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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

6 years ago

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#1180 5 years ago

I just joined the club yesterday (Roadcase Premium), my first NIB purchase.

1 month later
#1426 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

What's wrong with the code you might ask? Well, to put it bluntly, it's linear. I know, blasphemy to call a Lyman game linear, but it takes too much effort and time to get the ruleset moving. Don't get me wrong, the rules for each mode and mb appear to be classic Lyman genius ness. But it takes so long to get the ball rolling on the ruleset. There's just too much of a gap in between starting multiballs and playing modes that the game gets a little too repetitious on the side of mb's. What I did to fix this is made S&D inserts carry over ball to ball; lowered amount of shots to qualify CIU to 10 (down from 15); and lowered blackened band member qualifications to 1 (i think gotta check that).

I completely agree on the band member qualifications. I don't think we see that mode nearly often enough, I get to it maybe once in 20 games or so (and then its a jinx and I usually drain immediately after starting it). I don't get why they made the number of sets of picks go 2-3-4-5 for each qualification. It seems like going 1-2-3-4 would be the ovious choice for that mode and make it a little more reachable. Of course they also need to add the clearly intended song Four Horsemen and change the mode name to match the animations but that's another story..

I agree with Purpledrilmonkey on the SND shots though, I like that right where it is. However I think they should do something about the inserts resetting after SND. Its almost counterproductive sometimes (if you don't have it stacked) because of how it slows your progress to the next CIU. Sometimes the spider inserts stay orange for a while after it but I don't know what that means.

CIUs could be slightly easier to qualify but I really don't have a problem with how they are now either. Its really just Blackened mode I feel like takes a little too long to reach.

#1436 5 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

This is after you exit a CIU mode, it's like a victory lap side-mode. A portion of your CIU jackpot (25%?) is available at the scoop if you shoot and extinguish the orange arrows (all 6 arrows). These shots must be made in single ball play, and once the reward has been collected, the arrows light again. This continues until you drain at which point that victory lap mode is gone.

Thanks for the info. I now have a new goal to try to acheive.

Quoted from bobbyt:

hey guys, I am joining the club in about 2 weeks, I won the project pinball charity and I picked Metallica as my prize, cant wait to get it , sounds like it is an awesome pin

Excellent choice, you won't be disappointed.

#1442 5 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

This would prevent me from picking fade to black every single time, as that is my highest scoring mode and would be better saved for the final CIU where points could theoretically be 4x as much (more along the current scoring)

I must be doing something wrong on FTB since I have much more luck with FWTBT on average.

#1445 5 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

With the latest update FWTBT is arguably more lucrative, but it requires better shooting to all shots to keep the scoring going. On a pro, I would probably pick FWTBT for the record due to lack of spinners.
For FTB on a premium/LE: shoot spinners. All day.

That's probably my problem with FTB, I need to focus on the spinners more and not bother with the other shots.

#1500 5 years ago
Quoted from JC_Pins:

So, it seems best to avoid starting Seek and Destroy if you want to get to all the CIU modes.

Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

I certainly do not TRY to shoot for SnD since 1.5 code arrived, but instead do what Phishrace above suggested where you lock in a few lanes (cross and right ramp being the top 2 for me) and that's what you focus on.

This is why I would like to see them change what happens after SND is completed. They could make it so you got a victory lap of some sort that gave you extra CIU progress (maybe double items) for the first of each shot after SNDs completion. On the Premium & LE they could signify it with a different color on the spider inserts if they wanted (like they do after the CIU as Purpledrilmonkey pointed out).

As it stands I just always feel disappointed to have to start working on the inserts over again after SND is over. If there was some perk towards CIUs afterwards it would be a little easier to take, and more worthwhile to play SND rather than avoid it. Its nice that it stacks with anything but the point value isn't really enough to justify slowing CIU progress.

The truth is I can't help but want to start SND when I get close, I just wish there wasn't such a downside to it.

2 weeks later
#1641 5 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Anyone know if there is a way to test the magnet board? I've started to get some phantom hammer hits. Never happened before about a week ago. Now I'm getting 1 every two or three games. Any thoughts?

I'll preface this by saying this whole thing is probably just coincidence but.. after about 3 weeks of perfect play with the replacement hammer board I started getting a few phantom hits last week. I tried reseating connectors and a few other things with no luck.

Then I noticed a tiny metal shaving (barely visible) stuck to the surface of the magnet. I figure it came from the wear on the newton block edges (I need to get that captive ball mod in there). I picked that up, wiped down the area (which I should do more often), wiggled the magnet around a bit, and since I haven't had a phantom hit in a few days. Who knows, maybe it actually had something to do with it or maybe I've just been lucky the last few days.

1 week later
#1708 5 years ago

I got a few bricks for a while after I cleaned my playfield too. I think it is just the faster ball speed, they diminished after a while. I'm due for another cleaning so I'll pay attention to the bricks afterwards again.

2 weeks later
#1812 5 years ago
Quoted from Iamdarras:

Do you guys think that the code is 100%?

No. Only because I've heard through the grape vine that Lyman has been working on Metallica again. This is not first-hand information to be fair, but I think its reliable.

The game certainly could be considered as complete now but I'm not going to complain if he makes it even better.

2 weeks later
#1881 5 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

Add on another 2x to make 4 by getting all 4 pics lit and then shooting a ball into the snake during a multiball.

That's my strategy at the start of every multiball, go for the picks, the snake, and then the fuel lane doubler. I don't know which is more rewarding, the points you score at that point or the JACK-F*CKIN-POT! Hetfield callout for the 4x super jackpot.

2 weeks later
#1987 5 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Not pinball related, necessarily, but Metallica related -- St. Anger completely re-recorded with a regular snare and normal production. Also somewhat shortened. It's pretty awesome.
ยป YouTube video

Metallica should follow suit and do this themselves. The drums sounded terrible and James' voice was trashed for the original recording of St. Anger. A redo would be welcome, some of the songs could be really good if remixed.

#1992 5 years ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

To be honest the songs still suck. Yes the drumming is improved but still suckage. I'd rather they release Death Magnetic without the fucked distortion and no range on the recording. The best cut of that album is on Guitar Hero. Lol

I disagree on the first part (at least a few of the songs could be good on St Anger if redone) but agree a better quality version of DM would be nice. My Apocalypse is a really good song, I wished Stern had put that one into the game. Once we get one more code update I may try to do that with the browser.

#2047 5 years ago

I assure you that on the Premium at least any of the others can stack after Coffin. Coffin and Snake running together is the best.

1 week later
#2121 5 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar1:

This might sound stupid but when ever I polish the PF the drops start to not drop? It's happened on Met and Star Trek lol both times I've rubbed the polish off and problem fixed maybe the ball skids to fast for the drop target.

Not stupid at all, that's exactly what happens. Stern drop targets tend to brick a lot when the playfield is clean and the game is playing fast.

4 weeks later
#2272 5 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

One thing I'm confused about is when the mode is over, and all those lanes are lit orange. Each one you hit, the orange disappears, but doesn't seem to award much. If you hit them all, what happens? I made them all disappear, but didn't notice anything. Also, I had to hit the piston instert three times before it disappeared. ?

If you clear them all the scoop lights for a partial value of the CIU you completed. I forget what the percentage is though.

#2309 5 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

What good does it do to have it return down the orbit? Seems to me the design intent was Left orbit -> hit post & stop -> post drops -> ball rolls in to pops.

I'll preface this saying that I only have the left orbit reject issue once in a great while and it doesn't really bother me much. However, my personal opinion is that the diverter post should only activate when you shoot the right orbit. People rarely seem to have a problem from that side with the stock setup. That would also open up shots to the left orbit to be a combo starter and add to overall flow. The right side would still be available for accessing the pops if needed, which isn't a major part of the game anyway. I think the gameplay would be better overall with the post only stopping balls coming up the right orbit.

Quoted from DevilsTuner:

Anyone having issues with the drops not dropping. I did just clean game after its first 500 plays. Guessing that's why

That always happens to me for a while after I clean and/or replace balls. If goes back to normal after the ball speed settle down a bit.

1 month later
#2504 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You can adjust this in the settings, but generally speaking you have to hit one more each time you complete them. I set the first round to one instead of two so it wouldn't take quite so long.

I played with that same setting for a while to test it out as well, and I really think this should be made the default setting in a future update. I still didn't see Blackened mode that frequently, not enough that it felt too easy anway, and it just makes more sense to have the pick sets go 1-2-3-4 rather than 2-3-4-5 to get 4 band members. I felt it played better that way.

2 months later
#3721 4 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I'm not sure how they could tweak S&D to not hinder CIU progress. Once S&D is started, it means all three inserts in all five lanes was completed. If it doesn't "clear," then every shot except the picks, FUEL, and Mystery would count toward CIU progress. You also wouldn't be able to start S&D again if it didn't clear. Maybe have a setting where it doesn't clear until after the second CIU mode is started?
I would also like to see unique modes for each band member. It's kind of weird when one of them says, "Hey, my mode just started," but the only thing that happens is the pick insert lights by the name. Maybe four unique hurry-ups for each band member?
I sold my METLE for the Pro LED, so the spinner rules don't apply to me anymore.
I would like to see them keep the song "Blackened" but add the song "The Four Horsemen" and make that the mode it was supposed to be.
I would like to have "Ride the Lightning" start from the beginning of the song on Sparky Multiball instead of a guitar solo 1/3 of the way through (I fixed this through Pinball Browser, but it would still be nice if they fixed it).

I would be in favor of some victory laps after completing S&D that would give you double CIU progress or possibly make each pass through S&D a multiplier towards subsequent CIU progress (like if you've done S&D once then the lit inserts would give 2 items the next time through etc.). I think those would be better than having S&D just not reset and being a once-per-game mode, although that might not be terrible either.

I whole-heartedly agree on The Four Horsemen being needed for the mode that was clearly designed for it.

Quoted from ZippyThePinhead:

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)...this song is definitely one I would like to add if I were ever to take the time to figure out how to do it.

Sanitarium happens to be almost exactly the same length as Unforgiven..

Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

We need a Death Magnetic song for Coffin MB; FWTBT is used twice in the game, was clearly a placeholder in coffin MB, and has nothing to do with the artwork or theme of the mode. All Nightmare Long seems like a natural fit to me... would LOVE to see this revisited.

I second this. All Nightmare Long or My Apocalypse would be good choices.

Quoted from Rickwh:

Another thing that would be nice is a choice of accepting a mystery scoop award, or skipping it to keep working on your mystery level (completing the rollover targets) to get better quality awards.

A cancel out of the mystery award would be great. I was thinking the same thing.

1 month later
#4126 4 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

So far I've made it one single time in ~ 2 years and 2-3 extra balls, so I'm not sure my strategy is 'worth' it there

I've made it 0 times in about a year of ownership, also with 2-3 extra balls, so I think your strategy i just fie. Let me ask you this, after you complete the 4th CIU does EOL light immediately or do you have to qualify it with more CIU items?

Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Me likey the loop pass! I used to mainly go for Super Skill, loop pass to piston lane to light 2x. BUT, I now mostly go for Super Super Skill loop pass if the lit shot is on the left, live catch or on the fly if the shot is on the right. It so important to complete hurry-ups to help build towards CIU. I feel like I'm always only a few shots away from 2x when I need it.(5 max).

I need to work on the loop pass I guess, I've never been comfortable with them. I usually go for a live catch every time and if the lit shot is the left orbit or left ramp I just shoot Sparky.

Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Those inserts actually have nothing to do with 2x scoring. The triangle with the guitar/spider is your 2x indicator. The other 3 are lit via pop bumper hits. Then hit the fuel lane for a "blown piston", something almost meaningless in the grand scheme. I think 10 blown pistons lights another extra ball.

I wish they would have tweaked that number down to 5, or maybe even 8 (to go with a V8 engine). I don't think I've ever been anywhere near getting 10 blown pistons and they don't seem to be worth a ton of points along the way. Right now when people ask I basically tell them not to bother paying attention to those 3 lights.

Quoted from ViolinSteve:

That looks to be Donny's personal machine. It's custom.

That would have been a nice art package for the monsters premium, it looks great.

#4128 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

it's the same art package with the exception of the lime green being substituted out for deeper red. both look nice, but the darker red is nice

I don't remember seeing the skull in the side art before, was that on the monsters premium? I'm admittedly going by memory of pro cabinets, which I thought were the same.

#4131 4 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

You must qualify it as a 5th CIU mode, and the only spoiler I'll give about EoL is it is TIMED unlike the other CIU modes. I didn't know this and basically wasted my chance in it, so keep it in mind when you get there. Don't sit and try to figure it out, you will run out of time.

Thanks for the tip, hopefully at some point I'll have a chance to use it. I have to admit its a little demoralizing to think about qualifying a 5th CIU when I've yet to start a 4th. Having to go through that extra step seems just mean lol.

#4137 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Even made Blackened although I do have the adjustment of 1st Band member at one set of picks. That is the only adjustment that isn't factory.

That setting should be the default, it defies logic that its not. I think as a community we should all adopt it as the standard setting.

#4156 4 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

I've been thru 4 CIUs a couple times and it is brutal to drain out lighting the 5th/EoL.
The best strategy (imo) for extending a game towards EoL on typical home settings (ie - EB's are on) is explicit focus on coffin MB. Any time you start another MB, bash the coffin as fast and as often as possible to get the locks lit, progress to the first EB (~15 coffin hits), eventually progress to the second EB (100 coffin hits), and progress the coffin CIU requirement. The game I made it to EoL I think I had like 150+ coffin hits by the end of it and had played 4 coffin MB's
Coffin MB also has the advantage of being able to be extended both by the snake add-a-ball, and stacking another MB, so you get tons of ball save time, and a very long opportunity to light CIU without fear of ball loss. With decent play, almost every coffin MB should end with CIU lit, especially if you bring another MB into the stack. Once CIU is lit you must get in and out of it ASAP and get back into the nearest MB you have. Try to use the CIU ball save time to light the 4 'exit' qualifiers and get the hell out of the mode while the safety net is still there. #1 rule is do NOT start another MB if CIU is lit - you want it available immediately after exiting CIU.
The biggest wildcard is Seek and Destroy. If you start Seek and Destroy after the 3rd or 4th CIU and it expires, you have a hell of a climb to get CIU lit again. Its a tough mode to try and control the start of so I usually just let it happen when it wants to and hope for the best.

Yeah my strategy definitely isn't optimized for getting to EOL. I always try to complete the CIUs and go for the big payout at the end, I just can't help myself. I usually end up draining of course. I guess I need to try focusing on progressing, getting into, and out of the CIUs rather than going for the big jackpots.

1 month later
#4414 4 years ago

Ugh.. I just had a 227M game where I did absolutely nothing with my CIUs. Made it to 3 of them and scored about 20M combined, draining during each.. to think of what could have been..

This is what always brings me back to Metallica, I always feel like I left a bunch on the table after every game.

2 months later
#4848 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I have a cliffy for the right scoop that came with my METLE I'm trying to decide if it is worth installing as the scoop hole shows no wear. Any one have a Met showing wear at the right scoop?

After about 3000 plays mine started to show a little wear so I finally put the cliffy in. Its actually very easy to install, you only have to remove the one post to the left of the scoop.

6 months later
#6993 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I've blown F7 about 3 times in 2 years. I'm going to check out the board, please keep us updated.

Same here, about 3 or maybe 4 times in just under 2 years.

4 months later
#8515 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Comet and Cointaker both sell the exact same LEDS that Stern uses. They are the clear dome twin 2835 SMDs...

Good info to know, thanks.

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