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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#13269 1 year ago

I picked a pro up recently myself and I am intrigued by the spinner mod for it. Curious to know if there is a known source for the two plastics that need to be modified. Full Premium/LE plastic sets aren't available from Marco any longer and I'd rather not cut my plastics up.

#13277 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Spinners are cool for sure and look great but the code isn’t supported for the PRO. All that they do is advance pick targets to collect band members quicker.

I understand they aren't integrated, I just love spinners And in-line drop targets! Loving my MET!

2 weeks later
#13387 1 year ago

Pinside lists the average price between $4620 - $5380. I'd assume that is without the Total Lightshow. I'd have to think you'd get north of $5K for a nice HUO with the lightshow on it. Like koos said though, mod's can be a tough sell as potential buyers will likely not value them the same as you would. If you're not happy with what people are offering you could remove the modes and sell them separately.

#13390 1 year ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

Nice work !
I also created a do it yourself video on how to do this with spray media if anyones interested.
» YouTube video

It has been a little better than an a year and half... how has it held up? Any idea how many plays you have on it?

#13467 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Thanks. I contacted him as they are currently out of stock. Fingers crossed. Ew accidental pun

Would be nice to be able to buy the file from him and print it yourself... no reason for this to be ‘out of stock’ when you can take it down to local library and have it printed.

#13507 1 year ago
Quoted from trilamb:

Joined the club over the weekend. My first pin!

Congrats, nice Ken Taylor print!

#13531 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

85vett I love how your son decides to react like his sister....cracks me up.


That really cracked me up. My soon to be 11 and 13 year old girls could care less about pinball, I envy you .

#13534 1 year ago

Do all Metallica's have LED DMD's from Stern or do the older/wooden speaker panel's have a plasma? I've got a wooden one and plan on putting in a SmartDMD or ColorDMD solution and would like to roll my own Run-DMD and was hoping to use the DMD from my MET. If it is LED I understand I can just use the 5V supply directly form the Run-DMD board, otherwise I need to power the DMD separately if I'm not mistaken.

#13549 1 year ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

Are the LEDs in the MET Pro LED model color,changing LEDs? Any other significant differences between the original MET Pro and the MET Pro LED?

Different speaker panel, wood on the old, metal on the new. So if you are planning on adding a ColorDMD there is an additional cost to accommodate the metal one.

#13561 1 year ago

The Metallica Monsters Premium Translite showed up on Marco's recently (Thanks dcfan for pointing this out in another thread), apparently this is rare and well priced at $149 for those interested. I really do like this artwork over the pro artwork but at about $280CDN to get it shipped here after taxes and exchange that is a hard to justify expense. $38.99 shipping is really killer... anyone local want to order a couple and share the shipping cost? Could tempt me


#13563 1 year ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

It’s out of stock.

Was just headed back to the thread to post the same thing... didn't last long.

1 week later
#13626 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

You can get a super super skill shot by holding the left flipped button and do a softer plunge. You get the ball to go into the upper roll over lane that’s lit. This is tough because the post doesn’t go up and notoriously you plunge too soft and the ball comes back down, or too hard and it trickles around the orbit...sometimes so slow that you miss getting the normal super skill shot.

I always feel like this is the 'cheaters' way of getting the Super Skill shot until I try it and soft plunge back into the shooter lane!

#13639 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

ebay.com link » Metallica Pinball Top Board Piece Free Shipping
They have it listed as pinball top board.

"Like new condition! Has some minor defects and is a factory second"

It has chunks missing out of it! That isn't minor in my opinion.

#13649 1 year ago

Anyone have a spare plastic set put away they may want to sell by chance? I'd like to add the spinners to my Pro but would like to be able to remove them if I don't like them and put the original plastics back on. I found one vendor online who has inventory but they don't ship to Canada.

#13656 1 year ago
Quoted from Nemesis:

Beer me, just joined this week. Thank you Matt. Looks like I missed the mad rush on Metallica mods, luckily this game already had a bunch. Where can I find the spinner kit mod? Thanks!

Depends on how much work you want to do and how far you want to take it, in kit form:


You can piece it together yourself with parts from pinball life, though your spinner stickers won't match that kit, you can always order the spinner stickers from the Prem/LE though and use those.

Or if you want to take it all the way and tie the spinners into the total lightkit go here...


LED's sold separately

#13682 1 year ago

Just changed out the rubber rings on mine with Titan rings, pretty sure they weren't changed in 5 years. Really like the look of the clear rubbers on the slings. Went with orange rubber for the flipper bats, I bought, blue, black, purple, orange and clear. Thought the orange looked the best. The purple Titan's didn't look good at all, the purple Super Bands look much better.

While reassembling the right ramp I lost the back left most screw the screws into a post by sparky to help anchor the ramp, I dropped it into the game while manoeuvring around the switch and the game swallowed it... anyone know the spec on that screw? The right ramp assembly in the manual appears to only show the screws that hold the plastic on

#13684 1 year ago
Quoted from ktm450:

It’s the same as the left screw, I took my ramp off yesterday to change the rubbers to titans also. Both screws that hold up the back of the ramp are the same size and length.

Guess I could have tried that Thanks! I'll grab that one and take it to the hardware store and see if I can match it.

#13686 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

personally, I would [find] that screw before re-powering on your game. a lot of bad things can happen if it wound up in an area where it can short something out. just use a big magnet inside your cabinet and sweep around with it

agree, i spent a long time looking for it last night but couldn't find it, don't have a magnet up to the task though so that is on the list for picking up today. I'm also worried about the ball finding it and it scratching things.

#13688 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

My Sparky either doesn't/or just barely shakes his head when getting electrocuted. Any ideas?

Don't forget to wet the sponge!

Sorry, I'm no actual help

#13709 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I think it's time to change out the rubbers on my METLE. Are some kits better than others. Also, what balls that are currently available should I be looking at?

I followed this chart for my pro, all Titan rings. I'm happy with the look and feel for sure. Shipping was super fast too.


Not sure how much is different, if any at all? On the PREM/LE though.

#13711 1 year ago
Quoted from ktm450:

Just be aware that chart has the 2 rings on the exit of the top rollover lanes with the wrong size rubber. They should be 5/16 i.d. not 7/16 o.d. The posts are slightly larger on the bottom.

The link to google doc has them corrected.

#13714 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Anyone know roughly when Stern will stop producing MET?
I'm planning to get one NIB, but have to sell one of my current games first. Can't yet decide what I'm willing to part with. Most likely TWD since it's such a drain fest!

I'd love your TWD, but it will be another year before I have the funds for it Anything I've read doesn't leave me to believe there will be NIB MET's that long though. I'm not sure anyone can actually say with any confidence though if they don't know when the license ends. Stern would make them as long as they can sell them one would think.

#13719 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

It's a tough decision.. I currently have AFMr up for sale, but have been playing it lately and am starting to reconsider.

That AFMr would be tough to part with for me, love that game so much. Haven't played the re-make yet, but such a classic pin, you've got MMr too, LOTR and DI, TWD, really, really nice collection. Can't squeeze the MET in there somewhere and keep them all?

#13784 1 year ago
Quoted from Draegermeister:

I love my Metallica Premium. But, is anyone else OCD about the left ramp being cool with the stylized "M" cut out and expecting the right ramp to have a stylized Metallica "A." You use the ramps to spell Metallica, so why not have the M and the A. Someone get me a replacement right ramp with an "A" laser cut instead of a second M.

I think of the M as more of a monogram, so it doesn’t bother me. M-A would have me looking for the rest of the letters.

Side note. I installed the DIY version of the spinner mod tonight. I wasn’t convinced it would make shooting band members all that much easier but after about 10 games or so if i can say it certainly does make it a lot easier to collect them. Not sure what I think about that. I’ve had MET for a couple of months now and have only managed to get to Blackened once so it would be nice to see more frequently.

Ultimate goal is purchase Total Lightshow and that I believe removes the scoring aspect of the spinners and just adds sound if I’m not not mistaken. The sound is so subtle currently I’m not enjoying ripping that ball through the spinners as much as I thought I would have.

#13813 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Man that looks like my shooter rod, and I want one! Do you have the file?

This one?


#13826 1 year ago
Quoted from mattosborn:

So the spinners now award the pick shots? I don't think I like that....

That is exactly what happens... if you get the Total Lightshow kit and use the add-on board you can eliminate that.

#13841 1 year ago

I swapped to a metal post and I do get the occasional bounce back where it does not go into the pop's but it was a great improvement.

#13853 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Meallica Premium snake mouth switch. Normally closed and opens when the jaw is hit, is this correct?
I'm seeing rare occurrences where the ball goes in the snake mouth and is immediately spit out, but the shot doesn't count for anything and there's no sound/light effect either.

Not quite sure of the differences between the Pro and Premium but was the green light lit above the snakes head prior to shooting the snake? On the pro sometimes I find you have to shoot the snake just to get one of the snake inserts to light at which point it behaves like you've described except it actually lights some of the snake inserts, but nothing happening on the DMD or lights on the actual snake scoop. Then you need shoot one of the lit snake shots before you can shoot the actual snake and actually score a letter. Might that be the case on the Premium too?

1 week later
#13894 1 year ago

This is some must watch stuff for any MET beginners out there.

I've been playing for a couple of months now and my GC score is still only 343MM. I watched the video the other day and actually took away a couple of things I hadn't learnt on my own. That being when you start multiball hitting the 4 pick targets lights the snake for an add-a-ball. I knew there was an add-a-ball to all the multi-balls but I didn't know how I was getting it. Now that I know how to do it I actually focus on it whenever I start my multi-ball. The other thing I picked up was how to start the hurry-up, again I knew I was getting hurry ups but I wasn't doing it intentionally. Learning how to do that intentionally will allow you to collect your items faster and get into Crank It Up faster. All the points are in Crank It Up.

I know this game is 5 years old but for those who have just picked it up (Like me!) this is an awesome video.

#13896 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

That also gives you double scoring So with that, and double scoring at FUEL, welcome to the “Jack F**king Pot” club! Best call out in the game.

That explains his comment in the video where he mentions a good call out for 4x... I've heard the call out a number of times but once again hadn't figured out why I was getting it. I knew FUEL gave me 2X so I try and start multi-ball when that is running, but now even more reason to shoot those pick targets during MB. Great game!

#13914 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Where are the 2-1/2"'s used on the pro?!
[quoted image]

Check the sheet here:


Everything lined up for me using this.

#13934 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Every time you spell FUEL the piston target will be lit for double scoring (purple insert). Spelling FUEL also lights the next insert on the fuel gauge in the center of the playfield. Filling that gauge starts the fuel mode, but is not required for the normal 20-second double scoring.
EDIT: I looked at the wiki rulesheet. The piston shot does other things too, including awarding a bonus from the pop bumpers (those smaller circle inserts) and awarding a blown piston if it's used as a combo. Ten blown pistons lights the extra ball. Unless you happen to be very close it's only worth shooting to start double scoring.

I love shooting the Piston Target on any balls returned to the flipper from the right ramp, I find it a very gratifying shot. I also find it very safe to shoot for. Occasionally I will fire it into the left sling when I miss and that will end up in the Snake for a nice accidental shot. I have my game set to default settings so there are not a lot extra balls available and I can use all the ones I can get, though that one I seldom receive... I should really stop shooting for it

2 weeks later
#14028 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Ok, so the next question
How many of you reach Blackened or Seek and Destroy?
Blackened seems tougher to get to... S&D not too bad if you concentrate on completing the ramp inserts.
I love the S&D music intro! Blackened is very cool too!

I’ve reached both a handful of times, all when my score exceeds 200MM it seems, high score is only ~325MM with all default settings though and haven’t sniffed EOTL yet.

#14064 1 year ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Thanks, DNA and Wild Bill, for your input!
Frankly, I don't know how I'll proceed. I typically like the look of LCD color DMDs when I see them on location. Still, I may get an LED display instead. Why? Well, I really don't want the shadow of the display taunting me at the foot of the translite.
Call me crazy!

I just put an LCD in mine and I’ll be changing to a LED, shadow drives me nuts.

#14070 1 year ago

Check this thread for some pics [Not my machine]


I think the issue may be exasperated by the backbox LED lights as that is what I have in mine... mine is also the SmartDMD LCD which may protrude a little higher, I can lower it some, but in the end will go LED.

#14074 1 year ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Hit 1 each
Then scoop and it should let ya have the option to cash out.

To add to this the blue light over the scoop should be on after you’ve accomplished this... if the light isn’t on you haven’t made all your shots.

#14078 1 year ago

Premium translite is back in stock at Marco's.


Dirty Donny is headed to the Ottawa Pinball Show http://www.ottawapinball.com/opgs , I hope it arrives before then so I can get it signed!

#14086 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Figured it out from the peeps at tilt forums:
Ending a combo in the FUEL lane will award a blown piston if the appropriate pop bumper hits have been completed.
10 blown pistons lights extra ball.
If you have three lights lit on the piston shot and end a combo there you should get three blown pistons, but there is a bug where you do not. You always get just 1 blown piston no matter how many lights are lit / flashing. I asked Lyman about it and he said, “I thought I fixed that. I will look into that bug again.”

Another MET release would be cool! In the 3+ months I've owned my MET I've only gotten the Extra Ball from Blown Pistons twice I think, maybe 3 times. Getting 3 Blown Pistons for hitting the show when all are lit would be quite helpful!

#14089 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Agreed. Now that I know more about the rules I wonder if I’ll be able to get that extra ball. Haven’t been close yet. Been close on the combos one, but haven’t got that one either. I need all three EBs to even have a shot at end of the line.

Glad I'm not the only one who hasn't gotten the combo extra ball It taunts me every time I see the high scores flash by and Combo's is stuck at 20! I can get into the teens on a good game but haven't hit 20 yet. Completed my first CIU on ball one yesterday, fist time for that, had the second one lit on my extra ball for ball one and then went no where with that the rest of the way, I didn't even start my second CIU.

#14090 1 year ago
Quoted from KJL:

I thought V1.7 (which I haven't installed) fixed this. Someone should check
From readme - - Fuel lane now awards 1 blown piston for each lit light, instead of
1 blown piston for all three lit lights.

I'll take the glass off and give it a try, I haven't seen it during game play and I shoot that shot a lot cause it feels good .

3 weeks later
#14235 1 year ago
Quoted from Sixmillion:

Is there anywhere in Canada to buy parts for pinball from? I order from pinball life and the shipping was very expensive.

Player1 Amusement(http://www.theplaydiumstore.com/) ships, so do the Pinball Medics(https://pinballmedics.ca/) in Ottawa I believe. Nitro(https://www.nitropinball.com/) out in BC ships some stuff too. Shipping in general is not cheap from any of those vendors and as far as I know they get their parts from the States and have to mark them up so I'm not even sure if you'll find a savings depending on what you buy.

1 week later
#14295 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

What the heck does that have to do with a Metallica themed pinball ?! I don't get it

Gravestones are in the game... at least I believe they are on the UK version rather than the crosses.

1 week later
#14348 1 year ago

I've got an odd issue with my MET that I've been living with since I got it but today things escalated . Occasionally/rarely (1 in 20/30 games kind of thing) within the ball save timer a second ball will kick out as if I had drained the first one, but I haven't... I could live with this as I'd just let one ball drain and move along. Today however a little past the ball save timer my ball ended while it was still in play... my flippers died, the ball bounced around and then I just kept playing the ball in play but it was now ball two... weird. Any suggestions on where to look?

#14351 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I find it amazing that this game has been out for years, and this is just coming to light !

It isn't exactly news... j_M_ knew this and posted about it a couple of years ago...


#14357 1 year ago

Oops... I corrected it

I'm going downstairs now to change it on my machine now! long live the SmartDMD

Edit: It was Game Adjustment #122 for me. Had to change Grave Marker Type from Normal to RIP Tombstone to see it. Took me 3 games to start multiball though

#14383 1 year ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Re: Hooked On Pinball's MET Pro Spinners Kit:
If you have this kit installed, please tell me how you've wired it regarding scoring. HOP describes the kit as "tied to pic target hits." That's confusing to me. A good thump on a spinner can score more than a dozen switch hits. How does the code handle a dozen pic target hits at once? I mean, if I start a MB and I want pic target hits ASAP as part of my add-a-ball effort, I need each pic target in each position. If the spinner is wired to the nearest pic target switch, I s'pose I would score a dozen hits to that one pic target. I don't know how the code would handle that. I s'pose it would ignore it after the first hit is tallied. I must be missing something. Please clue me in.

I think pic hits only score 10 pts, or something really small so from a scoring perspective it isn't a big deal... the bigger deal part is not actually having to hit either of the outside targets at all to register a hit so ultimately it is "easier" to collect band members. Prior to doing the mod I don't recall making it to Blackend, since I have made it numerous times... I have gotten better at the game too so that could have something to do with it, but generally I think the mod makes it easier. If you tie it into Total Lighshow Mod (https://redshiftled.com.au/Total-Lightshow.php) though it no longer impacts scoring or game play, just gives you the audible satisfaction of ripping spinners

#14390 1 year ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Met pro + Spinners + TLS mod means spinner sounds, without scoring or pic target changes.
It's the way to go IMHO.

Agree to an extent, over $600 Canadian to do it all and probably closer to $700 if you get hit with duty and taxes. You have to really love your MET to invest that into it because you are never getting that back out when you resell. People don’t pay full pop for mods.

2 weeks later
#14516 11 months ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

I already own a MET Pro Led with Total Light Show that I am thinking about adding a few mods to including a color dmd. I know have an opportunity to trade another machine toward a MET Premium already upgraded to a color dmd and a few other mods. I am not unhappy with my MET Pro. Is it Worth the upgrade or should I stick with it he Pro.

What exactly do you have added to your Total Light Show kit though? If you've added spinners and rising cross then I'd stay with the Pro, if you haven't added either of those and you can get a good deal on the Premium I'd look that way, you'll get the spinners, rising cross, hammer ball lock mech and a nicer translite (IMO). You are most of the way there if you've added the other stuff on your pro though, all you're really missing that you can't add is the hammer ball lock mech, which I love but seems like you've got a pretty great Pro at that point. If you've got a TWD or IM you could always take the TLS out of your MET PRO, sell it and then grab the Prem.

#14519 11 months ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

I have not added the spinners or the rising cross.

With no investment in the spinners or cross it makes the Prem a better ‘deal’ I guess it boils down to how good of a deal are you getting on the Prem and what can you get for your pro. I’ve owned the pro for about 5 months and have spent time on the LE and am convinced I’d take the prem over it. I’ll throw a number out there and say if I could give someone $1K and my Pro I’d swap with them. With the TLS investment you’ve made that number would be less.

#14530 11 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

I finally joined the club and ordered a Metallica Premium. While I'm waiting for it, I figured I'd collect/order all the protectors and such I'd need. What does everyone think about Cliffy's magnet protector rings versus just putting Mylar around the magnets? I see Cliffy has carbon fiber magnet rings that won't curl that look pretty sweet, but is it overkill for a home use only game? Thanks in advance for any advice suggestions on protectors.

My game had the old protrector ring on it and it was curling badly, I replaced it with a carbon ring. I can appreciate it may be overkill for home use only but it gives me a little more piece of mind so I don't mind it... one of the cheaper things you can add to the game too.

#14600 11 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I haven't played mine for a while and was trying to explain the rules the other day about lighting/locking in the hurry up inserts to help advance to CIU. I can't remember how to get them started/flashing.

All of the main shots (Left and right orbit, both ramps and crosses) have 3 inserts below their red arrow insert, one for the electrocution switch, one for the snake and one for the cross. Shooting a main shot will light the red arrow insert, then shooting sparky, the snake or the cross will light the corresponding insert below the red arrow. Once all 3 are lit below one of shots it will start flashing, shooting that shot will then start the hurry up and finally shooting the coffin captive ball will award the hurry up and 'lock in' that shot. Subsequent shots to that spot will award 1 snake, 1 sparky and one cross to your CIU count.

Easier to explain with an example... shoot the right ramp, your red arrow will now be lit in front if it, now shoot the snake, the yellow insert below the red arrow will be lit, now shoot sparky, the electrocution switch insert will now be lit below the red arrow, now shoot the crosses, your final cross insert below the red arrow will be lit. Now shoot the right ramp again to start the hurry up, now shoot the coffin captive ball and your right ramp shot is 'locked in'.

Things to keep in mind - The red arrow will move around each time you make one of the main shots. Shooting the cross will always move the arrow there until you have locked in that shot so I usually try to look in the crosses shot first. If you manage to get all of the main shots fully locked in you start another mode (Blackened?), so there is an argument to be made to not do that because when the mode ends all of your shots are reset.

#14606 11 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I think I was forgetting the part about the red arrow. I was hitting sparky to try and light that insert somewhere but nothing was happening. I will pay attention to the arrow.

Also worth noting there is no way getting around having to bash the coffin captive ball, I do find it a rather 'safe' shot mind you. And as j_m_ said for points you really do need to be able to shoot that piston target on demand for max points.

#14685 11 months ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

I have a small theory as to why Metallica remains uniquely popular. There is no doubt Met has been the biggest seller for Stern in recent times, and there are a lot of great things about it. You might say it's Lyman's code, or that Sparky is the greatest bash toy ever, or whatever. And yes, they are all great things, but there must be something unique about Met that keeps people coming back to such a high degree.
I think it's the in-line drops. In-line drops are my favourite mech of all time, and I don't think I'm alone in that. Whatever else is going on in the machine, working your way along that grave yard is just a little thing that you don't get anywhere else on your newer machines. Whenever I play my Metallica it's getting that lane open that gets my attention. The way I cry out loud when they reset each ball doesn't happen much on other games.
Think back to the release of Met. I remember jumping around in excitement over those drop targets, and I think this is one of the big reasons the Pro and Premium share popularity equally. They both have that line of drops, and it's them that really put the cherry on top of this great game.[quoted image][quoted image]

In-line drops are my favourite mech too, started with my first pin, Fathom (Two sets of them) and the ball lock behind them, just amazing. TNA has taken it up a notch adding ball locks between and think that is awesome. It is my favourite feature on my MET, but I really do like all the shots, a couple of ramps with great feel, love the piston target on the left and the scoop on the right, both very gratifying when you make the shot on purpose . Snake scoop is really cool and I love the ball lock on the Prem/LE.

I recently picked up a TWD and that has all my attention now but it suffers from a couple of things I don't find MET suffers from... the balls get hung up in the pop's for extended periods of time, the shot into Woodbury brings the game to a screeching hault from a 'flow' perspective, on the MET the ball just keeps coming back to the flippers awaiting your next shot. Same designer/developer but two totally different games. MET has it's shots spread across the playfield while TWD has you hammering those drops on the left... I haven't bored of it yet, but man do you ever have to do that a lot to progress. To progress on MET you can really shoot all over the place, love it!

1 week later
#14804 10 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Yup. I guess I was used to the old code where you got one no matter what. So thanks for confirming that.

That's the biggest change I've noticed so far and now extra ball is defaulted to 15 blown pistons rather than 10, so I think it is more work now that it is working correctly . I was hoping it would be easier to collect the extra ball there, alas, now you need to fire into the pop's even more, which is cool cause now I'm shooting the orbits more than before but the bounce back on the left orbit... even though I have the metal rod and I've adjusted the angle on it, annoys me even more now!

#14805 10 months ago

Another "undocumented" update I believe was the ramping of the volume... I just swapped out my tournament button for a DIY external volume mod and noticed that I had to push the volume button one-press-per-volume number, I couldn't just hold it down like on my TWD where holding down the volume button allows the sound to ramp up or down accordingly. After the update, it now ramps! Yeah!


#14807 10 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Metallica LE #199.[quoted image]

Sweet Off Road machine! The MET's okay too, I guess

#14839 10 months ago
Quoted from Jakers:

This new code seems to hand out extra balls like crazy. I swear I had 4 or 5 extra balls on my final game last night. Default settings too. Ended with a score of 590 million.

It has made some of the extra balls more attainable for sure, mainly the Combo one being cut in half, blown Piston has increased to 15 by default I believe but now you can score 3 Blown Piston's in a single shot... the regular 10 shot to the coffin remains the low hanging fruit IMO. Not sure how you got the other two though.

#14854 10 months ago
Quoted from splitcms:

Has anyone ever put a rubber or anything in that middle bar between the two left lanes? My ball hits that and dives left very quickly to where I can’t tap or anything (I’m a new player trying to get better).

If you’re trying to get better don’t put a rubber there.

#14885 10 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Put reg rubber on. Problem solved.
Superbands and silicone have tack to them and causes the ball to grip to it.
Now if you play the game a ton and let those get dirty, that stickiness should go away too. But it takes a while.

Agree with this entirely when I put new superbands on mine the added English you get from the flippers is remarkable.

#14968 10 months ago
Quoted from imharrow:

On the old code, I think it was very hard but achievable. I made it close a few times. I got good at earning combo and piston EBs to go along with captive ball. It was much easier than say Encore or Five Year Mission. And it was certainly not Valinor, SWOTR or SDMEWM.
Now I think the fun might be in points pushing instead of just getting there.

A agree with the point pushing, making the shots and exiting CIU is fine, but the adrenaline rush for me is not cashing out and keep driving that score up.

#15011 10 months ago

I'd consider myself above average on the computer skill side of things and I struggled with the SmartDMD work. My struggles were mainly with the lack of understanding of all the pieces I needed. I didn't realize I needed to use the side channel method to get it working so I needed another board added to the mix. j_m_ and oga83 were a fantastic resource and I wouldn't have gotten to the end of it without their support... with all that being said I removed it from my game recently as I wasn't happen with the contrast ratio of the LCD I was using, particularly after I added a TWD with a ColorDMD product in it, the LCD on that is just beautiful. So I'm back to red on my MET. You also need some level of fabricating skills to build a mount for it all.

#15012 10 months ago
Quoted from damageinc55:

Hey guys, sorry for disappearing on these. Work/School/Kids and a few other things have gotten in the way. I was finding myself unable to get them out in a timely manner.
1. Woody, please send my your mailing address again.
2. I'll have these up in the market section by the end of the week. I have a bunch made up, but want to pre-pack them so I don't run into issues getting them out on time.
3. If you have access to a 3d printer, let me know. Happy to send my files over.

A friend printed a set of these for my pro and they look great, thanks for sharing!

#15046 10 months ago

I believe snakesnsparklers also used a transparent plug to mount his rocker switch in and lit it up... which was an awesome touch to your mod rensh. You should put a picture of that up snakesnsparklers... if I have that right, I know someone did it.

Edit: Further note, you will want to update your code to the latest if you haven't to use this mod effectively. On my 1.68 Code holding the volume down or up did not allow the volume to ramp, you had to press the button for each level of volume, once I updated to the latest code though it ramped.

Edit #2: It was onemoresean that added the translucent button plug to his volume rocker, that is where the credit is due https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/new-code-180-for-metallica-/page/5#post-4705882

#15133 10 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

Any suggestions of where else to put it on the game?

Closer to the Piston Target would be the natural thought... I did think that is where someone else in this thread had posted them putting the same one. I'll see if I can find it.

Found it: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/metallica-owners-thread/page/277#post-4485622

So not much higher than where you have it... but closer to the target nonetheless

#15158 10 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I always plunge it with the left flipper button held and let it go all the way around and dead bounce off the left flipper right into the mystery scoop. Works 90%

And I *ALWAYS* forget to do this when CIU is lit!!!! Grrrrr!!!

#15159 10 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

The effect when they light up the side blades is friggin awesome. I thought the same thing until I saw it in person. It rivals the colordmd as best met mod.

I have them on mine and thought it was stock when I bought it.

#15191 10 months ago
Quoted from RCA1:

I picked up a set of the Hooked spinners.
How much will gameplay progress and scoring change with them installed?

Very little from a scoring perspective and my experience has been you will see blackened a little more frequently. I believe pick hits are only 10pts or something tiny so ripping the spinners doesn’t score you many points. You can now make the outside pick targets without hitting them at all so that is why blackened is a little easier as you will collect band members a little faster. For those do it yourselfers, you can roll your own for a fraction of the cost by picking the parts up from pinball life... assuming you’ve got some wire and solder already. You don’t get the custom stickers for the spinners but the Prem/LE stickers look just as good imo.

X2 - https://www.pinballlife.com/complete-spinner-assembly-with-switch.html


You also need a couple of diodes which are super cheap, some solder and some wire.

#15200 10 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

I love this game! It has to be my all time favorite pin. I have the pro model. I also love the artwork. Dirty Donny is one of my favorite artist. That being said, is there anywhere that sells the other translites? Id like to find either the master of puppets or the monsters translite. I found Mad Amusements has the monsters (premium) for sale but have never order from them. Any suggestions?

Marco has the monster one show up in stock from time to time. I picked it up in the summer and was able to meet Dirty Donny at the Ottawa show and have him sign it.
125321B0-6189-4359-BD6F-B9DBD8CFFD76 (resized).jpeg

Don’t overpay for it, it has shown up 3 times since May. People like to profit off these things. Mad Amusements has a deplorable track record with international shipping lots of threads here on them. Domestic shipping seems more reliable but I wouldn’t support them personally.

Check this link from time to time: https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/830-52E3-01

#15262 9 months ago
Quoted from Monk:

First line of fezmid response.

To expand on the answer... on each pop bumper hit you will see a countdown associated with the pop that you hit on the DMD, when that get's to zero the corresponding light gets lit by the piston target and you go back to 10 and work your way down again. So once you've got those lights lit you need to shoot the piston target as I don't believe the hits stack... meaning if you work a pop down to 0 and then start at 10 and work it down to zero again you are only going to get one blown piston for it.

#15264 9 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

correct, but in theory I would think that it was originally designed to award a blown piston for each 10x that you hit the corresponding pop bumper (that's why the each of the 3 corresponding piston insert lights near the dead-end go from off (no pistons to collect), to solid on (1 piston to collect) to flashing (more than one piston to collect)
maybe, lyman or borg determined that you could get too many blown pistons (by theoretically collecting all 10 ) in a single trip to the dead-end lane

I think to balance that, you could have this reset on a drained ball... as it is I think your count carries over from ball to ball... if I'm wrong, pretend I didn't say anything at all

#15295 9 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I shouldn't have waited soooo long to ask about the inserts and pistons. I'm now playing this game completely different and it's even greater now.

They didn't work properly before so not being able to figure it out on your own would be understandable but depending on how long or how close you've been following this thread you would have known as it has been discussed a number of times. I've only owned mine since May and I know I've read about it a couple of times in the thread.

#15331 9 months ago
Quoted from zermeno68:

Met Premium is my first owned modern Stern machine... I’m new to the game code update process.
is the latest v1.8 gamecode only about 91.0MB big? Everyone spoke about how big they are, but that is usually for the video based games (ex: Star Wars, Iron Maiden)?
Also, does anyone have a valid physical link to v1.7 gamecode for Premium?
Personally, I would like to keep both on file and Stern website only allows current version download. I am running v1.7 right now.
Thanks in advance.

I think the LE and Prem code is the same... the link isn't posted but updating the 1.81 to 1.7 brings up a file.


1 week later
#15419 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Have they found a way to hack the Prem/LE spinner functionality into the pro?

"They" have not and I don't know of anyone actually trying to atm.

#15425 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

So that's another negative to the Pro. Premium is the way to go on Metallica.

I'd prefer to think of it as a positive to the premium rather than a negative to the pro . I'm not sure how the spinners are implemented on the Premium to really understand what I'm missing, if it is only points I can do without more points, but if it offers additional modes then I think it is a bigger plus. Do any of the Prem/LE options on MET offer content that can't be found on the Pro?

If the two were priced the same I'd get the Premium as I love the Coffin Ball lock and I think the lightshow is amazing, but my mental cut-off seems to be about $1K and in Canada at least the spread between Pro and Prem is greater than that. With that said I'll trade my Pro MET or TWD + $1K cash for a MET Prem or TWD Prem in a heartbeat .

#15438 9 months ago
Quoted from MJW:

Didn’t Robert from hooked on pinball make a kit for this? Thought he added a spinner for pro owners.

The spinners for the pro tie into the pick targets... so not the same as the prem/le. You can also roll your own and save some money by buying the spinners and some decals from pinball life.

#15472 9 months ago
Quoted from Damien:

Anyone have a link to the previous Prem/LE code? Want to give it a shot.


2 weeks later
#15558 8 months ago
Quoted from Bcarr:

Thank you! It's an awesome game to play but seeing some of these scores are impressive. I have a lot of learning to do...

Watch the McSirTuna tutorial if you haven't...

#15575 8 months ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

For those that have installed spinners on the Pro, did you also install diodes on the spinners switches, or would that be redundant because you tap into the pick targets which already have diodes?

I did... and forgot the diodes... the spinners didn't work... added the diodes and they did!

#15633 8 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

If u can justify the cost of a custom shooter rod & sparky.... u should be able to justify a color dmd! Definitely worth it on MET

Between a ColorDMD and a shaker motor I’d say those are about the only ‘mods’ that hold their value too. Anything else is becomes pretty subjective on whether it adds to the game or not and is extremely hard to get value from... arguably on a MET I’d say TotalLightShow may hold some of its value too.

#15665 8 months ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Bass is omnidirectional, meaning you can't pinpoint the source -- so you can put the sub wherever you want.

Sure bass is omidirectional but placement is still important as it tends to create more standing waves than higher frequencies. Bass will sound better from one spot in a room than another depending on what's in the room, if you're unlucky you could place it in a spot that produces really poor base when standing directly in front of the pin.

#15678 8 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

While true, its a cheap mod that makes a huge difference.

Agree 100% was just getting picky on the details of sub placement is all

#15681 8 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

If ya wanna drive 3 hours you can come play mine. A lot of people don't care for it, but the hammer is irreplaceable imho.

I love the hammer... spinner and functional snake! If someone would trade me my pro for a premium I'd add some cash to the deal for sure

#15703 8 months ago
Quoted from woody6092:

Thank you roostking! It sounds crazy but I really have hit under 2M before!

Are you aware of the super skill shot? You can break 2MM without flipping by holding down the left flipper while plunging, then let go of it as the ball enters the orbit... if you touch the nothing the ball should bounce from the left flipper to the right flipper into the mystery scoop, awarding the super skill shot, do that on all 3 of your first shots and you will be over 2MM every time

#15730 8 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

None of my friends will give a crap so I'm venting my excitement here....
John Borg and Lyman F Sheats Jr are signing a translite for me!!!!!!
I contacted Stern to see if they could sign my playfield as it will possibly be the last one ever made. I was told a translite would be much easier for them so they are sending me one free of charge. Now the question becomes, do I put it in the game or frame that sucker?

In the game! I put my Dirty Donny signed Monsters translite in my Pro game.

#15731 8 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Skillshot 1 upper rollovers (wasteful)
Skillshot 2 mystery scoop (easy and lucrative)
Skillshot 3 lit lane (varies in difficulty and lucrative)
I only really go for skillshot 3 if it lands on the right side of the playfield.

Plunging the upper rollovers with the left flipper held down gives the most points I believe...

And for Skillshot 3, my fav is the gravestone lane, drop catching off the orbit can be tough but it is the lane I always go to clear out first.

#15741 8 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

that's only one of the super skill shots. you can score 2x or 4x by holding the left flipper button while plunging and getting the ball to go through the left lane (x2) above the pops or the right one (x4)
and just like the getting the ball into the mystery scoop, the value increases with each successful shot. hitting the right lane will net you 900,000, then 1,800,000 (2nd ball) and 2,700,000 (3rd ball) for a total of 5,400,000 on that one shot alone

Ya, the suggestion was more based on the easiest way to get 2MM points, in that you don't even need to hit the ball to score 2MM points if your objective is to get more than that. That soft plunge is a bugger of a shot, in the grand scheme of things though 5.4MM isn't worth it to me, I'd rather full plunge and make the flashing lane to get on my way with CIU.

#15775 8 months ago

Graveyard, Snake and Sparky MB all run alone, once you start one you need to return to one ball to start another. coffin MB can started on its own AND then you can start any other one MB while coffin is running like you did OR coffin can be stacked with any of the already running MB’s. The behaviour you saw of Sparky flashing once draining all of the balls but one and then hitting it does sound like what RobF suggested that the Sparky jackpot may have been still lit, how long after the last of the MB balls drained did you make the Sparky shot?

All MB’s have a one add-a-ball available to it by making all 4 pick targets during MB and then shooting the snake, this turns snake and graveyard into 3 ball MB’s and Sparky into a 4 ball and also starts a 2X scoring... combine that while running Fuel on Sparky MB and get the awesome Super Jackpot callout!

1 week later
#15825 7 months ago
Quoted from Maken:

Always knew I'd get a MET at some point and today was the day.
Question about the ride the lightning mod: Mine seems to be missing the lightning decals on the top parts of the plastics, it only has the decals along the sides... Anybody know what's up with that?

Enjoy it Maken... LOTR is sitting in the garage waiting for someone to get home from work to help me get it into the basement! The Ride The Lightning was installed when I got it... maybe when it was first released the decals were only on one side of them? Or whoever installed them put them on the wrong side? I never noticed.

#15829 7 months ago

Thanks Just got it down the stairs, my muscle had to work late! If you need a LOTR fix there is now a really nice one closer, welcome any time.

#15852 7 months ago
Quoted from t2:

Want to upgrade to color dmd for Met Pro.
Do I get LCD or LED?

This questions gets asked a lot for a lot of games... the answer really is your own to answer... what do you prefer? LCD has a lot more options available for dot size... but LED is brighter and has better contrast. I had a PIN2DMD in my MET and thought it looked pretty great but have a ColorDMD in my TWD and also thought that looked great. I've replaced my MET with a LOTR recently and when I get around to adding a ColorDMD to it I will go LCD... all personal preference. I find the LCD supporters to be more vocal on Pinside and will quickly tell you how much better the LCD is. The LCD was around for so much longer than the LED I gotta wonder if they were both released at the same time if the opinions would be different.

#15886 7 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

It's not strong enough/an easy angle for a straight backhand. If you can bump/tap it off the flipper and then hit it in "the air" you can but it's not an easy shot and there is no real benefit to it.

I've found the same thing, backhanding the right ramp is more often done with a ball in flight than under control. If you've got control a pass over to the left flipper is 'easier' but I prefer to take a shot at the piston target if the lights are flashing or if it is ready to collect... with the new code there is not always value to shooting it whenever you'd like... old code shooting it always gave you a blown piston regardless of how many pop-bumper hits you had. The ball always returns from the piston target down the same path and gives you control on the left and allows you to collect another insert to build for mystery... and I always found that to be a gratifying shot.

2 weeks later
#15986 7 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

ISO: Copy of v1.7 PRO Game Code
If you have a minute and can forward the file to me as an email attachment, please PM me and I will give you email address.

VPUniverse keeps a good back catalogue of roms, I think this is the one you're looking for: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5265-metallica-v17/

1 month later
#16262 5 months ago
Quoted from KYLEDM5:

Well, I do own multiple cd's from those 3 bands, but no
Metallica cd's, if that means anything...

It has been my experience that you don't often hear AC/DC, Backstreet Boys and Disturbed often said in the same breath so good on you for doing so. One likes what they like.

I am not a Metallica fan and short of the lullaby Metallica album a Metallica fan friend of mine purchased for me I own no Metallica music and have no interest in ever owning any. I owned a Metallica pin for a while and loved it, only moved it along when I got the opportunity to pick up another game higher on my list of 'must own' games. I do miss it and would like to add a Premium one day.

1 month later
#16394 3 months ago
Quoted from mjs2:

Appreciate the info. Pro was fun, other than hammer lock and raising graveyard cross- pro seems like the way to go. The Premium light show can be achieved from the interactive lighting mod, yes?
The sparky magnet lock I played on location was slightly raised and had some pitting/dimples. Is this normal or will most HUO versions be flat and smooth? Also, Any high wear areas on this pin to keep an eye out?
Thanks again in advance.

Premium also has spinners that are integrated into game play... you can add spinners to the pro but they aren’t correctly integrated. The add on lighting is really cool but not inexpensive... depending on the deal you can get on a premium I’d get the premium. I owned a pro and miss it but I’d go premium if I had to do it again.

#16430 3 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Mildly considering letting my decked out Metallica Pro go but only if I can get a reasonable amount for the love I have put into this game. I bought it new in box from player one Toronto last year. It has a production date of March 2018. Its been in my house the entire time and has low plays. I love this game and bought it as a Metallica fan (hense the money I dropped into it.) Perfect shape. Here are most of what I've done and I have receipts almost everything. Still have all the original parts.
-Dmd gasket
-Pingraffix art blades, 3D snake, Tournament button cover
-Mezel Mods snake fangs, tongue x2, Sparky helmet el lighting
-every Cliffy available
-Light blocking cross inserts
-Pinnovators Sub kit
-Pinbits Sparky airball guard
-Toronto Pinball Exchange custom lights
-Guitar picks
-Shaker motor
-purple T molding
-Titan rings
-locknuts changed to chrome domes
-Coin Taker Cemetary Arch (lighting changed to purple), Creeping Death speaker decal
-Snake wireform powdercoated green
-Crank it up light panel
-Speaker lighting purple
-Coffin skull insert
-Plastics protectors
Full transparency I have $11,000 (cdn) into this. I dont expect to get that all back but let me know if there is a true Metallica fan out there looking for one hell of a decked out game.

Wow... that is one decked out MET. A real labour of love for you. Have to wonder if in this instance you may be better off parting everything out? True Metallica fan or not that is a heck of an investment someone would need to make for you to feel made whole id think. Hope you find the right buyer though as they will get a pretty darn near perfect game.

You and I got our MET’s at about the same time, I traded mine a couple of months ago for a LOTR... no sure how much longer the LOTR will last, I miss my MET but I think if it returns I’d go premium.

1 month later
#16534 75 days ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

much appreciated for the replies guys. in my case the game is less than a week old out of the box.

Metal shavings? Wooden shavings? Black? White? Wood coloured?

#16540 74 days ago
Quoted from Bacondaddy:

Thanks jawjaw! I have been under the playfield looking for the problem (checking for loose wires, connections, etc.). I've also been using the switch diagnostic in the maintenance menus, which indicates the switch is open and does not register when I bounce a ball off the target. I also confirmed that if I short a wire across the lugs on the switch the diagnostic does indicate the expected switch close, which is why I'm thinking it's a problem with the switch itself (no downstream wiring problems for instance).
It does appear to be a leaf switch, so it's possible there's some problem with the contacts being bent. Maybe they're bent too far apart so they can't make contact? Regardless the next step seems to be pull the switch and look for problems like that, and possibly replace it. That's why I'm wondering how much of a mess it'll be removing and disconnecting the switch. Hopefully it's an entirely under the playfield operation so I don't have to remove stuff like the left ramp and the plastic over the fuel lane off the top.

There isn't much to fail on a leaf switch, should just need adjustment, should be accessible from the bottom side, may be a little tricky to get at with a leaf adjusting tool, but unscrew it and see if there is enough room in the hole in the playfield for the whole switch assembly to drop down then you can adjust while everything is still soldered together.

1 week later
#16589 63 days ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

I had to remove some small sex bolts, on my gun holster, that I used loctite on. I used a soldering iron to break the bond. I just held it on the sex bolts, for less than a minute and it broke the loctite bond.
Hopefully someone will chime in as to whether or not,this is a good idea to use on a pinball magnet.

Off to google sex bolts and gun holsters!

Edit: Holy smokes, they're a thing! Haha, I thought you meant hex bolts for sure!

#16603 61 days ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Anyone have instructions on hooking up the pro spinners? I know I have to adapt one plastic but I want to make sure I hook them up correctly.

You’ve got to cut two plastics... All the steps you need are in hooks thread...


If you didn’t buy his kit and put your own together done forget the diode on the switch... won’t work without it.

4 weeks later
#16714 32 days ago

Looks the same as mine which I got in person at the Ottawa show last year... also got mine personalized as that’s my preference when getting autographs. It’s in my DIY backlit translite box above where my now sold MET used to sit.

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