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5 years ago

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#939 3 years ago

I have what might be a few noob questions. I've had my MMR (#947) for about a month now and it's gotten a fair amount of play with me and 4 kids around. I've noticed some scattered ball dimpling in the playfield (more than just a few). This is my second pin, as I've had a FT for about 12 years. I haven't noticed hardly any dimpling in the FT, in fact, I'm hard pressed to find any (but I do have some paint wear around the fish light inserts and boat ramps). In all fairness, the MMR lends itself to more launched balls so to speak with the trolls popping balls up.

So, my question... is this normal? Is this the same issue I'm seeing with Forum Posts referring to the Stern playfield issues? Or is that something else? I know it will never be glass smooth again based on my experience in the first month, but wondering if I should be worried. The dimples are quite small, maybe 1-1.5mm in diameter and the depth has to be quite small (I have no way of measuring it). And more importantly should I try to stop the progression at this point by installing a playfield protector? It's really only noticeable under very close inspection and unless you got a flashlight out with the proper angle, you most likely wouldn’t see the dimples anyway. But I'd like to prevent it getting worse if people think it will. I have no interest in clear coating because of the expertise involved and length of time. And I'm not sure it would protect from dimples anyway.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post. I'm new to pinside, so if this is a general playfield issue with all pins I'm sorry. I tried to do some forum searches but couldn't find answers to my questions specifically with MMR, but like I said, maybe this is a more general issue.


IMG_2606 (resized).jpg

#942 3 years ago

Thanks. This is reassuring and I'm assuming my FT doesn't show it because the entire pf has been dimpled flat so to speak?

#946 3 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

vid1900 provides some more detail and photos if you care to read more about how your observations are normal: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/playfield-dimple-reality-check

Obviously my search of the forum wasn't very complete. I should have stuck with my gut instinct that surely this had been discussed at length. Sorry for wasting bandwidth, but thanks for going easy on me and providing knowledge and links to bring me up to speed. Be patient... I'll get there eventually (not sure where "there" is, but I'm having fun with the journey anyway).

3 months later
#1193 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

I thought it was 10 trolls, but exactly my point! Has anyone actually completed this?

Interesting timing on your question. I made it the closest I have ever made it last night. Completed everything 3 times (in some cases 4 or 5 times), destroyed 17 trolls (new record) and destroyed all the castles except the last one. I was about 2-3 shots away from getting through the gate. UGH!! The game took forever and was so much fun... I was making mad saves that I've never been able to pull off, but ended up with my last drain out the right outlane because the ball was spinning wild when it hit the post and no amount of nudging was going to change it's mind that it was going out that lane.

I rate myself as an average player at best (by pinside standards)... maybe above average in the real world, but barely. I didn't read the ruleset yet, but I thought there were a series of shots I had to make after destroying the last castle. I'll look into it... but basically, I was planning on just going for any flashing shots (similar to what I have to do in LOTR DTR, which I have completed twice, but am much more familiar with the ruleset).

So... while I can't answer for everyone, I'm fairly certain this has been done multiple times by many people (if I were a betting man, just based on my own skillset as compared to others). But of course, it's not very easy... if it were, you'd finish it up right away, get bored of the pin, and not rate it as one of the bets pins ever (which it is).

1 week later
#1243 3 years ago

I will tell you this... mine seems to be EXTREMELY sensitive to not only playfield angle, but also the horizontal (left to right) leveling. Mine is on carpet on some sliding coasters and whenever I pull it out of the lineup for cleaning and maintenance, if I don't get it back in the same spot and leveled really well, I get behavior like you are referring to.

#1282 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Is any of that cheating? The game lets you do it.

The obvious and only correct response is a resounding "NO". I would never setup a game as you had said, but I wouldn't judge someone who did. This isn't an olympic sport with exacting specifications for everyone to follow to get the exact gameplay. Heck, that wouldn't even be possible from pin to pin with all the same settings because of other uncontrollable variances in the game.

I guess it's not for me to say that if someone has a poor reaction time and will NEVER be able to get to a score of 10 million (to choose a random example) on factory settings, then why shouldn't they be allowed to decrease the software difficulty setting or increase their ability to get extra balls? Of course, if they want to play in tournaments against other game-hardened players, they will be in for a rude awakening.

My personal preference is to set the game up as hard as I can to still have fun and then I hope to improve while playing over time. Then, will set it up even harder. Maybe ultimately you might have the outlane rubbers removed on your pin? How about 7 or 7.5 degrees on the playfield? Setting up the tiltbob so that if the AC fan kicks on in the house you get a warning? I guess it's all a spectrum of difficulty levels and someone has to be on the ends.

It's still just a game... until we come to tournament time!!

Play more pinball!!!!

#1283 3 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

It looks like I'm getting a nib MMR LE.

Welcome to the club!! You’ve got a nice variety in your collection already. Interestingly enough, you're joining the MMR club soon and I'm also weighing my decision to join the TWD club in the near future. With our common FT, looks like we have some similar preferences for pins! Also have enjoyed POTC quite a bit and was/is on my wishlist from time to time.

I can tell you that the #1 spot in my collection waivers between MMR and LOTR depending on the week/month and my mood. No need to hijack this thread, but PM me sometime if you've got an opinion on LOTR...

#1296 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

It's just a number of switch hits bonus...so, the more switches hit during that ball the bigger the bonus.

Interestingly enough, this reminded me that I made it to Barnyard multiball last week for the first time. Absolutely love this mode!!! 75,000 pts per switch hit!! Kept hammering joust and damsel to get the balls into the pops. I think I was pushing 40 mil on that mode specifically by the time I drained.

#1302 3 years ago

I feel very lucky to have ordered my MMR LE in September of 2016 and received it less than 2 weeks later at my doorstep. Missed all the pre-order/delays issues that is so talked about. I had my FT for about 12 years before buying my 2nd pin (MMR) and discovering pinside. After that, the itch became unmanageable!!

#1321 3 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

Really cool. Thx for sharing. Join the club officially soon!
Anyone got an answer on my earlier FT question? (Fish Tales, previous post)

Hey dzoomer... just got back to pinside tonight after playing in a tourney all day. Personally, FT seems a bit easier, but with the lightning flippers and open outlanes, it can be setup quite difficult in it's own right. As others have said, the ruleset is a bit simpler, although I wouldn't classify MM or MMR as having a complex ruleset either.

Interestingly enough, Steve Bowden on his Fun With Bonus website has an article about FT having one of the most difficult multiballs in all of pinball. http://funwithbonus.com/the-hardest-multiball-in-the-hobby-video/ ... I definitely agree if you have the popup target to reset after every locked ball in the casters club.

Personally, if you like the gameplay of MMR, you'll probably like the gameplay of FT... they're both decently fast flow games.

#1322 3 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

Good to mention it. I've been chewing on the ambiguous nature of my question almost since I posted. Even before you asked, I further postulated it into more specifically, two parts.
1. How hard is MM or MMR to finish the game overall, as in all the modes / complete the game compared to Fish Tales?
2. How hard are they as in how comparable are the average ball times or total average game times? Is the average game time or ball time of MM longer, similar or even shorter than Fish Tales?
Any more specifics on your decisions above always appreciated.

Posted my last note before seeing this one. FT doesn't have a final wizard mode so to speak comparable to BFTK. To "finish" the game, you basically try to get all of the multiballs and associated jackpots. As noted in my previous post it's difficult to do this and I personally have never gotten close to "finishing" FT... again, skill level considered (me being a solid B player), I also haven't finished BFTK, but have gotten within a few shots on a few occasions.

Game times on my FT are almost always shorter than a long drive towards BFTK in MMR, but compared to newer tougher games like Ironman, game times are an eternity on both.

#1325 3 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

Some great feedback from both of you. Thx. A bit conflicting, (interestingly), but only a bit.

I'm guessing the conflict comes from our respective skill levels. What's interesting to me is that Steve Bowden (top 10 player in the world) finds the multiball in FT to be maybe the toughest in all of pinball yet SuperPinball would most certainly disagree.

I also have to remind myself that my skill level has increased since I first bought FT (which was when I played it more often). I'll have to go back and attempt to get to Worlds Greatest Angler. I enjoy trying for these different challenges... it's why I love this hobby!

#1359 3 years ago

Let the mayhem begin!! Top 100 is updated and guess who's on top by a wide margin. Of course, this is because of owners rating it... but it will be interesting to see how it gets beaten down over the coming weeks/months.

4 weeks later
#1550 3 years ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

My strategy is to keep pounding the black posts beside the ramps. I can hit these 10-15 times in a row, this is followed by shots to the yellow troll target while trying to hit the castle (either entrance).

Dude... I knew I couldn't be the only one!! Been wondering if I should invest in a good overhead streaming system with cams and mics to catch the full effect while I'm doing this so I can post an instructional video. Though it might blow up PAPA or Pinburgh next year if they include this game in the lineup.

#1552 3 years ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

Good idea, except the mic part...at least in our house, the commentary would be a tad salty

Yeah... but you don't get the full experience of all those post hits and stdm drains from the trolls without the ever present "what the f$%&!" and such thrown in!!

2 weeks later
#1651 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Can anyone comment and let me know if this seems like the ball is bouncing normally.
I'm curious now that a few people have said there ball drops and stays on the flipper.

Damien... nice video!! Looks pretty much like pinball to me. Variables all over the place that are impossible to control and that's what makes pinball fun. An eject from the pops or moat will be different every time and cause fluctuations in ball speed and spin that cause different trajectories. Not saying that someones machine out there isn't more consistent than what your showing, but I can guarantee you that no two machines will be EXACTLY alike in their playing characteristics. I would suggest that what you are probably needing to do if you want consistent traps is to learn to introduce small taps when necessary to control the ball bounce a bit more. Will require different strategies every time depending on the angle, speed, spin and location on the flipper.

3 weeks later
#1830 3 years ago

And once you start lining up the "master" modes make sure you give it a go for Barnyard Multiball... crazy fun mode and love how it changes the whole mood with the music and such.

#1838 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Super difficult shot.... most i ever had was 3 .

The easiest way to get to BY multiball is to practice, practice, practice shooting the catapult from the tip of the right flipper. If you do it right, it will hit the standup target in the rear of the catapult area and this will give you a 2nd catapult hit. So you get 2 catapult hits... one for the standup target and one for landing in the actual catapult. I say "easiest", but this is a relative term, because that's a difficult shot to hit consistently... but you'll get better at if if you practice, practice, practice. Did I say practice enough? Otherwise, you're just relying on random bounces from the middle of the playfield and it takes forever to get all catapult objects launched that way.

2 weeks later
#1987 3 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Just had an epic game. First two balls sucked. Made it to bftk but didn't defeat the last castle because I was out of troll bombs. Wasted them because after the first two balls, I figured why not.
I then FINALLY got barnyard multiball! Never thought I'd reach that.
Completed three royal madnesses and was two castle shots away from a 2nd bftk!
I need a drink. Lol.

Bravo!! Well done!!

1 month later
#2108 3 years ago

Almost a year after acquiring my MMR, my son (18 y/o) finally conquered the BFTK... and now we have a new king of the realm!!

All hail King Matt!!!

IMG_3546 (resized).JPG

#2120 3 years ago
Quoted from Adams:

The difference between 6.7 and 6.8 degrees incline would be imperceptible.
Lots of other things effect game play. You'll never get 2 games to play exactly the same.

You obviously haven't subscribed to the Damien Method of setting up your pins! Maybe you need to go back an re-read some of this thread. I personally have mine set at 6.75, so my experience is probably a bit between the two that were described.

Just pulling your leg, Damien... love you man!! I've actually only had my MMR a tad bit longer than you and have learned quite a bit from the discussions in this thread

1 month later
#2223 2 years ago
Quoted from Lmjdad:

Just curious what everyone's settings are for flipper, catapult, popper, solenoid, shaker, trough, for MMR? I've tried to read old posts on this but not much extensive info: This is what I currently have and understand that this is an individual preference. My catapult has to be at #2 setting in order to clear two balls at on time. Thank you for your input.
Flipper + 2
Popper + 1
Catapult + 2
Solenoid + 1
Shaker Light
Trough Default

I'm assuming my settings won't help you, but everything on my MMR LE is default. I haven't changed any settings from my original install last fall. Had two balls in catapult multiple times and never an issue clearing. Playfield is at 6.5deg and my son has completed BFTK (unfortunately, I have not) so everything seems to be dialed in pretty well from factory settings for mine.

#2237 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Curious to hear from anyone who has played a newer CGC remake versus the original Stern remake.
I recently got my AFMr LE and the build quality seems noticeably greater.

Is it safe to assume that you mean greater than your MMR build quality since that's the thread we're in? Or if not, what is it greater than?

If you are referring to the MMR, what items on yours seem of noticeably lesser build quality? I have had zero issues on my MMR LE and can't imagine what items I would want to be built better. I do realize that a few have had issues on here, but I always assumed it was from poor QC on that particular game. But maybe I'm missing some overall build quality items that were discussed in the last 2200+ posts.

#2267 2 years ago

Seriously... this thread (and much of pinside) is like the movie, Groundhog Day.

3 weeks later
#2405 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Hey, do MMR's come with a manual?

How am I supposed to know? When I joined pinside everyone told me to 1) leave my goodie bag stapled to the inside of the cabinet, 2) make sure I covered every conceivable square inch of the playfield with mylar or cliffy's to prevent any wear, 3) never lift the playfield for fear of scratching the inside of the cabinet, 4) only open the coin door to remove the glass so I could do #2 above and also add $4000 of mods in the form of plastic trolls, dragons, catapults and other mods to enhance my enjoyment of the game.

Wait... what was the question again? Oh yeah, never mind... anyone interested in buying a HUO MMR LE with 4 plays total??

3 weeks later
#2599 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

My MMR flippers can crack walnuts !!
Happy man!

Chuck Norris played my MMR once and used my awesome flippers to hit the ball up both ramps, into the catapult, and destroyed the King of Payne... all with one shot!!

3 weeks later
#2690 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Honesty....... pass on the shaker as it’s waaaaaay to strong.

Complete respect for this opinion, because to each his own. I have heard it from others as well, so you’re not alone. But for me, it’s the best use of a shaker in any game. Castle destruction and catapult launch just aren’t the same when I play on a game without a shaker. Mine is factory in the LE and seems to be just the right amount of shake. No glass rattle.

#2700 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

You don't NEED the shaker, but it IS kinda cool.

You don’t NEED beer, but... (ok, do I really need to finish this statement?).

1 week later
#2732 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

As of right now I have one of the weights totally removed. I think I will be sending both of them to my buddy who has a lathe to remove half the mass but no length off the weight..... its still strong but MUCH better.

Ok, I haven't looked inside a shaker lately, but I thought it was the balance or imbalance that made it shake. Won't removing one of the weights make it shake that much worse? If you want it to shake less, as others have said, you adjust the weights equally toward the center so that they are more balanced around the center of mass when rotating. The imbalance would seem to be a function of both the mass and the length (distance of rotation) for the two weights. So if you want the smoothest shake, but still maintaining something, I would think you'd want to do the same to both weights. Just theorizing here, as I haven't looked inside my shaker lately. I do have one waiting to be installed on my Tron, so maybe I'll open it up and look a bit closer.

2 months later
#3048 2 years ago
Quoted from MacLean:

I'm still on the fence between TWD & MMr
Both pins are fantastic, but if you could only choose one ... ?

Please don't make me choose. It's like asking me to choose which of my kids I like the best... except in this case there are 2 clear winners and they're both tied for first place in my collection. TWD and MMR will never leave. I've heard others say that "never" always changes for long term collectors, but I honestly can't see that happening for me. My new game room will have space for 15-20 pins (vs the space for 5 I have now), so I will just have to choose among the other 13-18 pins if I need more room.

Hmmm... wonder if a pinball cabinet would make decent coffin? Probably too short, but if you cobbled TWD and MMR together, linked end to end, it just might work.

3 weeks later
#3103 2 years ago
Quoted from Jimmyapple:

I literally took the levelers out of the back ones and had the front ones up around three inches to get the game level.

This sounds like an odd problem... wonder if something in your cabinet was assembled wrong? Weird.

Do you have pics of your playfield relative to your cabinet that you can post? And when you say "to get the game level", what exactly are you trying to level? I'm assuming you are trying to level something front to back, but not sure what I would set my level on to check this. Or are you referring to the 6.5deg that you're trying to achieve on the playfield?

All in all, it sounds like a difficult situation and I'm sure others are eager to hear the solution as much as I am.

#3121 2 years ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

Hey guys, just a heads up that Ball Baron is doing a two day special for MMR owners.
Get 20 Ninja pinballs, the shiniest ball on the planet, for $25 (normally $39).
1. Add 20 Ninja balls to your cart:
2. Apply coupon code "mmrmadness" at checkout. Enjoy!
Offer expires Tues 3/6/18.

I tried this today (3/6/18) and it said coupon has already expired. Typically when it says coupon expires on a certain day, it means the last day that it can be used. Did I really miss that it would be expiring 3/5/18 instead?

#3132 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Take the key out?

Obviously the best solution... however, it is also the first step in a series of steps for almost every lock that ever needed to be drilled out because of a lost key!!

1 month later
#3274 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Something in ajustments set to auto percentage.
LTG : )

It’s either

or a combination of both

If you want the same all the time with no changes, I believe you set 05 to “FIXED” and 13 to “OFF”.

image (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#3357 2 years ago

Do I THINK it's worth $1k? No.

Do I WANT to spend $1k on a mod like this? No.

Is there any possibility that I will be skipping this mod? Hell No!!

1 month later
#3489 2 years ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

I have the mantis protector but didn't really care for the look once installed... so i made a grass graphic in Photoshop and had it printed as a vinyl decal with the poly-carbonate overlay.

Love it!! Let me know when you have them for sale...

1 week later
#3509 2 years ago
Quoted from Cobra:

Sell it and buy another one. It will never be the same.

Or better yet, start a CGC bashing thread on Pinside talking about how terrible the backbox holds up under normal play compared to the originals. First flipper-gate... now edge-banding-gate. I’ve heard some of the pros are already saying that the remake backbox edges just don’t “feel” the same as the originals. When will the madness stop?!?!

1 month later
#3595 1 year ago
Quoted from white1ce:

I just feel like there is a magnet in the side drains that just attract the ball quickly to them before I can do anything!

I recommend you buy TWD as your second game, because those outlanes are very safe in comparison!!

But seriously, I agree with the other comments regarding closing down your outlanes for now. As you get better and ball times get longer you might consider opening them back up... but only if you're interested in expanding your competitive side and playing in tournaments where the machines are setup brutally all the time.

2 weeks later
#3617 1 year ago
Quoted from Aardvarki:

New member, new MMR owner here.

Welcome to the club and welcome to pinside. IMHO, you picked an awesome machine for your first!!

Others have already chimed in on the gate. One other thing you might try is to either adjust the game closer to 6.8-7.0 degrees which will affect the ball speed and angle out of the gate (even when it's held up) and see where it lands then. Or see if you can move the metal guide out slightly (might have to bend it carefully) just a mm or so.

It's your game, so you can dial it in however you like. It's quite normal for different pins to have different feeds so what you're experiencing is not out of the ordinary. This is pinball and the randomness is liked by some and not by others.

2 months later
#3741 1 year ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

The Williams decal is trademarked so you'd have to be careful about that.

Trademarks only prevent unauthorized reproduction and sales. If you're buying a legitimate part (and this is), you can do anything you want with it after you buy it. Nothing to be careful about, unless you're worried that when you go to sell your pin that Williams will come after you. Highly unlikely.

I did see another pinsider who was making just the logo (stainless I think), but never advertised. I never ended up pulling the trigger, but wish I had.

1 month later
#3794 1 year ago

Likely the 6.3A 250V fuse on PSU... and check the F1 fuse on the solenoid driver board as well... sometimes both blow.

If you replace them and they blow again, I read a thread somewhere about a short causing this.

8 months later
#4095 10 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

A shaker doesn't add that much compared to everyday play.

Oh boy Lloyd... couldn’t disagree more. I can’t imagine an exploding castle or catapult launch without a some good shaker support. Well, actually, i can imagine it because I’ve experienced it on other versions than mine and it just feels lifeless. But personal preference I guess.

EDIT: I shouldn’t respond so early in the morning before my caffeine jumps starts my brain. Doh!

#4097 10 months ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

I'm sure Lloyd can speak for himself, but you have miss read his statement. He is simply explaining that a shaker, compared to regular play, does not add much to the loosening of a pin's parts. In short, use your shaker freely and don't worry about it damaging your machine. I do agree with you Pinzap that the shaker adds a ton to the play of MM!

Ahhh... that might make more sense.

2 weeks later
#4152 10 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

a big part of the game is blowing up the castle....having the shaker is a must to add to the affect

Long standing debate and there is certainly no wrong answer because it's personal preference. But for me I love playing a MMR with a shaker because of...

1. Blowing up the Castle just feels like it's crumbling down.... true integration
2. Launching a ball in the catapult makes you feel like you're there standing beside the massive catapult lobbing a boulder over the castle wall. And...
3. Trolls so big and nasty that they make the ground shake and making you feel like they're going to squish your little head if you don't hit them first.

Of all my games with shakers, this is second probably only to Earthshaker for how I feel it's necessary for game feel/effect.

1 month later
#4679 8 months ago
Quoted from tslayer71:

Got my badass dragon - thanks Mike and Mark![quoted image]

That dragon looks awesome!! My two cents worth (probably worth less than that)... for HUO, take that ugly plastic off it’s back from between its wings, put masking tape on it and mark what it’s for and put it in the coin box. I removed mine 3 years ago and have had zero balls stuck there, but easy enough to retrieve if one ever does.

Let that dragon fly!!

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