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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#11146 2 years ago

Met Pro delivery scheduled for 1:30pm today. I have no idea how I will get through the rest of the day knowing it is sitting at home. I will post pictures once unboxed.

One question I have is what is the best way to plug in an external sub? I plan on buying a Polk 10" at some point but want to make sure I purchase all cables and associated hardware when I purchase the sub.

#11157 2 years ago

And it's here. Damn the game is addicting. The one more game feeling had me playing until 1:30am this morning. What an amazing game. Only had to adjust the snake and scoop switch. It made friends quickly.

IMG_2821 (resized).JPG

IMG_2814 (resized).JPG

IMG_2823 (resized).JPG

#11163 2 years ago

I know this has probably been answered before, but I tried to search for it and found nothing. Let me preface this with I plan to purchase the pinnovaters connection kit, but how do I use the speaker wire to hook up an external sub. The Polk sub has a hookup for left and right speaker which would be a total of 4 wires.

So which one:
1. Use one speaker cable (2 wires, red and silver) and only plug into the left OR the right input in the sub
2. Use 2 speaker cable (4 wires) two silvers on one of the existing sub connection and two reds on the other existing sub connection. Then connect 1 speaker cable to the left input and the other to the right input on the sub

I'm not sure anyone is going to understand what I'm trying to say.

#11178 2 years ago
Quoted from JB-7X:

I've lurked around this site for a long time but never bothered making an account because I had nothing to talk about. Those days are over now, its time to join the club! Just got my first pin yesterday. Picked up a HUO Metallica Monsters Premium from Kurt at hemispheres amusements. I've played plenty of pros out on location but never a premium. For the price I couldn't pass it up. Ordered some leg protectors, a pin gulp, some super bands , and a full set of plastic protectors from pinbits. Really looking forward to diving into this game over the weekend without my job getting in the way!

I'm actually really excited for you as I just bought a pro and love it. I will be putting a few games on it this weekend as well. Enjoy and welcome to Pinside.

#11209 2 years ago
Quoted from davids1024:

Well...I thought I was going to buy a Star Wars Premium, but after playing the star wars pro multiple times at Pintastic a couple of weeks ago, I was underwhelmed. I was on a mission to play everything I could and find a PB that I liked enough to buy my first NIB (I currently have a Star Trek Premium bought used as an fyi).
Well after two days of playing everything on the floor I have to say that Metallica Premium came out on top. I really enjoyed the game more than any other I played. Cointaker was also at the show and gave me a good price for a NIB Metallica Premium.
I will probably make the purchase by the end of the week, does anyone have any comments to share on a NIB Metallica Premium or must have mods?

Congrats. I have a pro so I don't know about a premium, but I put all cliffys on including the magnet protectors, the metal post in the back, and an external sub. Once the funds recover a bit I will be installing a color DMD.

1 week later
#11259 2 years ago

Just had my first good game, 120,599,930. It was amazing. Multiballs everywhere (that doesn't sound right). 2 crank it ups. What a great game this is. I know I just bought it a week and a half ago, but I've put in about 260 games and I still love it. I guess I'm not saying anything you all don't know as this is the Metallica club, just need to get it out. Carry on.

3 months later
#11924 2 years ago

I sometimes do get rejected from the mystery scope when I think it's a direct shot, but I installed the protector day one so I have nothing to compare it too.

#11972 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I installed the metal post last week and I haven't seen a difference really. A fast left orbit shot still bounces off the metal post and back down the orbit. Maybe I need to set my game steeper and that's something I'll check.

I had the same result after changing the post to metal. I think I am slightly steeper than I should be, but the game plays so well it doesn't bother me enough to level it again.

#11980 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Whats the best speakers to put in your met

Honestly, I just bought the 10" Polk sub. Set it up using alligator clips and left the stock speakers in the game. It sounds amazing.

#11984 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I just got that same sub today. What all settings did you set sub at? Not sure I have mine adjusted great

I didn't change much. I think the bass volume for the sub is just over halfway. I did change the music volume in the game settings, but only by one or two spots. Nothing drastic. When adjusting my sub the biggest thing to me was to hear the bass, but not wash out the music with to much bass.

1 week later
#12078 2 years ago

I believe hitting the target acts as “more hits” to the opti. For example one hit to the target = 3 triggers of opto.

1 month later
#12407 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

hitting the snake before you light him doesn't get you anything.

I know it doesn't give you a letter towards completing "SNAKE", but if the snake is not lit does a hit count towards lighting the insert for CIU?

4 weeks later
#12590 2 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Can you guys tell me if $6800 shipped is a decent price for a NIB premium?

I believe this is the typical price given to someone that calls the distributor for pricing.

#12619 2 years ago

it was rick something that made them.

Edit: rickwh not sure if he still has any.
They are only $7 on pinbits. That's where I got mine.

1 week later
#12715 2 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

Thanks. I'll have to watch it closely while someone is playing. Maybe a slight tweak on the rail might make it hit the post differently?

Installing the metal post on my Met only slightly improved the rejection. I didn't notice a huge difference. I also have moved my machine a couple of times and double checked the level. My machine might be a little more than 6.5, but only around 7 degrees I would say.

1 week later
#12831 2 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I don't think anyone knows. Stern just keeps making them. It's like printing money since demand is always there. I thought they were ending production when I bought mine well over a year ago.

Yeah I bought mine in a hurry back in June because they weren't going to make them anymore. Definitely do not regret my decision though.

2 weeks later
#12948 2 years ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

This isn't true on my machine (a premium). It seems completely random to me which ones blink. I've had the right ramp, for example, be the "super skill shot" on the first plunge of the game. Curious to hear what others have to say about this.

This is also how my Pro works. Seems random. Although I have played a Premium on location that always lit the left most shot.

1 week later
#13001 2 years ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Did you see that Marco apparently has them in stock? The image is wrong though, so you might want to confirm with them:

Nevermind I see it.

#13010 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Haha lol wow. I saw the picture of the coil next to it and didn’t even read the words below it lol

I did the same thing.

#13025 2 years ago

I’ve been having an intermittent problem with the trough switches. A couple times a ball would drain and would not be recognized so another doesn’t exit into the shooter lane. After a few ball searches the ball/round will end and a new ball will eject for the next ball/round. I went to switch test and ejected balls while watching the test screen. After a number of ejects I noticed at one point non of the switches registered. I then put the ball in the drain and they all registered again. I adjusted the switches and it seems to work better, but it did happen again.

So getting to the question, what could cause all the switches not register at one point or could it just be I need to tweak the switches some more?

#13028 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I would also check the following depending on the age of your game
- are any of the balls magnetized?
- are there any flat spots in the trough where a really slow moving ball is getting hung up on and not triggering a switch?

I checked the balls and they are fine. They were installed about a month ago and are carbon. The trough looks ok, but I’ll double check. The game is only about 8-9 months old.

#13029 2 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Reconnect the large "Z" connector for the ball trough. Also reconnect the two smaller connectors on the opto boards on the trough.

I’ll do this. Is the “z” connector under the playfield next to the trough?

#13031 2 years ago

Perfect thank you. I’ll update in about a week after I give it a good test.

#13032 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I would also check the following depending on the age of your game
- are any of the balls magnetized?
- are there any flat spots in the trough where a really slow moving ball is getting hung up on and not triggering a switch?

So, although I checked the magnatism I apparently didn’t do a good job at it. After further inspection this morning I could see the balls weren’t moving all the way down the trough after the first ball was ejected. I took the balls out and put them on a table. I touched one ball to another and pulled it on the table. The second ball stayed attached to the ball I was pulling. This only happened for one of the balls, but it was enough to have a problem. Thank you for all the help. Great community.

#13076 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

Silverjets, Titan Shiny, PB Life's old Oooh la la, and Ball Baron Ninja are ALL chrome pinballs. They will ALL magnetize over time in games with heavy usage of exposed magnets (Dialed In and TZ namely). There is no such thing as a "low magnetic" chrome pinball. Low magnetic balls are carbon pinballs. They are darker, less shiny, softer, and cheaper than chrome balls.
Having said that, I now have 440 games on my MET with Ball Baron balls, and no magnetism or weird issues to report. Prior to that, my MET ran 305 games with Titan Shiny balls, with no magnetism to report. I am not aware of anyone using chrome balls in their MET that has developed magnetism issues affecting game play.

I just had to replace the balls in my MET because one of them became magnetized and they would get hung up in the trough. It does happen. The balls that were in my MET were only a few months old.

#13098 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I was an original METLE owner for two years and have since been a pro owner for two years, but I've never reached EOTL. Over the last few nights, I've had two chances where I thought I could do it.
The other night I finished all four CIU's, and I was collecting items for EOTL. I managed to collect the coffin insert, but before I could focus on the lanes with multiple inserts lit, I drained at the left outlane.
Last night I finished three CIU's on ball one and felt invincible! Everything was going my way! I had multi-balls stacked with ball savers going, and I was racking up the collected items quickly. Of course, ball two was a quick drain, and then I was too timid on ball 3. I was making progress toward the fourth CIU, but I missed the right ramp, hit the standup, and had a quick drain right down the middle.
So close!

What was your scores for those games?

I just had my best game at 283 mill and I felt good about it. Your score must have been 3-4 times that.

1 week later
#13181 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

I’ve officially joined the club!!
Had to remove the backbox to fit it in the car!
After setting it up me and a friend played our first games for a few hours. Man this game is hard!! Managed to get my first CIU once so there’s already some progress. “One more game, one more game!” Can’t stop playing!

Metallica is definitely a “one more game”....game.

Congrats on the pick up. As you learn the rules you will get to CIU a bit more often.

#13217 1 year ago

I very rarely go for the extra ball as I can't hit that shot regularly. Even when CIU is lit and I nail the shot it sometimes bounces out. I have been fortunate enough to hit the Jackpot a couple of times with a high score of 284 million. I've owned the machine for about 9 months and I've just started scratching the surface on games regularly in the 100-200 mill range. The most I've ever completed was 2 CIU and that wasn't my high score. I still have a long ways to go.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I moved the outlane post down as well. I am so glad I did too, especially for other people that come over and play. They have gotten so much further in the game now that I adjusted that post.

#13224 1 year ago

Definitely easier from a roll.

#13233 1 year ago

I don't have a ColorDMD in my Met yet, but I do have one in my GoT. The LCD in my GoT looks great and the setback does not bother me in the least. I purposely looked at it last night next to the flush mount of the original Met DMD and the setback actually gives the DMD a bit of depth. I will be ordering an LCD for my Met at some point and for me it's not even a close decision.

1 month later
#13525 1 year ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Not certain, but i thought the CIU mystery awards were from pic target sets completed during the CIU mode?

I'm not sure how the points are awarded either, but I believe you increase the "level" of mystery awards by lighting the inlane lights. So every time you light all 5 lights at the inlanes and pop bumpers you move up another "level". Each level is suppose to increase awards given in mystery.

1 week later
#13554 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

It is absolutely imperative to get this mod if you have a pro. It's awesome.

Although I do like the mod, it is way to much money for me. My pro plays fantastic without it.

1 week later
#13590 1 year ago
Quoted from XQ11:

Y’all mind if I join you? Got my first pin ever today and it’s a #Metallica Pro! Still doesn’t feel real!

I’m a bit jealous of the feeling you have right now. I love the game. Had it over a year and don’t see it going anywhere.

1 week later
#13667 1 year ago

The easiest thing to do at that point if you want that mech is to buy a premium.

#13689 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

My Sparky either doesn't/or just barely shakes his head when getting electrocuted. Any ideas?

Check the coil behind sparky to see if there is a restriction of some sort. Could be a weak coil or dirty sleeve.

1 week later
#13810 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal-911:

Not sure if anyone has added this mod yet, but I 3d printed this open source model of a piston skull I found on Thingiverse. It seemed the perfect addition to Metallica near the piston targets. I little dash of paint and a metal bracket and she was good to go. Just thought I would share it here for other to try.

I’m not a big mod person, but I do like that.

1 week later
#13845 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

All I did was swap mine out for metal and it works great now. Nothing more to it for me.

It does work for most people it seems, but it only reduced my bounce backs slightly. I also tried to bend the bracket to "deaden" the hit on the plunger, but as I was putting slight pressure on it I heard a pop and the bracket moved over to far. I doen't know what the pop was from, but I moved it back and didn't try it again.

#13862 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

I cut the coil sleeve down a little bit which added a little play in the post. That is when mine got to about 95% into the pops. Before that it was still rejecting 50%+ of the time. I think my original coil sleeve was tall enough that it actually went into the wood opening or right to it before (memory isn't serving me well today). When I made it flush with the coil bracket my problems went away.
May be another option.

I'll have to try this as well. Thank you.

1 month later
#14112 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Just read my quote. Sorry guys. Friday night vodka and making sense don’t go together.

love this post. It’s all good brother.

#14117 1 year ago

I got tired of playing poorly and not progressing in the game, so I moved both posts to the bottom hole. Was a huge difference for me.

1 month later
#14312 1 year ago

Possibly a trough issue? I’d start there in switch test both with the balls in and out if the trough.

#14316 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikedenton49:

What's up fellow metal heads!
I've been following this thread for years illegally, gritting my teeth, biding my time...
But now its official. Threw the cash down and BAM! She'll be here tuesday! So I'm in and don't have to hide back in the corner not a day longer! Ha!

You won’t regret it.

#14398 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

That should be some sort of quintuple jackpot!!

I'm just curious how he got 4 balls during graveyard multiball. I know you can add one ball by hitting picks then the snake, but that would make it a 3 ball mulitball. I guess it might be possible to start coffin multiball then stack graveyard multiball on top of the coffin multiball.

1 week later
#14468 1 year ago

That looks like the original factory protector. I believe he’s looking for the extended protector that works better than the original.

1 week later
#14624 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If anyone has gameplay questions I would be happy to answer them tonight on my stream.
We’re going for End of the Line at 8 pm eastern on twitch.

I know this game well, but I will be watching because you do a fantastic job with your streams.

#14650 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

I put in the upgraded steel post. Shooting the right loop is great now... no crazy bounce backs down the loop.
On the left loop, I still get bounce backs a good amount of time when I shoot medium - hard around the loop. Is that normal? Or should all balls be dead stopped and fall into the pops?

This is how mine works with the new post. Many others work better though. I’ve tried a few different things and nothing works.

#14658 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Last effort attempt that worked for me, for which I now only get a bounce back maybe 5% of the time.
Check the coil sleeve for the post. Factory, mine was long enough that it was going into the hole in the PF. I trimmed mine down to where it just barely makes it past the retaining bracket for the mech (the bracket the post goes through). This created more "slack" in the post. It still doesn't contact the PF but it has some wiggle room now. This wiggle room gave it enough of a cushion to now prevent the bounce backs. Worth a try if it's bothering you.

Thank you, I will try any suggestion.

#14673 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikedenton49:

Quick question, is there an immediate hard limit to the number of LED strips or additional GI LEDs that can be added wo over stressing the circuit? How would one know when they have reached that limit?

How many LEDs are you possibly trying to put in the game?

#14690 1 year ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Played a met pro at a barcode near me last week. I noticed something in the coffin insert lighting that I didn’t remember happening on my machine. I have a 2013 wooden back box met that I have upgraded to leds (and the TLS mod). I also have the eyeball sticker on my coffin.
Anyways I noticed lighting effects of the coffin when you hit an inlane and the captive ball is lit for a second for 2x coffins toward next CIU.
On the location game the red lock lights cycled up toward the captive ball. Mine does that. But the white coffin insert flashers also went crazy. I don’t think my machine does this. Or the coffin sticker is blocking it. I did test my coffin inser flashers are working. But I don’t notice them going crazy like on he location game.
Anyone with old wooden back box met have white flashers in the coffin lock insert when you hit an inlane? Maybe this is a difference between old and new backbox? Or maybe I just need to remove the eyeball sticker

He coffin light in the captive ball does flash when you hit the in lane on mine. Every time the call rolls over the in lane the white flasher goes off regardless of its a hurry up or not.

#14692 1 year ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Is yours new or old backbox style?

New. That could be the difference.

#14727 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikedenton49:

Just a few comet matrix strips in the apron and backboard tied to red white and blue. So 9x 7smd strips. Too much?

It’s not to much if it’s what you like. That’s all that matters. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I don’t think you will overload anything with those LEDs.

#14742 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I know no more about pinbrowser than the fact that it exists. I am not good with computers.....at all.
That being said I'd love to finally swap some songs out without affecting gameplay (so Sandman stays)
How do I even begin to go about this?
I'd like to remove he following songs
-One 7:28
-Sad But True 5:26
-Unforgiven 6:20
And replace them with the following songs
-Whiplash 4:10
-Four Horsemen 7:14
-Hit the Lights 4:18
(how did this not make it in the game? What is the most common objective in pinball? Hit...the...lights)
Anyway, that being said I've also heard the songs need to be similar length.
Tips? Advise? Willingness to come to my house to do it for me? Lol.
Again, I have no idea where to even begin. Thanks

I'd also like to know more about this.

#14774 1 year ago

Anyone have a quick refresher on how to update the code. It’s been a while for me.

I found it. Service bulletin #164 if anyone is interested.

#14777 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

Flip dip switch 8.

Thank you. I found it in the service bulletin. Updating now. I feel like it’s going to be a whole new game.

#14779 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

I was just telling a friend the other day how the blown pistons don't award correctly when you hit so many pops. It's like Lyman heard me.

If that’s he case, thank you very much.

#14789 1 year ago

I think the at least one of the 3 little lights has to be lit to collect a blown piston.

#14799 1 year ago

Bottom 2 are definitely bent. Bummer man. Might be able to get the chip off and bend them back.

#14802 1 year ago

My wife played the first game with new code. She got 2 CIU modes and got her highest score yet with a 142 mil. I love that she can play the game with a better chance to get a high score now. I know most of these changes could have been achieved by changing the settings, but I hate straying from the factory settings. Excellent update.

#14822 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I kinda like the scores resetting, gives novice players a chance to get on the board and feel good about themselves. In fact with thanksgiving coming up I should reset all my games.
I record my personal GC's here on pinside so I always have my own personal record.

I also liked resetting my scores so my wife and kids have a shot at putting their names in the machine. I use iScored to record all of my and everyone else's personal high scores. If you any of you haven't tried it out yet, I recommend looking into it.

2 weeks later
#15064 1 year ago

Where did you pick up the wires for the switch? I know I could use any wire of that size, I just like how yours are all together.

#15078 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thank you for taking the time to write that up. So the modes have to be completed and not just played right?

They don’t have to be completed (hit every shot for that mode) you just have to exit the mode by hit snake, coffin, sparky, and cross one time each. At that point the CIU light will blink. Hit the scoop and collect the jackpot. Then work towards starting a new CIU.

#15105 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Aaah. That explains it. So if I change the coffin settings in the menu, it will feel more like my old game" but with easier mode completions. The extra balls are becoming a bit much for me.

I changed the coffin to 10 hits first EB and 35 for second. It does make a difference

1 week later
#15259 1 year ago
Quoted from kcZ:

I've always thought that my Met sounded rather crappy and just figured that was how it is. I have TZ next to it and they sound equally as craptastic. Yesterday, I finished up my JP and decided to hook up the cab speaker which has torn paper (will replace when I figure out what I want to do)... Anyway, that JP rocks compared to Met.
What gives... Does this seem right? I reached in and did notice the cab speaker on Met was moving a tiny bit. Yeah.. yeah everyone says to get a sub. I figured that if I got a sub then I'd piss the wife off too often.

Sub doesn't have to be turned up that much to make a big difference. I have mine setup rather low and it works great. It makes a big enough difference I want all my games on a sub.

#15261 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Every time you hit a pop 10 times, one of the lights are lit. Then when you hit the target behind fuel, you blow the number of pistons that are lit. This was broken on the old code but is apparently fixed now. Get 15 blown pistons (configurable) for an extra ball.

Quoted from konghusker:

Cool. This makes sense to me now. How do you get more pistons lit though? Thanks for input. This all has completely changed how I'm playing it now after owning it for a few years.

First line of fezmid response.

1 month later
#15728 1 year ago

That’s awesome. I personally would frame it, but either way you choose it’s great.

#15749 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I think you hold both flippers while you turn it on to do so.

I could just imagine what I would look like trying to do this.

#15803 1 year ago

Some pictures show the old snake fangs which are not stock. They might have been on the first run machines, but have not been for a long time.

1 month later
#16003 1 year ago

I have Cliffys on the mystery hole, works very well. Can’t speak to if it is better than another as it’s all I’ve used.

I order the carbon balls from the ball baron. They work well. Make sure they are the carbon as the other balls will magnetize.

Magnets have carbon fiber protectors. I think they look and work great. If I was to do it again I wouldn’t change a thing.

#16017 1 year ago

They look great.

1 week later
#16088 11 months ago
Quoted from Archytas:

About 45 minutes. I survived the distractions of a phone call and also being called back in the house for dinner!

Nicely done.

2 weeks later
#16142 11 months ago
Quoted from bowtech:

long time lurker, first time owner. I love my Pro and in scanning the topic I see that many of you have added more songs to the game. as a noob I am worried about screwing up the game. if any of you kind folks could pm a dumbed down explanation of how to do it I would really appreciate it. thanks in advance.

Whoever puts it together might as well post it here for the rest up us that don't know how to do it.

1 month later
#16398 9 months ago
Quoted from mjs2:

Thanks all. How about the sparky magnet lock- is this usually dimpled from the factory or is this a wear spot?

This can be an area that gets a lot of air balls creating dimpling around the magnet. There is a Sparky plastic extender that works really well to reduce the amount of air balls off of Sparky's feet and therefore dimples. I would recommend getting one if the game you buy doesn't have one. As far as the actual magnet goes. The height can be adjusted, but the magnet will mushroom over time, even for a HUO game. The magnet can be changed out (I believe fairly easily, but I have not had to change one yet). One thing to look for is to make sure the clear around the magnet is in good shape. If the magnet does not get changed in time, the mushroom can start creeping into the playfield. Most HUOs shouldn't have this problem.

3 weeks later
#16500 8 months ago
Quoted from play_pinball:

I've got a very nice original run pro on the marketplace right now: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/for-sale-huo-metallica-pro-original-run-wood-backbox
I had a ColorDMD in there for a while and can confirm it fits fine without any issue. I don't have anything to compare it to but the colors are indeed vibrant and I have not noticed any ghosting or chipping issues (though it does have cliffy protectors everywhere).
For some reason I was under the impression the ProLEDs had SMD boards instead of sockets.

I believe the premiums have the SMD boards, but the pros have sockets.

3 months later
#16841 5 months ago
Quoted from RCA1:

I hate to recommend Ebay for pinball stuff, but this is where I got mine. It's actually Game Room Guys. They don't seem to have it on their regular website.
ebay.com link » Stern Metallica Premium Pinball Backbox Translite Part Number 830 52e 01

Damn it. I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. Oh well.

1 week later
#16851 4 months ago

Placed an order for the Monsters Premium Translite back when they were out of stock (didn't realize they were out until after I ordered). Anyways, I got an email today stating it had shipped out. Checked game room guys ebay listing and it looks like there are 3 more available. Link is below.

ebay.com link » Stern Metallica Premium Pinball Backbox Translite Part Number 830 52e 01

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#16903 4 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

My 14 year old has taken all but one of the high score spots on our Met. Anyone suggest a suitable punishment?

I so very much look forward to this day. I love competition and teaching competition to my sons.

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#17149 75 days ago

Just and FYI, I prefer the stern shaker and not the red tremor shaker.

#17199 71 days ago
Quoted from Snailpin:

Hey guys I'm getting a Metallica Pro LED and I got some options to have mods installed before delivery, which one of the following would you recommend? Thanks!
1. Metallica Pro Coffin Insert (It adds 3 skulls to the coffin on the playfield, these are also lit from below)
2. Metallica Shooter Lane Protector
3. Metallica Sparky Anti Airball Plastic
4. Metallica Pinball Sparky Electrocution Helmet Mod (kinda expensive, like 50 bucks)
5. Metallica Pinball Snake Fangs Mod
6. Metallica Pinball Snake Mouth Decal
7. Coffin Pinball Mod

My opinion would be
In that order.

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