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Metroid Pinball

By TheArrrrrcade

1 year ago

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    #251 3 months ago

    Here's a video of the better upper flipper setup. It acts as a second chance to hit the side ramp.

    #252 3 months ago

    Ball is a pretty perfect fit. I don't think those rubbers are going anywhere either. We'll see after a few hundred more games...

    (and yes, I am aware at how bad the condition of that ball is. I've been using used balls that I've taken out of games and then accidently dropped them on concrete a few dozen times)

    PXL_20210114_001639901 (resized).jpg
    4 weeks later
    #253 3 months ago

    I guess I shouldn't have been using an old post. This one snapped in two so I bought some new ones to replace both of the ramp posts.

    Most of the changes recently have been with the code. Revamped the music engine. There's now less complexity in how it handles playing new tracks. This allowed me to implement multiball music and return to the original music automatically when done. Also actually implemented the multiball rule where it closes the doors and locks you into your room/mode.

    Upper playfield rules are starting to come together. Removed flipper lane change up there. Now you have to hit each lane 3 times separately. After they are all lit the last one will be blinking. Going from the VUK to a lane changes which one is blinking. Hitting the side ramp locks in and starts a mode, one for each lane. Tentative modes are Spider Rail, Bridge Attack, and Secrets. That's still a work in progress.

    PXL_20210126_045024109 (resized).jpgPXL_20210126_045734276 (resized).jpgPXL_20210130_133112236 (resized).jpg
    #254 3 months ago

    Yikes! wonder how many impacts that took to snap that. Those high impact areas, you might want thru-posts to T-nuts underneath, no? Love seeing progress on this, game looks awesome!

    #255 3 months ago
    Quoted from Mbecker:

    Yikes! wonder how many impacts that took to snap that. Those high impact areas, you might want thru-posts to T-nuts underneath, no?

    Yeah, Ideally these suckers
    or do what stern and some WMS pins do and put thin targets on both sides of the ramp if there's space

    #256 3 months ago
    Quoted from Mbecker:

    Yikes! wonder how many impacts that took to snap that. Those high impact areas, you might want thru-posts to T-nuts underneath, no? Love seeing progress on this, game looks awesome!

    Quoted from Linolium:

    Yeah, Ideally these suckers
    or do what stern and some WMS pins do and put thin targets on both sides of the ramp if there's space

    Can't. I'm not moving the pop or the scoop and there really isn't room underneath: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/metroid-pinball/page/5#post-6044323

    In almost all other cases I am using the posts with threaded bases and t-nuts. These posts were corroded when I pulled them from the scrap playfield. Also they were 20 something years old and had plenty of time to weaken.

    #257 3 months ago

    You shouldnt need to move those mechs though— just drill a 1/2” hole in about 1/8” for the t nut to sit below the mechs, and cut the post threads to they don’t protrude beyond the t nut.

    I had some similar issues and cut pieces of my pop bumper plastic out to accommodate lol. Not for t-nuts but to fit around other stuff.

    I’m sure the new posts will hold up for quite a while but hate to see those in high impact areas non the less

    1 month later
    #258 57 days ago

    It's update time! I have some unexpected time off from work so building pinball is my "job" again!

    First thing that I need to tackle is bending the final guide rails. This metal is much thicker. The previous guide rails used 1/32" aluminum, this is 1/16" steel. So to get them just the right shape (or close enough) I am trying out making some bending templates.

    PXL_20210309_152752975.MP (resized).jpg

    All cut out and labeled.

    PXL_20210309_221317256 (resized).jpg

    And they will be used with the previous layout template, even though there are a few minor changes.

    PXL_20210310_135903189 (resized).jpg

    Time for Bender to get to work!

    PXL_20210310_233842794 (resized).jpg

    Good job Bender! I only screwed up one rail that will need to be remade and broke one weld that needs to be fixed. I'm still crap at welding.

    PXL_20210311_044042552 (resized).jpg

    #259 57 days ago

    Steve Ritchie told me that my game was too dark and that I should fix that by adding more lights. He didn't say what kind of lights so I'll be adding a bunch more inserts (some with multiple LEDs) and some overhead light bars.

    I'm using a half meter of 60 LED per meter strip and standard LED channel to build them.

    PXL_20210311_180055077 (resized).jpg

    And they will be mounted to the playfield using tall hex spacers and the super useful Hillman Obtuse Angle Corner Plates.

    PXL_20210312_151907689 (resized).jpg

    They get epoxied into the channel and used light pressure to keep them in place until fully dry.

    PXL_20210312_155846783 (resized).jpg

    Success! I can now light each part of the playfield individually. I already have a similar strip in the back of the playfield. I just need to upgrade it to this design.

    PXL_20210312_165907775 (resized).jpg

    No taking out your brand name overhead lighting if you want to lift the playfield. These are screwed right on.

    PXL_20210312_175711818 (resized).jpg

    #260 57 days ago

    I have an Arduino based test pattern to check them out. These strips are fully compatible with the existing light system. I just need to wire up a couple more channels to the Fade Candy in order to hook them up. That can wait until the next version of the playfield.

    #261 57 days ago

    Speaking of the next version. It's time.

    PXL_20210313_162249303 (resized).jpg

    And this is why you should make sure your bits are super tight. This one slipped down and dragged across the playfield. Good thing that happened early on in the cut and not 4 hours in. And also good thing I brought a spare blank. At least now I have a spare piece of playfield wood to test some ideas for next time.

    PXL_20210313_165332052.MP (resized).jpg

    Many hours later...

    PXL_20210313_212550917 (resized).jpg

    It's done!

    PXL_20210313_230551750 (resized).jpg

    The bottom is even fully dimpled!

    PXL_20210314_001616255 (resized).jpg

    #262 57 days ago

    This insert actually fits this time!

    PXL_20210314_151159706 (resized).jpg

    And so does the star rollover. I couldn't find any mistakes except the 3/16" holes didn't cut deep enough. I'll have to spend 15 minutes with a drill to fix it.

    PXL_20210314_151206506 (resized).jpg

    #263 57 days ago

    Spot the differences:

    PXL_20210314_031324350.MP (resized).jpg
    PXL_20210314_012750799 (resized).jpg

    #264 57 days ago

    Working on creating some replacement mounts too. The back ramp and cross rail have to be mounted differently. Going to make something like this. I'm not quite sure this is final yet, but it's close.

    cad_back_rail_mount (resized).png

    #265 57 days ago

    And that brings us up to date. I was hoping this was the final playfield but the art won't be ready in time for fall shows. We'll be adding some decal art a la Sonic Spinball to hold us over. Expo or bust.

    #266 57 days ago

    Looking amazing man. Great work.

    #267 57 days ago
    Quoted from Tlamb:

    Looking amazing man. Great work.

    Thank you!

    1 week later
    #268 50 days ago

    love seeing this coming together

    1 week later
    #269 41 days ago

    Started cleaning up my work area. The old overhead rails have been sitting over here taking up space and slowly deforming. These were what were on the game when I brought it to Pintastic.

    PXL_20210327_143622482 (resized).jpg

    It hurt a bit to throw them away but it was the right decision.

    PXL_20210327_173809397 (resized).jpg

    #270 41 days ago

    Time to glue in inserts!

    PXL_20210324_223843709 (resized).jpg

    I had about 2/3rds of them in after day one.

    PXL_20210325_035249334.MP (resized).jpg

    And all of them after day 2. Needs a bit more sanding.

    PXL_20210401_035129278 (resized).jpg

    #271 41 days ago

    thats good scrap wire dont toss that! haha

    #272 41 days ago
    Quoted from McSquid:

    thats good scrap wire dont toss that! haha

    If I could have recycled it then I would. I have plenty more so no need to reuse it.

    1 week later
    #273 28 days ago

    I'm not a big fan of welding. So today I converted my subway parts over to a no-weld design. Metal parts are now screwed together.

    cad_no_weld_pit (resized).png
    cad_no_weld_subway (resized).png

    And made some mounts to position the optos correctly. They will be 3d printed.

    cad_no_weld_left_opto_mount (resized).png
    cad_no_weld_right_opto_mount (resized).png

    #274 28 days ago


    1 week later
    #275 22 days ago

    Parts have arrived. Time to do some bending... The latest lessons that I've learned are welds are bad and reduce the number of bends in your parts. These subways do not follow the latter. At least I used a thinner metal for the walls.

    PXL_20210421_205031995 (resized).jpg

    #276 19 days ago

    Bent and assembled. The pop subway needs threads tapped before I can mount the switch. Tool is ordered.

    PXL_20210424_173244982 (resized).jpgPXL_20210424_173305025 (resized).jpg
    #277 19 days ago

    Opto holes are perfectly aligned

    PXL_20210424_195519350.MP (resized).jpg
    #278 13 days ago

    What happened this week? First I fixed this prototype metal ball guide. It was loose, a screw had fallen out, and the rivets were shot. I could have installed the final version but decided to fix this one instead. So after gluing toothpicks in the screw holes and tightening the rivets up it was installed using longer screws. This should last for the remaining life of this playfield.

    PXL_20210426_184839289 (resized).jpg
    #279 13 days ago

    Next up is finalizing the playfield. I taped down an extra playfield template that I had laying around. Then added pilot holes for screwing the side rails in.

    PXL_20210430_143034739.MP (resized).jpg

    I forgot to add a pilot hole for the trough outkicker post in CAD. I used a template to find the correct positioning.

    PXL_20210430_143621103 (resized).jpg

    Same with the new posts around the ramps.

    PXL_20210430_144029323 (resized).jpg

    Then it had to be sanded more so I spent some time doing that.

    PXL_20210430_152033078 (resized).jpg

    Nice and flat. It's probably ready for clear coat.

    PXL_20210430_152108280 (resized).jpg

    #280 13 days ago

    And finished what could possible be the last metal piece that needs to be fabricated. The mount for the back ramp and the overhead rail.

    PXL_20210430_215549888 (resized).jpg

    It's a perfect fit.

    PXL_20210430_215714411 (resized).jpg

    #281 9 days ago

    Turns out that I need a new floor piece for this subway. I downloaded a switch bracket model that doesn't seem to line up with reality. So I modeled the parts that I have on hand and redesigned the mount. I really should have eliminated the bracket altogether but whatever...

    cad_rollover_assembly (resized).png
    cad_subway_new_rollover (resized).png

    #282 9 days ago

    I was on a podcast! Metroid was slightly off topic. I'm pretty sure it's more than "almost" pinball.

    #283 8 days ago

    Great stream, awesome project. Love it

    Greetings Dan

    #284 8 days ago
    Quoted from JagDaniels:

    Great stream, awesome project. Love it

    Thanks for hanging out!

    #285 1 day ago

    The pop bumper subway is now a finished part.

    PXL_20210512_174622851 (resized).jpg
    PXL_20210512_174625469.MP (resized).jpg

    #286 1 day ago

    Tested and working!

    #287 1 day ago

    I have a couple of plastic diverters to prevent ball hang ups or unfair airball drains. The originals were hacked together and broke all the time.

    PXL_20210511_181340003 (resized).jpg

    This one just cracked apart after months of abuse. I think this is the third one.

    PXL_20210511_182555555.MP (resized).jpg

    Bent some plastic to make one piece versions. Less failure points, stronger plastic.

    PXL_20210511_181212106 (resized).jpg
    PXL_20210511_181225260 (resized).jpg

    #288 1 day ago

    Came up with a decal sheet. The next version will have labeled inserts.

    decal_sheet_proof (resized).png

    The first attempt at printing didn't work so well but I figured it out. You need to make sure to select transparency as your paper type. Also verify your scaling.

    PXL_20210512_180906845 (resized).jpg

    #289 1 day ago

    Setting up a test so I know how to properly install the decals. It's the wrong type of clear coat but it will have to do. I will post results in the next update.

    PXL_20210509_150656499 (resized).jpg

    #290 1 day ago

    Water slide, yeah? Then you’ll clear over it?

    #291 1 day ago
    Quoted from Mbecker:

    Water slide, yeah? Then you’ll clear over it?

    That's the plan. Worked well for Sonic. Wish this was the last playfield but I'll make it work

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