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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#9931 3 years ago

New Metallica owner! My wife is thrilled with it too. Already installed the eyeballs decal; Mezelmod amps; Snake fangs and tongue decal. This week I'll install the Total Lightshow and ColorDMD.

20170225_214434 (resized).jpg

20170225_205400 (resized).jpg

20170225_205816 (resized).jpg

20170225_205744 (resized).jpg

20170225_205801 (resized).jpg

#9944 3 years ago

Added a subwoofer today and wow!

20170226_122212 (resized).jpg

20170226_140123 (resized).jpg

20170226_122237 (resized).jpg

#9949 3 years ago

Yup, all mine have subs too, but I think Metallica sounds the best out of any others.

#9950 3 years ago

I buy all my subs at the flea market and yard sales, always for under $30.

#9975 3 years ago

Today I installed Timebandit's Total Lightshow GI Theatre and I borrowed the shaker from my project TFTC and installed it in Metallica. Lightshow installation took me from 9:30am or around 2:30, but I work from home so it wasn't straight hours. Just slow and steady because I feel the diagrams could be made clearer and I'd rather have written instructions instead of watching videos for each step along the way. But other than having to reverse a few red LEDs so they'd light, no problems at all. I performed the software code update just fine too.

I ordered the SAM cables for my ColorDMD and hope to be playing in color by the end of the week. I also donated to Pinball Browser and am waiting for my license key to start playing around with song changes.

Songs my wife and I would like changed:

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fade to Black
Sad But True
The Unforgiven

Songs we'd like swapped in for any of the above:

Trapped Under Ice
Dyers Eve
The Thing that should not be
Green Hell
Atlas Rise

#9997 3 years ago

Same issue with plunges here. I replaced the shooter rod since I had a new one and also replaced the orange spring with what appears to be a red one (only one I had on hand). This has improved the manual plunges, but still get some bad launches.

#9998 3 years ago

Anyone have this speaker panel decal? Not sure I like the look of "skittles" speaker panel. Any other options available?

ebay.com link » Stern Metallica Kiss Pinball Speaker Grill Amp Decal Mod Rock N Roll Baby

#10000 3 years ago

Looking forward to seeing the pics of it installed. How's the print quality? The image look hi-res or is there any pixelation?

#10002 3 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Looks nice actually! I will post some pics when I install it. Are you removing the original?

Not sure what the best course of action would be. I'll probably install over the original with the thought that if for some reason I wanted to removed the new one down the road, then possibly the original could be cleaned up of adhesive and still be fine. Remove it and then there's no chance of that.

#10005 3 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

but the speaker panel is something you feel needs to be changed?

Not until I saw the amp speaker panel.

The stock panel is totally fine, but I think the amp does look really cool. I also have the Mezelmod amps installed in each corner of the playfield and I think the amp panel would pull it all together.

#10006 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I made a custom song to replace One, which is a pretty long track at over 7 minutes. This is the best slot if you want to create a mix since it's so long. I blended Fight Fire with Fire, into Trapped under Ice, into All Justice for all. The end is the key because the code uses the last part of this track during Lady Justice mode. I think it's important to have the correct songs playing during dedicated modes, which is why I would never think about replacing songs like Fade to Black, For whom the bell tolls, etc.

I'd like to try that out if you can PM a link of the song file for me. I just got my license for Pinball Browser today and am starting to dive in with preparing songs to import. This could at least give me a ready to go song to try, especially since "One" is on my replacement list, but I do want to keep the Lady Justice mode as is.

#10009 3 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

You won't be able to leave Lady Justice mode as is if you replace "One." Whatever song you use to replace "One" will play during Lady Justice mode starting around the 4:30 mark of your new song.

Ahh right, I just learned that but forgot already. haha

But I did not know at what time the music for Lady Justice starts, so that's good info.

#10018 3 years ago

Here's my first attempt at using Pinball Browser and the updated ROM is installing right now. I also realized I don't have the complete Metallica discography, not by a long shot because I use a few greatest hits albums and a few full albums on my jukebox. So I have all the albums I'm missing downloading now and that will give me lots more to work with.

Fade to Black - Replaced with Hardwired and Holier Than Though

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Replaced with Ain't My Bitch

One - Replaced with Trapped Under Ice and Whiplash (great stuff at 4:30, but I'll soon see how it plays during Lady Liberty)

Unforgiven - Replaced with Atlas Rise

#10031 3 years ago

Binge listening to Metallica and I think Cyanide is replacing Unforgiven now.

Trapped Under Ice & Whiplash really works well together, especially Whiplash playing during Lady Liberty.

#10042 2 years ago

Major bummer tonight when I was swapping in my ColorDMD from The Shadow into Metallica. Apparently the mounting bracket holes have since been changed and I can't mount the ColorDMD.

I'm not buying another bracket for $30, especially since I just ordered and received the clear shield and mounting kit for the new backboxes.

Anyone run into this issue and have pics to show where the new holes should be drilled? Figured I'd ask before I go ahead and try and figure it out myself.

#10044 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

III have a metal backbox new run monsters and fit mine in without any bracket. It was tight going in, but it's in and all good.

The ColorDMD is mounted to a silver metal mounting plate (bracket not the right word). This is an older Sigma 1.3 ColorDMD and the holes in the plate have changed and are shipped with the newer versions.

#10046 2 years ago

On a positive Pinball Browser note....this is fun as heck listening to Metallica songs and coming up with replacement ideas.

My wife loves the Last Caress\Green Hell cover, but of course it's tricky to find shorter Metallica songs. We both wanted Unforgiven replaced and I liked Cyanide there. But my wife so far doesn't like the song.

So with Unforgiven's 6:26 to work with, this is what I came up with. Last Caress/Green Hell (3:12 after cutting out the Run to the Hills ending) and Too Late Too Late (3:12). That leaves only 2 seconds of empty space at the end, which is no big deal at all.

Fade to Black replaced with Hardwire & Holier Than Thou is a perfect fit and is a great pinball track.

For Whom the Bell Tolls replaced with Ain't My Bitch is also a great replacement. My wife said that she doesn't like the new Metallica songs. I said, this song is 20 years old! hahaha I told her she can't live off the first four Metallica albums.

One replaced with Trapped Under Ice & Whiplash is still holding up, especially with Whiplash playing during Lady Liberty because it really makes that mode a frenzy.

#10047 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I was able to use a older color dmd on my met pro led....

These holes don't line up. You have a newer mounting bracket.

#10049 2 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Hey, if I could mount an LCD version in Tommy then anything is possible!

Yeah, it's no huge deal because I can drill the holes needed. I just thought this was going to be a quick swap until I couldn't get the ColorDMD to mount and line up with the bolts. A little more research and I find the mounting plate has since been revised. I'm not paying $30 plus shipping when I can drill two holes.

#10051 2 years ago

There are actually two versions of the mounting plate and mine is the older version. The holes do not line up at all and it's not a tight fit issue. I saw someone post about this same thing and need to find it again, but I'm going to email ColorDMD support and would expect a template I can use for the new holes.


#10061 2 years ago

How far is the ball supposed to be away from the plunger at rest? I noticed the gap seemed pretty far with the original shooter spring and is closer with the other spring I installed. That seemed to help but still have the poor manual launches enough times that it's annoying. I added a green spring to my parts order list and will see what that does.

20170302_093733 (resized).jpg

#10071 2 years ago

Today I learned of this Super Skill Shot!

#10072 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Try putting a small nut inside the manual plunger rubber tip to get it closer to the ball.

Thanks for the tip. A combination of putting a nut inside the tip and slightly stretching the spring fixed the plunge. I'll install the green spring when I order my parts, but this works great for now!

Today I can attempt the Super Skill Shot. haha

20170302_125809 (resized).jpg

#10077 2 years ago

Since my Tales from the Crypt is disassembled and is the 3rd project in line for completion, I decided to borrow the Skull Pile I made for it a few years ago. I have a red LED inside the pile so it glows too. That location is the perfect spot, probably the only spot, it would fit and looks good. On TFTC this was mounted above the captive ball and Skull Cracking insert. Likely I'll just make another for TFTC since I think it will stay on Metallica.

(photo 4 Rick Rolls you)

20170302_140317 (resized).jpg

20170302_153036 (resized).jpg
20170302_153050 (resized).jpg
20170302_153041 (resized).jpg
20170302_153047 (resized).jpg

#10088 2 years ago

Oh man, I'm cracking up with the song that now plays during game over after the Match sequence.


Couldn't have planned it better myself! And the song, Too Late Too Late, plays when entering your initials.

In the Sad But True song slot I have Last Caress/Green Hell & Too Late Too Late and that's just how it all timed up. Can't wait for my wife to hear it when we play tonight.

Edit: Just got a high score (on the new update I did, so not really a high score). I started video a few seconds into it because I wasn't expecting a high score. So this shows the high score track and then the game over track.


#10091 2 years ago

Having just today installed the ColorDMD in my Met Pro with the metal backbox, you'll need the clear shield and mounting hardware. But that is not the power cable for Stern SAM. Your kit says it is the WPC95 kit, not the Stern SAM kit. The power cable should plug into the ColorDMD and then you'll have the 3 Pin connectors shown in the diagram. The female Y harness is used as a splitter if you already have a mod powered by that 12v connector, like I do with the GI Theatre mod.

Also will point out the the instructions I had pointed to the outside holes on the "wing" tabs of the mounting plate as the Stern holes. That's true for wood backboxes, but for metal backboxes they are the next inside holes to use.

#10093 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

I did order the clear shield and mounting hardware. Everything seems correct except for the cable. Where did you hook your colordmd into power? In the cab or the connector that the original dmd was plugged into?

I just edited my post. You do indeed have a WPC95 kit and not a Stern SAM kit unfortunately.

#10106 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I still don't understand what sounds better about the pinnovators board for a sub? My sub is connected directly to the cabinet speaker. Super easy, free to install, and sounds amazing.

Me too. I l also make my own headphone jack using the existing button plug under the Start button. Have to to it for Met, but did it for GoT and TWD. Only costs a few bucks for a 1/8" male/female 6' extension cable.

#10107 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

You should put an led strip in it and light the whole thing up.

When I made this a few years back, I didn't know about the small LED strips from Comet. This isn't finished yet for MET either. I like it there and it makes sense over the Mystery since that shows a skull pile. But it's like a little too empty in that spot and I have a few ideas to make it more fleshed out.

#10119 2 years ago

I added a red 3-LED under the skull pile, so that's done. I have a few other ideas too add there to build it out a little bit.

Then I added colored 3-LED strips under the cross, chair, coffin and snake insert and that looks 100% better now. I used a bright white strip under the electric chair because I do not light blue inserts at all, too jarring to my eyes in a pinball machine.

20170303_133712 (resized).jpg

20170303_133540 (resized).jpg

20170303_133734 (resized).jpg

#10127 2 years ago

Anyone decide the plastic between the left orbit and the drop targets was lacking a light under it? My eye was always drawn there thinking there was a bulb out. Not anymore.

20170303_164356 (resized).jpg

#10130 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

That drives me crazy too....Is there a hole under there to run wire to a new socket?

I didn't install a new socket, I used a white, LED strip there. The wires run under the play Field behind the standup target and then alligator clip to the GI bulb closest. Quick and easy and a real Improvement.

#10142 2 years ago

Received and installed the Snake plastic and ramp decal yesterday. Very cool mod that greatly improves the look of the Snake for sure. I was able to find one on new eBay and I saved $8.

The ramp plastic is still off in the pics so the full decal can be seen. Last pic is the before.

20170306_171141 (resized).jpg

20170306_171131 (resized).jpg
20170306_150033 (resized).jpg

#10147 2 years ago

I thought I was going to have an original coffin mod when I order these:

amazon.com link »

I planned on using the plain wood one on the right and wiring it to the coffin lock insert so it glowed.

Then while looking to see what side art blades are available, I found Modfather sells the same coffin, just not lit up.

#10148 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Looks nice actually! I will post some pics when I install it. Are you removing the original?

Did you install the amp backbox decal yet? Would like to see pics if you have, thanks.

#10163 2 years ago

Well, here's the coffins I got cheap, same one the Modfather site sells is included in the 3 pack. I don't think I'm going to use it because the scale of it is smaller than I'd hoped. The captive balls look better alone than with this coffin on top. It's also solid resin so I won't be able to light it from the inside. I had planned a use for one of the other coffins for TFTC, so was just going to be a bonus if I used one on Metallica.

20170308_150530 (resized).jpg

20170308_150554 (resized).jpg

20170308_172407 (resized).jpg

20170308_150558 (resized).jpg

#10164 2 years ago

Ok, a little bit of thinking and I made this coffin into a keeper in 30 minutes.

20170308_180941 (resized).jpg

20170308_181104 (resized).jpg

20170308_181119 (resized).jpg

20170308_181153 (resized).jpg

20170308_181112 (resized).jpg

20170308_181159 (resized).jpg

20170308_181217 (resized).jpg

#10171 2 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Are the skulls you're using from a bracelet or necklace? Where are they available?

I bought a bag of them from the flea market a few years ago when I made the skull pile mod for TFTC. I still have some skulls left over and I used three of those. I've seen them for very cheap online buying from China too. They are craft skulls used for jewelry just like you said and you can find on Amazon and eBay, but much cheaper overseas if you need larger quantities.

#10173 2 years ago
Quoted from Thanos75:

I wasn't very bright and thought I could install them by myself with the playfield in the up position. I was wrong. I ended up making a mess of it because the field was in the way. Oh well lesson learned. You can see it in the pic on the right side.

You should be able to lift it back up and smooth it out. I install the decals with the playfield up too, but I leave the backing on and remove it as I apply the decal. So have maybe the first few inches of the backing peeled back and then I slide the decal between the playfield and side. Now line up the end of the decal (I work from rear of the cabinet to front) and apply it at the rear of the cabinet and you can slide the backing off and apply as you move towards the front. No wrinkles or worries.

#10179 2 years ago

I enjoy searching around and thinking of mod ideas for Metallica - such a great pin for cool band related cosmetic mods. Was thinking of doing something with one of the many cool belt buckles available, like this one for $9:

ebay.com link » Vintage Metallica Symbol Rock Music Belt Buckle Casual Style 3 8 4cm Strap Hot

But then I just saw that Hooked on Pinball sells the same belt buckle for $40. That's a quite a markup on a cheap Chinese belt buckle.


#10190 2 years ago

Further proof that any translite can be improved with googly eyes

20170311_171318 (resized).jpg

#10193 2 years ago

I got mine a few weeks ago and updating from 1.6 to 1.7 was the first thing I did.

#10203 2 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I apologize in advance, but these type of "mods" just make cringe. Like the guy I purchased my classic Stern Seawitch from, who decided it would be a great idea to permanently glue cheap plastic gemstones all over the original apron/plastics to "enhance the game's look". What a horrible idea that was. So were the "photographs of friends" he put in place of the instruction cards, where the masking tape degraded & destroyed the original screen printing on the apron.
Just because you can throw something unique on your pin, doesn't mean you should. I know there are multiple threads dedicated to modding etiquette, but some people just like to go crazy. Hey it's their game, so knock yourself out. I'm in the camp of adding standard mods that are universally popular with the community (lighting, pinblades, protectors, etc), that add to the game & don't clutter up the playfield with garbage/clutter. But if you're planning on selling someday, just remember the next guy might not be into those unusual mods as much as you are. To each their own I guess.

I was being funny dude. Googly eyes make my wife laugh too so I put them on last night to crack her up. It's nothing permanent, they come right off.

#10211 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

It's been done before on Pinside by others so I got the joke. Cracks me up every time.

Know who's the BEST with googly eyes? Hasselhoff on Baywatch. Makes me smile every time I look at the backbox. hahaha

No Fear was hilarious with the eyes also and I brought it to York for freeplay last year and it got good laughs. I think the new owner still has them on too.

#10217 2 years ago

I like that a lot and it's the first I've seen a photo showing the entire cabinet and how it looks.

#10226 2 years ago

I just used Comet LED strips with the 555 adapter (the short 3 LED strips) since I already had a bunch I bought during the Black Friday sale. They fit across the insert nice and I just held them in place with a little bit of tape at each end. I have the strips going across the wood, not pressed inside against the insert itself. They look super.

#10228 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Those only work on the Prem/LE and not the Pro

I think I may try that. That sounds like what Hank's kit was but he had a nice plexi mounting plate included.

No need for any mounting plate. Unscrew and remove the bulb holders; plug in the LED strips to the sockets, tape each end of the strip across the insert opening. Done.

#10234 2 years ago

Began painting my Sparky tonight.

#10239 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Your magnet core is pretty high.... and u sld get the extended sparky protector.

It does look like it in the pic, but running my finger over it and it's just barely higher. Should it be totally flush? Seems like the magnet in Xmen was the same too.

What does the extended Sparky protector do?

#10240 2 years ago

Yup. No need to take him out. I'm using paint pens, so no worry about making a mess either.

#10243 2 years ago

Ok, so everyone concerned with the magnet, please send photos of yours.

#10244 2 years ago
Quoted from MacLean:

say it ain't so ... I can't look

So don't. God damn.

#10245 2 years ago

Magnet seems pretty flush with the playfield to me. I can move the end of the pencil back and forth across the magnet without it catching the edge. I think the one photo made it appeared higher than it is due to the angle.

Please correct me if it still appears to high.

20170317_102456 (resized).jpg

20170317_102528 (resized).jpg

20170317_102435 (resized).jpg

20170317_102344 (resized).jpg

20170317_102533 (resized).jpg

#10248 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

The pencil isn't doing you any favors, it's far from flat.

Not looking for it do any favors, just trying to accurately show the magnet and if it's too high then I want to fix it. I'm not having any issues at all, so will leave it alone for now and keep an eye on it though.

#10253 2 years ago

Backed down the magnet core a tad, but I think I'll order another one because the top of the core just isn't level. So while before it seemed to be raised, it was a bit in the front but the other side was not as much.

This wrench came in handy because that nut was on tight and my largest socket was still too small.

20170317_130955 (resized).jpg

#10270 2 years ago

Is that a metal cigarette case? I've seen similar ones at the flea market.

#10272 2 years ago

Do a search for coffin cigarette case and there are so really great designs. One purple coffin with skulls would looks really cool.

#10273 2 years ago

Getting some good ideas for a new coffin, even though I like the one I made already. Very easy to light up the skull eyes with these coffins since they open up. Drill out skull eyes, stick a red LED strip in the coffin and wire it. I think the purple coffin with all the skulls looks like a nice match for Metallica and drill out a few sets of eyes for the LED strip

and it would look great.

coffins2 (resized).jpg
coffins3 (resized).jpg
coffiin1 (resized).jpg
Coffins (resized).jpg
coffin (resized).jpg

#10275 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Aren't they a little big?

Dunno. Just getting ideas. They are 4" long, but there are other designs which are about 2.5". How long is that other one? Have to go out later and will stop at the head shop and see what they have in stock to see in person.

I just prefer to make my own mods instead of buying one already done. I enjoy it and it's fun for me.

#10277 2 years ago

Throwing this out just for fun and for comments. I'm replacing a song on Metallica again and have a few choices shown below.

Unforgiven was replaced already with a covers medley of Last Caress/Green Hell/Too Late Too Late. Worked good because I have to fit the song into the 6'26" slot of Unforgiven. Each song also has to work at the 15" mark because that begins playing at the end of each game. Also has to work at the 3'40" mark because that begins playing when entering your name for a high score. My wife just doesn't like Too Late and even though the other songs work in the spots, especially Last Caress, I just want to go with a single song in this slot.

Here's the choices that I like so far and will work in the slot.

Broken Beaten & Scarred

Sabbra Cadabra (I really like as a fun pinball song, but does drag in the middle)

The Thing That Should Not Be

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

#10280 2 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

How about It's Electric
» YouTube video

Gotta be in the 6'26" range.

#10281 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

If I recall, Shortest Straw is a great replacement time wise, otherwise The Thing That Should Not Be.

I missed Shortest Straw. Another strong contender.

#10291 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

About 2.35 inches, 4 inches would cover all the balls.

Just measured and only the inside ball would be covered with a 4" coffin, which is fine with me. The coffins are so cheap that I'm going to try one out.

#10301 2 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

POMC-- go with Shortest Straw dude! Love that album. I've been wearing out the older stock tunes (Battery never gets old!!!). Time to donate and make it all Kill em All. I'm just so technology ignorant so I keep putting off. Today is the day!

Heh, that's exactly the song I went with. I overlooked it at first because I didn't realize I didn't have the Justice for All album. Shortest Straw replacing Unforgiven works perfect during the end of game and when entering hi score initials too.

#10333 2 years ago

Here's the first version of my new coffin mod. The temporary mounting I'm using to test fit is blocking light from shining through all the eyes and I didn't have a 5 LED red strip, so just using a white LED strip for now. But once finished it'll look pretty sharp.

20170322_171326 (resized).jpg

20170322_171339 (resized).jpg

20170322_171330 (resized).jpg

20170322_171343 (resized).jpg

20170322_171322 (resized).jpg

#10359 2 years ago

I've had four PMs asking about that coffin mod I am working on. This isn't something I plan on making and selling, just having fun coming up with ideas. I tend to MacGuyver things like mounting and securing using what I have available in my workshop. Right now this coffin is mounted using a cut in half rubber doorstop (for the mounting slope and angle), two velcro strips and some double sided tape. I'm going to make a clear base for mounting the coffin at the upright angle it currently is because it looks way better than the easy way of mounting it flat. The clear base will also allow me to mount the LED strip on the original plastic so it has some space to shine up and through the eye holes, which looked super when testing.

This is easy enough to do on your own with a little creativity, but not something I'm interested in making and selling. I also modified the coffin and didn't keep it stock because the thickness was a little too much to mount at the angle I wanted. Fit perfect layed down flat over the captive ball plastic though without any modification other than install the LED strip. The coffin is metal and I had to cut off the hinge to separate the top and bottom and I just use the coffin top because then the thickness is perfect.

There are 4-5 other coffin designs like the one below which I may try also, and they're only $6.50 shipped, so it's a no brainer to try out and I think all the options look better than any other coffin mod I've seen.

s-l400 (resized).jpg

#10368 2 years ago

I like the ideas I've seen for the lane light indicator mods, great ideas. That will be the next mod I work on since it's functional and my wife complained about not seeing those lane lights after the snake mod plastic was installed.

#10370 2 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

I did mine by pushing on the red idc connectors that came in the spinner kit from bandit.

Could you elaborate on what you mean there? I have the spinner mod to add to timebandit's gi theatre (along with the bottom lane kit), so I'd appreciate any experience from someone with the kit also. I just have to order the spinners in my next order and then will install them along with the sound kit for them.

#10374 2 years ago

I forgot I got this set of 4 Metallica buttons. The Fist St Anger one is what my wife suggested for the shooter knob, which I agree 100% with. Two of the other buttons could be used for the top lane insert mod.

20170323_213256 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#10440 2 years ago

Dressed up the shooter knob so it wasn't boring black any more.

20170330_202414 (resized).jpg

#10449 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Came up with a new mod for the pro version to keep track of the locked balls. Yeah, I know it's cigarette case, modding this thing was no picnic. I painted the face silver metallic, added three sets of leds (video shows four as it was a prototype), production mod has three. It's tied to the three lock ball lights underneath. I could never tell how many balls I had locked as the lights underneath were always blurry. Now I can.
» YouTube video

Looks great and I have the same stash case installed and just like you figured out, I am going to make each ball lock light individually. Nice job!

#10464 2 years ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

During multiball on a pro when you get the snake 2x should the snake hold the ball for the 20 sec or is it supposed to get kicked out immediately?

Depends how you have it set. I have mine set to hold it for 20 seconds, but I think the default setting it to kick it out.

#10475 2 years ago

I have a brand new custom painted cup holder (I think Modfather does these?) for sale. I think these look terrific on the cabinet, but I just prefer the folding cup holders.

$45 shipped to the lower 48 states saves you $12 ($50 + shipping).

20170403_103726 (resized).jpg

20170403_103709 (resized).jpg

20170403_103718 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#10583 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

In my opinion, the three best mods you can add to a MET pro, not including protective mods such as clifffys, would be a shaker, ColorDMD and the Total Lightshow kit.

Agree 100%

Total Lightshow + the Sound package with spinners is amazing!

#10587 2 years ago

Anyone ever have their Sparky stop shaking? I tested the coil (one on back of the chair) in diagnostics and it doesn't work there either. Looks good physically, no broken wires and will test the transistor later. But just wondering if anyone had this issue before?

#10589 2 years ago

A wire on the scoop coil broke off today, but that was a quick fix. Was hoping to see a loose wire on the Sparky coil too.

#10597 2 years ago

I can backhand those drops all day long and seems to be a safer shot than using the right flipper.

#10611 2 years ago

Well, didn't take long for the Sparky protector plastic to break. It's been installed for only a week.

20170424_202315 (resized).jpg

#10614 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Looks like it broke right at a web line where it was weakened. Ask if they will replace it with their clear protector. The clear one doesn't have any etched web design and may be less prone to failure.

Gryszzz sent this to me for free, so I've got no reason to complain other than it broke so fast. I'll likely replaced it with a clear protector because it did do it's purpose of eliminating air balls from that area.

#10628 2 years ago
Quoted from joemoney24:

The one lit red arrow doesn't necessarily mean you should hit that shot on this game. Explore a bit more with it and you'll be quite satisfied when you figure it out. And you should always super-skill shot (hold left flipper at plunge) when playing for fun.

For a while after I got Met, I was thinking the lit red shot was like the combo shows in GoT. In that game you want to follow the shots.

But Like Joe just said, explore the rules more and it unlocks a lot more depth.

#10630 2 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Awesome responses! Thanks everyone! Excited to get home and go for the super skill shot now!

Was a game changer for me and my wife when I learned about the super skill shot a month ago right here in this thread.

#10634 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

But my goal is to get the people in the mod removal thread to admit it's better than that stock thing it replaces!

Back of the playfield plastic with awesome artwork instead of the electic pinballs with much cooler lighting than 2 white flashers.

No brainer.

#10643 2 years ago

The line for Aurich's mod starts behind me. It's going to completely change the look of the game because of what is normally staring you in the face during most of the gaemplay. Plus it will enhance the "world inside a box" aspect.

2 weeks later
#10742 2 years ago

I just used short 3 LED strips from Comet and simply taped them across the insert holes and they fit perfect. Remove the plastic socket mounts and bulbs, then plug in the strips to the socket. I'm going to color match my inserts so I'll be changing my green snake insert to an orange strip to match the snake inserts. I just happened to have a green strip but not an orange. I'll likely change my cross inserts to purple, but didn't have enough on hand.

20170303_231856 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#10823 2 years ago

I think my X-Men had those clips...or maybe it was Walking Dead. But what a long overdue great idea.

1 week later
#10842 2 years ago

My Sparky stopped working, but didn't have a smoke show thankfully like reported in the "Sparky Warning" thread. Even though transistor Q18 tested fine I had it replaced since the board was out already. The fuse tested fine but I also replaced it - it was a 5A which was also correct per the manual.

So it would appear the step down voltage board is bad. Instead of replacing it, could the transistor on that board be replaced to fix the issue? What should the readings of that transistor be? It seemed to be bad when I tested it, but not certain.


I see Pinball Life has the coil and step driver board available for $30, so at least it's not an expensive fix, but I'd prefer to cheaply repair.

#10844 2 years ago

Yup, just one day a couple of weeks ago I noticed Sparky wasn't shaking at all.

#10846 2 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Okay, did you do the Sparky coil test and get any kind of reading from the coil with your meter?

I haven't done any testing yet aside from visually inspecting and replacing the transistor Q18 that is for the step driver board. I can test right now since I'm working from home today though.

#10848 2 years ago

What should the coil readings be at for a 20v coil? For 50v coils, I seem to recall I'd want to see at least 3 ohms across the lugs.

Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

Did the spring on the coil on the back of the chair to Sparky's back break or come loose?

Was hoping that was going to be the cause when this first happened.

#10851 2 years ago

Well, this is the first time I've heard about checking the metal tab, so thanks to both of the prior posters for bringing it to my attention. I'm assuming it's the tab with the blue square on it in the pics. In the coil test, if I push Sparky backwards the coil works and shakes him. Otherwise nothing happens in the coil test if I don't touch anything.

How does this need to be adjusted then? Sucks not having service rails so the playfield can be slid out further to easier access.

20170530_121121_001 (resized).jpg

20170530_121102 (resized).jpg

#10853 2 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Thats not the tab they are talking about.
If you pull the mech back against ths coil manually you will see a little finger like piece that holds the mech closer to the coil. It looks like yours is bent so the mech is too far away and the coil doesnt grab it.

I found the pic you posted of your new coil assembly in this thread. I see what you mean now - otherwise no way I could see that metal finger without another person here holding the playfield while it's fully extended.

....and it's fixed!

#10855 2 years ago

Now to install the Rising Cross mech once I receive a few cables I'm waiting on.

#10858 2 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

anyone change alot of songs with pin browser? Would love to get some input on best way to do it...

I changed songs on Metallica and Mustang and followed suggestions from another older thread. I use Audacity to edit the songs and it works out great. Later I'll find that thread and link it here because I'm at the dog park now.

#10861 2 years ago
Quoted from embryon:

my sparky works but I'm having real problems getting the magnet to catch the ball. Unless its a nice soft roll near the area, most times than not the ball will not be intercepted by the magnet. So depending on what happens next I may get sparky to shake or it just goes straight into multiball. Do the magnet core need to be adjusted a little higher as mine may be a touch lower than the wood cut out ring?

Take a pic and let's see how it looks. I don't think that would affect the strength of the magnet, but I'm sure someone else will know.

#10865 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I just started playing around with Pinball Browser last night. For those of you that have swapped out songs, did you leave all the CIU songs intact? I'm thinking this makes the most sense.

I didn't, since I replaced Fade to Black and one of the others, can't recall which one.

#10926 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

So I swapped out every song in the game, and I'm not thrilled with the results. I have an external sub hooked up via alligator clips, and it seems like 90% of the sound is coming from the cabinet speaker, not the backbox speakers. This may have always been the case with this game, but now I'm hyper-focused on the music, and it really bugs me. Is there a way to give the whole system better balance?

I also swapped out most of the songs and use an external sub connected with alligator clips. Can't say I've noticed any sound issue like that though, but will pay attention when playing in a bit.

1 week later
#10976 2 years ago

I finished wiring up the Sound Caller kit for the spinners and now am moving on to installing the rising cross.

20170616_103527 (resized).jpg

#10979 2 years ago

I just took a video showing the Total Lightshow with spinners and rising grave marker.

#10981 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Awesome! How much was the rising cross mech, and where did you buy it?

I bought it from a fellow Pinsider who was upgrading to a Metallica LE and selling off his mods.

#11001 2 years ago

I did the same mod on my Pro before I even knew about this mod. I used the short LED strips and just taped them in place across the inserts. A little scotch tape on each end of the LED strip and stuck them in place.

I made the Cross insert purple and then color matched the small cross inserts with purple bulbs. The Snake insert is orange to match the already orange snake inserts on the PF. Coffin insert is red and that matches the red coffin lock bulbs and the electric chair insert is white to match the white playfield chair inserts.

Matching the large insert colors and the small insert colors makes the end of ball tally look really nice as it shows how many crosses, chairs, etc you have. Why would the large snake insert be green when the playfield inserts are orange? Doesn't look cohesive. If you make the large cross purple, then color match the small cross inserts too and don't be halfway about it.

Also replaced the white FUEL inserts with Red-Orange-Yellow-Green and the fuel tank inserts above the large inserts also. I think doing all that really makes the playfield artwork and inserts look very cohesive.

Can probably see all that in this video I posted showing the spinners and rising cross.

#11006 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

thanks scorpio..i see the lil strips now! much better than the original btw! also, dammit I need to change my songs ..that should almost be a 'must do' mod! another dumb question: exactly what does the total light show mod do? is it more flashing and blinking lights to the code?! Thanks
Pomc-- u should try some cyan blue bulbs in the 8 guitar pic inserts! that rising cross looks deadly btw!

I was about to try and explain the Total Lightshow package, but the creator (Timebandit) explains it thoroughly on the first post of this thread.


I never thought about the guitar pick inserts. I'll see what blue bulbs I have and give it a crack. Thanks for the suggestion.

#11015 2 years ago

I didn't notice any light bleed until I installed purple LEDs under the cross inserts. Pretty cool.

#11033 2 years ago

So this metal post is for a right orbit shot when the post is raised that will prevent bouncing back down the right orbit?

#11036 2 years ago

Who sells the metal post and for how much?

#11056 2 years ago

I had no idea the post was supposed to stop the ball from the left orbit and deposit it in the pops. I'll be ordering the metal post for sure.

#11062 2 years ago

I had 17 combos the other night.

1 week later
#11104 2 years ago

I have the same issue with any type of launch. Some launches seem to hit the rail or wall and rattle around. Replacing the shooter spring with the a green spring helped a but. But it's really fucking lame a simple ball launch won't work. My Mustang shoots buttery smooth and wish Metallica would do the same.

#11107 2 years ago
Quoted from bent98:

My machine was made in May 2016. It's not like its a first run model. POMC can you take a pic of your metal fork position?

Here are some pics I just took.


#11120 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

GC at pintastic...not my best, but good enough for today. 262 mil.

Why is there a circus clown instead of Sparky? That's an odd "mod".

#11156 2 years ago
Quoted from ninjabones:

What a night... first game after coming back from a week vacation. Just rocked it. What an amazing pin

Now that Sparky makes sense. He's a prisoner being electrocuted, not a circus clown Ken doll.

#11161 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

you painted your sparky with paint markers..while it was ON the playfield. c'mon man. throwing a lil jab at those custom sparkies that are done by artists with skills?!? Should we bring up the children's braclet beads again?

Bring up anything you like. So you can have an opinion AND be an asshole, but I can't comment about a clown Sparky that I just didn't get? Why is that?

I never claimed to have any art skills because I don't. I drew on my sparky because that's what I felt like doing because I HAD FUN DOING IT and I LIKE IT. You never miss a beat to comment that I didn't remove my sparky and do some custom clown shitshow on it. So fucking what duuuuude? You like yours? Fabulous!!! Party on!

I didn't go to your house and draw all over your sparky and ruin your game, so what do you care what I did to mine? I think mine looks just fine, better than stock and I have no desire to remove it and pay big $$ to send it out for a makeup job. You probably should block me so you never have to see it again if it offends your sensibilities.

20170712_114233 (resized).jpg

#11168 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

nah. u should block the clown Ken dolls instead of throwing digs at them. again, not everyone agrees with your taste of what's cool or not! you're border line trolling with your relentless nonsense! ramp

Hey Bee-Dow, YOU started shit with me when I simply posted what I did in that Show Off Your Sparky thread.


I didn't realize that thread was for Elite Artists Snobs. But you sure shit all over my posts so I just deleted them because I wanted nothing to do with a douchebag who takes doll painting SO seriously. I thought it would be a fun thread to participate in but you sure pissed all over that notion.

Why would you feel "trolled" because I commented on a photo of a clown sparky that was taken at a show? I didn't comment directly to someone who posted, "Hey check out my Sparky!". I didn't comment or reply to anything you said. I simply wondered why a clown would be on a Metallica. Like maybe I was missing something and now clowns are a part of Metallica's live act or whatever.

Get over my opinion of clown Sparky. Isn't art subjective? I'm entitled to my opinion whether you approve or not. I only know you on this forum because you never cease making snide comments about how I modded my sparky. I'm not selling them, so I'm not competition for you (I think you sell them?), so again, I ask why the fuck do you care?

Now that I know it bothers you SO much though.... Oh, and I showed that clown sparky photo to my wife and asked her opinion. She replied, "You are NOT putting a clown on Metallica. That's ridiculous looking."

1 month later
#11444 2 years ago
Quoted from Guzz4851:

Anyone have the spinner mod on their pro? Trying to figure out if it's worth the 100 bucks or so...

I have them and they're tied into the Total Lightshow package I have installed and that allows the spinners to play different sound effects in various modes.

You can put together your own spinner kit for a lot less than $100 too. But whichever method you choose to add them, I think it's worth it since I like spinners.

1 week later
#11507 2 years ago

I like the eyeball decal better than that skull mod because I think it blends in nicely with the playfield artwork. But that's why there are options.

1 week later
#11575 2 years ago

Yeah, taking the drop target mech out is usually very simple on every game. Disconnect the plug to the mech, remove 4-6 screws and done.

Does anyone sell the drop target decals? I had to trim the bottom of the first target's decal because it had gotten torn.

#11580 2 years ago
Quoted from robotronjohn:

I'm pretty sure I had target decals in the goodie bag.. Have you checked it? You could always call Stern and see if they would send you a couple.

Don't have a goodie bag. No big deal since the decal looks fine after I trimmed the bottom torn edge.

#11585 2 years ago

Sweet, thanks. Don't recall if I looked at Marco, but I haven't looked since the target tore a few months ago.

#11599 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

If you want to go all out, you should also install TimeBandit's Total Lightshow mod with the spinner sound caller add-on kit. It takes the game to an 11 ...

Agreed. And if you go Total Lightshow then you can also add the Rising Gravemarker, which I love on our Metallica Pro.

#11619 2 years ago

Very easy to loosen the nut and if you don't have a socket, just use vise grips.

#11635 2 years ago
Quoted from GrimDog:

Anyone here have the TotalLightshow mod on their pro?
I got mine installed today and none of the GI works...
Trying to find any basic troubleshooting or how to set the thing into test mode.

Check the small fuses on the Lightshow boards. I've had one blow and I think extra fuses are included with the kits.

#11637 2 years ago
Quoted from GrimDog:

they look ok to me

If you have a multimeter, just test them to be sure. Maybe you get lucky.

1 week later
#11657 2 years ago

Just copying and pasting this video from another thread into this thread in case anyone is interested in checking it out.

Quoted from DerGoetz:
Btw... how do you get the grave maker to rise on the Pro?

Buy an actual Rising Grave marker.

Perquisite is installing the Total Lightshow package and then buying a Rising Grave Marker mech. You can see it around the 2:00 minute mark and also see the amazing Total Lightshow package and spinners in the beginning.


#11660 2 years ago
Quoted from Guzz4851:

Pinball life has spinners way cheaper....wondering if this could be replicated by sourcing parts. Anyone done this before? Anyone know if the pro has pre-drilled holes for spinners?
Thanks for anyone's help that has done this before. If you prefer a PM conversation, that is fine.

You can build your own set for a fraction of the price of the kit. Just buy the spinners, mark the holes in the playfield and drill. Still have to drill holes with the kit and still need to dremel notches out of the plastics. You might find spinner decals for sale too, not sure, but also easy enough to print your own.

#11681 2 years ago

LCD - because I prefer not seeing dots.

#11689 2 years ago

I saw tropical fruit when the photo appeared on my screen. Looks like jungle fruit or something.....like it belonged on the Predator game. And does that game really have a dollar store "skeleton in a coffin" halloween decoration on it? That wouldn't even look right on my TFTC, but that modded plastic area around the cross and drop targets would look great if made to fit on TFTC around the left ramp and scoop.

#11705 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

That's all I need to be convinced it will look deadly! Placing my order today!. You would notice the cheap toy on a playfield Pomc! I hope u also noticed the custom sparky painted by Dirty Donnie ?!! And how can someone say it don't "goes" with the game!? There's a snake head ON the playfield! Haha.. c'mon

Do what you want, why would I care? You asked in a public forum what we thought. I said what I thought, per your open request. Go spend your $150 and enjoy yourself regardless of what any of us think. The "no" votes were more than the "yeah" votes, 6-1. So why single my opinion out?

#11707 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I'm sure to be ordering one this week..what do ya think of it?!?!

I said what I thought of it *ONLY* because you asked.

Otherwise not a peep would've been heard from me. Thought you actually wanted input and constructive criticism since you asked everyone? This mod is a terrific idea and I applaud the effort, but it's just not for me, and you asked what I thought of it.

#11718 2 years ago

Took a video today playing a two player game to choose some new songs I added. This video shows Hocus Pocus and Symptom of the Universe, both are really fun while playing. I have a few other different songs added and I cycle through them at the start of the video.

Oh, video also shows Total Lightshow and spinners in action. I did not start Grave Marker MB, so the Rising Cross tied into the Total Lightshow doesn't happen.

1 week later
#11760 2 years ago

Here's the songs I currently have installed. First time I went with non-Metallica songs because I thought I would prefer to keep the game as a "package". But I had so much fun playing Aerosmith that I realized it's nice to change up a little. Metallica is obviously very intense and not necessarily fun pinball music.

I have Mustang for my "jukebox" pinball machine and love it, so that's why I stayed with only Metallica in the soundtrack all this time. Hocus Pocus is so god damned fun to play along to.

Newer Metallica songs sound great. I'll look for video, but I had Moth to Flame, Ain't My Bitch and some other new songs and they all worked well. Edit, here's video with a few song changes. Was mainly taken to show Total Lightshow, spinners and the rising grave marker, so I skip thru the songs kind of quick.

#11762 2 years ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

so when you change the songs in the code, do you also have the ability to change how they are displayed on the selection screen or does it still list the original Metallica song titles?

You change the song title as well, so everything matches up.

#11767 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

You need to do it also or it does itself when you change the music?

You do it, very easy. Do a search of the messages tab and then the firmware button for the song you are replacing. Then when you find the instance, change it to the new song name.

#11770 2 years ago

Heh, was just playing a game while I have the Yankees game on. My wife requested Pantera's Cemetary Gates be added to Metallica. Turns out it plays during Coffin Multiball, which is pretty cool and fitting. I'd need to check my notes to see what it replaced if anyone is interested.

#11774 2 years ago

Hey man, that's cool and whatever music gets you into that pinball groove, right?

1 week later
#11816 2 years ago

A simple glue stick rubbed on the side of the backbox will re-adhere those peeling decals. Right side of my game started peeling like that and it's been fine for 6 months now. I have a replacement sideart, but I didn't want to use it if I didn't have to.

2 weeks later
#11959 2 years ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

Yes, when the diverter is up, either orbit shot should fall in to the pops. With the plastic diverter post it bounces off the post and comes back down the orbit, but it shouldn't.
It is easy to install the metal diverter post, and it will never bounce backwards down the orbit again.

I installed the metal post last week and I haven't seen a difference really. A fast left orbit shot still bounces off the metal post and back down the orbit. Maybe I need to set my game steeper and that's something I'll check.

#11999 2 years ago

I had a green one with a spider web design. It broke in half very quickly.

I'm using the clear protector now and no issues with it.

#12006 2 years ago
Quoted from jefryan:

I need one as well and sent rickwh a message about it. He said he has a growing list and my fire up a new batch. Send him a pm and maybe you'll be the one that starts production for us all who need one.

Oh right, that's where I got my clear protectors from. I bought two and so far haven't needed it. Much more durable than the webbing ones, plus I think clear it much better than the green there in front of sparky.

1 week later
#12081 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Rejoining the club.... Went pro this time. Where can I buy the rising cross (for pro) and the three white crosses by pops? Have trouble finding.... Thanks

Rising Cross usually is in stock at Marco. You'll need the Total Lightshow mod installed for the cross to rise though.

No idea about those white crosses, but I think it just clutters up the pop area and doesn't really make sense to have crosses there though.

#12083 2 years ago

I don't have a link, just recall someone else asked a short while ago and I thought they were told Marco has it.

Since you have the lightshow mod, add the sound caller kit and the spinners if you don't already have them.

#12089 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Just need to figure out easiest way to cut the plastic to accommodate. Don't have dremel.

"Rent" a dremel from Walmart then return it when you're done.

#12096 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

not to sound like an ass, but "buy" the dremel. it's a great tool that you'll find plenty of uses for

I own a dremel kit.

1 week later
#12131 2 years ago
Quoted from jefryan:

So here’s my newly installed PinStadium lights on my Pro. I’m still playing around with the colors and brightness but these make a HUGE difference and make playing more enjoyable.

I noticed you have the lighting strips installed wrong. The light strips are supposed to follow under the glass channel the whole length of the playfield. Your strips are installed WAY too low and you're not getting the full effect at all. Took me a minute to see why you game didn't look nice and bright - I thought you had posted two "before" photos".

1 month later
#12327 2 years ago

Loaded Metallica Pro for sale: Total Lightshow & sound caller kit, Rising Grave Marker, Spinners and lots more.


#12338 2 years ago

I'm kinda getting bored by Metallica now which is why I have it up for sale. I actually enjoy Mustang more than Metallica and hope to get an Aerosmith Pro if the Metallica sells.

#12341 2 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

No harm in getting tired of a game and desiring something new. Mustang is actually a pretty fun game with the new code.
I'm going to take heat from this but have you considered a GOT? It would go great with your collection and would be even cheaper than the AS. The rules seem basic but the multitude of strategies you can play that game with really creates some good lastibility. It's by far my favorite pin in my collection.

GoT is awesome! - had one for a while, then traded it for TWD, then traded TWD for XMLE, sold XMLE and then bought Metallica.

My wife and I played Aerosmith at the shows this year and we came away with the same feeling we had playing GoT - FUN!

Mustang has lastibility because I enjoy changing up the songs now and again and my wife has a Mustang. Sure, I do switch songs with Metallica too, but Met is more serious and I'm not always up for metal. I did start changing Met songs to other bands for variety, but I think I just don't like picking one main song to listen to an entire game. With the modes in Mustang and Aerosmith it's fun to jukebox a game when playing.

#12351 2 years ago
Quoted from MacLean:

I own both AS Pro & MET Premium. While AS is amazing & a blast to play ... I would absolutely NEVER trade Metallica for Aerosmith. MET (Premium) is just that good.

Yeah it's good, just bored of it.

#12353 2 years ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

I'm not sure I would put AS over MET, but it's your choice to make; my advice ... consider going Premium on the AS ... the upper playfield is more than just a mini playfield with targets, it literally changes the dynamics of the game.

I'm not ranking any game over another, just want to play a new fun game for a while. Met is in my trading game slot because I'm not ready to move anything else. Plus it has the most value of my pins, so it's the one I can trade/sell for a newer pin like AS. Yeah, AS Premium is a fun too and the upper playfield I actually really enjoy compared to other upper PFs. But I'd rather sell Met, get AS Pro + some cash back.

#12354 2 years ago

If anyone is interested in the Rising Grave Maker mech for their Met Pro, I'd be willing to sell mine and reinstall the pro grave marker and sell my game without it. $250 shipped in the USA. This is the mech here, so you'd be saving $50 at least after Marco's shipping.


#12355 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

If anyone is interested in the Rising Grave Maker mech for their Met Pro, I'd be willing to sell mine and reinstall the pro grave marker and sell my game without it. $250 shipped in the USA. This is the mech here, so you'd be saving $50 at least after Marco's shipping.

Already spoken for. Just waiting to see if the game will sell with all mods installed so I don't need to uninstall and want to see if someone wants the entire "Promium" package.

#12357 2 years ago

That creeping death mod works great on TFTC too. The green artwork on the TFTC playfield is UV reactive and really pops with these UV strips. The creeping death artwork also matches TFTC really well. Good deal for the creeping death UV lights.

1 week later
#12403 2 years ago

So I have someone on the way to buy my Metallica and of course an issue just popped up. Trough switch 4 (switch #18) stopped working a few nights ago so I ordered a new switch and diode since I didn't have any spares. I've had trough switches fail before, so no big deal.

Parts order won't be here until later today so I took a trough switch out of Mustang. Doesn't work. I looked up the switch matrix and all the switches in the row work, but I found the left ramp exit switch also does not and they are in the same column 02. I see the columns are controlled by ICs and not transistors.

This column is IC-U22B. How do I go about testing that?

#12409 2 years ago

Just posting this here for anyone troubleshooting in the future. I'm officially out of the Metallica club today. Good talking to you all about Metallica, mods and troubleshooting.


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