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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

7 years ago

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#1974 5 years ago

So the new machines don't even have the black playfield legs to rest playfield on cabinet anymore? Or did you just remove them to install these service brackets? Man what a shame, first they take away the nice back box lock and now no service brackets or stands? How am I supposed to justify spending the amount of money I am right now for a NIB led pro and they give you bare minimum stripped down games. Huh, even the knocker is gone. Maybe I'll keep my money instead this is f$&#in bullshit.

#1977 5 years ago

I know about the knocker not being made but why? Isn't that sound part of the nostalgic pinball madness, why take away an integral part of the game to save a few bucks. Oh I know why so they can bend me over after spending almost $5K on a new machine.

#1979 5 years ago

No not at all I'm actually quite psyched about getting this game, but I wish I could get more for my money as I'm sure you would like to too.

#1981 5 years ago

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, just waiting for this particular dealer to work out a few details. Just trying to get as much info about this game as possible so I can justify spending almost $5K.

#2062 5 years ago

Has anybody gone through the newest code revision on the pinball browser to locate songs in the code so they can be changed with new ones, or is it just a matter of going through every line? Gotta be a better way...

1 week later
#2156 5 years ago

Do they just stick right over the insert?

1 month later
#2409 5 years ago

So the 2 lights under the mystery scoop and fuel targets replace the spot lights?

#2419 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Nice mods but I'm just wondering why you went to all the trouble of taking the spot lights off and using the sockets under the pf? Why didn't you just add a couple of sockets under the pf for the flex lights and keep the spots on the pf.

I would be more interested in this setup, so how would you implement the extra needed light sockets for underneath the playfield and how would you connect them electrically? Thanks.

2 weeks later
#2567 5 years ago

I talked with Melissa at Cointaker and she said the new MET led pro has 2 improvements or add ons, anybody know what they are?

#2569 5 years ago

There are improvements over the last batch of led pros according to Melissa...

#2638 5 years ago

Any issues out of the box with these new runs?

#2675 5 years ago
Quoted from gjbwalker:

Question: I just picked up a Pro Led and bought some mylar disks at Pinball Life to put over the magnets. Do most people cover the magnets or cut out around them?

I was wondering this too. Why would you not cover the magnets though. I would to protect those too as the route games I have seen, the magnets look all beat up and almost mushroomed. As long as the magnet is flush with the playfield, I say cover the whole thing.

#2680 5 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

For sure, cut them out. If not, the heat of the magnet will make a mess of them."

I suppose it would be better to get a larger diameter mylar then, as the 1.1" diameter would be like a 1/4" ring around the magnet.

#2759 5 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Not for much longer.

Yeah I think someone is working on changing colors for the pro right?

#2807 5 years ago

^ so you guys glued the lamp into the socket? Is this a problem with all machines cause that seems pretty shitty...

#2811 5 years ago

What would you suggest better, mylar rings or the cliffy's around the magnets? Also if using the cliffy's do they just stick down to the playfield with double sided tape or? Thanks.

#2875 5 years ago

Hell yeah! Joining the club. Special shout out to Melissa at Cointaker as she goes above and beyond for customer service as well as great pricing. Suppose to ship from Stern Monday so should have it by next weekend. Time to order mods now and think about what songs I'm changing. Pics to come. Peace!

1 week later
#3219 5 years ago

Hell yeah!! Officially part of the club. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg
Installed the sparky protector right a way, brought the outlanes in, and replaced the balls with PL shiny ones. Loving it so far. Thinking about getting the shaker motor but is there any bad effects to the game after installing it with too much vibration? Have the snake fangs and tongue sticker, the fluorescent green sling and inlane protectors from PL and going to change some insert lighting colors too. Another shout out to Melissa at Cointaker, excellent customer service! Looking forward to an awesome weekend of installing mods and playing. Peace!

#3221 5 years ago

Anybody know the difference between Cointaker's Red Tremor shaker and Sterns shaker? Does installing either rattle the glass too much during play? Any other ill long term effects from the vibration? Thanks all!

#3230 5 years ago

WTF! My brand new game is dead in the water. No coils or flashers are working. Playing a game and all of a sudden flippers go dead ball drains and no ball kick out. Go into coil test and none of my coils are working. The voltage cut off switch at coin door is working. Got to be a fuse somewhere, none in the back box appear to be blown, are there more in the cabinet and where? This sucks!

#3241 5 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Call 1-800-kickers. That's Stern's service hotline. Chaz will tell you exactly what to do to troubleshoot and fix.

Tried several times must not be available on the weekends?

#3289 5 years ago
Quoted from Adios:

Pissed,image.jpg (Click image to enlarge) less than 3 weeks nib playfield is chipped up around sparky magnet! Any ideas to fix or cover?

Wow, how unfortunate for you, and I would be quite upset as well. Definitely contact Stern and see if they warranty this damage. What happened? Just an air ball that caused that much damage? I hope this is not a sign of bad production games in this latest run because I got one and It definitely concerns me. Good luck and sorry that happened.

#3331 5 years ago

Yes it seems the mystery hole and kick out gets a lot of use so the cliffy there is probably a good addition. It is next on my list of items for MET.

#3333 5 years ago

I want to change a few songs using the pinball browser and have a few questions besides how you actually do it. Once you replace a track, does it automatically change places in the game that used that track. For example at the end of the game I believe it plays Unforgiven, so if you change that song will it also change that part in the game or do you have to replace that too? If you change Fade To Black will it also change it in crank it up? I think I really want to incorporate Shortest Straw, No Remorse, and Damage Inc. if I can. Anybody have experience with any of these changes? Thanks.

1 month later
#3661 5 years ago

That magnet looks like it is below the sure it is flush with the playfield. Still tho, that should not be happening to the playfield, I would be livid and demanding something be done either through your distributor or directly with Stern. Good luck.

1 month later
#4002 5 years ago
Quoted from damageinc55:

I'm sure this has been covered alrwady somewhere in this thread, but I'm very pleased with the results of adding a couple flexable leds underneath the snake. Makes noticing when the snake is lit easier...
Quick video of it in action.
» YouTube video

Great addition! When the game starts the snake light is lit, just wondering what needs to be hit in order to qualify the snake to be lit again?

#4003 5 years ago

sorry, duplicate post that was edited

2 months later
#4549 5 years ago

Who else has toppers for their MET machine? Post here if you care to share. Trying to find some good ideas besides the McFarlane Harvestors of Sorrow figures and stage set. Thanks.

1 week later
#4591 5 years ago

I have an extra pro translight poster if anyone is looking for a replacement or to replace the old guys on the road case version. PM me for details. Thanks.

#4598 5 years ago

Mine was made in April and I have not had any playfield flaking issues (knock on wood). I have on the other hand had led issues and a bad powerboard that was just replaced. Hopefully I'm done fixing for a while.

1 week later
#4678 4 years ago

Thought I would share some tastefull mods I did to my pro. All I want now is some LED interactive speakers and a color DMD. This game is awesome!image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

#4680 4 years ago

Just google "Metallica pinball pictures" and you'll find plenty. Saved .jpg file and printed from computer on 4 X 6 glossy photo paper after messing with scale to scale down to fit. You actually have to cut a 4 X 6 photo to fit in the card slots.

#4682 4 years ago

Thank you sir!

#4685 4 years ago

Why yes it is, Mr. Tim was kind enough to hook me up with one at the last Pinball Showdown here in Denver this last year. I thought it would look good there since it is the coffin shot and it kinda helps people to know what to hit.

2 weeks later
#4802 4 years ago
Quoted from Nexyss:

I installed the pinball life one on mine not too long ago. It does go to the pops way more often now, but I still need to tweak the adjustment on it. I gets stuck at the post sometimes, and I have to wait for the ball finder to pop it. Before I swapped it, almost 100% of my orbit shots came back down on the left, now I probably get 10% back down, 20% stuck on the post, and the rest to the pops. I think it will be great once I get the height adjusted right.
Feel free to stop by and try it if you want. It is a definite improvement.

How do you adjust the height? and keep us informed if you find a sweet spot. I find it odd that a metal post would work better than a plastic post since the ball is metal you would think it would bounce back even more with a metal post?

#4803 4 years ago

duplicate post sorry.

#4823 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I bet if you removed the plastic part and ground it down to an angle, most of the balls would stop at the pops. I may try that before spending $10 + shipping.

That would be a easy fix, interested to know if it works, keep us posted.

3 weeks later
#4978 4 years ago

That rising cross is awesome, nice job! Do you have to have the interactive light show mod to have this mod? Would be great if you could just do the rising cross independently...

2 weeks later
#5079 4 years ago

He'll yeah final mods added tonight and I'm done for a while. Added a color DMD, interactive led speaker lights from refinery, and I installed a real knocker inside my cabinet. This game is awesome, now I just need to get to EOTL.

#5122 4 years ago

I thought I read in another post somewhere that Lyman is working on another update for MET. What could he possibly add to make this game better? More wizard or mini wizard modes please.

#5187 4 years ago

How would band member modes be implemented? Hit enough pic targets obviously to start, then when started maybe hit 2 ramps to collect within a certain time limit. Second band member, hit 2 ramps and 2 loops, so on and so forth with different targets to collect each one. Just a thought, would be fun!

1 week later
#5288 4 years ago

I have the color changing LEDs in my mystery hole and I think it looks great.

#5290 4 years ago

I hope so, band member modes would be icing on the cake.

#5293 4 years ago

Must be a premium thing for the mystery hole lights as the pro just uses standard 44 lamps.

#5307 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I teased a Metallica mod earlier in the year, and I then I put it on hold because Alien got so busy. Well I just can't go too long without doing a personal project, I start to go nuts otherwise. So I'm bringing it back to life, and the time off made me more ambitious in my thinking, so having a good time tinkering on it.
Hope to have something to show sometime early next year. Still loving my Metallica, still motivated to do work on ideas for it.

Please include the pro model for whatever your working on. I'm sure it will be a great mod for a great game!

#5344 4 years ago

Heck yeah new album in 2016!

#5366 4 years ago

Most of the time the post in my machine when shooting the left orbit doesn't even put the ball into the pops as it is designed. The ball has too much momentum and comes back down the left orbit. I know some people have changed that to a metal post but that doesn't seem like the corect fix as metal to metal would be even more transfer of energy. I think it's more of a design issue than anything. Should have put it closer to the pops so the brief stop of the ball is already on the right side of the playfield and any momentum would have to flow to the right and into the pops.

#5371 4 years ago

I think the metal post part was somewhere in this thread...could you be so kind to show me what to get. Thanks.

#5405 4 years ago

I used alligator clips on my pinball cabinet speaker right to the input in the sub and it sounds awesome and clear. Make sure you have solid connections.

1 week later
#5537 4 years ago

What about just changing the cabinet and back box speakers with the Flipper Fidelity 8" coaxial system? Includes all 3 speakers and they have to be much better than the stock POS's. Still use the external sub but the highs and the mids should be better with these upgrades right?

1 week later
#5697 4 years ago

He's talking about the mode inserts not the fuel gauge. I personally just like CW lamps in there but did think about using color. If I did, I would do blue for the cross, keep Sparky white, snake orange, and coffin probably red.

4 weeks later
#6033 4 years ago

New Sterns already have the metal cabinet protectors installed. It keeps the legs away from the cabinet and thus no wrinkling.

1 week later
#6184 4 years ago

Hammer of justice crushes you overpower. Probably a simple gavel would do the trick. Lathe some cool etchings in it and it would be a winner.

#6196 4 years ago

No CIT is based on getting a certain amount of sparky, snake, cross, and coffin shots.

#6221 4 years ago

I think that description on Pinball News is incorrect. A left orbit shot, unless shot in a combo, should be diverted to the pops.

1 week later
#6305 4 years ago

Cliff em All!!!!!

1 week later
#6374 4 years ago

Weird thing happened the other day, I installed a real knocker kit that I previously had in ACDC (SAM) into my MET pro and it was working fine for the longest time. I had the game on, coin door open, and out of no where I heard the knock and a coil buzzing. I immediately shut the game off and didn't notice any smoke or fried electronics. How the hell did that coil fire? I matched a game and sure enough now my knocker is not working. Go into coil test, optional #24 coil, and no workie, what happened? What should I do to get it operational again? I guess check the coil and replace possibly. Wonder if its related to the sparky coil frying I read somewhere in this machine.

#6385 4 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

You are most likely using the old step up PCB. This is the same as the Sparky "lock and burn". Without the 20v signal the game can lock on the coil with the interlock.
Check the step up PCB and drive transistor.
There should be no diode on the coil.

Can I just replace the old step up PCB with a newer updated one? I'll need to follow the wiring on the knocker assembly and find out which PCB you are referring to. Should have been part of that knocker assembly or is it stock in my MET? Where do I buy the newer updated step up board? Thanks.

#6390 4 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

You are most likely using the old step up PCB. This is the same as the Sparky "lock and burn". Without the 20v signal the game can lock on the coil with the interlock.
Check the step up PCB and drive transistor.
There should be no diode on the coil.

I do not see a step up driver board at all for this Q24 optional coil? I took pictures of the knocker assembly and associated wires, where they go. I think I checked the Q24 drive transistor to be good, can you verify how I would check that transistor? Only other transistor I see is in the knocker assembly, 6th picture, don't know if that one is bad.IMG_1105_(resized).JPGIMG_1104_(resized).JPGIMG_1106_(resized).JPGIMG_1110_(resized).JPGIMG_1107_(resized).JPGIMG_1109_(resized).JPGIMG_1111_(resized).JPGIMG_1112_(resized).JPG
So, I do not see a step up driver board at all. How do I test the transistors correctly? If your looking at that assembly from the top (pic 1), the right wires go to the knocker coil, the middle wires go to my red & violet/grey connector in the cabinet towards the front left, and the left wires go up to the head and piggyback on that connector (pic 4). The coil ohmed continuous at the leads, connection removed, so the coil is OK. Another thing that does not make sense is the power voltage for Q24 is saying 5 VDC, is that the proper voltage to power that knocker coil? Help on where to go or troubleshoot next would be greatly appreciated!

#6394 4 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

I do not like to assume, but if this "kit" is one you built yourself, yes.
You will have to connect the 20v to power either through the backbox I/O board (recommended) or a flasher circuit.
The step up PCB in question should be near the knocker, unless you did something way different, look for one of my posts in this thread for a photo.
You will still need to test the rest of the game (ie TIP driver transistors).
If this was the APB Enterprises / Pinball Life Knocker Kit (circa 2007), it used a separate independent PCB, and is not replaceable, unless you build one or replace the electronics.
EDIT: I see you are using the Pinball Life equivalent kit that was sold a while back with the independent built PCB (little black box) based on your photos, most like the transistor is fried. This board used no 20v line to sense 50v coil power to my knowledge.

Yes, this was a kit a while back from PL. So if I replace that transistor it should work right? How can I test transistors both on that kit PCB and on my power board. How is my knocker coil getting 50 VDC then? Thanks for all the help!

#6396 4 years ago

How do you test transistors? How do I know if these are NPN or PNP?

2 weeks later
#6533 4 years ago

This is a MET thread, take your LED OCD to a different thread please.

#6551 4 years ago
Quoted from tigerpin:

Adjust the height of the post. Most likely need to lower it. Also check the level of the back of the playfield.

How do you adjust the height of the post? I thought once you change the plastic post to the metal post the height is dictated by the length of the armature and not adjustable.

Quoted from yzfguy:

I changed my post out to the metal one and only very very rarely get a bounce back now. Love it.

Do you have to remove the assembly from underneath the playfield to change the post?

1 week later
#6646 4 years ago

People have mentioned several times about Mylar in the shooter lane. Is there a specific one or is it just a sheet cut to size? Link for the correct product would be appreciated. Thanks.

#6662 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

I'm not aware of pre-cut shooter lane mylar, but it's easy to do. However, I would recommend going a different way: Hard As Nails.
Stern puts just enough clear coat on the playfield to cover the smooth veneer playfield surface, but it's not enough for the shooter lane which is created by digging into the rougher layers of the playfield. Hard As Nails smooths out a shooter lane to eliminate rough areas that accumulate dirt and grime, making it easier to keep clean and looks factory original... actually better. Mylar is guaranteed to dull over time.

So just apply a coat or two with a small brush in the shooter lane? How long to dry before use? Never heard of this method before.

#6716 4 years ago

You can download the full manuals on Sterns website. It sucks because they should include the full printed manual but we live in a electronic world.

#6742 4 years ago

Hey man I like Journey too. Neil Schonne!

1 week later
#6875 4 years ago

I finally made it to End Of The Line but failed miserably. All I can remember is that it was timed and I was supposed to hit lit shots. After it timed out, I was like that's IT??? Probably need to hit the shots better next time IF I can make it there again. Almost need a second person there to tell you what to shoot for.

2 weeks later
#7013 4 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

I just bought a short LED strip from Comet and stuck it in the apron where the balls drain. Lights up the area rather well.

What did you plug the LED strip into? Have a picture of how it looks? Thanks.

#7018 4 years ago

What color did you use, RGB color changing? What did you plug it into? Thanks!

#7041 4 years ago
Quoted from trimoto:

Well I just had the worst thing happened on my game it is a pro made Apr 8 2015 HUO, maybe 1000 Play. The Play field art is popping off in dime size peaces and decals are falling off ...
I sure hope stern makes this right . These are
Like Comercial grade machin they should hold up to lots of abuse.

Just started doing this after 1000 plays? No signs prior? This is really concerning because mine was produced on April 15, 2015, and mine has no signs of chipping or decals, but if it happens with more plays just seems weird. Good luck getting that then care of.

1 month later
#7566 4 years ago

So what's your trick?

#7577 4 years ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

theres a video floating around ill see if i can find and link it.. you have to have the service rails you cant do it with just the pegs, slide the playfield all the way in to the hump, rest it on the service rails, then use one arm to push down lifting the rear up the little needed to go over the hump... slides right back in

I thought you had a better way with just the pegs. I knew the trick with the service rails, but I have yet to just "slam" it over the hump, doesn't seem right. Also very uncomfortable going to the side and lifting the rear to get over it as well. Stupid design.

1 month later
#8110 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

What this here?
» YouTube video

Musically it sounds great, lyrically not a big fan of how James sings ever since St. Anger. Seems choppy and forced. I can't explain it, early Metallica was ground breaking and Bob Rock changed how James approaches singing and not for the better IMO.

#8148 4 years ago

Live stream is awesome! Im jealous of all you Minneapolis folk who could have seen this show. First time they played Hard Wired live and it sounded great. Cant wait for the new album, Metallica is still kicking ASS!!!

#8382 4 years ago

Installing mylar on a new game for home use is absurd. None of my game have mylar installed and my games look brand new except for some dimpling. I would not buy anything from Stern until they get these issues resolved.

3 months later
#8942 3 years ago

I think Stern is interested is investing more time in this game as the license has been extended and they will be making more. Make the code better and that turns into a lot more. Band member modes in conjunction with Blackened would be cool. I'm sure there's more that could be done.

1 month later
#9311 3 years ago

What Mylar or what custom cut piece do you use to protect the shooter lane and does anybody have any pictures of it installed? Thanks.

#9379 3 years ago

Where did you get the cling clear protectors? Just a sheet and custom cut to fit?

#9381 3 years ago

Where did you get the cling material?

1 week later
#9716 3 years ago

All this cliffys talk is non sense. I don't have any cliffy's installed in any of my machines and they look fine. You have it in a home environment and it won't see nearly the plays as a routed machine. Just play the damn thing!

#9825 3 years ago

Can someone explain the importance of the pops? I think it has something to do with increasing increasing the fuel lane value or something like that. Each time you hit the pops it counts piston hits right? Those animations in the pops never made sense to me.

#9846 3 years ago

Can someone explain the number of pop number hits and how it relates to anything else?

#9848 3 years ago

I suppose also the number of fuel lane hits, besides awarding a blown piston, doubles the playfield scoring at that time? The whole fuel lane and targets is still not clear.

1 week later
#10100 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

That board makes a world of difference.

How does the Pinovator board change the sound from say a easy hookup with the alligator clips on the speaker to the sub? Is it really noticeable and in what way? Clearer, more bass, more treble? I think it sounds pretty good with just the alligator clips, what am I missing out on? Thanks.

#10133 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I didn't install a new socket, I used a white, LED strip there. The wires run under the play Field behind the standup target and then alligator clip to the GI bulb closest. Quick and easy and a real Improvement.

Did you use the matrix system connectors and strips from Comet? So you ran the wires underneath the playfield at the back there underneath that plastic? Nice addition.

2 weeks later
#10279 3 years ago

If I recall, Shortest Straw is a great replacement time wise, otherwise The Thing That Should Not Be.

1 month later
#10605 3 years ago

This thread is sooo long and I don't want to go through all the posts but I was asking if there is a way to adjust the flipper button tension. My other games flip so easy, nice and loose, but when I play my MET it feels like I have to push the buttons so hard. Do I just adjust the leaf spring switches? I hate to mess with the switches much but if that's the solution I guess that's what I have to do.

#10606 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Now that I'm basically done with Alien I'm ready to get back to my own pinball projects again, and that means finishing the Metallica mod I've had sitting half done for the last two years ...

What is it? Give us a hint. Hopefully it will be for both the premium and pro versions.

#10639 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Really are two options here.
1 - replace the buttons
2 - disassemble the buttons and fix them
For some reason some buttons have a little extra slag on them from the mfg process. This slag creates a tighter fit and can even make some buttons stick. I've had a couple of them of which I've just taken them apart and sanded the inner areas that slide on each other and that's fixed them all. Once you get it apart you'll see it but for the most part it's the cup that normally has some extra plastic that rubs against the button itself.

Thanks I'll give that a try first or replace the buttons. It's hard to believe the leaf switches could give that much tension and adjusting them was what was suggested previously.

1 week later
#10714 3 years ago

What's the best way to access that switch in the snake? My snake has been acting weird lately too, I make the shot and no snake letter awarded but game senses ball there and spits it back out.

#10716 3 years ago

I figured that much but still hard to get to. I think I would have to remove the switch in order to tweak the arm. It has those small hex screws and that's it.

1 week later
#10762 3 years ago

That green looks awesome, much better than the purple.

1 week later
#10805 3 years ago

I think it happens on all Sterns once in a while. I think the ball ejects too hard and pops back into the trough and then on the next cycle it kicks 2 balls out sometimes.

#10807 3 years ago

If you find a good solution or if anybody knows why it happens for sure please chime in. I guess it's a free multiball but still...

1 month later
#11009 3 years ago
Quoted from jeston:

Did anybody here managed to install a real knocker on their Metallica?
I'm trying to install it on my ProLED, but I can't get it to work.
My wiring is this :
Q24 from the connector under play field to the step up board IN (P1)
20V from J7/p10 to the step up board 20V (p2)
Ground is correctly wired from the speaker frame to the step up board (p3)
Coil to the step up board SOL (p4)
50V from J10/p9 to the step up board (p5) and the coil trough a 3ampSB FUSE
I checked for voltages at the step up board connector, my readings are correct (I think)
P1 0.1v
P2 22v
P3 beeps to mesh wire in continuity
P4 beeps to continuity with coil
P5 reads 72v (same as on the sparky step up board)
I set-up the Q24 (option#44?) to knocker
I disabled the knocker sound.
My awards are set to credits.
Still, can't get the damn thing to knock either in test mode or in game.
I can still get the sound though.
Any clues ?
Coils aren't polarized right? (Coil diode has been removed)

I was hoping someone would just start making some real knocker kits. Demand would be huge. SAM or SPIKE systems please.

#11069 3 years ago

I did, Axel Pose pulled his leaving shit and Metallica blew them away anyway.

3 weeks later
#11271 3 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

You should get the $5 skull insert instead

Is this a decal or does it go in the insert from below?

1 week later
#11367 3 years ago
Quoted from nighttaco:

What's a good color to change the Sparky Led spotlights to? Or is white the best?

I have a blue flasher on the left side and kept the white in the other, I think it looks great. Not so blinding when the sequence for Sparky multiball goes.

2 months later
#11921 2 years ago

I just recently installed the cliffy protector in the mystery hole of my pro and now it seems to reject shots to it. It has to be a very direct shot and it will go in, but it seems harder, it seems like it gets rejected more than it should. Anybody else experience this effect?

1 week later
#12043 2 years ago

Who sells the mantis protector for the mystery hole and is it better than the cliffy protector?

1 month later
#12271 2 years ago
Quoted from mattosborn:

Ho, ho, ho... here's a holiday freebie.
I wasn't happy with the uneven lighting of the four lights (cross, electric chair switch, coffin, and snake) down by the flippers. So I designed a light holder for all four lights that centers them on their inserts so you get even illumination.

I left off the holes on the mounting tabs because it appears that Stern was not very precise/consistent about where they screwed in the 4 light mounts. So I leave it up to you to drill the bracket where you want them. I was able to use one of the existing screw holes on my playfield (and carefully tapped a new hole for the other side). Also, to make printing easier, the mounting tabs are thicker than the originals, so you'll have to use screws that are ~1/4" longer.
Just remove the four old light mounts that are haphazardly screwed in, and replace with the new one-piece holder. Clip your lights in and you're done.
Here's a pic of the old mounts and the new printed replacement:

You can download the STL file from my site if you'd like to print your own:
I've printed up an extra one. First person to reply here can have it for free. I pay shipping.

How do I create one of these with just a print? What material are you using to make the mount and where do you get it? Good idea, thanks!

#12273 2 years ago

Over my head. Do you plan on making more and selling some?

2 months later
#12858 2 years ago

The LE is the Master of Puppets translight, not the monsters right?

1 week later
#12940 2 years ago

^^Could you please explain further.

4 weeks later
#13220 2 years ago

Yeah Lars’ call outs suck, especially when he says “Hey Kid ....” Can’t stand that one, didn’t they know it would be played by adults too? Stupid as shit.

1 month later
#13483 2 years ago

Where would I get the mantis style scoop protector? I have the cliffy and I think it makes the scoop shot a little harder.

#13486 2 years ago

From the looks of it, the mantis protector really doesn’t protect the play field right at the scoop that much does it? How could this be better than the cliffy?

4 months later
#14361 1 year ago

Just so I’m clear, the game adjustment for grave marker type changes what? The animation for the grave marker for normal would be the cross and RIP for the tombstone?

2 weeks later
#14466 1 year ago

Anybody have an extra clear sparky protector or know where I can get one? The original one I got from Rickwh broke on the left side and could use a replacement. Thanks.

#14470 1 year ago

That’s correct I want the extended plastic. Mezel Mods doesn’t have them in stock and Pinbits website is down. Any extras?

#14472 1 year ago

Can you get just the single sparky protector or I thought you have to order the set which comes with some sling plastics too?

4 weeks later
#14902 1 year ago

Uploaded the new code and all good, this game kicks more ass. Just wondering if colorDMD knows of a coloring issue when feature adjustment #125 Grave Marker Type is set to RIP tombstone instead of normal. I changed this setting to RIP Tombstone to check it out, and when the ball ends the bonus screen is not colored. Since they have to update for the new code anyway, they should fix this too.

#14978 1 year ago

Aurich, just spill the beans already.

2 months later
#15850 1 year ago
Quoted from ED-209:

I’ve see quite a few posts where people say just getting an external sub didn’t help much, while a lot of other posts say it definitely makes it a lot better.

A external Polk PSW10 will make any pinball machine sound awesome.

1 month later
#16085 1 year ago

Damn! That was one hell of a game. I can’t even get 1 billion and I own one. Nice job!

5 months later
#16709 1 year ago
Quoted from sohchx:

What is the latest revision and have songs become switchable between balls yet? That single thing has always been my biggest complaint. I don't want to play the same song throughout the entire game.

If your doing any good on the game then you will be changing the music constantly between the the multiballs and crank it up modes. Choosing a single song isn’t a big deal for me because of this.

3 months later
1 week later
#17114 8 months ago

Recently I have been having an issue when playing a game. If I hit one of the grave targets it has been starting master of puppets or graveyard multiball instead of knocking all 3 down plus additional hit/s. What could be causing this premature multiball?

1 week later
#17171 8 months ago

If your only hearing the song that you chose at the beginning of the game and a occasional crank it up, your not playing MET. Sparky multiball-Ride the Lighting, Graveyard multiball-Master of Puppets, Snake mutilball-Am I Evil? (on my game anyway), Coffin multiball-Shortest Straw, band member mode-Blackened, insert mode-Seek and Destroy, Fuel mode-Fuel, etc. Your doing good if you are changing songs during the game.

2 months later
#17439 6 months ago
Quoted from derekbro:

They are amazing make Metallica really pop. Also the UV hooked up to sparky is really cool.[quoted image]

That’s a pretty sweet lookin MET!

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