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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#7716 3 years ago

Hey there's no birthday party for me in here.

#7717 3 years ago

Is this the part where I anonymously stand up and introduce myself ?
Been waiting for 3 years to join this club. This machine is the most fun I've ever had on a pin. Like Eddie Money, I think I'm in love.

#7718 3 years ago

Just wondering, did the earlier (2013) Premiums come with a plain black speaker panel ?

#7719 3 years ago

Crappy phone pic.

#7721 3 years ago

Just been bashing balls all week, no strategy really ; just trying to figure out shots and jammin. Anybody gotta link for a ruleset ? So is the soft plunge rollover drop in the most awarded skill shot ? Violent Steves nose bone is ridin on this question.

#7722 3 years ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Yes. The original runs had the wooden back box and plain black speaker panel. The later runs have the new style speaker panel.

Thank you. I figured that, but wanted to make sure.

#7723 3 years ago

By most awarded I mean highest scoring skill shot off 1st plunge. Isn't left orbit most bank ? I can smell his nose bleeding.

#7725 3 years ago

Next dumb question : only when I added MET did I notice a difference in height. I feel like Im missing something glaringly obvious here, but how are my front legs raised up on MET, yet it's still lower than my other 28.5" legs ? JP not included, of course, 28.5 legs on that beast too.

#7731 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

What the hell you been waitin for?

Account deposits.

#7733 3 years ago

Took my Polk sub from the Mustang and although it sounds great on Mustang (better Stern speakers in 2014 ?), not loud enough on MET. Need speaker upgrade immediately.

#7734 3 years ago

Been diggin those leg lights Paul. Need those and shooter rod in purple. Speakers 1st buddy.

#7737 3 years ago

Bugs me how the M is on right speaker too. Should be an A. Recommended speaker cover replacements ?

#7738 3 years ago

One eyed, one horned, flyin purple pussky eater.

#7739 3 years ago

My wife told me I could only put Metallica songs on MET. Knew I married her for a reason.

#7740 3 years ago

I need it LOUDER !!!

#7742 3 years ago

Disposable Heroes. In.

#7744 3 years ago

Well that's a piss poor attitude Rob and I will not settle for a sub-par sound system in my crown jewel.

#7745 3 years ago

This is an A+ game and it deserves an A++ sound system. I probably misread you brough.

#7767 3 years ago

Damn Tuna, that baby is gorgeous ! Sweet line up too.

#7772 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

They also give a green tint to all the surrounding playfield artwork. I may swap them out with some clear protectors.

That's GREEN HELL Gweem baby !
"Here in this place lies the genie of death
Touch it, see it...

#7773 3 years ago

Yeah I need some new cards, but I am LOVING this paint job.

#7774 3 years ago

So nice I posted twice.

#7775 3 years ago

Still waiting on my Cliffys, but have the mirror blades, Red Tremor, snake fangs/decal, and glare guard to put on. Does Back Alley Matt do custom Sparkys? Then again, I don't see myself shutting machine down for 4-6 weeks though, so scratch that I reckon. I'll "just manage" with average Joe Sparky. DO need Sparky air ball protector ; this game can get so damn fast...LOVE IT !!!

#7777 3 years ago

Gonna put a Megadeth t-shirt on the little bastard.

#7778 3 years ago

Or King Diamond. Thinkin Mustaine though.

#7779 3 years ago


#7781 3 years ago

Got it from Brad and Lonnie at VP Cabs bud. Awesome deal. Lucked out on timing.
Everything in its place.

#7783 3 years ago

Nother dumb question...do I collect fuel at the fuel shot ? I'm thinking yes obviously, but the few times I lit it, I couldn't figure out how to collect.

#7796 3 years ago

Gryszzzs dumb question of the day :
Where can I get some mylar at, and should I mylar my shooter lane ? Obviously the magnets and ball drain, anywhere else ?
And can someone tell me how to collect fuel ? Not sure how I'm even getting it, but would like to get it....keeps eluding me.

#7799 3 years ago

Thanks Gweem. Shouldn't have messed with green hell.

#7800 3 years ago

Piston lane...the shot just above the left outlanes ? When you hit it the engine revs ? I figured it was a combination of fuel letters and that target. How in the holy hell can that shot even be made ? Shoot up the outlane ?! Thank ya Time Bandit !

#7804 3 years ago

Thank ya much fellas. What a great club.

#7816 3 years ago

LOL. My 547 black metal t-shirts (and fashion sense in general) prohibit me from joining that club. But I did put 14 Morrisey tracks in already.

#7835 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

Should I join this club now?

Does Joanie love Chachi ?
Does a millenial love some handlebar moustaches ?
Does a bear eat you and your entire family and then shit you all out in the woods ?

#7836 3 years ago

Dude I was frothing at the mouth for 3 years to get into this club.
Who ya gonna call ? Trent. To order yer MET.

#7839 3 years ago

You have chosen wisely young Edward.
Hammer of justice all the way. Ive had my Premium for 2 short weeks now, and cannot stop playing. I turn it on before I feed my kids breakfast.

#7844 3 years ago

Finally got my 1st ciu !!! Have no idea how. Then proceeded to immediately drain.
4 way combo on ramps best Ive mustered. Get too excited.
But crikey...when that cross rises and MoP and that light show start...ddamn !!!

#7903 3 years ago

Ok guys...my led in my left spotlight keeps coming out mid-game. Can I put a small amount of glue on side of led to prevent this ? If not, how do I fix ? Like the 4th time its happened. Not a big deal ; just annoying.

#7904 3 years ago

Well look what the cat dra....er....the snake puked up. Morning, Dick.

#7906 3 years ago

Thanks Dug !

#7909 3 years ago

I eat downvotes for breakfast. Got any more coffee with the next one pal ?

#7917 3 years ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Guys do you really have to argue on this forum? Wouldn't it be easier to just roll over and say it to his face?

Been laughin on that shit all day. Good one Jay.

#7938 3 years ago

Well that figures. My Titan clears 2" set just arrived. Couple months ya say ?

#7939 3 years ago

Tuna there might be a support group. Maybe you'll even stand up and anonymously introduce yourself.

#7940 3 years ago

"Hello. I'm Tuna...
*45° pivot into Sarahs eyes, whispered*

#7941 3 years ago

Where's that MET ruleset Big Daddy ??!!
Your last one was grrreat !

2 weeks later
#8060 3 years ago

Sumbitch. Mid game something is triggering a drain, lights out, then game comes back. Occasionally followed by 2 balls launched into shooter lane.
Any help appreciated.

#8064 3 years ago

Thank you guys. Reseated everything, was fine till ball 3 of course. I forgot...when ball 3 drains it can never find it..just keeps searchin like Cheech and Chong.

#8065 3 years ago

Will re- re- seat everything.

#8074 3 years ago

Last night I only re-seated the front plug. Today lifted pf and did the other one and voila ! Back to awesome. Feel like a total noob, my 1st Stern, but that's ok. Noob droppin that hammer.
Thank yous guys for the help !

#8076 3 years ago

I would jump off my house and end it before I ever get hot glue anywhere around my MET.

#8079 3 years ago

Well that's why their name is Stern, and mine's J.

1 week later
#8123 3 years ago

Fuck. I'm a big Death Magnetic fan, but not liking this. Something in the guitars has changed. Not sure if its the amps, or production, but Im really missing that hardly-produced-at-all sound of Kill em All. Think Jimmy needs to go back to drinkin. Hoping the rest of album sounds better than this "That Was Just Your Life" rehash. Still a die-hard fan, but the thrash bar has been raised REALLY high since 1986.

#8124 3 years ago

More importantly ; I've noticed my plunger is too far left, causing balls to jump outta the shooter lane sometimes. Is this an easy fix ? Thanks.

#8127 3 years ago

Well that sounds pretty doggone easy....thanks Gweem !

#8129 3 years ago

To elaborate on my post up there ; the guitars actually sound very Death Magnetic....which I loved...on that album. Now I want the old ESP to Tube Screamer to Marshall (?) sound back. Hard to explain....maybe it was that Rick Rubin magic...can't put my finger on it.

#8142 3 years ago

JACK FUCKIN POT ! Finally heard it ! Man when ya get 3 multi-balls stacked plus a couple CIU's going the blood just starts boiling ! Damn I love this machine....this is one crazy-ass game !
Grrat way to start the day !

#8143 3 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

I think Hetfield is playing rhythm even tighter now. He's actually doing something more difficult and making it sound easier -all while singing. The guy is a f'ing monster.

Never would question Jimmys playing. He's one of the most bad-ass rhythm guitarists to ever walk the planet, and my personal favorite. He IS a monster, no doubt. BUT...his guitar tone has changed. I can't tell if its his shitty ESP pick-ups, or a new amp set-up, or lame super compressed production,... but his sound has absolutely changed. It used to be razor sharp,...now it's more "brown" I guess. I dunno. I've only listened to it twice, so I shouldn't pass judgement just yet. I'm not a fair weather fan, not gonna start now. Good news is it's supposed to be a double album, so there's bound to be some greatness on there.
Metal up yer ass !

#8147 3 years ago

Actually starting to like this new track.
So much hate on it, shoves me right the other way. Fck a whole lotta group-think.

#8170 3 years ago

So you guys think leaving the block in will nick the balls ? I'm not having that issue...yet. But Ive only put a months worth of games on mine.

#8360 3 years ago

Dude. HUO Premiums are probably the best deal in pinball right now. Last month there were 2, barely used at all, for $6300. Which means they could be had for $6-$6100. With mods. Hell Gwaxt had one for $5800. That's a squeal of a deal right there ; especially considering huo Pros are pretty constant at 5+. Haven't seen one in the 4's for over a year. With all these pf issues, why would you buy nib ? I would not.

#8375 3 years ago

Thats cause Gary saw yer avatar Jay and personally inspected yours himself.

#8393 3 years ago

Tallica Sux.

1 week later
#8437 3 years ago

Pinbits sold out of Sparky protectors, unless you buy $40 full kit. Not sure about the inlane/slings being one piece though. Anybody have a pic of the full set installed ? Need Sparky protector BAD. 2-5 airballs every ball. Guess I'll probably just buy whole kit. But then it says to add yer own washers, lockdown nuts. Do I just count the holes ? Yes it's dumb question Wednesday.

#8439 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply Ita. Did you get yours from Pinbits ?

#8442 3 years ago

Pinsider j.m. just offered to send me his extra Sparky protector for a beer at Expo.
This is why I love pinball.

#8447 3 years ago

Thanks Topper. I'm liking all that green. May just buy whole set. If I do I will send the one j.m. sent to me to someone here who needs it.

#8448 3 years ago

Yep...he already mailed it. What a cool dude. Worth atleast a beer and a half.

#8451 3 years ago

If I can get that kit without the slings and outlanes connecting I will get it and send j.m.'s to you man. Will let ya know.

#8453 3 years ago

After a few listens I realized this cover really sucks. But the Ramones version is unfuckwithable. Oh well...

#8454 3 years ago

Lars and Niko do a lil ditty...

#8455 3 years ago

Sloppy Seconds-Hit the Lights-extra nasty.

#8488 3 years ago

Wow. I really like the no spotlight look. Never thought about it but looks GREAT ! How hard is it to re-mount those (for an unskilled lazy fella) ?
Also...anybody elses Sparky keep twisting his head to the left all the time ?
The little masochistic bastard isn't content with gettin fried everyday ; he likes his neck wrung too.

#8491 3 years ago

Now that you got me lookin, I think a bag of clear washers is gonna make a nice difference compared to metal ones. Haven't put my clear slings on yet either.
Guess I really need to get tf offline and shop out my baby right ? Right.
Would be super awesome of you to throw up a pic or two of yer spotlight re-mounts.

2 months later
#8869 3 years ago

Ever since I put Titans on the 1st skill shot plunge started activating the sling instead of to the left flipper. Assuming it was wrong size sling rubbers. So I've been practicing my soft plunge yet it's still fuckin up my mojo. So now the right sling just snapped.
What eggzachary is the correct sling size...2" or 2.5" ? Not sure if I'll get silicone or rubber now but leaning toward rubbers.

#8870 3 years ago

And...never been so happy to see someone get their machine. Been a long fvckin road. Fry that bastard.

#8874 3 years ago

Well I ordered one of their kits, so I'm* assuming* it was a 2" sling. Wouldn't that be the cause of the right one just snapping mid game--too tight ? Also think it made the left hyper sensitive so my plunge wouldn't make it all the way to the left flipper.
Ah well...2.5" ordered.

#8880 3 years ago

So where's the least expensive place to buy an extree Sparky ? On edge with no MET fix tonight and its only been 1 day. Thankfully my boy ForensicD has a pair of sling rubbers I can *borrow* until mine get here. Couldn't go a week with no Sparky no sir.

#8941 3 years ago

Anybody seen an actual ruleset ? Only thing I can find is that tiltforums one.

3 months later
#10298 2 years ago

POMC-- go with Shortest Straw dude! Love that album. I've been wearing out the older stock tunes (Battery never gets old!!!). Time to donate and make it all Kill em All. I'm just so technology ignorant so I keep putting off. Today is the day!

#10299 2 years ago

Dumb question: when the spider insert is blue, is that your lit lane to collect the grave, Sparky, and snake? Then once collected, shoot the lane again? And what exactly does this accomplish? My scoring appreciates any help.

#10302 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Yes. The blue spider insert indicates the selected lane. Once all three items have been collected in that lane, it will start flashing. Shoot the lane one more time, and this will start a hurry up at the captive ball. If you nail the captive ball before the timer expires, it will lock in that lane, getting you closer to Seek and Destroy. Locking in a lane also makes it easier to get to CIU, since every time you nail that shot you will be awarded all three items.
This is a nice rundown of the rules ...

Thanks Gweem. I actually have that page bookmarked and have read it many times. I guess the confusion for me was the red spider vs. blue spider insert. I see the blue shots lit frequently, red ones hardly ever. Would really love to hear how you guys are racking up 400-500m. My shots are getting better, but I can't figure out how to score the big bucks on this beast.

#10308 2 years ago

Thanks RKG. So assuming that, why even bother collecting the blue lanes when I could just bash away for mb and ciu? And yes...love my MET. Was my grail game. Just want to get better than the measly scores I normally throw up. Ive watched Bowens video probably 15 times...can never make it all the way through. Guess I need to force myself to. Thanks for the tips.

#10310 2 years ago

Oh for fucks sake....

#10311 2 years ago

Yes. Hit the scoop. Twice though.

#10313 2 years ago

I can't figure out the damn inserts and here you come talkin bout some EOTL.
It's Tricycle Tuesday homie.
EOTL tips on Thursdays.

#10316 2 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Also when it's lit blue, you're awarded + 1x for end of ball bonus for each blue shot made.

#10317 2 years ago

Red shots all night.... foxy girl sold em to me.

#10320 2 years ago

That's not the final edit version Blackstorm. I decided I wasn't just joshin with ya.
Blue or red?

#10322 2 years ago

Blue like John Lee Hooker blue?

#10336 2 years ago

Trout slayer if you go back one page Gweem posted the Tilt Forums link, like very last post. If you're looking for something more in depth than that, as I am, good luck and Lemmy know if ya find one. Cheers pal.

#10338 2 years ago

Well look at that! YES!!! I have been looking for months for a ruleset to print out. GRAZIE!

#10343 2 years ago

Well dog my cats.
Is that a Jaybird I hear whistlin?

#10346 2 years ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

Livin brother, been in Florida back and forth

So besides the cocaine what you been doin? GC any METs lately? Me neither.

#10347 2 years ago

We need to have a Midwest MET party. Everybody brings their Metallica.
I'm waiting on the all black and red Kill em All VE to be released.

#10350 2 years ago

what-in-tarnizzle-15115982 (resized).png
is John Lee Hooker doin in this thread?
He's leavin...goin to California.

#10351 2 years ago

Midwest MET party secret handshake also in the works.

#10352 2 years ago

Well page 208 so far off to a horrible start.
I'll trade you a secret handshake for a right cross motherfucker is the feedback I'm getting.

#10354 2 years ago

Whiskeytits all over yer pinball browser. Their studio/bandcamp shit is amazing.

#10357 2 years ago


#10366 2 years ago

Apologies for cluttering up the thread last night. Grandpa's sauce laid on a little thick... sorry guys.

#10397 2 years ago

Anyone know a Pinsider or company on here that sells pin skates? Yes I've seen them on eBay but would prefer to buy from a Pinsider. Or is the Harbour Freight lift the way to go? Thanks.

#10450 2 years ago

Just played a game and was befuddled when I got to enter my initials....all my high scores reset. Wtf?
Last night during a game it stopped mid ball like a drain then came back on 2 seconds later. Also seems like the sub is fading in and out. Lectrical issue?

#10457 2 years ago

Thanks KG. That must be it.

#10503 2 years ago

Decided to swap out this green Sparky protector for a clear one. Since awesome Pinsider j_m_ sent me this one for free I'm gonna do the same. Whomever wants it just Lemmy know. Was it Rick in WV that sells the clear ones?
20170405_195241 (resized).jpg

#10504 2 years ago

Also... the auto plunge is getting weak. Not every time, but maybe 30% of the time ball's not making it out. I feel like there has to be a thread about this but didn't find it.

#10506 2 years ago

Protector gone, let's thank our home viewers who are playing along.

#10512 2 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Yep i can make clear (no etching) sparky protectors. The volume of orders has dwindled so at this point i make them to order. I dont keep stock ready to ship. So it may take a week or so to ship out to folks.
But i can get a sparky protector out to any USPS mailling address for $6 paypal shipped.

Thanks for the post Rick. PM incoming.

1 week later
#10566 2 years ago

85Vette wish I could be of more help but all I remember is that is adjustment #88 or 89. It did help with phantom hammer hits.

#10567 2 years ago

Stoptap there's a couple Pros for sale on here right now. One for $45-4700 I believe. Also my buddy is debating selling his. I'll ask him for ya.

#10570 2 years ago

Well I didn't think it was Leeds Michigan buddy.
Surely shipping would be less than 1k yes? To each his own, but I prefer huo so no surprises and it's already dialed in. Plus it's a great way to score free/discounted mods.

1 week later
#10638 2 years ago

Damn. Sorry to see that Rick. Good news is the other Rick in WV only charges $6 for the clear one.

#10644 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

The line for Aurich's mod starts behind me

I'm cutting in front of ya and yer gonna let me.

#10646 2 years ago

Stoked to hear this. That is kinda the one and only spot (to me) that needs an artistic reinterpretation.

#10649 2 years ago

I'm not talking about the hammer mod guys. I'm hoping he's talking about the back cab art behind Sparky.

1 month later
#10906 2 years ago
Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

If that is the front of your magnet board there is no need to take a pic of the back...the resistor is GONE...look in the bottom of your cabinet and there will be a ceramic resistor laying in there somewhere and that is your problem.

Great eye Phoebe! Not just a fun gal to hang with....she really knows her stuff!

4 months later
#11882 2 years ago

Hey guys--big tourney coming up Sat for my MET. Finally installed new songs/code and after it was finished I got this:
20171102_102034 (resized).jpg
Need some bigly help here! Thank you!

#11885 2 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I'll have to look at the manual, but I think there are some dip switches on one of the boards to tell it what country you're in. Maybe you accidentally changed this when installing the new code.

Thank you. Will double check right now.

#11888 2 years ago

It's Christopher Cross douchebag. Air Supply on ACDC. So ride like the wind on outta my bidness.

#11890 2 years ago

Figured out problem. POMC, whom made the Dropbox for me, has pro, I have premium. Is there any way to fix this? I guess now would be an excellent time to throw $20 at the Pinball Browser dude. Been meaning to but never changed any songs, until now.

#11895 2 years ago

Well ya did it now Violence. Now I'm dead set on loading this bitch up with Christopher Cross and Air Supply. Only 2 days to do it...it's a RACE AGAINST TIME!

#11896 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I don't think there is any way to convert Pro code to work on a Premium. I recommend just getting Pinball Browser. Once you learn how to use it and edit/clip music just right you control your own destiny and can change anything to your liking.

Just donated. Now waiting on someone to help. TECHNOLOGY HATES ME...

#11897 2 years ago
Quoted from davids1024:

Does anyone know who has the Metallica Cemetery LED arch in stock? It's a mod I have been meaning to get.

Mezel Mods should have them.

#11899 2 years ago

Who's got that red and black only Kill Em All VE?
Be a whole lot cooler if you did.

#11900 2 years ago

New cabinet, new tunes.

#11901 2 years ago

Same pf, but all black, white and red.
Somebody needs to do this.
Kill em All VE is very necessary.

1 week later
#11937 2 years ago

My Monsters was used in the 64 person Fountain Square Classic A bracket finals. I was honored they picked it. No hammer issues FINGERS CROSSED WORKS

3 months later
#12574 1 year ago

Cemetery drops acting funny. For the last month the 1st or 2nd would kinda randomly drop. Now when I start a game it immediately gives me 25k and 1st drop falls. Anyone?

#12577 1 year ago

Yeah I haven't popped the pf yet figured I'd ask and then know what to look for. Thanks guys.

1 week later
#12722 1 year ago

Oi. Hey gang I need someone proficient in Pinball Browsers help. I've donated to Oliver so if you have time to make me an update with totally horrible songs for Louisville Arcade Expo by Fri please pm me. I'd be willing to pay $50.

#12747 1 year ago

Preciate all the Pinball Browser help guys.
Anyhow....wife bought us 4th row tix for Nashville on my birthday next year. She's a pretty good one, think I'll keep her.

#12748 1 year ago

Who dey you get er yet??

#12751 1 year ago

Tallica sux

#12752 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Its going to arrive tomorrow between 10am and 2pm. All i know is that effin delivery truck better not :lalala:break down or some stupid shit like that!

May I present "The Waiting"
by Mr. Tom Petty featuring Eddie Schmeder.

#12755 1 year ago

One of the best versions of Cowboy Song:

#12762 1 year ago

Congrats bub!

2 weeks later
#12913 1 year ago

Last week I completely disabled the post in adjustments menu. Totally recommend it. Gotta say it's been a lot more fun rippin balls round the orbits. Is there any actual downside to this? What does that fucking post even do???

#12915 1 year ago

I know it's there for a reason...Is it only S and D though?

#12918 1 year ago

maxresdefault (resized).jpg
Score schmore...

#12921 1 year ago

Anybody seen the pops around?
I haven't seen em for
5-Gangster-Actors-Real-Mob-Ties-De Niro (resized).jpg
a lil bit.

#12925 1 year ago

Yeah I have the metal post. I'm just havin fun.
Literally. Disable that post be gone poof. See ya when I see ya pops.

7 months later
#14578 1 year ago

My frustration with this machine is becoming toxic. I just had a 10 min + game, hit every multiball mode, Sparky twice, plus Lady Justice and a ciu and still only ended up with 95m.
Most of that was actually done on ball one. I look up and I'm at a pissy 52m.
Bout to kick it on down (to the end of) the line...

#14579 1 year ago

To be fair...MET is not played much anymore. Almost all my time is on Target Alpha, Maiden, and ACDC.
But EVERYTIME I feel like I'm havin a great ball on MET, the score doesn't agree ha.
More Bowen I guess...

#14582 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Just hitting/starting the modes doesn’t equal high scores. Make sure to try and stack multiball. I think it’s coffin and graveyard can stack...do a search on this thread. The other thing is hitting the lane behind the fuel targets, when lit, to double scores temporarily. I’m sure there are other ways, just what I use.

Thanks man. Fuel shot is the only one I can never, ever, make. And there ya go, think I just answered my own question/cry.

#14584 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Once you hit one of the drops, sparky, coffin, and snake, you’ll have a collect ready at the scoop. Try and collect a bunch of mode shots before you go get your collect. Also try and have 2X playfield running for that too. You can have 100-150 million from one CIU doing this.

This is what I'm not gettin!
Thanks Chuck for the reminder. I need to switch my focal point grazie.

1 month later
#15201 1 year ago

Damn. Was 300 posts behind in this thread. It absolutely amazes me that even after 5+ years, this thread is still rolling on like a 'blitzkrieg'. Lotsa great strategies now, you guys are awesome for sharing those.
Gonna update mine at halftime.
chuckwurt.....EXTERNAL VOLUME CONTROL!!! I know of a machine that coulda really used one of those at a show recently haha. Will have on next year for sure.

1 month later
#15539 12 months ago

Well son of a gun. Came in here to brag about my 4th row seats and VIP package here in Nashville but now I'm just gonna do this....

giphy (1).gif
#15540 12 months ago

That's freakin AWESOME Chip! We didn't get the meet and greet but I am still FUCKING STOKED to hear Battery live again...been 20 years!

#15543 12 months ago


#15548 11 months ago

As soon as Nothing Else Matters started I sat down, arms crossed, doing my very best impression of a 5 yr old throwing a tantrum. Thinking "I'm not gettin up and havin fun until Battery". Oof.
Then my wife started diving over seats like Hulk fuckin Hogan just to grab a goddamn guitar pick they were tossin. TWICE. And all was better.

#15549 11 months ago

Soon as we get there I'm already ready to knock teeth loose of dudes next to me. Spilled a drink on my wife. I was hot. They left mid show lol.

#15567 11 months ago

My wife got some great pics, this is my favorite

IMG_73811 (resized).jpg
#15580 11 months ago

They gave us a couple posters. Gotta admit, when I unrolled this I went into full DAMN mode.
Then I noticed the date was wrong ha.
20190129_203225 (resized).jpg
Be framed next to game for sure.

#15590 11 months ago


#15600 11 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

So i got a Metallica premium and its become about a nightmare to lock a ball in the coffin lock. The magent just does not seem to be grabbing the ball and i dont remember it being this bad. I called stern and they advised me to replace the board under the play field. I did and yeah still a no go. I read out the coil and it reads 5ohms and checked connections obviously. I see a setting on the menu in msec but it doesnt seem to help. Anyone got advice. I roll the ball over the magnet and it seems to grab it fine. The magnet works its like its not sensing the ball
Even with a new board

Not sure if this will help but try turning setting 89 to NO. Factory is yes. This was related to phantom hits and ball not staying on magnet...it worked for me. Good luck.

1 week later
#15680 11 months ago
Quoted from bsobie:

Does anyone around Champaign, Il. Or surrounding area have a Metallica Premium I could play a few games on?.... Thinking of selling Pro for a Premium....

If ya wanna drive 3 hours you can come play mine. A lot of people don't care for it, but the hammer is irreplaceable imho.

#15684 11 months ago

I have a brother in Indy too!
He's a fucking crackhead and I punch him every time I see him.

#15686 11 months ago
Quoted from bsobie:

Does the Pro and Premium play different?

Not at all.
That was sarcasm. As usual, pro is faster.

#15691 11 months ago

Why yes Rob, that's exactly what I meant.

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