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Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) 2019 - April 12,13,14 at the Wisconsin Center

By Crashnburn

2 years ago

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    #156 1 year ago

    Just got an email from Marco Spec stating that BK3 Pros and Premiums will be at the Marco Booth. Looking forward to checking them out!

    #229 1 year ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    is this not the correct route?
    I dont know what "kilbourn tunnel" means as it does not show up on google map[quoted image]

    If a route is closed to all traffic, Google maps should reroute you to get to your destination.

    #242 1 year ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    Will anyone have standard new PF glass for sale?
    I could use 3-4 new sheets.

    Not sure if he will be at MGC

    Otherwise, hit up Hellenbrand glass in Waunakee. They have standard size for $18 and widebody for not much more. I've used them for all of my machines that needed new glass. Also, Stars could probably use a new sheet.

    #289 1 year ago
    Quoted from FrankJ:

    Or go a little farther to Madison. Madison Pinball has a few killer pinball locations.

    Quoted from Pinzap:

    Not even a contest IMHO. All locations in Madison are super great and this is coming from someone who has no vested interest in them. I/O arcade visit a month or two ago revealed a great collection with awesome pins, though very few food options (no kitchen). Blue Moon Arcade and Grill has a great collection of 5-6 pins I think and some of the best burgers and beer I've ever had. The list of locations is too long to list here (by me at least).
    When we stayed in the Dells, I don't think I could find a single pin, but that may have changed. And the food was all chain with nothing of quality like Mad-town has.

    I love my city! On Wisconsin!

    Quoted from HHaase:

    Definitely have to consider Madison for next year. Went with the dells again because it’s about the time I start to fatigue from the drive.
    May stay in Madison on Sunday night though.

    Madison is only about 40 minutes more! Next year Much better food and Much better pinball!

    #327 1 year ago
    Quoted from KingPinGames:

    Here is a 95% accurate list (basic) of what we are bringing. Go big or get the **** out is how we do it.
    Fyi, this list does not include the raw thrills games of the escalara(s) and games that flip n out will be adding to our booth presence.
    [quoted image]

    Maybe you should just have your own show Chris...Jeez!

    #394 1 year ago

    And that's just Kingpin's "booth"???

    It's gonna be an awesome year this year!

    #402 1 year ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    Yuuuuup, and you can’t even see all of it. Marco is next door with 50+ more.

    Can't wait! We'll be there right when the doors open on Saturday. Hopefully we'll see some familiar faces

    #444 1 year ago
    Quoted from orangestorm87:

    Is it wrong with all these NIB games, I get really excited for what EM's may be showing up? Also love it when a wood rail pops up at this show as well.
    Now if only we could get the STL-Ball Bowler guys to show up, this would be perfect!

    I think have a good mix of old stuff plus new stuff makes the show better. I'm hoping to see some EMs and early SS stuff also! Having a ball bowler there would be awesome!

    #448 1 year ago
    Quoted from BrewNinja:

    This is what I don't get. Why aren't there more pinball vendors? I know Expo is more of a hardcore pinball show and "the thing" when it comes to pinball, but it is so much smaller. I mean, there are going to be probably 300 pinball machines at MGC, yet very few vendors come. 2 years in a row now, pinball machines have been unveiled and playable first at MGC. Is it just still too new and the vendors dont understand how big it is yet? Maybe they think its more of an arcade show than pinball? Just curious from a vendors standpoint.

    I would love to see more pinball vendors there. Believe me, I love all of the other vendors that show up as well, but more pinball stuff would be much welcomed.

    #455 1 year ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    Clock chaos games getting set up
    [quoted image]

    Will those be available to play over the weekend at all?

    #559 1 year ago

    Won the first Golden Ticket at MGC!

    FB_IMG_1555205399767 (resized).jpg
    #567 1 year ago
    Quoted from JSBebop2071:

    A nice corner. Thanks to whomever brought them.
    [quoted image]

    I think it was brenna98 IIRC, at least for the two Sterns.

    Very nice playing games for sure.

    #630 1 year ago
    Quoted from brenna98:

    Great show this year! It gets bigger and better every time.
    I brought the Cyclopes #stargazer Quicksilver ,every time I checked they had people enjoying them, even saw some multiplayer games going on.
    What where the results of the people’s choice awards?
    It seems to be a fun thing that MGC offers during the after party, but like most years; people seem oblivious to it even going on.

    Thanks for bringing them. I didn't get a chance to play Cyclopes but put on a few games on each Stargazer and Quicksilver. Probably 2 of the best playing games at the show.

    #668 1 year ago
    Quoted from leonml:

    I would rather it be held in an area outside of the city.
    Have a pinball only centered event where there's a ton of new games, a ton of old games. Possibly a vendor used for sale area.
    Let people set up used parts for sale tables.
    Have multiple vendors offering troubleshooting and repair services so we don't spend half the money shipping out parts.
    I would feel i gained a lot more at the event and no doubt stay the weekend. 1 day shopping for parts and getting boards repaired, and the rest of the time playing pinball.
    Possibly just start a completely new event 6 months later.
    At this event i just don't think it offers everything many of us would rather partake pinball wise
    Is this event successful, a circus at times and popular? Definitely, but so was britney spears and her music but was it good? No way. Mgc was decent, but im more interested in a pure pinball focused event, for which it deserves.

    Ok man, I'll be looking forward to the leonml pinball show next year in podunk WI. I'll be sure that I'll bring my own white bread, PBJ, and Shasta.

    For the REST of us...thank you to all the game-bringers and goatdan for working tirelessly for months to organize and put on a fantastic show! It was awesome to see people in the industry take part and mingle with the crowd. It's getting bigger and bigger each year and something to be proud of.

    #675 1 year ago
    Quoted from leonml:

    Yes my podunk multiple lake and multiple gold course community. The world renowned Sands golf resort actually must like podunk. All us poor podunk trailer trash golfers and boaters, etc.
    No one's suggesting the country you jackass. Just not downtown Milwaukee. Yeah, the place everyone is clamoring about. Vacation capital. Use that rock that resides on your shoulders for something other then a hat rack.

    Do you have a 75 inch TV and a bulldog too?

    #680 1 year ago
    Quoted from leonml:

    It used to be half outside mke, and had more pinball stuff going on. The biggest difference is the circus show style and tons of vendors new games. All i want is more pinball, more convenient at a better price for the event and food, etc. If you're not downtown you don't need to cover the high cost of rent and vendors don't either, food or otherwise. Im not here to change minds. So the fact that some are getting butthurt resorting to petty degrading name calling level antics surely shows the caliber of people that can't accept a differing opinion or understand what many others may wish was offered. I guess if you put up a circus tent, clowns will appear anywhere.

    Who's doing the name calling?

    Quoted from leonml:

    Yes my podunk multiple lake and multiple gold course community. The world renowned Sands golf resort actually must like podunk. All us poor podunk trailer trash golfers and boaters, etc.
    No one's suggesting the country you jackass. Just not downtown Milwaukee. Yeah, the place everyone is clamoring about. Vacation capital. Use that rock that resides on your shoulders for something other then a hat rack.

    And the food there is REALLLLYYY expensive...let me warn you. Plus the parking? Oh man...Oh it hurts.

    #682 1 year ago

    Hey man - I'm just trying to put point out the fact that you have all these great ideas, but you come here to crap on all the hard work and time that the event organizers, vendors, game-bringers, etc have put in to make this show possible. And you come in here expecting people to sympathize and join in on your pity party, but it's not going to happen. Yes, there are things that can be improved, but coming here and bitching about doesn't help anyone. Complaining that it's not a pinball exclusive show, something that it never claimed to be, isn't winning you over. That fact that the TWO biggest pinball manufacturers have chosen MGC to reveal their brand new game and allow them to be played by the general public for the first time, is an amazing aspect that you're going to overlook because a sandwich cost $9, esp coming from Mr. Golf Course and Lake Side Property man.

    if you're so well-to-do, then a few bucks for a sandwich, or whatever it is, should be a drop in the bucket. Let it go. If it tickled you so terribly, don't go again next year. you'd be doing us all a favor.

    #701 1 year ago
    Quoted from bangerjay:

    Can we not bask in the afterglow of the orgy we just had?

    It's kinda hard to when you have someone that just won't stop. I had a helluva time. Got the opportunity to speak with Pat Lawlor, and Joe Katz, and was able to say hi to lots of pinball friends I've made in my short time in the hobby. Really loved the atmosphere, the excitement shared by everyone there, the seminars that were put on. Lots of great things for all kinds of people.

    #709 1 year ago
    Quoted from kcZ:

    I didn't know Pat Lawlor was there... Was that just part of the JJP unveiling or did he walk around the games?

    He was there on Friday for the unveiling, but was also there on Saturday, at least for the first half of the day, mingling with folks playing Wonka. Joe was also there along with Eric, hanging out by Wonka and talking to people. It was pretty awesome.

    #715 1 year ago
    Quoted from Eric_S:

    Nice attitude, makes me feel good to spend time out of my busy life to volunteering to help set up a show that you don't appreciate.

    Thank you for helping make this show possible!

    #789 1 year ago

    I know it's been said already, but another thanks to all that make this show possible. Without your work, I wouldn't have something to look forward to essentially in my own backyard. I love that it's an all gaming affair, as I'm a complete nerd that loves everything from board games to video games to pinball. The vendor hall was great again this year and it was awesome to be able to catch up with people that I've had pinball dealings with. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that I hadn't seen since a year ago or that I had met on location come up to me to say hi.

    Having two brand new games to play for the first time for the general public, should be a huge testament as to how much emphasis manufacturers have put on this show as their vessel for pinball release. And the fact that this show encompasses all gaming, allows the opportunity to expose this crazy hobby to so many others that wouldn't have otherwise had a chance to play pinball. Things as simple as finding the start button on older games, or showing younger kids where flipper buttons are, we have to remember that if you've never played a pinball machine before, that it can be really confusing and daunting. This is a great opportunity for those people to be able to play pinball without any risk of wasting that coin drop.

    Usually we've only spent Saturday at the show, but my wife and I are planning at least one overnight stay to enjoy 2 day's worth. Can't wait for next year!

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