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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

8 years ago

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#5449 5 years ago

Help me out guys, on the fence deciding Premium or Pro , is there a big difference?
What about the big hammer blocking your view?
Let me know your personal preference and why.

#5455 5 years ago

I have only played the pro, and never even seen a premium or LE.
Sounds likes a big difference, I know I could look at the spec sheet to compare but that's nowhere as good as hearing from the players/ owners.

#5459 5 years ago

Sounds like everyone so far agrees that the upgrades are worth it in this , pro vs premium , case.

#5462 5 years ago

Does the premium have powder coated armor?

#5466 5 years ago

Thanks for the input guys, not sure what I will do.

#5476 5 years ago

Ya the premium is very tempting, watched some video of game play with the Hammer, looks really cool actually.
Is it common place for the hammer to not work often, and what is the fix if so?

#5508 5 years ago

Im trying to figure out if anyone would say that Metallica Premium is similiar to ST premium , game play and shots.

#5511 5 years ago

I'm not saying that they do, I'm trying to find out ..I have never played Metallica Premium and thought maybe the ramps and sparky shots might feel similar to ramps and vengeance shots.

#5516 5 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Almost opposite.
Vengence shot = a bit challenging. Not hard but not an easy shot.
Sparky = Wide open and pretty easy to hit
ST ramps = Hard to miss unless you are just off with your aim that game.
MET Ramps = Pretty tight and frustrating as hell to try and repeat.

This helps alot, good to know .
I do need to just go play one I suppose.

#5539 5 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

If you ever drive up north a bit to Mesa, you can come play my premium.

Thanks Jeff, I may take u up on that .

2 months later
#6625 5 years ago

I had the chance to finally play a Metallica Premium yesterday, thanks Gribbs, I noticed whenever I shot the left orbit it would hit the post at the top and come back down the lane and never had the ball go around or even get to the top.lanes from the left orbit , is that normal ?

#6627 5 years ago

Ok so thats why people arr talking about changing the post to this metal one. Not sure why metal is any better ,sounds like an alignment issue.

#6628 5 years ago

Another thought
Does the post ever stay down to shoot a smooth left orbit ?

#6631 5 years ago

Ok thanks guys,
Now help me out , pro or premium ?
All opinions welcome , seriously help me out .

#6636 5 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Premium. The Hammer smashing the ball through the playfield, combined with an external sub is epic. Rising cross and snake interaction are awesome too.

Ya I know played premium yesterday with sub.
It was very cool, also the spinners were thumping the sub as well.

Quoted from Buzz:

You can't go wrong with either.

This to , agree

#6674 5 years ago

Can someone educate me about the issue with opening the coin door with the power on causing sparky to lock on? Or something like this.
Is this an issue with all current and past machines? Or is there a particular lot of machines that this is a concern?

#6676 5 years ago

What about the machines with the old style wood back box?

#6678 5 years ago

Is there a way to check without blowing up Sparky?

#6683 5 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Can someone educate me about the issue with opening the coin door with the power on causing sparky to lock on? Or something like this.
Is this an issue with all current and past machines? Or is there a particular lot of machines that this is a concern?

So let's say I'm playing the game and decide I want to turn the volume up, which i always do. Open the coin door , with the power on . Is this a concern, I mean how do you adjust the volume or go through the game settings and menu if this is a potential problem? Can't do any of that withot the power on and the coin door open. Right ?

#6685 5 years ago

I'm considering buying a Met pro, manufactured early to mid 2014 old style back box. Does this fall into the questionable time frame, although it is refinery edition. I'm just concerned before I make a deal.

1 week later
#6812 5 years ago

I could not be any more excited, I have resigned my position and left the U.S.S Enterprise behind, and joined the ranks of the Metallica Crew. I hope you guys approve.




#6821 5 years ago

Where can I find the colored gel inserts?

#6824 5 years ago

Thanks guys

#6828 5 years ago

So I'm guessing that the spike leds look much better than the gel inserts ?
The inserts look weak and dull , maybe I'm wrong anyone have pics of either?

#6842 5 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

No need as the pro doesn't use light boards. It uses the standard bulb sockets so it's much easier for you to make changes.

It does appear that I can easily change the color of the leds bulbs. All I would like to do is change the white leds on the cross, chair , coffin ,snake, and the fuel inserts.
Any bulb & color recommendations for these inserts .

#6872 5 years ago
Quoted from HankScorpio:

I tried colored bulbs at first and I didn't like the hot spots they created.
Buy these in 4 different colors and mount them underneath to a piece of plexiglass. The cheapest mod that makes a huge difference.


Looks great I will need to come over and look at that.
On a side note , not sure what to call it, one of the led brackets that holds the led and has the wires running through the back that twist into place, in the first picture has a broken clip and does not snap in like it should .
Where can I get another one of those ?
Sorry if thats totally confusing...

#6873 5 years ago

This pic


#6879 5 years ago

Ya thanks guys this looks just like what I need
Can anyone confirm if I need it with the diode or not, im.thinking I do .

#6944 5 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Another broken target, but on the flipside, I have moved some functional art into the play area..


Dude is that A Yamaha Banshee ??

#6960 5 years ago

Would you guys with the pinball refinery sound activated speaker lights and back cabinet lights recommend them?
They look very cool but hard to tell in the videos.
Is the install easy?

2 weeks later
#7091 5 years ago

Help me out folks,
I have a pretty good buzz coming from my right flipper , never been there before. It's an original pro 2013.
What should I look at , adjust or replace ?

#7094 5 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

You can try tightening the coil stop.

Thanks Sunking

#7098 5 years ago

Thanks everyone for the input, I will give it a go later today.
Although it is more than standard stern flipper buzz.

1 month later
#7308 4 years ago

Anyone have a fluorescent green fuel plastic pro they didn't use.
I would be happy to $ for it .
Let me know .

4 weeks later
#7787 4 years ago

If it's for sale I could take it .

#7863 4 years ago
Quoted from Buzz:

Where is a good place to get Mylar by the sheet?

$2 a foot

#7930 4 years ago

Just put the 2.5" on mine yesterday, titan,
The 2 inch are to small and will break after a few months playing . Ironically my last game I played before vacation the right one split and when I got home the left had split as well, weird or consistent .

2 weeks later
#8048 4 years ago

I don't know about everyone else, but I just realized that you can disable the orbit diverter post. Holy crap what a difference. The game plays 3x as fast, it's like figuring out that the parking brake has been on for 6 months.

#8050 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

The problem with this is that you are missing out on a ton of pop bumper hits. The rules are specifically designed with the orbit post in mind.

Good to know , but it sure is fun wingin' that ball around .

1 week later
#8144 4 years ago

What color leds, 6, are you guys using at the top back of the cab above sparky ?

#8153 4 years ago

Pro has a captive ball, premium has a metal block with the hammer physical coffin lock under the playfield.

2 weeks later
#8461 4 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

I have about 3 sparky air ball plastics left. I probably wont be making any more. So when these are gone they are gone. $5 via paypal friends and family gets ya one shipped as long as you have a USPS address. International is just too expensive shipping sorry. Pm me if interested.

PM sent

#8469 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Looks very good. I would suggest removing the spot lights mounted on the slings. The game opens up and looks so much better without them. And thanks for reminding me that my Sparky magnet looks even worse than yours. I need to take care of that!

Wait , what , do you guys remove the spots over the slings, im.open minded let me know why again?

2 months later
#8848 4 years ago
Quoted from FlipperMagician:

Quoting myself for reference here since it's been so long, still wonder what ever happened to this machine.. Anyway as most are already aware, Stern is finally building more Metallica Premium so good news for me and others that want to pick one up.
My replacement is shipping today! Should be officially in the club next week, I wonder how thick the layer of dust is on the colorDMD I bought 5 months ago?

So did that first machine really just vanish ?
No tracking number ?

#8850 4 years ago

Wow ! That is unbelievable, poof gone .

1 month later
#9155 4 years ago

I never updated to the latest code update about 6 months ago.
How is it ?

#9159 4 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

It is the best.
V1.7 - June 19, 2016
- Timed modes (Blackened, Coffin Hurry-Up, Fuel, Lady Justice, Seek &
Destroy) were not being paused when the Crank It Up mode select was
active. This has been corrected.
- Changed combo scoring so 3+-way combos increase in value much more
- Fuel lane now awards 1 blown piston for each lit light, instead of
1 blown piston for all three lit lights.
- Added speech to the "Enter Sandman" and the "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
- Synced knocker to run with replay/special effects.
- Added speech for chair guy fry ready (electric chair multiball).
- Added a speech call for snake lock lit.
- Fixed player up effects so they wait for speech.
- For whom the bell tolls mode was not displaying the score correctly.
This has been corrected.
- Added mystery awards for the "Crank It Up" modes:
Battery -
Awards 1 sparky hit.
Lights all shots at level 2 (blinking).
Increases the sparky value.
Increases the shot values.
Enter Sandman -
Awards the first blinking shot from left to right.
Lights 1 additional item.
Increases the shot values.
Fade To Black -
Awards the blinking shot.
Requires 2 fewer switch hits to achieve the next fade level,
to a minimum of 5 switch hits per level.
Increases the shot values.
For Whom The Bell Tolls -
Awards the first blinking shot from left to right.
Lights all shots to complete an entire column (1 time).
Increases the shot values.
There is no advantage to increasing the mystery level before collecting
the award; the award will not improve.
- Cross/electric chair/coffin/snake super skill shots now award +1
of the item towards bonus/crank it up/end of the line bonus for each
regular skill shot made.
- Fixed a problem with the bonus where stopping the bonus presentation using the
flipper buttons would leave one of the item flasher effects (cross,
electric chair, coffin, snake) running.
- Some switches would be flagged with an error in the tech alert when
they should not have been. The list of offending switches are:
DIP #1 - #8
- Added bonus for all items collected at the start of "The End Of The
Line". Added speech and sound effects.
- Added a lamp effect for coffin hurry-up start.
- Added alternate speech for fuel mode start.
- Removed "casket" text from coffin multiball start effect.
- Fixed an issue where the music was not quiet immediately after the player
selected a mode for "Crank It Up".
- Added super jackpot stage to snake multiball. After collecting 3
(adjustable) snake combo jackpots, all shots are lit for super jackpot
until the end of the multiball. Playfield shots disappear when
collected, and reappear when all have been collected or the snake
eject is scored.
- Added speech for HSTD enter initials timeout.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the device driver for the magnets to ignore
the "disabled" adjustment.
- Fixed the player up display effect so it does not end with blank text.
- Fixed stray (bad) pixels in the BATTERY mode intro art.
- Combos were not clearing a counter properly, which caused incorrect
combo values to carry over to other players. This has been corrected.

Guess it's time to upgrade

2 weeks later
#9439 4 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Where do you guys buy your Mylar rolls from? I would like to mylar the sparky area. Thanks!

Guys mylar is great for certain spots, but use this removable mylar, it's not vinyl cling , durable like mylar but with no residue or glue left behind when removed

amazon.com link »

#9444 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

What is the advantage of this vs. cling vinyl? Is it thinner or more durable?

It's much more durable , imo, and cling vinyl has a tendency to roll up / come up when the ball moves over it . Just another option I like .

#9449 4 years ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

I use the screen protectors that are designed for mobile phones and tablets. No residue, completely clear, hard wearing and most importantly dirt cheap.
Have never had any of them start lifting, I've had to point out exactly where I've placed them to people as they just can't see it. I'd take a photo - but there's no point

The removable mylarr is probably a third as thick as a screen protector maybe more .

#9465 4 years ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

I was installing the pinbits plastic protectors on the slings. Do you take off those big plastic washers and not use them? There was 3 of them.

Yes ,
It also allows the the nut on top to grab the threads of the post .

#9477 4 years ago

Driver took it home
How the hell do you loose a refrigerator size box that has already been confirmed for delivery ?
Unbelievable !

#9478 4 years ago

Damn beat me to it ...

#9480 4 years ago

Kind of but not really..

Sorry man

#9484 4 years ago

download (resized).jpg

1 month later
#10372 4 years ago

Would installing new songs via flash drive be the same process as installing new code ?
Does it also reset scores and game settings ?

#10376 4 years ago

I'm not sure if anyone has discussed it previously, but what is your highest score on any one particular CIU mode ?

#10387 4 years ago

Man those are some great scores on CIU
Here my best ...

20170325_141431 (resized).jpg

20170325_141426 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#10444 4 years ago

When sparky , or James starts counting down from 10 usually in multi ball what in the heck am I supposed to shoot for ?

#10447 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballNewb:

Sounds like when the ball is being held by the grave magnet and the timer to knock it off for super jackpot.

Most likely the case yesterday, thanks !

Quoted from jawjaw:Maybe Seek and Destroy. You are supposed to hit the flashing shot and then captive ball before time runs out.

Good to know .

#10459 4 years ago

Yesterday I noticed some brass dust in my cabinet pretty much under the right flipper .
I'm Guessing it's from the flipper mech ?
Is there something I should replace or adjust or clean ???

#10461 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Correct. It's the coil stop. Stock up if you have a lot of sterns:


#10514 4 years ago

In the last 5 days I have had the GC score change 3 times by friends who have stopped by to play .
It's cool to see others initials on the board and remember the good games .

#10516 4 years ago
Quoted from DatNoobAdam:

How high is your GC? I'm sure it's way way higher than this 2 day old machine lol

Installed new code last week , so my guests feel pretty good when they leave , for now .

1 month later
#10818 4 years ago

To hold the spot lights in,

I just use a wrap of electrical , black , tape around the led base.
Lift the wires on the bulb do a nice tight wrap, then bend the wires back into position ,
Good to go.

#10822 4 years ago
Quoted from Kawydud:

Has anyone seen the holders Stern is using on the new games for the spot lights? There is a piece of wire that clips on the bulb and goes to the back that keeps the bulb in place. Pretty neat clip.

My GB has them.

4 months later
#11668 3 years ago
Quoted from EEE:

Stern came through with a warranty replacement Sparky assembly.
Pretty quick!! Good customer service in my opinion.

Good to see !

#11699 3 years ago

I usually have to dispatch at least 2 or 3 rattlesnakes a year from my yard or property .
No Kidding !

#11717 3 years ago
Quoted from embryon:

A quick tech tip needed. I've been asked to remove and reseat a connector on the back box. I am struggling to remove it. Is there an easy way to remove these? I see both ends have like an interlocking part to stop the connector from falling off. To date I need to use brute force to get one of these guys off

I think you just need to push connector together then pinch in the lock stops and then easily slide apart .

4 weeks later
#11904 3 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

It's Christopher Cross douchebag. Air Supply on ACDC. So ride like the wind on outta my bidness.

Christopher Cross was my Neighbor growing up, no kidding .
Ride like the Wind
The afternoon I met Michael McDonald over the back wall was pretty cool .

1 month later
#12214 3 years ago
Quoted from EEE:

Does anyone have a source for the transluscent apron inserts on a premium/le? I need one of each.

Maybe if you call Chas at stern he could "find" you a couple .

1 week later
#12240 3 years ago

Does.any one have a pic of the Laserrific topper . I can't find anything.
Pic or Video would be great..

#12245 3 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Does.any one have a pic of the Laserrific topper . I can't find anything.
Pic or Video would be great..

Nobody has picture of their Laserrific Topper...

#12247 3 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

The website don't show that they make one. Have you seen one before?

No , I haven't seen one, web site doesn't show it and can't find a video on YouTube .
I am thinking of buying one but not until I see one lit up.

#12249 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Is this it? I found these on google images.

Nope ...
I would think something for sale would be "easy" to find & buy. That one is made by tilt topper

#12256 3 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

Here is mine. Don’t see one’s like this all that often. Goes great with my premium with purple armor.

Quoted from Apollyon:

There is a slightly different version. More redish. Goes great with the LE.

Thanks Guys ,
Those look great .

#12260 3 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

I'm not sure those are available anymore. I had heard that the manufacturer had got a C & D order because they say Metallica, that's why I was asking if the toppers actually say Metallica on them.
Maybe my info was wrong or they got the C & D worked out? I'm not a topper guy but I think both of those look awesome.

Melissa at Cointaker has told me she has them available , not sure which one though and maybe that is why we can't find anything on the net ...???

#12298 3 years ago

My bad ,
Figured out my mistake thanks Pin Guy

#12302 3 years ago

Thanks Pin Guy ,
After calming down Looks like I need to re use that original ribion cable .
Not sure why they would include new short one .

#12305 3 years ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

Glad you got her working, sucks to spend that much on a mod and not get to use it right away.
I believe the short cable is needed for Stern White Star games like LOTR that have the DMD controller attached to the DMD bracket; I'm not sure why they would include that in a SAM package as I can see the confusion it could create.

Thanks again I am 100% up and running , I'm an idiot and I'm going to delete my previously s posts... color DMD makes a great product !!!

2 weeks later
#12393 3 years ago

Ok so I have a rules question as well,
What is it that gives a Snake letter when you hit the snake shot ?
And should a letter be awarded every time if the light on the snake head is lit ?
And what lights the Snake ?
It takes me forever to finish the snake for some reason .

#12398 3 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

once you complete 'snake', I thought that you had to hit it once more to start the multi-ball
as gweempose stated, you have to hit one of the five lit shots in order to light the snake light. hitting the snake before you light him doesn't get you anything. you then have to hit him again to light the 5 shots.
the cycle is:
hit the snake
hit one of the five lit shots to light snake
hit the snake to collect a letter
once, you've collected all 5 letters (spelling 'snake'), hit the snake to start snake multi-ball

Very well described .

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