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Official MGC 2018 thread- New location confirmed-Wisconsin center!

By cavalier88z24

2 years ago

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    #15 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    so I'm sure we'll come up a bit short no matter where we decide to go back to.

    Go back to, eh?

    #61 2 years ago
    Quoted from Fortytwo:

    I caught some of the hints but a SST owner may have supplied the key.
    Good luck.
    May I ask if you have more space to consider hosting a home brew/retheme corner. Maybe see if p-roc or someone can sponcer it. I would like an opportunity to network with home brew guys being I decided to take the plunge.

    The pindev slack channel is the place to be for the networking.

    #64 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    I agree. Homebrew section needs to happen.
    It is the only reason I even make the trip to Expo anymore.

    Then don't go this year.

    #68 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    is there no game builders section at expo this year????

    No PROC booth. Not sure if FAST is doing a booth or not.

    On topic: I can't figure out anything from Dan's clues.

    #85 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Post negotiation food with "the closer".

    Gah! Why? With the hands?

    #116 2 years ago
    Quoted from Methos:

    State Fair would be a good location. Used to live on 82nd and GF so it's my old haunt.

    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    lots of space in the exhibit hall at state fair

    No hotel, though. What about the stumbling drunks?

    #139 2 years ago

    The union teamsters at replayfx always seem to be useful and reasonable. I don't run the show though, so there's likely info I don't have.

    #202 2 years ago

    Looks like the domes. Mitchell Park Domes 2018, confirmed.

    #204 2 years ago
    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    you would know. you volunteer?????

    I did last year.

    On a more serious note I think I figured out what the actual clue from the shirt image is.

    But I actually do know. So I ain't sayin' shit.

    #207 2 years ago

    Well; shit.

    #226 2 years ago
    Quoted from trilogybeer:

    Bricks don't match the pic Dan posted.

    Did you actually go there and look? heh

    #228 2 years ago


    #239 2 years ago
    Quoted from Borygard:

    Dates man...dates...
    Rob Anthony
    Pinball Classics
    Quality Board Work - In Home Service
    borygard at gmail dot com

    Those were already announced on FB. April 13, 14 and 15 in 2018

    #243 2 years ago
    Quoted from Borygard:

    Thank you Mr Obvious.
    I mean the dates we don't know yet for '19, '20+. The much talked about late May scares me. It's not possible for me to break commitments I've already made, and I'd hate to miss MGC.
    I do think the new location will be EPIC!!
    Rob Anthony
    Pinball Classics
    Quality Board Work - In Home Service
    borygard at gmail dot com

    Oh. Well you didn't say that. I'm guessing for the short term Dan is just going to be crazy busy getting things lined up for next year since he's working with less lead time than usual.

    #252 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Hilton... Hilton... Hilton...
    Give me until tomorrow, Hilton. I'll explain then.


    #404 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    I am bringing Total Nuclear Annihilation!
    Can we link them up to play head to head by then?

    Two for the tournament!?

    #524 2 years ago
    Quoted from homebrood:

    The VIG party is the after party at Wisconsin Center

    Is that accurate? There's no standard on site after party in the hall? Just the off site options?

    #541 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    This thread seems to have died a bit, so here's a picture of Jasper T Jowls.

    Wait, did you get the YouTube guy who has a rock a fire explosion to agree to bring it? Heh.

    1 month later
    #677 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    But why?
    And does this actually have something to do with Donny?

    Mallard -> Metallica -> Dirty Donny. It's pretty straight forward.

    I hope that helps.

    #683 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    ... pork people ...

    maxresdefault (resized).jpg

    3 weeks later
    #706 2 years ago

    I grabbed the videos with some web tool and threw them up in a folder.

    Dan, you can grab them from there and upload to youtube if you want.

    Anybody other than Dan, you should be able to click on them and they'll play in your browser.

    If Dan puts them on the youtube page, I'll edit this to link to that instead.


    3 months later
    #817 2 years ago

    Worked out the same kind of deal ColorDMD makes for Texas attendees for MGC -- I'll be the point of contact for getting the displays at the show:

    ColorDMD Pinball Displays is making a special offer for #MGC2018 game bringers: $50 off and free delivery on a new ColorDMD display picked up at the show and exhibited in your game OR $50 toward a new display purchase for any game you bring to the show that already has a ColorDMD in it! Email INFO at COLORDMD.COM before April 5 to enroll your game and order a discounted display!

    #830 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    That's all I can say at the moment, just... Wow.
    News to come.

    Quoted from Goonie:

    Amen to that!

    Oh the antici...

    #845 2 years ago
    Quoted from ChrisS:

    I know it is.

    WAT? Who is your source?

    Also: hot damn if true!

    #875 2 years ago
    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    I just got back from miami yesterday. looks like I missed alot since I was on vacation. Alice Cooper was released. Now iron maiden. I sure hope both those games will be MGC. Lordloss drama. I hope that guy gets a clue. I cant wait for MGC. I also just saw that color DMD special. does that count for L.E.D. display? hmm. I think i will grab one. I'm bringing the shadow for the show ( also get a after party pass ) and I could use a color display.

    Yes, the offer is fine for LED - just email info@colordmd.com with which display type you want and what game you'll be putting it in to get in on the deal.

    #877 2 years ago

    Only about a week left to get in on the ColorDMD offer for MGC if you want to do that.

    If you're bringing a game with a display already in it and want to take advantage of the $50 off a new display offer BE SURE TO EMAIL info AT colordmd.com before the 5th to let them know so they send along enough signs for all the games in the hall! (Gotta have a ColorDMD sign on your game to get the $50 deal).

    Here's the original post again:

    ColorDMD Pinball Displays is making a special offer for #MGC2018 game bringers: $50 off and free delivery on a brand new ColorDMD display to be picked up at the show and exhibited in your game (with a sign on top of the head) -- OR -- $50 toward a new display purchase for any game you bring to the show that already has a ColorDMD in it, and you let us put a sign on top! Email INFO at COLORDMD.COM before April 5 to enroll your game and order a discounted display!

    #882 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Not only in the tournament, got it.
    I wonder if we'll get any...

    That's Lightning Rod from Dollywood. The first drop is 165 feet. 165 Iron Maidens *CONFIRMED*

    #885 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Some of you read into everything.

    That's rogarou at cedar point. It has a track length of 3900 feet. 3900 IRON MAIDENS * C O N F I R M E D *

    #888 2 years ago

    That's the new tesla roadster. It has a base price of $200,000. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND IRON MAIDENS * CONFIRMED *

    #892 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Dang, you're so quick I'm running out of funny to me hint photos that I can pull!

    Is that Superman "Escape from Krypton"? Are you saying I'm 'super' at figuring out clues?

    #894 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Half of this is half correct.
    All right, since apparently we have another coaster nerd on our hands, a truly nerdy pic.

    Woo. That one is really rough. Maybe Superman Ultimate Flight?

    Edit: nah, colors aren't right

    #897 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    That one wouldn't fit the trend, either. Well, maybe, but it wasn't...

    I'm not sure what the trend is. Especially since you threw in the Roadster.

    #917 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Blue Streak (which is that thing is playing) does not fit in my criteria.

    Hercules has a maximum display value of 999,990 ... NEARLY ONE MILLION IRON MAIDENS * C-C-C-CON-FIRMED *

    #920 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    OK, really, I can't fit that many in our floorplan.
    I'm sure you're all hoping for a couple. So are we.
    Unfortunately, my hints don't have anything to do with us getting a couple of Iron Maidens.
    My stove is cool. And yes, I have kids.

    I can’t figure out a way to make that image into more than a million. I guess I’ve hit a wall on this gag.

    #947 2 years ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Valravn (not Rogarou)

    Ahhh, dammit, I knew that. I just screwed up.

    So, tallest and fastest Marco booth ever, confirmed?

    1 week later
    #1014 1 year ago
    Quoted from homebrood:

    Have ticket and planning on going to Tom Taylor's house. I don't see any info on how to get there or where it's at. I would like to go there before going to the hotel so I don't have to walk around so much since I have a bad knee I'm recuperating. If someone could PM me the info or let me know where to find it that would be super!

    My bad. Didn't realize it wasn't public info.

    #1023 1 year ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    Chaos is completely locked down at this stage so no spots can be transferred.

    Serious question - what's the problem with having a new player step in for one that can't make it for Chaos? I can't wrap my head around why that's an issue.

    #1035 1 year ago
    Quoted from aobrien5:

    Is pinballlife going to be making a return to the show this year? Hope so.

    PBL is not a vendor this year.

    #1065 1 year ago

    Wide awake at 4 AM. Thanks, brain.


    #1163 1 year ago

    Load out today should be a good time.

    #1164 1 year ago
    Quoted from Dkjimbo:

    Does anyone know what Marcos is doing with all those Iron Maiden pros? Selling at a discount? Are they all spoken for?

    They are all either pre-sold, or getting moved on to another show. I know of at least one person who wants to flip theirs in favor of a premium, but with you not being here that might not be an option.

    #1211 1 year ago

    I have no idea what I did the whole time. I think I was busy. I’m not really sure. I tried to help out the core game hall crew, but they’ve all been doing it so long that they run like a machine and I was just trying to keep up. I know I went and found the golf tournament sign for Neo at some point.

    Anyway, had a great time. Mostly love the new space. I think next year will be even better building on what was learned this year.

    Kudos and thanks to all the people who put in effort to make the show what it is.

    #1238 1 year ago

    I think during the after party there was one security guy tasked with protecting the merch booth and watching the door, which weren’t eactly next to each other

    #1253 1 year ago

    TODOs for next year's arcade hall:

    - Rubber cups for the front legs on the pins
    - pool noodles from the dollar store with a slot cut for PF glass
    - Research alternate escape route via freight elevator out to wells on the ground floor for people with only 1 or 2 games to load.

    The one suggestion I'd have for the overall show: BIG free standing signs in the area near the ticketing/hall entrances that says something about the stuff on the second floor, and then bigger directional signs once you're on the second floor. The "Community Zone" little blue signs on the wall with arrows didn't really stand out.

    #1270 1 year ago
    Quoted from animesuperj:

    I had asked Aaron when load-out started if that was possible, since there is a single dock/parking spot on the ground level of 5th and Wells (under the over pass) where you can load out. I was told it was a no go, everything was to be loaded out through the dock. Maybe something we can look into for next year? Or some other option?

    If it's designed to be a loading area, I would hope there's some haggle room to get us access to that. Jay & Doug ended up taking games down the freight elevator and out the front door of the place, Neo and I went out a side door to Wisconsin Ave - both of which have GOT to be less preferable than using an actual loading door. The 5th and Wells access seems perfect. Out of the elements and a lane to pull over into for loading. Even if we have to post a volunteer down there to kind of control it, it would be very beneficial to have more than one route out. The vendor hall people with whole trucks of stuff to load, and the people who bring large numbers of games (Thanks Troy!) wouldn't have all the 1 shot people in the way.

    #1271 1 year ago
    Quoted from kcZ:

    It would have been good to have someone up there at the dock entrance area telling people not to go to the loading ramps until a game is ready to come down. Parked vehicles on the ramps were too plentiful. I assume there was some "inherited" help that came with the venue. These guys could have been directing people at the entrance instead of at the dock. The MGC guys at the dock were great.

    I think a big reason for the congestion at the dock was that the facility staff wouldn't let MGC people control it. If we could have had show people directing traffic and organizing it would have gone more efficiently, but I don't know that the facility would (or could) give the show that kind of control.

    #1283 1 year ago

    What's to stop somebody like Troy from getting all his after party passes and then selling them off to the highest bidder? He'd probably make more money than claiming show cash on all of them. There's still only 1 in the hall games wise, but Troy gets more out of it.

    Quoted from Whysnow:

    People with multiple games should have to elect to get either:
    1 Sat wristband, 1 sunday wristband, and 1 after party wristband
    $20 show cash

    Similar question about this -- the 2 wristbands is a higher value output than the $20, isn't it? Someone brings 2 games, they could get their own pass and sell the set of other 3 bands to someone else (likely for quite a bit more than $20)

    I don't see any problem at all with game brought = after party band period. The access to the show OR $20 show cash being your option on each one.

    #1285 1 year ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    There were also plenty of locals that got in but did not have a game at the show.

    If you're talking about people like Paul and Dave - they got bands from someone who brought enough games to have extra.

    #1288 1 year ago
    Quoted from PTHermes:

    One suggestion for next year.
    A repair area and a pinball dolly to get there.

    I'm not sure what the facility would say about moving stuff around while the show is running -- though if people were leaving early maybe it's not an issue. But this is a nice idea. Really hard to work on a game in a show row.

    #1294 1 year ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Oh, and to the people who keep coming to me and saying they miss the intimacy of the Sheraton, uh... Sorry? There is no way with the snowstorm the tent would have survived.
    Amazingly, we had more than one vendor note to us they liked the tent better last year. Uh, really? Did you guys see outside?

    With how heavy/wet that snow was and the strong wind, I expect it would have been quite the catastrophe. Thank all heck that never happened when you DID have the tent.

    #1332 1 year ago
    Quoted from kcZ:

    Not sure what qualifies as leaving early but if someone buys a game they should be able to remove it.

    Nah, this would just lead to abuse. People fake 'selling' a game to the person they came with to leave early. Game leaves; owner pays fine. Period.

    #1369 1 year ago
    Quoted from HHaase:

    For the sake of curiosity, what was up with the color DMD’s in a row? By the end of the show, most of them had a horizontal line in about the same point. Wondered if it may have been line noise from the power setup or something.

    You must have been seeing some kind of glare, like off the LED edge of the custom arcade control panel edge across from them — the Displays were fine.

    #1379 1 year ago
    Quoted from HHaase:

    Normally I'd agree with you, but I was rarely in a spot to NOT look at them where I was set up. Started on TFTC, then Dr. Who, a bit on Star Wars but not as pronounced, can't remember the other machine I saw it happening on. May have been the STTNG, but it was a long day. Looked like they were dropping a row, always about 1/3 of the way down. But, like I said, could have also been some noise on the power system for the building or on that particular line.

    Maybe your retinas were burning out from being across from the LED displays for that long! Heh. Not sure if dmod would have any thoughts on what might have been going on, but I’ve never seen that sort of thing. Every time I was by the row things looked normal (Except for the TFTC and DW having the RGB/RBG setting backwards - the owner prefers it that way)

    #1412 1 year ago

    Non pinhead perspective from the FB reviews for MGC. There was a decent amount of "aw shucks, why doesn't the pinball get more room?" while we were setting up the hall Thursday. In our little tunnel visioned community it's easy to forget that the roots of MGC don't have anything to do with pinball and there's a bunch of people that attend with no interest in pinball at all.

    Random bits:

    "I feel it would be better if pinball had its own show. I like pinball and it’s an important part of gaming history, but I really believe it can stand better on its own. You’ll likely attract more corporate vendors by making that shows only focus pinball. "

    "We had a great time. More video games and fewer pinball games would be cool (holy Iron Maiden). The folks who were running the retro gaming area near the front of the main show area (the guys who brought the machines) were awesome."

    And then there's this guy:

    "I was a little disappointed with the pinball selection but hopefully it will be better next year."

    #1435 1 year ago
    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    Man I played alot of games this weekend. when are the dates next year?

    Probably won't be any official announcement until contracts are hammered out. I'd guess there are some points to work on with the facility now that the show has had the experience, so it might be a while before they lock things down.

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