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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#13399 1 year ago

I've had my nib Met pro for 2 days. There were a couple small issues to resolve but it's great. My only problem at the moment in the ball launch. I'm not sure yet exactly what is wrong but I'm 90% sure it has to do with the first piece of metal the ball touches down the shooter lane. The ball rarely wants to clear the lane and skill shot area smoothly. Most of the time the ball just jostles around on the way up the launch and either end up in the pops or doesn't keep much speed going for the super skill. This seriously effects gameplay. Occasionally on launch the ball will actually jump and get stuck above the launch area in the underside of the wires from the right ramp. This means taking the glass off every 30 games or so.
If this were an older pin my first thought is to take the metal piece out, grind the front lips down more and replace it. This is like a new car to me though. I shouldn't have to and don't really want to have to Jimmy fix things.
Any way long story I know.
I'm looking for any advice from anyone who has had the same issues. Are there simply some adjustments I could be tweaking to get it smoother? Thanks
Ps. Could some tell me which plastic post to metal post everyone keeps mentioning in this thread? I can't the details in this thread. It is constantly referred to as "that post" lol.
Pss. Can't wait for all my bells and whistles to arrive.

20180520_004022 (resized).jpg

#13400 1 year ago

Also if someone could send me a link to somewhere that sells ball jump guards, specifically the extended plastic protector at Sparkys feet please. Major ball jump area.

#13405 1 year ago

Thanks for the speedy responses. I will take a closer look a the shooter but I have rolled the ball up the lane manually a few times and I am fairly certain the left side of the metal fork occasionally jump the ball. I'll I've done to it so far was make sure the screw was tight(it was)
I will post a pic shortly but there may be a bur at the end of the metal. Hard to tell from just running my finger along it but I do think it has a bump a the tip and it hit the ball sometimes.
I will definatly check the spring you've mentioned as I do feel it is a bit strong

#13407 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

Mine has the exact same issue and I’m sure it has something to with the rod not shooting off the ball at the exact center.
I also noticed that if I don’t fully retract the plunger, the issue is gone. So replacing the spring could be an solutions as well.
Now I know this, I might leave it as is.

I agree it goes away at lighter plunges but then its not strong enough to get that easy mystery rebound from the plunge.
I think my problem is this metal. Why else would the ball jump up right there only to wedge itself in the underside of the wires frame.

20180522_103812 (resized).jpg

#13408 1 year ago

Im not going to wait for it to happen but the ball gets stuck under here if I hops

20180522_104550 (resized).jpg

#13410 1 year ago

The glass is on in the pics sorry

#13412 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Pinbits sells the sparky plastic protector for airballs. You can buy just the clear one. That’s the one you want, resist the colored ones with the spider webs. They look like shit and some people have reported that the etching of the spider web weakens the plastic and will prematurely break. As for the post you are referring to it is the diverter post that is behind sparky on the orbit. It’s a plastic post that moves up/down and the plastic is too “bouncy” so people replace it with a metal one. I got mine from Marco but haven’t installed it yet haha. And finally there should be “key posts” (in yellow) at the beginnng of the thread at the top with links to all this stuff.

Thank you. Just ordered one

#13413 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

The ball shouldn't fit between the wires on the underside right??

It doesn't fit through. It wedges itself between the bottom two. I pull the glass down and poke it with my finger and it falls right back down.

#13414 1 year ago

The rod IS hitting the ball a little off centre to the right. What is the best way to recentre it?

1527002151372624583151 (resized).jpg

#13415 1 year ago
Quoted from Jakers:

Mine was doing this same thing when I first opened it. Make sure the plunger tip is centered on the ball when it's sitting in the shooter lane. If it's off center this will cause the ball to bounce around on its way out. You can adjust the position by loosening the 3 screws holding it in place. Also, try replacing the shooter rod spring with a weaker one. Mine shipped with an orange spring and is way too powerful in my opinion for this game.

Working on that thanks

#13429 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

You can get rid of that plastic. Mines been gone for years and the ball has never jumped off the guide.

Not what we were talking about. Shooter lane problems UNDER where you are looking. I want to stick some guitar picks or something where you are talking about

#13430 1 year ago

So I thought I had some burnt out or loose bulbs in the back of the play field........2 light assemblies were crushed with the wires ripped out. It is clearly from being caught on the prop rails and slammed back into place. Come on stern. This is a joke. These pics might not do justice but here are the damaged pieces. I now have to look up these parts, order them, wait and them solder them into place. Nice n.i.b.

20180522_122909 (resized).jpg

#13431 1 year ago

On a brighter note, this arrived today.
Snake fangs/tongue and Sparky glowing wires for his brain bucket

1527043486713748565553 (resized).jpg

#13435 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Email Stern direct. I am sure they will look after you, where pinside will probably not.

Did that first of course
Need to find the part number though

#13442 1 year ago

Looked at the track list online an realized I'm missing "end of the line" as an option. Is this standard? Does it ONLY play if you enter end of the line e gameplay? Seems odd.

Also is there an option to make the song you choose continue through all balls. The song restarts every time you sewer.

#13446 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

EOTL is not an available song choice at the start of the game. Only used during final wizard mode.
Songs do not restart at the beginning when you drain, but at a different later point in the song. Often this sounds very similar to the beginning but if you listen closely or play for a minute or so you will hear it's different. There is no option to continue the song exactly where you left off when the last ball was drained.

I just tried. They actually start over every ball. I tried sewering immediately or waiting a minute. Starts over. Lame

#13450 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Incorrect. There are checkpoints that you have to make it to for all the songs. Otherwise it does start over. Don’t drain so quick lol...problem solved

Playing around with it, it seems like the songs each have one checkpoint near the middle to restart at but that's it. Gets a little annoying playing with a 5yr old. Oh well.
May have to look into the track swapping I've heard so much about. There are a couple songs that I'm just never going to choose for a pinball game. I'm looking at you Enter Sandman, Unforgiven and Fade to Black........tempo is way off for this game.
How is Hit the lights NOT in a game where you literally hit lights? No Whiplash? Come on lol

#13452 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I swapped a few around. "One" is way too slow for my taste, replaced it with The Four Horsemen (which was originally supposed to be in the game for Blackened mode). A few other minor edits such as "I Disappear" at a key point in the song during the end game sequence, and Whiskey in the Jar if you get to enter your initials.

How difficult are we talking? I'm good with electrical, not so much with computers.

#13453 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I swapped a few around. "One" is way too slow for my taste, replaced it with The Four Horsemen (which was originally supposed to be in the game for Blackened mode). A few other minor edits such as "I Disappear" at a key point in the song during the end game sequence, and Whiskey in the Jar if you get to enter your initials.

Also I'm inclined to agree on ONE but I just love when it finally gets where it's going.....eventually

#13458 1 year ago

So I took apart the shooter rod and it was already as far to the left as possible. After a bit of experimenting a single well placed washer has everything perfect. Still shouldnt have to Jimmy rig thing on a brand new pin though

20180523_194006 (resized).jpg

20180523_194037 (resized).jpg

#13459 1 year ago

First mods to my new MET pro.
-Colour coded fuel gauge
-Blue lights for Electric switches (felt there was enough white going on with the crosses and picks)
-just 2 purple accent g.i. bulbs
-Snake fangs/tongue
- Sparky E.L. helmet wiring.
So much fun.

20180523_195017 (resized).jpg

20180523_194938 (resized).jpg

20180523_194926 (resized).jpg

20180523_193630 (resized).jpg

20180523_193504(0) (resized).jpg

20180523_195422 (resized).jpg

#13460 1 year ago

Does anyone have a link to the guy making the cross inserts? The little plastic things to direct the light at the crosses only instead of white rectangles. Thanks you.

#13462 1 year ago

Not a mod but some little pop vinyl guys were cheap and add a little something

20180523_204152 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#13535 1 year ago

Yay! Install completed. Can't play tonight because everyone is sleeping. Boo urns. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
Fair warning to Canadians. The duty fees I was hit with for my color dmd were inexplicably high. Not trying to dissuade anyone from a color dmd. Great product. Just be prepared for that and factor it into your personal spending budget.

20180602_224522(1) (resized).jpg
#13539 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

So worth it...can’t speak fo my Canadian brethren...but so worth it. Really is a huge improvement!

Omg. Got battery ciu, grave multi, Sparky multi and justice for all. What an improvement!! Still waiting on some parts but I'm really liking how this is all coming together.
Does anyone have any tips for replacing the ugly yellow instructions though. Point me in the right direction for other options please. (Not those light inserts though)
Thanks as always

#13541 1 year ago

Wow. What an improvement.

#13546 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Looks amazing. Easy install?

Very. Not the best instructions but a couple YouTube videos later and I was set

#13547 1 year ago
Quoted from Raegor:

Did you put anything around it to fill the gap?

No. Not even remotely noticeable unless you are right at it (at least on mine)

#13556 1 year ago

Got a couple more packages in the mail today. Extended ball jump guards at Sparkys feet and Pinnovator sub kit.
So happy. Sounds so much better instantly.
Here's a quick vid of what I've done so far. I also installed the colour dmd last weekend. It was daunting at first but after watching a few YouTube videos it wasn't that hard at all. Makes the game twice as nice with one mod.

#13559 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

I ordered Sparky’s electrocution helmet mod from Mezel (single color orange) but it’s barely noticeable that it lights up.
Others have the same experience? The backpanel is quite bright and the mod is tied into one of Sparky’s flashers so it doesn’t help that these are on at the same time I guess.
Wondering if there might me something wrong with mine? Or doesn’t EL wires light up as brightly as you probably want?

I've got the 2 wire blue and orange (also mezel) It's just the orange wire isn't super bright. The blue is still very noticeable during electrocution though
Wish they had kept it blue and pink. My friend has blue and pink and the pink pops more than the orange. I'm considering swapping the orange for a purple/violet one

#13567 1 year ago

Yay. Got more packages in the mail.
3d snake mod and powerblades. Will post finished product this weekend.

20180614_110118 (resized).jpg20180614_110129 (resized).jpg
#13574 1 year ago
Quoted from Numskul:

Let me know how your powerblades work. Mine cause sparky to go off without a ball hitting him. Joe at pingraffix is stumped...

Hopefully it goes better than the snake mod. It is so cheaply made. None of the screws holes even lined up properly. Things had to be bent and forced and I still had to leave a screw out. I was so unimpressed that I decided not to do the blades today because I'm worried they will also be of cheap quality. VERY UNIMPRESSED with pingraffix so far. (Both in quality and shipping) Fingers crossed for the powerblades.

Are yours the creeping death? How long have you had them?

#13576 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

I had to dremel out my snake MOD a bit for the screws to fit..not a huge deal. Such a cool looking MOD so try fitting it all in if you can

That s fine for the flat snake mod. When the 3 holes on the 3d snake aren't even close though....poorly made
I bent it all together to get the 2 outside screws in. Left out the back screw

20180614_134541 (resized).jpg
#13577 1 year ago

Also worth pointing out to people considering this mod that it makes it almost impossible to see the upper lane lights

#13578 1 year ago

I do love the effect it has on my brain when the ball goes through the snake ramp and I momentarily lose sight of it in "the tunnel.
I'll get used to it but it gives me a feeling when it loops

#13580 1 year ago
Quoted from Delta9:

I think your on crack the Powerblades plug into a 110 outlet how in the hell could that make your sparky go off lol adjust your sparky switch

I didn't want to say anything as I haven't installed mine yet but I'm inclined to have the same view. How can they even interact? Seems like a problem that just happened to coincide with the install

#13585 1 year ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

Hi all
I would like to address the issues mentioned above
There have been some reported issues with Sparky going off.
The last I counted it was two. Everytime the fix was just replacing the EL box.
If you read the instructions included with the set. The first line states the following:
By installing this modification, you understand that every pinball machine is created differently.
With that being said..we have sold a few hundred of the MET PowerBladez.. When it comes down to it, every machine is unique in its own way. Is your machine wired differently somehow? Maybe? Is there something else like another mod interfering in some way? Possibly. It's very hard for us to diagnose your game when it is not in house here in the studio.
Trust me.. this one is very puzzling to us as well. We have a MET here with them installed and we cannot recreate this no matter what we try.
I have been working hard to resolve the issue with Numskull and I did send another power cord just the other day. Hoping this works. If not then guess I will have to give a refund. No worries. Nothing is perfect. And I want to thank him for being patient!
Speaking of which..snake mod.. Once again.. same thing.. Tolerances go rampid during manufacturing.. or you may just have gotten a bad one.. No worries. we will send you a new one.
In any case.. I do support my products and I have been on PInside for 6+ years. We always try to do the right thing. Some folks (btw by no means referring to Graysons Dad but in general) are never satisfied no matter how hard we sometimes bend over backwards. It's just part of THE business. And that's with any business. however..if you do a search you will see most love all of our innovative products that we create.
I would be happy to take the MET PowerBladez back for I have another cipboard full of orders that need to be fufilled.
Once again..no worries.. you do what you think is best.
Most of all I appreciate the feedback and your support.
Have a good evening

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have spoken to Joe directly and he is aware of the snake production problems and has told me he will send a replacement so he has a good business ethic at least. Will update soon. Thank you Joe

#13592 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Nice! Any fan of Clerks is ok in my book

......clerks 2 though?......meh.
Congrats man. If you choose to do only one upgrade I would recommend the color dmd

I've installed most of the common met mods in the last month. Ive only had my met a bit longer than that

#13603 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Nope, do an external sub for 100 over a visual thing that really doesn't improve the experience, unless you are watching someone play.

I have both. Sub would easily have been my second recommendation second. Plus it's way cheaper. Loving the color DMD though even after the crazy duty fees

1 week later
#13673 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Not sure if it's official until the game is sitting in my game room, but I just sent a payment for a Metallica Premium and will be joining the club shortly. Game is unmodded and I'll likely be adding the fangs and decal, but will likely wait for awhile before adding more. I do also have an extra subwoofer and may install that on this game.

I recommend putting a piece of Mylar over the tongue decal before installing. I've had mine just over a month and it has pretty bad wear in the centre already. Easy fix since I was sent 2 decals but easier if id known ahead of time.

#13674 1 year ago

It's been over a month of mailing drama but my Cliffys finally arrived yesterday. Why do you have to have so many rollovers Metallica?$$lol

#13680 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Wow, I have had my decal on for about two years and it has no wear at all. Got mine from pingraffix, maybe there are knockoffs printed differently?

Mezel Mods

3 weeks later
#13891 1 year ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

What are your average scores when you play the game? Not your great games or high scores but your average score. I just got this game and need to figure out scoring but I feel I am the worst player ever!!!,

I suck still and I can consistantly get to about 70mil. 90 on a good day.
Good players will bank that in one crank it up though.

#13893 1 year ago

Beginner things to note. Combos and Coffin hurryups are easy points that I wasnt getting in the beginning. Learning the point system takes a long time but makes sense eventually and then the points start coming

2 weeks later
#14000 1 year ago
Quoted from zene10:

My 15 month old runs across the house to see the beginning of Sparky multiball. I’d never skip it.

Mine will be 5 in a few weeks and I always shout to him when a sparky mb is close at hand

3 weeks later
#14120 1 year ago

Hi guys. Probably a common knowledge issue here but I could use some advice.
I've had my MET pro bnib from stern for 3mo now. My left flipper just started acting up today. It retracts really slow now like an air cylinder letting air out. Is the coil no good or is there and easier fix I should know about. I'm supposed to have people over to play on Friday so of course it chose now to act up. Thanks.
Also, should a home use pin be having these issues already?
Oh, also, also, is there a setting I'm missing for the ball eject to the launcher? Mine more often than not shoots the ball too hard and kicks it back down. It relaunches it of course but it really messes up flow. Especially if it cant launch the first ball in multiball. Thanks.

#14123 1 year ago

I manually pushed the flipper prior to posting my question. It is the same. Fast out. Slow in.

#14137 1 year ago

Flipper issue seems to have resolved itself for now.
New question....
I bought a stern sam shaker today. Easy mod, or should have been. Screwed everything in place, hooked up the wires, not complicated or anything. I'm getting nothing from the shaker. Turned it on in the menu and went to coil test, even played a ball to make sure. Nothing. Could I have a faulty shaker or is there something obvious I'm missing?
Wires from shaker go to included board. The other wires taps into the nearby power and the matching backbox wire near the back of the cabinet. I cant figure out what could even be done wrong at all. I drove 2hrs to get there and back today. I'd like to avoid the drive again. Thanks

#14139 1 year ago
Quoted from monte_:

I have had a metallica nib premium for 2 weeks. Noticed that i hear humming noise when holding the left and right flippers. It is slight hum when i hold the right flipper up but much louder with left flipper held up. Normal or some way to lessen the hum? Thanks for any input.

My left flipper hums. No biggie

#14153 1 year ago

Shaker update. After speaking with my distributor I found the problem was a bad ground wire from stern. He mentioned having a few shakers where the wiring was wrong in the ground assembly. I Jimmy rigged my own and it's working fine now. Factory setting is maximum use but it moves the pin around too much so I've set it to minimal and other than sparky multiball nothing else seems excessive.

2 weeks later
#14202 1 year ago

Thanks to the poster for this idea I saw here last week. Cheap, Easy and if you look around a bit there are so many shapes and sizes depending on your preference.
I wasnt sure I'd like the look of the convex mirror as they tend to stretch and distort reflections. Instead I found this nice little wedge in the automotive section at walmart. Works great and blends well with the curve of the ramp
20180920_101323 (resized).jpg

#14203 1 year ago

Now I'm just waiting my powerblades from Joe at pingraffix.
.....maybe a cemetary arch is needed as well.
It's so easy (and fun) to get carried away with mods. I dont work on my car when I'm bored, I work on my games

#14231 1 year ago

Unfortunately, pinball life has ludicrous shipping fees to Canada. (Southern Ontario. About 90min from Buffalo)
$10 diverter post and 50 balls. Over $65 shipping....for a $50 order.
Ok, balls are kind of heavy. Let's see how much for just the diverter post. O wait, over $40 shipping.
I've shipped entire game board for half that.
I've had custom glass work delived from the southern us for less than that.
Pinball life, if you are reading this. You are missing a huge market up here. Sort your shipping rates out.

#14233 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

What's a game board?

Arcade game boards

#14245 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

It really is awesome. My only question is, why do i always have to choke when i get to the crank it up modes??? So frustrating....

For me its Justice for All.
I almost always sewer before the animation even starts. Idk why but WAY too often

#14269 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Get the metal wall guard that pinball life sells. The MET I have has this and I haven’t seen this happen once.

My met did a bit of the same at first. I adjusted the ball eject a hair and it improved quite a bit. Installing the right wall rail guard finished off the job. Never happens anymore. Dont wast you money on the rest of the shooter lane protection though. I'm removing mine this weekend. No matter how many times I adjust them, they always affect the shooter lane in a way I dislike.

#14281 1 year ago

I feel like I remember seeing this topic on this thread last month but any advice would be great.
I finally installed my power blades and they look amazing but...
Im registering sparky hits for no reason. If I turn off the power blades it's fine. Turn it back on mid game? Boom, sparky is lit up in no time. Any advice from the other poster that was on here with that problem?

#14285 1 year ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

I was reading a similar post from someone that hooked up the Sparky helmet wire and was getting the same issue. Claimed it was a defective part and was sending it back.

Joe is shipping me a replacement box. Good customer service at pingraffix

#14308 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I used to think toppers and mods were must have options..but use that money to get more pins! unless u plan on keeping it forever, then make it as pretty as you like! Kinda like powder coating! Looks sweet.. but costs $$!

I like to mod my playfield to make it a little nicer but dont really see the appeal to undercab lights, toppers, etc. Other than a coloured DMD, I focus on where I'll be looking most of the time. Exterior cab decorations are for when it's just sitting there in a corner.

#14394 1 year ago
Quoted from roar:

Agree to an extent, over $600 Canadian to do it all and probably closer to $700 if you get hit with duty and taxes. You have to really love your MET to invest that into it because you are never getting that back out when you resell. People don’t pay full pop for mods.

I've spent...well, a lot on modding my MET. It was my first NIB pin and I added all sort of crap. I'm not worried about its resale value because it was fun to do and makes the game look great. Ive since stopped spending so much on mods. That being said I've been considering putting spinners in but would only do it with total light show for that satisfying sound. We get nailed with on shipping in Canada. $80 duty on my colorDMD

#14395 1 year ago

Side not on randomness of duty fees.
Any packages I've received from Mezel or pingraffix have never had any duty fees attached to them.

#14433 1 year ago

Need a little advice here. Flipper issues for newbs.
My left flipper starts to bind up and not retract properly after a few games. I've been following this thread for a while so I believe I need to swap out some flipper parts, moe specifically the cardboard looking tube that has been know to be the wrong size occasionally.
I'm a quick study (YouTube taught me how to solder, mod game systems, fix old arcade games, etc.) but I've just never had to do any work on flippers before as I've only recently been able to have pins of my own.
If someone could provide a link to a YouTube video or something along those line as to how to properly do this job I would greatly appreciate it. I'm just not sure exactly what I should be searching for. Flipper rebuild videos? Something more tailored to this exact issue? Idk
Thanks for any input

#14441 1 year ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Def read the Vid’s thread above. Although it focuses on older flippers you will learn about how they operate in general.
You may want to just buy a flipper rebuild kit from one of the regular pinball parts sites.
One question though - are your coils getting hot when you play? If so you have a circuit issue. If not it is mechanical and a kit / rebuild should take care if it.

Yes the coil gets hot but no hotter than the o e on the right which is always fine. It looks like the plastic piece connecting the coil to the flipper assembly gets crooked once the coil has warmed up

#14459 1 year ago

Just a heads up to anyone considering the power blades mod.
Joe at pingraffix has been great at trying to fix this issue however.......
I am on my 3rd modulator box. The first one smoked. The next 2 interfered with the sparky opto registering hits that never happened.
I ordered my powerblades in May and still do lot have working ones. I would be very hesitant to install this mod as it clearly has issue and possible compatibility problems.
It IS beautiful and looks GREAT when running but I've had nothing but problems.

#14485 1 year ago
Quoted from Dallas_Pin:

I disagree ... had many issues with the PowerBlades (never made public, nor do they need to be as Joe made it all good) and the poster indicated a very similar issue. I traced down the issue and it wasn’t the PowerBlades, so I figured since I inquired about the issue with the poster, I would clear it up. But yes, it was another mod put on prior to the Blades that was causing an issue. Removed mod, issue went away. I posted it so if others had spent hours trying to find the issue they could find it. I do very few mods, but with Met, I feel like it left a lot to be desired so I added a few.

Just to clarify my issue from some of these others. My pro lens are strictly when the power blades are on. If I turn them off mid game, everything play fine again. Any other mods I have installed have been in for 6months already with no issues. I agree with Joe that this may just come down to my particular model having some slightly different wiring and I do like the look off the powerblades. I just want people to be aware that these issues are possible. Joe has tried to fix this but it just doesn't seem like it will happen for my particular machine. Idk. I just dont want anyone thinking I'm slamming pingraffix. They have treated me well but I believe there may be some occasional compatibility issues. Maybe the boxes have come from different suppliers? Quality control? The blades still make for nice art if not constant reminders that they should light up.

#14486 1 year ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

And there you go...
YES! thanks for mentioning this. This goes back to every machine is unique / Some Mods do conflict with each other. It's really case specific. Thank you for posting this up. It will be very helpful moving forward.
+10 points for you..

Mine however is clearly related to the powerblades though. If I turn them off mid game, everything is fine again. It's not the optics picking up the light either. As mentioned in other posts. I'm not angry and I wish they would work but they just dont

#14491 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

You handled this very well! Someone states a problem they have with your mod (or think it's your mod at least) that you've never seen before, and you don't vilify them! You just state facts, and that you're not sure what is causing it and that you've never seen it before, all the while backing your product and letting the customer know that you will take care of them regardless.

Except I was the one with the original issue. Mine IS powerblade related. Joe is great. I 100% agree. He has tried to amend this for me but there are some obvious occasional compatibility issues.

#14571 1 year ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Just had to laugh...A Met Pro for sale for $7,750....over $3K in mods was just posted. A perfect example of spending more than just getting a premium. May as well buy an LE at that price.

Can't agree with you here. I personally preffered the pro so that is what I bought. I still wanted lots of bells and whistles, so I to own a pro with lots of mods put into it. I don't expect to get the value of the mods back but for a game I intend to have in my home for a long time, spending the money to make it pretty makes sense. Most of my mods would have been done if I'd bought higher end models anyway. Color dmd, art blades, 3d snake, sparky wiring, protectors. I think the only thing I'd have save on are the lights and shaker. I just prefer the feel of the pro and I'm not a fan of the hammer. The colour dmd was still the prices part of the whole thing.

#14572 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Can't agree with you here. I personally preffered the pro so that is what I bought. I still wanted lots of bells and whistles, so I to own a pro with lots of mods put into it. I don't expect to get the value of the mods back but for a game I intend to have in my home for a long time, spending the money to make it pretty makes sense. I just prefer the feel of the pro and I'm not a fan of the hammer. Most of my mods would have been done on a premium/le anyway. 3d snake, color dmd, pinblades, sparky wiring and protectors. I think the shaker motor and lights are the only overlapping costs. The Colour dmd was still the priciest part anyway.

#14589 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

My frustration with this machine is becoming toxic. I just had a 10 min + game, hit every multiball mode, Sparky twice, plus Lady Justice and a ciu and still only ended up with 95m.
Most of that was actually done on ball one. I look up and I'm at a pissy 52m.
Bout to kick it on down (to the end of) the line...

Milk the for whom the bell tolls ciu. Go for 100m+ then collect

#14661 1 year ago

I know it's not high to a lot of people but I set a new high score on my met pro tonight.
2 crank it ups, one of which i tanked.
Sparky mb
Coffin mb
Snake mb
Cross mb
Justice for all
Final score

20181109_155723 (resized).jpg

#14712 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

I have the Mezel cemetery mod for sale if anyone is interested:
Also have a 4 guitar mod set:
This only shows 3 of them. I can provide photos if interested.
Get in touch if you want either or both of these mods. We can work out a deal.


#14717 1 year ago

Does someone have the rubbers list please?
I'm looking to make a titan order and want to make sure I get the right ones.
Pro model

#14732 1 year ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

Just joined this club with a very lightly HUO MET Pro. Ive wanted this game for a long time. Don't know why I waited so long. What mods, if any, do you all suggest first?
[quoted image]

Pinnovators board for subwoofer, color dmd, making the frog a proper snake.

#14736 1 year ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

The iridescent green/orange plastic protectors look great and protect the sling and inlane plastics. Get the ones with the holes, so the plastics remain the original color.
Not sure who sells those.

The only reason I don't have these in mine is I don't like them changing the colour of the plastics art.. I would love to know where to find some of these.

#14737 1 year ago

Or those spiderwed ones that are never around anymore

#14738 1 year ago

I know no more about pinbrowser than the fact that it exists. I am not good with computers.....at all.
That being said I'd love to finally swap some songs out without affecting gameplay (so Sandman stays)
How do I even begin to go about this?
I'd like to remove he following songs
-One 7:28
-Sad But True 5:26
-Unforgiven 6:20
And replace them with the following songs
-Whiplash 4:10
-Four Horsemen 7:14
-Hit the Lights 4:18
(how did this not make it in the game? What is the most common objective in pinball? Hit...the...lights)
Anyway, that being said I've also heard the songs need to be similar length.
Tips? Advise? Willingness to come to my house to do it for me? Lol.
Again, I have no idea where to even begin. Thanks

#14744 1 year ago

I did a bit more research on the pin browser process.
I feel I am too computer illiterate to do this with any confidence.
Anyone here live near Hamilton, ON. and have experience with this? FREE PIZZA AND BEER if someone can do this for me lol.

I've figured out my preferred swaps based on songs I like vs matching track time.
I'd like to..
-remove One 7:24 (1066) and replace it with Hit the Lights and Motorbreath (7:25)
-remove Unforgiven 6:26 (1494)and replace it with No Remorse 6:27
-(if possible without sound issues) remove Sad But True 5:23 (1281) and replace it with Moth into Flame 5:52 (if it wouldn't work out well ecause of the variance in track length I would just leave SBT alone for now)

I'd also like to ditch Fade to Black and Enter Sandman as well but they are crank it up modes so they stay. I've considered cutting Sandman as I never play that c.i.u.
I can only get 2 c.i.u. per game so far and i go Ftb and fwtbt.
Thanks again for any help or advice. Cheers

#14747 1 year ago

I have yet to set high scores on seek and destroy, blackened and of course end of the line.
I believe blackened is collecting all the band member picks, correct me if I'm wrong.
How do I go for seek and destroy?

#14749 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I have a question, what’s the four horseman mode? My wife got into it and I wasn’t sure what to do. Cool graphics though.

I've gotten that animation once. Pretty sure its Blackened

#14751 1 year ago

Seeking someone with PinBrowser experience.
I'm looking to swap tracks on my MET Pro
-One (1066) 7:24
for Hit the Lights/Motorbreath 7:25
-Unforgiven (1494) 6:26
for No Remorse 6:27
If someone here has experience with audacity and pinbrowser swapping tracks please PM me.
I would be looking to get the 2 songs changed as well as any accompanying track titles on the display.
I'm willing to spend a small amount of cash for someone's time. I've got $25USD in my PayPal if someone is willing to help me out. Cheers.

#14752 1 year ago

Also if anyone has changed their t molding to purple, could you post a pic please?
I took the chrome off to put some black on but now that it off I'm thinking purple could work since I have the creeping death theme

#14757 1 year ago

What size is this t molding? 13/16? 3/4 isnt going to be big enough. So hard to tell. What a strange size.

#14782 1 year ago

I dropped my snake wireform off at the powdercoat guy today. I won't be playing for at least a few days so of course this happened
Awesome news.
This will be my first time updating but it seems pretty straight forward.

#14784 1 year ago

Here's a copy and paste of the changes.

V1.80.0 - November 16, 2018

- Reworked ball locked lamp effect.
- Captive ball extra ball #1 (default for auto setting) lowered to 10
hits (from 15 hits).
- Combo champion # of combos lowered to 10 combos (from 20 combos).
- Added new marker to The End Of The Line music for better shooter groove.
- One (lady justice) mode was not being restarted when a shot was made
during the mode. This has been corrected.
- Added a "reset timer" adjustment for the One (lady justice) mode.
- Added combo lights adjustment. Default is FLASH ONCE (show lamps once
for a small period of time, then turn the lights off). Other settings:
ALWAYS and NONE. Competition + Director's Cut are set to FLASH ONCE.
- Coffin hurry-up now leaves all shots lit to reset the hurry-up score
when multiple hurry-ups are available instead of requiring the player
to complete them individually before they all re-light.
- "The End Of The Line" song is now selectable at the start of the game
if the player has made it to "The End Of The Line" (the 5th Crank It Up
- Shot features shot lit (the blinking arrow at the start of the ball)
will no longer move to a shot that is ready to start the coffin hurry-up,
nor will it move to a shot that is associated with a currently running
coffin hurry-up.
- Super skill shot to light a shot for the coffin hurry-up will now always
be on the active shot for lighting items (the blinking arrow at the start
of the ball).
- Reworked guitar pick target lamps. The unscored lamps now blink only
when they are available to light the snake lock (and during Blackened).
Otherwise, the unscored lamps are OFF.
- Added explosion sounds to the start of the fuel mode.
- Changed the sound for completing a pop bumper to something slightly
- Reworked song transition markers for "Sad But True" so more of the song
can be heard.
- Added lamp effects for "The End Of The Line" super jackpot.
- Added shaker motor effects to "The End Of The Line".
- Shortened the extra ball and replay effects during multiball and "The
End Of The Line".
- Fixed the timing of the snake bite sound at the start of the long
version of the extra ball display effect.
- Added more speech for snake lock.
- Added snake talk scripts (ADULT CONTENT and BEEPED) for completing the
guitar pick targets when doing so lights the snake lock during multiball
or during "The End Of The Line". This was implemented, but the scripts
were missing from the snake script table.
- Updated some HSTD initials.
- Crank It Up modes now wait for collect/continue to finish obtaining
user input before terminating. This allows the player to "collect" the
mode points even though the song (mode) has technically ended.
- Changed the Crank It Up default collect/continue relight difficulty
from EASY to HARD. This requires the player to re-collect the Cross,
Electric Chair, Coffin, and Snake to relight collect/continue during
the Crank It Up mode.
- Some work on The End of the Line:
- Starts as a 2-ball multiball.
- The music does not start until the mode start animation has
finished playing.
- Removed the timer. The mode will continue running during single
ball play.
- Added mystery award for single ball play. This awards the first
available shot from left to right (even if that shot is the super
- If the mode is played through until the song ends at 7:51, the
flippers are turned off and the balls are collected.
- The first part of the rule has been changed from all 6 shots lit
to light the super jackpot to 1 shot lit to light the first super
jackpot, 2 shots lit to light the second super jackpot, etc. up
to a maximum of all 6 shots lit to light the sixth super jackpot.
If an unlit shot is made during this stage, that shot will light
to advance to the next stage (super jackpot).
- Removed "failed" super jackpot award display effect and moved it
to "ended". (This is the animation of the car not making the jump
and crashing at the bottom of the canyon.)
- Removed the failed shots from the second stage (super jackpot).
There is now only one shot available during this stage (the super
jackpot); it moves around randomly.
- Removed some audits (super jackpot failed, completed). The mode
cannot be completed, it can only be played until the song ends.
- Added jackpot speech.
- Added super jackpot lit speech.
- Added instructions to the start display effect.
- Added instructions/status to the background display effect.
- Changed the scoring for the super jackpot. The first super
jackpot awards the total points scored during the first Crank
It Up mode played. The second super jackpot awards the total
points scored during the first Crank It Up mode played plus
the total points scored during the second Crank It Up mode
played, ... etc.
- Corrected the mode tune. The full song is now played from the
beginning, and it ends in silence.
- A ball is added when lighting the super jackpot and for scoring the
super jackpot, always.
- Added logic to shut down some rules, as this rule is not covered
under the normal multiball handling (it can be single ball play)).
- Added item collects (Cross, Electric Chair, Coffin, Snake) to light
- Added collect/continue so the mode can be ended (it does not end
normally when play goes down to single ball). Collect/continue is
only available during single ball play.
- Snake lock for 2x scoring now allowed.
- Reworked the replay effect so it is more efficient.
- Shortened the replay effect if the replay is awarded during bonus (as
a result of the bonus putting the player over the replay score).
- Inhibited the trailing "free game" speech at the end of the replay
effect if the replay effect is run immediately after bonus.
- Added small explosion sound for completing a pop bumper.
- Broke out right eject kick settings into TIME and POWER. This gives
better resolution/control over the behavior of the kick.
- Added a setting to carry over the fuel lane (piston) awards (lights)
from ball to ball.
- Changed default cross hits from 2 to 1.
- Changed default item requirements for Crank It Up from 15 to 12.
- Fixed a bug in the Blackened mode where the super jackpot light would
stay lit (blinking) after it was collected and no longer available.
- Added a custom sound previewer when changing the MODE COMPLETION SOUND
adjustment so the user can preview the sound before having to try it out
in the game.
- Implemented alternate Crank-It-Up completion sounds. The sound that
is played when "completing" a Crank-It-Up mode is controlled by a new
game-specific adjustment: "CRANK IT UP COMPL. SOUND". The sound that is
played is a new sound that is more appropriate for a Metallica game
(less fanfare-y, more metal-y).
- Game over effects are now killed when entering test mode.
- Fixed a bug in the auto-percentaged extra ball module that would
sometimes set the extra ball values (captive ball hits, combos) to an
out of range value.
- Mystery award text now expedited when the mystery award display effect
is blown off.
- Flipper blowoff for mystery locks the last frame so the player can see
the award.
- Score type changed from 32-bit to 64-bit.
- Updated to new game versioning scheme.
- "The End Of The Line" mode background lamps now higher than BLACKENED
- Fuel mode start was also scoring the first letter of "FUEL" for
lighting double scoring during "FUEL". This has been corrected.
- If all piston lights are blinking and the fuel lane target is hit
then the score value is doubled.
- Changed fuel lane scoring. Changed fuel lane "blown pistons" so a
blown piston is awarded for each light that is lit instead of only
awarding one blown piston for any number of lights lit.
- Increased the priority of the fuel lane target hit display effect
so the extra ball lit display effect would not cut it off.
- The three lights by the fuel lane are now reset when the blown pistons
are collected.
- Fixed an issue with the skill shot where the 2x right lane award was
not being re-enabled on short plunges.
- Fixed an issue where fading the music volume would cause the music
to cut out entirely (bonus, game over).
- Snake multiball background display effect was not showing the correct
shot value when the super jackpots were lit. This has been corrected.
- Lowered the score for the snake multiball super jackpot.

#14810 1 year ago

Updated and briefly fiddled with some of the new features. I like some of the new ease of play and while the 1 hit cross makes more sense to guest, I can see this one being an easy multiball now. I cant play mine until my wire form is painted and by then I think my new rings will be here and I'll have to do that as well. I so excited they put this update out but of course it's the week where my game is out of commission.

#14818 1 year ago

I have some good news and some "bad" news about the update.
Since I already have my met opened up I decided to cheat my way through some modes and get to end of the line.
The good news,
After achieving (not completing) End of the Line, the song is selectable from launch. I turn off the pin and disconnected power. I was worried it was a running reward. It stay as an option indefinitely.
The bad news,
ColorDMD WILL need a patch. Most animations and text are intact......until you reach end of the line. The text prompts aren't coloured, the scoring has weird colour issues and the animations have errors.
Other than a needed color dmd update, all seems well. Great update

#14897 1 year ago

I'm waiting on an order of purple titans. If I dont like the way the feel I can get black rubber locally anyway. I did a bit of research first and "superbands suck" was a common theme in the threads.

#14916 1 year ago
Quoted from RobF:

I bought a rising cross parts kit from Marco and was planning on adding it to my TLS install. What I was told by redshift was that there was some kind of hardware redesign that he needed to implement. That was a few months ago. I have since decided to create my own standalone rising cross mod (not requiring total light show) and have a working prototype. I should have it done by the end of the year.
Anybody interested can PM me directly. Also if anybody is looking to buy a Stern rising cross kit (https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/511-7471-00) can also PM me.

I'd be interested in a rising cross with no lightshow. I'll be keeping an eye out for this.

1 week later
#15028 1 year ago

Finally got my snake wire form back from being powdercoated. Looks great. Green with just a touch of gold sparkle for shine (i went with a pretty dull green to match the snake) Now i just need these darn Titan rings to show up so i can put this all back together and finally try the new code out. 1.8 came out the same day I took my machine apart. Bad luck

#15029 1 year ago

Of course picture never do justice but I had some people ask to see it when it was done. I'll post pics again once its installed.
*I just noticed these picture make it look weird. The finish is smooth as silk. I think the sparkles give the picture a look of messy paint. Looks great in person.

20181205_160803 (resized).jpg20181205_160808 (resized).jpg20181205_160928 (resized).jpg

#15031 1 year ago

Yay, Titans showed up today. Here are a few pics of the snake. I'm really happy with it. Cost me $80 cdn. Well worth it.
Just waiting on my Cemetery arch and I think I'm finally about done modding this one. Metallica is far too mod-able. More so than any other pin I can think of. It's easy to go down a hole of modding on this one but I love this game and dont plan on selling it so I dont care about the money I dump into it. It's my personalized pin and I love it

20181205_222908 (resized).jpg20181205_222918 (resized).jpg20181205_222937 (resized).jpg

#15035 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

The snake mod is great. Your rear section is not sitting flush on top of the ramp though like it should, is it warped or not tightened down all the way?

My snake doesnt fit the ramp exactly right. The screw hole in the back doesnt come close to lining up so it only has the 2 screw on the ends. I mentioned this issue when I recieved it but was basically told they are made through a 3rd party and hes not making them any more so I should feel lucky. The gap is negligible from eye level though. The camera is right in there

#15037 1 year ago

Just pick the purple you like most

1 week later
#15142 12 months ago

Could someone advise me as to a good location to tap some power? I jimmied up some nice speaker lights. 12v strip. I usually just tied into a gi or flasher bit the gi barely lights the strips. Where is a good spot to get steady 12v power. Not a flasher. I've been fiddling around the coin door but I'm no electrician. Thanks

#15151 12 months ago

I've finally finished modding my Metallica to the way I like (hopefully)
I posted a video to YouTube.
Lots done on this one.
Color DMD
Speaker lights
Sparky EL +airball protector
Snake tongue, teeth, light, 3d body and
powdercoat wireform
Cemetary arch
Pinnovator board
Lighting mods and additions
Guitar picks
Roll over mirror

#15154 12 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

All those mods and no hemi creeping death?!


Edit. I just googled what you were talking about. I dont like those. They seem like an eye sore. They work like pin stadium lighting, right? I find the game is lit well enough. I prefer to play in a semi lit room anyway. Mood lighting so to speak

#15156 12 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

The effect when they light up the side blades is friggin awesome. I thought the same thing until I saw it in person. It rivals the colordmd as best met mod.

Is it UV lightning or just added GI?

#15160 12 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

It's strips of UV LEDs

Yeah that's cool. Those rails would drive me insane though.

#15162 12 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I really thought the same thing. I swear i don't even see them anymore
If you were a few thousand miles closer, I'd make you play mine and you'd love the mod!

It wouldn't accommodate the cemetary arch anyway.

#15169 12 months ago

I have a dumb question.
I've never changed a plunger rubber before.
Should it just slip off with some force or is there a trick? I tried to pull it off(I even tried some pliers briefly. I dont want to force it if I am mistaken. It's certainly on there good and snug.
(Its not mushroomed or anything. It's only half a year old. I have a purple titan to put on instead

#15171 12 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

1. Don't fix what aint broken
2. You can't see it.
3. See point # 1.

1. Yeah, the modding industry is really suffering......
2. Yes, you can
3. Did you have a point?

Does anyone have any advice that's actually relevant to my question and not an opinion?

#15174 12 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I used some needle nose plyers and grabbed the tip where it's not hugging the rod. It will come off.

Thanks. With the amount of resistance it was giving me, I decided it best to check I wasnt doing something wrong. Just reef on it eh?

#15188 11 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Me too. Both great options it sounds like. I really like my old lightning blades intensity, plus gives another layer of matching artwork.
Knowing now how the rollover Lanes work has changed so much on how I'm playing the game. Glad I asked and now realize all the rollovers are connected towards the mystery award. Thanks again.

Just incase you do t already know. Every time you collect them all (without collecting at the scoop) the value will increase by one level. Mystery goes up one level for every complete set. The higher the level the better the award.....usually. (hate watching pass extra ball to give me points)

#15235 11 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I'm contemplating a glass off Bonanza just to unlock the song..... Oh, for shame!

1.8 day one. Set it to 5 ball. Drain every ciu and get them all in a few minutes. Go back to 3 ball. Reset all scores and you have a brand new 1.8 with an extra song. No skills necessary

#15266 11 months ago
Quoted from bsobie:

I’m messing around with subs now..... have been for a couple weeks.... the Polk psw108 or psw10 are a perfect match for pins. When a sub is hooked up, especially to Metallica, the gameplay is in a whole new realm.

I have psw10's on my Metallica and Iron Maiden. Perfect size/quality/price point

#15275 11 months ago
Quoted from Koos:

Get Flipper Fidelity with the big sub speakers! Sounds great! And does’t exaggerate the lows as much as an external sub. And with the extra volume control you can nicely balance the lows without shaking the house.

Flipper fidelity makes a minimal improvement. The external sub is most noticeable.
Also flipper fidelity is expensive and a good sub can be found cheaply. Boxing day is coming up

#15303 11 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Default only coffin can bring in other MBs. Need to start coffin first though. Then you can do snake cross or sparky.

I believe you can activate snake/coffin/cross multi while in another of those. Sparky never stacks but I have definitely had snake and cross at the same time

#15336 11 months ago

Since 1.8 update my songs will go silent for a second or two between balls. It never did this before. It just went right back into the song at whatever checkpoint in the song had been reached. Anyone else or just me? Its not like it's a big deal but I dont like the way it "transitions" now

#15346 11 months ago

I've seen lots of gameplay questions lately. These guys do a good basic explanation of 1.8 rules. It's a good watch for new owners or those visual learners out there (like myself) who learn the rules better by watching than by reading.
Bro do you even pinball Metallica 1.8

#15372 11 months ago
Quoted from mcuzz:

I play in a league, the rules for an Extra ball are 1 flip.
I do not use extra balls at all.
3 balls per game, 5 for EM's
Extra balls are played only by non pinhead guests.

Same rules in my league but at home I play the shit out of those extra balls. I suck and I need them

20181229_195451 (resized).jpg
#15378 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The older Met runs used bulbs, but the LED runs use all LED boards only.

Not all of them apparantly. My pro has a production date of Feb 27/18 and just has led bulbs.
I just used some flex bulbs for the fuel gauge.

20181230_095357 (resized).jpg

Screenshot_20181230-095718_Gallery (resized).jpg
#15380 11 months ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

No, the LED Pros use the same bulb sockets as before, just with standard LEDs installed. The LED boards are only on Prem/LE versions.

That clears things up. Thanks

#15382 11 months ago

I'm fortunate to have a pinball store near me. I made lots of trips back and forth when swapping out lights. If you have to order them online, I'd wait until you can get inside the game and make a proper list of what you will need to do what youre after.
Bulb types are kind of mixed throughout
*if you plan on changing the crank it up lights you will need the lens mod. I tried just putting coloured LEDs first. It looked horrible.

2 weeks later
#15499 10 months ago
Quoted from bsobie:

We have a Metallica Pro with mirror blades. As you are playing you can see several of the lights through the blades... which is normal, of coarse. But, it’s like staring into a 100 watt light bulb. My eyes hurt when I’m done playing. I really like the mirror blades so I don’t want to get rid of them but have been thinking of swapping out some of these bulbs with either frosted ones or some that are not as bright. When I look at different sites with bulbs I’m lost. What’s a good brand to go with? Is one better than the other? Thank You for your thoughts, input, and direction...

All of my gi is frosted and the two spots that really bugged me (left just above fuel targets and down by the left outlane) I put some flex in there and face them away from me. So much better

1 week later
#15536 10 months ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Ha! Yeah, not exactly the most rock and roll shirt to pick, hahaha, I agree...just wanted something bright to stand out under the lights at the show. To that end, Lars made eye contact with me at the end of the show, nodded and then threw me a drumstick...and, glad I didn't fumble...caught it!!!
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Man,.....and here I was all excited to get a pick at the Toronto show and two more at the Buffalo show. I added mine to the pin along with some other picks id grabbed at a local music store.
Sticky tack is great stuff.

20190124_172608 (resized).jpg
#15569 10 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Uh, 'tis a gavel, bruh'.
Have you ever thought much about the "hammer" on the MET Premium playfield? I think John Borg is a bit of a twit. He put a gavel (inspired by the album art from AJFA) on the playfield but insisted on calling it a hammer. Collectors who buy the game don't know any better. I s'pose the gavel is less badass than a hammer, so no one at Stern or their publicity team was all that motivated to call a spade a spade. I mean, look at it. It ain't no hammer. It's a gavel. If you accept that it's a gavel, the layout becomes more "judicial" and less - I don't know, destructive? As I say, less badass. A gavel is struck against a wooden disc, typically, to command instant attention, to restore order in a courtroom, to finalize a ruling, etc. But what is MET's gavel actually doing? Is it calling the proceedings to order? Is it emphasizing a proclamation? Well, no: it's coming down to crush a pinball. Makes perfect sense. Good job, John Borg.
If it's still not obvious, you might consult Pushead's own gavel image that grace's AJFA's LP sleeve. If Stern didn't pay Mr. Pushead royalties for this gavel idea, they should count themselves lucky. Good job, Gary Stern.
[quoted image]

I feel like you answered your own question. It's not hitting wood or bring court to order. Its bashing balls. It's a hammer.
Either way, I have a pro. No hammer.
Edit: Borg is awesome
Screenshot_20190127-050928_Google (resized).jpg

#15589 10 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Kill em all, sadly, is not on the pin, AJFA is, thus the gavel/hammer.

Not represented enough but it is totally in there.

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Quoted from j_m_:

can anyone using a colordmd and running the 1.80 code supply any instances of frames not being colored? I've held off updating my code because of what I thought I read when 1.80 originally dropped but I'm not seeing anyone post anything lately, so was it just a false alarm?

I think its end of the line but the scene with sparky in a car is wrong. I did a thorough check the week of the update and spotted 3 things tops. I'm not a good enough player to even see them in normal gameplay. The color problems were in lesser used or newer animations.

#15603 10 months ago

I just checked through some old notes.
At End of the line
-the intro where it breaks down your score isnt colorized
-the instructions are colored for some but yellow for most.
-the car scene has some errors
That's all I've spotted though.
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#15619 10 months ago

I think I'm going to have the very last playfield off the line.
My pro playfield has 2 ghosted inserts (less than one year old HUO) I contacted Stern and they are sending me a new replacement playfield. I asked my distributor for a status update today and was told that the delay is due to Stern having no Metallica playfields left and I'll have to wait for them to make me one.
That being said. I dont think it should be too hard to find a distributor with some NIB stock still. They JUST stopped running them after all. I mean, my distributor has stock NIB Batman 66, Ghostbuster, WWF, Spiderman vault, Game of Thrones, even non vault edition Star Trek still. Just call around

#15621 10 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

A few years ago I sent my Premium playfield back when Stern had no populated Premium playfields. They stripped the parts off my old playfield and rebuilt it on a new blank. The problem with my premium playfield was that it was warped (twisted). I contacted John Borg and he signed my playfield under the apron before it was shipped back to me.

PM sent

I was told I would be getting a populated playfield and some time to swap all my mods over then my distributor will send my old playfield back to stern

#15656 10 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

LOL, because I know how this works.... Met gets awesome purple leg lights.
GB looks so sad without green. SW now needs blue. AFM needs red. Whirlwind needs blue..........

This also applies to art blades, color dmd, colored rubbers and Lays potato chips. Cant stop at one.

#15667 10 months ago
Quoted from ED-209:

Thanks so much for the help and info. I watched several other videos and read a lot of threads. I think what was shying me away from the LCD is I watched a video of it really up close and while it looked good in Hi Def, I wasn’t sold on it, but then I watched another couple of videos that had it at a distance and OMG, yeah I’m sold, so I went ahead and got an LCD, the extra standoff since I’m getting one of the newer LED ones with the metal back box and I also got that stretch gasket (Vireland’s) from the ColorDMD site. I couldn’t believe how fast it shipped, I was thinking it would take a week or so but it’s showing to be here tomorrow, WOW.

Yeah, I know what you mean, it can easily get crazy. I just like to get some mods, protection but don’t want to overload it unless I just really like it. So far I’m getting the below:
-Mantis Scoop Protector (Still might get a Cliffy or two but prefer the hidden protectors).
-Pinbits Protectors (For all the plastics and the extra Sparky airball protector).
-Mezel Mods Fangs & Gel Inserts (Had to have the fangs and figured I’d try out the gel inserts. I would have gotten the other gel insert that has the bracket but Mezel’s, while it’s just gel sheets, came with the green fuel stand up inserts.
-Marcospecialties Mylar (Read a few threads that the Ironman Mylar circles works perfect for both of the magnets (Sparky and Cross).
-ColorDMD LCD (Got the gasket and extra standoffs too. Talk about fate, the day after I ordered it, ColorDMD releases updated code, it’s a sign man LOL).
-Pinball Life Feet, Kickout Protector (Have rubber feet on my others and a lot of recommendations to install this small metal piece on the kickout shooter lane).
Future Mods
-PinGraffix 3D Snake Mod - I think they are going to have an updated version out soon since they are currently sold out.
-External Sub - The Polk one that everyone raves about on Amazon. Keeping an eye to see if\when the price drops. I would love to use this for my MMR and Metallica but I am not sure where it would sit as a lot of pics I’ve seen have it under one machine, but if it is shared between two, do you leave it under one or put it between the two? Any advice is appreciated.
-Mezel Mods Sparky Wires - Still up in the air on this and whether to get the one wire or two, not a must have just yet.
-Shaker Motor - Still up in the air on this as I have one on my MMR and while it’s nice, just not a necessity just yet. If I get it, was going to get Pinball Life’s version but then I saw that service bulletin from Stern that says any use of a non-Stern shaker, voids your warranty, so still pondering this.
- Mirror or Side Blades - Not sure about this as I did try to get some for my MMR but the tolerances on my machine were so tight, one ramp even touches the cabinet, that I ended up returning it rather than trying to install and ruining it. Still not sold on these yet either but maybe eventually.
I think that covers me for mods and I am cut off for a while as my MMR was supposed to be the only pin I got for now but since they stopped making Metallica’s, my amazing, beautiful and awesome wife gave me the blessing

Thanks and it’s on my future mods list.
Thanks again everyone for all the congrats, advice and help. It’s amazing how slow time goes by when waiting for your pin to ship LOL
Take care everyone

The only insert you need is for the ciu mode tree. Everything else is normal lighting you can change on your own
Mezel just send pieces of film you can buy at an art supply store.
I can recommend the cemetery arch mod though. It was a late addition to my game and I really like it.(once i swapped the red light srrip for purple)
F you are going to do the 3d snake you will lose sight of the upper roll overs. $3 car mirrors from the dollar store

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#15682 10 months ago
Quoted from roar:

I love the hammer... spinner and functional snake! If someone would trade me my pro for a premium I'd add some cash to the deal for sure

One of the hammer city pin guys has a premium. Ask him how he feel about a trade. Cant hurt.

#15693 10 months ago
Quoted from woody6092:

Any score or 10M is good in my books!!!! I've had 1M games and that's with nobody home and it's all by myself with NO DISTRACTIONS!

Ok, I am NOT a good pinball player yet but how do you have a 1m game?
I can get that from the first plunge with some luck. Without ever touching the flippers I can get well over 1m in a game.

#15701 10 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

My problem with not getting to the EOTL is that I love the progression of the scoring and lighting effects the farther you get into the mode. Plus James taunts you if you are thinking about cashing out. I need to just get in and out of each CUI, so I can finally reach EOTL. After that, Ill raise the extraball threshold lol. Love this pin!!!

I've owned mine for over 8mo and the best I've done is still only 3 ciu (@1.7 though) I can fairly consistently get 2 now @1.8
I still havent broken even 200,000,000 (so close)

#15705 10 months ago

I looked into getting the metal post but shipping was ridiculous to Canada. I'm also slightly apprehensive to do the post swap because I feel like every other Metallica I play will play differently than mine.
Mine has ridiculous bounce back rates though. I'd say 9/10 bounce back.
Has anyone tried these sleeve tweaks on factory hardware? I'd be happy with a 50/50 ratio.

#15708 10 months ago

Does someone know the best way to reach out to John Borg or Lyman Sheats?
I was told by David at Stern that my pro playfield is indeed being made just for me, making it quite possibly the last pro playfield ever made. I'd like to see if I can get one or both of these geniuses to sign my playfield.

#15710 10 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

That would be cool, good luck!!

I'm not up to date with social media contacts. I dont even have Facebook. I'm a phone guy still lol. But if anyone has advice let me know. If it means getting Twitter or Facebook or something, so be it.

#15715 10 months ago
Quoted from Bcarr:

I tried this tonight and it didn’t even come close to working.

Your orbit, shooter lane or flippers need a tweak. The game is designed to work the way he mentions above. I can get the super skillshot on mine 98% of the time with no effort.
I did at one point have to tweak the leftmost part of the orbit. I started having balls knick the left sling on the way down. 1min fix, 1 time.

#15716 10 months ago

Just launch a ton of balls while watching them closely to see is the are getting jostled around somewhere

#15717 10 months ago

If the machine needs to clear a ball out of the shooter lane, even my auto plunge makes the super.
(Like if there was a ball in the lane during power up. Itll fire the ball, make the super, then kick it out before I can start a game)

#15720 10 months ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Is it really a Super Skill shot if all you're doing is plunging the ball hard? Seems like you're just exploiting the shot and code then making tweaks to the pin when the shot no longer works.

I didnt design the game. Watch a video of Borg playing. You are supposed to be able to dead flip the scoop.
The reason I had to tweak my game was because at one point it started to go sdtm on skill shot attempts because it was knicking the left sling.
(So slightly it wasnt even triggering)

#15721 10 months ago

If I want a real super skill shot I have iron maiden. That's some hard shooting there

#15725 10 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Mostly because the plunger sucks balls.
My manual plunge has quit sending it around the upper loop.

I've heard this alot. So far I've been lucky with both manual and auto plunge. Fingers crossed

#15726 10 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

The real super skill shot is actually hitting the flashing insert which not only gives you the score but also makes that shot ready for the hurry up. It auto lights cross, snake, chair and coffin inserts for that shot without having to hit those items

Skillshot 1 upper rollovers (wasteful)
Skillshot 2 mystery scoop (easy and lucrative)
Skillshot 3 lit lane (varies in difficulty and lucrative)
I only really go for skillshot 3 if it lands on the right side of the playfield.

#15727 10 months ago

None of my friends will give a crap so I'm venting my excitement here....
John Borg and Lyman F Sheats Jr are signing a translite for me!!!!!!
I contacted Stern to see if they could sign my playfield as it will possibly be the last one ever made. I was told a translite would be much easier for them so they are sending me one free of charge. Now the question becomes, do I put it in the game or frame that sucker?

#15733 10 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Plunging the upper rollovers with the left flipper held down gives the most points I believe...
And for Skillshot 3, my fav is the gravestone lane, drop catching off the orbit can be tough but it is the lane I always go to clear out first.

I seem to end up collection that one first as well but it is my least favorite to collect. I can hit ramps and orbits all day but as more crosses drop, that shot becomes more difficult.

#15739 10 months ago
Quoted from Sparky:

This one was just added to my Pinside shop, and it should be available at Mezelmods in the next day or two. Munsters will be added by next week.
If you're looking for a less expensive option, my toppers are $125 and if you want lighting, the kits are sold separately (or you could do your own)[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I'm not a topper guy bit I like yours. Good job. I'd get one but my OCD will get mad if Metallica is the only game wearing a hat

#15770 9 months ago
Quoted from Sixmillion:

Changing the G.I. Bulbs
I want to change some of the G.I. Bulbs in my met pro led version, 2018 model. I find some of the bulbs over blinding. Especially on the left side in the orange area.
I have no experience at this so I am looking for some assistance. Some questions:
1) are the g.i. bulbs changed out from above the play field? If above it seems a lot of plastics have to be removed. Or under play field?
2) comet pinball sell frosted bulbs, anyone try frosted bulbs? They have this "sunlight" bulb but would that be too dull in the frosted version?
3) it looks like the majority of the bulbs on my machine are wedge type, except the slings are bayonet type. What type are in the backboard behind Sparky?
I am going to try to color match the orange plastics with frosted orange bulbs, my only concern is will they be bright enough under the plastics?
Any help would be appreciated.

Buy a couple flex bulbs in your order to try in various places. I used 2 in the left area you mentioned and just point them away from the player

#15773 9 months ago

Could someone explain this aspect of multiball better for me please.
I just had a really good game. I was getting multiball after multiball but I'm confused about some parts.
I was on ball 3.
I completed a grave MB and a snake mb on this ball.
I had sparky lit up for 2nd mb but activated coffin mb first.
I then hit sparky during coffin and got the "hey kid, I'm not sure if...." but no electrocution.
When I was down to my last ball everything went back to normal play/music track (it had been playing coffin track) but sparky was flashing again for mb.
I hit sparky this time and got nothing but a reset back down to the first light with no mb.
Then I drained for a game over.
What was going on there? I dont usually get so many mb on 1 ball so I'm not sure what happened exactly. Thanks

#15780 9 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

Was this right after ending the MB? Could have been sparky jackpot still lit in the short grace period after MB concluded.

I dont feel like I drained quite that fast but it is definitely a possibility I hadn't considered.

#15781 9 months ago
Quoted from roar:

All MB’s have a one add-a-ball available to it by making all 4 pick targets during MB and then shooting the snake, this turns snake and graveyard into 3 ball MB’s and Sparky into a 4 ball and also starts a 2X scoring... combine that while running Fuel on Sparky MB and get the awesome Super Jackpot callout!

Oh, I'm aware. I get so mad if I dont add to the 2 ball multiballs.

#15789 9 months ago
Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

because it comes with an installation kit.

This gave me a good laugh.

Even with the "installation kit", it's just a big ugly belt buckle on a otherwise beautiful game. What's the opposite of lipstick on a pig? You're looking at it.

#15790 9 months ago

It's not even an official Metallica product. That logo is not done well. The M and A are the most obvious but then whole thing is wonky looking

Screenshot_20190216-204859_Google (resized).jpg

Screenshot_20190216-205153_Chrome (resized).jpg
#15795 9 months ago

I havent opened it up yet but I went from everything being fine Friday night to last night the Snake doesnt detect or eject until ball search kicks in. I'm assuming/hoping I just need to realign the opto but I'm no pro. Its just a bit weird to go from working to not working over night while turned off. Any advance tips before I get in there tomorrow? Thanks.

#15796 9 months ago

Could someone post a pic of the snake switch. Mine looks like it may be bent. Cheers

#15809 9 months ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

I know there were a few people in this thread with the same issue, but did anyone with the pingraffix light up gamebladez that were triggering sparky figure out a fix? Joe sent me a new box, then stopped responding to my emails for the last two weeks. I have zero other mods.

I went through 3 units. In the end I sent all but the one ser of blades back to Joe and he refunded my money. I have them installed as normal blades but it erks me constantly that they dont function.

#15810 9 months ago

He never refunded the shipping costs but he was a good guy about the whole thing. I just order normal blades now

#15813 9 months ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

I don't know if he saw this or what, but he finally emailed back saying to send them back. Sucks as I really think they look awesome, but having them trigger sparky all the time sucks. Guess that's better than nothing.

Stern is sending me a new playfield because mine has some ghosting. I wish I still had the unit. It would have been interesting to see if it also has issues. Not interested enough to go through that whole debacle again but I'm definitely curious. Joe said its been maybe half a dozen machines tops that have had the issue.

#15826 9 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Enjoy it Maken... LOTR is sitting in the garage waiting for someone to get home from work to help me get it into the basement! The Ride The Lightning was installed when I got it... maybe when it was first released the decals were only on one side of them? Or whoever installed them put them on the wrong side? I never noticed.

I'm free

#15831 9 months ago

Pinnovators sub kit and a poll psw10. Best bang for your buck. Inexpensive and sounds great.