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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

7 years ago

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#11267 2 years ago

So where can I buy an eyeball sticker for the coffin without getting ripped off?

#11290 2 years ago

I love the do it yourself skull mod!!! But, what is a score card? Where would I find that? I wanna make one of these for myself now!

#11293 2 years ago
Quoted from Staf:

score or instruction card cover .

Ah thank you. So how did you adhere it to the bottom?

#11295 2 years ago

Okay, I'm still a noob to this game. What do the three lights in from of the piston shot (behind fuel), represent?

#11311 2 years ago

I found one. They're not gonna be around much longer. So if you want one NIB you better hurry.

#11322 2 years ago

So anyone wanna chime in on the total light show mod for metallica pro? I've watched videos and it seems like the lights go back a LOT. Almost too much. Also it seems like every shot is a celebration. I wanted this, but now I'm unsure. Can I get some people's thoughts on this?

#11326 2 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Which one? If your talking about the UV strips that light up the sides, it is bright, but I feel very worth it. Although, in a very dark room it does make it hard to follow the ball if it's going nuts.

This one. You mean there's another one?!

#11332 2 years ago

Okay. Thanks for the answer!!! I am excited to do it. Seems like a lot of work but that's part of the fun.

#11361 2 years ago
Quoted from shelby1000:

Ok so now I've been hearing about potential playfield issues with Metallaca? Does anybody have any info on this as to what they are and which ones are likely to have them? Or if it something that is really a non-issue. There doesn't seem to be too many people mentioning this for Metallica compared to others like Ghostbusters but I want to make sure. I'm getting ready to purchase a NIB Metallica Premium soon and don't want any negative surprises.

I just got mine, and the build date is June 2017. I will let anyone here know if mine start to ghost or what not.

#11365 2 years ago

So what's the deal with the option menu where it asks "select music on plunge "yes/no", but no matter what you set it changes NOTHING?

#11375 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Bfore you plunge the ball, change songs with the flipper buttons.

I'm well aware of that. So why, when I turn it off, can I still do it?

#11387 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I just picked up a MET prem this weekend. I have maybe only put a handful of games on it at shows and didn't have time to play it much this weekend.
Couple of questions from the lil bit of time I played yesterday:
What do the red/blue changing inserts mean?
What are the amber snake inserts for?
What are the cross inserts for?
I noticed when shooting the orbits, many times the shot gets blocked by that post that sticks up behind Sparky. Is that normal?
Is there a way to tone down the shaker? When Sparky gets zapped and the hammer strikes, the shaker is a bit too strong and rattles a bit.

Holy crap dude, read the rules of the game. It would take forever to explain your questions without bringing up 5 other rules pertaining to the system.


#11406 2 years ago

How high would you have to be to post this with a straight face?

ebay.com link » Like

How is Great American Pinball still in business after all these years?

#11424 2 years ago

Man, I can't get enough of this game. It seems that every game I'm always one shot away from starting something amazing. It's the most "one more game" pin I've ever played. Some said it was wood chopping, bit once you get going, things fall into place in a hurry.

#11428 2 years ago

My 10 year old loves video games. But he's been getting into pinball on his own now. I'm surprised. He does video game reviews on his channel and he asked me last night if he could make one for Metallica! So of course I said yes

I attached a pic of how we recorded it. We taped his phone to the ceiling. Lol

Screenshot_20170816-200819 (resized).png

1 week later
#11467 2 years ago

So what's with IAMDARRAS? He's the guy that sells the eyeball sticker for the Pro coffin. He QUICKLY replied to me when I asked if he still sold it, but has not replied to me since then. Is he the world's biggest dick or what? Anyone buy one of these from him and actually heard back from him? Should I cancel my paypal with him or keep waiting? It's been a week now.

#11469 2 years ago

That's a shame, as I really want that. But it's been 9 days since I sent him money. Like, alright already. Not a single message back is SHIT customer service.

#11475 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

The eyeball sticker mod looks like garbage compared to the skulls underlay. And you will get the skulls very quickly after payment.

Yeah. I think you've convinced me.

#11476 2 years ago
Quoted from GrimDog:

Picked up a pro today (newer metal backbox one with LEDs). What is the current favorite to add premium lightshow to this? Still the TotalLightshow?

Total light show is AMAZING. Really awesome and totally worth it.

#11498 2 years ago

After receiving no contact of any kind from him for over two weeks, this just quietly showed up from iamdarras today. Not good customer service at all, but the man finally followed through.

20170829_134952 (resized).jpg

#11500 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

2 weeks, wow. The day my mod goes out I send a pm with a tracking number.

I don't mind two weeks if he didn't just fall off the face of the earth without even ONE reply to me. Oh well. At least I got it now

#11509 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Or just throw that garbage away and use the skull mod which goes under the PF

I got the eyeball one because it looks way better. Don't get so butt hurt over it.

#11516 2 years ago
Quoted from Alex_swe:

If they only would ship to sweden
Changed to a Pro instead. Better a pro than no Metallica at all.

Get the light Show mod and who cares? The pro of this is amazing.

#11532 2 years ago

Anyone here watch straight down the middle on YouTube? These guys (mostly Zach) don't like this game very much. I find it mind blowing, as this is one of my all time favorites. And yet, he loves crappy Ghostbusters. It's like I'm taking crazy pills or something.

1 week later
#11542 2 years ago

Once again, my 10 year old made a Metallica pinball video. This time showing off the color DMD. I SWEAR he is doing this on his own. I am so proud. Lol

And yes. I know it's sorta bad parenting that he likes a game that swears so much. Lol.

1 week later
#11640 2 years ago
Quoted from GrimDog:

Anyone here have the TotalLightshow mod on their pro?
I got mine installed today and none of the GI works...
Trying to find any basic troubleshooting or how to set the thing into test mode.

I have it. It is INCREDIBLE. It sounds like you didn't hook some of the wires up correctly in the back box. Refollow the video steps to see what went wrong.

EDIT: oops. I see what happened. Sorry man. Seriously, with this mod, I honest to god see no reason why you'd spend an extra 2k for the premium. It just doesn't make sense.

1 week later
#11684 2 years ago

I did the LED version because I didn't like how far back the LCD sits away form the screen. I posted the video earlier in this thread.

7 months later
#13514 2 years ago

A great first pin. Honestly, it may spoil you. The game is so so good and has tons of ways to play it.

1 week later
#13553 1 year ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

THanks for the info. Does anyone have a link to the site where you can purchase the light show mod?

It is absolutely imperative to get this mod if you have a pro. It's awesome.

1 month later
#13838 1 year ago

So has anyone gotten the diverter to actually work from the left loop so it drops onto the pops yet? Mine works once every 20 times.

I took the sleeve off to help "deaden" the ball, but no luck.

#13842 1 year ago

When I said I took the sleeve off, I meant I put a metal one in there. It did jack shit for me. Surely there's more to it than that, as metal didn't make a bit of difference.

As for bending the coil bracket, do you mean so that it comes out at an angle?

#13851 1 year ago

Nobody is debating. I replaced it with a metal post and it didn't work.

Edit: I bent the coil bracket and its working a lit more consistently now. Not perfect and a little clunky of a mechanic, but it's working now.

2 months later
#14324 1 year ago

I hate this game and then love it. I had an amazing game and I love it all over again. I either get destroyed or do super well... there is no middle ground who this machine for me.

Sincerely think the rules are fantastic. The playfield sorta sucks, if you really think about it. It's what Lyman did with the rules that makes the game.

1 month later
#14775 1 year ago

Do we have to update our color dmds too or does this work? Anyone have a color dmd and the newest code?

Edit: I see this was already asked. For those that have the total light show mod on their pros, I guess I'm gonna be a genuine pig for you guys, too. Currently updating and I'll report back to you guys if it fucks anything up.

20181119_184526 (resized).jpg
#14776 1 year ago
Quoted from Monk:

Anyone have a quick refresher on how to update the code. It’s been a while for me.
I found it. Service bulletin #164 if anyone is interested.

Flip dip switch 8.

#14778 1 year ago
Quoted from Monk:

Thank you. I found it in the service bulletin. Updating now. I feel like it’s going to be a whole new game.

I was just telling a friend the other day how the blown pistons don't award correctly when you hit so many pops. It's like Lyman heard me.

#14781 1 year ago

Updated. I have a pro with a color dmd and timebandit's total lightshow mod. So far, everything is perfect. So if you're thinking of upgrading, do it. I see no ill effects so far. I did fade to black and the lightshow mod still fades the lights as before. The end of ball bonus still lights like a premium. All is well. Color dmd looks the same so far.

There's my report

#14787 1 year ago

So more observations.

Is this a glitch? I've hit the piston target (dead end) shot a few times in a row, and the game doesn't actually update it. I hit it, is says "you hit it four times," I hit it again, and it still says "you hit it four times." I notice this when I was trying to get the extra ball for 15 dead ends, and it kept saying 12, 12, 12, 12.... finally, after (what I believe was) 16 hits, it finally gave the the "collect extra ball" callout to cash in. I wonder what has changed? Does it have to be ended with a combo to collect all the dead end shots? I also didn't notice any 2x dead end collections when you hit a ton of pops? Is this a glitch or is this a new.... feature?

Color DMD and light show mod still working great, BTW!!! This game is so good.

#14790 1 year ago
Quoted from Monk:

I think the at least one of the 3 little lights has to be lit to collect a blown piston.

Yup. I guess I was used to the old code where you got one no matter what. So thanks for confirming that.

#14792 1 year ago
Quoted from Jakers:

The usb stick isn’t even in the game yet, although I’ve tried every combination of usb stick in/out and power cycle methods. It locks up every time.

Put the usb stick in, flip dip switch 8, update, take out usb, flip dip switch 8 off.

Is it the order you're doing it?

#14824 1 year ago
Quoted from nitrojcrawf:

Leaving the group guys! Replacing with a Dialed in and Iron Maiden. The day I knocked game down new code comes out... go figure. Maybe, I need to that to Ghost Busters too.
Peace out

You're missing out. Those are both amazing games too. Ran out of room?

#14849 1 year ago

Jesus, you guys are getting some crazy good scores. My previous high score was 450 mil or some weak ass crap.

#14874 1 year ago

I've plugged away at this game with the new software and have determined you guys are better than me lol. I still find the game somewhat difficult and haven't gotten past my 3rd CIU. Glad to see the game doesnt have an impossible wizard mode now.

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