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Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) 2019 - April 12,13,14 at the Wisconsin Center

By Crashnburn

2 years ago

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    #102 1 year ago
    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    MGC Facebook screen shot
    [quoted image]

    Well now I guess I want free show tickets instead of the $20 show cash lol. This way I can come friday night. :p

    #107 1 year ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Friday night is actually a different ticket than what game bringers get. There is a huge explanation behind this that I'll spare everyone right now, but a game brought gets Saturday, Saturday Night and Sunday, but unfortunately not Friday.


    #109 1 year ago

    Totally makes sense and is 100% reasonable!

    Quoted from goatdan:

    Hey, better to catch it now than wait until later.
    Here's a bit more of the reasoning behind it:
    Unfortunately a number of people were selling machines at the MGC on Friday. Now, I'd usually say that's a great thing, but here was how some people were doing it...
    - Bring pinball machine
    - Register pinball machine, get weekend and Saturday night tickets
    - Game bringer meets pre-arranged purchaser, who they show the machine to (purchaser did not need a ticket)
    - Purchaser packs up machine, loads it up and takes it home
    We had now given out that person's tickets for absolutely nothing on the show floor, and the purchaser didn't pay to come either, and we had to reshuffle the show floor. Thanks to people like this - and it happened more than once and the final straw was someone bragging on a Facebook group I'm part of about how if they came Friday they could get in and buy their game without it even being used for free, and it was stupid to pay - we realized we had to hire additional security and come up with a whole system beyond the "trust them if they say they are setting up a game" thing to handle this.
    Ultimately, the genesis of Preview Night came from us realizing that we were going to have more expenses to properly organize this, and then thinking about what else we could do with it. In it's current form, it addresses two other issues:
    The MGC focuses strongly on content - more than 100,000 square feet of the show floor is content - and the vast majority of that content is individuals, collectors, or independent groups setting is up, so the expenses to run this show are absolutely absurd, and while we do have vendors, the money that is charged for their space doesn't even make up the costs for their own space compared to what we pay to the Center.
    Preview Night has allowed us to increase revenues a bit to be able to expand things more than we otherwise would have. The Game Room in particular this year will be ~63,500 feet. Two years ago, the combined space for the Arcade, Museum and Tabletop areas was about ~15,000 square feet.
    It also allowed us to address the request by long time show-goers that the show had gotten too big and the lines were too long. Based on the number of tickets we sell, if people were playing four player games of pinball, 100% of the people coming to VIG would be able to play on JUST the NIB machine count that are opened and brought to the show at the same time. But, since all the video games are open, table top, D&D, arcade video, and there are special tournaments, the likelihood on Friday Preview Night that someone will be able to walk up to a new game and play is extremely high.
    We can't make the same promise about Saturday or Sunday, but we wanted to create an experience for people to do that.
    Preview Night ultimately allowed us to do all of this stuff, while people who bring arcade machines still get the similar (but with food, an auction, drinks, and less people!) After Party on Saturday night.
    Hope that all makes sense. A lot of thought went into it, and while it isn't perfect, I think it's the best compromise we could have made!

    #113 1 year ago

    Will be there friday night now too. Looking forward to the 7pm mystery fun.

    #132 1 year ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    I'm surprised no one called me on this. It's true. Jersey Mike's is going to be a show sponsor.

    What is Jersey Mike’s?

    #135 1 year ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Amazing subs. They've done the show as an outside vendor with us for like seven years, and they are totally stepping up their involvement this year! Might even be revealing a new product for MGC showgoers (like...a club sub which they haven't taken before!)
    The Midwest Gaming Classic, presented by Jersey... . Has a nice ring to it!

    Now I’m hungry for a sub.

    #148 1 year ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    Should have put some of that in the frunk to balance the weight.

    A man’s frunk is his own business.

    #163 1 year ago
    Quoted from trilogybeer:

    Whatcha gonna do with all that junk ? All that junk up in your frunk .

    And now that fergie song is in my head.

    #175 1 year ago

    I got a room at the Hilton booked a few days ago but not at the MGC special. They have rooms just not the MGC price block.

    #183 1 year ago
    Quoted from wcbrandes:

    not only uses the airco system, but has back up brought up to make sure stalagmites are forming on his ceiling!

    The science nerd in me says those would technically be stalactites.

    #188 1 year ago
    Quoted from ACcookDC:

    I’m taking part in the Marco/Stern offer. Anybody know what time I need to be there by to unbox and setup the machine myself?

    I’m wondering myself. I think an email is supposed to be sent out? Hopefully soon, less than 6 days away lol.

    #200 1 year ago

    And Friday preview tickets are very limited correct? The goal being that you have more games than Friday tickets basically?

    #211 1 year ago

    When do we get info on when to arrive to setup our Marco purchased games? On Sunday we aren’t attending the show, what time are we allowed in so as to break down and haul away the purchased game?

    #215 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jazman:

    5pm to teardown. Not sure on setup but will find out

    Ok so they’ll let us in at 5pm got it. Have a game of thrones party to get to lol!

    #217 1 year ago

    Maybe that’s what I need to do, find and pay someone coming my way from the show to drop my game off on their way lol. The game of thrones party we are throwing has my whole schedule off! :p

    #227 1 year ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    is this not the correct route?
    I dont know what "kilbourn tunnel" means as it does not show up on google map[quoted image]

    That is the kilbourne tunnel. It exits off the freeway through a tunnel to kilbourne Avenue.

    #234 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jediturtle:

    Well...since you are bringing (buying) a game, you will have weekend wristbands, so technically you can "get in" any time. You just can't break down and remove the game until 5pm.

    My brother will not though. And actually I am not taking the free tickets so I wouldn't either.

    Quoted from Whysnow:

    sounds like it closes sometime today?
    Anyone familiar able to draw out the correct/easiest reroute?

    Just go up one more exit to Fond Du Lac/McKinley Ave.

    Capture (resized).JPG
    #236 1 year ago
    Quoted from PTHermes:

    whysnow The article states "The Kilbourn Avenue tunnel exiting I-43 will be fully closed June through October." It is only closing tomorrow for getting back on. So your route is OK to arrive at MGC, but you'll have to find a different ramp to get back onto the interstate. I usually rely on google maps, they are usually up to date.

    Ah ok so it's just closed for ON ramp. But off ramp still open.

    #261 1 year ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    Mgc 4 Life.
    You get funny looks checking out when you buy a metric ton of sharpies and pool noodles. Just in case anyone else ever has to do that, be warned.
    [quoted image]

    Good thing you have all that cargo space

    #266 1 year ago
    Quoted from ACcookDC:

    Marco said I can get in between 7:00-8:00pm Thursday night if I want to unbox and setup my own game. I wrote back saying I was under the impression we could get in to do it Friday.

    I can do either day. Just wish I had the info on when. I was expecting to have gotten that information by now. :/

    #272 1 year ago

    Anyone know if any vendors will have shakers compatible with stern spike on hand for sale at the show?

    #278 1 year ago
    Quoted from Borygard:

    I will have a couple of them.
    Rob Anthony
    Pinball Classics
    Quality Board Work - In Home Service
    borygard at gmail dot com

    Thanks. I might snag one when I get my colordmd from you then.

    #295 1 year ago

    Is there a floor map on the website that shows who and what is located where? I couldn’t find one.

    #299 1 year ago
    Quoted from goatdan:

    We generally don't specifically label where certain vendors will be, as we have so many of them and it is really tough to map out. In general, the pinball ones are in the arcade room (The spot on the map is sort of off, they are in the center more).

    Thanks Dan.

    #319 1 year ago

    Debating if I want to go open my NIB Star Trek premium at the show hall Thursday evening or not. That is the time slot we were given by Marco. Hmmmm!

    #333 1 year ago
    Quoted from hayrebear:

    In re the Thursday unboxing party, I have a quick question or two. I emailed Marco, but never heard back. Do we just show up at/around the window they mentioned to us?
    Also, should we be bringing anything along for this? More curious with regard to whether others bring wax, tools, new balls, etc. Any feedback or guidance is much appreciated.

    7pm to 8pm is setup thursday for marco games. I assume we just park somewhere and then go into the wisconsin center.

    #339 1 year ago
    Quoted from hayrebear:

    In re the Thursday unboxing party, I have a quick question or two. I emailed Marco, but never heard back. Do we just show up at/around the window they mentioned to us?
    Also, should we be bringing anything along for this? More curious with regard to whether others bring wax, tools, new balls, etc. Any feedback or guidance is much appreciated.

    Ah didn't even think of that. Wax the new game right away before it gets played for the weekend and swap in some decent balls. Do we also get to play it right away after unboxing to ensure everything is in order?

    #376 1 year ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    Moving kingpin in.[quoted image][quoted image]

    If y’all need an extra hand I’m off work today. :p Though I do have a bit of a weight limit restriction on lifting. But I can hand cart pinballs no problem.

    #385 1 year ago

    Exciting!!! Thanks for the pics.

    #407 1 year ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    Pin forest.
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Oh sweet you can see my big bald head way in the back opening my Star Trek Premium (which I’m selling by the way). Lots of awesome new in box pins!!

    #412 1 year ago
    Quoted from CKrueger:

    Holy crap dude, don’t sell your head!

    Quoted from NoQuarters:

    Head is probably HUO only.


    #554 1 year ago
    Quoted from dirtbag66:

    If I ever told a fellow Pinsider that I couldn't sell a machine because my wife wouldn't let me, I would expect to get ripped apart. My wife will NEVER have any say at all when it comes to my one and only hobby. Ever.

    Not everyone here is in the hobby and excluding their family from it. So I don’t know why you’d “expect to get ripped apart”...

    #574 1 year ago
    Quoted from Yokimato:

    Went to the wonka reveal, played wonk, oktoberfest and bksor.
    After playing them all a bunch, I actually bought the bksor. Best of the bunch imo, but hopefully everyone got what they were looking for!

    Opposite for me, I bought WonkaLE. Pass on BKSoR and OKT. Was fun playing a lot of stuff. I also bought an MBr off Chris from Kingpin.

    #586 1 year ago

    Coming back at 4:30 today to bring home my pins. Hopefully it’s not too crazy trying to get out! I hope Kingpin and Marco got the game cards from MGC staff or whatever to give to buyers so we have proof the game is ours. As of yesterday they said they didn’t have them yet. Could potentially be a mess trying to get those so late and cause delays getting out of the show.

    #589 1 year ago

    Hope this snow stops

    #736 1 year ago

    We enjoyed all of the non pinball stuff too. My wife and I talked to the guy with the massive board game collection in Hall A for like an hour. We bought two new board games based on his recommendations as we are huge tabletop gamers too.

    #737 1 year ago

    In other news, I traded my star trek and no longer need the color DMD and acrylic window and standoffs kit I bought at the show. It's an LCD color DMD, can be updated to work with any game they support. Selling for $375 if anyone is interested ($425 new) locally.

    #752 1 year ago
    Quoted from Goonie:

    I think that's MilCog you're referring to. Those guys are awesome.

    Yes MilCog. Glad they were there!!

    #842 1 year ago

    Such a great looking JP

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