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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#3613 4 years ago

Is it confirmed how long Stern has the license for? I am in a similar position where I'd like to get a Pro currently, but if there is some "Luci"-esque re-run possible for the premium with new cool artwork, I will hold out to see if such a thing arises.

2 weeks later
#3808 4 years ago


A former Bally Williams snob has opened his mind a bit. Metallica is Stern's only game that LOOKS as good as a B/W. Outstanding art package. Long post elsehwere incoming on this change of heart.

Gotta get me a colorDMD in this puppy now

#3811 4 years ago

I thought so too at first, but after playing my friend's refinery MET, it is radically different. While the ramps are in roughly the same place, everything else is different. MET, while a rush and challenging, is easy as pie compared to IM.

I think I give the slight edge to IM for gameplay and replay factor, but MET blows it away from a artwork, sound, rules and in general package.

I am a bit biased as I'm currently modding my IM with my favorite mixtape and music of all time and will soon print out a custom translite to match said music that will make purists' heads explode. It'll be fun to watch.

I feel MET is Borg's best game thus far, even if I personally prefer IM. If that makes sense.

2 weeks later
#3987 4 years ago

While I still love my IM, after digging into the Ruleset (thanks Aurich for linking to the great write up), Metallica has become my favorite Stern.

May be trading my favorite pin of all time (my immaculate TZ) for a MOPLE. I never saw this coming. Metallica is a hell of a game. And I don't even care for the band that much!

1 week later
#4114 4 years ago

Got the ColorDMD installed in my MET pro last night. Deal for a MOPLE fell through, but I'm not too bummed after speaking with a knowledgeable tournament player. He said that sparky wasn't a possible shot from the right flipper on the LE/Premium because of the extra hardware/space the hammer takes up? That's a giant difference and bummer if so.

The dots on MET look amazing in color. The plasma DMDs Stern is using now suck really badly. The dots look so much better on a traditional display (much less in color)! I think Metallica is behind only LOTR and X-Men as far as dot work is concerned on Stern pins. Looks amazing.


1 week later
#4250 4 years ago

Can someone explain Blackened to me?

I've read on multiple ruler sheets it involves finishing the hurry ups, but nowhere says how to start them. I have started countless coffin hurry ups, but no Blackened. Is it specific combos that light the hurry ups required for Blackened?

#4253 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Nothing to do with hurry ups. You have to hit the standup targets to collect the guitar picks. Collect enough and you light a band member. Light all the band members and you start Blackened.

Seek and Destroy, then? The one that involves hurry ups.

I have started it only once and had no idea how I got it.

#4293 4 years ago


Had a monster game this afternoon. 95M on Enter Sandman CIU alone. Getting to End Of The Line is gonna take an eternity to reach it feels like. I've yet to start a 3rd CIU.

2 weeks later
#4384 4 years ago

Just took the plunge and put down the money to trade in my Met Pro LED toward a new run of the premium. Should be here in 3 weeks.

Have almost the cost of a LE into the thing, but MET has become my favorite pin in the last 2 months since I got the pro and I wanted all the extras of the premium.

Funny too cause prior to the pin I wasn't even that big of a fan of the band. I got the S&M album for my 13th birthday and that was my only exposure or knowledge of the group prior to the pin. Lot has changed over 2 months

#4401 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

Thanks in advance. I'd love to see Blackened some day and the default setting makes that pretty much impossible.

Not to sound like a jerk, but I like to keep the settings factory and have very difficult goals that are seemingly impossible in front of me.

Never thought I'd finish Jericho on IM, but I never changed the settings on my machine and played harder and got better at nudging and finally beat it.

#4402 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

Thanks in advance. I'd love to see Blackened some day and the default setting makes that pretty much impossible.

Not to sound like a jerk, but I like to keep the settings factory and have very difficult goals that are seemingly impossible in front of me.

Never thought I'd finish Jericho on IM, but I never changed the settings on my machine and played harder and got better at nudging and finally beat it.

2 weeks later
#4470 4 years ago

Just traded my pro in for a NIB premium. Someone started a rumor that the new run of premiums would have metallic, foiled artwork like IMVE, that is false. Cab is identical to the pro.

First time seeing the premium translite in person. Million times better than the pro and I even like it more than the LE. image.jpg

#4481 4 years ago
Quoted from moto_cat:

What's the build date?

8/26/15. No decal issues. Knock on wood.

1 month later
#4658 4 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

I am of the understanding that the black factory rubbers for the Metallica can potentially stain the play field and they should be changed. What have people changed them to? and is polyurethane rubbers ok? Color suggestions please.

Black rubbers make the playfield dirtier than white rubbers, but it can easily be cleaned without "staining" it. White rubbers provide more bounce and make games more difficult.

6 months later
#6851 3 years ago

What do HUO monster premiums go for? I'm keeping MET one way or another, but was curious on the current market.

#6909 3 years ago
Quoted from attitude05:

I just got my Met Pro NIB last month and I added a shaker and the sound activated LED kit to the speakers and back part of the playfield. I don't want to over do it but what other mods are popular?

I like the Sparky EL wire kit for his helmet. While pricey a ColorDMD is worthwhile on Metallica. This game has awesome dots and they look phenomenal in color.

Snake tongue decal and teeth are good too

#6942 3 years ago

Moved to a new house in December and am just getting a pin set up. Will have a proper game room constructed or enclose the garage at some point, but that's a way man out so I needed at least one in the house. Good to have MET back up, have missed this game!

Question: has anyone replaced any of the three R/B/W lights tied to the color changing modes? Are they jus standard LEDs? I was wanting to replace one of the colors if it's as easy as swapping the bulbs out.


2 weeks later
#7093 3 years ago

Question on MET premium, I know it's been discussed but figured it would be faster to ask again than search 7000+ posts.

Some of the balls in the game are magnetized and throwing off the coffin lock. Does replacing the hammer block with a captive ball + powerball assembly (I think that's what people were doing?) prevent or just cut down on ball magnetization?

I figured between the coffin lock magnet and cross and sparky magnets, it is inevitable that the balls will get magnetized after a while.

Also is there a multiball that is most beneficial to stack with Coffin? I usually just shoot for whatever one is closest to activating before the coffin multiball ball save runs out.

1 month later
#7309 3 years ago

Getting phantom snake hits and the error "snake jaw can't close" on my premium. I think the snake jaw has had the error since I got the game; phantom hits are new. Anyone had similar issues/advice on where to start?

2 months later
#8188 3 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Regarding the latest PRO version with LEDs...What about this "light show" of the Premium vs the PRO? Is that still the case now that the PRO has LEDs? Does the PRO wih LEDs have the same "light show" now that it comes with LEDs?

The premium/LE has multicolor LEDs in the arrow inserts and GI and change depending on mode(s) running, combos and other things. Pretty standard across premium/LEs from 2012 onward. Looks really good on Metallica considering the great PF art it's cast on.

4 months later
#9051 2 years ago

Anyone bought or sold a HUO premium lately? I may be getting rid of my MET monsters and wanted to know the market

2 weeks later
#9262 2 years ago

Anyone with a Prem/LE have an issue with the left flipper rubber gromet in the flipper assembly getting worn in from the Mystery hole firing balls at it when a game is over/during multiball start. My left flipper isn't staying properly aligned and noticed the rubber part of the assembly is worn into it from the constant bashing from the mystery hole.

#9314 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

I've dropped so many quarters into this game at the local arcade. I have decided to join the club in the next month with an NIB Premium Monsters. Are there certain runs of this game/serial numbers that should be avoided because of playfield issues? I've looked at most of this thread and noticed some people having bad playfield chipping problems with only a few weeks play on the machine. I assume the sparky airball protector and magnet mylar/cliffys really help that problem, but I just want to make sure there wasn't a bad batch of play fields that got out into the wild.
I'm really looking forward to getting a fast and furious game like this in my lineup.

Seems like all of Stern's games that came out in 2016 were very hit or miss with play field/clearcoat quality.

BM66s are coming out with issues now as well...so I don't know that anything built this year will be any better

2 months later
#10671 2 years ago

I see the stickies post about replacing songs in the game and am gonna get around to taking out One and The Unforgiven (great songs but too mellow for the pin)..is there a way to manually change the text in the Jukebox/song selector as well? Or are you stuck with the stock song names?

5 months later
#11736 2 years ago

Have owned MET for nearly two years and up till today have never heard Kirk (I think?)say after draining a ball "I'm not a great player, but you're playing like shit". Lmao.

Still love the game, considered selling it at a few points but glad I hung on to it. The reward of getting a monster score with all the right modes running together is a rush.

4 weeks later
#11918 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Was looking at selling mine towards a SW premium. Just can't decide, and Metallica is all the guests favorite. How do you all play it to keep it fresh? I find myself always playing it a couple ways, but yet it's got a lot of adrenaline to make it exciting.

I always aim to try to get as many points out of CIU modes as possible, as opposed to doing the bare minimum to chop away to reach the Wizard mode. The sound effect and score payout for really blowing up a mode is incredibly satisfying. Set 200M on For Whom a The Bell Tolls earlier. Also had Blackened and Seek and Destroy running. It was a rush.

Alternatively - don’t play MET for a few weeks or longer (play your other pins) then revisit it. When you do, did you miss playing it/does it feel fresh again?

MET is a game that a bunch of my friends have had for years and insist is going nowhere. A few have sold it and bought it back. I wouldn’t let it go unless you are absolutely over it.

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