (the new new date) the line ? Did I miss that post ??

#5360 5 years ago

Any way we can soon see pics posted of MMRLE on the assembly line instead of Twilight Zone ? I'm all about usually seeing any type of Pinball Pr0n but at this point I'm looking for my center fold and that's MMRLE on the line. Or some type of an assembly date announcement ?

#5382 5 years ago

Everytime I look at this thread I'm hoping to see a post by Rick / PPS and that little logo of his saying... "Production will start .... etc.. etc.. and a teaser photo". pps.jpg

As Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers would say: "The waiting is the hardest part"

#5402 5 years ago

I'm going to guess Monday August 25th or Monday September 1st is when these will start on the production line.. being it takes Stern to bang out 160 roughly per week... We should all be enjoying our MMRLE's sometime in mid October. A year exactly when the announcement was officially made about the remake.

50-70 days (delivered on or before Oct. 18th.)

I just also don't think at this point Rick want's to say as an example Aug. 25th, and for it to be delayed another week... He's probably waiting to make sure it's physically on the line without possibly disappointing any one from any type of unforeseen delay.

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