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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#87 6 years ago

I sold a bunch of Metallica PinPac 2 headphone kits. Has anyone who ordered Pinnovators headphone jacks for Metallica got their game? Still waiting for my Metallica Le to come. Sound should be on par with acdc. Looking for some feedback if anyone has theirs hooked up.

#92 6 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

You should consider donating if you are going to be hacking your wares here ; )

Ur right I've never donated to pinside.. Ill do that in the next day or so... Thanks should have thought of that. Thanks

#94 6 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I have the PinPac2, and we're doing the unboxing at 2pm tomorrow. I'll install it before we plunge the first ball!

I was told June for my le

#95 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

I'll take one

Was planning on giving you one at Allentown but we sold out.. Shoot me a private email with address Alex!

#125 6 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Wow, version 1.06 is awesome!!! I want to type up a long review, but I'm exhausted so I'll hit the high points:
- Sound thru the PinPac using headphones is outstanding. Factory speakers sound like AM radio, they gotta go! Waiting for Flipper Fidelity to send shaker and speakers...
- Everybody was making ramp shots frequently, even my non-pin wife. Combos are the key to fast orbit shots. I was surprised at how often a lazy shot would make it over the ramps. Missed shots rarely drain SDTM, so it's beginner-friendly. 13-year-old friend of my son put up the GC at 81M!
- Callouts and SFX are both great! I only played 1 game on v1.03, so don't know if these changed. I would be completely happy if they stayed as they are in 1.06.
- The slings are a little too powerful. They launched the ball onto the ramps or into the outlanes several times. I'll try the "soft coil strength" setting tomorrow.
- Interesting hybrid off a shooter's game and a flow game. Ball times are "just right". No sucker shots, but the inline drops and captive ball are somewhat dangerous.
- Combos are a ton of fun; I had several 4-ways tonight.
- No problems with drop targets.
- Left flipper leaf switch needed adjusting badly. Easy fix!
- Very happy to see t-nuts already installed for the shaker - no drilling, nice!

Nice, can't wait for my le to come in..

#169 6 years ago

Headphones, headphones, headphones...night and day the way you will play with a good set of over ear headphones

Stock amplifier will play good headphones 10x louder then you could ever turn the game volume up..

#174 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

True, but bass will never be as good with headphones, so it's a tradeoff.

Try a pair of dr Dre beats pro... Love them. Expensive but good

4 months later
#490 6 years ago
Quoted from digitalbytes:

A PinPac is an addon that adds a headphone jack to your pinball machine.

That's us!!!

We have three different headphone jacks for Metallica
The PinPac 2 Mac is what I would suggest. U can control the game volume as well as the headphones with our opening the coin door. Mute the game as well. Let me know if u need any help

2 months later
#658 6 years ago
Quoted from balselly:

Just got my NIB Metallica Pro on 1/6/14. Let the LED and mod buying begin. So many to choose from.
Do I start with Pinball Pro speaker system?
Colored sling and outlane protectors?
No, that should wait till after LED for best effect.
Custom Sparky?
What to do, what to do?
If only someone would start a JunkYard club, I could have the tri-fecta!

Try one of my headphone kits

8 months later
#1213 5 years ago

If anyone is interested in headphone kits for power sub plug n play hook ups for Metallica hit me up.


3 weeks later
#1410 5 years ago

So Metallica premiums are no longer being made. People still gobbling up what's left of them... Modern day medieval madness going to start climbing in value as stern keeps shitting out everything sub par to it since... Anyone agree?

1 week later
#1509 5 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

First pictures of my new Metallica Pro .

20141101_192317.jpg 211 KB

20141101_185831.jpg 203 KB

20141101_230720.jpg 304 KB

20141101_230707.jpg 342 KB

20141101_230936.jpg 200 KB

20141101_230851.jpg 191 KB

20141101_230858.jpg 207 KB

20141101_230733.jpg 275 KB

20141101_230814.jpg 294 KB

20141101_230656.jpg 314 KB

20141101_230533.jpg 220 KB

20141101_230602.jpg 248 KB

20141101_230549.jpg 257 KB

If u decided to do your coin door to match your side rails talk to gio... I'm doing another set of headphone kits on the matching color plate for one of his customers now. This is before I load the plate. I just punched the holes. Will be a pinpac 2 Mac when its done.


#1513 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

If u decided to do your coin door to match your side rails talk to gio... I'm doing another set of headphone kits on the matching color plate for one of his customers now. This is before I load the plate. I just punched the holes. Will be a pinpac 2 Mac when its done.

image-870.jpg 126 KB

Here's the after pic.

1 month later
#1813 5 years ago

Ahhh Metallica.. So close to my heart. My le will never leave, second favorite game with my headphone kit.

3 months later
#2525 4 years ago

Games never leaving my house!


#2527 4 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Mine neither!!
As far as game speed, even the fastest speed, a little ball interaction is a good thing. Its not like it hammers the ball every time it hit the block. Nor does it block the playfield much. Its a worthwhile tradeoff

most people when I tell them don't realize that on the le and premium the snake mouth comes into play. The snake will close his mouth and hide the ball from u during certain modes.. U can force him to open it with a certain amount of hits, lock a ball in there, and get it back after...The pro doesn't do this...the hammer isn't a game changer.. The snake mouth is a game changer

1 month later
#3643 4 years ago

Music pins and headphone kits go hand n hand

#3646 4 years ago

Yup, we have a new one that's close to ready... So disappointed with how the original is. Just what we got stuck with... I'll pm u the new site still in construction. U can take a look

Quoted from Aurich:

Can I suggest, in a friendly way, that you maybe redesign your website? It's really hard when you first go to it to understand what to do, and what your products are. You might have more sales if you could clarify and simplify. I would like to see all the products, in a grid, with pictures of each, and a quick description of what it is / how it's different from the rest. And price.
Then I can see all the products, understand which one fits my need/budget best, and make a purchase.
When I can't do that I often just close the browser window. You've lost me because I had to dig, and it was hard to compare, and I just lost interest. Much of my mod buying is impulse. If I have to think about it too hard I'm gonna realize it's a stupid way to spend money, and not do it.

2 weeks later
#3840 4 years ago



1 month later
#4220 4 years ago

New Metallica games made from May/June going forward have the new stern coin doors that basically are the same as the Jjp doors. I shifted gears and now have those new style plates for the new doors with our PinPac 2 and PinPac 2 Mac headphones kits... Will be interesting to see if they keep that style door like they are on the new spike system... All headphone kits now come with built in sub out hook ups. thanks,

5 months later
#5354 4 years ago

Your still ok.
Pull the top orange part out black goes to white part white goes to upper orange

1 week later
#5452 4 years ago

Go premium... But I have a le

Quoted from golfingdad1:

Help me out guys, on the fence deciding Premium or Pro , is there a big difference?
What about the big hammer blocking your view?
Let me know your personal preference and why.

#5453 4 years ago

Wow this threads been busy!!!

#5484 4 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

Did you run the wire out the top vent screen or dropped it into the cabinet and out the bottom vent screen?
I received my package from pinnovators, which was fast delivery, but was charged over $40 dollars when on the website clearly says 35 bucks shipped. Gonna install soon and report back.

Since the opening of our new website normal shipping charges are now on all purchases as we couldn't afford to keep eating them. We almost always ship the day of or day after purchase and most people have their product in two days from purchase. I will look at the new site and see if I can find the written error. It shouldn't say free shipping on the new website... If u found a old pinside posted that would be the only place I haven't gone around to correct.. Appreciate your purchase.
As for routing the wire I go right out the back of the head up top, that way if u ever move the game u can still fold the head down and your not dragging a sub wire around on the floor under the game. You can wrap it up leave it connected in the game and just throw it into the head opening when folded.


#5486 4 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

Those white boxes are preventing me of plugging in, see photo. I have read manual.

On the other side of those white boxes will be your connections. Plug the connections into the adapter then adapter into the board. Email me at lorenzo@pinnovators.com

#5487 4 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

Man, want to hook up Pin Sub kit from Pinnovators and not sure what these big white boxes are, and looks like my subwoofer wires ( black and red wires) on the left coming out of the "power" plug. Shouldn't they be plugged into the " audio" plug on the board? What is this contraption here, and how do I get Lorenzo's sub kit hooked up? Thanks

The sub adapter plugs into behind the white boxes not the connector to the left of it. Unless I'm looking at this picture wrong, it looks like your not seeing the plugs are behind the white boxes

#5489 4 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

here it is. It's a very tight fit, kinda got things tugging. Let me know if it's right, and what settings for the Polk subwoofer?


What's the aftermarket harness on the left go to?

#5494 4 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

Never got the pm....just kinda crossed the fingers......and.. It's works! Sounds great man!

Great... Enjoy
Hit me up through the website if u have any issues.

1 week later
#5683 4 years ago

So this happened to me last night.. I think I had a few things stacked and I had a four ball multiball... I ended up with hitting one by one up there... Once they were all magnetized and I had nothing left to hit the game went into ball search.. Finally I gave the game a shake to free them up.



#5698 4 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Are you using silverjets?

No stock balls

1 month later
#6175 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

My pro should be ready sometime in March, so I'm ready to start assembling mods for it. Here's what I'm thinking ...
Cliffy protectors
Snake fangs and tongue decal
Coffin decal
Plastic protectors (unsure of which ones to get)
Speaker lights with acrylic inserts
Lighted flipper buttons
Button-guard side rails
Playfield support brackets
Sparky EL wire mod
Target splints
Mirror blades
Total Lightshow mod
Backbox light kit (who makes the best one?)
Color DMD
Titan competiton silicone rings
Is there anything important that I'm missing? I can't believe how quickly the mods add up on this game!

Your missing the
Pinnovators pp2mac headphone kit with built in up and down game volume controls and powered sub audio out adapter.
I also am a big fan of the green plastic protectors for the sling shot and ball drains.. Gives the lower play field that green look

1 week later
#6325 4 years ago
Quoted from dmieczko:

I bought the headphone jack from Lorenzo at Pinnovators. It allows you to flick a switch on the coin door and play all music / sounds through the headphones, completely silencing the speakers. It's amazing - others can only hear the ball noise. The added bonus is a built-in subwoofer output that you can hook up with the same setup.

Mute switch also mutes the powered sub!

2 months later
#7038 3 years ago

Been using my metle at a few shows now to promote my headphone kits... She's yet to have a issue or a error



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