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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#13670 1 year ago

Not sure if it's official until the game is sitting in my game room, but I just sent a payment for a Metallica Premium and will be joining the club shortly. Game is unmodded and I'll likely be adding the fangs and decal, but will likely wait for awhile before adding more. I do also have an extra subwoofer and may install that on this game.

#13745 1 year ago

Picked up my Metallica Premium today. Right away I'm having issues with the coffin magnet. If I change the settings to enable the magnet after hitting the captive ball it will hold the ball, but it seemingly will never recognizes the ball is there. I don't think "switch 63" is working. The previous owner just replaced the magnet board. I've reset everything, checked for continuity, and tested the magnet (4.8 ohms). Anything else I can test or is the only option to try another magnet board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Magnet Test...

#13751 1 year ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Can you post a video of in game play? Not exactly sure what problem you're having. Also, the magnet does not appear to be flush with the playfield. The ball should roll off and down the playfield when the magnet releases.

So when in a game it will only latch to the magnet when I adjust it to hold for X milliseconds after striking the captive ball. This is a setting that seems to activate the magnet after every hit, regardless of the game being ready to activate a ball. It holds it for a second then releases. It releases even if the ball is ready to be locked. To me it seems like it just never triggers that magnetic switch #63. I can place a ball by hand right on the magnet and it will not activate. Not sure the exact number, but after so many games or triggers without activating the games will display an error. Something like "Check switch 63. Out of service." I can reset it, but that doesn't help.

You are correct it's a little bit down. I guess to me that's a secondary issue. When the settings are as described above, the ball will catch and roll off 90% of the time. The 10% of the time it will catch then get stuck and go though a ball search. During the ball search process is the only time I've seen a ball load into the coffin. If it's ready to lock a ball the ball will say in the coffin, otherwise the game will just kick it back out.

#13753 1 year ago

Thanks, I think I've tried everything mentioned in those threads.

#13762 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

Do you have a shaker motor installed? If so turn it off and have test game and get back to us

No shaker, but I read that in a forum somewhere, so I turned it off in the settings just in case. No affect. PS: By default the shaker is on in 1.7 settings.

#13769 1 year ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

I've hunted high and low for a fix...couldn't find one so apologies in advance if I missed a fix.
Problem: Dreaded F7 fuse blows once I turn on the pin. This started back in January and managed to get a replacement board. Things worked fine for a while. Then last month same thing. Chas graciously shipped me another board which I've just installed, and the problem persists.
Trouble-Shooting Completed: checked the ohms at the coffin magnet (reads 4.5) and checked the continuity in the wire going from the coffin magnet to the magnet PCB. Checks out fine.
Any ideas?

Check the other magnets too. F7 controls them all.

#13803 1 year ago

The snake in that eBay listing comes with teath.

#13805 1 year ago

Oh, I didn't even realize that Stern originally shipped games with teeth. That's kind of a lazy fix. That would be kind of like "fixing" the issues with the magnet board by eliminating the magnets.

#13806 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Im in the same boat, had mine about 3 years and it doesn't get played as much as my others. I keep adding mods hoping it will spark something, cause i love the band so much. Too many other pins i want and not enough space.

Nothing wrong with changing up the collection. I really really enjoy my collection right now, but I'm sure a few years from now I'll be ready to change it up again.

2 weeks later
#13879 1 year ago

Fixed my intermittent snake eject switch detection issue last night. It ended up being a combination of bending the physical switch and re-soldering the white-blue wire. It's those double issues that always take me the longest to solve.

#13883 1 year ago

Yeah, I think you just have to practice shooting it from the tip of the left flipper. It's low, but certainly a shot that can be made.

#13886 1 year ago

I'm sure this is a "Captain Obvious" comment, but if you are hitting the right side from the left flipper you're hitting it too late. I still think that shooting it from the left flipper is the best option. Sure you might luck into it while in multiball, but you want to practice that shot in single ball mode to be able to collect those multiballs and start Crank It Up. Perhaps it's a high risk, high reward shot...but at least there is the high reward there.

#13900 1 year ago

Looking for advise or technique for avoiding / preventing drains in the left outlane. I seem to have a number of bounces from that metal divider in the inlane directly into the outlane. I'm just not used to nudging when the ball is looking to be heading away from the outlane, but then takes such a direct exit.

#13904 1 year ago

Looking to play better, but hoping there might be something specific I can practice.

#13909 1 year ago

I don't have many drains from sparky either. The only time I've really noticed it is during that rare instance two ball get stuck together.

#13930 1 year ago

So I was hoping that replacing all magnet coils and magnet board would fix the issues with the hammer coil, but the new board makes a high pitched screeching sound. This occurs when the magnet is in detect mode. When in holding or grabbing mode the magnet makes a vibrating sound. I'm less concerned about the vibrating sound as that could perhaps just be an issue with not tightening firm enough (replacing that magnet coil was a bit of a pain). However, that high pitch certainly can't be normal. Unfortunately, I've yet to see the hammer magnet working properly on my Metallica Premium.

As (what I believe to be) a side note, while doing the disassembly of the hammer magnet, I broke off the piece indicated by the arrow. It broke off at the threads. I didn't see it labeled on the diagram, but my understanding is that this is a stabilizing bar that prevents the magnet and heat sink from rotating. I will eventually replace, but figure I should post just in case it has something to do with the issue. I don't think it does.

Not mine...
Capture (resized).JPG

Capture (resized).JPG

#13933 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

I'm sorry I'm still confused. Every time I spell F-U-E-L, the gauge on the lower playfield progresses. And when the gauge is completely full the Fuel mode starts.
But I don't have to be in an active Fuel mode to collect a double crank it up jackpot right?

Every time you spell FUEL the piston target will be lit for double scoring (purple insert). Spelling FUEL also lights the next insert on the fuel gauge in the center of the playfield. Filling that gauge starts the fuel mode, but is not required for the normal 20-second double scoring.

EDIT: I looked at the wiki rulesheet. The piston shot does other things too, including awarding a bonus from the pop bumpers (those smaller circle inserts) and awarding a blown piston if it's used as a combo. Ten blown pistons lights the extra ball. Unless you happen to be very close it's only worth shooting to start double scoring.

#13962 1 year ago

I think adding a double flip cancellation to the sparky intro would be a good idea.

#13966 1 year ago

I went with these mods...

20180805_123946 (resized).jpg20180805_124005 (resized).jpg20180805_124044 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#14009 1 year ago
Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

I just acquired a Metallica pro. Both orbits keep getting rejected by the white post up top? Shouldn’t that post drop down after you do skill shot? Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? It really kills the flow of the game. Thank you for any help.

You may just have to adjust that post and coil. Make sure it moves freely up and down. If the playfield is ever banged around the bracket can become bent. There is also a bumper on the bottom of that coil, adjust that height. Adjust until the white post is flush with the playfied. If it's up too high it will stop the ball. Up it's down too low a slow rolling ball will occasionally stall in the divot. Hope that helps.

2 weeks later
#14084 1 year ago

Going off of memory, but I thought the pops light the three targets below the dead end shot and they are collected as some type of bonus on that shot, unsure if that's only during blown piston, fuel, other.

#14101 1 year ago

Simple mod...

20180831_183752 (resized).jpg20180831_183807 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#14246 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

Just figured that I would mention that I've had Metallica Premium for 9 months now and I played it more last week than any other week since I got the game. This really is a fantastic machine!

Right now, I bounce pretty evenly between Metallica Premium and Total Nuclear Annihilation. The games are nothing really alike, which is why they pair so nicely together in my small collection.

#14254 1 year ago

I might have to up that in mine. It does seem too easy.

1 month later
#14478 1 year ago

I probably dislike 90% of the mods out there, but there are several for Metallica that I really enjoy. I have the cemetery gate, snake decals, fangs, and spider spotlight covers installed on mine. With the Premium, I think the cemetery gate helps to balance out the hammer. I also wish they made more of the spotlight covers. I often add spotlights to games and I feel the covers help them to blend in with the artwork more. My main goal with mods, is to make it so someone unfamiliar with a game has no idea what is a mod versus a part of the factory package.

#14525 1 year ago

If I was buying new, I'm sure I would have ended up with a Pro, but I was happy to find a solid deal on a Premium.

#14598 1 year ago

Seek and Destroy if very bittersweet. I wish you had to qualify it with a shot to the scoop, "So you want to start Seek and Destroy?"

#14626 1 year ago
Quoted from monte_:

Is it worth getting a shaker motor for this game? I already bought color dmd and that is fantastic.

I went with an external sub over a shaker, but both are totally optional IMHO. Color DMD is my favorite mod, but I haven't splurged on it yet.

#14660 1 year ago

Had a good game during my lunch break. Started all multiballs, And Justice For All, Seek and Destroy, and Blackened at least once each, plus two Crank It Up modes. Totally blew the Crank it Up's though so my score wasn't even that great.

1 week later
#14829 1 year ago

Just installed the new code. I feel like it certainly makes End of the Line feel like more of a possibility. I'm enjoying how the grave marker default is now one less shot. Doesn't sound like much, but that multiball is now 20% easier. Also enjoying the new lighting effect with the hammer. I'm sure as I play more I'll discover more things to love, but that's my initial take after a few games on 1.80.

2 months later
#15611 11 months ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

When I first got my MET, based on stuff i read in this post, I switched out the block for a standard newton ball, and that DEFINITELY has made the coffin lock magnet much harder to hit.

Crazy timing. I was just going to ask if people were still doing this. I have a Newton ball, but have never installed it. I will say I get most of my lock shots off of slow rollers anyway. Even with the block it's pretty hit and miss. Does anyone turn on the setting where the magnet energizes after the block is hit? I tried it awhile ago but that seemed to turn it on after every hit. I would prefer that setting to only kick in when the hammer is ready.

#15614 11 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I just turned that setting on and gonna try it. Range is between 2000msec and 5000msec

I tried it pre-code update and remember not liking it, but I can't exactly remember why I didn't like it. Probably going to try it again when I get a chance.

1 week later
#15718 11 months ago

Super minor...but if there is ever another code update it would be cool to have the song selection wrap around from the first song to last song and vise versa.

2 weeks later
#15861 10 months ago
Quoted from ED-209:

I’ve see quite a few posts where people say just getting an external sub didn’t help much, while a lot of other posts say it definitely makes it a lot better.

I don't think you need a large sub, but they certainly make a difference. Especially true if you only have one machine running.

1 month later
#16147 9 months ago
Quoted from PapaKilo:

Ive been tossing around the idea of picking up a Met or Deadpool Pro. I've never purchased a NIB before so my question is would there be any benefit to purchasing a NIB Metallica Pro at this point? I've seen a few used pros pop up for under $5,000 and the cheapest NIB Ive seen is $5,599+Free shipping but its in state which means I would have to add ~7% sales tax. Are there extra things you get with a NIB? Thanks in advance.

Depends on the reputation from the distributor. Do they help make things right if there are issues? When you pick up a used machine any problem is your responsibility after the cash is exchanged. Having said that, any machine will eventually have problems, so you are going to need to learn to fix them at some point anyway. In some ways used machines are "battle tested".

1 month later
#16390 7 months ago

Limited: Master of Puppets
Premium: Monsters
Premium: Road Case

#16397 7 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Premium also has spinners that are integrated into game play... you can add spinners to the pro but they aren’t correctly integrated. The add on lighting is really cool but not inexpensive... depending on the deal you can get on a premium I’d get the premium. I owned a pro and miss it but I’d go premium if I had to do it again.

...and the snake on the premium opens and closes.

I was looking for a Pro, but came across a decent deal on a Premium and have no regrets spending the extra money. The only thing I like better on the Pro is the newton ball versus newton block. I have no idea why they changed that on the Premium. I swapped mine out and find it much better.

1 month later
#16529 5 months ago

Just reached End of the Line for the first time while on my lunch break today. I'm sure not a huge deal for most, but I was pumped.

#16544 5 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

That's a big deal if you're in this thread!
Nothing higher to reach on this game, so congrats are in order!
First time I got it, I was super pumped too! Even though new code makes it more attainable, it's still no easy feat, especially with the Borg bounce into the left outlane!

Yeah, I just assume most here are better players then me.

#16546 5 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I have a problem, where I set out to try to get to EOTL, but once I start playing, I find hard to exit modes lol, I enjoy them too much.

It depends on what type of game I'm having. If I don't clear two CIU modes by the end of ball one, with extra balls, then I just try to set a high score on the next CIU.

4 months later
#16926 42 days ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Love the orange, pardon my ignorance, but where are you guys getting rubbers from?

If you haven't ordered yet, I'll toss out a shameless plug for my orange ring kit at Titan.


#16957 40 days ago

Just made these for my game. The instructions are perhaps overly simplified, but it works for me.


1 month later
#17155 2 days ago
Quoted from zaki:

anyone have meallica, Jurassic park and attack from mars? all different. considering 1 of them. not sure which. always hard deciding.

Wow, I own Metallica (Premium) and Attack From Mars. They are both really good. If I had to pick between the two I'd probably keep the Metallica, but it's not a runaway. Metallica just keeps drawing me back and feels like a rush, game-after-game. The rules have a great progression, where, I always feel like I'm close to the next big thing happening. What I like most about Attack From Mars is it's very approachable. Anyone can walk up to that machine and understand that they need to hit the saucer. That, all by itself, can be a lot of fun. Jurassic Park is the most different of the games you are choosing between. With Keith's games I love the playfield layouts, but his rulesets typically don't give me the same rush as those other games. I'm not quite sure why that is, but I'm rarely holding my breath while playing Jurassic Park or Iron Maiden. That said, I think it's important to have a variety in your collection.

#17157 2 days ago

I dislike Metallica music, but would agree with mthirkell. You do choose a song at the start, but other songs are also integrated into the gameplay. When you start a multiball or mode the music changes to that song: Ride the Lightning (Electric Chair), Master of Puppets (Grave Markers), Sad But True (Snake), For Whom the Bell Tools (Coffin), Seek and Destroy (All Inserts), And Justice for All... (Ramps), Fuel (Fuel Gauge), Blackened (Band Members), plus Whom The Bell Tolls, Fade to Black, Battery, and Enter Sandman for Crank it Up. Then you have to earn End of the Line by starting the Wizard Mode.

#17159 2 days ago
Quoted from zaki:

good points. given the variety. i think both afm and jp are different than what i have. already have 1 rock game.

I think Metallica and Attack From Mars are more similar than Metallica and Aerosmith. Honestly, if I was in your shoes, I would see which game you can find for the best value. Look for all of them and if you happen to come across any of them that are undervalued, that becomes your choice.

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