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By SuperPinball

6 years ago

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Post #1 first pic Posted by SuperPinball (6 years ago)

Post #3445 anti scratch tape Posted by Jarbyjibbo (3 years ago)

Post #4945 differences on all MMR versions Posted by f3honda4me (1 year ago)

Post #5853 Damsel trapper ball, Right troll trapped ball - fixes Posted by evh347 (1 year ago)

Post #6402 Speaker Kit and Widescreen upgrade manual Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

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#616 5 years ago

I didn't pre-order a MMR LE, I just waited for the supply to show up and grabbed one out of a distributors stock.

2 months later
#711 5 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

How do you guys shoot for the catapult? I usually just have them go in by chance, but last night, I needed one more for BFTK and I drained two balls while trying to shoot it.

Pretty much just short of the tip of the right flipper will get ya in there

1 month later
#836 5 years ago
Quoted from KloggMonkey:

You for sure want your machine to be side to side level and pitched 6.5 or whatever you prefer. Don't try to fix undesired ball behavior with changing the side to side level.

For the ball hitting the top of the left sling problem I bent the metal ball guide a little bit, not the wireforms.
Bend here in the area orange circle just a bit toward the center of the playfield, you will have to take the plastic and wire ramp off to get at it.

You want the bottom to move *Slightly* away from the post rubber, but not enough that a ball could hit the edge of the metal ball guide straight on.

I had to bend mine too, doesn't take much! Just a little tweak!

3 weeks later
#877 5 years ago

It's AFMr

3 weeks later
#948 5 years ago

I <3 MMr!!!!!

3 months later
#1115 4 years ago

You are going to need to tear down that flipper to figure out where it is binding. Looks like it's either the spring not springy enough or something in the coil sleeve is binding.

3 months later
#1889 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Bought these instead, fit perfect on my MMr...
ebay.com link

on a HUO with decals.....really not needed at all, those will yellow and be an eye sore

#1892 4 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Sorta agree but the plastic can be whitened if that ever happens, there are techniques here on Pinside to easily do that. Off-hand I forget wht that procedure is though.

Sounds horrible considering they are not needed to begin with

#1894 4 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Maybe you do not have young kids, but I do.


2 weeks later
#2009 4 years ago

Ya stacking all 5 is awesome! But I am usually short the trolls and try to at least get them from merlin when I start the other 4. Then finish trolls and get a second ball save.

#2021 4 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Has anyone had an issue with the ball coming down the right guides and hitting the top portion of the slingshot, but usually only during Multiball?
It's been happening lately, and nothing I do with leveling the game is fixing it. It seriously disrupts the flow of the game.
Any suggestions?

I had to bend my guide just a tad

1 month later
#2169 4 years ago

I did purple, love it!

3 months later
#2691 4 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Honesty....... pass on the shaker as it’s waaaaaay to strong.

I turn the shakers off in all my games, can't stand them! Pinball machines don't need shakers

3 months later
#3091 3 years ago
Quoted from Jimmyapple:

Weird question- I have an mmr standard. I set it up and for the life of me I couldn’t level it in my basement. The front was at 37 inches. Basically 1 1/2 higher than all my others. It’s almost like the playfield should have been lower in the back. I called Cgc and they said to drill holes in the back of the game and flip the brace- not going to happen for a 2 week old game! So I instead drilled holes in the legs and lowered the game 2 inches. Now it works but is lower than my other games. Nbd, just curious if anyone else experienced this. Seems weird. Hopefully that won’t impact legs ability to hold game over time as it is not “punched”. We will see

You shouldnt have to do something that major......I’d try to figure out what’s wrong and make them fix it

#3093 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

I didn't say to do it, it was a suggestion I discussed with you. You thought of making new holes in the legs.

Not sure something is wrong. Easy to sort out. Measure legs and holes on legs. Measure cabinet and where holes are on the cabinet. Measure length of leg leveler.
Something isn't right. Just need to figure out what. Floor, legs, levelers, holes ?
LTG : )

I agree, very unusual....all of the cabinet holes and leg holes come from a template would be very strange to be off. I’m starting to wonder too if it’s the leg levelers.......front ones screwed out too far....seems likely

1 year later
#4244 2 years ago

I’m in on a MMRRE! My LE is up for sale

#4282 2 years ago

MMRLEWATU (Medieval Madness Remake Limited Edition With All The Upgrades)

#4391 2 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

That start button though...


#4446 2 years ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

Based on review of these posts, “ LE’s” and “RE’s” are more about “look what I’ve got” or “look at me” than enjoying and playing pinball. Some of these for sale adds are “HUO with less than 100 plays” for a game that’s 3 years old. I have over 100 plays in 2 weeks on my new MMr. How do you guys resist playing the shit out of this game?

I had 886 plays on my LE before I sold it to cash out for a Royal Edition, have no fears jealous man, I will play that crap out of it too.

#4450 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Excuse if I missed this. Weren’t the early build games having too faint ink lettering on the inserts? Was this ever corrected or was it just ‘normal variant’?

The ink was ever so slightly less bold, but in fact barely noticeable. It was an overblown crisis of pinside proportions!

#4452 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

OMG the drama!! Surprised we didn’t get a Hitler video out of it.
Can you tell me why I should buy Royal instead of buying 2 Stern pros (Maiden + SW for example). 6 flippers instead of 2.
I’m truly asking, I love MM but love other pins too.
I understand $10k is baller money but if sold down the road hard to lose more than $1500 ish. So it’s not that bad.

you sir may buy whatever pleases you.

#4459 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I know that just asking if you had to make an argument in favor of MM Royal.

Nope, for me MMRRE is absolutely gorgeous and it was a no brainer to sell my LE to finance A Royal all brand new with all the bells and whistles and a 2 year warranty.

#4467 2 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Here’s something hilarious...this wacky Pinsider went into the JJPOTC fan club to give me 15 downvotes a little earlier because she received one from me above for saying it’s uncool to say another pinsider is jealous about MMR RE. Wow, I’ve been trolled, hidden in an old thread! Seriously, that’s wacky.


#4469 2 years ago
E3F98D69-4B26-480A-ADCF-5AFEC22BCB27 (resized).jpeg
#4471 2 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Your 50 downvotes of other Pinsiders today have been reversed. See, the system works.


#4472 2 years ago

I’m sorry. I’m just giddy over MMRRE, apparently some people are super sensitive about downvotes. Sorry

#4474 2 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Not really to downvotes so much as to trolling behavior. More concerned that some Pinsiders may mock or taunt others who are less fortunate. It takes some extra energy to go deep into threads to downvote people on things the troll doesn’t even care about, and that behavior is worth pointing out. You’re getting a nice MMR, that’s great, but it would have been a good idea to upgrade your LE. It’s the same thing.

It doesn’t take extra work. It’s easy........and my down votes are just my opinion

#4476 2 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Whatever, Wacky. I’m done here.

Just for perspective. What has you all fired up is my response to someone who said:
Based on review of these posts, “ LE’s” and “RE’s” are more about “look what I’ve got” or “look at me” than enjoying and playing pinball.

I was simply replying to mockery with mockery, you’ve taken things to a whole new level with your threats of intimidation. I’m not a bully, as you’ve implied in your numerous PMs to me.

#4478 2 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Wacky, whatever. I pm’d to ask for peaceful avoidance. Enough. Off to do other things.

I accept your apology

#4480 2 years ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Apologies if it has been asked already, bit does anyone know of the topper would work on an original MM?

Unfortunately no, different electronics

#4497 2 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Huh. Never knew that was a thing. Okay then.

Some people are psycho about their thumbs up/down rating. I had a guy go off on me last night over it and he whined to the moderators and they reversed all of my thumbs down for the day. So stupid. I think if people can't handle it and they start moderating thumbs up/down then just get rid of the whole stupid thing.

#4500 2 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

Let me summarize it this way:
Srandard + powdercoating + shaker= LE
LE + Royal upgrade( topper, XL display, color changing LEDs)= Royal Edition.
Don't let the CGC marketing mental cases confuse you. They are basically taking their standards and adding those "mods" and calling it a "Royal Edition". Selling off your standards and LE's for this upgrade is silly unless you don't know how to use a screwdriver or need to call a tech to unstuck a ball. Everyone can have their very own "Royal Edition" if you buy the upgrade package. There is nothing exclusive to the Royal Edition that exists outside the Royal upgrade package unless you count black powdercoat which I personally prefer my gold powdercoat anyway.
I agree with others that say that CGC has skirted around the LE's by essentially offering the same thing LE's have plus the Royal upgrade package but at least they kept those numbers low and made the upgrade available to previous owners. They should have simply called it a standard edition with Royal upgrade plus powdercoat and shaker to avoid confusion. The only values falling theoretically will be on the originals in that the difference now becomes even greater compared to the fully upgraded remakes.

I'm doing it for the armor, black mirror blades and that new in box smell again, oh and the 2 years of warranty.

#4508 2 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

The black armor was offered on the LE's and was not very popular at the time with most LE's being gold trimmed. Again, you can powdercoat your armor to whatever color you like, I did.
I did the mirror blades 4 years ago and posted in post #50. I didn't like it and replaced it with inside Tilt Graffix. I also took out the mirror blades from my AFMrLE and put powerblades in. To each his own i guess.
As long as you have a clean non smoking home, you would be amazed how long that new pinball smell lasts.
Finally CGC build some of the best machines, built like tanks. I have had no major problems on my MMrLE, AFMrLE or my MBrLE. The warranty is nice for piece of mind but if you never have to use it, not really a big issue.
I guess all I got to say at this point since you will be a future owner is ..Welcome to the best club on Pinside.

I sold my gold LE to get the Royal. The armor is black sparkle, not just black. Going to look amazing

5 months later
#5438 1 year ago

Doesn't mean some day they couldn't run a super mega fancy edition or something. Just no more Royal Editions......You know, like Jersey Jack does. Emerald LE. Ruby LE. Yellow Brick Road. Smaug LE, Smaug Black LE. etc.

1 week later
#5675 1 year ago

My RE also Friday GE. Yay

#5703 1 year ago

Yay today is the day! Royal to arriave

#5720 1 year ago

Mine came! It has a ding. I’m sad. They offered decals, but who realistically ever installs those? I’ll touch up with orange paint and probably never notice it again. The upgrades are super sweet and game plays great right out of the box! This weekend will install Cliffies, custom painted castle & dragon and install titans. Probably purple titans but with the color changing GI might decide on clear.
C6E912F1-8451-4BAA-81A3-E4F4E9AFCAED (resized).jpeg

#5723 1 year ago

My screen has a goofy flickering line through it. Ugh my royal is a lemon

#5726 1 year ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Reseat the video cable and see if it helps.

Ok! Will do! Thx

#5728 1 year ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Reseat the video cable and see if it helps.

No luck :-/ I’ll wait and see what CGC says. Might be a bad board or screen.

1 week later
#5965 1 year ago
Quoted from dashv:

I now know why I found that piece inside. The lockdown bar will not go back on with that piece there. It’s too tight of a fit. Instead I just put a few layers of Electrical tape where it it was supposed to go. Now it fits snug but no danger of scratching.
That said, I noticed this mark running down the front of the cab when I first opened the box.
I didn’t mention it on here before because I asked my distributor this weekend if there is a safe way to try to wipe it off.
I tried a damp micro fiber cloth and it got a lot but not all of it off.
What else is safe for me to try? Haven’t heard back from my distributor yet.
[quoted image]

Looks like a wrinkle in the decal.

#6012 1 year ago

My distributor delivered it and set it up. I played a game. Wrote a check. Ya know, the old fashioned way.

1 week later
#6087 1 year ago

Anyone else having an issue with their right flipper? Every 10 presses or so and it thinks I pressed it twice. Messes me up setting the lane lights where I want them. Emailed support but they must be closed, no word from them in 2 weeks. My big beautiful screen is broken, no word from them on that either.

#6089 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Maybe check the gaps on your flipper leaf switches, might be just a hair too close causing the double flip.

Not leaf switches. Opto’s. Swapped opto board with left side. Issue stayed on the right.

#6103 1 year ago

I also have these weird spots on my royal’s playfield. Anyone even seen before? CGC has been silent on all my issues for weeks now.

085BE50A-67EA-468C-B02C-2ECED701494E (resized).jpegBCB62A26-012B-4550-9C4A-9A77CEBACC69 (resized).jpeg

#6116 1 year ago

Those spots on my playfield. There are 3 of them that I could find. It’s on the surface of the clear not below. When I rub my fingers over them they are slicker than the rest of the playfield and the clear feels thinner in these spots. Something funky happened, maybe a chemical splashed on it somewhere along the way? IDK but on a 10k toy it’s upsetting.

1 week later
#6216 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

My apologies if it was already stated or clarified, but will users be able revert back to the game's "original" lighting once the RGB upgrade kit is installed?
It would be cool if you could switch back and forth for nostalgia. After all, some effort was put into getting the warm look and feel of the original MM into MMr.


2 months later
#7017 1 year ago

Ya’ll are obsessed with this silly piece of plastic. Game looks great as-is, why fuck up your game?

#7024 1 year ago


#7055 1 year ago

Ok, I take it back. That plastic is actually pretty nice. Perhaps I am obsessed too? Ha ha

2 months later
#7736 1 year ago

My Royal also makes the loud BONG sound when done booting. It’s just a whatever but always makes me think, what was that

2 months later
#8067 1 year ago
Quoted from YZRider926:

Hopefully I don't get in trouble for this.[quoted image]

Too soon........Wait at least 13 more days.........

1 month later
#8264 11 months ago

I am leaving this club to, sold my Royal. Found me a HUO Original MM

4 weeks later
#8341 10 months ago

They will keep running MM until demand dries up. It’s a very profitable game for them. Easy to spin up another run whenever there is enough demand. Surprised they haven’t done that now to keep the line busy while they work on the next game

#8351 10 months ago

Not to burst anyone’s bubble. But I picked up an absolutely gorgeous original MM from the original owner who had it in his home the past 24 years. It looks like it just came out of the box. And it plays amazing. The remakes are not the same. AND it cost less than a Royal........I feel like I am in heaven

#8356 10 months ago

It’s ok. I know thats the main stream thought these days. But really the original plays nicer. I cannot pinpoint what is it, but it just plays better. It’s ok though. Enjoy your remakes. I owned 2 remakes, I was there too. All pinball is good pinball.

#8379 10 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Anyone heard anything from CGC on Scorbit support - all my games now have support except my three remakes and its a shame as challenging my buddies over Scorbit on GNR and avengers IQ is awesome. I mailed CGC but no reply.

never heard of this before. It looks fun!

1 week later
#8398 9 months ago
Quoted from seah2os:

My mirrored backglass arrived from CPR and it is awesome! However, I tried for two hours to get the original trim to snap on, with no luck. Channel is fairly new, less than one year. Thickness is going from original 1/8” to 3/16”. Tried blow dryer to warm it up, plus ran soap down the channel, didn’t work. I can get the end to snap on, but the light housing tub keeps moving back when I get to the middle. This is on a Royal, and I know others have done it to their MM. What’s the trick? Thanks!

I posted this a year ago and people just told me to F off and said they weren’t designed for the remakes. I asked CPR about it and they told me to F off too. So I smashed them all and gave up. Pile of shit.

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