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#8691 62 days ago
Quoted from Pin-Pilot:

Question... Are the MMRR toppers all sold out? Any retailers have any left for sale?

Pin-Pilot. Hi it’s probably weeks too late but i’ve found some stock on https://www.shop.freddys-pinball-paradise.de/index.php
I’m based in the Uk & they are in Germany. But I think they ship to most places. Unfortunately I missed out on a Royal MMR. I had it reserved for a day this time last year but couldn’t get it due to work being limited etc. I’ve just ordered a topper as in the future i’m hoping Cgc will make another run of cabinets, but not sure if they will make more toppers. I can see most people say there will be no more Royals. But I would be happy with a SE or even a CE. Have also ordered a shaker too. Just hope I don’t have to wait too long

3F8D9650-345D-45AE-BB7A-F70A127F3333 (resized).png
#8695 62 days ago

I’ve sent a sales query to CGC regarding a new run of MMR, but had no response. Also talked to my distributor Phil at Pinball Heaven, he has no current information either. So I sent another message using the support desk: https://chicagogamingcompany.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/12000027336
This time I had a response from George Bork who appears to be a Director of Tech Support & Logic Repair at CGC. He responded “There are no plans in the near future for a run of MMR”. The only positive I can see is the word “near”, so that kind of implies more will be made at some point. But doesn’t tell me when! Does anyone else have any input regarding this comment? Do people think 1, 2, 3 years plus? Also I missed out on a RE MMR (in UK). So hearing that they may not make more Royals, is it likely that we will just see Specials & Standard cabs? I’m would want all the new upgrades so would lean towards a special. I’ve ordered a topper after much searching & a shaker motor so hopefully will have most of the upgrades to get near a RE. I can see the Xl screen & GI lights upgrades are sold out, if I was only able to get a CE do people think more upgrades will be made in the future? Sorry for the long post any feedback would be appreciated

#8697 61 days ago
Quoted from aaron6920:

I just watched the presentation CGC had at Southern Fried Gaming Expo on YouTube. They are making more MMr in early 2023

That’s fantastic, thanks for sharing! Early 2023 gives me plenty of time to save for a SE & I have topper & shaker ordered so one less thing to worry about getting. The Cactus Canyon game sounds awesome too! I only have budget & room for one pin atm.

#8703 61 days ago

On the MMR comparison table for the SE it says back panel lighting. What is that, is it the back of playfield or the back box? Also I see in some earlier posts people who were adding upgrades were saying the RGB speakers & pops don’t work without changing wiring. Does the SE come with one or both of these installed? I’m planning on ordering a SE in hopefully 2023 . I can see when comparing it to a RE it doesn’t have the topper or shaker, so i’m ordering those. But have many people added mirror blades to their machines & what is there by default? Last question (sorry am excited) has anyone changed the legs, lockdown bar & trim to black, or are owners happy with the silver? Ideally I would want a RE but clearly no more are being made. Either way I don’t mind the last two questions, just wanted to hear opinions, thanks

#8708 61 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

RGB speakers require a few wires being moved with the installation of the RGB kit. RGB kit doesn't include RGB lighting for pop bumpers.
SE doesn't come with RGB kit installed.
LTG : )

Thanks for clearing that up LTG. I did see the previous posts mentioning moving wires for the Rgb to work. I just was not sure if that was because people were upgrading from a CE or older model. Also when looking at the comparison table on https://www.chicago-gaming.com/coinop/medieval-madness the photos show the speaker panels matching to the playfield colours in both the SE & RE. So it kind of looked like it does. So as you explain I would need to fit the RGB myself. Is the XL screen pre installed on a SE or are all the upgrades just bundled with the SE for a self install?

68A3CC4F-61B8-4A6C-8EF1-02BD9558DA00 (resized).png
#8731 56 days ago

On the waiting list for a MMR SE. While I wait 2 years (wishing time to speed up) I thought i’d collect some upgrades. So far managed to get a Topper, shaker motor, & missing middle plastic piece.

I can see in the instructions for the topper it says version 2 machines have the holes pre drilled. Does that mean all future machines will have this (I would love to not have to drill holes myself). Also on the circuit board I can see two fuses are missing, does anyone know what fuses it takes?

Have many people upgraded the trim/armour or added mirror blades?

2284D80B-7A71-4014-BA9B-5D60F7895EF4 (resized).jpeg3C4D1BC6-3EAA-4CCC-AEC9-D351610841AE (resized).jpegDD708B23-3A62-4C1B-89D9-D0D1BF1C5263 (resized).jpegF2738B9B-9859-403A-A4E8-46772B4276C1 (resized).jpeg
#8735 55 days ago
Quoted from sizzler747:

The MMR made in 2019 and later already have the holes in the top of the backbox. I added powerblades to my machine. I love how they look!

Thanks, that’s good to know. I enjoy Diy but drilling holes into a 10k plus machine makes me nervous!

I just looked up your blades, they look awesome. I like the fact that they have their own light show & custom art. I think i’ll leave my hopefully future MMR SE factory to start with. Then might change a few bits to make it closer to a RE.

#8736 55 days ago
Quoted from Mrsiyufy:

Mine doesn’t have fuses in all locations and works fine.

There’s two empty fuse holders, are yours like this pic?

7A4CF0CE-4476-464C-93E6-D2F4CECD83B2 (resized).png
#8738 55 days ago
Quoted from Mrsiyufy:

I actually have two boards and both are the same. I ordered the topper, XL display and rgb light kit all at the same time and a board came with the RGB kit and the topper. Both had no fuses.
I watched the install video that pinball supernova put up and his board also has no fuses. So you are good to go.

Ok cool thanks for letting me know . I’ll watch the video too

#8746 53 days ago

I know by default cabs are set up as free play. But is it easy to enable coins? Is it just a case of clipping in a mech , plug in lead & enable coins in the menu?

#8748 53 days ago
Quoted from LTG:


In Adjustments Menu - A.3 Pricing- take off free play and set price.
LTG : )

Thanks for the quick response LTG . That’s good to know, it’s plug & play. I was worried it would need wires spliced in etc. I’m based in the UK so need a £1 coin mech. Do you have any recommendations for one, or is it a case of order through my distributor?

#8750 53 days ago

Does the back glass have any flashing lights during gameplay? I keep hearing it’s only on the RE but the review on this site seems to say yes.


45ABB4ED-E4E6-417D-AF3B-EC22AF3C7E3B (resized).png
#8751 53 days ago

Sorry one more question, Is this Manual which says version 1.2 the most up to date? I want to get it printed so I can familiarise myself with the game before getting one eventually in 2023 (plenty of time to study rules & settings)


#8754 52 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

If your distributor is in the UK, they'd know best what to get and where.
LTG : )

Ok Thanks

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