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#4855 1 year ago

would be interesting when the first pins will be delivered, esp. the RE.
My dealer in Germany told me that he was informed by CGC on delivery mid march.

2 weeks later
#4926 1 year ago
Quoted from ReplicaX:

To set ppl's minds at ease with proof.
Just accepted my MMr CE 2019 (Standard).
Born date Jan 22, 2020.

interesting. On the CGC page the model numbers of the new editions are listed with 13000. The first remakes also had 11000 no. range.

#4944 1 year ago

great to hear that the first CE´s are delivered.
a little strange that the production date is only a small sticker and not very prof. (Feb 2020 ).
Is there any difference btw. the old MMR Standard and the CE? I do not know any.

#5037 1 year ago
Quoted from wamoc:

I talked with my distributor today, and they expect the RE to still be another 6-12 weeks. I hate needing to be patient.

puuuh, that´s a very long time.
That means the exports will take even longer and the add-ons will be available in about half a year (until all RE's are finished).

#5130 1 year ago

My dealer (here in Europe) told me that CGC told him that the production of the Royal Edition is starting now.
However, there are still some parts missing for completion which will be available in March.
Probably first deliveries of the RE at the end of March.

#5210 1 year ago

great photo and a nice room

1 month later
#5418 1 year ago
Quoted from Ripshill:

Hello all,
I am inquiring to see if anyone in this forum has the following mod for their MMr and if so, do they feel it is warranted?
Look forward to your responses.

I have no personal experience with it, but I have read that the protectors are supposed to be good.
At my distributor I also ordered his Convolux (protectors) with the MM Royal Edition.
For the MMR you can find them here, they are also available in different colors. Yellow fits best. There are additional photos available on pinball sites.

MM with yellow:

#5470 1 year ago

great, awsome. Is the Software Version still V3.0 beta?

#5480 1 year ago

wonderful, congratulations

#5542 1 year ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

Which software version is installed at the new MMR
is there a way to backup it?
at the website is still V2.0.2a
so we could tr< it with a AFM dmd panel

see above post #5487, Code 3.0.0 beta 3 is installed

#5619 1 year ago

in Germany the MMRE will cost ca. $12,435, and we will only get 11 pc. of RE and some CE and SE. All sold out since Dec.

#5671 1 year ago
Quoted from Dan1733:

Isn't it more fun to see Rick and Morty at no. 2 -- all time -- for a week? Better than TZ, AF, etc.

no longer, if you are right, then it was corrected.
The Standard Edition only "received 7 approved Pinsider ratings. 18 more approved ratings are needed to get a rating and for it to be eligible for the Pinside Pinball Top 100 ranking."
The Blood Suckers Edition is on rank 73 with 39 ratings.

#5701 1 year ago

great video, I can hardly wait

#5792 1 year ago

correct, the first pictures we got here are starting from 4000 (e.g. 4001, 4003..)

#5806 1 year ago
Quoted from etien:

Hello, is there any way to order a MMR Royal edition to be delivered in France, or it is already sold out?

you should ask your both distributors in France.
I assume they will get only 1-3 and should be sold out.
I´ve heard that Germany will get the most ones in Europe, but all pins (CE, SE and RE) are sold out since end last year in GER.

#5827 1 year ago

I am surprised that the speaker frames are silver and not black; I assume this was not planned as everything is powder-coated in black

#5830 1 year ago

i mean that speaker ring from the above pictures

Speaker (resized).png
1 week later
#5990 1 year ago
Quoted from Highscoresaves:

Ok. ....
Has anyone put their custom logo on the MMRRE?
I've done the others I have but this one is just not taking it.
Opened a new 16, 32, 64 and 128g msd from the package. All new and genuine Sandisk.
Game keeps telling me unable to mount card.
The file is a simple 320x80 bmp. Same file I used on the others .
It's not telling me it doesn't like the file, it's stating that it cannot mount the card.
Any ideas? I'm missing something.

this was often posted here, that sd card cannot be mounted; seems a SW bug.
You have Beta 3 too?

#5993 1 year ago

see older posts (esp. the one where a guy has tested the same card with an MBR and it works; Beta 3; this is really an issue. How to update the pin without mounting a SD Card?

#5997 1 year ago
Quoted from jarozi:

What was funny was that I could update the software no problem, so it can read the cards for that purpose. Just not to load the custom image.

Quoted from jarozi:

What was funny was that I could update the software no problem, so it can read the cards for that purpose. Just not to load the custom image.

oh cool; I am waiting for the MMRE, so I just read all postings an be patient.
with which software can you update? only the old version is available for download.

#6021 1 year ago
Quoted from WishyWashyPony:

Planning on adding this mod. Any recommendation to fix the minis non permanently?
I got them from Amazon "papo figures"
[quoted image]

I would fix it with small neodym magnets

#6023 1 year ago

mini neodym could work, I dont have an MMR yet, so dont know if it would possible to place it inside the castle (under the tower for example)

1 week later
#6160 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I'm a little confused from the prior posts, maybe someone can help me understand?
I have an MMrLE and want to know if I should be upgrading to this 3.0 software or not?

I you want tp upgrade your LE with the new parts like RGB, topper, Colour Display, you need the V3 SW to run

2 weeks later
#6381 1 year ago

Question to Europeans: has anyone in Europe a MMR Royal in his hands?

2 weeks later
#6547 1 year ago

Does anyone in Europe got a Royal yet?

2 weeks later
#6752 1 year ago

new CGC pinballs have finally arrived in Germany.
My RE will find a new home soon.

pins PHOTO-2020-07-22-17-12-26 (resized).jpg
#6779 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Just to check: isn't it so that these are not any limited edition and will be continuously available from CGC/Distributors?
I mean - can one wait with the purchase or should one buy right away?
Thanks for any info!

I´ve heard that there are only some distributors got a few upgrade parts. A lot of extras were delivered to https://www.shop.freddys-pinball-paradise.de/ the main CGC distributor in EU.
Freddy told me today that actually only the topper from last XXL delivery is still available, the other upgrades were immediately sold out. Ask him, if and when other upgrades are available, he has good connections to CGC too.

#6824 1 year ago

I have a question regarding the custom logo. I read the MBR manual and some posts here.
How to install back to the orig. CGC logo? Is there after uploading a delete function available? Or only factory reset?

edit: GOT IT. its in the selection menu while setting up the new logo (switch to orig)

#6835 1 year ago

If you are looking for plastic protector, I can really recommend Convolux from my MMR RE dealer.
I choose the yellow ones. Looks pretty nice. Its a kind of neon acryl.

C54C5EB7-1B7C-481F-9039-B733E19F6EFA (resized).jpeg
#6841 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Really cool, can u post a direct link and maybe a few more playfield pics? Nice!

here you are; pics are also there; it´s looks bright, yellow fits best (my guess)

#6844 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Tks, looks sweet!!!
Anyone know of a U.S. distributor?

as far as I know Freddy (owner of provided site) is also the manufacturer, he ships worldwide.
Here in pinside you can find more info

#6845 1 year ago

I have a question about the coil menu.
(unfortunately nothing found by searching here).
What is the entry "Through Pop Strengths" for.
I have not found anything in the print and online manual.

Menu Through pop (resized).jpg
#6848 1 year ago
Quoted from bent98:

I just don’t know how the colored protectors would look with the rgb GI.

you mean the Convolux?
It looks great with RGB.
The intensity of the color changes depending on the RGB; with red it is almost invisible, with white or blue it shines very well bright (the yellow ones which I have)

#6851 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

And about how long is shipping to U.S.???

you can write Anita
she is very friendly

#6852 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Maybe drop us a few pics here friend??? Tks.

I will do tomorrow, with different RGB colours I guess

#6857 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

[quoted image]Got this beauty unboxed and setup last night. Plays perfectly out of the box. Wow. Having owned a really nice original some time ago, this is in another league. Hats off to CGC. Re#4045
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

is this subwoofer Standard? I have another one in my RE

#6867 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

That is what changes the screen to the color upgrade.

No, just enables color update.

If the ball isn't sitting the whole way to the left, it may not kick out. That kickout by design is weak. If that is going on, under the playfield I'd loosen the bracket and stick a washer between the bracket and playfield on the left side, lowering it a little so the ball sits in there better and kicks out better. Issue common to MM and MMR.
LTG : )

Dear LTG,

I found your answer regarding the Merlin hole and that the ball will not kick out.
I have the same issue, esp. that also several (automatically generate) "Empty balls" will not help; the bumper is too left and the ball lays often between bumper and edge.
You mentioned a washer. Do you have a picture how this will look like to fix?
Excuse me, its my first pin and I have the beautiful RE since 4 days.


#6871 1 year ago
Quoted from HeadNZ:

Hi. Hmmm... this is interesting. On my NIB MMR RE after about a week my Merlin shot stopped registered the ball as well. Ball would go in but just sit there until ball search kicked it out. Turns out one of the wires connected to the ball sensor switch had come away from its soldered connection. Re-soldered it and away we go again. Good luck with yours.[quoted image]

Thank you,

the problem has been occurring regularly for about two days now.
But it is different with me. The ball is in the hole, registered the action and with the ejector the ball is stuck (between edge and bumper).
The bumper does not go down completely (under the ball), and only the vibration leads to success.

#6873 1 year ago

I suspect my ball-sticking problem is caused by something else.
This is how it often looks like with the Merlin hole (picture 1) with the sitting ball.
Question: Is it normal that after the kick out of the ball the kicker looks a bit above the playfield? (Pictures 2&3).
Here 2 problems: Balls coming slowly from the right get stuck and balls from the front can bounce off.

My guess: the kicker is slightly sticking to the hole protector (which the dealer has installed).
Your opinion?

Thank you

Merlin Loch 1 (resized).jpgMerlin Loch 2 (resized).jpgMerlin Loch 3 (resized).jpg
#6875 1 year ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Hole protector incorrectly installed which is causing the plunger to rub on it and get stuck. Either remove the protector or adjust it. I don’t have any protectors so can’t help with the adjustment aspect.


thank you, what is wrong installed?
Excuse me, my first pin, and I have zero experiences with removing or installing protectors, but can check how to improve this (probably with a rasp)

#6886 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

I did not manage to install the Mantis protector to the Merlin hole on MMR. With regular MM it was ok.
That's why its sticking and that causes the eject problems.

you are right; the stick (bumper) has too much contact with the protector (inside) and will not sink back after ejecting the ball. I assume I have to remove it

#6887 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Tks, can't wait to see them!

here you are, starting with daylight and pin power off, then changing the GIand at the end without GI.
I also made a short video with continously chaing colour. For MMR there will be 5 plastic protectors in the set.

Video: https://vimeo.com/444372900

Convolux0 (resized).jpgConvolux1 (resized).jpgConvolux2 (resized).jpgConvolux3 (resized).jpgConvolux4 (resized).jpgConvolux5 (resized).jpg
#6891 1 year ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

check out this video, sometimes my display is not hi.res and not colored
you see the problem at

I never noticed this at MBR LE or AFM LE
thank you tom

I checked my MMRRE and never saw this.
I read in the german forum flippermarkt.de that some guys have the same issue after installing the new add ons in their MMR.
Did you upgrade yours too?

Grüße nach Österreich

#6892 1 year ago
Quoted from HeadNZ:

I am trying to install a custom logo into my MMR. How do I do this? I cannot seem to find any info.

install 3.0 final and check MMR manual page 1-11ff (my printed version from CGC) or if not available check the MBR manual online (same as my printed version in that case)

#6901 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Red arrows point to screws you loosen.
Yellow arrow points to area you put a washer between wood playfield and metal bracket. Thick washer or a couple. Then tighten the screws.
LTG : )
[quoted image]


I tried an failed, cause the size of the screws doesn’t fit with our standard tools here in Germany, must be US metric. Can you please give me size of the srewtool which fits?
Thank you

#6903 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I use a 1/4 inch nut driver.
LTG : )

thanks a lot, sounds good, its 66mm
we have this sizes here

#6907 1 year ago
Quoted from HeadNZ:

Thanks for that. I couldn’t find it in the online MMR manual. Here is a screen shot from the AFM manual to help others.
[quoted image]

thanks, thats correct; it´s in the MBR(!) online manual too;

#6908 1 year ago

As my MMRRE is now 5 days here I clould check also a little bit the mass of menue items.
I noticed two things.
The Trolls Test (Test Menu T.20) does not work, neither the right nor the left one because of reported bad switch 74/75, see picture 1.
But the switches are connected correctly. This seems to be a SW problem.

Also in the MMR System Menu, at the Speaker LED Brightness (Picture 2) the brightness does not change, but the brightness of the playfield lamps under the slingshots are changing, seems to be a SW problem too.
Same with you?

Troll Test Prob (resized).jpgSpeaker Brightnessb (resized).jpg
#6910 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Did you have the high power interlock switch pulled out ?

Tests - Switch Edge - does it work there ? Might not have been hit recently or might need adjusting.
LTG : )

or could be thats a 220V pin?; my friend has the same issue with the Trolls Test.
I didnt pulled out a high switch interlock, sounds risky.

#6914 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

110 or 220 doesn't matter. Tests are tests.
Enabling high power is the only way to test solenoids. Isn't risky. You are just turning on 50 volts to coils.
LTG : )

thank you LTG much appreciated your expertise; I will do this after deinstalling this shit Mantis Merlin hole protector to solve the issue with my popper

#6917 1 year ago
Quoted from seah2os:

If I understand this correctly, to help remedy a ball not properly ejecting from the Merlin hole, you're suggesting installing a thick washer under one screw only (as shown in the pic), not all off them? I opened a ticket with CGC on this same situation, and they also suggested the thick washer, but didn't clarify under just one, or all of the screws. Hopefully, this would also help with the ball not going in the hole at all on a Merlin shot, but passing through. Frustrating as well.

i have more all less all probs with the Merlin hole.
1. Mantis protector (installed by the dealer) which have contact with the popper, which then stays and takes time to sink down.
2. Ball stays between popper and edge
3. sometimes ball running through Merlins hole
I hope I can fix this within next days. I have no experiences with removing the mechanic

#6923 1 year ago

I have a question about the shaker (MMRRE, factory installed).
I can't really feel a difference to light, default and strong. Also shaky or default (2nd option) has no noticeable effect.
Is that really true?
For me, the shaker is so okay, I've had enough. A little less shake would be good to adjust.

#6926 1 year ago
Quoted from RussMyers:

You can adjust the power of the shaker motor mechanically.
With the game off, raise the playfield up and take the plastic cover off the shaker motor.
There are a pair of weights on the ends of the rotating shaft.
If you loosen the screw, you can change the orientation of the weights.
When they are in the same direction = maximum shaking; opposite direction = minimum shaking
This thread has some good pictures, although this is a DE shaker, they are all very similar to this design.

Thank you Russ,
good link, I will check this.
One part of my question was, that I feel no really differences changing the settings in the CGC menu.
Same experiences?

#6938 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

I did not manage to install the Mantis protector to the Merlin hole on MMR. With regular MM it was ok.
That's why its sticking and that causes the eject problems.

thank you guys.
I remove the Mantis protector (installed by the dealer).
I also, thanks to LTG , put an thick washer under left screw of the Merlin mechanic, as mentioned.
We played >25 games and no issues any more with the Merlin hole.
I am so happy, MMR RE runs like hell now.

#6941 1 year ago

I have a question about the DIP settings.
there is no documentation of what they are actually for.
Especially I ask myself where the difference between Europe (my delivered settings) and Germany is.

#6962 1 year ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Joined the club with a MMR Royal that CGC released to a distributor last week. I grabbed it up less than 10 minutes after the distributor posted it. No damage or problems so far. Lloyd helped me out with the topper instructions as those wiring instructions evidently don't exist. Thanks Lloyd!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

ty, which apparently means that there are more than 350 Royals (#355 you got)

#6964 1 year ago
Quoted from KingBW:

According to the distributor, the two that he got were claimed by CGC to be the last ones that they had. Maybe held back for some reason. So #355 COULD be the last one ... until they decide to make more. ???

my distributor, talked reguarly with CGC, told me that it could possible in some years, but not the RE

#6974 1 year ago

My friend has a MMR SE NIB and after a week of playing, the right pinball finger hangs.
According to distributor this is a known problem of Bally.
Is there a good turorial/DIY available how to disassemble a pinball finger and fix it?

dead flip (resized).jpg
#6976 1 year ago
Quoted from underlord:

Is it loose shaft and flipper or is just the plastic flipper piece broken?

nothing broken, the attached srew with the washer (gore) in the mechanic is the problem. if you fix it, it jump out
Dealer told him, its a known problem

79A6E886-2864-4DFF-81B0-C9082636BF12 (resized).jpeg

#6983 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Butch is the man.
LTG : )

Great, ty Lloyd

#7010 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

After a long journey I am finally satisfied with my missing center lane. To get to this point:
1. I had to create the center lane piece (FYI - I decided to make ONE more run of these missing center lanes for other MM owners, so if you want one PM me. This will be the last run, way too much effort).
2. Painstakingly dremmelled out the inside of the metal housing surround.
3. Lermods made a custom RBG led light strip, just small enough to insert in this very small space.
4. I originally contacted convolux for yellow playfield plastics. However, they only make them for the lower portion of our games and with all the effort I put into the front of the castle, including having Modfather and M&M do custom paint work, I wanted a full playfield plastics kits in yellow. Luckily, www.playfield-protectors.com makes a 9 piece kit (Germany) and they included extra plastic for me to make a matching custom center lane piece for myself.
WHEW...So after several weeks of trial and error, many playfield lifts, gaming downtime, and thrown out test parts, here is the final eye candy...ENJOY!!!
[quoted image]

great work
Happy to hear that the germans could help.
Aren‘t the plastic protectors by playfield-protector clear? They looks yellow shining like my convolux.

#7012 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Sebastian at Playfield-Ptotector was cool enough to custom make those yellow for me as well. I know its personal preference, but I really like how the yellow color scheme works overall. Yes, thank you to Deutschland!!![quoted image]

ty, I will call him, would perfect fit wirh my yellow convolux

#7022 1 year ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

Anybody ever hit the lock when the drawbridge and gate are down and take down the castle? Happened to me a few times. Don’t think it’s supposed to do that?

same with my and friend‘s MMR.
it happens if you immediately after unlock the gate hit the lock door.

#7049 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Thanks guys...kids came to the rescue. My 7 year old had a plastic left over from a toy. I removed the playfield plastic and unscrewed the guide, then put the plastic between the guide and rubber bumper, screwed it back in, and perfecto. Great solution, thanks!
On another subject, is anyone else's translite vibrating? I hear it a lot with multi ball. Thus far I tried felt. No success. Going to try electrical tape next. Appreciate any other ideas or success stories to help eliminate this annoying rattle.

same here with multiball vibrating translite. I use thin self-adhesive foam on top of the translite. not perfect but more less vibrations.

#7063 1 year ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Just got done accessorizing my MMR,
Added mirror blades, orange plastic protectors at the kickers/guides,Titan purple rubbers and red posts, and finally the new NEO Pinstadiums! The color saturation is a huge jump over the normal Pinstadium lights. Now just need to settle on which color I want. Overall very happy, now to get better at this pin!
[quoted image]

looks great.
I'm also thinking about Pin Stadium.
Do you have the product NEO Fusion or NEO Pin Stage?
What was the effort for the installation?
I am looking forward seeing the video.

#7090 1 year ago
Quoted from AncasterStan:

Just joined the club with my MMrLE... it's a wonderful trip down memory lane to when I was much younger...
The only issue I am experiencing is the right troll does not pop up when Troll Mode starts...the only time it popped up was when a ball was stuck and the machine did its ball locating cycle. Error message pops up upon startup indicating a switch issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...[quoted image][quoted image]

1. as lermods mentioned check the switch 46 under playfield
2. test the troll, Menue T-20, dont forget the interlock switch
3. check adjustment menue A2.35 that the troll is not disabled

1 week later
#7128 1 year ago
Quoted from HeadNZ:

Hey all MMR Royal owners. What software version is on everyones machines? Mine in bootup says V3.0 ‘Beta’.

correct, the MMRRE has 3.0beta by factory; I updated to V3.0 final (see CGC page) to fix some smaller bugs. No probs with the update.

#7131 1 year ago

exactly, and tbh i like it better to have a final version, even if it still has a few bugs

#7172 1 year ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Does anyone have the pinbits merlin scoop protector installed?
Looks like a nice mod, but I can't seem to locate one for sale anywhere online???[quoted image]

here for example: https://www.pinball.center/en/shop/pinball-parts-by-game/medieval-madness/9542/merlin-hole-protector-for-medieval-madness

#7175 1 year ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

It happened before too, but it seems really noticeable on the big screen. I haven’t played much on mine still working through the installs.
Hey where did you get that Williams logo?

it is not low res displayed on my MMRRE.
It happened on my pin too, if I change the number display format from comma to dot (european format). I reported this to CGC, still waiting now 4 weeks.

#7211 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Does the Mantis MErlin protector cause rejects?

my dealer built in the 4pc Mantis protector set incl. Merlin hole. I had to remove the Mantis merlin protector in my MMRRE cause of many problems (e.g. kicker got stuck).
there are some comments earlier about this hole protector

#7250 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Shakey shakes more. Lengthy shakes longer.
LTG : )

compared to the default settings "shaky" vibrates with more actions. e.g. the spinners vibrate with shaky too.
yes, the shaker is also very strong (MMRRE), i mostly use "light" together with "default" or "off

#7279 1 year ago

only two ratings are missing to bring the RE on the Top100 list visibly under the Medieval Madness

#7280 1 year ago
Quoted from bent98:

Black elec tape is kind of wide. How do you apply without it sticking out?

a friend of mine had the same problem. there is an extra anti-rattle band for playfield glas, this is the solution in your case; sorry I only have a link for a german store: https://pu-parts.com/anti-rattle-tape-for-pinball-games

#7295 1 year ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Tried searching, but didn't see anything.
Does anyone have a custom logo for the XL display that is just the MM logo? Something like this?
Not sure what size it needs to be....[quoted image]

you mean like this one?
you cannot integrate it into the XL display, just as a custom logo instead of the CGC logo.
Resize it to 320x80 bmp 24bit and check the manual for changing the custom logo (same as in Monster Bash manual).

I made my own logo for my MMRRE with Rolex Crown, Medieval font and 2 Photopshop filters.

images (resized).jpgMMR Logo selbst 4a (resized).jpg
#7297 1 year ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Thanks, i was referring the small logo at bottom of the display. Just wanted it be the MM logo instead of CGC.
Manual doesn't actually say anything about how to change the logo (XL display manual) and my game manual is the original MMr so it didn't exist.
320x80 helps, what format? I assume just load on to flash drive and then go into the menu?

320x80 bmp, 24 bit, named userlogo.bmp
see page 1-11, same for MMR

1 week later
#7365 1 year ago
Quoted from ED-209:

When I adjust the Speaker Brightness, it adjusts the GI near the flippers and slingshots.

this test part is also not working correctly in my RE, the rest is okay. but could be special with your upgrade

#7367 1 year ago
Quoted from wolftownjeff:

I started to go with the Kickers, then read up and decided to go with the Infinity Reference REF-3032CFX 3-1/2".
Crutchfield folks and some other all agreed to go with these because they were a true 3 ohm speaker.
I got them online/amazon for the same price as the Kickers at Crutchfield.
amazon.com link »
They show up Wednesday.

please let us know how they sound; the RMS is lower than the built in Pyle, no problems with nearly high volume?

#7389 1 year ago


a question to the US owners of MMRs.
Is it correct that the CGC US pins dont have a CE mark on your machine?
The label is located on the back of the cabinet under the backbox.
This is how it looks like on mine.
CE sign (resized).jpg

#7404 1 year ago

yeah, the Royal Edition is now Top 100 listed. Awsome rating!

#7429 1 year ago

Question to the MMR owners.
I notice that balls coming over the ramp do not always trigger the "FIRE" (inline) contacts in the end.
That's because normally at the end where the hole is (photo) the ball slows down for a millisecond. Then everything is normal with the "FIRE" contacts.
However, quite often (about 20-25%) the ball rushes through the hole quickly and without slowing down and there is no contact triggering.
Is that normal or can you do something with the ramps (I did not want to bend anything at this time)? I moved sideways the ramp to different places, but it didn't work.
I have to say that I used a Playfield Protector.


Ramp1 (resized).jpgRamp2 (resized).jpg
#7466 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

So Merlins Magic is just lit as normal and it selects the video mode?

regarding Video Mode:
Video Mode is lit by (default) 8 completions of FIRE (on the inlanes and outlanes), and started in Merlin's Saucer or randomly selected by Merlin´s Saucer.

The video mode is called "Save the Children", and you must save 3 children from being captured by a large flock of buzzards (or some other evil bird). Kill 30, and you win. If one child is taken, you lose. The mode plays a lot like Defender, with the buzzards trying to carry the babies off the top of the dot display. You receive 100K for each buzzard killed, and a 1M bonus for completion.

There is a secret weapon available in the Video Mode. (never seen, maybe to be activated via launch button)

#7483 1 year ago

more or less all rules, goals and infos of MM/MMR are here: http://pinball.org/rules/medievalmadness.html

1 week later
#7565 1 year ago

are the barrels still available and do they work with the Royal Edition?

#7575 1 year ago

I guess our beloved MM/MMR will be replaced by the JJP GnR LE at the top 100 in the coming days.
honestly, this is also an awesome pin btw

#7578 1 year ago

I´ve got the "missing" pastic by Westsiderkg; great work, looks like factory built in

MM Plastic kleiner (resized).jpg
#7588 1 year ago

there is an own blog for MMR mods here where you can find additional informations

#7597 1 year ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

aside from Cliffys ...what other protectors are needed....getting mine next month

I have a mix of protectors from Cliffy, Mantis and Pinbit.
I recommend from Cliffy:
- shooter eject incl. eject protector
- Moat Front Edge Protector
- Catapult
from Mantis I use the castle gate protector plus the eject protectors (castle)
and from pinbits(?) the Merlin hole protector.

#7607 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I don't think pinbits is in business anymore? At least they don't stock much and never answer the phone or emails....I would use Cliffs merlin hole protector.....mine has been flawless for years

correct, the carbon merlin hole protector works fine but not with a playfield protector.
I forgot to mention the Drawbridge Edge by Cliffy which is nice too.

#7612 1 year ago

here in Germany/Central Europe the highly recommended and reselled by the distributors Playfield Protectors are from Sebastian https://www.playfield-protectors.com/

#7618 12 months ago

I have something new
A member from Luxembourg of the german flippermarkt board sells covers for the pinball glass against dust and dirt and when you open the backbox.
They look great. Quality is similar to a mousepad, rubberized underside, slightly glossy surface, nice logo print, lie flat on the glass and fit perfectly.
Also available for Stern, Williams JJP etc. in different versions.
I really like the cover.

Cover 1 (resized).jpgCover 2 (resized).jpg
#7644 12 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Cannot find the Merlin hole protector on Cliffs site...Can you post a link ...thx

It is not on the page, Cliff has a backlog
Some other protectors too.
The carbon fiber Merlin hole protector cost approx. 12$

mail: [email protected]

#7653 11 months ago
Quoted from holden1090:

can you post a link where to order these?

there is no online shop; you can send me a pm, how to get in contact with this guy

#7656 11 months ago
Quoted from cmstruth:

MMrRE I snagged in Florida for a great price, bolting to the floor
[quoted image]

welcome to the club

#7661 11 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

Maybe I'm just venting now, but for the $650 I paid for this upgrade you would think that CGC would have to courtesy to included a microSD with the firmware upgrade on it (They did this for the Color upgrade) and information that this needs to be installed PRIOR to performing XL Display mod.

upgrade will start automatically when you insert the MicroSD with the correct FW

1 week later
#7829 11 months ago
Quoted from chillme:

Thanks for this suggestion. I picked up a MMR RE last weekend and after a few days the only thing I was disappointed with was the sound. Found your post, and picked up the kicker speakers on amazon ($62.96). Boy what a difference, the call outs and sound are nice and clear. Wife even said it was better, so I know it's not just me. I liked that the speakers come with a crossover. Very easy install.

the kicker loudspeakers are not available here in Germany, looking for alternatives.
Is it really so easy to install? The cables are soldered on, right? What is a crossover? Sorry that I ask.

#7842 11 months ago

Hello MMR pinheads,

has someone replaced speakers other than with the Kicker 47KSC3504 in his MMR (3.5 inch). JBL, Alpine for example?

#7874 11 months ago
Quoted from haveaniceswim:

I have a question on troll sensitivity. My MMR came out of the box new in August with both trolls requiring a solid head-on hit to register. I had an issue with the bolts coming loose on the right troll, which I fixed and haven’t had any issues since. But to register a hit on either troll requires a direct, hard hit. Soft hits and glancing blows don’t count.
So yesterday I found a Williams MM in an arcade and played it. It was overall well maintained, a couple of annoying burnt out bulbs and the Merlin hole didn’t want to ever catch the ball, but the trolls were incredibly easy. The slightest brush of the ball to either troll’s face registered a hit.
I know I can make my trolls more sensitive by reducing the gap in the leaf switch. The question I have is, does anybody know how sensitive it’s “supposed” to be? I love the idea of beating more trolls at home but I don’t want to make it easier than it’s supposed to be. Any insights into the intent of the design team? Are trolls supposed to be easy or hard to beat?
By the way, based on their in game banter, I would say the left troll is definitely the more sensitive troll...
Thanks for your help.

Is there any photo or guide how to reduce the gap in the leaf switch to make the troll more sensitive?

2 weeks later
#7930 10 months ago
Quoted from Highscoresaves:

Is upgrading the speakers necessary?
I know it's subjective...however, I hear the callouts pretty clear with stock speakers.
Were there some MMr that didn't use a good speaker?

After reading several posts here and checking the availability, i added the Hertz DCX87.3 (named Kickers and Infinity are not available here in Germany) to my Royal Edition last weekend (the Pyle PLG3.2 is built in by default)
The sound and the call outs are a bit better / brighter, but to be honest I expected more from the many opinions here.
It's a bit better but no must have from my point of view.
The Hertz has less bass than the Pyle, so I had to change from balance to front speaker (before) to more volume on the subwoofer and now it´s totally a bit clearer (good example are the bumper to hear a bit more the sword blades sound).

#7936 10 months ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

Thanks. What setting did you decide was optimal? I like 30, seems to be a good balance for call out clarity.

with the new speaker (brighter. less bass) i prefer -35; with the pyle I had +30

#7946 10 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Anyone have any directions or pics on how to install this Carbon Cliffy?
It looks a lot easier than the older style from Mantis.[quoted image]

sataneatscheese made videos of more or less all Cliffy protector installations in his MMR.

The Carbon fiber Merlin hole is pretty easy to install.

#7968 10 months ago

and here how it looks in my MMRRE

Drawbridge ring (resized).jpg
#7972 10 months ago
Quoted from seah2os:

Has anyone purchased and installed the orange neon plastic protectors for the slings/guides? I see they’re offered by Laseriffic. There also appears to be other protectors offered for the entire set of plastics, but apparently in clear only. How did the neons look?
[quoted image]

I have installed all plastics with the "neon" protectors in yellow (see also pictures by westsiderkg), which looks great. Example attached.
The guy who made this Convolux (german brand) is Sebastian. Check his homepage www.https://www.playfield-protectors.com/

Convolux plus 2 (resized).jpgConvolux plus 3 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#8013 10 months ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

I am using a SanDisk Ultra. What cards did you guys eventually used that worked? The buggers are expensive, hate the thought of buying multiple cards just for this....thanks again for the help, thought I was going nutz here with this.

I also use SanDisk Ultra 32GB and worked right the first time.
I think SD manufacturer is irrelevant; formatting and minimum size 8GB are crucial.
Have you updated to the latest SW 3.0? You can install on the same card the 3.0 FW and try, I guess the card will be recognized (mounted).
Somtimes a renewal of the SW will help (my clock problem was fixed with a renewal).
I have also read that MMR owners had the card x-times in and out until it was recognized.

#8019 10 months ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

IDK....software says 3.0. Bought new MMRRE...Is there a newer software available? Honestly, never researched how to update, is there a simple how to video available?

Are you sure it is 3.0 final and not beta? mine hast the beta SW version installed by factory the case with the none working custom logo is known (please check release note of 3.0 final "4) Fixed bug preventing custom logo installation.")

updating insturction and SW please check the CGC update side; very simple.

Important: it could be that the scores will be resetted (mine kept everything after installation and settings as before), and the update will start immediately.
IMO the best way to check that the HW (card, slot) is running properly.

#8028 9 months ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

For those who successfully completed the software update, did the sd card require FAT32 reformatting also? No mention of that in the instructions?

this will made by the win32diskimager while installing the image on the SD Card

#8038 9 months ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

I should probably leave well enough alone at this point. Fwiw, here is the software installed.
[quoted image]

I´ve read here about some problems with mounting SD card.
1st: you cannot update the custom logo as you have the V3 beta version installed; as mentioned please read the release information.
2nd: sandisk ultra with 32gb, Class 10 works also on my side (for FW update and custom logo installation).
Please follow exactly the installation instruction for imaging and try to mount the FW card several times (min. 10x).
This how ot looks like with the final version:
MMR SW Version (resized).jpg
Good luck my friend.

1 week later
#8059 9 months ago

Hello guys,

I would like to remove a troll to adjust the sensitivity.
In my search I came across several solutions.
What is the easiest and safest solution to remove the troll and how?

#8062 9 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Lift it up. Clamp a vice grip on the troll carriage so it doesn't fall back into the playfield. Adjust leaf blade, see picture.
Or uplug the troll face connector. Remove the bolt securing the troll carriage to the plunger. Wiggle off the plunger lift straight up and lean to the left to have the up/down switch extension clear the hole in the playfield. On the left troll you'd need to remove the wireform over him.
LTG : )[quoted image]

okay, thanks Lloyd. I will try, and it´s the left troll I want to adjust.
when you write "On the left troll you'd need to remove the wireform over him" you mean that the troll flap must be removed?

#8074 9 months ago
Quoted from erak:

I put Pingrafix powerblades in my MMrLE today. All I can say is WOW!
The playfield was definately easy to unplug to get out. But way easier getting it back in.
They really make the game pop. And feel more interactive.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

awesome, love it

#8076 9 months ago

if you have a Royal Edition, you probably have to remove the Mirror Blades for the Powerbladez, right ?
is that time-consuming ? (my guess that is not so easy)

#8086 9 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

What have people done for flipper button wear protection? I usually put lollipop rails on my games. For my MMR I remember hearing the side rails are a pita to take off (glue/sticky tape?) and was thinking of getting the clear ones from PBL, attached.
[quoted image]

the best cabinet protectors around the buttons I know are the Titan ones (must have imo):

clear with no adhesive

#8093 9 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Learn to carefully adjust the switch.
LTG : )


I am more or less sure that it is not the switch.
The ramp is designed in such a way (theoretically) that the ball loses speed at the exit of the hole by hitting (vibrating).
I have improved the problem by bending the ramp minimally and orienting it strongly to the outline at the end. The ramp must be slightly angled at the end. Costs some tests, now it is the case with me that about 75% are okay.

#8113 9 months ago
Quoted from Westsiderkg:

So I finally got the 2 sd cards back from CGC. 1 has a custom logo on it, the other 3.0.0 software update. After several attempts, with me actually pressing on the beagle, the 3.0.0 loaded. What's interesting is none of the beagle fingers appear bent? After this I tried 10 different sd cards with the custom logo for uploading. Zero sd cards with the custom logo worked. Same error everytime, sd card will not mount. ARGH! CGC claimed both the sd cards I sent them worked perfect at their shop. No idea where to go from here since CGC closed my ticket too.

a little bit expected; so good thing is, that 3.0 final is now installed and that it´s not a HW defect with the card reader.
I would give the CGC card with the custom logo a lot of tries to mount (min 20). (to be sure check the card if its FAT32)

#8117 9 months ago

look at the posts or get in touch with "kapsreiter"

#8130 9 months ago
Quoted from brian-allen:

Hi everyone - I'm creating these Side Blades for Medieval Madness with my hand-drawn artwork - here are some close-ups of the line art before I color.
If you'd like to be notified when they are finished and available, you can do so here:
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

great work, I am excited about the final version

1 week later
#8182 8 months ago

Couple questions on the special edition, what does the RE have that the SE doesn’t have, what was MSRP of the SE and lastly has anyone heard if CGC plans on running more special editions?</blockquote

CGC listed the features of the different models here: https://www.chicago-gaming.com/coinop/medieval-madness
Actually no plan to produce more of MMR

#8189 8 months ago
Quoted from brian-allen:

Hi everyone - I'm creating these Side Blades for Medieval Madness with my hand-drawn artwork - here are some close-ups of the line art before I color.
If you'd like to be notified when they are finished and available, you can do so here:
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


I see your Art Blades are online. Wow, awesome!

Right_Mockup-low-res (resized).jpg


#8207 8 months ago
Quoted from seah2os:

I recently purchased a 9 pc. colored plastic protector set. The main issue I’m noticing is when installing a protector on one side of a wire form gate, it leaves the gate lopsided. The gate at Merlin gets both plastics, but the stud at the right Merlin gate is too short for stacked plastics. And did anyone have an issue with the two pointed red stud posts directly under the middle wire ramp being raised into the bottom of the ramp? Plus, what did you do about the threaded posts that are now too short for the lock nut to grab? Any guidance from those that experienced and overcame these issues?
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

I have retrofitted 4 plastic protectors. In 2 places (behind Merlin, at the catapult) other screws have to be put on the playfield. (see picture); I got these from a German store.

Schraube Protectors (resized).jpg
1 week later
#8270 8 months ago
Quoted from Jon9508:

Got my barrel spot lights switched over to rgb bulbs. Now to tackle the pops.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

are these spots available for MMR RE or SE?
I have not found them

1 week later
#8302 7 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

So MMrRE newbie here.....confess I just opened the box, set it up, usual adjustments, and playing the crap out of this thing for the past couple weeks. Got the dreaded dot this evening, stating I needed to set date and time. Simply went into menu and addressed. All my scores, etc. stayed intact.
Rebooted and everything seems to work and no dot. Haven't even opened the manual yet. Is there a battery in here or something that might have just worked loose (?).
Will read schematics tomorrow, but I've been back at fixing my WCS for too long today (had to step away as I was tempted to set that damn game on fire), so hoping something easy.
Apologies if already covered somewhere.....thx

I had issues with the clock, every day the date and time wasnt correct after power off over night.
As Llloyd said, cleaining the battery slot and replacing the CR2032 might help.
I coudn´t solved the prob with cleaning. My clock works now perfect after reinstalling the SW3.0 (same version as before, same sd card, no idea why).

#8303 7 months ago


I would like to change the 4 post sleeves at the ramp entrance (Peasant, Damsel).
What do I have to dismount that I can pull off the rubbers? Are the two small screws at the ramp entrance only, or must be unscrewed more?

#8305 7 months ago
Quoted from Jon9508:

You could just take off the ramp guard on both sides of the ramps. I don't think you have to remove the ramp.

I tried, but the ramp sides are fixed, so only to remove the screw on top of the post sleeves was not succesful.

#8308 7 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Remove the screws on top of the post sleeve and the two small screws holding the plastic ramp down. Then you can lift the ramp up enough to change the post sleeves.
LTG : )

I had suspected that, but had not yet dared.

1 month later
#8400 6 months ago
Quoted from seah2os:

Thanks for the info. Can you supply a name/part number or length of the post screw that you purchased?

it is this one: https://www.shop.freddys-pinball-paradise.de/index.php?f=3&q=1669779033

3 months later
#8616 3 months ago
Quoted from glpinball:

Whats everyone doing to prevent wear around the flipper buttons?

I only use the protectors by Titan Pinball
they are great and nearly invisible

3 weeks later
#8682 74 days ago
Quoted from mrcosmo:

Thank you so much for the fast response. Removed castle and used some WD40 on the hinge. All is now good. Thanks.

dont use WD40 at a pin, attracts the dirt and smells terrible for a long time and quality is worst.
Use Ballistol, finest quality with less smell.

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