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MMR PPS and Overall Update - Official PPS (Oct 21, 2013)


6 years ago

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#75 6 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Will the side rails and trim be Williams parts? If we aren't happy with the gold, can we buy Williams rails etc and use that?

I wish they were like Stern. Easier to swap and powder coat.

#118 6 years ago

I Pmd Rick about JJ as well. Hope this ends well : 0

#350 6 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

Demand is way more than we thought and the number of LE's is out, and we are working thru second, third, and fouth tier lists,

Maybe folks who got kicked due to all the confusion who are on waiting list should get a standard. But still be give them shaker and trim choice as well. The 1000 are numbered as they should be. Everyone else tried to support on the first day or days as well.
And yes I may have lost out (still waiting : ( )but I was all for the extra clear when I thought I was locked and loaded as well : )

#503 6 years ago

Bam! Rick rocks!

#677 6 years ago

Lol, good thing everyone knows Rick because no decent pics save for some fuzzy cell phone shots a week after an official launch with said pro type finished and all credit card deposits converted to cash would otherwise look a bit scary : )

#724 6 years ago

Credit cards area great way to move money and protect yourself when shopping. I won't even shop stores that won't take American Express. I pay no interest but feel its much easier to use my card than manage losse cash and checking accounts. I get itemized tracking of all expenses and easily pay once a month to one person.
This crap with charging fees for use of a standardized pay system and charging for bags on travels etc. Is just fleecing us inch by inch.
8k for a game and there is not room in that to accommodate the price of doing business?

1 week later
#961 6 years ago

Sweet BBB and MB are just beatiful pieces of art. Stoked for these!

1 month later
#1511 6 years ago

Odd thought and I could be wrong..
I recall JJP said they had bought patents from Williams and along the way one big issue was all they had were basic drawing and using the flippers as one example there was a lot of work that had to happen.
Anyone remember that? If so are these issues out there in flippers and other parts?

#1524 6 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

Wrong on both counts ... JJP licensed our patents, not bought them. Also we have drawing files and cad files, and for a NEW design game, usually people are using Solidworks (vs 2D CAD) to get clearances, tolerances, etc and so parts files need to be converted. In this case the game is already designed, so there is work needed along those lines.

Sometimes its good to be wrong : )

#1790 6 years ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

How does non-refundable after a certain date work, anyway? They just keep the grand? Huh? Where is a signed contract agreeing to this?

Well, what paperwork says you can get your cash back. Its gone so its really up to them ; )

#1818 6 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

It probably would have helped if you mentioned either in the post or on the page where the video is posted that you knew about the castle sequence and flickering LED issues. Without mentioning that up front it makes it seem like you didn't think those things would be issues.

Sure, you can point to the line about software being tweaked as needed and your bases are covered. I think it just would have helped temper reactions if you pointed out the two obvious things in the video to get ahead of it.


Thats some great whining right there folks.

4 weeks later
#2105 6 years ago

Now look what you did. You made Lloyd curse.

#2165 6 years ago

Or... This is a great reason originals still have value to some and that may be the best choice for those folks.

But Herg has the best solution.

2 weeks later
#2354 5 years ago

It's just humor.

1 month later
#2988 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

Two MMR's are on their way down to TPF right now, so they are in transit ... so there will be plenty of info on them as they will be setup for play somewhere on the floor ...

BAM! Its on!! : )

#3147 5 years ago

if we go to order a standard now can we specify black trim and can we purchase a shaker motor?

#3153 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

So, for the standard, any of the options or addons would be a separate parts purchase. Depending on the options that can change but for the trim it will not.

F me. Good call but I hate changing that crap. Who has an LE for sale...


#3159 5 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Hwawonyu said:F me. Good call but I hate changing that crap. Who has an LE for sale...

Thanks. Anyone know of any other place beside JJP that has one for sale. I emailed Pinball Phil and GEX. Seeing the LEDs ( I Love!) which I feared would be too toned down and now the black trim is awesome. Heck I may go for all the remakes now.
If I can purchase from anyone than that one place. Otherwise I guess I am out.

Edit: FOUND ONE : )

#3174 5 years ago

I'm In!

#3188 5 years ago

Lol, you know it ; )

#3208 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

future titles?

April Fools!!

#3241 5 years ago

My biggest concern is wasting all the beer. How many beers will be poured over the glass to seep through the games and re create that special Je ne sais quoi.

#3250 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

fyi ... a few people have asked about mods and whether there will be mods and whether the existing mods will work. Yes, there will be mods (we don't make them others do), so I expect this to continue and maybe have more of. As to whether existing mods will work - I don't see why not, probably the only things that might need to be adjusted is where to take power from in certain circumstances, and as more is completed, that will become obvious to those making the mods and the mod makers can make any adjustments. As virtually all of the upper playfield parts are 'same' then I expect nothing in terms of fit/finish required.


Safe to say that I will order mirror blades that fit Williams games?

3 weeks later
#3331 5 years ago

And here we go...

#3343 5 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Allentown, PA? Ugh.... that place would have to get 100% nicer to even be considered the armpit of PA

lol! That's exactly why I wont drive three hours to the middle of bumflick.

Do a show in Annapolis. Now that's a drive worth making. A little pinball, drinks, crabcakes etc

#3346 5 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

I thought it said crackboxes...LOL

Sure, that too!

#3353 5 years ago

Once out there to their customers they will have all the hype they will ever need. Not like its been struggle up to now anyway ; )
This all about the on the fence guys. Once they see them at friends homes they can hop off and hop in.

#3398 5 years ago
Quoted from Tkaye:

Let's discuss all things MMR PLEASE!

I think it would be really fun to play MMr at the beach : )

#3411 5 years ago

Well done! Thanks!!!!!!

#3432 5 years ago

For me it's still better than steel or gold but yes a smooth black and matching wire forms would have kicked arse!

#3444 5 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

Why don't you guys who are complaining about the legs just go paint your own damn legs? I think they all look great!

Legs are easy. Messing up decals swapping out rails suck. Again glad its happening and Rick is kicking ass on these issues. At this point its these small details that make it easy to stroke a check for this game and probably the next.
Smooth Black and matching wire forms FTW!!

#3456 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

My goal if there are any future games is to have zero options

I was out until you added the black trim. At an LE price point getting those few special touches makes sense to me.
If AFM as an example comes out and there are no color options I will end up finding one redone the way I like. But If I can have new, with those options you will get my money every time!

We are a pain in the arse, but one willing to spend ; )

#3503 5 years ago

Some but most of us are thrilled and know the big stuff is done . Now just being whiny detail guys to help justify all the money we are ready to give you : )

#3527 5 years ago

I am much happier knowing the rails are easily removed. With Stern its just some screws but the old williams glue and putty knife scares me.
So worst case if you go bumpy black I can go stainless and send it all out.
For me I love the smooth black powder coat. Its going on my HSII was on my AFM and and it always looks sharp. Coin doors dont matter but lock down bars and legs make a game pop.
I seriously believe if you nail just black, offering that or stainless in every remake will work wonders for you.

#3531 5 years ago

Just nail black....just nail black

#3535 5 years ago

Nice Turbo! Soooo Sexy!

#3566 5 years ago

MMr must have really butt hurt you.

#3574 5 years ago

That pic says exactly what we are all looking for : )

#3582 5 years ago

Nope, a year ago I would not buy a beat up game . Today I am going to pay 8k for this and probably a few more . So yeah, I am going on a bit about it. You may be one of those guys who says thank you world for whatever but I like to maximize my benefit.
Many of us like certain features it's certainly why the re stored ones have them.
This is competing with those choices and we are asking for the feature. As mentioned it gets our business today and tomorrow.
Too bad you are content taking whatever folks give you. When you learn to ask or at least hold out for what you really want you may get a few nicer things in life.

If you don't care let it go but calling folks whiners is a but pissy.

#3601 5 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Very cool tune! Never head of Metric.

Dude! You need a little more music in your life ; )

#3608 5 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

some rockabilly licks etc.

Big Rockabilly fan. Going to see Imelda May this summer as she is finally touring the US. Yes Metric is somewhere in between Berlin and Garbage (The Band) with a bit of the modern Santigold sound as well. Good stuff. So much music...

#3612 5 years ago

Again what a stupid statement . Just because some thing is made does not mean you should not want it to offer certain things. Christ I am thankful Mercedes made the CLS so now what I should not expect any wheel packages??
At 5 k I call that Pro pricing and expect to add stuff , at 8 k, a game needs some bling.
I truly think Rick knows this and at this chosen price point is ok catering to an LE Buyer.
A little more aggravation but a lot more money . Also getting these annoying details right now just ensures the next titles will have us lined up.
The only thing worse then us whining about certain features is the whiners whining about us whining about certain features : )

#3749 5 years ago
Quoted from herg:

WOW! I certainly didn't see that coming!

Which part?

I like Stern Mnfg, Shiny black trim, open house and accelerate production.

#3751 5 years ago

Stern had some space in between Mustang and next game eh!

1 week later
#3831 5 years ago

Who is that? Goes against what everyone else was told. Especially since they said no transferring warranty . At least you have an invoice . I never got any paperwork . Cancelled check by bank in case it have to pursue ; )

#3835 5 years ago

Seriously? Are you trolling us?

So you went with a distributor that has no refunds and charged 500 more than the full retail price??

1 week later
#3908 5 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

From what I can tell, shipping is going to be 3-4 weeks late due to the fact that Stern is going to knock all the games out in 5-6 weeks. So, a little delayed shipping, but we will all have our games sooner.

Hope so. Rick since Q2 has come and gone can you give us a new estimated timeline? You know, an estimate like August..ish..

#3910 5 years ago

Gotta love optimism : )

1 week later
#3971 5 years ago

Shiny Black and very happy . PPS is the shite!

#3977 5 years ago

Pez we still have Jints to weigh in ; )

#3981 5 years ago

Well at least we won't be jealous of each others color choice : )

#3982 5 years ago

Nice to know you will be able to play MMr pretty much in any direction you drive around here. Lol!

#4021 5 years ago

Black looks sick!!!

2 weeks later
#4138 5 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

What are the odds standards don't happen? Apparently there are still a few LE's available, and my guess is there will be cancellations when it comes to put up or shut up time.

The standard run wasn't in the cards until the LE sold out, but with LE's available, is it possible we might see this cap at the 1,000 LE's and no more?

Hope they make them forever! I bought the LE and fully expect it lose value if I resell. Otherwise I look forward to anyone buying one whenever they can. Thats how it should be!!

#4174 5 years ago

Great news! Hopefully once deposits are locked and games are being made you are ready to announce MB : )

#4176 5 years ago

Rick, and Vendors,
for the balance can we go back to normal payment options of credit cards?

#4219 5 years ago

Greatly appreciated Rick. If it helps adding black pushed me over the edge to buy so it worked.

#4247 5 years ago

How terrible to have long threads talking about your product. If anything I bet Coca Cola is now considering offering multiple can colors to generate buzz about their product : )

#4264 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

This is the point I have been trying to make all along. When I was looking to purchase my first MM, I was given a link to an album that showed detailed pics of the entire machine. I had no problem coming to a decision in knowing exactly what I was getting.


Please!! Thats a high end restorer who documents all his work. Not the norm and not a NIB. We get a few pics for up front orders. MMr, Imv etc. Otherwise wait and buy after they out and around. You will see it in person or folks will take pics and post. No one will probably ever take the kind of pics you are talking about though. Thats pretty freaking rare.

#4271 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

herg said:
If a second game is remade and there is still an option to select your own trim color, I will be shocked. blockquote>

I will be shocked as well ... lol.

Then please consider an easier to remove rail. Colored trim is clearly a fun mod most folks want. Which one is obviously where it varies. The old way of doing the rails sucks for changing them out and back them who would have. In todays world most of us want to.

As mentioned you could now have SS, Black and choose one cool them color for each release that fits and be a pinball god. You are now half way up mount olympus anyway ; )

#4273 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

You surely aren't suggesting that we design a new side trim with new fastening which is not std for wms are you?

I would but I know how that goes over...

#4275 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

It's easy to remove ... just need to take a razor knife and separate the double faced tape.

Not happening. Saw an expert ruin MB decals by accident. Some guys will. Guys like me will have to find restored version in colors we like or keep our fingers crossed you find a non brain exploding solution. I know its a dumb thing but adding colors got you my 8k on this one. Anything but stainless will get you my money on the next. Feed back maybe worth having.
I also get it if mine and few other folks sales don't offset this insanity you dealt with. Its all good.

#4292 5 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

I wouldn't say most. Most people don't have most of their machines with odd color trim. I've seen a guy or two with a machine or two, and I'm sure there are people out there who do all their games.

But, most people either do none of that, and of that small subset of people who are into it, most don't do all their games.

I hear ya but everyone I know around here does and I am just looking the polls.
Poll: Choose Your Color
Stainless Steel : (13 votes)
14 %
Shiny Black : (37 votes)
39 %
Gold : (45 votes)
47 %

#4330 5 years ago

JJP wants your money !

#4397 5 years ago

So you never emailed about canceling for 8 months until the day it's due?? Christ!

#4424 5 years ago
Quoted from Pintucky:

I wish I had never posted about it now!

Which part of all these updates are hard to get??

#4433 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

And yes it would be some additional work to say do WPC or Capcom or ...

Good times : )

#4458 5 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

If someone told you a year ago that Stern was going to be building MM with Williams parts, they would have been laughed at.

Yes, but they told us a while back not two days ago. The original deal was locked in once Williams approval came in. We got that a long time ago. It was all to begin 2nd quarter, well that hit so minimally these two things should have been a slight hint. Additionally Ricks update hit. Short of driving to folks home and smacking them all indicators should have said expect final payment at any moment now.

It will also be very cool to see the games rolling down the line first. But buying an LE NIB never provides that benefit. Thats for the Standard buyer.

#4476 5 years ago

Twisted Pins is on it. Got my email and Black is in!

#4490 5 years ago

General email to all customers asking for a reply with color choice and some payment options outlined as well as a nice incentive for being prompt.
Check you junk mail, maybe there. Went out about an hour before I posted that. If not email or call him. He is easy to reach.

#4492 5 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

No production pics yet?

Not rolling yet, soon.

#4495 5 years ago

Sterns banging out IM . Soon it will tackle MMr. Relax...soon

#4504 5 years ago

Have you considered making a muppet movie yet?

#4547 5 years ago

Sorry but as someone with a deposit in I tend to disagree. Its on me to ask the guy I gave my money to if I have more time. Williams approval came and went and then 2nd quarter ended. Every day you sit thinking maybe tomorrow they will cut off the date is pure foolishness.
But to be fair at the same time if you send any kind of cut off notice it has to give the person x amount of days. So yeah that distro is being a dick. Oddly enough it sounds like the same two I don't think much of are the same ones doing just that. Not shocked.

#4572 5 years ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

Jack is saying he is sticking hard now that refunds are not given as of WMS approval, but refunds were being given up until the first week of June, as you state, which of course is wayyyy past WMS approval. Talked with Jen myself and confirmed that deposits are hard, and supposedly have been since WMS approval (which we know not to be true), and deposits are forfeited if you cancel.

Oh dear god!!

#4654 5 years ago

Rick I don't remember if you mentioned it but will you also be spilling stale beer over the machines for authenticity?

#4660 5 years ago

$12 to $175 if you buy it yourself. 500 posts and two months of delays and arguing over which coins to use if PPS does it ; )

#4674 5 years ago
Quoted from taz:

I'll take the nice trim over this oversight


#4699 5 years ago

What color power cord are you choosing?

#4794 5 years ago

t I call Boshoi. You flipped out and made a bunch of angry and snarky posts.


This just in from the news room . . . . "The problem over the coin mechs will resolved. We have decided to ship everyone a coin mech, and have deleted the other unimportant parts, such as the pin itself." The Management.

One of many. So you got snarky remarks. Stop being but hurt over what you create.
You could have easily posted a nicer plea to Rick to consider.

Me personally , I dont care about the mechs but I get it and I do t appreciate changes after deposits held and hope Rick pays attention to this as he has been customer focused in the past.

#4811 5 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

PPS said:
The ramps on mmr are the original brass color.

indypinhead said:
The wireforms will be brass too?


This is my peeve equal to the grammar nazis. lately someone will post in a thread something like "Asked for my refund to be applied it to XX game". The next post says how fast did the refund arrive. People do not read the post or threads and just keep posting even when its answered or despite being clearly not what the next person is reading?. For some reason it is happening a lot more lately.

#4817 5 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

IMO, there's a difference between ramps and wireforms.

Excuse me for asking...

Technically you are correct. We all just seem to read differently and understood what was being covered.

#4819 5 years ago

Of course now I am very excited to see these Brass Ramps that should match the wire forms nicely : )

2 weeks later
#5157 5 years ago

Coin mechs aside how we looking on building the games?

#5257 5 years ago

Nope my cars did not have spare tires. Runflats.

#5283 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I (obviously) didn't realize this either and it puts a number of things in new light.

Perhaps someone from CGC can be encouraged to participate here to offload some of the load from Rick. Surely a project of this size can afford someone to interface with a good portion of the primary customer base on a regular basis.

Willing to bet they have zero interest in our feedback.

#5338 5 years ago

Sounds like you answered your own question

#5356 5 years ago
Quoted from yonizzell:

The pin market has gotten so ridiculous with prices that unless someone along the line gets ripped off, there's no profitability left in this hobby.

Guys read this. Its not about paying fair price for a game he wants. He is looking to make money in this.

#5361 5 years ago
Quoted from yonizzell:

There's nothing wrong with making a profit on a game you painstakingly restored.

Ok, so buying a beater and restoring is a different conversation than flipping games. Most folks know if they have fixer upper vs a restored game so it should not be that hard. But in general retail is a tough market in the internet world.

#5365 5 years ago
Quoted from Iceman5000:

IM VE Finishes production tomorrow. ACDC Pro (NEW) Starts production Monday. No MMR LE scheduled yet.


#5399 5 years ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Mustang flopped? You say that like you know actual production figures. People who don't like the theme seem to automatically claim it is a flop.

Lets see almost everyone in the pinball community could care less about it vs games which everyone brags about buying. Seems like a slight indicator towards flop.

#5407 5 years ago

True but it's a nice cross sampling of general sentiment.

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