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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#2847 4 years ago

I have only put a bit of time on MET....I have the chance to get one for a really great price, but I'm a BIT worried how non-pinheads will respond to the difficulty. Can anyone comment on how their non-pinball playing friends/family have felt about the game?

#2850 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

my gf hates tron, but loves met. There are lots of shots and fun things that happen. Most people can get sparky multiball which is cool for most. I think it would be good for non pin people.

Glad you used TRON as an example. My wife HATED TRON because of the difficulty and lack of "stuff" going on. There is a profanity filter, yes? Being able to turn that off for when people have kids over is important...

#2855 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

I don't know....they still say 'hell' a lot with the 'adult content' turned off in menu.

Eh, hell isn't a big deal. The other 4 letter words won't do well when we have children over, though!

#2858 4 years ago

Alright, well given that it's NOT harder than IM or TRON and that you can turn off all the profanity...

I am "tentatively" in the club!

#2863 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

if you like tron and im. You'll really like met. I even woke up early to play before I left for work. I still can't get much going, but I love that there are so many shots!!! Each just feels unique and fun, although many are very tight. And the sound of the ball in the metal ramps and rails...ohh baby, so good. I like this led version. I found one led out, but it looks great! I think I'll color match a few spots like fuel, but it does look good.

Yeah, I love both games, but my wife wasn't a fan of TRON. However, given what I've been reading and some other responses, I decided to go ahead and order an LED Pro.

#2871 4 years ago

I am ordering the spinner mod from HOOKED because I love spinners and don't care if it changes the gameplay a little bit. Any other neat mods I should look into (protectors, cliffy's, mylar for the magnet, etc)?

#2877 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

sling protectors
inlane protectors
sparky protector
snake fangs
snake tongue
snake led
coffin decal
mystery hole led
scoop, kickout protectors (like cliffys)
tons of mezel mods
this thread helps

Silly question, but is this all from PBL? Or are these special Pinside user mods?

#2884 4 years ago

Interesting to read some of the issues popping up. Anyone here have peeling issues? If so, how did you remedy it?

#2912 4 years ago

Is there a thread detailing how to replace the songs I don't want/like?

#2916 4 years ago

I have a few pieces of square mylar coming from PBL and intend to place them at the wire drops. I was wondering if I should find some sort of mylar for the two magnets as well?

#2918 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Mylar around the magnets, yes. And mylar or the metal cliffys' for the switches below the ramp

Will this one fit around Sparky and Graveyard?


#2938 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I can't see another song being added now. That's a $$ thing, doubt they could get it for free.
Honestly my only real complaint about the code is that you get "punished" for getting to Seek and Destroy. The completed shots are so valuable for getting to CIU, which is the meat of the scoring, that you feel kind of stupid starting it. Wish there was a clever solution for that.

Consider this me being ignorant to the rules...

Why is playing Seek and Destroy counter productive to scoring well in CIU?

#2941 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Because to get to Seek and Destroy you complete the items on lanes/shots. Complete them all and you start S&D. Thing is, every time you make a shot on a completed lane you earn items towards Crank It Up, which is the real scoring spot in the game, and the path to the wizard mode.
Once you finish S&D the lanes all reset. So you have to lock them in again to get the CIU item gathering credit.

Gotcha. Once I get my game, this will probably make a LOT more sense. As it stands now, it seems like a silly oversight almost.

#2951 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

You can buy mylar at Office Max and places like that too.

I hope it works out and they give you a little discount. No more shipping parts for the locals is always a plus too.

Thanks for the tip - I already had an order in for new balls, flipper rubbers, and a bunch of other stuff. Cost me a very small amount to add it in.

That said, I'll make sure to hit up Office Max when I need emergency mylar.

#2988 4 years ago

My game should be here Monday...This is already feeling like the longest weekend in history.

#3014 4 years ago

That cemetery entrance mod is pretty rad.

#3018 4 years ago
Quoted from marksf123:

Yea - It seems like it just belongs on the game. It is painted perfectly to match the cross. It has a red led in the back that lights up the words Cemetery when the cross is flashing.

Where did you get it?

#3045 4 years ago

45 minutes of work left.

#3058 4 years ago

The process has begun!

#3065 4 years ago

Had a great time putting games on it thus far with my 2 friends! What an amazing game...Every shot just feels SO good.

#3069 4 years ago

I'm trying to determine if I need to tweak my Mystery or Snake scoop. The Snake shot spits the just over halfway down the left flipper. The Mystery shot shoots about half an inch from the tip of the left flipper. I think I'd like them both to shoot more towards the middle/top half of the left flipper. How do you go about tweaking that?

#3073 4 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

FYI Both kickouts sound about right. You can adjust the coil power for both kickouts (I think) in the options somewhere to try and alter it, but it doesn't sound like your scoops play much different from the two Metallica machines I play regularly - especially the snake; yours sounds bang on. The mystery kickout might be a bit low but even on mine it is a very difficult drop catch due to how low on the flipper it kicks out and the speed the ball is moving.

Snake may be good, but the Mystery does feel a bit low. Watching the rules video that Bowen did at this spot:


You can see that his scoop is coming about perpendicular to the left most pick insert on the flipper. Mine is noticeably lower.

Having said that, I'm glad it's not just me noticing how tough of a catch that is! I MAY try and tweak it a hair when I install my Cliffy (once it arrives). Thanks!

Here's a dumb question - mylar at the ball drops. Anyone able to snap a pic of where you installed yours (if you did)?

#3081 4 years ago

So I had this happen during a ridiculously good game on my first ball during CIU. Is there anything I can do to NOT have the game have me end my ball at this point?

ball stuck.jpg
#3084 4 years ago

Thanks guys. I'll search for and turn that on. Once I get my Sparky protector, it should prevent that from happening again. It was a bummer because I had a 67m Electric Chair multiball thanks to 4x scoring. But I'll make it happen again I'm sure, haha.

#3090 4 years ago

Broke 100m after a TERRIBLE ball 1 (like 900k).

I'm having trouble hitting the grave markers. They're SO dangerous, even from the left flipper.


The snake is a bit confusing to me. How do I start Snake Multiball? And when it comes to progress towards CIU, is it only hitting the snake scoop that counts, or can I hit any lane that has been lit for snakes?

Speaking of lit lanes, how does that work for grave markers? If the left loop is hit, when I hit a grave marker, does it light the grave marker for the left loop but then make the grave shot my active shot?

Oh and on the subject of active shots, what happens if I hit the active shot twice in a row? Does it just count towards combos?

#3108 4 years ago

What do the 3 lights in front of the piston target represent? I haven't figured out whey they light up yet.

#3117 4 years ago

You know what's fun? When CIU is lit and you can't hit the scoop for 3 balls. FML

Anyone ever hit a drop square and not have it go down?

#3135 4 years ago

Hopefully no more air balls!

Sparky In.jpg
#3149 4 years ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

This happens when the ball hits the drops too fast. The target snaps forward faster than it drops down. It'll happen a lot more right after you wax.

Thanks - this would explain my issues!

And yeah, that Sparky plastic is a crazy awesome deal! A must have "mod".

#3168 4 years ago

I've noticed that the hooks on my Pro don't fall right into place like previous Stern games I have owned. No biggie - just a slight bit of extra pressure to get it in. I do notice that it takes a bit more of a heave to lift up, though.

I decided to reposition the flasher by Sparky's head. I angled it more towards him so that it doesn't flash my face so hard during the start of Sparky Multiball. Makes it MUCH more bearable.

And I put another 10 games or so on mine last night...There are no words for my frustration when I can't hit the scoop to start CIU. It's maddening. And what's worse, if I miss the scoop and the ball hits the right sling, there's a strong chance it's going to ricochet into the left outlane. Many f-bombs are dropped in the evening hours at my home.

#3170 4 years ago

Yeah, I honestly worry that someone will bring their kids over and start having seizures. No joke. They're crazy. But the startup to that multiball is amazing - like, one of the best.

Oh, and I had this realization last night about the rules...Correct me if I'm wrong:

When you finish a lane's hurry-up and light all 3 shots, you can just bang that shot out over and over to make quick progress towards CIU, right? Also, if you complete all 5 hurry-ups, will any of those 5 shots will give progress towards CIU for the rest of the game or do the hurry-ups reset after you finish all 5?

#3177 4 years ago

First off, congrats!

I have felt leg protectors on mine because I had a set sitting around. Some love them, some hate them. They new cabinets DO have a small plastic bracket where the legs hit the decal, so they are probably not necessary. I just like the added bonus.

The only things I would say are really important:

Round magnet mylar
Ball drop mylar
Rickwh makes a Sparky protector that I snapped a pic of earlier (helps with airballs)
Cliffy for the Mystery Scoop
E: Buy better balls. I like my Pinball Life ones, but anything other than Stern balls are good (thanks dug)

That's all I can honestly think of that you should strongly consider. Maybe plastic protectors if you're into that.

#3212 4 years ago

I can't get my fangs installed for anything. The little screw inside the jaw is so damn tight...Anyone else have this issue?

#3215 4 years ago
Quoted from bushz:

Hate to ask again but did you add plastic leg protectors?
Also, which protector did you install in the mystery scoop?

See my previous response:


#3242 4 years ago

I love how you can have 10 terrible games in a row followed by a 100m game. MET is one fickle beast.

#3244 4 years ago
Quoted from marksf123:

Drives me crazy when I hit Sparky and the magnets do nothing and it goes SDTM

Yeah, it's nigh unsavable when thay happens.

#3270 4 years ago

The outlanes on this game feel like STTNG sometimes.

#3275 4 years ago

So this just happened. Only had it installed for a few days. New plastic snapped at the connection. Hope he's got more left.

#3277 4 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Ill take care of ya.

I shot you a message - just let me know if you've got more and I'll shoot you money for another.

#3283 4 years ago

I would definitely get a mylar ring for that spot. But, I mean, can Stern do anything about that?

#3286 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

That is just the magnet that had a chunk come out? You can get new magnet cores....but ya maybe stern would cover it under warranty.
nicoga3000 - did your plastic break in the rear right?

No, it broke at the point where it connects to the hex post. It's on the left in that picture. It's not the best pic of it. When I open the game to put my Mystery Cliffy in, I'll get a better pic.

#3300 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I need to clean and then put that mylar on...asap

Yes you do. It's a BITCH to install, but after seeing those pics above, I'm glad I did it.

#3302 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Is it!? I figured the sparky would be meh, but the cross would be harder as you have to take off the plastic.... is it worse than I suspect?!

Cutting the hole in the mylar to fit around the magnet is ridiculously difficult. Although I can tell you, the magnet is almost EXACTLY the same diameter as a nickel. So you can trace that onto the magnet and cut that. Just annoying overall.

#3306 4 years ago

Oh...That sounds about a million times easier.

#3313 4 years ago

I tried to snap a pic, but I was totally cradling an LED earlier. One fell out from the sling spotlights, ha.

Also, this game is stupid fun. Like all pinball, it's easier to get frustrated over things, but man...When you've got 3 inserts lit for CIU and are THIIIIIIIS close to that 4th one? So good.

Also, I think I've only had Snake and Coffin Multiball once or twice in my 100+ games. I should focus on those a bit more.

#3316 4 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

For coffin - Try focusing on hitting the captive ball after an inlane is scored. This lights double count towards coffin for a couple of seconds. Doing this you should see coffin much more often.
Snakes another story. I don't find snake MB all that lucrative anyways but coffin is a great MB as you can progress towards other MB and even stack one other in during coffin.

Thaaaat's why the coffin insert flashes sometimes. Thank you!

#3325 4 years ago

Hmm...Cliffy Mystery Scoop has REALLY screwed up the way the ball comes out of the scoop. Anyone else have this issue?

#3327 4 years ago
Quoted from CyberNinja24:

My Cliffy on the mystery scoop has not affected the ball whatsoever as it comes back out.

I feel like an IDIOT. The side wasn't "clipped in" all the way.

#3337 4 years ago

So I asked earlier and tried some things...But the snake fangs. My snake has the screw in it's mouth (that requires an offset screwdriver). I cannot get access to that screw nor get it to turn, no matter how hard I try. Any tips? I tried unscrewing just the screw up top, but that didn't allow me to wiggle the front of the mouth loose at all.

#3343 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

nicoga3000 - did you try this type of screw driver?

No I totally missed this. I'll check into buying one of these soon. Can't hurt to have around the house, either. Thanks!

#3361 4 years ago

Anyone notice getting right ramp credit when you fudge the shot and hit the two pick targets? I need to check to make sure I'm not crazy, but I swear I have earned ramp credit during Lady Justice or in getting to Lady Justice by not actually making the ramp...

1 week later
#3531 4 years ago

You ever have one of those nights where you just can't win? I think I played 15 games and my highest score was 35m (most averaged around 5-8m). I just couldn't hit a shot to save my life.

I'm fixing to wax my game for the first time. This is a silly question, but when you guys do your routine cleaning/waxing, how in depth do you go with it? Just the main play area?

#3537 4 years ago

Snake, Coffin, and Sparky multiball on ball 1. Only scored 126m after choking on CIU and failing to get control of the ball afterwards.

1 week later
#3621 4 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Finally figured out a way to pull this one off. My Metallica pro is coming from cointaker next week!

Congrats and welcome!

I recently discovered the magic of left ramp, right ramp, piston target for "EOL" cash-ins. Does anyone have the math on how this grows? It seems like a really fun way to go about things when you get bored of smacking Sparky over and over for multiball.

#3623 4 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

You make it sound like bashing Sparky is the only thing going on in this game.

Well, it's hard to argue that Sparky isn't a super easy way to make CIU progress and get pretty decent points.

#3626 4 years ago
Quoted from Adios:

Dear middle metal Outland post,
You suck!
Sincerely Adios


So many balls lost to this. And the worst part...I usually just watch it bounce, bounce, bounce, drain.

1 week later
#3729 4 years ago

Two questions!

1) Is there a way to fix the inline drops not going down when hit square by a fast ball? It's super annoying.

2) I had 2/3 drops down, hit the right ramp, and the drops reset. First time it's ever happened. Any idea what's up?

#3737 4 years ago

Thanks for the info on the grave drops. Pretty insane how intricate those things are! I'll do some research on the actual tightening of the drops, too.

#3797 4 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

Quick suggestion for a possible code update....
Can we get a 1 or 2 second ball save on the left outlane when you shoot behind the piston targets?!?! Damn its frustrating to (finally) make the shot and have it bounce back down into the inlanes and then bounce directly to the left outlane.
Anyone made adjustments to keep this from happening?

A nice forward/forward-right nudge typically keeps the ball away from that outlane. It's dangerous, that's for sure.

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