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4 years ago

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#2044 2 years ago

Finally got my NIB MMR yesterday. Here are my findings.

Cabinet wrap at corners is not trimmed off and you can feel it when your hands are on the flippers.
Knocker didn't work. Found bent fuse clip on power supply. Repaired.
Left ball gate was stuck open. There was no spring on the solenoid so gate could not return to the closed position. Unresolved.
Playfield support bolt was loose and sticking out the side of the cabinet. Repaired.
"Fight" ball lane switch was bent and not registering. Repaired.
Ball hits top of right sling when coming out of the right orbit. Adjusted
Catapult works part of the time. Ball crashes into the flasher or switch and dies at the top of the ramp. Unresolved.

Most of these things I have adjusted and are now working. The only real concern I have is with the sound. This is a huge disappointment. There is a feature in the game that when the castle drawbridge begins to lower there is a sound effect for it. It synchronizes perfectly with the video on the dmd and the actual drawbridge on the playfield. This believe it or not was a huge selling point for me. On my new MMR the music is so loud that you can't hear the sound effect unless the volume is at 10 or above. Then the music is almost unbearable. I feel they have made an error in the voice, music, sound effect mixing. Does anyone have some information on this before I contact CGC. I will also search the forum for other posts concerning this matter. Is it maybe that the speakers are so bad that they are being overdriven?

Now the good. The game is beautiful. Playfield is really nice, inserts are readable, and I like the LED's. I upgraded to the color dmd and I think it was worth the $$. I am in the process of putting on Cliffy's and Mantis protectors. No problem with the ball popping out of the Merlin hole.

I will be totally happy if something can be done about the sound.

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

#2051 2 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

I can't speak to your exact concern on sound, however changing speakers makes a huge difference. Having done that, the game really came to life and sounds were clear and there sounds I had never heard before due to being drowned out. I don't think the stock speaks have tweeters. Here's a thread, $30 bucks gets you a nice set of kickers that bolt right in with wiring diagram as well. There is always the Pinball Pro or Flipper Fidelity route. The stocks ones definitely have to go.

With the new speakers, can you clearly hear the drawbridge lowering sound effect? All I can hear is the motor running while it lowers. Could you adjust your volume to about 4 and test it? Thanks for the advice. I will look in this thread for the speakers and wiring diagram.

#2053 2 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I definitely hear the synchronized chain sound and I keep my volume very low. Like 3. I do hear the motor running too though.

Thanks for checking. I am on my way to Best Buy to purchase new speakers.

#2060 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Can you send a link to the speakers you buy.
Or can anyone suggestions the best possible upgrade (quality-wise) that is easy to install.

Here are the speakers I picked up at Best Buy. They had them in stock locally. The installation was easy and they fit the openings perfectly.

The music on the original speakers seemed to be "out front" with the voices and sound effects being "behind" it. Therefore if you wanted to hear the voices and sound effects the volume had to be turned up to a setting that made the music way too loud.

The new speakers seem to balance the music, voices, and sound effects. Every sound is very sharp and clear. We are hearing call outs that we were not able to understand before.

I still think there is something wrong, because I cannot hear the drawbridge chains sound effect until the volume is at least at 8.

I did not replace the sub, but The speakers alone are a vast improvement over the stock speakers.

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

#2065 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

One more question... Is there any quality advantage to using Flipper Fidelity or Pinball Pro speakers? I know the install is straight forward and you get that little audio control knob, but curious to hear opinions before I upgrade. Thanks!

Although I did the speaker upgrade and it was a tremendous improvement, I just ordered the Pinballpro speakers and sub for MMr. It is definitely missing some bass. Whatever speakers and sub they used in AFMrSE are excellent, and am hoping the Pinballpro setup can equal that. I will post results when I get the new parts installed.

#2068 2 years ago
Quoted from sparechange1974:

Having tried both, I'd say the Kickers are better for uppers/backbox in my opinion then combine with Polk external sub and I don't know that I'd bother replacing the sub in the cabinet. Flipper Fidelity/Pinball Pro I think are a horse a piece, just an easier install as they are already 4 ohm. If you go Kickers, make sure to wire in a series as they are 8 ohm and need to be 4. Follow this wire diagram, really easy with a crimper and wire connectors(30 mins)
amazon.com link »

Just to clarify, Kickers are 4 ohm, Pinballpro are 8 ohms.

1 week later
#2085 2 years ago

Today I removed the kicker speaker upgrade and installed the Pinballpro speaker kit. Removing the original cabinet speaker mount was horrible. It was stapled and glued down. After the mount was removed installation was a breeze. I am happy with the outcome.

#2087 2 years ago

You have to pry off the old mount with a small pry bar or large screwdriver and hammer. It doesn't come off in one piece, so you have to scrape the rest off with a razor scraper. It took me about an hour to remove the cabinet mount.
The bass is pretty good and the back box speakers are about equal with the Kickers. I agree with the other posts about needing to go with a powered sub if you want more bass. You only have so much to work with using just the stock amp etc. It is a drastic improvement over the stock speaker setup.

#2089 2 years ago


It screws to the bottom of the cabinet.

#2093 2 years ago

Very nice!

1 week later
#2113 2 years ago

IMO, the difference in incline is not the issue. I find that my games play different depending on humidity, temperature, freshly cleaned and waxed etc. Sometimes the game is just brutal, not just to me but anyone playing it at that time. Other times anyone playing it can keep the ball under control.
Did you use the same device for measuring the incline?

#2129 2 years ago

Agree. My coil stop bracket was loose and my left flipper was weak.

#2144 2 years ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Also have been noticing my castle gate has been staying up/getting stuck up a lot more. Common issue? Easy fix?

Check the bolt on the bottom of the solenoid for the gate. The bolt on mine fell out and the gate would not open al all.

#2154 2 years ago

That's awesome. Great job. Now that you mastered MMR, it's time to get yourself an AFMR.

3 weeks later
#2211 2 years ago

Does anyone else have trouble with the catapult? Sometimes the ball makes it around just fine, other times it seems to hit something at the top by the switch or maybe it is the switch that it is hitting. Then the ball comes to almost a complete stop and trickles down to the left return lane. Fewer times the ball will hit the top as described before and roll down the left ramp. I have adjusted the wire form to the right and left many times as well as the power setting. It is so frustrating and ruins the flow of the game. Please help!!!

#2215 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

There is some adjustment in the catapault bracket but not much. It needs to be non-constricting to the catapault slot, or a ball will go in there and get stuck. That's the only adjustment to the catapault (plus adding a Cliffy in there) I have made to solve that issue.

The ball always makes it out of the wireform but seems to hit something when it rounds the corner on the plastic ramp heading toward the switch

#2235 2 years ago

A few days ago I made a post asking for help with a catapult problem. Still couldn't figure out the problem. Here are a few pictures of my catapult wireform. It looks to me like it is bent. I have a ticket in with CGC but no response yet. Lloyd did respond, but nothing yet from CGC. Is this how the wireform is supposed to look or is it truly bent? The catapult has not worked correctly since the game was new 2 months ago.

image (resized).jpeg
image (resized).jpeg
image (resized).jpeg
image (resized).jpeg
[att=3945448,1052579 caption="image (resized).jpeg

#2239 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

It's more the feel than anything. AFMR feels sturdy, where I find MMR in comparison feels slightly rickety.
Might just be me, or my specific game, but I do feel that AFM is built better. I used the word "noticeable" in my last post, but that may not be a fair way of describing it, as the difference in quality in my opinion is probably closer to subtle.
It doesn't help either that I had a host of issues right out of the box with my MMR
Regardless... Two fantastic games that will probably never leave my growing collection.

I would have to agree that MMr does feel slightly rickety in comparison to AFMr. I notice on my MMR that when you lift the playfield, you need to work it side to side so that you don't scrape the sides against the side rails. Feels as if the cabinet isn't square or is too small for the playfield.

#2247 2 years ago
Quoted from spazzman90:

Anyone have any info on some upgrades for the MMr? I have the AFMr now and the bar is set so high on the play experience. I heard they were going to offer the screen for MM at some point. That would be a start. The speakers need some work as well. I'll have to live without a topper and extra lighting. Would be nice to have these machines look like they 'belong together'.

As far as the speakers go, you can upgrade the speakers and it will make a slight difference. AFMr has a different sound package all together, speakers, sub and amp. Therefore they would need to improve the total sound package in the new CGC MMr built units.

#2264 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

anybody own both MMr and AFMr? It sounds like the build quality went up a bit from MMr. I was a little surprised about the cost of all the upgrades, and still having to fix certain issues (the damsel scoop thing, the speakers, for example). Sounds like they knocked it out of the park on AFMr

I have both. They were delivered on the same day. To me there is a big difference, but you are comparing an MMr standard to an AFMrSE. What would be a more fair comparison is to wait for the AFMr classic to arrive and see how it feels compared to MMr standard.

1 week later
#2301 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

They used to be but the shaker makes them dance around.

So it is an animated topper. That will bring extra $$. Pinsiders with an AFMr LE will be jealous.

3 weeks later
#2430 2 years ago
Quoted from BigMorty:

About to get my MMR Standard, do they make a playfield protector for it? If so, where can I buy it and do folks recommend it.

I wouldn't suggest a playfield protector. I installed one on my GOT and STTNG and hated it. Cliffy's for sure.

#2463 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Just had a quick game over lunch and got BFTK and a new GC!

Dude you are a BEAST! That’s awesome.

1 week later
#2534 2 years ago
Quoted from Mvfvette1:

Hello all. I installed the mantis moat jump protector which covers up the playfield where the ball enters the lock door on the castle (the etched piece). The protector also extends to the right, under the castle gate. Does anyone have the ball flying up in the air when it hits this extension of the protector. I don't see a lot of area for adjustment on this. I'm thinking I may have to cut the extension off. Thanks for any ideas. Mike

I have the same protector and I sometimes get those air balls. Doesn't really bother me. That extension is there to protect the drawbridge hinge.

#2572 2 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

Hi all. Here is my first real problem with MMr. My castle gate won’t raise up anymore (after hundreds of plays). Switches seem to be working (optos trigger in test and in play). Gate feels very heavy/sticky. Like it’s binding. I can slide it up and down manually but it feels like rough metal on metal. During play, with the glass off, when I manually start lifting the gate, at about 3/4 the way up, it will snap/glide to the full up position and stay up. If I then send a ball through, it’s snaps back down and scores the castle destruction as normal.
When I lifted the playfield, I found this spring stuck to the magnet of the speaker (maybe not in this exact position, but close). Could that spring be related? See pic.
Any suggestions? I was thinking clean the gate and whatever it slides in, but it looks complicated to get it apart...

My gate would not go up and I found that the bolt was laying in the bottom of the cabinet. The bolt connects the gate to the coil plunger.

2 months later
#2916 2 years ago

I would agree with you guys on the performance of this game. I have had mine since July and It plays better now than fresh out of the box. Machine has 759 games on it. I have not made any adjustments to it since first setting it up. The flippers feel the same as many have described. When you hit an orbit shot and the ball returns to the flipper, the follow up shot feels like the flipper bat collapses and you don’t get a full strength shot to complete another orbit shot. Plenty of strength to hit any single shot from a cradle or slow speed ball delivered from a return lane. Best I can describe the flipper weakness is that if the ball hits the flipper bat with speed, the flipper seems to absorb the hit, kind of like a “live catch”, or a mis-timed hit.

1 month later
#3057 1 year ago

Not to beat a dead horse, but did anyone figure out what the flipper issue is with MMr.? Any other game I own or played that have orbit shots are able to have doubles or even triples flipped successfully. This MMr cannot make a double orbit shot. After the first one, when the ball returns to the flipper there is not enough power to send it around again. My flippers are set to default and have plenty of power to make both ramps.

#3061 1 year ago

Thanks, I will try rebuilding the flippers.

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