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MM prices dropping?

By Pinfactory2000

5 years ago

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#35 5 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

someone who ordered a new one could be dead by the time it comes out. the value of original mm is unaffected until the new ones roll off the line. the anticipation of supply and supply are two completely different things. i wouldn't want a remake as my restored mm, which is never leaving, is awesome. but the idea that orig mm is now $7500 when the remake is a year away is ridiculous.

Spoken like a true original owner.

Quoted from Williampinball:

Not here in Canada they are still up there and the new MM will always be a nock off ,not the same as the Williams MM

umm, ok, show me...

As for this dumb discussion:

The FOR SURE reason they will tank is simple. What is a good avg MM worth? Who cares really, but in comparison, what is a totally restored machine worth, new decals, cc’d PF, all parts rebuilt, cleaned, boards gone through? Sounds puuuurrdy right?! Much more right...? Super!

Let’s take that to the next level, an over the top restore, not just new decals, but scrapping the whole cab, brand new cab, new decals, all parts not only thoroughly cleaned, but replaced with brand new, all new switches, new wire looms, new PF, new plastics, absolutely everything new... god can you imagine the price for that before all of this?

That latter scenario is what you’re now getting with PPS, and probably a better system to boot. But please owners, continue to tell me how it is “original” is going to be worth another $5-10K on top of the $8 PPS is charging to anyone after this for your whatever state MM. Only a complete idiot would buy yours for more when they could get the above scenario, likely with some type of warranty to boot, if and when these are released.

Don’t harp on the one thing you can being the unknown board set and software. The four most common issues with boards, bad GI connector, 5v dropping via connectors, battery leakage, and failing HV section have ***ALL*** been easily fixed already in the boards. This is such a piss poor argument in trying to substantiate your original goldmine value, sorry (no, no I’m not sorry – PISS POOR!)

Can you feel the choking up?... oh, here it comes, sniffle sniffle....I know, I know... It’s ok, here’s a tissue and some hot choco

#79 5 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

Yep. Right. I own and I am enjoying my orig mm now. And like hell non owners on some wait list for a game that we won't see for many months will try to tell me an orig is worth 7500. You sound like a waiter or nonowner.

I'm a waiter, maybe. I've turned down many, as although I find the game ok and fun, I've never been ready to buy it, much like SM. I'm not sure if i'll buy it or not, cost has nothing to do with it, I would have to give up a spot, and quite frankly, I'm not sure MM is bumping anything I currently have - for me. I have others on the short list for possible second/thirds in this believed path for PPS, and have no doubts about their value if that does happen. I can honestly tell you it doesn't phase me one bit. I'm not going to lie and tell you I'm not at all worried about the value of my machines, but even if they are worth 50% in the end, if there is a massive drop in 10 years, meh, most other entertainment still returns 0%, and as for the few that rise and fall, they all get lost in the global mix of my overall machine's value.

I forgot to add that I do partially agree with your previous post, in that until it's released, it's hard to constitute a huge drop, but given the reasons I did, once it is, how can you argue that?

Is anyone here really going to buy an original in lessor shape (it almost has to be in any scenario over an LE, even with less that 20 plays totally restored), over a brand new LE, especially for thousands more? Who is going to buy a used MM original for more over a brand new machine, with brand new parts, straight out of the box, with a warranty, for more money?

Let me tell you who - no one, unless they simply are unaware of the other option.

I love TAF, greatest object in the world to me. I have a nice restored one. If PPS said they were making a new gold version, I don't care what the price would be, I would buy it.

There aren't baseball cards, valued as collectable items. These are machines that are played, and are valued (albeit it a little out in left field sometimes) on play value, condition dictates the value AFTER play value does.

It doesn't matter that you owners would never sell for what PPS is charging. Once they are released, no one will be buying anyway, unless they are around the 5-7 mark I'm guessing, depending on low to high condition.

Bach all you want, but again, if there is anyone here waiting to drop $15k still on a restored original MM after PPS releases there, please step up and tell us all exactly why.

#100 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I know nothing secret. Will MB happen? No idea.
It almost doesn't matter though, the market is correcting already, and it's simply not going to spring back, there's too much too high-priced inventory coming into the market to soak up that cash.

Come on, you preach this idea all the time. Got news for you, around 2000, you could get anything for around $500, but guess what, the market sprung back from that.

Demand will work itself out, one way or another.

#104 5 years ago

All I'm saying is MM is going to go down, and we have seen that, and other's scared dumping their MB/CC/AFM in lieu of this, but if PPS does not make anymore, MM might be only thing affected. I really hope PPS uses MM as a starting point to get their ducks in line for production without all the design hassle, and moves on to new machines with good quality build, but who knows. Even if they did do the likely high priced 3 others, those are the only machines that would drop in value, I don't think it's going to really react with everything, other than hurt Stern sales.

Anyway, the one solid point of this thread is the laughable idea that anyone is going to continue to pay high end restore numbers of a year ago for original MMs.

Wrong! People were buying great stuff, even less than that. A friend of mine said he was constantly finding stuff for under that while travelling through the states for business just after 2000, and not to mention the original container deals from Europe, you know, the good games (not the picked through crap they are left with now), were going super cheap as well.

#116 5 years ago

bah, who cares at all, either way. Isn't there a new stern we can bitch about instead?

#126 5 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

Maybe PPS will get one thing right over Stern: complete code .

I bet stern couldn't even release a remake of MM with completed code, and why would they? I mean, they have to give the masses what they want, and you all have spoken - we buy copious amounts of unfinished games as we enjoy buying incomplete machines and bitching about it on pinside more than buying solid proven complete games still out there and playing them.

#137 5 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

what happends if MMr is not exactly the same as MM?

Rick already said it has to be, it was a Williams demand.

Barring them not getting made, I would again refer you to my first post. There is no way shape or form IF this is released old ones will be selling at or above the new ones.

Again, if there is anyone that would still do this, please post this and why.

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