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MM for nib Avatar le and lotr

By tatman9999

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

what do you think my MM for a nib Avatar le and a huo lotr with gold package and shaker motor installed. Only 250 Avatar le being made.

#2 9 years ago

Without knowing the condition of the MM it would be impossible to know...

#3 9 years ago

Huo mint .I do have a cv,afm,mb,sttng,mm,rfm,swep1,sm,IM,bdk,fyg,potc,gnr

#4 9 years ago

Terrible idea.

#5 9 years ago

NEVER....money can buy Avatar and LOTR. You will never find a HUO MM anymore.


#6 9 years ago

I agree. It's probably a bad trade without some extra cash thrown in. Let's break it down:

HUO MM in mint condition = $10,000
Avatar LE = $5,500
HUO LOTR (with gold package and shaker) = $4,500

Please let me know if I am off base with these prices. At first glance, it appears that the trade is pretty much equal. However, you have to factor in depreciation. I could be wrong, but I don't think the Avatar LE's will go up in value the way the SMB's did. I guess it all depends on how much people end up liking the game with the new features/rules. At this point, it's an unknown, but it's almost a guarantee that a HUO MM will continue to go up in value.

#7 9 years ago

man thats a tough call...who knows those LE could be worth something someday too. If you are looking at it from a value perspective, its probably a risky trade. I just don't see the Avatar games keeping their value - even with the LE.

#8 9 years ago

That is not a question of cash at all... MM is THE game and you have it in perfect condition. This is highly collectible. You will ever be able to find a Avatar LE in perfect condition.That will not be a problem.
I understand that buying a Avatar LE could be fun but DON'T trade or sell your MM.


#9 9 years ago

I would hold on the the MM myself and purchase the Avatar if at all possible. The MM will always be worth good money, all of us thinking about a special edition Avatar are speculating that they will go up in value, and they probably will. Bottom line is MM is good money in the bank and always will be.

#10 9 years ago

Personally, I wouldn't do it. Have you even played Avatar yet? It seems to get mixed reviews and the ones who like it seem to be mostly novices who haven't played a lot of machines to make a good comparison.

#11 9 years ago

The was I look at it, there are basically two things that need to be examined when making a trade, the monetary component and the psychological component. The first one is easier to calculate. You simply determine how much the machines in question are worth (factoring in condition, availability, appreciation/depreciation, etc...), and go from there. The second part is much more personal. Will this trade make me happy in the long run? True, a mint condition HUO MM is hard to come by, but this is somewhat moot if the person who owns it no longer derives any pleasure from it.

#12 9 years ago

Avatar and LOTR are not even close to being as good a game as MM. BAD. .. BAD... BAD trade.
A licenced pin will never be worth as much as an original PIN EVER.

MM will always be limited edition, where as STERN just repackages the same pins and calls them that to try to boost sales.

Didn't you already get rid of a LOTR?

I would keep the MM, it can only go up in value. Avatar and LOTR will stay the same price for awhile. I cannot see either going up too much, as they are only really collectable to pinballers who like the movies.(supply and demand) Where MM is every pinball players dream machine. Epic.

Buy a regular Avatar, and down the road convert it to look like a LE machine with mods.
Thats what Stern does. They just give you a piece of paper with it. It is not going to play any different. It will still be a terrible game, with an over rated licence.

LOTR and SM are the best games STERN has made, and it will probably stay that way unless by some miracle they hit paydirt with an amazing idea.

SMB is collectable just because it looks abit cooler than the regular SM, but if its great gameplay you are after, is it any different?

Unless you "MUST" own a LE machine I don't see the difference. IMHO.

#13 9 years ago

That's what I like about opinions. I'd take LOTR over MM every day and twice on Sundays! Much better software and less repetition. As far as the licensed pins not being worth as much as originals, just look at TZ, TAF, MB, IJ, SS, SM, Creech, etc. Most of the big money titles are licensed.

I can understand your reservation if you are concerned about future values. MM is almost a sure bet that it will continue to rise in value, whereas LOTR and Avatar LE are more of a risk if you are worried about holding/rising values. Personally if it were me I'd trade away the MM for those titles, but then again I don't really like the game that much. It really comes down to how much you like MM. If it's one of your favorite games and you play it all the time, by all means keep it! If you are getting tired of it and you would rather have some new games to play, then trade it away!

#14 9 years ago

MM is a good pin not worth the $ it takes to own one. It is not my favorite. It is played the least. I have afm and mb same fan lay out. I play my sterns 50 times more then I play MM.

#15 9 years ago

Yeah, that's what my buddy thought as well before he sold it. MM isn't a bad game by any means, but you can get a lot better games for far less money. I'd even argue that "The Shadow" is a better playing Bryan Eddy game. At least it has a unique layout, a rule-set that doesn't require you to shoot the same shots over and over, an upper playfield and 3rd flipper. MM is just too similar to so many other games in both rule-set and layout. I'm with you on the Stern thing as well. Stern has the best rule-sets in pinball, and some really fun games! I've played a ton of Avatar already and really like it! The game is absolutely beautiful, and it's pretty challenging to play too. A LOTR/Avatar combo offers a lot of pinball bang for the buck compared to MM.

#16 9 years ago


Just a curiosity question as I have followed both this thread as well as some of your past pin purchases (hard not to with such an amazing collection).

May I ask, though, if you look on any of your pins, such as the MM, as an investment or are they more-or-less entertainment? Either way I feel you may have your answer as, if it is an investment, then by all means keep the MM as it is indeed amazing to not only have one but a HUO unit to boot. Yet if it comes down to enjoyment, as other have noted then perhaps it might be best to keep it *if* you used it a lot. However, since you note that you do not really play it, thus may not have an emotional attachment to it, then the money may indeed be better spent on other pins, whether or not that is Avatar and LOTR LE.

Also, I would ask if MM would be a pin you would want to get again later? I would guess not since you do not play it much now, but if you do decide to get another MM later I would always look to how hard it is to get the title. I have found that pins are TOUGH to get, especially when working on a budget. Are you okay with letting go of an amazing HUO MM if it might mean having to try and find another HUO MM later?

Tough decision, yet I agree with most in that I would keep the MM and save my money for buying at a later time the much easier to find Avatar and/or LOTR LE. Yet I personally have always found it hard to sell my pins due to how much trouble they have been for me to acquire.

Good luck with the choice!

#17 9 years ago

I too have been offerred an Avatar, but rather the standard edition (the middle tier of the three I guess, since they also have a lower-end Avatar "Classic" edition at Costco/etc).

To be honest, I don't see the point really of getting a standard edition Avatar.

The additions to the Limited Edition are more than just cosmetic, since they completely change game rules (they even included their own version of TZ's "powerball"), making the game way cooler.

Makes me scratch my head as to why Stern needed to rush the standard edition Avatar out so fast, and just included all the goodies from Limited Edition into the standard edition game (excluding the cheap lockdown bar and stuff for limited edition). The movie theatre re-release already had come out and blu-ray big box wasn't even ready for release.

Did James Cameron really need to be paid right that second?


#18 9 years ago

I would be upset if avatar le is a turd. I already owned a lotr le so I know I like it. I regret getting rid of lotr le.

#19 9 years ago

Late to the party .. but MMmmmmmmm .... NO WAY !!!!

#20 9 years ago

I agree with Tatman,MM is a great game, But Some of the newer Sterns like SM and LOTR are a lot more fun to play.That being said I do not think I would get rid of MM,just save my money and buy the Sterns when I could.
Easy for me to say.LOL

Hard decision to make! GOOD LUCK

#21 9 years ago

Based on what I hqve heard and I have not played any of them. I just might do that trade. Two for one is great and someday you will just sell or trade MM anyway. Live for the moment and if you are bored with mm now then do it.

#22 9 years ago

IMO TSPP is the best Stern to date. From what I played of avatar, just seems like another uninspired john Borg design. If you picked up LOTR and tspp, I'd say go for it.

#23 9 years ago

I still think to myself how Avatar might have turned out, had Steve Ritchie still designed it over John Borg. Curious what Steve thinks of the new improved Special Edition Avatar.

John Borg isn't a bad designer, but he will never be a Steve Ritchie...hell, we will probably never see another Steve Ritchie caliber-designer (pinball or video game designer) in our lifetime.

Reminds me. Might have to buy one of those poster sized SRP Avatar playfield prints from Steve next time I run into him at CAX.

#24 9 years ago

I wouldn't blame it all on the designer. How much was changed/removed to cut costs?

#25 9 years ago

As much as I love my MB I would trade it for two that were in great shape. I hope that someday it will be worth enough to do so.

#26 9 years ago

If you were trading MM for a lung or a kidney I would consider it.

#27 9 years ago

Yeah dont do it you can always by avatar and lord of the rings.

#28 9 years ago

keep the MM
ignore the Avatar
buy a LOTR

#29 9 years ago

I honestly think about 80% of the reason I like MM, is the theme, humor, voice calls etc.. as for gameplay itself, the playfield is pretty generic. And honestly, if the cast of characters wasn't there taunting you, shooting the castle would be a completely boring experience.

#30 9 years ago

If I am not mistaken, the first people should be getting their Avatar LE's today. I would imagine that someone will post a review of the game on RGP shortly thereafter.

#31 9 years ago

I would love to play one first. I played a reg. One and it was ok but I played it on the first code. Yes they are ready for pick up today. I work right by sterns wish I could go check it out. Some one in Chicago area will have one.

#32 9 years ago

Huh. For some reason I would have thought that Stern might have a showroom for people to see their latest machine. That kinda stinks, especially since you are so close to them.

#33 9 years ago

Right now today you can still buy NIB LOTR, since that's the game you love you should just do that. If you are done with MM, and you'd better be sure you are because you'll never find one like that again, I'd sell it outright. Put it on ebay, with 30-40 REALLY good pics and I bet you it gets $12K - $14K. You can never have too many pics of everything.

LOTR LE NIB ~$6,500
And I don't know what they Avatar LE is going for, but for a game like avatar screw NIB. Get the NIB of the game you already know you love and buy an Avatar LE second hand. SM Black held it's value because SM is a great game. I"m not so sure Avatar LE will, and even if it does, if you end up not having one it probably won't keep you up at night.

#34 9 years ago

You can buy a NIB LOTR LE for $5500 which makes me mad because I paid more than that.

#35 9 years ago

Avatar at first glance reminds me a bit to much like Ironman - I've only played a few games on it, its not a bad game - but might be something to consider since you already have IM

#36 9 years ago

Pretty sure you can schedule a visit to Stern to check out Avatar LE. Thought I read a blurb on their facebook page about scheduled visits. Should get on that ASAP before they leave for the holidays.

#37 9 years ago

I think your safest bet would be to buy the Avatar LE outright and keep the MM.

I think Avatar LE will hold its value given its planned-for rarity and because regular Avatar is a solid player.

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