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Metallica owner's thread

By swampfire

7 years ago

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#10286 3 years ago

Hi guys about to join the club with a nib premium. Can anyone advise on whether the fuel gels work on the latest premiums? Thanks

#10295 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

They work an all premiums. I actually bought a set of the fuel gels for my pro before I realized they do not work on pros... Send me a pm and you can have them.

Thanks very much for the generous offer, pm sent

1 month later
#10719 3 years ago

my snake throws the ball out the left drain often and just noticed the metal tongue flap is stable. the right side can lift a fair amount angling the tongue considerable which may be causing it to fire the ball to the left. The plate will level itself when hit, but like I said sometimes it will remain at an angle. The photos don't show it at its worst, but you can see it is angled. Is this normal or what could be loose or missing? thanks

WP_20170505_19_01_18_Pro (resized).jpg

WP_20170505_19_00_58_Pro (resized).jpg

#10724 3 years ago

The ball coming out of the snake is very erratic spewing the ball in all sorts of directions left. Many are sent straight to the left drain. Is there something I can do about this? Could it be a left/right levelling thing? Has anyone had this problem and solved it more importantly?

#10739 3 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Maybe it's just me, but the snake's tongue looks crooked in your pic.

Sorry guys fixed that problem. If you notice the screw on the mouth was loose and not holding the tongue plate. Did it up but came loose again, so loctited it in and now testing. I thought this would solve my throw problem but it didn't. Any other ideas please?

#10740 3 years ago
Quoted from HankScorpio:

Hi Everyone,
My Metallica LED Insert Mod is available again! You can order them here:

» YouTube video

Nice looking mod but wouldn't you have to change all the other inserts that are associated with each icon ie. all the cross inserts etc. That way they are color coordinated and easier to spot while the ball is zinging around? Also the snake insert could possibly be changed to orange seeing the smaller inserts around the playfield light up orange

#10747 3 years ago
Quoted from bitternerd:

Sorry if this topic has been done to death...
Thinking about a Metallica purchase and wondering if the newer ones had issues with insert ghosting. (My KISS is starting to show some).
Again, sorry if already covered and thanks for any help!

have had mine for 3 weeks approx no ghost 300 plays but that really says nothing. I would feel in the clear after 6 months. BTW its a met premium

#10750 3 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

My met is fully customized and color coded
Here's a full shot of the playfield when lit.

now that's what I'm talking about...nice

#10756 3 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

I color coordinated a lot of my games.
Here's my high roller casino I brought back to life. (Not a great pic, glass is on, and I have changed the cards at the drop targets to brighter white since this was taken)

looks amazing. A lot of the older bally/williams games come up 1000% better with leds, even just by adding more lighting to the playfield dark areas. Well done on this machine.

#10757 3 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Got my met put back together...
Powder coated the legs, lockdown, sides, hinges and shooter housing green metallic. Decided I didn't want to go purple.
Lighting is bad and the colour screams in real life. Camera does no justice.

it is a nice green and makes your game unique compared to the traditional purple mod. I'm sure it looks better in real life

1 week later
#10816 3 years ago

Hi guys, had a problem with my new met premium where it could not eject a ball from the trough. I tried manually and it felt jammed. I got a ball out and played but the next ball had the same problem. Manually pushed it out and a globe came out with it. It was from one of the sling spotlights. Both of the sling spotlight globes have popped out before during gameplay. I spread the wires on the globes and they felt firmer when replace seated. But this one has popped out again after say 100 plays. Is there a way of stopping this from happening? I noticed my replacement ghostbusters playfield has wire mods that look like some kind of wedge system to hold the bulbs in place. Anyone seen or know what those wire pieces do?

#10827 3 years ago

my replacement gb pf has them the old did not

#10840 3 years ago

Dirty Donny payed us a visit in Australia and he was kind enough to sign my apron. I think it looks neat.

WIN_20170528_15_23_16_Pro (resized).jpg

#10860 3 years ago

my sparky works but I'm having real problems getting the magnet to catch the ball. Unless its a nice soft roll near the area, most times than not the ball will not be intercepted by the magnet. So depending on what happens next I may get sparky to shake or it just goes straight into multiball. Do the magnet core need to be adjusted a little higher as mine may be a touch lower than the wood cut out ring?

#10863 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Take a pic and let's see how it looks. I don't think that would affect the strength of the magnet, but I'm sure someone else will know.

raised it a couple of millimetres and seems to catch it better and the ball looks more central on the magnet when caught. Need to test a bit more to be sure though.

3 weeks later
#10986 3 years ago

Wonder if you guys could help me please. Have a premium and since NIB the snake has never directed the ball to the left flipper. It may go to the left sling, the left inlane, the left outlane, even hit the fuel target today. Is there a way to adjust this? I looked underneath and loosened 2 hex screws and 2 phillips head screws but could not move the assembly. Am I undoing the wrong screws? I also noticed the armature rod is not central to the holes where the ball would sit; more towards the front. It doesn't hit anywhere but is very much off centre.

I'm going to do the tongue, fang and snake body mod but was hoping to solve this prior to attempting these.

Am really stuck on this one guys and may need some finer details to what I have read.

1 week later
#11060 3 years ago

I have achieved beating all the high scores on my game except for eotl and combo champ.

I don't seem to even get close to to 20 combos. Is this normal or do you guys score lots of combos per game?

1 week later
#11094 3 years ago
Quoted from bent98:

Damn. If I have to remove that I may kill the metal and have to but a new one. I guess I will have to do some more testing to be sure before I actually attempt..
When I first got the machine I noticed the auto launch screw that holds the mechanism was extremely loose. I tighten that up and it help the auto launch by about 25% but both auto launch and hand plunge are still too inconsistent.

if you do attempt to move the cliffy, try this as it worked for me. I used fishing line to slip under the front edge of the cliffy and then kind of sawed downwards to break the seal. No damage whatsoever, but use strong line. Make sure you move sideways and not put pressure upwards to avoid damaging the cliffy.

I use this method to remove side rails but use wire in that instance

2 months later
#11592 3 years ago

I need some advise please. Just installed a Stern shaker kit on my metallica premium and having major problems with the hammer magnet and coffin feed. Most times the ball will dislodge from the hammer magnet when the shaker activates and a few times the ball had jammed trying to enter the coffin lock. While shaking its offsets the ball to the right of the coffin path and the jam when the magnet coil tries to go up to the playfield.

It seems like the magnet is not strong enough to keep the ball on its path both prior to the hammer coming down and if it succeeds there, entering the coffin lock is compromised.

Any suggestions?

I have had the ball release on the sparky magnet a couple of time too. I have tried all three settings moderate, minimal and maximal and the only mode I have had fault free games is setting 'None'

#11602 3 years ago
Quoted from davids1024:

This is the board that came in addition to the shaker motor board

This board is very important and needs to be installed on the CPU/sound board. Remove J3 connector and plug this into J3 and reinsert the connector onto this pcb. This pcb filters any line noise generated by the shaker motor that will interfere with your switch matrix.

2 weeks later
#11716 3 years ago

A quick tech tip needed. I've been asked to remove and reseat a connector on the back box. I am struggling to remove it. Is there an easy way to remove these? I see both ends have like an interlocking part to stop the connector from falling off. To date I need to use brute force to get one of these guys off

2 months later
#12222 3 years ago
Quoted from EEE:

Do any of you have a spare set of apron decals, specifically the big main rectangular one in the middle or the small rectangular shooter lane one? I plan on re-doing my apron over the holiday.

Marcospec sell a comprehensive set of met decals

1 week later
#12237 3 years ago

My met monster GI's are strobing like crazy making gameplay impossible. Stern's warning is a reality if I tried to play with this happening for an extended period. If I disconnect/reconnect the grey data cable it seems to fix it for a very short time. Any ideas

1 month later
#12452 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Does someone have underneath apron decals for sale (cannot buy on Ebay as the seller does not ship to Europe)?
If so please send me a PM with details.

Can you get a good copy and get a set printed for you locally at a printer

2 months later
#13165 2 years ago

I don't think it is unreasonable to say that Metallica is up there as one of the better music pinballs of all time. But do you think Iron Maiden may push this beast down a run or two? I don't like maiden music and I think metallica toys save it but am interested in your views. I know this thread may be biased a little LOL

#13170 2 years ago

I actually hope they don't really compete but compliment each other by being vastly different great playing games

1 month later
#13499 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Even played GoT and had Winter Is Coming hurry up? Or escape Boba Fett on SW? That's exactly what the GI is now doing on my MeT Premium. Now that I have some time I will check for taught wiring/connectors and what else?
» YouTube video

Disconnect and reconnect the data cable both at the backbox and where it goes under the playfield. It looks like a grey ethernet cable. This will solve your problem either for awhile or for good depends on whether the connection is firm or not.

1 month later
#13747 2 years ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

I played my first game where I got two CIU modes! I've had the game since November, so yeah, I know I suck... Didn't have a great score (130M or so), because I drained right away after starting each of the modes, but I still made it!

I have had my game for a year or so and have played many ciu's but no end of the lines. So have adjusted each object vakues to 5 like snakes, coffins etc. You could try making it easier to start ciu so you can get proficient at playing it out and even getting to eotl. I suck at this mode currently. You can always return to factory settings at a later date

#13759 2 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Thanks, I think I've tried everything mentioned in those threads.

Do you have a shaker motor installed? If so turn it off and have test game and get back to us

#13823 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

I had an offset, but I couldn't get enough leverage with the angle I was working at to loosen the screw on the roof of the snake mouth
I wish I had, because pulling out the entire snake mech caused an issue when reinstalling it and getting everything to line back up properly. the post for the vuk wasn't squared up in the hole where the ball ends up sitting and caused ejects from the snake mouth to send the ball everywhere [except to the left flipper]
I did a write-up on it a while back in this very thread

my snake threw the ball everywhere except to the left flipper. I noticed the ball was hitting the metal post and/or the pick target. I haven't tried adjusting the mech but put a piece of foam in the mouth and finally it throws the ball to the left flipper. But I thought I'd mention this for anyone who experiences the problem to see if the ball hits the post etc

3 weeks later
#13950 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I always worry about frying my magnet as sometimes it takes me a while to hit that 2nd ball up there.

I think there's a time limit and the trapped ball will be released if you don't hit it with the other by a specified time

#13958 2 years ago

Well I have bettered what people have said about having two balls trapped on the cross magnet. I'd actually had three balls in play and thought I'd try a backhand flip to knock the captured ball free but the flipped ball was too weak and became captured. I figured it was a worth while risk as I had another ball in play. Well my third ball shot to dislodge the balls was also too weak and so I had three balls locked. DOH

#13974 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I don't think this works for the Sparky multiball intro. As far as I know, you have to sit through the entire thing.

Yes it does or at least it does on my game. You do need to do this near the beginning else it will go through the whole sequence.

#13976 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Odd... I've never been able to cancel the sparky multiball intro.

My bad guys just tried it and failed. It must be on the odd occasions when the magnet fails to trap the ball during activation and if you double flip out maybe just flip a lot it will bypass the animation. Sorry

#13994 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:Who here has made it to EOTL, the final wizard mode?

I have once in factory settings but I made it easier to get to for a little while and played it several times but never showed enough to get my name up. Now I'm back to factory

2 months later
#14311 2 years ago

Hope someone can shed some light on this problem. Since yesterday weird stuff has been happening on my met monsters. While in a multiball mode i could hear the coffin mb sounds where it spits out balls but there were no balls in there (well i thought that as i was playing sparky mb). When i lost all the balls and waited for the next ball nothing came out of the trough and i noticed a ball in the coffin lock area. Game went into ball search but it didn't pop this ball out. I had to switch off and on to get it to empty. I think the next game something else strange happened but i cant remember. Tonight after playing a decent game and sparkymultiball finished i had a few flips and then a two ball multiball started for no reason but soon after without even flipping a ball the flippers went dead and game over.

I did do a code update about a week ago just for the experience. V1.7 as before and no errors seemed to occur during the operation.

Any ideas?

#14332 2 years ago

Thanks guys really appreciate the thoughts. Will try these suggestions over the weekend. Got a couple of comps first then will give it a try. Thanks again

#14334 2 years ago

Grave stones is an option on Aussie games

#14345 2 years ago

I would imagine this is on all games including usa
#131 grave marker type

Also i think balls were magnetized causing my issues mentioned earlier. Thanks for the help

#14359 2 years ago

Just a quick request. Does anyone know what fuses go into a reb b shaker pcb. I was sent one without fuses. Thank you

#14363 2 years ago

One other quick question. Is there a way to demagnetise pinballs

1 week later
#14452 2 years ago
Quoted from zermeno68:

As noted in the OP from me, my room is dimm and it was a single shot of the machine (All the GI were not activated) and the picture presents my lights are not working. Rest assured all the lights seem to be working, minus a light at top-right near Pop bumpers.
I am new to using Stern's internal service test menu. I'll read up on it, but is there a system check to test if all lights light up and report which one's appear to be "not working".

not that I'm aware of. There's nothing like pinball2000 diagnostics except stern have leds on their fuses to show if one is out

#14477 2 years ago

This is why I don't put many mods on my games and very few that require power. Saw a ghostbusters so modded out that you couldn't play a game without a ball being hung up somewhere or a toy falls onto the playfield.

Going to silly extremes like this is a bit like dressing your dog up in silly clothes. Can't see this purpose

#14482 2 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I probably dislike 90% of the mods out there, but there are several for Metallica that I really enjoy. I have the cemetery gate, snake decals, fangs, and spider spotlight covers installed on mine. With the Premium, I think the cemetery gate helps to balance out the hammer. I also wish they made more of the spotlight covers. I often add spotlights to games and I feel the covers help them to blend in with the artwork more. My main goal with mods, is to make it so someone unfamiliar with a game has no idea what is a mod versus a part of the factory package.

Agree. If they don't look out of place or Disproportionate then I consider them. It's mainly the Electrical ones that sort me the most and very much so the ones that come with the silly alligator clips. Come on if you're charging $100 then at least make a connector.

People just need to check where they are putting things to ensure no ball hang ups etc. I've been caught out even putting promo plastics in places causing problems

#14538 2 years ago

What I dislike is people complaining that the premiums are not worth the increased price tag. They aren't but I prefer Sterns pricing model than not having it. Before the pro/premium choice a manufacturer simply would dump stuff from a game full stop. At least now you get the chance to buy a game as it was designed or close to it. I still read where people surmise things have been omitted and are disappointed. As far as this time delay in play goes, I thought playing pinball was for entertainment. When I'm on a tight schedule I'm usually at work, when I'm chilling time doesn't matter, in fact, I don't won't to be rushed. I like seeing little gizmos do their things. I suppose I'm easily pleased lol

#14542 2 years ago
Quoted from ilovegames:

Can anyone else chime in on this? Is there an end to "End of the line"? I have tried every shot possible with the glass off and it just keeps going and going.... anyone?

Sorry mate for not responding earlier, there is no end to this mode as long as you make the shots. It keeps going until you lose the last ball or it (not sure now) it times out a bit like seek and destroy.

If you make the shots a ball is added to the mode ie 1 becomes 2, 2 become 3 balls in play etc

1 week later
#14643 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Hmmmm. Played a few games on it tonight, and when I make the left orbit shot, it gets stuck behind the post.
When the ball search goes off, and the post fires down and up, the ball moves a bit, but stays there touching the left side of the post.
Any thoughts?

Post not level with the playfield when in the down position. It could be too low causing like a divot.

#14644 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Picked up a nice LE today, so I guess I'm in the club!
A couple of minor things I've noticed. The snake inconsistently ejects the ball and seems like a lot of straight down the middle. Any suggestions on how to fix that?
Also the very first grave marker Target doesn't seem to respond to a lot of hits. Almost have to hit it perfectly. Is that just a simple leaf switch adjustment?

Re snake eject. I wouldn't bother with the coil strength but rather see what the Actual problem is. Look closely at how the ball ejects for clues. I had a problem and screwed around with settings and stuff and then found the ball was hitting the mini post near the snake entrance. I had the reposition the snake mech a little or you can or a piece of foam in the mouth to help guide the ball to the correct trajectory

#14710 2 years ago

I purchased a core plug for my metallica with the part number 530-5320-00 and when i got it , it looked very much like the ones in my tz. Comparing my tz core it was identical.

My question is, Will this fit my met or Spiderman? It seems longer because i had these proper core to compare it to.

#14711 2 years ago
Quoted from embryon:

I purchased a core plug for my metallica with the part number 530-5320-00 and when i got it , it looked very much like the ones in my tz. Comparing my tz core it was identical.
My question is, Will this fit my met or Spiderman? It seems longer because i had the proper core to compare it to. I didn't know i had previously purchased the correct replacement

#14733 2 years ago
Quoted from drained:

Been rocking a NIB MET Prem for almost 2 weeks now.. love it. 2 Questions
1. I have a hum/buzz sound when hammer lock is active.. Is this normal? Still can't tell if its intended or not/coming from speakers or the mag board.
2. Snake Jaw.. mine seems a little high and I get a lot of bounce outs.. and captured spit outs tend to hit the FUEL target or left drain lane areas.. I see two schools of thought for the jaw height.. the Washer Method and a #8 screw adjustment...
Looking for some further input..

Also look carefully as the ball ejects. See if it is grazing the right hand mini post. Mine was hitting it sending the ball towards the fuel or outlanes

2 weeks later
#14931 2 years ago

Pmed for the files thank you very much

#15019 2 years ago

isn't there a coil power setting? I recall there was one in V1.70 but maybe I'm thinking spike systems

#15063 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

They only increase by 1 shot?
So the 2nd CIU mode will take 11-13 hits on each one of the 4 targets, 3rd CIU will take 12-14 hits to each target and the last CIU mode will take 13-15 hits on each one is what you are saying right?

I think that is correct but you can always change these values in settings

#15114 2 years ago

Hey guys 3d printed this piston and painted it up. I think it looks cool and may print another to put on the other side but not sure yet. What you think of it? Thanks

IMG20181208140600 (resized).jpgIMG20181208140656 (resized).jpg
#15118 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Looks good, is the sharpie on the apron part of an autograph?

Yes dirty donny signature

#15120 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

That looks wicked cool!! I like the skull/piston combo...nice attention to detail. I’m not sure of the placement though

Any suggestions of where else to put it on the game?

1 week later
#15343 2 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Hello fellow Met owners. Here's an odd question: Do any of your Sparky's heads spin while playing, and have you figured out a way to lock it in place? LOL... my Sparky always end up with his head rotated clockwise as shown, with his tongue hanging straight down. I can rotate his head around so he's looking straight ahead, but after a good game, he's back looking to his right just like in the pic. Not the worst thing in the world, but I prefer his head on straight. Maybe he just doesn't like looking at me.
[quoted image]

Get an exorcist and get one quick Before it starts spinning around and around

1 week later
#15402 2 years ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

I have turned off extra balls on all the pins in my game room for 2 reasons.
I play in tournaments and want my pins to behave like tournament pins to get a better feel for all aspects of tournaments. (scoring strategy when not focused on getting an extra ball, and extra ball point awards versus risk, etc.)
Second, if I am playing pinball with guests at my house, and get some extra balls, I think they get bored waiting for their turn. With them turned off, the play time for each player is more balanced and everyone has fun playing together.

Here's what I do. Guys in aust get the tournament button included so if you set up tournament mode it doesn't have extra balls. So pressing start and the games played as normal. Press tournament button and your in a competition situation.

1 week later
#15466 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

A playfield protector subtly changes how the game plays in my experience. I never use them now. Clean and wax often is more than enough.

I've always wondered this. Can you wax a game too much? If so do you then need to remove the wax and start again after a while

3 weeks later
#15594 1 year ago

Have you recently installed a shaker motor?

#15601 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Not recently but it seems more active as of late

i had this type of issue using rev A pcb for the shaker. changed to rev B and no issues but my problem started immediately upon installing the shaker. So if you've had it installed for a good while then the problem is something else

1 week later
#15722 1 year ago

The real super skill shot is actually hitting the flashing insert which not only gives you the score but also makes that shot ready for the hurry up. It auto lights cross, snake, chair and coffin inserts for that shot without having to hit those items

2 weeks later
#15902 1 year ago
Quoted from mattosborn:

Mine doesn’t do that. I have an original run Pro.

Maybe it does but your dmd turns off immediately. Mine is on for a good 10 seconds on power down

#15905 1 year ago

My bad meant to be good 1 second but you can see the msg easily

#15911 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I have pro led and it shuts down immediately without any sound or messages. Never seen a game stay on for a while after switched off.

Maybe it's a hertz thing. I noticed the same on my Spiderman. There is a slight delay in the dmd shutting down. I've also noticed once in powering up my Spiderman where it verifies the code.

1 week later
#15958 1 year ago

Having a strobing issue with my gi's. I find it I push against the cable towards the connector the strobing stops but when released is back immediately or after a few games. This was at the pf end. I reseated both ends to no avail. Any ideas please

#15971 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Metallica has a problem with the power distribution board building up resistance over time on the connectors. It's on the board near the top third (bottom third if raised) of the underside of the playfield. If you remove the connector you can turn it over and see if it's browned. If it is, that's likely part or all of your problem. Replace the connector and the pins it connects to.

Thanks pins and connectors look new. Reseated and inspected all the cn connectors and all look good. No strobe but I think it will come back shortly. I think maybe the rj connector as while strobing if I push the cable towards the connector it can stop the strobe

2 weeks later
#16019 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

Thanks pins and connectors look new. Reseated and inspected all the cn connectors and all look good. No strobe but I think it will come back shortly. I think maybe the rj connector as while strobing if I push the cable towards the connector it can stop the strobe

Strobing getting worse. If I push the cat data cable towards the connector under the playfield it stops, but when you start playing, it comes back fairly quickly and makes it unplayable. I have a monsters led version BTW. Any ideas please

#16032 1 year ago

On my premium I carefully watched every time the ball entered the cross chamber during the cross multiball and the magnet briefly activated and slightly flings the ball when it releases. I probably hit the area 6 times including a jackpot shot and the magnet activated each time.

1 week later
#16076 1 year ago

Hey guys not sure if this has been posted before but I've been having real strobing issues with the gi's. Tried all the cables etc. But was told this and it seems to work without stuffing around with cables and connectors. Lower the gi brightness setting from factory 50 to 40. Wham no more strobing. Thought I'd let you know

#16090 1 year ago
Quoted from Archytas:

Not technically an owner but I am just throwing down the gauntlet to all you MET owners here. I am borrowing this LE from a friend. this was a 2 billion end of the line collection scoring 600 million collects while it ran a few times over. Absolute game of my life!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Holy shit and I thought my 2 bil was special..... Nope not now

1 week later
#16122 1 year ago
Quoted from bowtech:

Joined the club tonight! Flintstones out, Metallica in!!!!
[quoted image]

no comparison between the two. congrats on a fantastic upgrade in line up

#16135 1 year ago
Quoted from KYLEDM5:

Well, I just got done setting this up. I had to drive a few hours this morning to get it, but I got it well within my price range and it's HUO and in gorgeous shape. I sure hope this doesn't mean the market is about to collapse....
[quoted image]

Why should it matter if you're not selling? Market could drop to $1 for Metallica and wouldn't worry me. Not selling this title anytime soon if at all
It's one game I really enjoy..... A lot

3 weeks later
#16276 1 year ago
Quoted from kcZ:

It may be that you have hit your max extra ball limit. I noticed something similar once, not at EOTL tho.

I did have the same thing happen and I looked under settings and my extra ball limit was set to 5. So figured that was the problem.

1 month later
#16463 1 year ago

Well done mate. Have installed it to test fire or not

#16465 1 year ago
Quoted from ktm450:

I have sat it in to check spacing and to make sure nothing fouls but it’s not wired up yet.
Thanks very much for letting me pop around to take measurements from yours mate!

Never a problem mate

#16472 1 year ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Ya'll sure talk funny up there, LOL

Down there mate lol

#16474 1 year ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Well, you're WAY down there. I was referring to New Jersey.

Oops sorry

3 weeks later
#16524 1 year ago

Hammer has never got in my way and I'm 5' 7".

Btw not as spectacular as the clear hammer but I made a met logo where people put the belt buckle mod. I think it came up ok. 3d print, airbrush color, acrylic mounting
IMG20190725000440 (resized).jpgIMG20190725001145 (resized).jpg

#16526 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

The hammer does make it harder to see the coffin target and is a large item floating out in the middle of the playfield. True it does not really block a shot but just distracting imo. Guess you get used to it. I would love to have a premium but feel like pro better value. Only thing I really miss on the pro is spinners. So stupid Stern made spinners a premium feature.

Great thing with Metallica is both pro and premium are fun to play and although I own a premium, I don't feel let down when playing a pro

1 week later
#16561 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Curious if someone who has installed the pinbits protectors could offer some advice. First of all, I think my sparky could be "too far forward" if that is such a thing. The sparky protector really had to be pushed against his legs to install it, no gap whatsoever, and it fits up just like factory (factory protector tight too).
Also, any advice on hardware for the kit? I thought with a kit specific to the game I would get extended hardware needed to install the kit, but I digress.

At a loss in what your saying. I installed pinbits protector using my existing hardware. You may have an issue with sparky placement? Photos may help us give advice.

#16563 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Basically the sparky protector hits his legs just before the screw holes lineup. Regarding hardware the extended posts that the lights screw to wont attach (not enough threads) on the existing hardware.

Can you try to elongate the a holes a little or does it miss by a long shot?

#16569 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I don’t think it’s rationalizing anything. MET is one of the few games where the pro is enough fun on its own.

Agree and I own a premium. I just like the additional toys etc but pro game play is top notch too

#16574 1 year ago

Not sure but this nut/core may be loktited on. So all you need is to heat it a little to break the seal. Then it should release easily

1 week later
#16597 1 year ago
Quoted from ktm450:

Finally got the rising cross mod working on my Pro!
Huge shout out to Rick (PoMC) for some detailed photos of the wiring. Helped me out a lot. Thanks very much mate.
I printed a small master of puppets image from the LE cabinet art to go behind and stop the annoying blinding flashers.

Well done mate looks factory

3 weeks later
#16687 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

Metallica vault question. If and when Stern comes out with a vault edition , would it be made in the Pro , Premium ,and LE models? And if so, would it still be made with the SAM system?
Also,is there any chance that a vault edition could be coming out in a year or two ?
Thanks in advance .

I always thought vault editions were devised to get rid of the excess stock of components like playfields etc. I think Metallica sold well for many years so there'd be little excess stock. I doubt seeing any vault for this anytime soon if at all. The walking dead a different story but not for a couple of years. Tron I think next. But your guess is as good as mine really

1 week later
#16722 1 year ago

Generally cliffy will give me a bit of an indication on the wait before I order. That way it's up to me whether the buy or not. I can't see a problem with that. Patience and eventually you'll get them or maybe ask for a refund. I'm sure he'd ablidge if you can't wait.

#16736 1 year ago

With regards to this network cable
1. Can you hot glue the connection point to the socket or is this a waste of time.
2. Is this a standard cable you buy from computer stores etc? If so what is it called?

Thank you

#16739 1 year ago

I viewed the video and just checked my game as has strobing and noticed while removing power cable that the header pins were loose. I resoldered and all good. But I'm unsure if that solved the issue or merely reseating the connections did.

#16743 1 year ago
Quoted from JHPSWE:

Did you remove the connectors and solder the cable to the pins?
I tried to reset my game with power connector and network but still strobe.
If I remove Red GI it stops and starts with reconnect

Removed plugs and pcb and soldered the power cable header pins on the pcb. My power plug may show the slightest yellow but so slight it's hard to tell even with a light on it. So will keep an eye on this and if strobing returns

#16749 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Hey guys. My left flipper doest retract properly after a game or two. It will flip then lazily creep back down. Just a simple coil swap? I've never had to swap one yet.

The flipper plunger rod is probably mushroomed on the edge. Do a flipper rebuild to fix. How many games played on your game? Also. If you have young kids who flip a thousand times per ball will wear this rod out quickly too

#16754 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

My game has about 1500 balls played. My Maiden has 3x that amount of play. My 6yr old son doesnt play our Metallica. "Its too hard." He likes to play Maiden though.

That's not many. Check for binding on the mech

2 weeks later
#16797 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I always think it’s funny how people get so upset with what you do with your machine.

That's because they're always thinking resale value. I just enjoy playing my games and never get bogged down with what I'll get for them when I sell. It's like the guys who garage and put low mileage on their cars. All they're doing is keeping it nice for the next guy who'll pay way less than the original price and enjoy using it how it was intended.
I play, customise and enjoy my games to death, and worry about resale when and if the time comes

#16798 1 year ago

That's because they're always thinking resale value. I just enjoy playing my games and never get bogged down with what I'll get for them when I sell. It's like the guys who garage and put low mileage on their cars. All they're doing is keeping it nice for the next guy who'll pay way less than the original price and enjoy using it how it was intended.
I play, customise and enjoy my games to death, and worry about resale when and if the time comes

#16805 1 year ago

I use blu tack to hold the picks. Don't think that should ruin anything

2 weeks later
#16832 1 year ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

If a ball is being held by the graveyard magnet, then you need a hard, direct hit from the right flipper to knock it off the magnet. Anything less won't work, especially backhand shots from the left flipper. Doesn't mean that your balls are magnetized, just means that you didn't hit the first ball hard enough.


#16836 1 year ago

Are you using the high polished chrome balls. Standard carbon balls are the go for games with magnets especially ones with lots of magnets like theatre of magic etc

2 months later
#17013 1 year ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

I just got an unpopulated replacement playfield from Stern for my newish Met
Premium (clearcoat issues). Any idea how much it would cost to do a playfield swap on this game? Anyone know someone in my area who would do it?
Met is a keeper for me, so I’m thinking I’ll play the hell out of the current one for a few years and then do the swap. I’m ok doing basic repairs but I’m afraid I’ll f—- it up if I attempt anything as ambitious as a full playfield swap. Thanks for any info.

Not an easy job time wise. Personally if you can handle playing and looking at it the way it is, I'd leave it for as long as possible. I'm not that fussy as long as a game plays well. I'd only do the swap if selling the game or the issue effects game play or the issue grates on me. Also imo any swaps populated or unpopulated change the way your game plays. So if you're happy now, just keep the new pf as a spare

#17038 1 year ago

Big thanks to hoby1 for the stl files. Here is my first attempt. I may tweak some things like size of archway.

IMG20200104110602 (resized).jpg
#17074 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Here is a pic of the one I’m giving away. It 15 mm higher than the final product and the 1666 sign is super glued on
All it needs is your paint and led strips
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Great work there hoby1

#17117 1 year ago

The brass/gold is a nice touch

1 week later
#17192 1 year ago

Here's a topper I've been working on. Not perspex but full 3d objects. Obviously not finished as will mount better and add lighting.

The smaller logo will disappear btw

IMG_20200121_210219 (resized).jpg
#17200 1 year ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

You interested in making these a mod?

Would like to but firstly I have to prove this one for durability ie, the shake test lol.

Also there's a lot if work involved, the pistons and logo took over 100 hours to make. Then painting, assembly etc

I'll post photos of the final product when done and estimate what it would sell for. But thanks for asking

#17233 1 year ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

i think i blew up my shaker tonight. It just keeps going even after the game is over

First disconnect your shaker otherwise you can cause other issues. You have most probably blown up the tip transistor on the shaker pcb. You'll need to replace it, but the is a check you can do with a multimeter if you know how to use one. If you're unlucky you may have blown the tip transistor on your main driver pcb instead

#17235 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

First disconnect your shaker otherwise you can cause other issues. You have most probably blown up the tip transistor on the shaker pcb. You'll need to replace it, but the is a check you can do with a multimeter if you know how to use one.

Quoted from bpull:

Finally but some colored LEDs in. Love the look!
Brian[quoted image]

Did you colour coordinate with the matching inserts throughout the playfield?

#17247 12 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

However, I also read that one person called Stern and Stern sent out another board and a return label for their old one. I just figured I’d fix it myself and save myself the hassle.

If it's the shaker pcb, I replaced the transistor twice and it blew both times. Only once I swapped it for a new pcb the problem has gone. So maybe contact stern

#17250 12 months ago

My topper is coming along slowly, testing lighting atm. I have 6v leds coming to complete it, just unsure whether to link it to gi or something else. Gotta work out the best colour to choose.
IMG20200129204337 (resized).jpgIMG20200129204401 (resized).jpgIMG20200129204549 (resized).jpg

IMG20200129202541 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#17269 11 months ago

I replaced the 2x white flashers bulbs with blue at the top of the grave yard and near the rising cross. Made it less blinding.

1 week later
#17294 11 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

I just joined the club with a MOPLE. Can anyone tell me where these go?[quoted image]

Quoted from Sparky:

Those came installed on the speaker grills as yzfguy mentioned. They also came installed on the Monster and Road Case Prem, even though the original flyer doesn't show them pictured on any of the games.
Curious why they were removed. Did the previous owner add a speaker light kit or other grill piece in their place?
Search the topic gallery of this thread, and you'll see several pics with these installed.

My final run monsters prem didn't come with these

#17297 11 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Pictures above are original wood speaker panels. Do these fit the new style speaker panel with round holes?

Thank you

3 weeks later
#17366 10 months ago

I have the gi strobing issue that I have solved by turning down my gi intensity setting to 40%. If I reseat the data cable and/or the power connector to the gi pcb I can sometimes adjust the setting to factory 50 and even up to 55%. But it is unstable and the flicker returns not long after.

Is there something I can do to address this and actually fix it?

I also found that if I want to connect a led strip to a gi globe it will strobe both the strip and gi's. I need to reduce the gi intensity to 18% to stop the flicker.

Ideally I'd like to be able to set the intensity to whatever I want, even 100% without strobing.

Any ideas please? Met premium monster led version.

#17370 10 months ago

Thanks guys will look at all options

Re cable did you replace or repair BTW?

#17371 10 months ago
Quoted from legui:

Replace bridge rectifier located in the backbox lower left corner. It fixed GI strobing issue on mine. Use a 400V rated one.

Does that mean you could increase the intensity of gi passed 50% without strobing?

#17373 10 months ago

OK not going to say problem solved but I reseated the connections on the bridge rectifier and I could definitely on rease my gi intensity to around 80% but was a little instable
But at 60% it works fine. So will test for a few days before considering this a fix and then will try replacing it with a 400v to see if I can get stability in the higher settings.

Thanks again guys will keep you posted

#17384 10 months ago

I want to connect a led strip to one of my gi's. What type do I need to purchase 6v Ac or DC. Thanks

2 weeks later
#17437 10 months ago
Quoted from LoganJK:

Thanks for all your help so far. The game is still under warranty, would this be easier for me to ask for a new board? My multimeter is at my workshop and I'm not suppose to leave my house for non essentials

To me warranty means they fix or at the least give you areas to look at. In my country you void warranties if you try to repair without them saying ok. Let your dustro know and follow his instructions

#17467 9 months ago

Update on strobing. Game is somewhat stable with the odd times of strobing after reseating the bridge rectifier and increading intensity to 70%. So when our lockdown is over I'll get a higher rated br. However last night when starting a game, I chose eotl as song and while alternating a display saying 3 X crosses hit or something. When I played and hit the first drop target, tombstone mb started. I tested today and my first game was a quick one but seemed OK. My second game after ball one or two I left the machine to look at what my dog was barking at. While away from the game I heard the pops go and rushed back to see a ball auto plunge. I was in tombstone mb again and I did nothing. Could this be the br maybe failing or a software corruption prob or what? Played another game and drops worked OK and mb activated as it should.

2 weeks later
#17510 9 months ago

OK on the hunt for a solution. As mentioned previously my game has begun to start tombstone mball by itself during random games. It seems to happen while the ball is in the pops. I thought it may be. Symptom of when the strobing was happening so I waited until I installed a 400v Bridge rectifier. Strobing seems to not happen atm but this phantom mball can occur.

Like I said it seems to start while the ball is in the pops and possibly whole the first target is down.

Any ideas where to start? I'm thinking of reinstalling the code first off but would love to keep my high scores. Or is there anything to look at re the targets or pops? Update it happened while loading the hammer so pops got nothing to do with it. Also notice my game will auto launch the ball sometimes when I walk away. Last time I noticed it thought a target was hit while the ball was sitting in the shooter lane. In diag it shows sw grave marker down activated but no targets switches activated in this case and yet it goes into mball

#17515 9 months ago

Update, I saw the scene that comes up with the bogus graveyard shots and then manually dropped each target and when I interrupted the opto, that scene appeared. So I knew it was the opto that was being triggered if that was the problem. I reseated the opto connectors and have played a dozen long games and no issue. So looks like the optos in this case. I'm guessing the shaker motor on games plays havoc with connectors coming loose.

#17526 9 months ago

Just couldn't get into maiden theme wise as well as game wise. And you're going from a game full of neat toys to one that's fairly barren. Hope it goes well for you

1 week later
#17546 8 months ago

I've just noticed on my monsters game because I was thinking of changing the white snake flasher with green, but that flasher can actually flash red or white on command. I never never knew there were multi colour flashers

#17548 8 months ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Your white flasher can also flash red or green? Are you sure?
Metallica doesn’t have RGB flashers, at least mine doesn’t. How are you triggering the other colours from that single flasher?
On my monsters the snake flasher is a Green 89 socket that’s hot glued in and is hard to access from underneath, so to change it (to green, for example) requires a little more effort.

I think you're right, I just can't seem to locate the white flasher for #30 flasher as I want to see what type it is and replace it with green

#17551 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinoffski:

I made some like this.[quoted image]

I can recommend these they work perfectly

#17552 8 months ago

Yes thank you very much. I could not find any mention in the manual whether it's a #89 or #906. I found the hole yheceuring goes through and the work required to get to it that I now might not bother to change it. But at least I know what to order if I do decide its worth it. Thanks

#17555 8 months ago
Quoted from IdahoRyan:

Just picked up a Premium Roadcase. Freaking love this game. Anyone know where I can get a set of the neon yellow pinbits plastic set? Their site shows sold out. Anyone else laser cutting these things? Any other recommended mods for the premium. Has Pinblades and shaker motor and I will order a Color DMD that's a must for me.


But he's in australia

#17563 8 months ago

Sorry guys wasn't aware of such delays. I got something coming from you guys, looks like it could be a long wait too.

#17573 8 months ago

Work in progress but I think it's coming along nicely. I have a few ideas on lighting and painting ideas on the go. So if ok will post as they come to along

IMG20200516172701 (resized).jpgIMG20200516175012 (resized).jpg
#17576 8 months ago
Quoted from dgposter:

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement data cable other than direct from Stern (can't get in touch with them because of the pandemic)? I've been trying to fix the strobing GI issue with no luck. I've replaced the rectifier twice, reseated all the connecters, searched for bad bulbs and am going to order a new 3 pin connector today from pinballlife.
Is the data cable a "specialty item" only available from Stern or can I find it elsewhere?
Also, should I put new connectors on the four 2-pin plugs that attach to that GI board in the middle of the playfield?
Thanks for any help!

What's your gi setting at 50% or higher?

#17579 8 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

not sure where you got the back box and undercab lights, but those almost certainly are not tied to the GI (likely 12v) and would not be causing the issue you describe. the other mods you list draw very little power, but what I would do is unhook all of them and see if the strobing persists. If it does, you know it's not the mods. If it doesn't, add the mods back one by one to see when the problem begins.

Good idea. BTW I'm very suspicious why the factory setting on gi is 50%. To me that means stern knows of the problem and really are pressed for the solution. I reckon the gi intensity setting has solved the issue on most games so stern consider the rest effected as inconsequential.

#17580 8 months ago

Hope I'm not annoying people posting this stuff but here's my first painted and in position prototype of the coffin that covers the ball hop plastic. I did make a mistake in painting under the lid black and then realised I covered the cross. Sanded a good bit of it off too let the light through again. Currently it turns on and off with the white gi.

IMG20200522170731 (resized).jpgIMG20200522170737 (resized).jpg

IMG20200522170722 (resized).jpg

#17583 8 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Looks way better painted dude!! And as long u like it.. then deadly

Thank you very much.

#17591 8 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I would possibly reinstall the guard just to install this mod!

Thanks very much, I'm currently refining it via painting, cross size variations, led colour etc. Also looking at what could be done for the pros where it has three leds to indicate ball locks?

#17600 7 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Looks great. U gonna be selling them?

If it turns out well then yes I'd be in on that. I'll post my final designs when done. Thanks fir your interest btw

2 months later
#17692 5 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Does anyone have a lead on where I can find the snake head weldement for Prem/LE? Part number 515-9669-00
Marco is sold out and mine snapped mid game making my snake sink into the playfield
[quoted image]

Try amd to order it

2 weeks later
#17711 4 months ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

They did. Forget exactly when but it was not too long ago. New code made it easier to start some mb's and less hits to CIU modes.

Nov '18

1 week later
#17725 4 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Printed some crosses and installed the spotlight that are mounted on the slings in them.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Very creative

#17728 4 months ago
Quoted from ktm450:

A little while ago I took off the super ugly right ramp guard. With it removed I kept getting air balls, at least once per game, best case scenario they ended up in the shooter lane but sometimes they ended up in the right outlane.
Unfortunately something needs to be there to stop the air balls so I thought I’d try to make a nicer looking one from wire.
Looks heaps better![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That should do it mate. I made a coffin to sit over the plastic.

1 week later
#17750 4 months ago
Quoted from Spaghetti73:

hello everyone I have a big problem with my Metallica I just turned it on and the monitor shows me these two lines, also the shaker motor is always running .... please can you help me?
[quoted image]

The tip transitor is probably gone on the shaker pcb that may also have taken out a transitor on your driver pcb. I dunno what could be causing the dmd issue.

#17767 4 months ago
Quoted from bicyclenut:

I apologize in advance if this is someones game on here. I don't mean to offend you, but why would you change your translite artwork for this? One of the best parts of a MET machine in the artwork.
[quoted image]

Maybe he prefers tits to art

3 weeks later
#17803 3 months ago

Did you ask the supplier for help?

#17813 3 months ago

I think I may have mentioned this issue before but it has reared it's ugly head again. For some reason tombstone multiball can start intermittently without a target hit or during play the dmd will at random display a target hit when there has been a hit. I have had the ball sitting in the trough and while getting a drink, tombstone mball starts and the ball ejects.

Tried resetting the plug to the inline targets with no solution this time. Is there another plug in the headbox I can reseat? Any other areas to look at? Is the pcb on the inlines an opto board of some sort as I can't see any standard optos?? Does this board go bad? Thanks for any suggestions.

#17825 3 months ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I would suspect the opto at the cross. That's the one thing that would trigger cross mb. Replace it and see if that fixes it.

Thanks reseated the opto cables fir cross and idc plug and seems to have resolved the issue. For some reason I reseated the drop target connector beforehand, DOH

2 weeks later
#17854 81 days ago
Quoted from MrCleanHead:

I recently picked up a fairly clean Metallica Premium that was on route and was wondering what mods are worth putting on it. I know its a older game and not everything is (probably) available. I know the Color LCD looks great but Im not ready to spend the $400+ just yet.
The only issues that I see is some ware around the Sparky magnet, but not to bad and should be able to touch it up. Also, the coil that moves Sparky works but it seems that the gap is to far to make it work in game, maybe just a small adjustment is needed...?
Any Advise would be appreciated.

A nice topper just kidding.

IMG20201021212818 (resized).jpg
#17872 79 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Found this a few weeks ago
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great

2 weeks later
#17937 62 days ago

Wonder if I can get some help. Playing today my premium and I notice the sound fading in and out and maybe a bit of crackling noise. Is there any particular connectors I should look at etc. It also affected the speech side as well as music

1 week later
#17981 51 days ago
Quoted from PhillyArcade:

The nut was on there pretty good. I used crescent wrench and broke that loose. I used a huge screw driver I had and you actually screw it up and out! Don't try to screw it down and out the bottom of the PF. It spun out pretty easy with my monster screwdriver. Someone even said you can use a quarter with vice grips to screw it out.

If you have access to a lathe, you can turn the old one flat and reuse in the future.

1 month later
#18117 12 hours ago

Same here thanks. Even a one piece would be great If you have the stl as my printer can do 400mm square.

Also would these be useful for the led colordmd as it bleeds light too I think
Thanks I'm advance

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