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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#243 6 years ago

Lets hope so

#252 6 years ago

''Go get em PK''

4 months later
#523 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I agree. I mean I know that some of the call outs aren't great, but to be honest, I'm more forgiving just because I know it's really them. I think it's pretty cool that they got so involved in the pin.

Same here... and i think it as put presure on Stern to make a nice game,the fact that MetallicA got involved
and that James is a fan of Pinball!

3 weeks later
#546 6 years ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

I made up some fangs. It just slides between the metal bracket and snakes head and clips on. Play testing now.

image-688.jpg 1 MB

I want!!!

6 months later
#717 5 years ago

1 Year and Still on my Honeymoon with Met !

Lyman's doing awesome job with the mods,Love the Toys to death,this Pin is my Dream Pin Theme
And Dream Pin Gameplay/code !

Hammer was weird till the new Boards now it's awesome with that cool sound.

It's never going anywhere,AcDc Luci is a Great Pin but Love My MetallicA 2 times More !

Sparky is the CoOlest and the most beautiful Toy in a Pinball.

Hell Yaaaaa,Still Pumped

2 weeks later
#721 5 years ago

MetallicA Prem/Le owners if you still are struggling with the Hammer here is the link to the Perfect Set-up !


#728 5 years ago

Thanks so very much to Stern...My dream Theme Pin is amazing Lyman on code and Dirty D on Art !

Just c'ant get enough of it.

#731 5 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

my premium will be here in a few days. I never played a pin with a shaker. I will report back after playing a few hours. Thursday or Friday.

#739 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Don't forget MET is now a mostly finished game whereas unfortunately ACDC isn't. I own both and like them a lot, but I do find myself playing MET more because it just feels more diverse and less confining in the rules.

I think ACDC is done Rob.

Love them both and here to stay... but d'ont know why but the Fun factor is a litlle bit higher on Met .

#742 5 years ago


#745 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I think you are absolutely correct as Stern officially sees it. ACDC is done. Whether there is another update is probably going to be something Lyman does on his own time. Regardless if the game still sells well, it's 2 years old and they have new stuff to work on as opposed to spend more time on older product where the code is at a pretty good level. Could it be better? Sure, but right now it's just wishful thinking and only Lyman knows if there will be another update or not. I'm not holding my breath waiting for any more updates. I also passed on ST because of the way the code is and it still hasn't been updated. I'm thinking that game sees one significant update and then it's done too.

I hope Lyman will find time...A little while ago someone on Pinside wrote that he talked with Lyman and
Lyman said he as 3 pages of stuff he would like to do on ACDC.

Lets wish he finds that time

#749 5 years ago
Quoted from Jnewton:

Ha! I've played it quite a bit actually . I'm painting my Sparky as we speak though! The problem with Metallica is I've had months and months of thinking what I want to do to it so my OCD kicks in as soon as I got it and I had to get cracking on it! Fun, fast game and a good departure from my Spider Man, which has longer ball times. I do feel that the up-post gets in the way, that is my only knock on it so far.

I am thinking of getting a SM with my MetallicA and ACDC LUCI but i got offered a HUO Perfect TSPP
D'ont know what to do...If Stern does TWD with LYMAN and BORG again i want it but hve place for only
3 Pinball . Pinball is Fun

#752 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Take it, play it, sell it later if you want something else more. A perfect TSPP will always move.

The thing is it's a Pain in the A to get the Pin on the second floor of my house,i know ACDC and MetallicA
aint going nowhere,i will give me the end of the week to think this over.

I play SM on my Mame Aracde,i know it aint the same but gives me idea of the music sound and gameplay a little
and i like it a lot...i have try to install TSPP but i c'ant and d'ont know why Grrrr

#772 5 years ago

Ya ya when Lyman will have time he has got 3 pages of stuff he would like to do bla bla bli bla blou !

Hope your right and see it someday soon but anyway's AcDc aint leaving anytime soon .

#774 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

There may be future updates but acdc code is fantastic and the game is definitely not incomplete. Whether or not the designer added some inserts to the play field that the code team use or not isn't relevant. The acdc code is some of the best code ever written for a pinball machine in my opinion (along with Metallica). I consider the code done. Future updates are just a bonus. I believe anyone that feels acdc "needs" a code update falls into the impossible-to-please category.


This is what i think also,i wish sometimes that my English would be better. I understand and read really good but write is a bit hard,that's why i sometimes say +1

3 weeks later
#860 5 years ago
Quoted from yoshootme:

be careful. it will make the other games seem dated. so much to do. so many shots. the sound is incredible. the light show epilepsy causing. I highly recommend the pinnovator headphone jack. in the ciu modes the effects thru the headphones alone is worth the 100 bucks. as much as i love my ac/dc premium (and believe me, I think its an awesome game) , Met is very different in most aspects, superior in almost every way (imho, of course! lol)....


Love my ACDC to Death but MetallicA Simply Amazing,Run to buy one,i sold MB and TOM because
they where not getting played anymore now waiting on a Stern title that i will love and that Lyman will
be working on

#867 5 years ago

i said it before in another Topic,My dream theme was MetallicA for years i wished for it to be made

But i never dreamed it could looked that Amazing (Thanks to Dirty Donny) never dreamed it would
play that Great and have some many Satisfying shots like this (Thanks to Borg and Lyman )

MetallicA is the Pinball i want to be buried in

Now i c'ant wait to see what title Sterns will be announcing next i heard Borg and Lyman will be up next
I wonder if they are already working on it while IM and MM will be on the Line ? Maybe we will
get finished codes already in there

It was well worth the wait with MetallicA codes, even the Light show is awesome love the new
Stern technologie but wait 1 year for code is freakin loooog just ask Hitler!

#869 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I played MET at the Nwest pinball show right after it was released and I thought it was ok, but with the new coding the game is over the top. MET is an easy top 5 game in my book now!
(pic is my daughter and I at the show in 2013)

Lovely Pic i had 2 boys i hope they will make a little girl soon, i can say that this is my biggest regrets in life is
not having a daughter .

2 weeks later
#932 5 years ago
Quoted from callmesteam:

Anyone checked out Sparky's MDM mod? I'm testing one out and its really cool. All my guests are going nuts over it. Lots of variety to the images, big enough to see, but small enough that it doesn't block anything... Pretty cool... http://sparkypinball.com/metallica-mdm

OOooo That is nice !

I love that game so much it's insane !

2 months later
#1356 5 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

would you L.E./premium owners replace your hammer with this? I was wondering if any modders would do a replacement, but this is not what I expected!
ebay.com link » Metallica Pinball Hammer Replacement Mod Premium Le

Never ... That is Ugly as Fuk

The hammer is from And justice for all
That this is from Ugly Land !!!

Sorry to be so negative about this but
C'mon.... Pffff

3 weeks later
#1524 5 years ago
Quoted from Jnewton:

This is what I did to mine...

LoOks great,Where can i get this ? Thanks

4 months later
#2523 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

slows the game down, blocks middle of pf, not worth the money.
the LED lightshow and coding on the other hand, FANTASTIC

Been playing it since the game came out and The Hammer does not block anything and is a Great Toy,Smashing Balls into the Playfield is awesome...worth the money,Love It !

#2528 4 years ago

MetallicA pin is the best thing that happend in Pinball
for me .

2 weeks later
#3006 4 years ago

Happy3000 guys !

3000 post and MetallicA is still my number1 game is Freakin awesome,my friends also
feels it's one of the best game ever,TallicAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!

1 month later
#3671 4 years ago

Hey guys i am about to order some Bling for My TallicA and ACDC

I was wondering Pinbal decal and Pinball side Mirror has some Blades but

are they the same quality ?
are they secure companies ?

Side Mirror price is lower then pinball decal but quality and security that i buy and will get them and
without a scratch is also important.

Thanks for the Help

#3673 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I bought all of mine from PinballSideMirrors and the quality is top notch. Good people and product.

Awesome thanks,man i can not wait to see MetallicA with Mirror Blades

#3675 4 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

No need to wait
Mirror blades look great.

Wow hell yaaaaa !

#3676 4 years ago

I ordered at PinballSideMirrors


#3678 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I hope your ordered more then just one set.....your gonna want them for your other 2 games when you see how nice they look in your Met.

Already got them on Tron i was i there when i got it...i have ordered 2 sets for ACDC and Met !

#3704 4 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

I think S&D is fine as is for clearing CIU progress but I wish there was more control over it to let me avoid starting it. Maybe add it to the scoop as an optional CIU mode when it's ready? Then I can choose to NOT start it over and over? I dunno.
Band member modes are a wish but super unlikely.
I know for fact spinner rules are planned, but are coming ???, if ever.
The pistons and fuel lane light rules are so cool in theory but are basically pointless in the present execution - would love to see such a neat rule used to full effect.
My #1:
We need a Death Magnetic song for Coffin MB; FWTBT is used twice in the game, was clearly a placeholder in coffin MB, and has nothing to do with the artwork or theme of the mode. All Nightmare Long seems like a natural fit to me... would LOVE to see this revisited.

Great ideas and for sure all nightmare long would be a great
Fit What a great song that is

1 week later
#3832 4 years ago

Hey guys where can i buy those Metal (switch ball drop) protectors


2 months later
#4485 4 years ago

Everytime people post pics of TallicA i am shocked,Pro Premium or Le they all lOoK freakin awesome
Dirty Donny Lyman and Borg nailed it,best Playing and LoOking Machine ever ! For Me

#4500 4 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

B_R, quit hacking thunderking.

I d'ont see Black Rose around as much anymore

6 months later
#6555 4 years ago

Hey guys I have looked for the link to buy the Orbit Post but I can not find it

Can someone help ?


#6556 4 years ago

Is this the one ?


#6558 4 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I didn't have to make any height adjustments.
Williams/Bally Bell Armature (Plunger) Assembly A-17986
Yes, that is the part.

Thanks so much !

2 weeks later
#6818 3 years ago

Sooooooo 3 years since I bought Metre and still so in Love , my opinion is that it's simply The best !


#6843 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

You need to treat that thing to a colordmd!

I finally get the money .. They are out of stock.

2 months later
#7549 3 years ago
Quoted from V4Vendetta:

My hammer magnet is sitting little bit higher and isn't flush to the playfield. How do I level it out? I looked under the playfield and don't really know what to do. Can someone help me out?

mY Le was the same i did this a few years ago but c'ant remeber how,should be easy if you try hard enough,if i did it everybody can

#7603 3 years ago

Little Band member mode would be the icing on this amazing Cake.

11 months later
#11139 2 years ago

Flipper buzzing ? Crank the volume Up !

7 months later
#12557 2 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I joined the club! A new Premium is on its way to me right now. I’ve been VERY excited counting the minutes until the expected delivery date of this Friday. However today I got some bad news when I checked the online FedEx tracking and saw that it has been delayed due to weather in Salt Lake. What a let down! I don’t see why it’s delayed considering each time I look at the weather app it doesn’t show any big storms in Utah at all. What the hell fedex??!!
On a good note, I’ve purchased a number or mods ahead of time

You will love it ,i own my LE since it came out and still in love with this machine lots of stuff that i love but the inline targets are amazing and the hammer with the sound it makes when it smashes the ball in the playfield is priceless !!!!! Enjoy

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Chattanooga, TN

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