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4 years ago

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#2097 2 years ago

Just ordered mine today. Now the waiting begins...

#2104 2 years ago

That's a great deal, I'd have been all over that if I had a chance. That color upgrade alone is $400!

1 week later
#2128 2 years ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Thanks Big!! Other issue is my right flipper seems weak, it's hard hitting the castle gate with it! I set the strength up to +4 but not difference. It's just nowhere near as nice as the left flipper in terms of strength.

Make sure your flipper is moving freely and nothings binding. If you've had the game only a few weeks I bet your coil stop is loose so the coil is drooping and you're getting some drag.

2 weeks later
#2168 2 years ago
Quoted from Blackstorm:

Does anyone know where these would have come off of on my MMR? They were laying on the bottom of the cabinet half way up on the left side of it. Everything seems to be working correctly and I've looked all over the place to see what was missing them but I can't find it!

Check your Trolls. They like to shed pieces.

#2175 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Neither of those are pieces from the troll assemblies.
LTG : )

Well I suppose you'd know!

1 week later
#2206 2 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Anyone think the next run of mmr will have a big screen and updated sound system like afmr?

Yeah no chance. Maybe as a future premium product but if they just up and made the standards better than the LEs all those LE buyers would riot.

I think for the $400 the "color upgrade" costs that they could just bump the price up a hundo or so and sell us a whole new panel tho, that'd be cool.

#2220 2 years ago
Quoted from bwrightmcse:

So my new MMR is supposed to ship from Chicago Gaming this week (per my awesome distributor), I missed the stern built run and am completely stoked.
Is anyone else on the list for CG/non-stern built MMR? Would this be considered as a MMRR? ;P.

I'm waiting on one.

#2242 2 years ago

Ummm, same parts just being assembled in a different place is what I understand, so I wouldn't expect it to be a lot different.

#2243 2 years ago

I mean, I'm getting a CGC one so it would be NICE if it was like somehow "better" but I seriously doubt it.

1 week later
#2278 2 years ago

Does the Mantis jump protector still have that extra screw hole for the screw they say you don't need to put in? I love that protector and think the area looks naked without it, but I hate both the idea of drilling an extra screw hole in my PF as well as having an empty screw hole there.

#2292 2 years ago

Woooooooooo! Got my email last nite! It's almost MMR time. Thanks gexchange!

#2308 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

They used to be but the shaker makes them dance around.

10/10 would buy.

#2309 2 years ago
Quoted from brainmegaphone:

I'm expecting mine in the next week or two.

Me too! OMG OMG OMG...

#2335 2 years ago

Just looks like a normal cab speaker to me.

#2349 2 years ago

Still waiting for that call from gexchange...

#2355 2 years ago

No NIB for me... but I had a deal come through for a black LE with the color upgrade from a local pin bro. Sad I won't be getting the NIB but stoked about the LE-news of it all!

#2370 2 years ago

One... day... mooooooore!!
OneDayMore-600x364 (resized).jpg

#2385 2 years ago

Welcome home black LE #453!
019 (resized).JPG
020 (resized).JPG

#2388 2 years ago
Quoted from spazzman90:

Nice lookin'! Gonna go for color on that bad johnny?

Yuuup! Ordered it last nite, and an SD card so I can do the updates too.

#2391 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Its been a while since I did mine but I believe the Color upgrade kit comes with a SD card already loaded with the new software?

Thanks for the heads up. Turns out I already had a 64GB Ultra SD so I did the update to 2.02 this morning, and tried to cancel the 8GB one I ordered just as Scamazon told me it shipped.

#2401 2 years ago

Hey, do MMR's come with a manual?

#2404 2 years ago

Thanks guys.

#2408 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

How am I supposed to know? When I joined pinside everyone told me to 1) leave my goodie bag stapled to the inside of the cabinet, 2) make sure I covered every conceivable square inch of the playfield with mylar or cliffy's to prevent any wear, 3) never lift the playfield for fear of scratching the inside of the cabinet, 4) only open the coin door to remove the glass so I could do #2 above and also add $4000 of mods in the form of plastic trolls, dragons, catapults and other mods to enhance my enjoyment of the game.
Wait... what was the question again? Oh yeah, never mind... anyone interested in buying a HUO MMR LE with 4 plays total??

Here's the gag. I bought the HUO MMR LE with 4 (hundred-ish) plays! The bag is still there, but no manual inside. So I asked my buddy if he still had it and he can't remember it ever being there (he's kind of a space case at times) which is why I asked. I did DL the manual (thanks LTG) but I like having a hard copy to flip through when I'm bored, plus it just feels kinda wrong to not have it, you know?

#2409 2 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Here's the gag. I bought the HUO MMR LE with 4 (hundred-ish) plays! The bag is still there, but no manual inside. So I asked my buddy if he still had it and he can't remember it ever being there, (he's kind of a space case at times) which is why I was asking. I did DL the manual (thanks LTG) but I like having a hard copy to flip through when I'm bored, plus it just feels kinda wrong to not have it, you know?

#2411 2 years ago

I'm not sure. I'll try again sometime.
003 (resized).JPG
I mean, I can only assume this was the manual. It did have the tilt bob and the flipper tool in the coinbox still, even the receipt. But no manual.

#2415 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Yes. Put on there you'd like to buy one.
LTG : )

That is what I did. Thanks LTG!

#2455 2 years ago
Quoted from BigMorty:

Thanks LTG for the link. lermods, I’d th protector you have different than the one on the link LTG put above?
I have Cliffys coming also, did not know I needed both them and Mantis!
Can I play a few dozen games before installing all this, not sure I can wait

I have 500 games on mine and no noticeable wear, so I'm sure you'll be fine!

#2496 2 years ago

Is there a place to report bugs and such? I notice that there is some text loss on the Merlin's Magic screen after the color upgrade.

Also, it might just be me, but I really like some of the color choices ColorDMD used as opposed to the official PPS/CGC color... like the green castle moat and the sky not being bright blue... I mean, it is what it is and the MMR Color Upgrade looks WAY better overall, I just feel like the CDMD colors fit the game better.

#2504 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Curious to know from someone who has so much experience with original MMs, what you feel are the major differences/improvements except for the obvious stuff like the better display.

I know you weren't asking me, but I'll chime in... I had a MM for a couple years that I replaced with an MMR... the MM wasn't actually mine, but I'm gonna refer to it as "mine" to keep this simple.

Ramps are easier to make on MMR... fresh flippers and clearcoat make a big difference I'd imagine.

The drawbridge is ALOT quieter on my MMR than my MM. But again, it's like 20 years newer.

LED lighting is BRIGHT and looks great. The "Hi Res" color display is a plus, although the ColorDMD on my MM was just fine.

CGC options menu gives you some extra tuning options (all mine are still default) plus you have all the original Williams options.

The flipper travel is different than it was on my MM but I recently played another MM that was actually very close to my MM in terms of flipper travel and feel, so I assume my MMR is actually probably more "correct" than my MM was.

My MM was certainly more "dialed in", but I haven't had to much time on dialing in the MMR as it already plays so damn nice. It was alot easier to kill castles tho on my old MM than on my MMR tho so my scores were better, but I find myself getting to (and beating) Royal Madness alot more on MMR and completing more of the objectives like Master of Trolls, Patron of the Peasants, etc...

Anyhow, I really like MMR. It feels like a "real" MM to me, but new.

#2509 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

All of the above plus almost no bounce outs from the Merlin hole even when you drill the shot... the game plays like how I had always imagined a brand new MM would play.

Hahaha, opposite for me... my old MM has a pretty solid Merlin shot, but my MMR you have to kind of finesse it in or it goes through. Still, it's not so bad that I've had to go in and change anything so...

And FWIW, I don't think the sound is THAT bad, but they used a cheap speaker for sure. I might upgrade someday.

#2511 2 years ago

It will, but...

Attention: This kit requires the removal of the woofer block spacer in the bottom of the cabinet. All of our kits our easy to install, this kit requires basic wood working skills. The use of a pry bar and chisel for removal. We do offer a 6.5″ sub which does not require block removal.

#2513 2 years ago

Yeah, there is a thread earlier that just basically says that they used kinda crap speakers and swapping them out for something better and full range makes a huge difference. Heck, it's got me thinking I might need to upgrade...

#2523 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Was about to install a Pinball Pro speaker kit in my MMR, and I noticed that I did not get any connectors in the box for the PP speakers.
Has anyone done the install? Should I have received connectors with my speakers? From what i can see, the two speakers connect to the board via a molex. My guess would be that I would disconnect the factory molex, and replace with a harness that should have been provided by PP?
Otherwise, the only option seems to be me desoldering the factory ones, and soldering to the new PP speakers. But the instructions state "no soldering", so i'm thinking they forgot to include connectors.
Any input would be appreciated.

Don't you just unplug/unsolder the old speakers and plug/solder in the new ones?

I just ordered some Pyle speakers (similar to the AFMR ones) on Scamazon and am planning to swap them upon arrival.

#2545 2 years ago

Maybe throw in some new coil sleeves while you're in there. You shouldn't need to, but they're cheap and it won't hurt anything.

#2565 2 years ago

Right, one to lite the lock, and one to lock the lock, times three!

#2575 2 years ago

One screw at a time.

#2588 2 years ago
Quoted from Ozzy:

So I recently played mm. Loved it. Just finished playing mmr standard. Felt totally different. Only way to explain it is that the flipper action felt very"clackety"...if there even is such a word.

It's Williams flipper parts, the same as the original MM... so I don't know what to tell you.

My MMR is much snappier, on default power, than my MM was and I have a WAY easier time making ramps.

Maybe it just felt newer?

#2614 2 years ago

New speakers in!



Like some have said, it's not AMAZINGLY better, but it IS better, and I think for $40 and maybe an hour install time you can't go wrong.

Honestly, I think the cab speaker makes a significant difference. I tested the new backbox speakers, then went back in and installed the cab speaker, and everything sounded fuller and punchier.

Plus, it looks pretty legit.

#2621 2 years ago

Yeah, mine too. ALTHOUGH it didn't when I picked it up... hmmm!

#2629 2 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Just bought mine, it arrives tomorrow night! So stoked! Now I just have to read through 53 pages of forum to see what all needs to be done out of the box! Ahhh! MMR tommorrow, Houdini for the new year!!

I'll save you some time... not too dang much! Set it up and start playing!

1 week later
#2640 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

I watched some of it, that many castle gate shots without a single SDTM and always returning to a flipper makes this suspect.

I had that kind of consistency on my old MM... Castle Crusher was almost a foregone conclusion in any serious game! On my MMR tho the castle is a BASTARD.

My theory is that it is because the flippers hit harder... so EVERYTHING else is easier and the castle gate is death.

#2651 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

When I watch videos of people playing original MM, it does always seem like castle shot return pretty safely to the flipper. Since you've owned both, what one do you enjoy playing more?

They're both the same thing, just like any game from machine to machine they have their own personality.

I will say on my MMR it's much easier (for me) to do EVERYTHING but castle shots. Usually on MM I'd get screwed by the damsel shot, and on MMR I can punish it. Plus a left lane joust orbit will come out and hit a raised right flipper and bounce right into the Catapult, where my MM just didn't seem to have that kind of flipper power.

MMR is on default btw. Game is level but it's steep... 8 or 9 degrees, outlanes wide.

#2653 2 years ago

Extra ball.

#2682 2 years ago

Is there another MMR run on the way? Sounds like AFMR for the forseeable future, and after that they might be onto Remake 3: The Remakening.

#2693 2 years ago

You don't NEED the shaker, but it IS kinda cool.

#2706 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

You don’t NEED beer, but... (ok, do I really need to finish this statement?).

...but it IS better cold?

1 week later
#2746 2 years ago

Default seems fine to me, but I'm pretty steep.

The flipper feel on my OG MM was so damn weird from the years of wear and rebuilds that I don't know that I'd want my MMR to feel the "same" I just want it to feel "right" and it does.

#2751 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewskisBar:

Not sure if this has been discussed, but is it normal to see so much of the wood grain on the playfield through the graphics?

I would say that's unusual. Can you feel it?

#2755 2 years ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

So I’m going to get a Mmr soon and I am wondering what people’s thoughts on which protectors to use where. Cliffy or mantis or a combo. What is the best setup. Anything I need to do out of the box? Shaker and color will be added soon. I’m also going to get the plastic protectors.

Cliffy's are always great, and the Mantis jump protector for the castle.

As for plastic protectors, Pinbits. You can get your Cliffy's there at the same time.

#2762 2 years ago

mmig1 (resized).JPG

I wish Mantis would redo this one without the screw hole.

There's another one inside the castle too... check their page for the deets - http://www.mantisamusements.com/mminstall.htm

#2804 2 years ago

Usually when you disable the gate it disables open.

2 weeks later
#2921 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

There we go!!! That's how to properly describe it!!!
Now, is that the design of the game? None of my other games feel like this.
Was even tempted to try replacing the entire assembly and seeing if it feels different. I just put new flipper assemblies on my TOM and they feel like AFMR.

My MMR doesn't play like that, you can drill pretty much any shot on the fly. Default power, original rubbers, maybe 8 degrees tilt.

#2931 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

So I'm not crazy then... Yours actually says "Who the fuck are you?"

I don't think he has a remake.

#2935 2 years ago

Mantis makes an upgraded gate assembly, right? I'd check that out.

#2943 2 years ago

Yeah. I'd throw some blue loctite on there.

#2945 2 years ago
Quoted from Rat:

What makes you think that? Mine is a MMR-LE and it's running modded code that has the uncensored F word and the call out volume boosted for all call outs.
If you read a few posts back it was described how to do this and there is more info if you search the forum. I didn't alter the code myself a clever and generous forum member who I won't name did it a while ago.
No MMRs will have the uncensored F word unless they have modified code loaded, CGC could easily give us the option to turn it on or off and to turn the callouts up independently of the music and sound effects but they obviously don't want to.

Mostly because your game list has MM on it but not MMR.

1 week later
#2968 2 years ago

I always measure analog, with a bubble level and my good ol weighted inclinometer. Usually just from the PF center, right under the trolls. I play pretty steep and standard coil power. It's tough but fun!

#2970 2 years ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Guys I'm stumped, my moat eject is not recognizing that's there is a ball in it. I've tried to adjust it from underneath, loosened the 2 screws and tried about every position imaginable. I got it work for a few games a week or so ago then tonight acting up again. Less then 200 plays on it. Created a ticket but pretty much told me to do this. No luck.
Under the playfield. The right popper bracket may be off a little, try bending it down gently. See if that works. I will attached picture

Replace the switch? Sometimes they're just bad.

2 weeks later
#3024 1 year ago

You probably have a loose connection in there. I'd poke around and find it.

#3038 1 year ago
Quoted from MacLean:

My question; is the Pro or base version of MMr as much fun to play as the LE?

Quoted from pintechev:

They are identical.

Oh I dunno, I think the LE badge makes the game WAY more fun!

Seriously tho, the LE came with trim color choice, the shaker motor, and the LE badge... pretty sure the upgraded cab and PF hardcoat ended up carrying over to the SE, and you can always add the shaker... so the SE plays exactly the same.

#3043 1 year ago

Dude, there is no way MM doesn't OWN all those games, unless you have had one for years and are already sick of it. Even a cheap ass like me bought one. Get to it!!

#3049 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

I've heard others say that "never" always changes for long term collectors...

Lol, I hear that too... I always say my TZ will be the last to leave, barring a truly insane offer... and 11 years later it's still here! But yeah, never say never, right?

#3056 1 year ago
Quoted from flipper73:

I am thinking about installing better subwoover and loudspeakers in my game. In case the big screen will be offered - will there be speAkers Included? Should I wait until it will be announced?

Swapping speakers is pretty easy. I don't think it makes a giant difference, but it's also relatively cheap so you can't really go wrong unless you overspend.

No way to know when (or if) they will do a large display, all they've said is they are looking into it and that the AFM one won't work. I think if they did one tho it would be a drop in speaker panel so it would probably include speakers... once you work in the speakers, display, panel and all that tho, it probably will be pretty expensive.

Anyways, if you wait is up to you,

1 week later
#3080 1 year ago

All MM PF parts work on MMR and vice versa. There are some PF differences on the underside because of the "modern" board set and new lamp board layout but the top side and mechs are identical as far as I can tell.

2 months later
#3304 1 year ago

If you do a rom update it resets the plays... but still, low play is low play!

1 week later
#3359 1 year ago

Does anyone sell the logo for the regular speaker panel still? Not trying to pose but that blank space does kind of annoy me. Even better would be if someone made art for it. I never got why Williams went away from the cool speaker panels in the early 90s to the blank plastic ones later on.

#3362 1 year ago

A hundred bucks huh? Guess it doesn’t annoy me that much, lol.

1 week later
#3390 1 year ago
Quoted from Oshara:

Yeah, hard for us to stomach putting more money into this game. Maybe the XL will be enticing enough when it's finally announced!

Pretty sure the large screen still requires the color chip so may as well suck it up.

#3413 1 year ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Trying to decide if I want to buy a MMR or wait and find an original one have any of you guys owned both?If so which one did you sell or keep? Any thoughts. I am a big fan of the way 90's Bally/Williams stuff plays.

I’ve had both and as others have said, MMR feels like MM but new. That said they don’t play quite the same, my MMR is a ramp monster and you can slay dragons with impunity but the castle is lethal... where on my MM you needed to be dead accurate to make the damsel ramp without the ball returning to sender on you, but you could predictably hunt castles all day. I don’t blame that on it being a remake, but more it being newer and having snappier flippers. One cool thing I haven’t messed with is the flipper power adjustments which I just left on default.

#3422 1 year ago
Quoted from Ray_Ayala:

It’s official! I’M JOINING THE CLUB. Just sent PPS a check for MMr, hdcolor and shaker motor upgrade. Can’t wait!

Hahahaha, you weren’t kidding. Good to meet you today.

#3424 1 year ago
Quoted from Ray_Ayala:

Hey Dan! Maybe you can recommend a speaker upgrade? I hear MMr could use it...

There is a post with how to do it, I’ll see if I can find it for you, but I used some Pyle 5.25 speakers that look almost like the ones CGC put in AFMR so it has a nice factory look, despite the fact that they’re bright yellow. I also put in a matching 6.5 inch cab speaker that I like so much I’ve dropped it in 2 other pins since.

#3426 1 year ago
Quoted from Ray_Ayala:

Picked up my new MMr at the shipper’s platform Friday morning instead of waiting until Tuesday. It’s awesome. The flippers need some adjusting but the one minor problem that stands out is the ball launch to start a game. When the game tries to load the Ball from the trough, it oftentimes settles askew of the plunger resulting in a fail launch attempt. One time, the ball fell into the cabinet, so I know something must be off. Has anybody ever experienced this? I’ll take a pic of it later if that helps. It’s as if a guide is missing or something. Other than that, it’s fantastic.

Huh that’s weird. Let me know if you need pix or anything.

#3435 1 year ago
Quoted from Ray_Ayala:

After comparing it to my other machines, it definitely appears that the ball guide is missing. I made my own which seems to be working now, but I would like to obtain the original part. Here’s some before and after pics:

Looks like you got shorted a post!

C3F91A6A-9144-47BB-AD4E-00F7EFBEDB38 (resized).jpeg

#3441 1 year ago
Quoted from Ray_Ayala:

How funny! My homemade guide looks cleaner! Haha. At least CGC will know I didn’t make this up. It’s a long weekend, so I don’t expect to hear from them until Tuesday. The game is playable so I’m not worried. I had to cut the opening up a little wider and now it works 100%. This game is so fun. Quite a bit tougher than the Pinball Arcade simulator. You can have a great game one time and then just an absolutely horrible one the next.

Yeah, MM is just amazing. Back in the day I thought it was a cool game but kind of overrated. It wasn’t until I learned how it all worked that I realized how genius it was. And of course it’s hard to deny the art, theme, sound and just how fun bashing trolls and blowing up castles is.

1 month later
#3492 1 year ago
Quoted from Oshara:

Very cool looking. I'm assuming the poly-carb protects the pf?

I’m thinking it’s a sticker for the Mantis protector?

1 week later
#3508 1 year ago

repeat information.

1 week later
#3524 1 year ago

Does anyone want to share what they’ve adjusted their power levels to in the CGC menu? I am still running default for all mine, but was experimenting and wondered what other people had done.

#3528 1 year ago

Huh, I’ve never seen that happen!

3 weeks later
#3548 1 year ago

Just loosen up the flipper pawl from the flipper shaft, realign as desired, and tighten it back down. You’ll need an allen wench. Don’t be too gentle, it needs to be tight, but don’t go insane either.

3 weeks later
#3576 1 year ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Was wondering what replacing coil sleeves is for. Somehow this helps coil performance?

They wear and need periodic replacement. Sure beats replacing a whole coil!

#3592 1 year ago
Quoted from dreamtheme:

You can adjust the outlane posts by loosening the nut underneath the playfeild and sliding the post up or down, the flipper and slingshot are adjusted in the 'secret' menu. To get to the secret menu i think you press all four buttons on the coint door at startup.

You hold down the first (escape iirc) button until the CGC menu comes up.

3 weeks later
#3620 1 year ago

That lightning does look pretty bad ass.

4 weeks later
#3659 1 year ago

Yeah 800 plays in it’s probably a sketchy/damaged coil sleeve or maybe the coil is loose and causing drag. I just had a newish sleeve that was dragging for no good reason in another pin of mine, just swapped it out and all is well.

3 months later
#3821 12 months ago

The off the loop is a matter of angle. If you move your flipper angle up slightly that helps.

The power loss, I haven't experienced, and I play my game on -2 so it feels more like an older game, lol.

1 week later
#3849 11 months ago
Quoted from gjm7777:

Curious on what most people have set for flipper strength these days. I've since gone to -6 as it feels just about like my other B/W 90s games, anything stronger makes hitting ramps too easy, and castle shots literally bounce off the gate (sometimes even back onto the playfield vs falling into the moat. I keep the game leveled at 6.5, but for me -6 seems to be the best setting, especially when cleaning/waxing every 4 months or so.

-2 here.

#3872 11 months ago

Although MM was never RARE it was always in demand. Now anyone who wants one can have one so it's not like people are climbing over one another when one pops up anymore.

That said I don't see pinball people ever not wanting MMs. You list one for a fair price and I'm sure you'll get it. It's still a great game... it's just a great game you can have for 8K brand new now.

2 weeks later
#3884 10 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

I'm still waiting to find out if the insert text was fixed on these, please don't spoil it for me. I'm only on page 20 of this thread, trying to get caught up before my MMR gets here in April.
[quoted image]

Did you ever catch that his mothers name was Moonchilde? I never did until I read about it on the web. I just thought he was screaming into the storm.

1 week later
#3897 10 months ago
Quoted from Hjbondar:

Value question - I picked up an MMR LE with chrome rails. Does this devalues the machine. Aside from the shaker motor and LE sticker, it seems to be Standard in every other way. Am I missing something?

You could get an LE in “gold”, black or stainless. If it’s truly chrome, it’s an aftermarket upgrade and probably not a cheap one, I’d call it a value add.

1 month later
#3927 9 months ago


#3930 9 months ago

Personally I feel like if they want to release an XL version that’s fine, just remember us LE owners with a good sized consideration, especially if they already got us for the color upgrade.

1 week later
#3940 8 months ago

Yup. Holds your flipper linkage together. Pretty important.

Same thing happened on mine. Easy fix.

#3943 8 months ago

There is no CE of MM. Just the LE for the first 1000 people, and now the Standard Edition, which is $8k.

1 month later
#3971 7 months ago

No big screen for MMR... at least not yet. I wouldn’t imagine the next batch would be much different.

#3997 7 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Yes but is that 6 lit blue inserts?

Right. So you need Master of Trolls, Defender of Damsels, Patron of the Peasants, Joust Champion, Castle Crusher and Catapult Ace to all be awarded.

#3999 7 months ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I havent been able to do that yet - is there a specific strategy to getting it done. Probably a SDTM after a castle gate shot does me in......

For most of them, the trick is just good shooting, plus you get completions in Royal Madness.

For trolls, you really want to have Troll Madness when you start Multiball Madness, then you get a troll kill every time you get a troll jackpot.

Also while in multiball Madness you can hunt castles. Try to keep a ball cradled up on your right flip and just keep backhanding the drawbridge from the left.

Sounds a lot easier than it all is tho! Good luck!

1 month later
#4040 6 months ago

Is your MMR rom up to date?

#4044 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

No. Won't fix the screen or credit dot.
LTG : )

It may fix the dot if he’s having the time/date error..?

As for the display issue, probably not huh.

3 weeks later
#4058 5 months ago
Quoted from metahugh:

It happens also at the end of the first joust victory animation. It’s colored and then goes to greyscale.

It’s because of the way the color mod works. Much like the actual color DMD it just overlays the new animation over the old, so if there are frame differences they come through like that.

I wish they’d go through and revise the MMR color code, there are a few other errors it it, like the way Merlin’s Magic has text that gets cut off.

Still, those are nitpicks and it’s pretty good as it is.

1 week later
#4065 5 months ago

They’re still out there earning that money!

1 month later
#4108 3 months ago

Nope, SEs ended up getting the same (or better) cabs than the LEs, as well as the extra PF clearcoat. All you really got with the LE was the plaque on the apron, $200 off your color chip, the shaker and your choice of trim color. But you actually didn’t pay any extra for an LE (they were just the first 1000 made) so that’s cool.

#4110 3 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Makes sense that they would all be the same....not sure the standards and SE had better cabinets...they were all made in the same shop so I highly doubt thats true.

The newer ones get the melamine cabs they started using with AFMR. Whether that is truly better or not is up to you but I believe most people consider it an upgrade.

And yeah, I agree that makes sense, but the original idea was the LEs got upgraded cabs and PFs.

#4112 3 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Gotcha....are they better? I have all three and don't really think ones better than the other, but what do i know....

Yeah I rephrased that a little.

I’m sure it’s nice but I don’t think it’s so much better I need to sell my LE for an SE or anything, lol.

1 week later
#4139 3 months ago

Picked up a gold "Williams" speaker panel at Pin A Go Go last weekend to replace the plain one on my MMR. I always heard it was a straight swap, and while they do look the same I didn't realize the whole thing is held together with some kind of press on washer. Anyone got any tips for removing the old screen cover and speaker grills from the old panel and reinstalling them on the new panel without totally destroying it?

#4147 3 months ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

I got the color. I'm on the fence with the shaker.

The shaker is kinda cool but if my game hadn't come with one I don't think I'd feel the need to install one. Some people need that shaker tho...

The color is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY tho! Good call there.

#4188 3 months ago
Quoted from SkaterVet:

Will these be available upgrade kits for current MMr owners?

Maybe the screen and topper but the RGB seems unlikely.

Boys, I think we got vaulted. Now we know how the OG MM owners feel, lol.

Quoted from whitey:

That’s rediculous
Had 3 buds play it at pin a go go
All three said it sucks ?
I can’t say that because I haven’t played it. Knocking off MM is a tall task

JP is a pretty cool game, your buds must have some high standards. But it won’t stay on top, it’s just getting that new game love.

#4191 3 months ago
Quoted from Rat:

I asked on Facebook and PPS said current MMR owners would not be left behind. So I assume an upgrade kit will be available for the RGB GI.
With shipping and currency exchange rates for Australia it might be more than I am willing to pay though.

Fingers crossed.

#4200 3 months ago
Quoted from PPS:

We will be putting people on the list for all MMR options as well as Games ... contact us at gamesales@planetarypinball.com ... also you can call for now ... Rick 408-891-7878

Sent you an email Rick, get me on them lists!

#4216 3 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

No way I'm paying $1650 to upgrade my already color MMr dmd display. How is this a good deal for current MMr owners? Feels like CGC and Planetary just vaulted on us.

We came out okay here. The price to upgrade our LEs (and Standards) basically to Royal spec is still under the NIB price. Sure we kinda lose some cache by there being a more limited version now but I can live with that.

BTW, from what I was told since you have color the XL upgrade is cheaper, so you don’t lose that.

#4219 3 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Yes, that is all good news and I am happy CGC did this in a manner it doesnt significantly hurt existing customers.
Anyone know if we choose to upgrade to the larger display what we need to do to demonstrate we already have the color chip (pretty sure the thing they use is still in my storage box)?
Also still wondering if the speaker lights come with the new display panel and if the thing matches the current speakers? Guessing yes but Dan anyone confirm?

I don’t think you need to “prove you have it” as much as if you don’t have it the XL probably won’t work right. But I’m sure there’s a way, those CGC guys don’t seem to miss a trick.

#4231 3 months ago

204DA9C5-95B0-4209-92AB-E55B64A48337 (resized).jpeg

Not gonna need this it looks like so I’ll pass it on if anyone wants it PM me. $80 plus shipping. Brand new. Gold logo version.

#4236 3 months ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Left flipper at full power is unable to consistently make the right ramp shot. What are people doing to remedy this? If changing coils, what are you going with? TIA.

At default power or have you moved it up in the CGC menu? Because even at default you should be punishing that ramp.

I’d make sure you have a little up down play in the flipper bat so you’re not binding on the bushing and make sure the coil stop is tight and not causing the coil to droop and create drag.

#4313 3 months ago
Quoted from rai:

General question not trying to stir up trouble. What is the feeling/thought about MM price at $10K (I know that you don’t need the topper and black armor trim) but I’m calling it $10,300 when I could get SW pro +DP pro for $11,200.
I realize these pros are the basic stripped down pins and not the full flight premiums or LEs. But still two gaming goodness for the slightly more than the cost of the top of the MM Royal.
My theory, impression is that MM is *not* twice the game of SW or Maiden or DP pro but that extras like prestige, toys, quality and to an extent nostalgia make up the difference.
Myself, I’m on the fence where I can afford whatever but also I’m kind of frugal and I do have several $8-9K pins already. MM would be the king or the crown jewel of a collection but there is something to be said for quantity as in more pins over quality. No?

If you're kinda frugal you should love MMR, it's a great deal compared to what you used to pay for an MM.

And one on one I'd say MM is better than any Stern, but YMMV. It would be hard to turn down a 1 - 2 punch of Star Wars and Iron Maiden tho... I can take or leave Deadpool.

Also remember, you don't NEED the Royal edition, unless you just gotta have that topper and all the bling. The SE is probably the best bang for the buck unless you can find a nice used MMR Standard or LE.

#4404 87 days ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Why would they limit it to 200? Makes no sense.

To get people all hot and bothered for one, methinks.

#4445 85 days ago

I'm a LE owner and I have no gripes because of the Royal Edition.

Unlike most LE's the MMR LE cost no extra, it was just the first 1000 made and came with extra stuff to entice early buyers. Good deal for us.

They gave us LE and Standard owners a far better upgrade path than I expected with the topper and XL screen and the RGB lighting, and you gotta give them credit for that.

I think at the end of the day a fully upgraded LE will carry a certain weight, as will a non upgraded stock one, as will an RE, and every one will have a buyer when it's time to sell.

#4494 84 days ago

Fellas, fellas, let’s put this all behind us so we can get back to being loathed by all the original MM owners as a cohesive unit.

#4501 84 days ago

Double post

#4502 84 days ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I'm doing it for the armor, black mirror blades and that new in box smell again, oh and the 2 years of warranty.

You be you Wack! Someone has to to it.

#4505 84 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I agree with everything except I like my black LE powder coating I've played my MMR quite a bit the last few days and concluded that the lighting is great, the display is perfectly fine, and that I definitely need a topper. Without a topper the game looks a little out of place next to AFMRLE and MBRLE....I just installed the entire Cliffy set (which wasn't too bad), and the game blades from tilt graphics (they look great). After owning the other remakes I've concluded I'm not a big fan of the mirrored games blades as they scratch too easy

Lol, I’m more like, gotta have that XL, RGB lighting is awesome but the topper is like, well... may as well go all the way, but I don’t NEED it.

I do think I’d rather have art blades than mirror blades too, and that’s a cheap upgrade.

#4527 84 days ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

The black armor was offered on the LE's and was not very popular at the time with most LE's being gold trimmed. .

I can’t say if this is accurate but... most people I know with MMR have black.

#4543 83 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I did the same thing. They are nice upgrades, but man they are pricey. I thought I’d get credit for having the color upgrade already, but seems the prices quoted are with the color upgrade already in the game. I can’t justify it even though i love what they did in mbR and AFMr. I’d be at almost $10k on my mmr compared to about 7 for my AFMr and mbR se.

If you didn’t have color you’d have to buy it for another 200 (LE) or 400 (SE).

I’m curious what happened to the much more reasonable $99 (if bought with the topper) for the RGB GI mod myself.

I’m still in, but if push comes to shove the topper might have to go.

#4582 81 days ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

[quoted image]
Not gonna need this it looks like so I’ll pass it on if anyone wants it PM me. $80 plus shipping. Brand new. Gold logo version.

Sold off forum.

#4590 78 days ago
Quoted from ktm450:

What were people’s thoughts on the Flip n out stream of the Royal Edition?
Did you feel the RGB was well integrated?
I did not catch the full stream but one thing I found interesting was hearing CGC’s Ryan White say that unless you buy the Royal Edition the topper RGB is not interactive with game play at this point in time. Which probably means the speaker lighting is not either.

Watched it, liked it. It is still a crapload of money for that topper although it does have some sweet lighting.

Do you have a timestamp for where they made those topper lighting statements, because I don’t remember hearing anything like that. Since they made a big deal about how this stuff was being made so current MMR owners wouldn’t be left behind I don’t think that would make a lot of sense but who knows.

I do remember they talked about if you put it on an original MM tho, and said there would be no lighting in that case however there may be something in the works for that. Maybe CGC/PPS is going into the high end toppers business.

I did think it was interesting that they basically dished that there have been 1000 standards made too, and that it sounds like the REs are already pretty much spoken for.

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