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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#569 6 years ago
Quoted from JimBoSS:

Mystery Shot just awarded something other than fuel and 500k
Just got light extra ball. have never seen that before and haven't seen it reported elsewhere, has anybody else seen this with V1.22 ?
was on ball 2 had just come off a Coffin Multiball score was 147mil or so.
kinda good to know there is more than the 2 even though it hasn't awarded it before.

Yeah I've had this twice. I think it was on 1.18 I first got it, and again on 1.22. It's like a 1% chance I'm betting.

#576 6 years ago

Does the PLA hold up to ball impacts fairly well? Or are you using ABS?

10 months later
#1277 5 years ago

This one?
Over 200 mil pulled out of fade to black, and over 200 mil from blackened.

Completed all 4 CIU and had chair and snake lit for EOL. Game took forever.

#1281 5 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Please tell me you gimped up the game somehow - 5 balls, lanes closed down, something - I'm lucky to break 100M on factory.

That is NOT a typical score for me FYI. The biggest contributing 'luck' was a 135 mil blackened SJP. I kept it going thru like 3 multiballs and doubled the collect. Massive payoff.

In the interest of full disclosure, EB's are on (after a standard 3 balls I had ~800 mil I believe) and my outlanes are on indeed the low setting (cheater!). Replays on score are not EB's

My former GC was ~450 mil with those same settings.

I've also been tearing up Tron lately... been to portal 3 times this week. Outlanes are stock on that one. Must be something I've been drinking (ie-rum)

#1296 5 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Shaker's good enough that we couldn't pick between Tron and Met and had to buy a second. I'm glad we did, because Tron REALLY has to have it for Zuse mode...it's just not the same otherwise.
I think a "good" score for me is around the 230 million mark. Our outlanes are open all the way IIRC, our tilt is pretty loose to compensate. I'm of the personal belief that if there's room to move the game without damaging another game or the one being played, then by all means, move that thing. People say that tilts are there to keep the games from getting damaged...horsecrap. I've never had any of my games damaged by being shaken or doing slide saves. Thankfully we're very good at not bumping them into each other. I leave a very tight tilt on Jackbot so that I don't forget how to play a "normal" game.

Tron's shaker is unparalleled imo. Met's is good, but Tron wins hands down.

With outlanes open, my good scores are right in that 200 mil range as well. Had a handful of 300+ millions (GC of 400 ish once) but those are rare. I closed the inlanes up once CIU and EOL modes became attainable and I still haven't seen progression to the end. I care less about score right now and more about getting to the end. That big game above hilariously had some of the worst CIU starts ever... I bet I played 3 MB's accidentally cause I couldn't get the damn CIU scoop down.

1 week later
#1354 5 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

works great. the only thing I have heard can happen is the captive ball can become magnetized and the ball in play can get stuck to it.. Might have to swap the ball out if that happens but I am not worried about it.
It allows for all sorts of good grazing shots to sparky and left ramp. also opens up the middle a bit from the right flipper.

As long as you don't use Silverjets/chrome-steel balls, the captive ball wont become magnetized permanently.

What can happen very rarely is the ball in play will stick to the captive ball when the coffin magnet is energized, much like getting multiple balls stuck to the sparky magnet, or cross magnet. Once the magnet turns off, the ball is released and usually falls into the coffin lock anyway.

#1396 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Swapped my block for a Newton ball last night. Love it, totally worth the effort to upgrade.

image.jpg 267 KB

Did it myself a few months back. Would never go back myself.

#1397 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Really need an updated set of rules for this game.
Take Sparky multiball -
How do you get SJ?

Fill the meter at the bottom of the DMD by shooting jackpots (orbits and sparky) or with switch hits, SJP is at Sparky. I don't know how many exactly you need, or how many switch hits are 'equivalent' to a jackpot. Jackpots fill the meter fast, switches slowly.

What happens if you get all the faces on the dmd?
Do you just keep bashing Sparky?

After 7 SJP's (I think 7 is all faces?) all shots become lit for SJP's. Its insane points especially with 2x or 4x going. Like 4 mil+ a shot for ANY chair shot.

Also if you get the chance, try to check out the DMD when you get a SJP - there are like 3-4 different DMD animations that are all awesome as you get more and more SJP's. I didn't know this until I watched someone else get a bunch of SJP's.

#1401 5 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

You say you would never go back, is there a potential downfall to substituting this?

Nothing big that I've found. There's an off chance that when the magnet turns on the ball in play will attract to the captive ball (as it is magnetic, not to be confused with 'magnetized'). It's super rare to do (maybe 1 in 100 games I've see it?) and it doesn't hurt anything in anyway that I'm aware of.

Gameplay wise, it's much more fun with the captive ball. The sparky shot is marginally easier from the right, and there is a lot more action and deflection off the ball as opposed to the block. I would also say the shot registers better/more reliably but I could be imagining things there.

#1404 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Wow, amazing how just reading this changes my perception of the game! Wish Stern would produce rule sheets.

I can vaguely explain pretty much any mode you'd like if there's any others you aren't following. I'm not 100% sure on all scoring metrics or exactly how certain jackpots build (blackened mode being the best example) but the overall goals of any given mode or multiball are pretty ingrained in my brain (I think)

#1414 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Do you know how to build up the MOP mb jackpot? Whenever I get the super, I see it says jp X1. My assumption is it goes to X2, then X3, etc... For each super jackpot achieved?

Nope, much easier in theory than that. You simply have to make 3 (used to be 4) lit cross shots while the ball is magnet locked on the cross to increase the multiplier by 1x. That increased multiplier remains for the entire game to my knowledge.

I think I have sparky mb down rules wise after your precious explanation. How about A little rules explanation for coffin, snake, and MOP? Thanks

- All cross inserts are lit at MB start. Shoot shots to collect jackpots and extinguish the crosses (ie-jackpot no longer available). Shoot the cross to collect a jackpot AND relight all jackpots.

- After 5 (I think) jackpots the cross is lit for a double jackpot and magnet lock. Once a ball is locked on the magnet the super is lit at the cross. Super multiplier (on DMD) can be increased by shooting 3 lit cross shots. This multiplier carries over ball to ball.

- Shoot magnet locked ball on cross for super jackpot

- all snake shots are lit for jackpots, shoot one shot to collect a jackpot and increase "snake combo to 2x", shoot another within a short time frame to collect a jackpot and increase "snake combo to 3x".

- With a snake combo at 2x or 3x, if you hit the snake jaw/scoop within a short time, you are awarded a 2x or 3x jackpot which is considered the super jackpot.

- basically this is kinda a messy combo mode where if you string 2 shots together and hit the snake all within a certain time you get the full 3x (super) jackpot. the exact timing on the 'snake combo multiplier' is unknown to me but I assume its the same as the standard combo timer.

- Note that inserts/jackpots do not go out in this mode - this is the best multiball (imo) to stack into coffin MB because all shots are jackpots and remain lit constantly so you don't have to worry about relighting them.

- Starts out with only the coffin lit. Shoot coffin to light all jackpots (spider arrows/purple arrows on LE).

- Shoot a lit jackpot to collect that shot. All jackpots will go out and only coffin is lit again. Hit coffin to relight all uncollected jackpots.

- repeat this for each spider arrow shot (including the fuel lane) and the coffin will be lit for a super.

- In coffin MB you can start any one of the other 3 multiballs. As I said above, Snake is imo the best 'choice' due to permanent jackpots on all shots. Sparky suffers by having no jackpots on the ramps or the cross shot, and Cross MB suffers because jackpots go out and have to be relit.

#1419 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Not without more code updates. Having owned my Metallica for a few months now, I see all sorts of flaws with the code. Luckily, Lyman is a kick add programmer and these issues are easily resolved with tweaking feature adjustments.
What's wrong with the code you might ask? Well, to put it bluntly, it's linear. I know, blasphemy to call a Lyman game linear, but it takes too much effort and time to get the ruleset moving. Don't get me wrong, the rules for each mode and mb appear to be classic Lyman genius ness. But it takes so long to get the ball rolling on the ruleset. There's just too much of a gap in between starting multiballs and playing modes that the game gets a little too repetitious on the side of mb's.

100% agree

What I did to fix this is made S&D inserts carry over ball to ball; lowered amount of shots to qualify CIU to 10 (down from 15); and lowered blackened band member qualifications to 1 (i think gotta check that).
What that does is disperses the ruleset to give more variety in less playtime. Working much better for me but besides the rules for each mode being kick ass and awesome, the ruleset is quite limited.

Agree on everything except the S&D change. I really like the fact that they go away when you drain if you haven't properly locked in the inserts with the hurry-up. Keeps the goals changing in a MB whne you see hurry ups ready.

As far as starting CIU modes, my feeling is that the first CIU should be easier to start but worth less points, and each progressive CIU mode would be a bit harder to start, but worth more and more points. This would let you get into the meat of the game easier but at a lower value, and also add some strategy to the actual order you pick CIU modes. The 3rd or 4th CIU would be more valuable than the 1st, so if you were really good at say, fade to black, do you pick it first and pull low but guaranteed points out, or do you save it for last and score huge at the risk of not getting to it?

#1430 5 years ago
Quoted from EricR:

Sometimes the spider inserts stay orange for a while after it but I don't know what that means.

This is after you exit a CIU mode, it's like a victory lap side-mode. A portion of your CIU jackpot (25%?) is available at the scoop if you shoot and extinguish the orange arrows (all 6 arrows). These shots must be made in single ball play, and once the reward has been collected, the arrows light again. This continues until you drain at which point that victory lap mode is gone.

#1431 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

CIU modes are mini wizard modes. Other than Keith Johnson games, what other games can you think of where so many mini wiz modes can be achieved by average players?

I disagree that these are mini wizard modes at this point.The CIU qualifications are far too basic to claim they are a reward for truly skilled play - it's literally, bash stuff or shoot lit shots an arbitray number of time, and CIU eventually lights. That's a far cry from any recent mini wizard mode I'm familiar with like Danger Room, Destroy the Ring, Do or Die, Sentinel Prime, SoS, etc... where mode start and/or completion and/or specific multiball achievements are necessary to unlock the modes. If CIU qualification involved super jackpots, mode starts/completions I would tend to agree with you, but as it stands you simply just wail on the feature shots, and shoot lit inserts to get into it.

As it stands, I see CIU as an integral part to the game, not as a 'rare' reward for 'skilled' play. It is the ONLY progression in the whole game as all other modes simply recycle themselves over and over, and the qualifications to light CIU don't take much skill, just shoot shots long enough and you'll light it by accident eventually.

#1441 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

They do get harder to start. Check instant info.

Well aware my friend. There's few secrets in this game from me anymore. My point was that the first CIU should be easier to start, thus opening the mid-game features up sooner, without unbalancing the scoring, but still get harder as you play.

And the differences in scoring between them forces you to make a strategic decision every time you start CIU. If they all went up in value equally each time, picking a mode would be meaningless. It would also make the game linear, which the poster above is suggesting is already there.

There's nothing strategic about it at all when I play. Yeah the modes score different but it's irrelevant what order you play them so there's no advantage to saving your stronger modes for higher scoring opportunity. Once you know how the modes work and where the points are there is no reason to change the order of CIU play except boredom and curiosity.

Currently In a competition setting, I would pick the same modes, in the same order, all day long, in order of their ease and score potential. That's not decision making, it's just a given order. Now, if the 4th CIU mode was 4x as valuable than if it had been played first, that would change my thinking on the fly entirely based on my competition and how the game is playing.

I'm not suggesting all modes be balanced against each other, instead that the first time thru any CIU, it would be a) easier to start and b) worth say 1/4 as much as it is right now. This would prevent me from picking fade to black every single time (on a premium at least) as that is my highest scoring mode and would be better saved for the final CIU where points could theoretically be 4x as much (more along the current scoring)

#1443 5 years ago
Quoted from EricR:

I must be doing something wrong on FTB since I have much more luck with FWTBT on average.

With the latest update FWTBT is arguably more lucrative, but it requires better shooting to all shots to keep the scoring going. On a pro, I would probably pick FWTBT for the record due to lack of spinners.

For FTB on a premium/LE: shoot spinners. All day.

#1448 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

Seems like the current rules are ideal for competitive play. With lots of pitch and wide open outlanes, you'll be lucky to start a CIU mode.

I will say it's a fairly level playing field competition wise, the game certainly isn't unbalanced badly.

However I think it's odd that 80% of the game should be almost unobtanium in a tournament setting. This is a downfall of ST as well - with the quantity of crap to complete it's rare to actually see anything exciting.

I remember folks at Pinburgh being happy they started Sparky MB. If you are fortunate enough to start a CIU mode, you should get big points and crush anyone that hasn't started a CIU mode.

Pinburgh is a poor tournament to use as an example imo. When you get 3 balls and that's it, it's not often anyone starts anything on most machines. As Bowen has stated online and in person many times, that tournament is a self-professed fun-fest, not so much a measure of true competitive play. That being said, wouldn't it be even more fun if some CIU action happened?

Gimping the first CIU mode would make going for CIU mostly pointless in competitive play. Instead it would be MB, MB, MB, rinse, repeat.

I actually agree here, it would make shooting for CIU start less valuable, but the matches I've seen with MET in a true tourney setting, I don't see anyone actively shooting to start CIU anyway. Instead the dominant strategy is Sparky MB over and over and over, until CIU happens to be lit, then pick FTB since its switch hit based and you're guaranteed some points even with crap play.

Either way, I don't think anything is going to change with the game, AFAIK it's closer to 'finished' than ACDC and frankly it is damn good as is. I just wish there were reasons to pick Battery or Enter Sandman first, but other than for fun or curiosity, there's none.

#1449 5 years ago
Quoted from EricR:

That's probably my problem with FTB, I need to focus on the spinners more and not bother with the other shots.

The flashing shot is valuable as well, but its way easier (and more valuable) to dial in on spinners (I like the right orbit myself) and have the ball dribble out of the pops for a recovery.

If you happen to have justice mode going its bitter-sweet however - the up-post will stay down and not feed the pops. So you get two spinners spinning, but the ball is more out of control. Course if you disable the post it's always like this (which is why I advocate leaving it enabled now for little subtleties like this)

#1454 5 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

If you're not getting a super jackpot of some sort prior to starting a CIU mode, you're probably not playing that well. I understand what you're saying in that it's not REQUIRED but....yeah... SJP's aren't that hard to get on Metallica...

No kidding. Just a shame there's no 'point' to most of them except points. Sparky notwithstanding after 7 SJPs

If that's the case, it shouldn't award so damn many IFPA points to high ranking players. I challenge all of them to opt out of recieving WPPRs for Pinburg, because, it's just for the fun right?

Well I don't like to put words in peoples mouths but the whole tournament is and has been described to me as fun, not serious. There are folks who take it seriously and they are foolish imo. The whole tournament is designed to level the playing field between the best and the worst players. With the early solid states and EM's being very prominent there is a much higher component of luck than any other tournament. Even the best players in the world can take a crap on 3 balls on a totally unplayed game, and there's no change at increasing your performance - you just move on. I had the opportunity to play with Steve Bowden due to his and my performance and we are not at all in the same level of skill, yet due to some bad balls on his part, and good balls on mine, we were 'equals' for a time - that's the magic that is Pinburgh (imo )

That said, I couldn't care less about IFPA WPPR points so that's between the players that do and the respective organizations.

#1472 5 years ago
Quoted from JC_Pins:

Do shots still award all three items


have to to start over locking in items?


#1484 5 years ago
Quoted from JC_Pins:

So, it seems best to avoid starting Seek and Destroy if you want to get to all the CIU modes.

If you are gunning for EoL mode, probably delaying it as long as you can is wise, but depending on timing it's not always the end of the world and the start of woodchopping. It's also unlikely to keep it from starting by the second or third CIU anyway just due to the number of multiballs and shots that occur during them.

Now that said, If I have SnD started and I'm working on getting progression instead of pure score, I usually try to get in and out of Battery and/or Enter Sandman CIU modes ASAP and get back into regular play and ideally a multiball. During SnD, the CIU collection shots count so if you keep it going, you can light CIU really quick again.

I certainly do not TRY to shoot for SnD since 1.5 code arrived, but instead do what Phishrace above suggested where you lock in a few lanes (cross and right ramp being the top 2 for me) and that's what you focus on.

#1485 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Hey, curious how long you have owned your MET? Had the exact same thing happen with the magnet board 2 weeks ago. My importer wants to charge for the replacement board, but The game is 2 years old (is a Mople that was NIB until I bought it 6 months ago off the original purchaser).

I would email Stern directly. Even off warranty, in my experience they tend to stand behind their product. Not saying it will be free, but if it's a known semi-common issue it's likely they will help you out to a better degree than some distributors might.

#1487 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

It seems like S&D can be stacked with virtually any mode or multiball. Which is pretty damb cool.

Yeah I believe the only restriction on SnD is that is cannot be started in a CIU mode. I could be wrong on that but I THINK you have to start SnD prior to starting CIU.

#1490 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Ive been so out of the loop (and lazy) on modding and such; where's the best place to get the transparent rubbers?

PBL used to carry them... don't know if they still have stock.

#1504 5 years ago
Quoted from EricR:

This is why I would like to see them change what happens after SND is completed. They could make it so you got a victory lap of some sort that gave you extra CIU progress (maybe double items) for the first of each shot after SNDs completion. On the Premium & LE they could signify it with a different color on the spider inserts if they wanted (like they do after the CIU as Purpledrilmonkey pointed out).
As it stands I just always feel disappointed to have to start working on the inserts over again after SND is over. If there was some perk towards CIUs afterwards it would be a little easier to take, and more worthwhile to play SND rather than avoid it. Its nice that it stacks with anything but the point value isn't really enough to justify slowing CIU progress.
The truth is I can't help but want to start SND when I get close, I just wish there wasn't such a downside to it.

Interesting thought on the victory laps awarding something like double CIU progress. Would certainly be a sweet reward for keeping the ball alive post CIU.

#1512 5 years ago
Quoted from JC_Pins:

Can someone explain the snake rules?

I posted the multiball rules a page or two back. What other rules are you asking about?

Why does it lite up three snakes instead of just one for the active shot?

The snake lights the selected SnD shot, plus the two shots on either side of it ('wraps around' playfield if an orbit is selected) As to why? I don't know but it prevents having to shoot the snake itself over and over.

Also, besides holding the ball for 20secs, are there diffrent rules for pro vs prem?

The rules are the same but the closed snake jaw counts as a snake scoop shot, so on the pro I assume you have to shoot the snake scoop twice (or a lit snake shot) per snake letter (at game start) where on the premium you hit the snake in the jaw (or a lit snake shot) and it opens the mouth for a snake letter. Basically any time the snake is NOT lit to award something (Snake letter, 2x scoring/MB lock) it is closed.

#1515 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

On the pro, shooting a shot with a lit snake insert relights the snake to collect a letter. If the snake isn't lit, you get nothing for shooting it. Lighting the other snake inserts also allows to you collect snake hits towards CIU from shots that aren't the snake. It also advances your S&D progress for that shot. That's your 'reward' for collecting a snake letter.

So shooting the snake doesn't relight the snake? You HAVE to shoot a lit snake insert?

#1520 5 years ago

That's a difference on the premium then. When the snake jaw is closed, you can shoot the snake in the face to open the mouth and light it for a snake letter.

#1534 5 years ago

Metal post is the fix if your machine does it. Not sure why you would be nervous about it being that the old Williams games used metal up posts, in fact it's the TOTAN up post that is the "fix" IIRC.

#1549 5 years ago
Quoted from tilted81:

With a metal post there I can just see myself cringing every time someone pulls the plunger all the way back and it connects with a thud. Granted, an orbit shot does the same.. But totan doesn't take the abuse off every plunge. I'm not a noob but I haven't owned another game where the ball is caught with a metal post in this manor so I wasn't sure if it was a good idea. ive prolly played some and didn't know it tho...

The amount of force on that post pales in comparison to the smashing of the ball into the captive block/ball 50+ times a game.

Most of the old VUKs, outholes/shooter lane ejects, and saucer ejects I've worked on are metal on metal and again, many of them hit the ball hard as heck with a pointed end.

*shrug* if you don't like the idea, don't do it. That's the beauty of owning your own

#1551 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Is anyone seeing airballs off the captiveball? I replaced the block and on dead on shots the ball seems to hop up into the back of the hammer quite often. Some other shots ricochet over the grave markers into the left orbit which has never happened before.
I put a 1mm washer under the captive ball and still saw airballs. I'm going to put the block back in.
Edit #2. I put the block back in. I think there's still slight airballs into the hammer, but at least there shouldn't be any more into the left side of the playfield.

Not one. I don't think I've ever seen an airball off the block or the ball.

Is your magnet plate level and not sitting high? Do you have the cliffy ring installed? I would expect those to maybe cause airballs a bit.

#1552 5 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

Anyone have the part number for the TOTAN post? I think I'm going to try that route... Thanks.


Works great on mine. Wouldn't change it back.

#1585 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Not my game, but I had the same airballs as this guy has.
Notice the ball is also bouncing off the bottom edge of the hammer. This happens with the block too, but at least you don't get the ball flying over the grave markers (with the ball) like at the beginning of the video.
» YouTube video

Odd you don't as well, but notice he has the cliffy ring installed. As I mentioned, the potential for airballs increases with that mod installed. In fact, with the block installed and the cliffy ring in place, I actually couldn't get shots to register ~50% of the time because the block was being hit so high by a 'hopped' ball and the force wasn't being transferred to the loose ball. I'd imagine with the captive ball in place, those would actually translate to airballs.

I would think it's your magnet plate sitting high (or maybe low?) causing you headaches. If it's not that there's no other physical phenomenon that could cause it to my knowledge. I get airballs like crazy off sparky but I can't think of a single one off my captive ball/block...

#1586 5 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

I have never seen air balls off the pro captive ball. Does the replacement parts have the metal hoop around the top of the ball? What about the metal plate under the ball?
I cant tell in the video if those are there. Maybe they help keep air balls down?

Yeah it's all there. They are the same parts as the pro.

#1590 5 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

New bests for me this morning. Love this game. 115MM jackpot during Blackened!

Very nice. Blackened mode is wildly lucrative and can go on indefinitely behind the scenes if you keep making shots. It's a shame it's so rare to see, but with the scoring potential so big it makes sense.

#1594 5 years ago

I still have an uninstalled pinbits protector kit. Ill try to remember to look in it today and see if that plastic is in there.

#1615 5 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

Seems to me the strategy is to start Electric Chair multiball as often as you can, right? Use that multiball to score jackpots while gathering up snakes, grave markers, coffin hits on the way to Crank It Up? As soon as CIU is played, start smacking Sparky again, and repeat?

That would be the dominant high score/tournament strategy. Substitute other multiballs as they become ready, but focus is squarely on Sparky if nothing else is close to starting.

#1617 5 years ago

Getting 7 SJP's in Sparky in a game also unlocks SJPs on all shots which is hugely lucrative so don't just forget about that and focus on CIU stuff - there is jackpot progression in Electric Chair MB and it pays off huge

#1618 5 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

I tend to focus on the captive ball and sparky. I usually get coffin MB by the third ball most games. Coffin is nice because it stacks with other MBs.

I will now often beat the hell out of the coffin shot during ball saver at the start of a MB to rack up locks. Being able to progress all 3 locks on a premium without requiring the locks changed things soooo much. Huge improvement.

#1625 5 years ago

Finally got to End of the Line this morning. Full disclosure: Took 3 EB's - first from coffin hits, second from combos, third from 100 coffin hits... Final score only 500mil as no mode performance was overly good and I escaped Battery and Sandman modes ASAP once I decided to push for EoL.

Aaaaand, did terrible in it. I won't share any big spoilers or anything but I will pass along a small word of advice since its so hard to get to: it's unexpectedly timed. So unlike other CiU modes, don't sit and try to gather yourself like I did or you will find yourself back at the start sooner than you'd like lol.

#1656 5 years ago
Quoted from jamesdeloris:

On my Met Pro, over by the entrance to the left gutter lane (near the "special" light), is a "M" shape wire. Usually in these drain areas there are two rubber posts (top and bottom) that the ball goes through. On my Pro there is not a rubber on the bottom post (the upper part of the "M" wire). The ball hits the metal wire when it drains on the left side. It would seem that there should be a rubber here. Is this normal?

Working as intended. The left outlane is punishing because of this.

#1657 5 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

This may be a dumb question, but im not a premium/le owner so...
Is there a subway over to the mystery hole to let the balls out of the coffin? If so How fast do they shoot out for coffin mb?
Seems like that could be drain city if your mystery hole scoop was adjusted wrong.
Just never played a prem before and i dont recall seeing coffin mb startup in any videos.

They come out of the mystery scoop, one at time every 3 seconds or so. Very manageable, and with the safety of the ball saver it's fun to just bat them away at whatever you want rather than try to gain control.

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#1677 5 years ago

IIRC, the countdown hurry-up happens for Cross MB super jackpot, Seek and Destroy, Blackened, and End of the Line. I don't think anything else causes it. My guess would be Seek and Destroy or Blackened in your case as the other two are pretty obvious

Quoted from tamoore:

Casket hurry-up? Is the casket flashing?

There is a "hurry up" callout for the coffin hurry ups but there's no countdown to my recollection

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#1729 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I just don't think you need them honestly. I mean, yeah, you see the place they light, but take the bulbs out and play a game and see if you care.

Why take them out... when you can simply let them fall out

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#1786 5 years ago
Quoted from Iamdarras:

Do you guys think that the code is 100%?

I have it on reasonably good authority that there are spinner rules intended for the LE/Prem. When or if that materializes is a complete guess.

#1787 5 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Can someone explain the piston shot to me? I don't really understand it. I know it has a few different uses.
-I know that double scoring is started by hitting that shot (when the arrow is lit????). How do you get double scoring qualified to start?

Spell FUEL (4x fuel target hits) to light 2X, shoot the lane to start 2X for 20 sec (default). You can reset the 2X timer to 20 sec by shooting the lane during 2X. You can also light 2X on a super skill shot to the fuel lane

-There are 3 inserts below the arrow, I think these are the pistons? When these are lit, hit the shot to "blow" the pistons? X amount of pistons = extra ball? So if 2 of the 3 insert are lit, and I shoot the piston shot, does that blow 2 pistons?

Sort of. As far as I can tell (or remember) you get ONE blown piston if you shoot the fuel lane with the 3 inserts lit (solid or flashing). I don't believe there is anything more than a few small bonus points and an EB at 10x of them. Flashing or solid makes no difference last I checked. Note I could be unaware of other 'meaningful' benefits of blown pistons and the fuel lane shot, but I think I'm fairly on-top of it.

How Do I light those piston inserts? Do they light with 10 hits to the associated pop bumper?

Yes. You complete a pop bumper and it will light one corresponding insert solid; complete it again, the insert will flash. In my very brief testing, there is no advantage to having them flash. You MIGHT get awarded 2 blown pistons if all 3 are flashing but I don't think that's the case IIRC. Just a few marginal extra points. (50k per piston or something - ie: useless points in any reasonably good game)

I think I'm pretty close here, just want to know what lights tot shot to start double scoring and want to know more about these blown pistons.....

The piston rules are basically a non-feature as far as I have seen. Shame because they are pretty interesting in theory, just really no payoff to it all. The fuel lane has three major uses: 2X scoring, combo collect, and it can be lit for certain modes (coffin, blackened, and CIU modes). Beyond that I would never ever shoot it intentionally.

#1807 5 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Don't forget the End of the Line jackpots. Shoot the right ramp and then straight to the fuel lane and it awards one. They aren't to bad at first but as the ball goes on can get pretty big (like Tron's) especially if 2x is going.

Yeah that's what I meant as 'combo collect'. I don't think they build much over the course of a ball but are based on the number of shots in the combo being 'ended'. I never intentionally shoot for them frankly on Metallica as there is usually better places for points.

Actually now that I write this there is another use for that lane: the FUEL mode jackpot.

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#1911 5 years ago

All MET models from day 1 have the snake protector AFAIK. If there is one that doesn't have it I would be as shocked as anyone.

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#2019 5 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

What if the grave marker held one of your balls during multiball for a hurry-up shot?

It does this in gravemarker MB for the SJP shot.

#2041 5 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

What I'm saying is, my machine with latest code confirms what he's saying. I've had both snake and grave marker cued to start when starting coffin. I've never got them started. The only one I've ever stacked was chair, and that happens just about every time I get coffin.

You can only stack one at a time. All three can stack with Coffin, but once you start one (Chair, cross, snake) that's it. You can't make any more progress towards other multiballs until you drain out of your Coffin MB.

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#2165 5 years ago

There's a red dot on the IC in the center of the magnet board on the revised ones.

It also has a smaller power resistor on the side of the board, although I have seen non-revised boards with the small resistor as well so that's not a great indicator.

#2167 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Phantom hammer strikes....Like the hammer literally just slams down with no ball there?

Yes. Often triggered by the Sparky flasher once lock is lit if I recall correctly. It's a bit different on everyones machine.

#2173 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

hmmmm. I dont recall ever seeing that...Any other symptoms?

The other problem was the opposite symptom, the magnet would grab the ball, then release it without doing the lock sequence.

If your game is playable and exhibits no weird lock sequences on the latest code, it's unlikely you need anything. I would still double check but when the code came for this new board, the game was almost unplayable due to phantom hammering.

#2177 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

I've never seen anything strange on it but the board itself looks like the old one...

Yeah mine never did anything weird on the old board either, still upgraded. My buddy's was like crazy town phantom hammering on the old hardware. Dunno why but it's pretty wild how different it all can be.

#2209 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

If you focus on multiballs for points, you're doing it wrong.


If one plays well/correctly, it's not unreasonable to have CIU ready to go after a single multiball.

#2211 5 years ago
Quoted from AvidPinPlayer:

I was just playing my Metallica Pro LED. I was on Graveyard Multi-ball. After several crazy hits, the Super Jackpot was announced. As I'm new at this pin I concluded that since I was in Graveyard Multi-ball logically hitting the graveyard will grant me the Super Jackpot, well ... I kept sending balls into the graveyard to the point that all balls were held by the magnet. Not only did I did not get the Super Jackpot, but the magnet held the balls until time out at which time all balls came rolling down. Two question for you wizards: 1. Is this normal? 2. Which is the Super Jackpot target during Graveyard multi-ball?

You gotta man up and actually hit that magnet locked ball

The double jackpot is at the cross after collecting 5 cross jackpots. At this point the magnet will grab the ball. You then have to hit that locked ball ball hard enough to push it in to the opto behind it for the SJP. If you trickle a shot up there, the magnet will grab more balls and eventually ball search if you get them all up there.

#2226 5 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

The captive ball hits have their own shortcut. The inlanes start a brief hurryup for double hits on the captive ball. Can't recall if it's just double for coffin MB or if it's just for CIU (don't own one).

Just for CIU. All MB lock hits are one at a time on a premium at least.

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#2387 4 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

It probably won't get the one thing I think it needs most, which is a few more instructive call-outs. If you read through the threads, there are a lot of questions about starting modes and what stuff like flashing vs. solid inserts mean. It took me a while to wrap my head about what needs to be done, and I'm still not always sure.
Since the band did the call-outs, I guess there could be better DMD instructions but you're usually too busy to look when you really need them.

I wouldn't hold my breath. Callouts in most modern titles aren't overly informative, ACDC being a great example. Aside from "Fire the cannon" (which ironically is mostly bad advice 9/10 times) I can't think of any call outs that explain things in that game either.

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#2545 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

(I turn this off, prefer to plunge myself).

Awww yeeeah - pickin up those bonus skill shots!

#2548 4 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

Yeah, you're right.
The glove also doesn't blow transistors.

Nor does the hammer.....?

Maybe I don't get the joke.

#2581 4 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

Multiple pinsiders documented the hammer popping fuses and melting down transistors.

This is news to me, and I've followed almost all Met threads to my knowledge, particularly in the early days. I saw people have a few magnet fuses go - some on pros too actually IIRC; but no blown transistors, or anything specific to the hammer.

*shrug* either way the hammer lock is badass. Possibly the best physical lock in pinball history, certainly in the top 3. If you don't like it you're entitled to your opinion but naturally imo you are so very wrong

#2605 4 years ago

That's cheap. To get one here in Canada now it's just shy of $1,000,000 CDN.... or thereabouts...

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#2827 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It's a pity really, because S&D is fun, but you're right, it's almost stupid to start it.

I've actually timed out hurry-ups to NOT start S&D. That is basically impossible to do in a multiball though.

#2833 4 years ago
Quoted from Adios:

I had a good game last of the night yesterday. My son and I had a debate about it this morning on the way taking him to school. I'm on ball 3 just finished my second sparky multiball. I have snake and graveyard multiball lit to start plus crank it up. I choose crank it up make it half way through the mode and drain. Game over, he said I should of went for the mutliballs and not crank it up. What would have you done? I was trying for the big points, or should I have played it safe and just went for the multi? Damn, I love this game so many ways to attack it.

Typically in this situation, I would have started CIU, focused the 4 feature shots to light the CIU jackpot (and naturally made other shots by mistake) during the ball saver, and then make shots until you roll into the scoop to collect the (possibly small) jackpot and exit CIU. Then you are one shot to get into a multiball, and I would immediately bash the hell out of the coffin to get that MB ready as well, while also making progress to the next CIU.

While there are many more points in CIU, unless you are confident in your single ball shooting ability under pressure, the risk (on ball 3) is very high once that ball save turns off, so I will tend to exit the mode at the first chance on my final ball. My exception is if you had Fade to Black available and you're on a premium. The mode is quite forgiving (switch hits) and if you can dial in on the orbit shots the return to the flipper is usually safe-ish

But as a general rule, if I have a multiball ready, I will light the CIU jackpot asap and collect it.

#2907 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Saw this thread caught fire, which would be unusual for a club thread, so dropped in to see the drama...happy to see it is just a bunch of happy owners being happy.

I am chuckling at this post; you know it's Sad.... but True

#2910 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Not as stupid as Blackened is to start.....

I knocked the requirements down one notch on pick completions per band member and it's still very rarely seen. Definitely wouldn't mind some tweaking to the mode start (add band member in mystery?)

On the plus side, I find if I intentionally shoot for pick targets to progress to Blackened, I can't hit them and I instead make the actual shots on the playfield.

#2924 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

That was the plan (see DMD animation) but then that whole "fan vote" thing happened, and they had to change the songs. I don't mind since Blackened is my favorite track from And Justice.

There was (is?) also supposed to be a Death Magnetic song for coffin MB to my knowledge. Using FWTBT for two modes (Coffin and CIU) is kinda disappointing. All Nightmare Long would be fantastic for Coffin MB imo.

#2928 4 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I think Borg discussed the Death Magnetic song on a podcast, but the voting might have changed those plans.

I think so too, but as I recall on said podcast, there were plans for 3 songs to be added. One Death Magnetic, one I think he wanted (I'm assuming 4 horsemen due to the dots in 'blackened'?), and one to be voted on by fans. What ended up happening (at Metallica's request I think?) was two songs voted by fans. Where that leaves the 'third song' I don't know. Probably just left out sadly

#2930 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

In jukebox mode there is a blank station (I think). And room for a ton more songs!

Yeah I can see how it is still possible but the last time I heard about any Metallica feature/code updates it was basically going to be a small update to add spinner rules to the LE/Prem and at that point it was mostly considered 'done'. Definitely no mention of more songs.

Doesn't mean any of that is still accurate of course - this was months ago.

#2937 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I'm not up on how "done" or if features are missing. But from what my friends say that own it, it is pretty well done...maybe a few things left for niceties?

The only things I would say are 'missing' are spinner rules for LE/Prem, and something compelling for the pop bumper completion/fuel lane lights/blown piston rule. Beyond those minor items, I would say it's done as far as rules and gameplay go.

#2943 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Why not just leave them on? So you only get to do S&D once in a game, big deal.

Interesting point... many mini-wizard modes behave this way.

#3043 4 years ago

Pinball life doesn't seem to have a 'ready made' rebuild kit for modern Sterns but Marco Spec does:


#3072 4 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

I'm trying to determine if I need to tweak my Mystery or Snake scoop. The Snake shot spits the just over halfway down the left flipper. The Mystery shot shoots about half an inch from the tip of the left flipper. I think I'd like them both to shoot more towards the middle/top half of the left flipper. How do you go about tweaking that?

FYI Both kickouts sound about right. You can adjust the coil power for both kickouts (I think) in the options somewhere to try and alter it, but it doesn't sound like your scoops play much different from the two Metallica machines I play regularly - especially the snake; yours sounds bang on. The mystery kickout might be a bit low but even on mine it is a very difficult drop catch due to how low on the flipper it kicks out and the speed the ball is moving.

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#3324 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

No, the double coffin shots absolutely count towards coffin locks as well.

No they do not.

Also, you can progress to a coffin lock during a MB, you just can't actually get a lock until the MB is over.

True. On the latest LE/Prem code you can progress all the locks as opposed to a single lock, but this can be reverted in the settings.

As far as hitting coffin from an inlane, try hitting super early from the right inlane. At first I didn't think it was doable but now I hit that shot all the time.

Coffin from the right flipper is my preferred way to do it. It's pretty easy on my machine to backhand the coffin, into the snake even on the fly. From a trap it's even easier.

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#3605 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Has anyone noticed the huge bug with coffin multiball on the premium/le?
What happens is that orbit or ramp shots with the snake insert lit will open the snakes mouth and I don't think it should be unless you got all the picks. The snake mouth shots then count towards snake multiball. If you start snake multiball - which you should not be able to, coffin multiball completely stops. I also had coffin multiball stop in a game, with 2 balls still in play and I started grave multiball. I tested with the glass off and can reproduce the problem every time. Unless there's a glitch in my game causing the snake mouth to open - I don't see any issues in the switch matrix....

Acting as intended. The snake is still available to start snake mb in coffin mb. It is a bit confusing with the snake lock multiball feature as it's tough to tell what exactly the snake is open for, but it does open when you shoot a snake shot of any kind inside coffin mb prior to stacking another mb.

You can stack snake, chair, or cross with coffin. It doesn't end coffin mb, but the stacked mb will take presidence in terms of lighting, dots, and music which makes it seem like coffin has ended, but it doesn't.

#3615 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Are you absolutely sure? Try it with the glass off and see if coffin shots still score jackpots. When I tried they don't seem to score jackpots any more. You just get the regular ball hitting the coffin animation with how many hits are left to lock the ball. That in itself doesn't seem correct.

It's always possible you have found a glitch in the code, but starting and stacking any of the other 3 multiballs inside of coffin multiball is both possible, and glitch-free for me. Coffin continues to run underneath the new multiball started.

Note that a single coffin shot in coffin mb relights unclaimed coffin jackpots (purple spider arrows). Repeated coffin shots themselves don't keep scoring jackpots in coffin mb. Perhaps its a simple misunderstanding of the rules of coffin mb? The jackpot progression in coffin mb is Coffin -> spider arrow -> coffin -> spider arrow... over and over until all spider arrows are collected. Then the super is lit at the coffin. If you just keep hammering the coffin you will get no jackpots past the first relight - no clue what the dmd does so I don't know if this matches your symptoms.

I'll try to record it I get a chance.

#3618 4 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

On a pro, it will be even harder to tell as you don't have the colored inserts to help to advise on what is lit for scoring since the color on the pro is always red.

Hadn't thought about that but yes indeed. The purple spider arrows are the real indicator the mode is still running since the dmd is full of too much info if there's any appreciable stacking happening.

#3624 4 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

Congrats and welcome!
I recently discovered the magic of left ramp, right ramp, piston target for "EOL" cash-ins. Does anyone have the math on how this grows? It seems like a really fun way to go about things when you get bored of smacking Sparky over and over for multiball.

AFAIK it doesn't grow like the EOL does in Tron. In Tron, every combo builds the jackpot for that ball, in Metallica it doesn't keep building just due to combos as far as I can tell.

It seems to grow for each shot made in an 'in-progress' combo, then whether collected or not it seems to reset; maybe to a slightly higher starting point - that I don't know - but it doesn't 'freeze' it's value like Tron does.

#3653 4 years ago

That is too cool!

How sticky do they get with copyright and IP on one-offs? Anyone know?

#3684 4 years ago
Quoted from IBARAKURO:

sometimes when the hammer pushes the ball and it goes up on the right under the magnet ...
it remains blocked there ...
Research the ball does not move
have you ever had this problem?
you have a solution?


If I understand your issue, the magnet drops and pulls the ball under the playfield, releases the ball, but then the magnet resets and the ball gets pinched between the magnet mechanism and the playfield?

If that is the case I would check if your coffin optos can be set off with vibration or are intermittently switching. This used to happen on early code when the magnet was pulled down for a short time duration but I'm pretty sure on one of the mid-release code updates the magnet is supposed to stay down until an opto detects a ball (so the game knows the ball is clear of the mechanism) then it releases the magnet and it pops back up. If no ball is sensed at all the magnet will eventually return up, but it's like a full 5 second delay for that to happen.

The magnet plate being pulled down is a fairly violent impact and can set off badly adjusted switches and optos (or even knock down weak drop targets), and if the game senses an opto in the coffin go off it will (I believe) reset the magnet early and possibly pinch the ball.

#3703 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

If there was one more update what would you guys like to see?
For me seek and destroy should be tweaked so that it doesn't hinder crank it up qualifying progress.
I also wish that they'd implement the original vision for unique modes for each band member. This is a big ask though.
The spinners seem under utilized as does blowing up Pistons.

I think S&D is fine as is for clearing CIU progress but I wish there was more control over it to let me avoid starting it. Maybe add it to the scoop as an optional CIU mode when it's ready? Then I can choose to NOT start it over and over? I dunno.

Band member modes are a wish but super unlikely.

I know for fact spinner rules are planned, but are coming ???, if ever.

The pistons and fuel lane light rules are so cool in theory but are basically pointless in the present execution - would love to see such a neat rule used to full effect.

My #1:
We need a Death Magnetic song for Coffin MB; FWTBT is used twice in the game, was clearly a placeholder in coffin MB, and has nothing to do with the artwork or theme of the mode. All Nightmare Long seems like a natural fit to me... would LOVE to see this revisited.

#3710 4 years ago

+1 to the metal post. It works great

#3713 4 years ago

Mine is an early run premium. With the standard post I would easily get ~80% rejects on a direct left orbit shot. With the metal post I'm not sure I've ever seen a reject... pitch at ~6.8 degrees

That said, on my friends Metallica late run premium, he has the stock post and rarely gets rejects. Not sure on pitch, but the difference is surprising. Maybe the wireform guide in the back of the orbit was changed in later runs to be more sloped or something?

#3734 4 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

2) I had 2/3 drops down, hit the right ramp, and the drops reset. First time it's ever happened. Any idea what's up?

The way the drops and Cross MB qualification works isn't as intuitive as one would think, the logic works something like this AFAIK...

To start Cross multiball (once) you require 4 "MB qualification" shots AND a clear shot to the back cross opto.

In single ball play, this is very straightforward - each drop target counts as one 'qualifier', advances bonus X, one CIU cross, and gets you closer to the back off the cross lane. Once the cross is exposed, one more shot is the last qualifier needed and Cross MB will start on the 5th.

In multiball play (with the exception of Coffin which allows stacking) or in CIU modes, hits to the cross targets do NOT add "MB qualification" shots. So even though you knock down targets, they don't actually progress you toward Cross MB, but the do get you a clear shot to the back of the cross lane and you should be acquiring bonus X and CIU progress.

Once you exit the MB/CIU mode, the drop target logic works something along these lines:

If you have 3 or more "MB qualification" shots made previous to whatever your mode was (ie - you made some combination of cross shots on a previous ball or before the mode) the drops will stay down until you drain, and you can shoot the back cross opto to keep progressing to cross MB. If you do NOT have enough qualification shots, the drops will reset on a snake, ramp or orbit shot (because the game knows the ball isn't trapped behind the drops). What is interesting is if you avoid shooting these other shots and focus on the cross lane where you might have a 1-3 targets down already, you can then keep progressing to cross MB without having to shoot all the dangerous drops and/or acquire an extra "qualifier" so that the cross drops wont reset.

It's a bit confusing and I'm not 100% sure I have the logic nailed down but essentially you need to realize that Cross drops don't necessarily equal cross MB progression in all cases, and if you don't have enough progression, they will reset on certain playfield shots.

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#3842 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

I took the sneeze guard off my right ramp a while back and have never had a ball fly off. I wonder why there are such varied results? I do have my game pretty steep.

Aside from the age old "every machine is different", if you have the game steep enough I would guess the ball typically slows down enough going up and around the ramp there's less chance of it launching off. If the game is less steep or you really fire a ball up there on the fly, the ball probably has enough flipper energy and momentum left in it to hop the wireform.

I know I've had some shots rip pretty fast down that right ramp - would not be surprised to see them jump into the shooter lane.

3 weeks later
#4050 4 years ago

I would, no questions asked.

#4064 4 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Oh, yeah. Cashed in. What if I risked it for 2x scoring though!?

My rule of thumb if I don't intentionally shoot the lit scoop and just roll in:

Collect CIU jackpot and exit if:
- the mode is complete
- the jackpot is over 50 mil
- 2x is running and jackpot is 25 mil+
- Seek and Destroy is running (exit asap usually)

else Stay in!

The exceptions I will make is if I'm close to setting a new high score in any given mode (ie - stay in as long as possible), or if I'm going to try for EoL (exit asap). I actually commonly try for EoL and exit CIU as soon as possible to relight it as fast as possible before SnD comes around. So far I've made it one single time in ~ 2 years and 2-3 extra balls, so I'm not sure my strategy is 'worth' it there

If I'm playing competitively all those rules go out the door and I make decisions based on opponents play.

#4065 4 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

In other news, whenever AJFA starts, that's nearly always a guaranteed drain for me. 100K total. Kiss of death!

Would say 90% accurate for me at least.

#4098 4 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

So dumb question. Does hitting the piston target restart the timer on double scoreing? Im thinking it does. But didnt know for sure.

Yes, it resets the timer to 20 seconds to my knowledge

#4130 4 years ago
Quoted from EricR:

I've made it 0 times in about a year of ownership, also with 2-3 extra balls, so I think your strategy i just fie. Let me ask you this, after you complete the 4th CIU does EOL light immediately or do you have to qualify it with more CIU items?

You must qualify it as a 5th CIU mode, and the only spoiler I'll give about EoL is it is TIMED unlike the other CIU modes. I didn't know this and basically wasted my chance in it, so keep it in mind when you get there. Don't sit and try to figure it out, you will run out of time.

#4138 4 years ago
Quoted from EricR:

Thanks for the tip, hopefully at some point I'll have a chance to use it. I have to admit its a little demoralizing to think about qualifying a 5th CIU when I've yet to start a 4th. Having to go through that extra step seems just mean lol.

I've been thru 4 CIUs a couple times and it is brutal to drain out lighting the 5th/EoL.

The best strategy (imo) for extending a game towards EoL on typical home settings (ie - EB's are on) is explicit focus on coffin MB. Any time you start another MB, bash the coffin as fast and as often as possible to get the locks lit, progress to the first EB (~15 coffin hits), eventually progress to the second EB (100 coffin hits), and progress the coffin CIU requirement. The game I made it to EoL I think I had like 150+ coffin hits by the end of it and had played 4 coffin MB's

Coffin MB also has the advantage of being able to be extended both by the snake add-a-ball, and stacking another MB, so you get tons of ball save time, and a very long opportunity to light CIU without fear of ball loss. With decent play, almost every coffin MB should end with CIU lit, especially if you bring another MB into the stack. Once CIU is lit you must get in and out of it ASAP and get back into the nearest MB you have. Try to use the CIU ball save time to light the 4 'exit' qualifiers and get the hell out of the mode while the safety net is still there. #1 rule is do NOT start another MB if CIU is lit - you want it available immediately after exiting CIU.

The biggest wildcard is Seek and Destroy. If you start Seek and Destroy after the 3rd or 4th CIU and it expires, you have a hell of a climb to get CIU lit again. Its a tough mode to try and control the start of so I usually just let it happen when it wants to and hope for the best.

#4142 4 years ago

In a tournament EoL shouldn't even be on your radar. Depending on the difficulty of the machine, even a single CIU is arguably not a good strategy at all when you have so much safe multiball action available.

#4180 4 years ago

If you can change DMD frames with the pinball browser, with a minor amount of artistic work Blackened should be changeable to Four Horsemen. I believe it's just a static DMD image that artistically says 'BLACKENED' when the mode starts? Maybe a couple frames of fading it in and out as well which could be handled fairly easily once the main image is modified.


Course I also don't know the capability of pinball browser in this regard...

#4183 4 years ago

I'm pretty sure I saw people altering dmd animation frames in Tron once to clean them up. The Blackened intro is so simple and basic it can't be that tough if you have the artistic ability to stylize the "Four Horsemen" graphic.

Or I'm out to lunch

#4186 4 years ago

By the way, if you do change it to four horsemen I want it

1 week later
#4252 4 years ago
Quoted from Taygeta:

Can someone explain Blackened to me?
I've read on multiple ruler sheets it involves finishing the hurry ups, but nowhere says how to start them. I have started countless coffin hurry ups, but no Blackened. Is it specific combos that light the hurry ups required for Blackened?

1. Shoot a kajillion pick targets to collect all band members
2. Hit a pick target to start
3. Shoot pick targets some more to collect all band members; spider arrows add time and points to SJP
4. Once you have all four members, super jackpot will light on a random spider arrow (fast flashing light purple on a premium)

1 week later
#4306 4 years ago

It would probably be doable with a microcontroller monitoring the magnet and/or lamp states, but for the cost of the mechanism and the work to do it, I would not even bother. It's the most non-feature addition on the Prem/LE - and I have Premium so I'm allowed to say that

#4310 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

I've been trying to think of a technical reason it might impact the shot but can't come up with any, outside of a misaligned flipper.

Superbands tend to require a 'later' shot than standard rubber in my experience. My belief is that the stickier surface better prevents 'slip' between the ball and the rubber. In addition the much harder durometer definitely has less 'spring', and more 'fling' which gets the ball off the rubber a fraction of a second sooner, preventing slip/roll on the flipper itself even more. This all adds up to harder and faster shots that tend to be predominantly 'earlier' than before superbands.

ie - When I switch a machine to super bands I typically shoot a hair too early. This can make flipper-tip shots a bit more finicky in my experience as you have to wait even longer shooting something like the FUEL lane.

I will say I notice it differently on different games. ie - I hate them on Metallica, and I find them almost unnoticeable on TRON.

#4316 4 years ago
Quoted from damageinc55:

NICE!! People say its a non feature but for some reason, i think it's really cool....

Because it's already half out of the playfield before activating, and rises like an inch, all while I'm instead watching the sweet DMD dots. If it fully hid below the playfield it would be substantially better.

Cool to hear Timebandit's board will enable it, but it's one of the least impactful mechanisms I've seen in a modern machine. It's a lot of mechanism for very little effect.

1 month later
#4510 4 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Seems to go on ad infinitum.

The only warning I'll give for EoL is: It is timed

I wasted my one time at EoL trying to observe and enjoy it like the other CIU modes, and I ran out of time. You have to keep making shots to keep the mode going.

3 weeks later
#4668 4 years ago
Quoted from mizzou:

Has anyone had any problems with balls getting stuck on the casket magnet after the 1.64 code update?

Your ball(s) are most likely partially magnetized. Change them out for regular pinballs or PBL shiny balls.

Quoted from hank35:

I had issues with balls sticking to the cross magnet. I switched Marcos silverjet balls for pinballlife balls and haven't had an issue...yet.

Bingo. Silverjets are a no-no in games with magnets

2 weeks later
#4819 4 years ago

My first run Monsters Premium plastic up-post rejected down the orbit probably 50-60% at minimum. The replacement metal post feeds pops 95%.

My friends Monsters Premium plastic up-post feeds pops 95%. *shrug* I dunno what's different.

#4852 4 years ago

Try to tighten the screws holding the shaker cover on. That's typically a culprit for excessive noise. The other is the PF glass - some extra beer-seal lockdown bar foam can help there. It is highly unlikely your shaker is disassembling your cabinet

#4855 4 years ago

Some backglasses are pretty loose actually too.

Other than that, I don't know what to say without hearing it

1 month later
#5077 4 years ago

Been there twice but didn't record it I didn't do well enough to really see much anyway

I don't know if any video exists

1 week later
#5219 4 years ago

Don't use silverjets. They become magnetized in games with magnets, and probably very quickly in a game like MET Prem where there's so much magnet force with the additional hammer mech. I've actually had a (supposedly) regular pinball become slightly magnetized and stick in the coffin trough in MET so it's likely this is your issue.

1 month later
#5652 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

So are the pick targets collected carried over to the next ball? I mean partial or completed cycles?
Also you say completing 2 cycles lights the first band member, then 3 cycles (meaning 5 total) cycles for the second and so on?

FYI - There is an adjustment to allow for partial pick carry over, and an adjustment to reduce/increase the starting completion cycles for the first band member. Both adjustments can make it a bit easier to see Blackened (it's still rare if you do change it)

1 month later
#6163 3 years ago
Quoted from baloo70:

I was worried that the ball may now catch on the lip of the hole when the post is in the down position and chip the clear coat. Do you see any issues once it was installed?

Mine has been fine for over a year, but you could put mylar over the area (and cut out the hole ) if you're worried.

#6245 3 years ago

Since I didn't see anyone nail all of them, here's the skill and superskill shots:

Skill shot: Plunge lit lane (lane change acceptable), no flippers held

For ALL super skill shots, Hold left flipper to disable up-post, and plunge (hard or soft) and then:

1. One "spider arrow" shot will light all 3 (cross, snake, chair) inserts flashing - make this shot for a super skill shot which will light that lane for starting the coffin hurry up, and adds value to the next SKILLshot (not super AFAIK). This is (imo) the best Super skill due to the huge progression to CIU that is possible.


2. Shoot mystery for super skill shot - this will light mystery if not lit, and I believe add value to the next skillshot


3. Shoot Fuel lane for super skill shot - this will light for 2x scoring, and I believe add value to the next skillshot


4. Shoot Coffin, Snake, Sparky, or Cross for super skill shot - does squat (unless coffin is the shot lit for #1 above) but adds value to the next skillshot

OR (the least well known)

5. Soft plunge the lanes (left flipper held! lane change acceptable) at the top for the lit lane. If you hit the left lane, you get the skillshot value at x2. If you hit the right lane you get skillshot value at 4x.

#6246 3 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

I *think* the orbit post is controlled by the inlanes. Not sure where I read/hear this. There's a "semi random" feeling to the ball's behavior once it happens.


Post is disabled for And Justice For All and I think when shooting all combos

No, inlanes play no role.
Post always comes up unless you are meeting certain mode/combo related criteria. You are correct on combos and AJFA, and I think it might also stay down for Seek and Destroy, and on activating coffin hurry ups but I'm not 100% sure on those.

I don't believe there is any CIU mode that disables it by default (EDIT: think I'm wrong - see below), although you can bring the above mentioned modes in to get the effect.

#6247 3 years ago

Also, as a sad side note, I will potentially no longer be part of the Metallica club in a few hours.

aaaaand Metalica is gone

#6250 3 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

FWTBT disables it by default. I thought ES did, too, but I don't play that one as often.

Yeah I started thinking FWTBT did - I remember that mode playing fast. Enter Sandman I don't think does, but I rarely played it as well.

In any case, I can't confirm anything here anymore - Metallica has left the building!

#6272 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

This is more a like, unlike!! Thanks for Your rules clarification- What's next?

Yeah a thumbs down is fair - I accept it
For now, very anxiously awaiting a new Star Wars machine. If it materializes later this year with some great gameplay and an LCD I will be forced to break the bank for it.

If that doesn't pan out, I'll probably be getting back into older project machines - I've found I like the build/fix part of the hobby moreso than the playing and owning of machines, at least as far as modern expensive machines go. Plus I still have Tron which is plenty for the amount I play these days.

1 month later
#6686 3 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

The snake switch has been an issue for years and the only answer has been to bend the arm and straighten it out. Is there really a better way hidden in the manual nobody has or reads?

I'm sure it's not the 'only' answer depending on what exactly the issue is, but bending/gapping switches has been a mandatory pinball maintenance skill since day 1. The switch being in a snake/scoop mechanism is largely irrelevant, but what you might gain from the manual is confidence in exactly how some of that mech comes apart to get better access to the switch - however the actual fix itself isn't going to be spelled out without some interpretation and troubleshooting.

#6722 3 years ago

Discovered this last night.
I don't know what to say... part of me loves it a lot, but I feel strangely bad about it haha.

They have others if you dare to dig...

#6737 3 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I just checked out their website. While looking at their past shows...I was very grateful to see they had never been in my area. I would have been kinking myself for missing them.

100% the same

They would be a great Vegas resident act in a bar or small music venue IMO.

6 months later
#8619 3 years ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

Check out purpledrillmonkeys response to the article I linked, all the way at the very bottom.
Hope that helps.

lol now there's a blast from the past

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